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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


·       The ‘Resolution to Close Primaries’on the April 18 AZGOP Executive Committee agenda has been a hot button issue since Saturday evening when varying reports started surfacing from the ‘closed’  to precinct committeemen and state committeemen observers meeting. Here is AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s version of the ‘closed primaries’ discussion that has drawn so much attention.


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham - Resolution to Close the Primaries:

Closing the Primaries - It is important to note, that the largest allocation of time on the agenda was set to discuss closing Republican primaries. Please note that when the discussion began…my opening statement and remarks throughout the discussion addressed the fact that the State Committeemen had passed a resolution to close the primary and it was our committee’s job to understand all of the moving parts and to find a solution, if possible, to make it happen. The majority of members of the committee thought is/was essential to understand the legal process, financial impact, legislative actions and/or ballot initiatives involved to actually close the primary elections.

Based on the resolution to close the primary that was passed January, and loose comments that have been circulating through emails and on various member community blogs, we presented the Committee with the research and legal advice we have compiled over the last two and a half months. The legal opinions were from four of the top state election attorneys. Three of the four attorneys are the same attorneys referenced by AJ LaFaro and the AFA Blog.

If you recall, the resolution asks both the legislature and the party to overturn a provision in the state constitution, specifically directing the Committee to file paperwork to close the primary.

1) Legislative Action: The legislature has taken no action and has adjourned until 2016.

2) Lawsuit Option: Many of us heard the case of the Libertarians closing the primary, and that it was just a matter of petitioning the court. What we learned, however, in our research and discussion which included several experienced elections attorneys as well as the attorney who fought to close the primary for the Libertarians, is that the effort would include significant research and the cost would range across the board…potentially in the hundreds of thousands to millions.

Furthermore, the majority of the attorneys who had written opinion letters to be shared with the Executive Committee mention a lawsuit of this type would be time consuming (up to 66 months), and that the outcome was uncertain or even unlikely to be beneficial.

Specifically, we heard the Republican Party would have extreme difficulty showing severe burden as the Libertarians. Simply stated the argument is different thus making the path to closing the primaries different. This does not shut the door to the resolution…it highlights the necessary approach and the potential cost and time involved.

3) Cost of Administering a Closed Primary: The Secretary of State’s Office provided information regarding the likely costs to the AZGOP for a closed primary, with a typical statewide election costing about $10 million.

4) Motion to Fund a $75,000 to File the Suit to Close the Primary-Failed: During the Executive Committee meeting a motion was made to spend up to $75,000 in legal fees to file suit to close the primary. After discussion the motion was defeated with a significant majority NO vote. After the motion failed, I asked the more than 75 attendees if anyone could or would join the fundraising committee, only two committee members volunteered to raise funds for the effort. This was after I asked three separate times.

5) Ballot Initiative – Change the State Constitution:  Some members discussed amending the constitution with a ballot measure, and that’s certainly a possibility but ballot amendments are voted on by all registered voters, which included Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green, American Elect. It was also discussed that a ballot initiative is probably not something that would be approved in a general election. The cost of such an effort was also discussed, with amounts in the millions of dollars considered. View entire report: public_message  including  congressional redistricting, home owner associations, election reform bills and Victory 2016.  Contact Graham at 480-744-5442 and


·       AZGOP threatens to have PCs arrested!  Reports From The Infamous Closed Meeting!


·       Who's Responsible For Changing Primary Election?? See State Statutes  “…Election Laws as with all laws for the state of Arizona are the responsibility of the Elected representative of the House and Senate of the state and must be signed by the Governor.”


·       AZGOP Leaders-Meet-To-Discuss-2016-Victory-Strategy: AZGOP release Grahams viewpoint   “The committee voted overwhelmingly against a motion to spend party contributions to close the primary election. A vote to recess the meeting to allow for further review of the issue of closing the primary was also defeated.”


·       Graham Report Conflicts With State Committee Attendees “Not one person mentioned any discussion of strategy for 2016.

·       Republican-PCs-Threatened-With-Arrest-At-AZ-GOP-HQ.  First person account of April 18, 2015 AZ GOP newly closed executive meeting by LD 28 PC.

·       LD13 Precinct Committeemen Received Their Call Letters today for a 7 pm., Tues., April 28 ‘special election’ meeting to fill the vacancy of former LD13 Chairman Richard ‘Dick’ Landis, who resigned April 2.  Acting Chair Wallie Campbell, first vice chairman, named Second Vice-chair Ben Boone as the nominations chairman. Anyone wishing to run for the LD13 chairmanship should contact Boone at .  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.  The election will be held in the Chianti Room of the PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ 85395.


·       Past LD 17 2nd Vice Chairman Darrell J. Covert has accepted the position of Arizona Grassroots Director for the Ted Cruz for President Coalition.  He says their Arizona Page on Facebook has received 2,000 likes 8,000 visits in just one week. Over 100,000 have joined their Coalition via pages in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Take a look in Facebook at "Ted Cruz Revolution 2016 Arizona" at    Volunteers can contact the Coalition at 480-250-0123.


·       The Wickenburg Republican Club will meet at 7 pm, Mon., April 27 in the LifeLine Ambulance Training Room, 1155 E Tegner, Wickenburg to be updated on the recent legislation session by LD13 Reps Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell. Contact: Frosty Taylor


·       The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm, May 7 for dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, 4000 N. Central, Phoenix to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery discuss issues facing the county.  Mr. Montgomery will discuss DUI enforcement and the ballot measure to decriminalize marijuana as  well as other  issues.  Social at 5:30 pm. $22 per dinner. RSVP: Tina Shaw or 623-934-9730.  A reservation made is a reservation paid. Cancellations must by made by May 4 to avoid being charged. Contact info:


·       Congressman Martha McSally's District Priorities Survey   McSally asked her congressional district’s input.


·       The Cobre Valley Republican Club Armed Forces Day Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Sat., May 16 at the Elks Club in Globe, AZ. Speakers include State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, LD6 Sen Sylvia Allen, and AZ Teenage Republicans Chairman Lilia Dashevsky.  $30 per person. Two for $55. Doors open at 10:30 am.  Contact: Judy Moorhead 928-200-2468.


·       Flagstaff Tea Party will present K Carl Smith, CEO/Founder of the Frederick Douglass Republicans at 6:30 pm., May 14 at the LaQuinta Inn,  2015 Beulah Blvd., Flagstaff, AZ 86001.


·       The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm, May 7 for dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, 4000 N. Central, Phoenix to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery discuss issues facing the county.  Mr. Montgomery will discuss DUI enforcement and the ballot measure to decriminalize marijuana as  well as other  issues.  Social at 5:30 pm. $22 per dinner. RSVP: Tina Shaw or 623-934-9730.  A reservation made is a reservation paid. Cancellations must by made by May 4 to avoid being charged. Contact info:


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will hear Supt of Public Instructions Diane Douglas on Sat., May 16. Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute will highlight the Sat., June 20 monthly meeting. Meetings are held in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 stating promptly at 9 am. 8:30 am social. Contact:


·       Gov Doug Ducey Will Sign HB2135 at 10 am, Wed., April 22 at 1700 W Washington,  Phx.  The bill allows rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to grow, thrive and innovate in Arizona, by ensuring a safe and light regulatory environment.


·       Editor’s Note:  When expressing opinions, lease limit commentary to 300 words.


·       LD25 PC Captain Karen Gevaert: First I want to thank you for your support by posting the "Get A Life Rally" and all that transpired on that day.  We are in such "trouble" we really do not have an honest AZGOP party.   My request, if you decide, is to have a PC-POLL asking if they want Robert Graham to be "RECALLED."  I know some who would jump at the chance, and some who would not.  Would be interesting, and to me, this is my way of trying to do something.  I hope you will consider posting a PC-POLL.  Editor’s Note: Web master John Strasser is setting up a poll section due to reader requests the past few months.


·       Open Letter To Martin Dempsey From Debbie Lee: “I am shaking and tears are flowing down my cheeks as I watch the news and listen to the insensitive, pain inflicting comments made by you in regards to the fall of Ramadi.  "The city itself is not symbolic in any way" oh really are you willing to meet with me and with the families who have lost a loved one.

“My son Marc Lee was the first Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life in Ramadi Iraq Aug 2,  2006. His blood is still in that soil and forever will be. Remember that was when so many of our loved ones were taken from us. You said that "it's not been declared part of the caliphate on one hand or central to the future of Iraq." My son and many others gave their future in Ramadi. Ramadi mattered to them. Many military analysts say that as goes Ramadi so goes Iraq.

“What about the troops who sacrificed their limbs and whose lives will never be the same. Our brave warriors who left a piece of themselves in Ramadi. What about the troops who struggle with PTS/TBI who watched their teammates breath their last or carried their wounded bodies to be medevac'd out of Ramadi. “…You sir owe an apology to the families whose loved ones blood was shed in Ramadi. Awaiting an Apology  See her entire letter at  open-letter-from-mother-first-navy-seal-killed-in-iraq-to-general-martin    Editor’s Note:  Debbie Lee, founder of Americans Mighty Warriors  received an apology this afternoon. gold-star-mom -gets-the-apology-she-asked-for





·        The Estrella Foothills Conservative Republican Club will meet at 7 pm, Wed., April 22 at Estrella Foothills High School.  6:30 pm social.  Speakers include AZGOP 2nd Vice-Chair Gabriella Mercer, MCRC 1st Vice-Chair Aaron Borders, and MCRC Member-at-Large Andrew Constanzo.  Contact: Chairman Richard Newcomer at  602-512-1340.

·        The Rose Law Group is hosting a political breakfast between 8-9 am., Wed., April 22 in their offices at 7144 E Stetson Dr. #300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 – featuring Gov Doug Ducey, Phoenix City Councilmen Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates.  RSVP: Melissa Johnson at

·        The Mohave County GOP District 1 Lincoln Dinner is scheduled at 5 pm., April 22 in Kingman. Speaker: Gov Doug Ducey.  Contact: Kingman, 928-279-3950.


·        A Fundraising ‘Breakfast With Gov Doug Ducey’ is scheduled at 8 am, Wed., April 22 with the Rose Law Group, 7144 E Stetson Dr #300, Scottsdale to help reduce Ducey’s $2M campaign loan to himself.  RSVP:  Katie at 480-505-3936 by April 17.  Minimum contribution $500.



·        The Arizona Game And Fish Department And The City Of Glendale will host a free youth fishing clinic at Bonsall Pond, 59th Ave/Bethany Home Road in Phx between 9 am-2 pm, Sat., April 25. Thanks to Glendale City Councilman Jamie Aldama, along sponsors West Valley Foundation, Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Glendale Pawn 7 Jewelry, Gorman & Company, the first 1,000 kids between the ages of 10-17,  will received free fishing licenses.


·        Applications Are Available To High School Age Girls interested in applying for an AzFRW Dodie Londen TARS Memorial Scholarship to spend a week in DC at the National TARS Leadership Conference. Tour DC. Meet Congressional leaders.    Application due April 25.    Contact AzFRW Scholarship Committee TARS Coordinator Lori Oien, ( 520)-603-3006. 8161 E. Lee Street, Tucson, AZ 85715

·        National Columnist Charles Krauthammer and AZ Gov Doug Ducey will speak at the 6 pm., April 25 Center for Arizona Policy dinner at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, according to CEO Cathy Herod. See details  reserve your spot

·        LD17: Master Illusionist Craig Davis will perform at the Sun Lakes Country Club on Sat, April 25  for the LD17 fundraiser. Limited seating. Magic Show Flier   Contact: Chairman Shadow Asgari at


·        The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sat., April 25, at 19781 N. Remington Dr., Chaparral Center in the Apache Room.   Speakers: Detectives from the Surprise Police Department presenting their program on Fraud, ID Theft, Scams, etc.  Contact: Ginny Nyre, President (623-544-7187) or Ralph Wirebaugh (623-584-3898). Web-site:


·        Tucson Republican Women will have coffee with the elephants at Reid Park Zoo,  1030 S Randolph Way, at 9 am., Sat., April 25  in Tucson to celebrate Nandi’s six month birthday.  Contact: PCRP HQ


·        The Central for Arizona Policy Dinner features National Columnist Charles Krauthammer, AZ Gov Doug Ducey, Florist Barronelle Stutzman and Cathy Herrod at 6 pm., April 25 at the Arizona Biltmore, 2400 E Missouri, Phx. Contact: or 602.424.2525.



·        The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon, April 27 at the Pyle Rec Center , 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe.



·        The Fountain Hills Republican Club Social will be held at 6 pm., Tues., April 28 on the patio at the Fireside Grill at the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH.   This is a social event, no speeches, no reservations. The May 26 social is at the El Encanto Restaurant, 11044 N Sauguaro Blvd, FH.  The June 23rd Social will be at Sapori D'Italia, 11865 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.  Contact:


·        The Yavapai County Young Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., April 28 (last Tues of month). Contact:  Matthew Perry for current information at


·        The LD17  monthly meeting begins at 7 pm., Tues., April 28 at the Tri-City Baptist Church Seminary Building (south side of parking lot), 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ 85286  Map Here.  Contact: Chr Shadow Asgari 


·        A Free Political Speech Debate is scheduled at 7 pm., Tues., April 28 at the Cronkite Journalism School at the ASU downtown Campus in Phoenix, featuring four legal experts who will address whether anonymous giving benefits or harms free speech and democratic participation. Free admission. Limited seating. Contact: Jason Lloyd 602-633-8984 to make a reservation. Details here.


·        Christians United for Israel invited the public to ‘A Night To Honor Israel’ at 78 pm., Tues., April 28 at the Tucson Theater, 17 W Congress, in Tucson. Dennis Praeger is also scheduled to speak. Contact 520-840-2287.



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