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Saturday - May 16, 2015



A Soldier's Pledge


The Krisoff Family Story: Dad Goes To Battle After Losing Son


·       Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino And Resort Is Honoring Active-Duty Military Members And Veterans this weekend for Armed Services Day with a free meal. From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at The Buffet inside of Harrah's, current and former military members will receive a free meal simply by showing a current military ID or discharge paperwork. Harrah's is located at 15406 N. Maricopa Road.


·       National Federation of Republican Assemblies President Sharron Angle Sharron_Angle  will address the 9 am, May 30 Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) May membership meeting  at the Devonshire Community Center, 2802 East Devonshire, Phoenix, Arizona  85016.  Angle will   discuss “What would the US Senate look like after Senators John McCain and Harry Reid” and the NFRA Presidential Preference Convention. Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio will address opposition to the $33 billion trolley (aka light rail) being the largest tax boondoggle in the history of Arizona.  Free admission. Tickets required. Priority seating for those with reservations. RSVP 


·       Apparently There Are Some Misunderstandings Within LD27. Chairman Ron Harder says that the June 14 “Patriots in the Park” activity has not been cancelled as was reported to Briefs several days ago.  Harder says said ‘Patrick Henry’ and Brad Zinn will be featured between 11am-4 pm, at La Pardo Park, located at 19th Ave and Vineyard in South Phoenix.  Harder says the December “Park” activity drew some 40 in attendance, which grew to well over 100 a few months later. He expects more than 300 to attend the June 14 event.  More details tba as the event moves closer.


·       Yavapai County Republican Activist And PC Richard Hennessey told the Briefs this evening that he is responsible for the petition that is circulating among Yavapai County precinct committeemen (PCs) for the purpose of recalling  current YCRC Chairman Michael Sanders.  Hennessey said rumors that Chino Valley PAChyderm Chairman Sue Godchild was involved in originating the petition are completely false. Hennessy said, “I don’t want Sue blamed for something that I did.”   

      Sanders is also the subject of an open letter recently signed by YCRC Second Vice Chair L. G. Mace, Treasurer Roger Reinsch and Assistant Treasurer Craig Arps objecting to Sanders management style. See 5-3-15-briefs

   The officers claim Sanders changed the YCRC computer codes and wouldn’t give officers keys to the office, among numerous other complaints. At that point in time, Sanders claimed he had been the subject of criticism since he was elected.

      Sanders opponents claim he was elected by PC’s carrying “shadow proxies,” – a complaint that has surfaced throughout the state since before PC elections in the August 2014 Primary Elections.  Hands full of shadow proxies are reportedly carried by PCs (for inactive PCS who don’t attend party meetings) for the purpose of controlling election of party officials from legislative districts to state officer elections.  Party officials have reported that ‘shadow proxy’ carriers have been very active since the AZGOP and Maricopa County Republicans censured Sen John McCain in January 2014. “McCain’s Revenge” workers are reportedly trying to cleanse conservative PCs from leadership roles. 

Hennessey said YCRC has been in disarray since Sanders was elected to the chairmanship.  He said they are required to collect 90 PC signatures to have a Sanders recall election.  Hennesssey’s recall petition against Sanders reads:

“We the below signed elected Precinct Committeemen of the Yavapai County Republican Committee call for a Special Meeting  (Art. 5.4 of the YCRC Bylaws) for the purpose of recalling Chairman Michael Sanders. Said meeting to be held within  forty-five (45) days of the receipt of this request by the Yavapai County Republican Executive Committee.”   

Contact Hennessey at regarding the petition.


·       It Seems The AZGOP Has Come Up With A New Fundraising Gimmick.  Today’s incoming e-mails reveal a new website for the Arizona Republican Party “Redroots” Club searching members of 10,000 party members to donate $8.25 a month or  $99 annually  to make the AZGOP a ‘self-sustaining organization’ and heard across the state. Membership benefits listed are:

ü  Current members will not receive fundraising letters from the Arizona Republican Party

ü  Current members will not receive phone solicitations from the Arizona Republican Party

ü  Quarterly conference call with Chairman Robert S. Graham and a special guest

ü  Automatic monthly donation charged to your credit or debit card

ü  Email updates

ü  Private event at State Convention for Redroots Club members

See more at: redrootsmembership   One jovial observer quipped, “ Oh shucks, I look forward to getting all those messages begging for money.”  Another wants to know if “ Redroots” are weeds??


·       A Fundraiser Reception For  LD14 Sen Majority Whip Gail Griffin is scheduled from 4:30- 6 pm., May 20 at Arizona Rock Products, 916 W Adams, Phx. See flyer:



·       Our Incredible Voters  Unbelievable. How did America get to this level?


·       The Word Is Out That Maricopa County Treasurer Charles “Hos” Hoskins will be not running for re-election, but he will serve as the honorary chairman when his Chief Deputy Royce Flora officially announces candidacy for the position.


·       AZCDL Alert: Arizona Is "The" Target -- The brass ring for Bloomberg and his fellow gun grabbers is Arizona.  His puppet organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was established in Arizona in 2013.  In 2014 the name was changed to Everytown For Gun Safety, the same group that used a full time staff of 6 and a budget of $4 Million to push through I-594, the gun owner registration ballot measure in Washington in 2014.
     During the 2015 session, Bloomberg’s allies in the Arizona legislature filed 4 virtually identical gun owner registration bills.  Though those bills failed to move, that was just testing the waters.  Soon we will see paid petition gatherers as they begin their effort to put gun owner registration on the ballot here.
      The media campaign has already started.  On May 8, the Arizona Republic published an Everytown propaganda piece, disguised as a
news story
, claiming Arizona domestic-violence victims die “from guns” at twice the national rate.  The solution they call for?  Criminalizing private property transfers and “universal background checks” on gun owners.
     There will be a ballot initiative in 2016 calling for gun owner registration in Arizona, unless WE stop it.  These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (
), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.

·       KCarl Smith,  President & Founder Of Frederick Douglass Republicans has been in Arizona speaking this week.  See


·       To Those Of You Who Have Called Regarding The GOPAC Western Regional Forum scheduled May 18 and 19 in Phoenix –it's not open to the public.   


·       Congress’s Catfish Trade Scam    “A provision [was slipped into] the 2008 farm bill to transfer regulatory responsibility over catfish, including pangasius, to the U.S. Department of Agriculture from the Food and Drug Administration. The pretext was public health, but … [t]he real aim was to raise costs for Vietnamese exporters and drive them from the U.S. market. Thus was born one of Washington’s most wasteful programs… The latest effort at repeal, sponsored by John McCain and nine other Republicans and Democrats, could get a vote when the Senate reconsiders the trade-promotion bill, then would have to go through the House. Ending catfish protectionism would be a sign that at least some in Washington are serious about free trade.” –The Wall Street Journal editorial, May 14, 2015

·       The Pima County Republicans are sponsoring an organizational meeting of  “iConnectAmerica - Taking Back Our Republic, One Neighborhood At A Time”  meeting at 6 pm., June 24 for a no host dinner at the Cow Palace, 28802 S Nogales Hwy, Amado, AZ 85645 . Contact: Yale Wishnick, Pima County First Vice Chair 520- 398-8000 

·        The Chino Valley PAChyderm Common Core Seminar will be begin at 10:30 am., Sat., May 23 at the Prescott Country Club in Dewey.  Reservations required for lunch.  Seminar should wind up by 3 pm. Gina Ray, founder of “Opt Out Arizona” will be one of the speakers.  The normal meeting place – the Bonn Fire – is under construction for four months due to a recent fire.  RSVP Chairman Sue Goodchild


·       The Tempe Republican Women Luncheon with Gov. Doug Ducey  is scheduled at 11 am., June 13 at the Tempe Sheraton, 1600 S 52nd St., Tempe. Guest admission is $50, which includes a plated lunch and a Free membership to Tempe Republican Women. RSVP:june-13th-2015-luncheon-wdoug-ducey  AzGuns of Chandler has donated a gun to be raffled at the luncheon. Raffle tickets $5 each. Must Be Present To Win. Contact: President Jessica Merrow   (480) 306-2545


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club's GOP Socials are the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at various locations.  These are social events, no speeches, no reservations. Everyone is invited.  This month's social will be Tues, May 26 at El Encanto Restaurant, 11044 N Sauguaro Blvd, FH.  The June 23 Social will be at Sapori D'Italia, 11865 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268


·       How-Many-Illegal-Immigrants-Were-Deported-In-Your-County-As-Part-Of-The-Secure-Communities-Program? This-Map-Has-The-Answer 


·       The Tenth Annual AzCDL Independence Day Rifle Match is scheduled Sat. , July 4  hosted by the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club.  Limited to 6-0 shooters. Match information, location, rules and reservations can be found at AzCDL’s website. Entry fee is $60 and includes a free AzCDL Basic Annual membership. Contact: Match Director:  


·       Military/Veteran Resource Navigator Training is scheduled in Phoenix on May 19, in Parker on June 3 and Show Low on June 18. Veterans can register here. The training is to support those that work with returning veterans help them going back to civilian life with how to get the help they need.


·        The Surprise Tea Party Patriots Will Hear Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association Member Rick Dalton at the 6:30 pm., Tues., June 2 meeting in the Grand Canyon Room of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 WRH Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 895375  Click Here For Map


·       The Republican Women of Prescott present “An Evening with Dinesh D’Souza’, who is a former White House policy analyst for President Ronald Reagan, at 7:30 pm., Tues, July 28 in the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center.  Tickets on line at between 10am - 4 pm.  $30, $45, $55, and $75. A pre-event reception will be held at 5:30 pm in the Sculpture Garden. No host bar. Additional $25, reservations required. Limited tickets.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar is accepting nominations request through Oct 30, 2015 from CD4 youths, age 17 or older as of July 1, 2015, who are eligible to apply to the five services – US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard. Contact: or call 480-882-2697 regarding applications.


·       Contact   for the latest on Arizonans Against Common Core.


·       A. J. LaFaro, National Director of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) and Immediate   Past Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) is making presentations to Arizona County and Legislative District (LD) Committees, Republican Clubs, Tea Parties and Liberty Movements about

ü  1) ballot harvesting, stuffing and tampering and

ü  2) closing the Republican primaries here in Arizona

      LaFaro is scheduled to speak to the

ü  May 18 – Leisure World Republican Club

ü  May 19 – Fountain Hills Tea Party

ü  May 27 – Estrella Conservative Republican Club.

Any County or Legislative District (LD) Committee, Republican Club, Tea Party or Liberty Movement interested in hearing LaFaro's presentation can
contact him at




·       Editor’s Note:  When expressing opinions, please limit commentary to 300 words.


·       LD25 PC Captain Karen Gevaert: “Rep Martha McSally--CONSERVATIVE or TRAITOR? There was a Defense Bill in the house that would have GUT America's Military using Amnestied Illegal aliens.  MCRC briefs has this article  house-wont-allow-dreamers-to-enlist-in-military  --please read it!  If this bill would have succeeded in passing our military would have changed from USA to MERCENARY.  If passed would have made our RADICAL C.I.C  OBAMA-- ECSTATIC.  There were 20 Republican Representatives TRAITORS--who voted  with the Dems to pass this offensive bill--Rep. Martha McSally was one of the 20.”



·       Congressman Rep. Matt Salmon has announced his second bill in his newly reintroduced Shrink our Spending Initiative that will highlight and cut wasteful taxpayer-funded programs. Upon introduction of his latest bill to eliminate federal funding for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Salmon said:  “A great example of government waste is the NLRB, a pro-union labor organization that dictates where businesses can locate, expand, and spend their capital.  The U.S. Department of Justice already ensures our labor laws are properly enforced, and does so in a far more professional and nonpartisan manner than the favoritism shown to Big Labor by the NLRB.  Congress has many hard choices to make as to where to spend and where to cut, but defunding an agency that does nothing but advance cronyism instead of protecting workers is not one of them.”  Click to watch    Click here for more information about the SOS Initiative.    Background:  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was officially established in 1935 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law Senator Wagner’s National Labor Relations Act, which, in part, created an independent agency to implement and administer national labor policy. Today, the NLRB has become a vast bureaucratic agency that impedes job growth and economic prosperity. The Department of Justice already oversees a wide variety of civil, criminal, and administrative labor issues, including anti-trust laws, voting rights, and major mergers and acquisitions. In the most recent appropriations legislation, the NLRB received $274,224,000 of your tax dollars.


·       Sen John McCain: “If America fails to lead, China will. If we don't advance the open trading system we've long advocated in Asia, China’s protectionist policies will dominate. That's an unacceptable outcome for our economy, our security and for the values we hold dear… Democrats opposing these agreements are telling us to be afraid. Be afraid to keep our word. Be afraid of our challenges and opportunities. Be afraid to compete fairly. Be afraid to lead. But we’re Americans. We don’t build walls to competition. We build bridges to opportunities. We don’t hide from history. We make history. We don’t fear the world. We lead it.”Senator John McCain in Weekly Republican Address, May 16, 2015  **Watch video here**





·        The May 17 Las Fuentes Village Forum will feature Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk addressing:  "Consequences of Recreational Marijuana" at 3 pm., at

1035 Scott Dr. Prescott, AZ, Moderator:  Malcolm Barrett, Jr. Contact:  Jacquie Auwarter (928 )776-7453.


·        The Verde Valley Republican Women luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am, May 20 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 Hwy 89A, Sedona, AZ. Meet/greet at 11 am., $17 per person. LD 6 Sen. Sylvia Allen, and Reps Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe will provide a legislative update. RSVP: Erna Sesek (928) 284-4248 or


·        Yavapai County Young Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., May 26 at a yet to be determined location. Contact:  Matthew Perry at


·        The Republican Women of Prescott  will meet at 11:30 am., May 26 at the Prescott to hear Dr. Zuhdi Jasser author of "A Battle for the Soul of Islam. "  $20 each. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree,, (928-778-0235 or Pam Calhoon, (928) 778-7157.


·        The Yavapai County Republican Party’s Frontier Days BBQ Buffet is scheduled at 6:30 pm, July 3. 5:30 pm social hour, no host bar. $65 per person or $600 per table of 10.  RSVP 776-4500 or



·        GOPAC will hold its 2015 Western Regional Forum in Phoenix May 18-19 featuring Bill Kristol, editor and co-founder of The Weekly Standard, and Hugh Hewitt, nationally syndicated talk-show host. Not open to the public.


·        The Sun City Republican Club will meet at 6:30 pm., May 18 at the Sundial Center 14801 N 103rd Ave, , in Sun City  with Maricopa County Community College Board members Jean McGrath and John Heep. 6:30 pm – social.


·        The Tucson Republican Women Luncheon will be held Mon., May 18 at the Radisson, Radisson Suites Resort 6555 E. Speedway, Tucson with Juan Ciscomani and the Patriot Academy. Contact: Pima County Republican Party  (520) 321-1492


·        Dr. Lance Hurley Will Present "An Evening With Patrick Henry" at the 6:30 pm., May 18 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx. The program will be a living history lesson in true character of Patriot Patrick Henry and the serious nature the American Revolution. Hurley has been portraying Patrick Henry for 24 years. Contact: Chr Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.



·        The Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party (3rd Tues) is scheduled at 6:30 pm., May 19 at the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Former Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee A.J. LaFaro will be speaking on closing the Republican primary in Arizona.  Open to all Republicans. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated.   Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or


·        The Surprise Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 19 to hear an update on the Arizona Corporation Commission from Commissioner Doug Little in the Grand Canyon Room of the  the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375. The group meets the first Tuesday of the month.  Click Here For Map

·        Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey will make a presentation at 6:30 pm., May 19 to the Daisy Mountain Tea Part Patriots in the Anthem Community Blvd, 3701 W Anthem Way., Anthem, AZ 85086. Meluskey is the Director for Fair Tax radio talk show host on 960 The Patriot on weekends. LD11 Rep Mark Finchem, author of HB 2190  to bar the Arizona version of the Common Core education standards, also speak to the group. Contact: Vera Anderson 602-821-4675


·        Dr. Carl Goldberg will speak to the Tuesday Morning Discussion Group at the Arizona Republican West Valley Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, Sun City at 9:30 am, Tues., May 19, according to office manager Peter Lee. Goldberg will address the many aspects of Islam.


·        The Pima County Republican Club will meet at 1:30 am., Tues., May 19 to hear former Senator and former South Tucson Mayor Luis Gonzales, at the Sabbar Center, 450 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson. Contact: Pima County Republican Party  (520) 321-1492


·        LD 10 meets at 5:30 pm., Tues., May 19 at the Elks Lodge # 2532, 615 S. Pantano Tucson, AZ, to hear Arizona Daily Star Editor Bobbie Jo Buel on current events. Contact: Pima County Republican Party  (520) 321-1492



·        The Tucson Eastside Republican meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Wed. ,May 20 in the Bear Canyon Library Community Room, 8959 E. Tanque Verde where they will heard from Tucson City Council candidates Margaret Burkholder - Ward 4, Kelly Lawton -  Ward 2 & Bill Hunt -  Ward 1. Free admission. Contact:

Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 &


·        Palo Verde Republican Women will meet May 20th at Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  LD5 Senator Kelli Ward, will provide a legislative update including the state budget, and important bills currently waiting consideration in the next state legislature.  Ward will take questions from the audience.  Social -11 am, Lunch/Program 11:30 am. Lunch is $25.  Reservations: contact Edith Stock, or 480-298-7818.



·        LD24 will hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery at 7 pm, Thurs., May 21 at AZGOP Headquarter, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.  Montgomery is a West Point graduate, decorated Gulf War Veteran and former Deputy County Attorney. Rep Heather Carter will give a legislative update. Registration opens at 6:30 pm. An executive board meeting is also scheduled at 6:30 pm. Photos will be taken the LD24 ID badges. See    Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring will address the LD24 Republicans on June 18.


·        LD25 will meet at 7 pm, May 21 (3rd Thru) at 640 N Mesa Drive Mesa, AZ. Doors open at 6:45 pm.  Speakers: City of Mesa Mayor Jon Giles and State Treasurer Jeff  DeWit. Contact: 1VC Haydee Dawson


·        LD21 will meet at 7 pm., Thurs., May 21 at the Republican West Valley Office, 10050 W. Bell Rd, Suite 26, Sun City, AZ to elect new leaders. Nominations will be taken from the floor.


·        Alex Meluskey, who has announced he is running again Sen John McCain for the Senate seat in 2016, will speak at the May 21 Chino Valley Pachyderm meeting at the Prescott Country Club in Prescott Valley until the damage to the Bonn Fire Restaurant in Chino Valley  is reconstructed from a recent fire, according to Chairman Sue Goodchild.


·        Author Don Jans will address his book "My Grandchildren's America" at 6 pm., Thurs., May 21 at the Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95, Yuma. Contact: Sally Kizer   928-210-1219


·        The Maricopa Republicans will host Author Kirk Fowler, at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 21 at the COPA Center , 44585 Honeycutt Road, Maricopa 85138. Fowler, who wrote Potty Training for Liberals, joined the U.S. Border Patrol in 1960 and was stationed on both the Mexican and Canadian Borders. 1968 he began work as a Special Agent for DEA, stationed in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Mexico City (In Charge of Intelligence for Mexico and Central America), Dallas (In Charge of Intelligence for a seven state area) and Phoenix (In charge of the joint task force --Federal-State and Local Officers) Intelligence and the Marijuana Eradication Campaign. Has operated his own PI firm since 1986. See flyer fowler to speak


·        The Cochise County Republicans plan a “picnic of food, family fun and old fashioned political rally” starting at noon, May 23 in Tompkins Park, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. RSVP to  CCRC Headquarters 520-417-1000, Tom Crosby at 520-559-2703 or Casey Jones  520-249-3487 so they know how much food and drinks to obtain.


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