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6-5-15 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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 Friday June 5, 2015

·         A Soldier's Pledge     Pres. Ronald Reagan

·         Kelli-Ward-Slams-Obamatrade-Secrecy: Not-The-Way-Government-Should-Be-Doing-Business Sen Kelli Ward: I just got done talking with the good conservatives at Breitbart about John McCain’s support for the secretive “Obamatrade” bill. Let me be absolutely clear: It is unconscionable that our representatives would pass a bill that has been kept totally secret from the American public. John McCain should be ashamed of himself. I support free trade, and free trade doesn't require bills that are kept secret from the taxpayers. If I decide to seek to represent you in the U.S. Senate, you can be sure that I will NOT support bills that are so bad that the American people are not allowed to see them. That is not how this government should be run.

·         Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past AZGOP Chairman: In 2014, I ran against Jeff Dial for the opportunity to serve the residents of LD 18 as their state senator.  During that race, the chambers of commerce, those benefiting from Senator Dial’s vote for Expanded Medicare, and Governor Jan Brewer all proudly endorsed then-candidate Dial.  One of his claims, during his campaign, was that he was a 'veteran' of the U.S. Armed Forces and that claim was echoed by the aforementioned supporters.  As a veteran of the U.S. Army who actually served two years on active duty and seven years in the reserves, Senator Dial’s cavalier attitude about his so-called “service” to our country insults me and, I believe, many others who either have served or have family members who have served in the armed forces.  It is implausible to me and the many other veterans with whom I am in contact that his deceit goes seemingly unnoticed and without comment from those who supported him for office.  It is astonishing that many in our own party and legislators  simply shrug their shoulders and go about their business seemingly unperturbed by this. The people of LD 18 and, for that matter, the rest of this state deserve to know the truth.  Senator Dial should not be allowed to deny access to his service records.  Isn't that what we have complained about regarding the records which are being withheld from our nation by President Obama? Is there anyone else who feels the same?  - Tom Morrissey, US Army Veteran

·         Sun City West AZGOP Office Manager Phyllis Lee:  Just wanted to send out a thank you e-mail to Rich Hale and his wife Ruth for organizing a "clean the office" party. The effort was completed today with the assistance of Mike Kleving, Ed Freund, Mike Kechula, and Peter Lee. Paul Geale stopped by to provide some breakfast sandwiches and then Diane Gaffney came by to provide a Cowboy lunch to the "cleaning crew." Dixie also provided a helping hand. Rich and Mike Kechula popped for the cleaning machines and supplies and the boys cleaned all the furniture, the floors, the toilets, and the windows. It was a tremendous group effort. Thanks again. And then we received the following good news regarding the air quality testing in the office.
"Jennifer, I received this email a few minutes ago.  As you know, Western Technologies conducted the mold test at the suite you lease at Sun Shadows last week.  We are happy to report that there are no elevated levels of mold spores in the suite.  Would you please convey the news to your volunteers and let them know they are working is a safe environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Suzanne Wilkes
So we are "good to go" in our continuing efforts to elect Republican office seekers.

·         McCain Opposes Pentagon Paying Professional Sports Leagues   call on them to donate profits from these military tributes to charitable organizations that support members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families.

·         AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham will attend the 15th Annual Traditional Pakistani Luncheon on June 7 at the Phoenix Airport Marriott Hotel.  pakistan information

·         The Republican Women of Prescott will host an evening with Dinesh D’Souza at 7:30 pm., Tues., July 28 at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. Pre-event reception at 5:30 pm., in the Sculpture Garden. Men appetizers, no host bar. An additional $25 per person. Reservations required. Limited tickets. For tickets for the evening call 298-776-2000. Tickets range from $30 to $75.

·         Harkins Theater in Tempe has extended the showing of ‘Ride the Thunder’ for an extra week.  Some scenes were shot in Prescott.

·         The AZ Federation Of Republican Women Convention is scheduled from 8-noon, Sept 10 in Phoenix where election officers will be held. Candidates include
President – Lorraine Pellegrino and Joan Lang
First Vice-Pres – Lori Urban
Second Vice-Pres – Cindy Casaus
Third Vice Pres – Mary Baumbach
Secretary – Susan Marcell
Regional VIII Director – Alison Mary.

·         Tea Party Defeats McConnell Twice This Week   Tea Party Patriots CEO Jenny Beth Martin and the American people declared victory this afternoon, after the Senate rejected Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s attempts to weaken and, ultimately, defeat the USA Freedom Act as passed by the House. After rejecting the Majority Leader’s desire to renew the Patriot Act earlier this week, today’s Senate action to maintain the USA Freedom Act in its original form was icing on the cake. “The American people have spoken: Security and freedom do NOT have to be mutually exclusive” said Martin.  “Bless his heart,” she continued, “Senator McConnell just found out the hard way the American people will just as jealously guard their Constitutional freedoms as they will defend themselves against terrorists who would seek to do them harm. It’s particularly encouraging to see a bipartisan coalition reject the demands of those who wish to keep in place a Big Government/Big Brother program that has already been declared illegal by a federal court.”

·         Congressman Matt Salmon has announced the fourth bill in his Shrink our Spending Initiative to highlight and cut wasteful taxpayer-funded programs. Upon introduction of his latest bill to eliminate federal funding for the United Nations Population Fund, Salmon said: Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund activities that are not in line with our national priorities.  Among other things, the U.N. Population Fund is dedicated to encouraging abortion for women around the world, and even cooperates with China’s gruesome one-child policy.  In years past, legislation has made sure to appropriate no funds for the U.N. Population Fund, or have stipulated that those funds not be used for activities in China.”  Salmon’s SOS Initiative:  Click to watch

·         AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham will attend the July 4 free pancake breakfast between 8-10:30 am., in Reid Park in Tucson.

·         The Paradise Republican Women will meet with the Scottsdale City Council members to discuss the propoed bond issue at 11 am, Sat., June 13 at the Gainey Golf Clubl, 7600 E. Gainey Golf Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. 10:30 am social . $30 per person. RSVP by June 11 with check to PRWC, PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.

·         For Free Tickets To The ASU West Campus hosted 9:30 am., June 13 Philippine Independence Day event  click here  Event to be held at 47th Avenue and Thunderbird. See

·         AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham will attend the Philippine Independence Day festivities at 6 pm., June 20 at the Phoenix Airport Marriott Hotel for an evening of dining, dancing, and a raffle. Tickets: $40. Contact Cynthia Vilar at 602-488-8414 or  

·         Gov Doug Ducey Today Announced a fiscally-sound, responsible spending plan that would inject $1.8 billion into K-12 schools over five years -- without burdening the state budget or raising taxes on Arizonans. In 2010, then-State Treasurer Ducey created and championed Prop 118, a measure that simplified how schools receive funds from the state's land trust in order to ensure more consistent, reliable funding to K-12 schools.  The percentage that was set for distribution was 2.5 percent each year, with 93 percent of that money going to K-12 education.
Ducey's new proposal would increase the current distribution formula from 2.5 percent to 10 percent for a period of five years. If approved, the governor's plan would give schools about $1.8 billion more than they would receive under the current formula in the first five years. After that, the formula would shift to 5 percent for the following five years -- double the current rate.
Ducey has called on the Legislature to take up this proposal and refer it to the ballot for voters to approve. 
Highlights of the Governor's Plan:
ü  Increases the current distribution formula from 2.5 percent to 10 percent over five years, and shifts to a rate of 5 percent for the following five years -- still double the current rate;
ü  Gives schools nearly $1.8 billion more than they would currently receive from the formula over five years; 
ü  Accomplishes all of this with no new taxes and no additional general fund spending
      "This plan is about spending more money on K-12 education in the face of budget challenges -- without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans," said Ducey. "What we've found here is a solution that will inject more resources into our K-12 schools without touching the general fund or proposing a tax increase on Arizonans. It's a solution we all can get behind. It's our money for our kids."

·         Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas applauded Governor Doug Ducey for his Enhanced Funding Education Proposal. “I remember traveling with now Governor Ducey during the campaign to get our message out to the voters.  At that time we both discussed more money for education funding from the state land trust, a project he had worked on previously and one we both support. I am proud of the Governor for following through on our campaign promises and on his innovative proposal.”  Douglas was unable to attend yesterday’s press conference due to a prior commitment in Globe, Ariz. for a leg of her “We Are Listening” state-wide tour.

·         U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) Managing Attorney Craig Morris is appearing in Phoenix 3 p.m., June 25, at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives Building to talk about trademark basics.  Free admission. Limited seating. For more information, contact the State Library of Arizona at or 602-926-3870.

·         Federal Officials Are Warning 4 Million current and former federal employees that potentially sensitive information may have been hacked, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management says. The agency, which is responsible for security clearances and background checks, said it was urging potential victims to monitor their financial statements and obtain new credit reports. It said "personal identifiable information" had been breached. It didn't name who might be

·         The Surprise Tea Party will conduct a Presidential Straw Poll at its 6:30 pm., July 8 in the SCW Foundation Blvd., 14465 R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West

·         Clinton-Blasts-Gop-Rivals-On-Voting-Rights    “Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric is misleading and divisive. In reality, the vast majority of Americans — including minority voters — support commonsense measures to prevent voter fraud," said Orlando Watson, a Republican National Committee spokesman focused on black media, in a statement.
·         Congresswoman Martha McSally will speak at the 10 am., Fri., June 5  groundbreaking ceremony for Santé care facility in Tucson. The facility, set to open in 2016, will provide post-hospitalization services for nearly 90 patients while adding 135 jobs to the local economy. 

·         LD 13 Will Meet At 7 PM., Tues., Sept 8 at the PebbleCreekTuscany Falls Clunhouse Chianti Room, 16222 Clubhouse Dr., Goodyear., AZ. Registration opens at 6:30 pm. Speaker: former Secretary of State Ken Bennett will address understanding the state budget. Contact: Chr Wally Campbell   623-451-1100.

·         Hwy 69 Republicans are urging veterans and their families to the 6 pm., Mon., June 8 meeting to talk with Veterans Outreach Specialist Mike Ables veterans information about veterans needs and benefits.  The meeting is scheduled at Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey AZ, 86327. Parking behind the building.

·         The Arizona Republicans Lawyers Association will host Chief Justice Bales of the Arizona Supreme Court At 11:45 am., Tues, June 9 At Snell & Wilmer, 400 E. Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85004, CLE will be provided. Bales has served the Arizona Supreme Court since 2005. His impressive career includes a JD (Magna Cum Laude) And MA from Harvard, Clerkships in the 9th Circuit AND Supreme Court (For Justice Sandra Day O'Connor), and a term as Solicitor General For The State Of Arizona. $20 for members, $35 for non-members RSVP Azrepublicanlawyers@Gmail.Com.

·         The Yavapai Republican Men's Forum monthly luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., June 8 at St. Michael's Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott.   Speakers: LD 1 State Representatives. $18 per person. Reservations deadline June 4. RSVP:  Bob Luzius  (928) 717-2551 or

·         Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas will tour statewide for the next couple of weeks to hear residents opinions and concerns on all K-12 education issues. The “We Are Listening” tour will make 14 visits through the end of June. Public comments can also be submitted via email at, online at, or via the @azedschools Twitter account using #HearingEveryVoice. See schedule:
ü  Sat, June 6 – 9 am, Casa Grande High School, Casa Grande
ü  Thurs, June 11 – 4 pm, Prescott High School, Prescott
ü  Sat., June 13 – 9 am, Flagstaff,  tba
ü  Thurs., June 18 – 5 pm, Navajo Nation Council Chambers, Window Rock
ü  Sat., June 20 – 9 am, Round Valley Dome, Springerville.

·         Republican Party of Maricopa County Tyler Bowyer: The Republican Party of Maricopa County is excited to see yet another example of exceptional leadership by Governor Doug Ducey and his colleagues in the state legislature. Flanked by state legislators, elected school board members and education professionals this afternoon, Governor Ducey proposed an innovate solution that would allow the state to contribute an additional $1.8 billion to K-12 public education over five years without one penny of new taxes.  “The Republican Party is focused on improving the lives of those with which we serve—from reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses to protecting religious liberty and finding innovative ways to ensure that our classrooms receive the financial resources they need to properly educate the leaders of tomorrow,” said Bowyer. “We have always been the party of the people and the leadership exhibited today by Governor Ducey is another clear example that this philosophy still rings true today.”  See plan here

·         AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham:  “Governor Ducey has acted boldly today and he has my full support in his efforts to improve education in Arizona while protecting our taxpayers from runaway tax increases,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “I look forward to working with our Republican officials in both the executive and legislative branches to ensure the best possible outcome, in addition to keeping voters informed about the benefits of this major Republican proposal to improve education in Arizona. "The Arizona Constitution mandates that proceeds from the sales or leases of more than 9.2 million acres of state trust land be held in a fund and invested, with periodic distributions to various state needs according to a formula. The proposal will change the current 2.5 percent distribution to ten percent per year for the next five years, and then to five percent for the subsequent five years. K-12 receives 93 percent of that distribution. With today’s education needs exceeding those contemplated a century ago when the formula was devised, Ducey’s plan for K-12 funding is a welcome one. The change requires an amendment to the Arizona Constitution, and the Governor will ask the Arizona legislature to refer the issue to the ballot for voter approval in the November 2016 election.


·         Timothy Lee, AZGOP Compliance Director, will conduct Treasurer’s Training between 10 am-2 pm, Sat., June 6 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St., Phx.  The session is open to all GOP LD Treasurer’s and County Chairmen. Contact Lee at  (602) 449-1000 or

·         LD17 Has Scheduled A Family Picnic between 2-6 pm., June 6 at the home of Charles & Jennifer Hill, 413 W. Bentrup St., Chandler, AZ 85225. Participants are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share.  The rest will be provided.  Contact: Chr Dr. Shadow Asgar

·         The Sun City West Republican Club will hold its Sat., June 6 meeting at the Sun City West Foundations building (Quail Room) 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd., Sun City West Arizona. Doors open at 8am with coffee and donuts. Mtg at 8:30 am. Admission $2 to cover cost of room. Speaker Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, a West Point Graduate, decorated Gulf War Veteran, former Deputy County.

·         Comedian Brad Zinn Celebrates 40 Years In Show Business with  a ‘World Class Variety Show’ to benefit Military Assistance Mission  (MAM) at 7:30 pm, (5:30 pm social, 6:30 pm dinner) Sat., June 6 featuring at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale. Limited seating. Pat McMahon will serve as Master of Ceremonies to comedian  Michael Finney , speed artist, Randall Hedden, The Taylor Family Circus (formerly with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus), ventriloquist Jerry Layne, Vaudeville Sand painter Ms. Bre and The Arizona Trio. Tickets:eventReg  and no checks can be processed, despite what the Order page may say.

·         Speaker Andy Biggs is scheduled at address the Sun Lakes Republican Club at 6:30 pm., June 9.  Contact: Contact: Mike Tennant,
·         The Northwest Conservatives present state Sen Kelly Ward at Oro Valley library at 6 pm June 11.

·         The Verde Valley Republican Women will raffle off a $500 Master Card on June 17. Tickets are #10 each. Limited tickets.  Contact:  Stefanie at 928-300-3978.

·         LD25 will meet at 7 pm, June 18 (3rd Thru) at 640 N Mesa Drive Mesa, AZ. Doors open at 6:45 pm.  Speaker: tba. Contact: 1VC Haydee Dawson

·         The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., June 20 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. 8:30 am social. Speakesr: Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas Jon Riches from the Goldwater Institute.  . Contact:


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