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6-16-15 Briefs

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Tuesday June 16, 2015

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·         Tea Party Activists Across America will take an unprecedented step in our fight to end Congress’s illegal ObamaCare subsidies on June 17 as they peacefully but vocally gather at local Congressional offices all across the country at high noon for what may be their largest simultaneous protest ever.

·         Heritage Action For America will present Congressman Matt Salmon with an award at 2:30 pm, July 20  at this office for his dedication to the grassroots and continuous fight for conservative principles RSVP 

·         LD17 Will Meet at 7 pm, June 30 to discuss existing county bylaws and make recommendations for the county committee to considering reviewing the current county bylaws. Speaker for the meeting will be State Sen President Andy Biggs. LD17 will not meet in July, Meetings will resume Aug 25. Meeting locations: Tri-City Baptist Church Seminary Bldg, 2211 W Germann Road, Chandler, AZ 85286.

·         Jon Riches, an attorney at the Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, will be the speaker at the Fountain Hills Republican Club's meeting Sat, June 20. The Fountain Hills Republican Club will continue to meet throughout the summer at 9 am on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr, F.H. 85268.  "Meet and Greet" Social period with breakfast snacks at 8:30.  The summer speaker schedule is: July  18:  Sheriff Paul Babeu. August 15: Glen Hamer, CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce

·         The Fountain Hills Republican Club informally meets socially at 6pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month at various restaurants for a no speeches, no reservations, no host social, No host drinks and food available.  The summer schedule is: June 23 Social: Sapori D’Italia, 11865 N Saguaro Blvd, F.H. The July 28 Social is scheduled at the  Tap House,  16828 Parkview Ave, F.H. Enjoy dinner and drinks or just drinks with fellow Republicans in a friendly social atmosphere.Contact:  Boe James, Club Secretary at 

·         LD 26 Republicans passed a resolution in support of “Closed Primaries in Arizona at the June 9 meeting:

A Resolution in Support of
Matt Papke  - Hudson

WHEREAS, the LD 26 Republican Committee believes that the AZGOP Chairman and the Executive Committee must follow the mandate of State Committeemen passed January 24, 2015 at the AZ GOP Statutory Meeting to restore our closed primary system 

WHEREAS, the LD 26 Republican Committee believes the provision allowing non-Republicans to vote in election of Republican Precinct Committeemen, violates our First Amendment right to freedom of association 

WHEREAS, the Court recognized in the case/ruling of Betsey BAYLESS, the strength of a party's interest in selecting its own leaders.

Resolved, the LD 26 Republican Committee directs the AZGOP to pursue via lawsuit, party led ballot initiative and/or legislative referral for ballot initiative to close the Republican primary elections to non-Republicans. 

Resolved, the LD 26 Republican Committee supports clarifying the AZGOP rules section making Resolutions binding on the AZGOP and requiring regular updates to the Party members as they are enacted upon and completed.  

Be It Further Resolved that the LD 26 Republican Committee hereby direct the Arizona Republican party executive committee to decide within 90 days of this resolution's adoption if it will file a Party led ballot initiative to close the primary, direct Republican legislators to close the primary via ballot initiative or retain legal counsel to file all necessary paperwork with the Arizona courts to seek summary judgment restoring closed primaries in partisan elections. 

Furthermore the LD 26 Republican Committee hereby directs the Arizona Republican party executive committee to initiate action no less than 30 days from deciding which course of action to take. Action being defined as a: Party led ballot initiative, directing Republican legislators to close the primary via ballot initiative or retaining legal counsel to file all necessary paperwork with the Arizona courts to seek summary judgment restoring closed primaries in partisan elections. --  Contact: Matt Papke     480 - 242 - 2208

·         Yavapai County PC Rick Hennessey: Recall Petitions for the purpose of recalling Michael Sanders as County Chair. This is to inform the Executive Committee that we have the required amount of signatures to force a special meeting to Recall Michael Sanders as our County Chair. I will submit a copy to the YAVGOP Office by Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested. I will also be submitting copies to the Executive Committee, along with copies to the Yavapai Board of Supervisors, The County Recorder’s Office, State Chairman Robert Grahams Office, Congressman Paul Gosar’s Office, The Prescott Courier, The Chino Valley Review, Frosty Taylors News Letter KYCA, and KQNA. - R.A.Hennessey II (Rick)  (928) 499-9342

·         Duane Engdahl, Chairman of the Nomination Reform Committee:  Our committee originated at the Republican Party Committee in LD-20, but now that our initiative has been passed by the Maricopa County Committee and the Arizona Republican Party, we are going into statewide action to enact legislation to bring about this reform. While this reform has been initiated by Republicans, it is a non-partisan reform which will benefit Democrats and Republicans alike. The reform will be called “CITIZEN CAUCUS” and will consist of a Legislative Act and a Constitutional Amendment, both to be implemented with “striker bills”. We hope to get both bills in the hopper for upcoming legislative session, so we are operating on an urgent and very short timetable. Soon we will be calling on you seek your endorsement on these two bills. In the meantime we invite you to review attached resolution. If you support this resolution, then please print it out, fill it out, and return it to us ASAP by regular mail addressed to: Citizen Caucus, Box 41545, Phoenix AZ 85080. Please Do This Right Away. We need a big stack of these signed resolutions in order to persuade legislators to cosponsor our Citizen Caucus bills, and all this needs to be done by February 10.



WHEREAS, Arizona’s semi-closed primaries are a costly government subsidy granted to some political associations, and not to others, and we oppose such subsidies, and such un-equal treatment; and

·         WHEREAS, We have the Right of Association guaranteed by the First Amendment, and having such right should enable us to nominate our candidates for elective office without government enforced participation of non-associates; an

·         WHEREAS, We believe in less government involvement in citizen association instead of more, and reforming the current government operated Petition/Primary Nomination method to a Citizen Caucus Nomination method would substantially lessen government involvement in citizen associations and eliminate a major infringement in citizen liberty; and

·         WHEREAS, We favor the selection of office holders on the basis of political principle, rather than the influence of political advertising, name recognition, or special interest funding; and

·         WHEREAS, We believe that our government derives its power from politically informed citizens (We the People), so it is preferable to have a Citizen Caucus method of candidate nomination instead of a government operated Petition/Primary method;

·         THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I ____________________________________________, favor nomination reform such that a Citizen Caucus method of nomination replaces the existing government operated Petition/Primary method of nomination.

PRINTED NAME: ________________________________________________

EMAIL: ________________________________________________________

RESIDENCE ZIP, IF SIGNING AS A PERSON:  ______________________ 


BY: _______________________________________________(SIGNATURE)

DATE: ________________________ WITNESS INITIALS: ______________


·         LD20 Passes Resolution Against Phoenix Prop 104: LD20 PC Nickie Kelley submitted the following Resolution at LD20’s last meeting and LD20 PCs voted unanimously in favor of it.

RESOLUTION on City of Phoenix Proposition 104

·         WHEREAS the city of Phoenix proposes a $31.5 Billion sales tax (Transaction Privilege Tax) that will be put before voters on August 25, 2015; and 

·         WHEREAS Proposition 104 was approved to go before voters by Mayor Greg Stanton and several city council members, and is calculated to give Phoenix, Arizona one of the highest sales tax rates in the United States; and 

·         WHEREAS the  mayor cut a deal with big business excluding purchases above $10,000 from the proposed new tax

·         BE IT RESOLVED that voters in Legislative district 20 condemns city of Phoenix proposition 104 and furthermore

·         BE IT RESOLVED that the PCs of Legislative District 20 call citizens of Phoenix to vote No on Proposition 104.

·         RNC-To-Launch-Outreach-Training-Initiative   The Republican National Committee is launching an aggressive program to train staffers and volunteers as part of a larger effort to step up its ground game after the 2012 election, which illustrated the party’s deficits in voter data, technology and outreach to minority and young voters.

·         A Public Hearing On The Tax Increase is scheduled at 9:30 am, June 24 in the Pinal County Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room located at Pinal County Administrative Complex, 135 North Pinal Street, Florence, Arizona. In compliance with Section 42-17107, Arizona Revised Statutes, Pinal County is notifying its property taxpayers of Pinal County’s intention to raise its primary property taxes over last year’s level. Pinal County is proposing an increase in primary property taxes of $4,682,979 or 6%. For example, the proposed tax increase will cause Pinal County’s primary property taxes on a $100,000 home to increase from $377.23 to $399.99. This proposed increase is exclusive of increased primary property taxes received from new construction. The increase is also exclusive of any changes that may occur from property tax levies for voter approved bonded indebtedness or budget and tax overrides.

·         Sen Kelli Ward has a conflict in scheduling and will not be appearing before the Chino Valley Pachyderm meeting on Thurs, June 18. A rescheduled date has not been announced.  Contact Chairman Sue Goodchild or Ward at

·         ATTN: Early Ballot voting begins July 30 and runs through election day – Aug 25The last day to request an early ballot is Aug 14.  Don't wait.  For those who live in North Phoenix, you can pick up an early ballot form at CBL, 3375 E Shea Blvd. 2-B, Phx 85028 (just off the 51, ext 9).

·         ATTN Early Ballot voters:  If you are going out of town during the election cycle, be sure to mail in your "one time" change of address so your Early Ballot will be sent to your vacation spot.   We must get out the vote.

·         The Organizational Meeting Of The Prescott Valley Oathkeepers scheduled this weekend has been cancelled for Father’s Day. It will meet instead on Sat., July 18 at the Puerta Vallart Mexican Restaurant. Limited seating. Contact Fran Barwood

·         The Prescott Rodeo Parade is scheduled at 9 am., Sat., July 4.

·         A "Meet and Greet" for Prescott Mayoral Candidate  Dan Fraijo is scheduled at 10:30 am., Mon., July 22 at Las Fuentes Village, 1035 Scott Dr.  Prescott, AZ.

·         On The Day After The "Dead Broke" Interview, The Clinton's Earned $700,000 The Prescott Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum will be held at 6:30 pm., Tues., July 21 at Yavapai College. 

·         Hoping To ‘Retire’ McCain Candidates:

ü  U.S. Senate Exploratory Candidate Kelli Ward can be scheduled for an appearance at

ü  U.S. Senate Candidate Alexander Meluskey can be scheduled for an appearance at or call 480-659-2410  

ü  U.S. Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk can be scheduled for an appearance at or call 623-322-9979.

·         Former County Chairman Lyle Tuttle has been elected the founding President of the Northwest Maricopa Chapter of the Arizona Republican Assembly. The Chapter meets the second Saturday morning of the month starting in in July. Contact Tuttle at

·         To Sign Former Sen Russell Pearce’s “Protect Arizona Now” petition go to  (far right sign of page, scroll)

·         Heroes to Hometowns is conducting a 5-Ton Food/Donation Drive for Wounded Veterans and their families between 8am and noon, Fri., July 31 at four Fry’s Grocery Store locations:
ü  18420 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix (19th Ave and Union Hills)
ü  155 W. Combs Rd., Queen Creek (Gantzel and Combs)
ü  4815 E. Carefree Hwy, Cave Creek (48th Street and Carefree Hwy)
ü  5941 E. McKellips Rd., Mesa (McKellips and Recker Rd).
Or make a donation at  Contact: Kathy Pearce at 480-330-1632 or

·         Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas will tour statewide for the next couple of weeks to hear residents opinions and concerns on all K-12 education issues. The “We Are Listening” tour will make 14 visits through the end of June. Public comments can also be submitted via email at, online at, or via the @azedschools Twitter account using #HearingEveryVoice. See schedule:
ü  Thurs., June 18 – 5 pm, Navajo Nation Council Chambers, Window Rock
ü  Sat., June 20 – 9 am, Round Valley Dome, Springerville.

·         Pima County Republicans will be hosting a free breakfast with AZGOP Robert Graham at 8 am, Sat., July 4 in Reid Park, Ramada 3,  22nd St. and Country Club Tucson, AZ 85716. Contact:  (520) 321-1492.

·         79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years   John McCain has been in office since. Jan. 6, 1987.  That’s nearly 30 years of campaign rhetoric on the home front while he goes back to DC and votes with the Dems.




·         The Tucson East Side Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm, Wed., June 17 at the Golf Links Library Community Room, 9640 E Gold Links to hear  LD2 Rep Christ Ackerley.  Contact Parralee Schneider

·         Palo Verde Republican Women will meet June 17 at Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Social 11am, Program/Lunch 11:30am.  Lunch is $25.  Nick DraniasPresident and Executive Director of Contract for America Educational Foundation, Inc., will discuss the proposed Convention of States as a way to restore checks and balances to an overreaching federal government.  RSVP to Edith Stock, or call 480-298-7818.

·         Verde Valley Republican Women's Monthly Luncheon  meet and greet is scheduled at 11 am., followed by the 11:30 am meeting/luncheon June 17 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 Hwy 89A, Sedona, AZ. $17 per person.  Speaker: Secretary of State Michele Reagan.  RSVP: Erna Sesek (928) 284-4248 or

·         Tea Party Patriots Are Planning To Hold Rallies at local congressional offices across the country at noon, June 17 in support of the Vitter Bill – which stops congressional exemption from Obamacare. They want Congress to live by the same rules they impose on the citizenry. See petition calling for Congress to pass the Vitter Bill; call your Representative and Senators 

·         Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk will speak at the Grassroots Tea Party Activists,  formerly known as Glendale Tea Party  Patriots, at 6:30  pm, Wed., June 17 at Denny’s Restaurant banquet room, 2717 W Bell Road, Phoenix. Facilitators: Francine and David Romesburg. Doors open at 6 pm. Contact:


·         The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., June 18 at the  Community ChristianChurch, 6480 E Hwy 95, Yuma.  Contact:   Chr  Sally Kizer   928-210-1219   Future meetings are scheduled July 2 and July 16.

·         LD25 will meet at 7 pm, June 18 (3rd Thru) at 640 N Mesa Drive Mesa, AZ. Doors open at 6:45 pm.  Speaker: tba. Contact: 1VC Haydee Dawson


·         Las Fuentes Village Forum is scheduled from 2:30-4 pm., Fri., June 19 at 1035 Scott Dr. Prescott, AZ.Speakers:  Prescott Mayoral Candidates Dan Fraijo and Harry Oberg. After the forum, a Prescott employee will explain the 3 Referendums on the ballot. Contact: Jacquie Auwarter (928 )776-7453.

·         The Prescott Mayoral Candidate's Forum at Las Fuentes Village,1035 Scotts Dr., Prescott, is scheduled at 2:30 pm., Fri., June 19. Contact:  Jacquie Auwarter 928-848-9289.


·         LD2 will meet at 10 am, Sat., June 20 at a yet to be disclosed location.  Contact:  (520) 321-1492.

·         LD3 plans to meet at 9 am, Sat., June 20 at the Golden Corral 6385 S Midvale Park Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746. Contact:  (520) 321-1492.

·         Must Be Present To Win. Contact: President Jessica Merrow   (480) 306-2545

·         The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., June 20 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. 8:30 am social. Speakers: Jon Riches from the Goldwater Institute.  Contact:

·         The Moral Action Ministry of North Scottsdale Christian Presents “Ancient Christians in Despair” between 9:45 am-12:30pm., Sat., June 20 featuring

ü  Mona K Oshana discussing “What's Happening In The Middle East Today!”

ü  Sam Darmo--How Did We Get Here? (1840-1940, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey).

Donations Welcome-Organizations promote your cause-tables for free. The event will be held at the North Scottsdale Christian Church, 28700 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ. 85266. Contact: or 602-818-8838.


·         LD20 Will Meet And Greet  At 6:30 Pm., June 22 at the Washington School District Offices, 4650 W Sweetwater, Glendale, followed with a 7 pm. meeting. There will be no July meeting. The group will resume meeting on its regular scheduled Aug 3.  Contact:  Chr Ray Malnar,

·         LD20 will meet at 7pm, June 22 at the Washington School District Office, 4650 W Sweetwater, Glendale. Meet & Greet at 6:30 pm, Phoenix City Councilmen Jim Waring, Bill Gates and Sal DeCiccio will address Prop 104 and the upcoming Phoenix election. Contact: Chr Ray Malnar


·         Republican Women of Prescott  will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., June 23 at the

Prescott Resort, 1500 E. Hwy. 69, Prescott, AZ to hear Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch. $20 per person. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree, (928-778-0235 or Pam Calhoon (928) 778-7157.

·         The Fountain Hills Republican Club's GOP Socials are the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at various locations.  These are social events, no speeches, no reservations. Everyone is invited.  The June 23 Social will be at Sapori D'Italia, 11865 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268


·         Pima County Republicans are sponsoring an organizational meeting of  “iConnectAmerica - Taking Back Our Republic, One Neighborhood At A Time”  meeting at 6 pm., June 24 for a no host dinner at the Cow Palace, 28802 S Nogales Hwy, Amado, AZ 85645 . Contact: Yale Wishnick, Pima County First Vice Chair 520- 398-8000 


·         U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) Managing Attorney Craig Morris is appearing in Phoenix 3 p.m., June 25, at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives Building to talk about trademark basics.  Free admission. Limited seating. For more information, contact the State Library of Arizona at or 602-926-3870.

·         Pima County Republican Women will meet at 5:30 pm. Thurs., June 25 at La Paloma Country Club, (not the resort) 3660 E Sunrise Dr., Tucson, contact Wendy Reuter at 548-1323. Contact:  (520) 321-1492.


·         The Tempe Republican Women Luncheon with Gov. Doug Ducey has been rescheduled to 11 am, June 27 at the Tempe Sheraton, 1600 S 52nd St., Tempe. Guest admission is $50, which includes a plated lunch and a Free membership to Tempe Republican Women. RSVP:june-13th-2015-luncheon-wdoug-ducey  AzGuns of Chandler has donated a gun to be raffled at the luncheon. Raffle tickets $5 each.


·         The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club will meet Mon, June 29 with Congressman David Schweikert to hear him address “Making Cents out of Politics” at the New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort, Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road,  Scottsdale, AZ  85253-3548  (Between E. Cheney and E. McCormick Rds on the East side  of Scottsdale Road). Spouses invited 5:30 pm – meet and greet, 6 pm – business meeting, 6:20 pm – dinner  and 6:45 pm program.  $35 per person.  Reservations required by June 25 to Judy Eisenhower,