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7-6-15 Briefs

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Monday, July 6, 2015


·       Gorgeous-Rendition-Of 'America-The-Beautiful’  By-The-Hillsdale-College-Choir


·       Declaration_Transcript  Read The Declaration Of Independence


·       The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence reports that a “6-Time Deportee Drug-Impaired Driver Injures Mother and 2 Children in Crash” near Maricopa on July 4.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will conduct a Presidential Straw Poll of all Republican announced candidates at 6:30 pm.,  Tues, July 7 in the Grand Canyon Room of  the Sun City Foundation Plaza, 14465 WRH Johnson Blvd., Sun City West  Click Here For Map


·       The Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government (FRAG) summer series will meet at

ü  6 pm., Tues., July 14 in the Murphy-Wilmot Public Library, 530 N Wilmot Rd., Tucson, 85710 to discuss the $1.36 Billion Tucson budget and the Pima County $1.16 Billion Budget. budgets and bond issues.

ü  6 pm., Thur., Aug 13 at the Miller-Golf Links Public Library, 9640 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730 to address the Pima County Bond Election.

ü  2-4pm., Sat., Sept 26 to address the “Election Integrity in Pima County”in the Murphy-Wilmot Public Library, 530 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ 85710


·       McCain’s Connections  Marine/former law enforcement officer talks about political ties over the past 30 years.


·       Lyle Tuttle, Chairman of the NW Maricopa County AZRA Chapter, invites the public to the 9:15 am., Sat., July 11 presentation on “The Truth in School Funding” in the NW Maricopa County Service Facility, 12975 W Bell Road, Surprise.  Limited Space. Contact Tuttle


·       LD14 will meet at 9 am. (sign ins) Sat., July 11 at the Benson City Council Chambers, 120 W 6tgh St., Benson, AZ to hear Col. John Gold speak. Meeting begins at 9:20 am., Contact: Acting Sec Maureen Tozzi  520 429.1395


·        Border Fence Too High, Claim Illegal Alien Activists  Those of us who live in Tucson, Ariz. and the surrounding areas and can get thru reading the local newspaper have pretty much known all along that the paper is extremely sympathetic to the to all Leftist causes. In this case the newspaper has gone out of its way to promote the woes of the illegal alien movement.


·       American Dream Dead On Arrival By Frosty Wooldridge   Millions of people around the world look toward the United States as the birthplace of the “American Dream.” The fairytale promises endless rewards for anyone who works hard, saves money and remains true to his or her aspirations. By chasing the American Dream, you may buy a new car, wear fine clothes, eat at the finest restaurants and live in a big home...

·       The “Never Again” Summer Series starts at 9:45 am., Sat., July 18 at the Moral Action Ministry, North Scottsdale Christian Church--28700 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ. 85266 (NW Corner of Dynamite & Pima Rd.)featuring

ü  Dr. Carl Goldberg on Islam and Muslims.

ü  Abby Ameri on Iran, Islam and nuclear

ü  Mona Oshana-Ancient Christians on Persecution of Iraqi’s, Syrians, Kurds, Armenians, and Yazidi’s in the Middle East. Contact: or 602-818-8838

Aug 15 – Dr. Malak Malak will address “Martyrdom caused by ISIS,  Jeff Gardner talks about “Arming the Minority Christians in Syria and Iraq and Jack Zimmer addresses “ISIS, Israel and the World.” Location: North Scottsdale Christian Church, 28700 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ. 85266. Contact: or 602-818-8838


·       The Enemy Within Is Now Setting The Narrative  by Bradlee Dean   Who is profiting from the use of terror? Who is asking you to give up your rights? Who has been playing the race card attempting to divide the American people and stir up domestic insurrection? You would think with all of these new bureaucracies that are now in place that we would not have a thing to worry about. Yet, more fear is the narrative pushed at every given turn.


·       Is Trump Hurting The GOP Establishment?  by Laurie Roth   Trump regularly in his blunt way challenges corruption in various Government branches and commits to stopping it. He plans to crush the IRS. Though brash, Trump is not for sale and not a politician. However, he is a patriot, Christian, fabulously successful businessman and a visionary...


·       Congresswoman Martha McSally today reported raising over $1 million during the second quarter of 2015. The total builds her cash on hand to over $1.4 million, putting her in a commanding position as she continues to build on her early momentum.


·       Sen. John McCain raised $1.4 million in the second quarter and had $4.5 million cash on hand. (Arizona Republic)


·       Reports say that  CD1 Rancher and 2014 candidate Gary Kiehne will report almost $500,000 cash on hand in his second-quarter report. Kiehne, who self-financed a large portion of his campaign last cycle, did not announce how much he raised in donations.


·       Star Spangled Banner As You Have Never Heard It   Awesome!!!


·       Give-McCains-Boys-A-Break; Sunday-Comic


·       2015 Phoenix Mayor-And-Council-Election Information  Check Out Election Details


·       Prop 104 - Train Tax Proposal Details  Text Of  Prop 104


·       Take A Look At (CR) and examine the “Liberty Score.”

            Sen John McCain                   F

            Sen Jeff Flake                                    F

            Rep David Schweikert           A

            Rep Trent Franks                  B

            Rep Matt Salmon                   B


·       Graham-Fabricates-Reasons-For-Not-Closing-AZ-Primary  Establishment fears McCain can’t win without crossover votes drive Robert Graham’s actions


·       Specter-Of-McCain-Haunts-Closed-Primary-Resolutions-Passed by LD2  The specter of John McCain was present at a recent meeting the Arizona’s Legislative District 2, as Precinct Committeemen moved to pass a resolution to close the Republican primaries. Despite his operatives’ best efforts the resolution vehemently opposed by McCain passed.


·       ATTN Early Ballot Voters:  If you are going out of town during the election cycle, be sure to mail in your "one time" change of address so your Early Ballot will be sent to your vacation spot.


·       Early Ballot Voting Begins Thurs, July 30 and runs through Election Day, Tues, Aug 25 for the City of Phoenix mayoral race. The last day to request an Early Ballot is Fri, Aug 14. City of Phoenix Election Early Ballot form:  Website for the only Republican candidate for Phoenix Mayor Anna Brennan:


·       79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years   John McCain has been in office since. Jan. 6, 1987.  That’s nearly 30 years of campaign rhetoric on the home front while he goes back to DC and votes with the Dems.


·       Congressman David Schweikert is accepting applications for full and part-time congressional internships in his Arizona and D.C. offices for the Fall 2015 term. Candidates may submit their applications in an email with “Fall Internship Applicant” in the subject line to the following staff:

Arizona:  Ernestina Borquez-Smith

Washington, D.C.: Thomas Leander

The application deadline is Sat, July 25, 2015.  Applications may be accepted on a rotating basis. For more information please contact the office or visit congressional-internships.


·       Latest Highway Conditions call 5-1-1; outside Arizona, dial 1-888-411-ROAD (7623).


·       Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 

·       o   Senator John McCain (R- AZ)            202-224-2235             202-228-2862

·       o   Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)                 202-224-4521             202-228-0515

·       o   Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                  202-225-3361             202-225-3462

·       o   Rep Martha McSally  (R2)                  202-225-2542             520-881-3588

·       o   Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)                 202-225-2435             202-225-1541

·       o   Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                       202-225-2315             202-226-9739

·       o   Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                                    202-225-2635             202-226-4386

·       o   Rep David Schweikert (R6)                202-225-2190             202-225-0096

·       o   Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)                   202-225-4065             202-225-1655

·       o   Rep Trent Franks (R8)                        202-225-4576             202-225-6328

·       o   Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)                   202-225-9888             202-225-9731





·        Professor Terry Lovell will facilitate discussion following the D'Souza movie, “America- Imagine the World Without Her” at 7 pm., Tues., July 7 at the Elks Theater/Performing Arts Center in Prescott. Tickets: $10.  928-777-1370 for tickets.

·        The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will heard former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas at 6:30 PM., July 7 in the Anthem Civic Building, 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. Thomas is now a fellow with the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research. Contact: Vera Anderson, phone 602.821.4675  email:



·        Members Of The Title 15 Working Group have been named by Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. The Group will conduct a public forum from 5:30-7:30 pm, July 8 at Thunderbird High School conference room of Bldg A, 1750 W. Thunderbird Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85023. The public may also submit suggested changes to


·        The Pima County Republican Meet and Greet City Council Candidate’s Ice Cream Social is scheduled at 5:30 pm., Wed., July 8 at the Elks Lodge #2532, 615 S Pantano, Tucson.  Speakers – candidates Margaret Burkholder, Bill Hunt and Kelly Lawton.



·        Tucson and Pima County Budgets will be reviewed at 6 pm, Thurs., July 9 at Miller-Golf Links Public Library, 9640 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730.


·        A Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government Summer Series (FRAG ) has scheduled three meetings regarding holding government accountable at the Murphy-Wilmot Public Library, 530 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson:

·        Thurs., July 9, 6-8 pm, Topic: Tucson and Pima County Budgets.

  • Thurs., Aug 13, 6-8 pm., Topic: Pima County Bond Election.
  • Sat., Sept 26, 2-4 pm, Topic: Election Integrity in Pima County.

Contact: Christine Bauserman  520-235-2234


·        The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm., July 9 for dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, 4000 N. Central, Phoenix, to hear speakers  Mike Noble From Taken for a Ride, the group opposing Prop 104, and Anna Brennan, Republican Mayoral candidate for Phoenix. Social at 5:30 pm. $22 per dinner. RSVP: Tina Shaw or 623-934-9730.  A reservation made is a reservation paid. Contact info:   (602) 252-6300.


·        Frank Riggs, Former Gubernatorial Candidate and current leader of the Joe Foss Institute will speak to the Payson Tea Party at 6 pm., Thurs., July 9 at Tiny’s Restaurant about the history, mission and programs of the Joe Foss Institute and their efforts to combat civic illiteracy and restore the civic mission of our schools (they call it "closing the civics education gap").  He will also discuss their signature Civics Education Initiative to get all 50 states to enact legislation requiring high school students to pass the U.S. Citizenship Civics Test in order to graduate.  Arizona was the first state to pass the legislation (the American Civics Act) and six other states have since followed suit. Contact: 951-6774.



·        The Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) chapter of  NW Maricopa County will meet at 9:15 am, Sat., July 11 at the NW Maricopa County Service Facility, 12975 W. Bell Rd, in Surprise.  Election of Secretary, Treasurer, First and Second Vice Presidents will be held. Only AZRA NW Chapter Members can vote for these officers.  An updated "Truth in School Funding" power point presentation will be shown and discussed.  If time allows, a short presentation will be made on "The State of Your City".  The public, school board members, teachers, administrators & city council members are invited to attend.  Space is limited. All Republicans are welcome to attend two meetings prior to becoming members. Contact: Chairman Lyle Tuttle  or see AZRA Website:   or email.



·        The Yavapai Republican Men's Forum Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., July 13 at the  St. Michael's Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott. Speakers include Prescott Mayoral Candidates:  Dan Fraijo and Harry Oberg, Prescott Council Candidates:  Jim Lamerson, Billie Orr, and Steve Sischka. $18 per person. Reservation deadline noon, Thurs., July 9. RSVP:  Bob Luzius  (928) 717-2551 or


·        The Yavapai Republican Men's Forum Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., July 13 at the  St. Michael's Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott. Speakers include Prescott Mayoral Candidates:  Dan Fraijo and Harry Oberg, Prescott Council Candidates:  Jim Lamerson, Billie Orr, and Steve Sischka. $18 per person. Reservation deadline noon, Thurs., July 9. RSVP:  Bob Luzius  (928) 717-2551 or


·        Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will host a Special Event "We Will Not Conform" panel of experts to educate parents about Common Core and let them know, Our Children are not for Sale at 10 am., and again at 1 pm.,  July 14 at the Anthem Civic Building, 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. A game room, will a movie, will provided for children. Contact: Vera Anderson,  phone 602.821.4675  email:

·        The Mingus Mountain Republican Club Monthly Luncheon will not meet July 14 in lieu of the Republican Women of Prescott and the YAV GOP events.


July 15

·        The Verde Valley Republican Women's Monthly Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Tues., July 15 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 Hwy 89A, Sedona, AZ. 11 am meet and greet. Cost:  $17.RSVP: Erna Sesek (928) 284-4248 or


July 17

The 2:30 pm., Fri., July 17 Las Fuentes Village Forum featuring Prescott Mayoral Candidates, Dan Fraijo and Harry Oberg and City Council Candidates:  Jim Lamerson, (incumbent), Billie Orr, and Steve Sischka is scheduled at 1035 Scott Dr. Prescott, AZ.After the forum, a Prescott City official will explain the 3 Referendums on the ballot. Contact: Jacquie Auwarter (928 )776-7453


July 18

·        The 2016 Republican National Convention Will Be Held July 18-21 In Cleveland, Ohio, according to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "A convention in July is a historic success for our party and future nominee.  The convention will be held significantly earlier than previous election cycles, allowing access to crucial general election funds earlier than ever before to give our nominee a strong advantage heading into Election Day.”



·        Alan Korwin, Arizona’s firearms expert, will conduct  Town Hall Forum at 6 pm., July 10 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 702 W Deer Valley Rd., Phx. Korwin will address “where the rold is headed”, plus new gun law revisions. Contact:


·        Congressman Matt Salmon will receive an award from Heritage Action in his district office, 207 N Gilbert Road #209, Gilbert at 2:30 pm., July 20 for his dedications to the continuous grassroots fight for conservative principles. See  Heritage Action Sentinel Award


·        Congressman Paul Gosar is hosting a "Women on Deck: Success in Politics & Business" with special guests Library of Congress Living Legend Linda Chavez, Hualapai Tribal Chairwoman Sherry Counts, Secretary of State Michelle Reagan, AZ State Land Director Lisa Atkins, Rose Law Group owner Jordan Rose,   Renaissance Hotel GM Paige Lund, Yavapai County Business Owner Sharla Mortimer, from 10am-noon, July 20 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. Reception at 9am. Contact Penny Pew at or call (928) 445-1683.



·        Microburst-Slams-Wittmann-1,700-Without-Power

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·        Arizona-Paper-Decries-Border-Fence-As-Too-High-For-Mexicans-To-Safely-Jump

·        Pin The Tale On The Donkey: Dems Horrible Racist Past    Bill Whittle

·        McCain: Obama Has No Clue On Dealing With ISIL

·        Lightning, Rain-Across-West-Valley

·        Trial-To-Examine-Retaliation-Charge-Against-AZ-Sheriff

·        New Arizona Gun Laws Now In Effect

·        Art Sloane: Veterans Voice

·        Murder By Released Illegal Alien Shows Need For Immigration Enforcement Bill

·        AZ Welcomes New Citizens In Naturalization Ceremony

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·        Ducey Calls For Investigation Of Kingman Prison Riot

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·        Confederate-Flag-Flies-At-Daytona

·        Obama-Blames-Republicans-For-Deported-San-Francisco-Killer

·        Tense Confederate-Flag Rally Outside Phoenix Walmart

·        Lost-Ground-For-GOP-Signals-Challenges-For-2016  Voters Are Shifting To Democrats, Flashing A Warning For Republicans

·        Justice Scalia's Blistering Dissent On Obamacare Ruling Is Brilliant

·        Carl-Cross- Librarian-Carillon   University Archivist Leaves Long Legacy At ASU

·        Admit It: There’s Truth In Donald Trump’s Mexico Rant

·        Voters Aren’t Disenfranchised: They’re Just Lazy Bastards

·        Defending The Donald: The GOP Can’t Handle The Truth?

·        Lyle-Rapacki: Text-Of-Gettysburg-Event-Speech  Rapacki With Dr. James Manning

·        Dinesh D’Souza: My Rap Sheet Is Nothing Compared To The Clintons’

      Canada’s Top 10 List Of America’s Stupidity

·        Solution To Judicial Overreach



·        Robert Graham’s McFishy Message

·        Graham-Fabricates-Reasons-For-Not-Closing-AZ-Primary 


·        SCOTUS Turns Down Former Rep. Rick Renzi’s Appeal Of Legal Assault

·        Reason TV And Prop 104: Phoenix Light Rail Fail

·        The Left Disbars Another Conservative Prosecutor


·        Give McCain's Boys a Break

·        You are invited: "Truth in School Funding"

·        Movement To Rename Schools Honoring Confederate Leaders Widens To Reach Progressive Woodrow Wilson

·        Angry Parents Stand Up To School Board Over Lessons On ‘Gay Marriage

·        **Stop No Child Left Behind Reauthorization** -URGENT

·        Marco Rubio Crumbles In Polls

·        Close-The-Primary-Robert-Graham-AZGOP-Chairman

·        You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself


·        Movement-To-Open-Debates-Gaining-More

·        AZ-Governor-Doug-Ducey-Details-His Mgmt Style

·        Columba-Bush-Wife-Of-Jeb Bush

·        Columba-Bush’s-Expensive-Taste

·        Would-Columba-Bush, Wife-Of-Jeb-Make A Good First Lady?

·        Arizonas-40th-Annual-Nude-Recreation Week

·        Arizona-Republicans-Spending-Over-$6M To Fight IRC

·        Illegals-Had-Committed-79059 Crimes

·        Was-Jeb-Bush-Socialist-At-Andover

·        Ku-Klux-Klan-And-Democrats


·        Common Core Fighters, Please contact our Senators -John McCain and Jeff Flake- if you haven't done so already about S. 1177 (Every Child Achieves Act).  This bill is also referred to as the “Reauthorization of ESEA” as described by Dr. Sandra Stotsky here:

Tell them to VOTE NO. You can use the link below from American Principles in Action.  -Jennifer Reynolds  480-961-4214


·        The U.S. Senate could vote on the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177) — the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reauthorization — as early as tomorrow. We need your help to stop this legislation and end federal overreach. Go to this link, click your Senator, and tweet them the automated message showing your opposition to Common Core and ECAA. You can do this multiple times to multiple Senators. So, please help us by tweeting them often.If you don't have a Twitter account, you can sign up for one here. It's easy. Join the battle on Twitter and tell your Senator to vote NO. Take action today!  Also - you can call your Senator at 202.224.3121 and ask them to vote against ECAA.  Let's stand strong together as we fight for local control of education and against federal intrusion.- Emmett McGroarty- Director of Education
American Principles in Action






·        Maricopa County Republican Committee ByLaws   2014


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·        Why Benghazi Continues To Make A Difference.

·        Benghazi Panel Enters Crucial Phase


·        Illegal Alien: Murderer Says He Chose San Fran Because It Is A ‘Sanctuary City’

·        Illegal Aliens: Harass Customers, Rip Books At Coulter Book Signing Proving To All They’re Awesome (Not)

·        Mexican Illegal Alien Francisco Sanchez Proves Donald Trump Correct!

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·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

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·        The Top 10: Check Out The Most Expensive And Infamous Guns In The World

·        Anti-2nd Amendment Gun Smuggler, Democrat Leland Yee, Headed To Prison


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·        Where’s Sharpton And DeRay? Violence Escalates In Chicago, More Than 80 Shot And 15 Dead


·        Race Baiters, Race Haters, And Separatists


·        Black Dudes Trash DC Store: Cops Ignored Call For 3 Days (Watch)

·        Time For Anti-Police Activists To Step Up! What We Need Is A Day Without Cops


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·        Libs Are Going To Hate The Truth Bomb Franklin Graham Just Dropped About ‘Gay Pride Rainbow’

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·        Wikileaks: NSA Spied On Brazil's President


·        Supreme Court Rules Against Epa, Obama Legacy

·        Justice Scalia Warns That Scotus Majority Worse Than The 1776 Brits

·        Supreme Court Ignores Our Constitution And Wears The Hats Of Obama-Type Fascists


·        Ted Cruz Pulls In $38 Million For PACs

·        Ted Cruz Encourages Americans To #Believe Again In Iowa

·        Cruz Defends Trump: ‘Washington Cartel’ Doesn’t Want Illegal Immigration Debate


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·        Donald Trump’s Comments On Illegal Immigrants Divide 2016 Gop Hopefuls

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·        Clinton, Bush Struggle To Shed Dynasty Labels During Holiday Parades In N.H.

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·        Christie On Fox


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