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7-26-15 Briefs

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Sunday - July 26, 2015


·       Obama-Announces-US-Taxpayers-Will-Be-Sending-$1-Billion-To-Kenya


·       Brit-Hume-Delivers-The-Best-Commentary-On-Abortion


·       Twilight-Of-A-Dinosaur; The-Meteoric-Fall-Of-John-Mccain


·       Jeff Flake Only Republican Among 20-Lawmakers-Traveling-With-Obama-To-Africa


·       Sen-Heller: John-McCain-Wouldn't-Accept-Amendment-To-Arm-Troops-On-Bases-Before-Chattanooga-Attack   


·       ICYMI: Jeff Flake Called On AZ GOP To Pull Sponsorship Of Trump Event


·       LD27 State Committeeman Arturo Olivas Interviewed On Illegals


·       Poll: Veterans-Prefer-Trump-Over-McCain-By-Double-Digits


·       McCain's Alleged Betrayal Of Fellow POWs

·        Republican Mayoral Candidate Anna Brennan Will Be On Channel 8 TV at 5:30pm. Mon July 27


·       Drivers Used To Looking For The Familiar White with blue lettering of Department of Public Safety patrol vehicles will soon want to watch for a new paint scheme.

·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2VC, has been hired as the Arizona State Director for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. 

·       Reader: I Am Opposed To Exporting Crude Oil, for the benefit of oil producing states . We should increase the value through refining and keep jobs in the US. We need to let mccain and flake know were blaming them if oil prices increase.  Senate-Panel-To-Vote-On-Oil-Exports


·       Immediate Past AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey:  Glad to know that I am not the only one to have had the pleasure of reading this book and also feel this way about the elitist establishment in the GOP these days.  Why in God's name would anyone but a dunce reject the messages brought through the campaigns of Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz? GOP Elites: A Confederacy Of Dunces


·       LD20 2nd Vice Chair Wes Harris:  Yesterday I went to Awautukee to walk with Americans For Prosperity to inform voters of the Aug 25 City of Phoenix election on Aug 25 and about Proposition 104. Virtually every household was unaware of what Prop. 104 was about but once told about the fiscal irresponsibility of this initiative we were able to convince them to, ... vote their early ballots and against this initiative.
      Anyone who has read "The Blue Print" will appreciate what AFP is doing.  They give each volunteer a 'tablet' containing a map of the area, the name of the target voter, the street address, a walking list of the areas target voters, and individual 'survey' questions to fill out once you have spoken to them.  It is 'Buck Rogers' compared with anything that the State and County GOP is doing.  We are still in the dark ages with paper printout walking lists and no follow up capabilities.  We must change this by 2016 or we will be left in the dust. We need to urge our LD chairs to press for more modern equipment which will allow us to do a better job.
      If, you did not show up to help us defeat this fiscally irresponsible move by our Mayor and five clueless Councilman, you have only yourself to blame.
      At the last household I visited a lady thought Prop 104 has some good things in it but the City has not informed us of how this was to be paid for.  She stated that I was the first person to actually tell her 'the other side' of the argument and she would vote against this issue on her early ballot as soon as she received it.  That, is the one is telling the voters the facts about Prop. 104 so it is critical that we get out there and tell everyone.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar: The recent murders of innocent American citizens, Kate Steinle of San Francisco and Grant Ronnebeck of Arizona, by illegal immigrants are a direct result of the Obama Administration’s failure to uphold our immigration laws and secure the border. Tuesday, Congress heard gut wrenching and emotional testimony from the parents of children who were murdered by illegal immigrants. These grieving witnesses begged for lawmakers and the federal government to take action that ends sanctuary cities policies, secures the border and protects local communities. For that reason, I was proud to support legislation that passed the House this past week that denies certain federal grants to state and municipalities with sanctuary city policies that conflict with federal immigration law. Arizonans know better than most that we must prevent convicted criminal alien offenders from being released into our communities,  secure the border and enforce the rule of law.


·       Republicans Can Send Donations to Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Treasurer, c/o David Ludwig, 4242 N. 19th Ave., Suite 150, Phoenix AZ, 85015, in an effort to keep the newly opened MCRC GOP office open until a plan can be laid to raise funds to cover the rental fees that AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham ‘stopped payment’ on without notification to the MCRC Chairman and Executive Committee. See 7-21-15 Briefs archives

·       Briefs Is Still Waiting For Answers to the eight reader questions sent to Graham on July 20 regarding the cancellation of payment on the Tempe Office.  See  7-21-15 Briefs


·       Briefs sent these readers  questions to Graham on July 20:

1.     Why did you issue the Tempe rental check and then stop payment on it? Did you notify the county you were stopping payment?  If so, when? And to whom?

2.     Why would the county proceed with the ribbon cutting on the new facility last week  if they knew AZGOP wasn’t going to pay the rent?

3.     Did you also stop payment on the county office in Sun City? 

4.     How many county offices (throughout the state) is the AZGOP paying the rent on?  Have they also been cut off?

5.     Were you directed to stop that Tempe facility check because Maricopa County hosted Trump?  trump-shunned-arizona-gop-establishment-phoenix-visit 

6.     Why didn’t the AZGOP host Trump?

7.     Will the AZGOP be hosting any of the Republican presidential candidates when/if they come to AZ?

8.     Or is this something the county needs to be prepared to handle in the future?

Graham responded that he was on his way back East for a series of meeting and didn’t have time to answer the questions.


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·       The Anna Brennan For Phoenix Mayor Campaign extends a big thanks to everyone who's helped plant campaign signs and participated in the recent LD24 GOTV 'Call Party,' especially George Khalaf and Ken Bennett. Brennan is the only Republican runnings for Mayor. Reminder: Mon, July 27 is the last day to register to vote for the Aug 25 Phoenix Election: Voter_registration_fillable_form.pdf Volunteers can making Get Out The Vote calls by using an easy-to-use call system that works on your phone (the privacy of your phone # is protected). Call-To-Action GOTV mailers will be going out as soon enough $$$ is raised, so the campaign can use all the help it can get ASAP (every $ helps): Brennan-for-Mayor/ Contact: Tristan at 920-349-7737 or


·       Donald Trump Has Increased His Support Among GOP Voters And Now Stands Atop The Race for the party's nomination, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.


·       CNN.Com Among Republicans, Trump Has 18% Support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 15%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 10% support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who are registered to vote. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points. Trump's backing has climbed 6 points since a late June poll, while support for Bush and Walker has not changed significantly. None of the other 14 candidates earned double-digit support. The CNN/ORC poll is the first publicly released national telephone survey to be conducted entirely after Trump's criticism of Sen. John McCain's military record during an Iowa campaign event last weekend, drawing rebukes from other Republicans for saying he didn't think McCain is a war hero.  Among Republican voters, 31% expect Bush will win the presidential nomination, 22% think Trump will win, and 14% predict a Walker victory. According to the poll conducted July 22-25, most Republican voters say that they want Trump to remain in the race, and that he's the candidate they are most likely to say they want to see on the debate stage.

·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club’s GOP Social will be held at 6 pm., Tues., July 28 at the Tap House Bar and Grill, 16828 Parkview Ave, FH. The club's GOP Socials are social events. No speeches, no reservations.  No host.  Food and drink available for purchase off the regular menu.

ü  Congressman Paul Gosar: Today was the final day that my Senior Legislative Aide, Michael Mansour, will be serving on my staff. Michael has been with me since day 1 of my time on Capito...l Hill dating back to 2011 and has given me 100% of his effort. His vast legislative knowledge directly helped me better serve the wonderful people of Arizona, and I am forever grateful for his loyalty and friendship. I wish him the absolute best of luck in his future endeavors. ‪#‎TeamGosar ‪#‎AZ04 ‪#‎Grateful ‪#‎Arizona

·       Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: Sen. John  McCain, Has been voting against the military for some time now as well as not really doing the over site needed on the VA. After all those in office have the responsibility for over site as well as just passing bills or cutting budgets etc., It would be nice for once if they didn't pass the buck, as the VA has been an ongoing problem. McCain has been in office since 1983, so when will he step up and accept some responsibility or blame and not just try to blame others in DC. We in AZ are still waiting for an apology from McCain for calling us ‘Crazies’. By the way,  Senator as you stated on CNN -  it's not an endearing comment to us in AZ who you work for.

ü   In June John McCain Defeated a Move to Arm Our Solders at Recruiting Centers and Bases

ü  McCain-Okay-With-Cutting Military Benefits

ü  McCain-Eyes-Barring-Retirees From Tricare Prime  


·       LD22 PC Bob Richards: I attended the Foothill Forum today flanked  by (2) out of town activist inputting GLBT rhetoric obscuring Glendale City citizens input. This was the most ridiculous exercise & waste of money by the City I've ever observed in the last 22 yrs of my residing in Glendale....trying to "normalize abnormal behavior" thru social engineering via City Council directives masking it as a proposed  "Anti-Discrimination Ordinance inquiry soliciting citizen feedback discussions was a joke. These same GLBT types have repeated their rhetoric by attending multiple other (4) "Anti-Discrimination" meetings previously held at other City locations seeking to obscure Glendale citizens pushing for similar Ordinance already obtain in Phoenix & Tempe. How stupid & foolish for Councilmember Gary Sherwood to ever bring this Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to the floor of the City Council to begin with...absurdity to the 10th degree. Concentrate on obtaining a full time City Manager to replace acting City Mgr Dick Bower & Interim Asst Mgr Tom Duensing to get this City back on track to promote common sense Council decisions rather than practicing identity PC politicking in Council Chambers. Abide by your oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States as a guide for Council decision in the future. 

·       LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) Thousands of legislators from everywhere in America. Stayed at Grand Hyatt San Diego. I attended classes every day, even argued with a panel that seemed to be pro Common Core. We heard Scott Walker, standing O's many times during speech, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz both of whom were terrific. (Cruz on tape from votes in Washington).

·       The Republican Club Green Valley/Sahuarita and the Sahuarita Tea Party Patriots Roundtable is scheduled at 5 pm., Sat., Sept 12 at the Cow Palace, 28802 S Nogales Hwy, Amado, AZ 85645 featuring  LD5 Senate Kelli Ward, LD2 Rep Chris Ackerley, LD13 Rep Darrin Mitchel,  Speaker of the House David Gowan, former Sen Frank Antenori, Arizona Corp Commission Chr Susan Bitter-Smith, Rep Martha McSally,  State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt, former Sec of State Ken Bennett and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.  RSVP deadline Sept 7. Contact Patti Woolley  520-869-2992 or


·       The Anna Brennan For Phoenix Mayor Campaign is calling for volunteers to help plant campaign signs throughout the greater Phoenix area. Big signs are 4'x4' and small signs are 18"x24". Also need straight 5' rebar for the big signs. The campaign extends a big thanks to everyone who's helped out so far, and there's still lots more signs to go up. As the early ballots go out soon, time is of the essence. Call, text, or email Tristan for more info at 920-349-7737 or

·       Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 

ü  Senator John McCain (R- AZ)           202-224-2235             202-228-2862

ü  Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)                202-224-4521             202-228-0515

ü  Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                 202-225-3361             202-225-3462

ü  Rep Martha McSally  (R2)                 202-225-2542             520-881-3588

ü  Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)                202-225-2435             202-225-1541

ü  Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                      202-225-2315             202-226-9739

ü  Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635             202-226-4386

ü  Rep David Schweikert (R6)               202-225-2190             202-225-0096

ü  Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)                  202-225-4065             202-225-1655

ü  Rep Trent Franks (R8)                       202-225-4576             202-225-6328

ü  Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)                  202-225-9888             202-225-9731






·        An Election Strategies 2016 meeting with Frank Aquila will be held in AT 6 PM., July 27 Tucson on July 27 at the Nanini Library, 7300 E Shannon in Tucson.  Free admission. RSVP:  Donna Aluman or Karen Schutte at 520-877-3230. Aquila wrote a book about his effort to get Sarah Palin on the John McCain for President ticket. Contact:   (520) 321-1492.


·        The Western Pinal County Chapter of The Arizona Republican Assembly will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., July 27 at the Siegel Suites Select, 540 N. Cacheris Ct, Casa Grande (½ mile west of I-10 on Florence Blvd.) to hear Rey Torres, President of the Arizona Latino Republican Club and LD8 Rep Candidate. Contact:  Jason Hayes  202-394-7202


·        AFP Chairman Tom Jenney will address the Arizona Project  about the $31.5 billion light rail boon doggle the current Phoenix mayor is trying to foist on us at 6:30 pm., Mon., July 27, at 3377 E Shea Blvd #2B, Phoenix, AZ 85028.  This new tax will last for 35 years and will be paid by us, our children and grandchildren.  Contact: Chr Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


§  The Yavapai Young Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., July 28 at Augie's Restaurant. Frontier Village Center,1721 AZ-69, Prescott 86301. Contact:  Matthew Perry at


·        The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 3 pm., July 28 at the Evans House, 1100 W Washington, Phx, AZ 85007. This meeting will NOT be streamed online (No live meeting). Agenda Info


·        The Pima County Republican Club will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., July 28 at the Sabbar Center 450 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson with  Speaker: John McElroy radio show host of America's Fabric. Contact:   (520) 321-1492.


·        The Northwest Valley Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Tues., July 28 to view “Monumental” with Kirk Cameron at the GOP office, 99th Ave., and Bell Road. Father Raymond Greco of St. Clements of Rome Catholic Church will also be featured. Contact: Dennis Zink 623.977.8114. NWV Tea Party  NWVTP meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.


·        LD15 (The Republican Party of North Phoenix) will meet at 6:30 pm., July 28 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 702 W. Deer Valley Road. Registered Republicans are welcome. Come early for socializing and dining from the restaurant's menu. Speaker: Reymundo Jimenez Torres (Rey Torres)  will address “Increasing the ‘Latino Vote’ for Republican candidates.” Contact: David Henderson 


·        The Republican Women of Prescott are hosting " An Evening With Denish D'Souza"  at 7:30 pm., July 28. at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. Prior to the presentation  there will be a 5:30 pm reception in the Sculpture Garden.  The cost is $25, and reservations are required. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree, 928-778-0235 or Pam Calhoon   928 778-7157


·        The Arrowhead Republican Women’s July 28 Summer Outing starts with an 11:30 am luncheon at B J’s, followed by shopping at Charming Charlie’s between 1-3 pm., at West Park, 9784 W Northern Ave., in Peoria. RSVP to 3rd Vice President Barbara Melkin at by July 23.


·        The Paradise Republican Women are hosting a bus trip to see Dinesh D’ Souza on Tues., July 28 at Yavapai Community College $25 roundtrip motorcoach. Convenient departures

ü  3 pm  Fry's  10450 N 90th Street (101 & Shea) by Portillo's

ü  3:30pm  Walmart  2501 W Happy Valley Road (at I-17)

ü  3:45pm  Anthem Outlet Stores (behind Chevron by Rack Shoes)

They will arrive Yavapai College in time for the reception.  If you are not attending the reception, the bus will be making a dinner stop, before the D'Souza program.  Returning back to the valley right after the program ends. Event Tickets (and reception tickets) available at    Motorcoach tickets at   Contact: Call Lori   480-221-9633


·        Randal O'Toole of the CATO Institute will discuss the $31.5 billion dollar tax hike being proposed by the liberal, progressive leadership of the current mayor of Phoenix at 6 pm., Wed., July 29 at the Arizona Project office, 3375 E Shea Blvd #2B, Phx, AZ 85028. Contact: Chr Ron Ludders 602-677-1496 .


§  You Are Invited To The Fed Soc Summer Happy Hour At 5:30 Pm., Thurs., July 30 At The Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, 1 East Washington St., #2400, Phoenix,  85004.



·        The Arizona Heroes To Hometowns 5-Ton Food/Donation Drive is scheduled Fri., July 31 at four valley Fry’s Food Stores, according to Founder/CEO Kathy Pearce.  Bring your non-perishable food items and donations

ü  18420 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix (19th Ave and Union Hills)

ü  155 W. Combs Rd., Queen Creek (Gantzel and Combs)

ü  4815 E. Carefree Hwy, Cave Creek (48th Street and Carefree Hwy)

ü  5941 E. McKellips Rd., Mesa (McKellips and Recker Rd,

You can make donations to Kathy Pearce, Founder/CEO AZ Heroes to Hometowns  Cell 480.330.1632 or AZ H2H  , P.O. Box 31646, Mesa, AZ 85275


§  Stephen Slivinski, Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Economic Liberty will address "Can we eliminate Arizona's income taxes?" at the Americans for Prosperity birthday celebration of the Late Nobel laureate economist and free-mark advocate Dr. Milton Friendman with free speaker events on Fri., July 31 in Phoenix and Tucson.

ü  11:30 am., July 31 at DoubleTree, 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711. Speaker:  RSVP Info:  Leslie White, (480) 290-2286  EventBrite Link: Lunch and light beverages will be served.   RSVP mandatory.

ü   6 pm., Fri., July 31 at Goldwater Institute, 500 E. Coronado Road, Phoenix, AZ 85004. RSVP Info:  Leslie White, (480) 290-2286   EventBrite Link: Buffet dinner and light beverages will be served.



·        Sportsmen, Sportswomen Keep Arizona Cash Registers Humming

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·        Ringside-At-AZ-GOP; A-J-LaFaro-Takes-On-Robert-Graham

·        AZ GOP’s Robert Graham’s Spiteful Retribution



·        YouGOV Poll: After McCain Flap, Trump Trounces GOP Field

·        Coca-Cola, Ford And Xerox: We No Longer Donate To Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

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·        Coulter Rips Illegal Immigration: 'There Are Way Too Many, And There Shouldn't Be Any'  




·        RNC-Chair-Advises-GOP-Field-To-Observe-Reagans-11th-Commandment-Focus-Attacks-On-Hillary

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·        New-Evidence-Proves-Chapo-Guzman-Did-Not-Escape-But-Was-Let-Go

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·        Conn Deportation Law Not Followed In Jacques Case

·        ICE Let Jacques Go 3 Times - Failed To Deport Him

·        Family, Officials Angry Accused Norwich Killer Wasn't Deported  

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