Thursday, July 30, 2015

7-30-15 Briefs

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Thursday - July 30, 2015


“The Founding Fathers understood that only by making government the servant, not the master, only by positing sovereignty in the people and not the state can we hope to protect freedom and see the political commonwealth prosper.” - Ronald Reagan


·       Grassroots-Arizonan-Crazies-Are-Interested-In-Issues-Over-Politics   Entrenched U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)  may be in for the fight of his life in his 2016 re-election bid, as he uses the term “crazies” to describe the approximately 15,000 border security-advocating Arizonans who showed up for Donald Trump’s July appearance in Phoenix. Breitbart News spoke exclusively with Maricopa County Republican Party (MCRP) Chair Tyler Bowyer regarding McCain’s comments and the makeup of the crowd for the Phoenix event.


·       Poll: Donald-Trump-Arizona-Lead


·       Hillary’s-Friends-In-High-Places  More than 60 major firms that lobbied the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure also donated some $26 million to her family’s foundation.


·       Don’t-Vote-For-Donald-Trump If...    Let's put this all into perspective. I am a S.O.B.- son of a butcher. My butcher dad instilled me with common sense. His favorite saying was, "Don't watch what a man says, watch what he does."


·       Are-Key-Republican-Leaders-In-DC-Being-Blackmailed  … How’s it possible that the GOP- the party that won in a massive historic landslide gained nothing and won nothing? Not one victory. Zero. Zilch. Or in a language Democrats understand “Nada.”


·       Republicans Can Send Donations to help cover the rent at the Tempe office to the Maricopa County Republican Office, 3030 S. Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282, according to Chairman Tyler Bowyer, “We just recently got a mailbox at the office from the USPS.”  Office hours at 10 am- 4 pm., Mon-Fri.  The office phone is 480-264-5266.


·       AZ GOP Graham Misleads, Blames; Ignites War With LaFaro  


·       AZGOP-Chairman-Robert-Graham-Plays Weasel Name Game For Stopping MCRC Rent Check


·       Dispelling rumors? Or Making Excuses? 

·       Volunteers Are Needed between 6:30 am and noon, Sat., Aug 1 in New River (East of 7th St & Circle Mtn Road) to help clean up the home of Fred Terry – a  US Army, Corps of Engineers. Vietnam Veteran -  whose home was destroyed due to a kitchen fire earlier this year. Contact: Charlie Ellis, Founder, Operation Enduring 480-678-0938 Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org      www.OperationEnduringGratitude.Org


·       The Northwest Chapter of AZRA will hold their regular monthly meeting at 9:15 am,  Sat, Aug 8 at 12975 W Bell Rd. Doors open at 9 am, mtg starts at 9:15 am.  (The building just East of the Drivers Licence Station.  The building sits perpendicular to Bell Rd) NW AZRA meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at this same location.  All Republicans are welcome - bring your neighbor, and see who we are and what we are up to Contact: Chairman Lyle Tuttle 623-451-6928  or Mark Tipping 623-234-3882.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Aug 4 at to listen to political panelists former Sen Russell Pearce, and Rep David Livingston and Mark Cardenas address current events in the Grand Canyon Rm at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza,
14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375


·       Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug 3 for a session on “The Power of Releasing” by Kirk Fowler and Tom Miller who will make a presentation on to manage and even remove the negative effects of long held emotions.  Dennis Duggan will address

·       how the US banking system controls us through banking and governmental policies.  Once upon a time, banks were limited as to what activities could perform.  It restrictions were limited by the Glass/Steagall Act or the  Banking Act of 1933. Contact: 602.677.1496


·       Former Sec of State Ken Bennett will address Arizona Project at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug10 at 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phx. Contact: 602.677.1496


·       Reports Are Surfacing that the popular, ever pleasant and helpful Kathy Hedges is no longer among the worker/volunteers at AZGOP headquarters in Phx.  Sounds like several other dedicated, hard-working volunteers who were suddenly no longer needed.


·       Trump Is Well Ahead As First Debate Looms   Going into the first Republican debate of the primary season next week, it looks like Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are guaranteed seats. Read More


·       Dem Matt Heinz filed paperwork to run against Congresswoman Martha McSally in CD2.


·       LD8 candidate Darla Dawald has withdrawn her candidacy in favor of working on Kelli Ward’s run against Sen. John McCain.


·       Today, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) applauded Reps. Trent Franks and Matt Salmon for their relentless and unwavering support of the fiscal interests of American taxpayers while serving in Congress.  Franks and Salmon were two of the 17 lawmakers to earn a perfect score of 100 percent in CCAGW’s 2014 Congressional Ratings, making them “Taxpayer Super Heroes.”  Since Franks was elected in 2012, he has a lifetime rating of 95 percent, while Salmon maintained a 97 percent lifetime rating since his election in 2012. The report, which CCAGW has issued since 1989, highlights the voting records of all 535 members of Congress.  It identifies members whose impeccable voting records helped protect and save the taxpayers’ money, earning them the honored title of “Taxpayer Super Hero,” while it cites members who consistently voted against the fiscal interest of taxpayers.


·       Congresswoman Martha McSally’s staff will hold traveling office hours throughout CD2 in August and September. Staff will be available to assist constituents on issues ranging from veterans and immigration to Social Security and Medicare. No appointments necessary. Below is the full list of times, dates, and locations. See schedule:

ü  Aug 6, 10 am-1 pm., Copper Queen Library, 6 Main St., Bisbee.

ü  Aug 11, 10:30 am- noon, Sahuarita Town Hall, 375 W Sahuarita Cnt Way, Sahuarita.

ü  Aug 11, 10 am-1 pm., City Council Chamber, 425 E 10th St., Douglas.

ü  Aug 19, 10 am-2 pm., Schieffelin Hall, 402 E Fremont St., Tombstone.

ü  Aug 24, 11 am-2 pm., City Council Chambers, 120 W. 6th Street, Benson.

ü  Sept 17, 11 am-noon, Green Wally Council, 555 N LaCanada Dr #117, GreenValley.

Contact: Tucson office (520) 881-3588 or Sierra Vista office (520) 459-3115.


·       Gov Doug  Ducey Today Signed An Executive Order creating the Governor’s Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment. The Council will coordinate faith-based and community resources for children and families within the child welfare system and offer additional support to families caring for foster and adopted children. It was established as part of the reorganization of the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family, which will oversee the administration of the Council.  “There are so many community and faith-based organizations looking for an outlet to better serve our families,” said GOYFF Director Debbie Moak. “This council will help us to align and leverage their efforts across Arizona, while carrying out this administration’s mission to help as many children as possible. I’m honored Governor Ducey has entrusted me to serve in this meaningful and important role.” 

First Lady Angela Ducey will serve as chair of the Council. “Whether as a parent or a public servant, there is no higher priority than the well-being of our children,” said Mrs. Ducey. “All Arizona kids deserve a safe and loving home, and we should do everything in our power to ensure they have that opportunity. This Council will be crucial to connecting community and faith-based organizations with families in-need.  I look forward to working with Debbie and the rest of the members to improve the lives of Arizona’s vulnerable.” The new Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment will integrate the family and youth-focused work previously done by the Arizona Council on Faith and Community Partnerships.


·       The Republican National Committee announced the latest phase of nationwide hires as part of what will be the largest RNC field program in history. The RNC's field program has grown to over one hundred staff in key states and will eventually expand to thousands of paid staff across the country. The new hires will join staff that have been in key states and neighborhoods across the country since 2013, building relationships, attending community events, and registering voters. The RNC’s field program will place a premium on training, voter registration, and peer-to-peer contact to engage and activate diverse communities of voters to vote for our Republican nominee and the entire GOP ticket.  “The RNC is building the largest, earliest and most data focused field program in GOP history,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “This new wave of staff will help us train our team, register voters, and meet one-on-one with activists, to build our infrastructure now in order to hand our eventual nominee a fully functional ground operation on day one.”


·       Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 

ü  Senator John McCain (R- AZ)           202-224-2235             202-228-2862

ü  Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)                202-224-4521             202-228-0515

ü  Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                 202-225-3361             202-225-3462

ü  Rep Martha McSally  (R2)                 202-225-2542             520-881-3588

ü  Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)                202-225-2435             202-225-1541

ü  Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                      202-225-2315             202-226-9739

ü  Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635             202-226-4386

ü  Rep David Schweikert (R6)               202-225-2190             202-225-0096

ü  Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)                  202-225-4065             202-225-1655

ü  Rep Trent Franks (R8)                       202-225-4576             202-225-6328

ü  Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)                  202-225-9888             202-225-9731





·        The Arizona Heroes To Hometowns 5-Ton Food/Donation Drive is scheduled Fri., July 31 at four valley Fry’s Food Stores, according to Founder/CEO Kathy Pearce.  Bring your non-perishable food items and donations

ü  18420 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix (19th Ave and Union Hills)

ü  155 W. Combs Rd., Queen Creek (Gantzel and Combs)

ü  4815 E. Carefree Hwy, Cave Creek (48th Street and Carefree Hwy)

ü  5941 E. McKellips Rd., Mesa (McKellips and Recker Rd,

You can make donations to Kathy Pearce, Founder/CEO AZ Heroes to Hometowns  Cell 480.330.1632 or AZ H2H  , P.O. Box 31646, Mesa, AZ 85275


§  Stephen Slivinski, Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Economic Liberty will address "Can we eliminate Arizona's income taxes?" at the Americans for Prosperity birthday celebration of the Late Nobel laureate economist and free-mark advocate Dr. Milton Friendman with free speaker events on Fri., July 31 in Phoenix and Tucson.

ü  11:30 am., July 31 at DoubleTree, 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711. Speaker:  RSVP Info:  Leslie White, (480) 290-2286  EventBrite Link: Lunch and light beverages will be served.   RSVP mandatory.

ü   6 pm., Fri., July 31 at Goldwater Institute, 500 E. Coronado Road, Phoenix, AZ 85004. RSVP Info:  Leslie White, (480) 290-2286   EventBrite Link: Buffet dinner and light beverages will be served.



·        LD20 will meet at 7 pm., Aug 3 at the Washington School District Offices, 4650 W Sweetwater, in Glendale. Meet & Greet at 6:30 pm. Speakers: Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, Glendale City Councilman Ian Hugh, and Chalon Hutson from Americans for Prosperity who will “How to combat Prop104.” Contact: Chr Ray Malnar



·        The Pima County GOP Presidential Debate Watch Party is scheduled at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 6 at Sir Veza's, 220 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705. Contact:  520-321-1492.


·        The Colorado River Tea Party Potluck and watch the presidential candidate debate will meet at 5 pm., Thurs., Aug 6 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95, in Yuma. A straw poll will be held after the debate.  Meeting will start at 5 pm to get the potluck set up and all ready to watch the debate at 6pm. Bring your favorite Potluck meal serving 4, water & sodas/50 cents. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer, 928-210-1219

·        Paul Farrell Is Organizing A GOP Presidential Debate Watching Party at 5 pm., for a meet and greet for the 6 pm., Aug 6 at the Copper Sky Multigenerational Complex. Fox News Channel is hosting the debate and is selecting the 10 participants by averaging five national polls. According to the 2016 Election Central website, the likely debaters are Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Marco Rubio, Carson, Donald Trump, Dr. Rand Paul, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Chris Christie. But Sen. Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina and Gov. John Kasich could climb into the mix by the night of the debate. The watching party will be in multipurpose/dry room A. The capacity is 93. RSVP to 520-233-8249.

·        The First Republican Presidential Debate ‘Pizza and Politics’ hosted by  Conservative Business League and Arizona Project is scheduled at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 6 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx. Doors open at 5 pm. Free admission.  Refreshment, soda, water and pizza. Minimal charge.  No outside food or drinks. Straw poll follows debate. Contact: Nina Marlow (480) 707-9043





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