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8-18-15 Briefs


Republican Briefs

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Tuesday – August 18, 2015


·       Rally For GOP Candidate Ben Carson In Phoenix   


·       Condolences to Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas on the passing of the mother this morning. Douglas has cleared her calendar for the remainder of the week and will be unavailable until final arrangements have been made. Douglas welcomes kind thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Any urgent requests for the Superintendent may be directed to ADE Chief of Staff Michael Bradley at


·       A Celebration of Life Memorial for Mike Aloisi is scheduled at 10 am., thurs., Aug 20 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Scottsdale at  Indian School & Miller Rds. Alosis died Aug 6 at Scottsdale - Osborn Hospital. Before moving to Arizona about a decade ago, he worked most of his life in Pennsylvania in the advertising field and as an entrepreneur. Mike had a passion for sports, and served as General Manager of the Lancaster Lightning semi-pro basketball team in the early 80s. He was a creative writer, a health enthusiast, and possessed a deeply grounded faith in God. He pursued various political ambitions and sought solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time, one example being Mike working to restore prayer in public schools.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will conduct a CD4 Tele-Townhall starting at 6 pm., Wed., Aug 19.  Join the discussion toll freed by dialing 855-312-2107 by 6 pm. Topics will include :

ü  The Iran Nuclear Deal

ü  EPA Spill at Gold King Mine in Colorado

ü  Planned Parenthood Investigation

ü  Blocking Harmful EPA Regulations

ü  Protecting Local Zoning and Property Rights

ü  Increasing Local Input for Monument Designations

ü  VA Scandal Update

Contact: or call his Gold Canyon Office at (480) 882-2697.


·       Sen Sylvia Allen and Supervisor Jason Whiting will give state and county reports on current issues at a town hall scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Aug 20 at the Snowflake Fire Station, 325 West 4th South. Sponsored by Snowflake/Taylor Chamber Of Commerce.


·       LD17 will meet in the Tri-City Baptist Church Main Auditorium, 2211 W. Germann Road Chandler, AZ 85286 to discuss Common Core at  7 pm., Tues., Aug 25 to discuss Common Core and conduct a gun raffle drawing.  Contact: Chr Dr. Shadow Asgari


·       The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Sept 8. in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 N. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 to hear "The Free Market Warrior" Loren Spivack and Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney. Contact Mike Tennant, 480-802-0178.


·       State Launches Safe Sleep Awareness Campaign  In response to an alarming number of infant deaths related to unsafe sleep environments, state and county officials launched a new campaign to educate parents on the ABCs of Safe Sleep: Alone, on their Backs, in a Crib.


·       Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates is planning an election night party between 5:30-8 pm, Aug 25.  RSVP to Crystal Bradley at 602.339.0831 or


·       Russell Pearce Responds to E J Montini:  Doug-Ducey, Donald-Trump-Border-Immigration:  The Governor did make strong and bold statements and we believed him. I hope that was not a mistake. One of the reasons the people have such disdain for politicians is their failure to do what they promised. No more political drive-by statements. On fiscal issues he is doing a good job, but he needs to keep all of the Promises, the border and interior enforcement is critical to Arizona's safety. How many more murders and maimings, jobs stolen, billions in cost does it take to motivate those we elect? There is a reason Donald Trump is leading in the polls, we are tired and we want something done about the greatest threat to this Republic and that is a secure border. End all sanctuary city policies, it is the law (SB1070).  He has the authority, he has the resources; now does he have will to keep those promises. He can stop the feds from being the Coyotes for Obama, but will he? The sovereign state of Arizona can and must do the job to protect Arizonans. To push it off as the feds job is complete nonsense and lack of understanding the law and state's rights and state's responsibility under the U.S. Constitution and Arizona Constitution. The Governor is the Commander and Chief of the National Guard. He has a 250 man task force call Gang and Immigration task force. It is time to keep all of the Promises.


·       A “Walk To Save Oak Flat” starts at 6 am, Thurs, Aug 20, walking the last seven miles to Oak Flat in protest of the Land Exchange Bill .   Editor’s Note: Sources in DC report radical  environmental supporters are behind the protests.   See related stories:

ü  McCain Got Pranked At The Navajo Nation   E G Montini

ü  McCain-Visited-The-Navajo-Nation; Left-With Furious-People-Chasing-Him-Video

ü  Oak-Flat Is Sacred Site?  It Never Was Before

ü  Gosar: Southeast-Arizona-Land-Exchange-And-Conservation-Act

ü  Grijalva-Opposes Multinational Mining Conglomerates


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will be traveling across CD4 throughout August. So far, he’s visited have included Buckeye, Sun City West, Gold Canyon, Payson, Kingman, Prescott and Chino Valley. See photos on  Instagram

ü  Addressed the Aug11 Naturalization Ceremony in Phoenix

ü  Met with voters in Kingman

ü  Interviewed with Randy Robson on Payson's KMOG 1420 

ü  Checked out the new ladder truck at Sun City West-North County Fire Station.

ü  Spoke to the Republican Women of Prescott

ü  Participated in a documentary exposing the generous tax breaks given to big solar panel leasing companies throughout the country. Learn more HERE.

ü  Participated in a meeting with the AZ Congressional delegation and Gov Doug Ducey to discuss important issues facing our state.

ü  Attended a business roundtable in Payson

ü  Toured of the Chino Valley Police Tactical Training Range

ü  Visited the Prescott Gun Club


·       Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Tom Udall (D-NM) today expressed their appreciation to Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) and Vice Chairman Jon Tester (D-MT) for agreeing to hold an oversight hearing on the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Gold King Mine spill on the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as other issues of concern for the reservation. McCain and Udall, sent a letter earlier today requesting this hearing. Last week, McCain sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy expressing concern about the mine spill and seeking information about how the EPA intends to address the spill’s impact on communities in Navajo Nation and across northern Arizona.


·       Arizona Freedom Alliance is running a multi-part series on what is hiding behind the Bush curtain. This series will show what the GOPe is counting on you to do. Check out Part 1 of the GOPe Roadmap. gope-2016-road-map-to-victory-tree-house-challenge


·       Ann Corcoran On Refugee Resettlement  Interesting 4 minute video on Muslim re-settlement in the US led by the UN from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Syria.


·       Trumps Trump By G. Murphy DonovanThe difference between Trump and McCain should be obvious to any fair observer; Trump has done something with his talents. McCain, in contrast, is coasting on a military myth and resting on the laurels of Senatorial tenure.

Any way you look at it, Donald Trump is good for national politics, good for democracy, good for America, and especially good for candor. If nothing else, The Donald may help Republicans to pull their heads out of that place where the sun seldom shines.

·       In Accordance With The Requirements of Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for Discharge from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) to Waters of the United States (permit no. AZG2002-002), Maricopa County Environmental Services Department has prepared a Draft Stormwater Management Plan Annual Report for submittal to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. The County’s Draft Storm Water Management Plan Annual Report will be available for review at a public meeting at 8:30 am., Wed., Sept 16 at the Maricopa County Environmental Services Dept., 3rd flr classroom, 1oo1 N Central Ave., Phx, AZ 85004.  (602) 506-5557.

·       Volunteers Are Needed To Help Call City Of Phoenix voting Republicans to oppose Prop-104 and elect Anna Brennan, the only Republican running for Mayor of Phoenix.   If you wish to volunteer then please e-mail your name, phone number precinct name, e-mail and whether you are a precinct committee to Tom Kouts at  Kouts notes there are only seven days left before the election. You can bet the Democrats are not idle with the race this close.





























































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·       Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates is hosting a 6:30 pm., Aug 25 election night party at North Mountain Brewing, 522 E Dunlap Ave., Phx., AZ 85020. RSVP required to Crystal Bradley at 602.339.0831 or


·       Native Alaskans Would Prefer "Greenpeace Mind Its Own Business" when it comes to Arctic drilling. "A lot of native Alaskans, including many who live along the state's North Slope, would prefer that Greenpeace mind its own business. The locals depend on the oil business-many work directly for the industry-and welcome Shell's exploration." (Paul Barrett, "Why Native Alaskans Support Shell's Arctic Drilling," Bloomberg, 8/6/15)


·       An Eastside Republican meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Wed., Sept 16 in the Golf Links Library Community Room - 9640 E. Golf Links in Tucson  Topic: TUSD Recall:    What's the "Story", Who is running & Why a Recall. Contact:  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 OR


·       Central Republican Women of Phoenix Summer Schedule changes:

ü  August 25:  City elections:  Vote Anna Brennan and no on Prop 104

ü  August 27:  Fantastic Speaker, Free Market  Warrior, Loren Spivak.

ü  September:  No CRWoP Meeting due to National Convention

ü  Sept. 10-13th:  National Federation of Republican Women Convention

For more information:


·       Volunteers Are Needed For The Hospitality Suite at the National Federation of Republican Women Convention in September. Volunteers should contact Allison Mary


·       Links To All 6 Planned Parenthood Videos 

1st Planned Parenthood video:

2nd Planned Parenthood video:

3rd Planned Parenthood video:

4th Planned Parenthood video:

5th Planned Parenthood video:
6th Planned Parenthood video:

Borrowed from Sandi Bartlett’sBartlett Bunker’






·        A Grassroots Tea Party meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Wed., Aug 19 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Road., Phx. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery will address a zero based budget, the second amendment, border issues and marijuana laws. RSVP to  602-993-3263.


·        An Eastside Republican meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Wed., Aug 19 at the  Bear Canyon Library Community Room - 8959 E Tanque Verde in Tucson regarding   "Taxpayers Against Pima Bonds" . Contact:  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 or


·        Congresswoman Martha McSally’s staff will hold traveling office hours throughout CD2 in August and September. Staff will be available to assist constituents on issues ranging from veterans and immigration to Social Security and Medicare. No appointments necessary. Below is the full list of times, dates, and locations. See schedule:

ü  Aug 19, 10 am-2 pm., Schieffelin Hall, 402 E Fremont St., Tombstone.

ü  Aug 24, 11 am-2 pm., City Council Chambers, 120 W. 6th Street, Benson.

ü  Sept 17, 11 am-noon, Green Wally Council, 555 N LaCanada Dr #117, GreenValley.

Contact: Tucson office (520) 881-3588 or Sierra Vista office (520) 459-3115.


·        Freedom Fires meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa. The August scheduled is:

ü  Aug 19 – Nick Dranias of Compact for America

ü  Aug 26 – Ammon Bundy

ü  Sept 2 – John Laurie and Sam Paine of the Constitutional County Project.


·        Sen Sylvia Allen and Supervisor Jason Whiting will conduct a Town Hall meeting to update citizens on current issues at 6:30 pm, Thurs, Aug 20 in the Snowflake Fire Station, 12 South 1st Street W, in Snowflake, AZ. 


·        LD15 will hold its 6:30 pm, Wed., Aug 19 meeting in the Arizona Project headquarters 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx.  Speaker: Congressman David Schweikert.  Open to the public


·        Breakfast With Rep Kate Brophy McGee And Heather Carter is scheduled at 7:30 am, Mon., Sept 21 at Chompie’s Deli, 4550 E Cactus Road., Phx.



·        The Pima County Tea Party Patriots Presents Jeff Utsch’s “Learn From The Past-To Deal With The Future”  - Practical Solutions for Recent Supreme Court Rulings – at 6 pm., Aug 20 at the Miller Golf Links Library  in Tucson Contact:   (520) 321-1492

·        The Republican Party of Mesa (LD-25) will meet at 7pm, Thurs., Aug 20  at the Mesa Utility Building 640 N. Mesa Dr.  Mesa, AZ.  Scheduled speakers:

ü  A.J. LaFaro - Former MCRC Chairman,

ü  Dan Saben - Candidate Maricopa County Sheriff

ü  Alexander Meluskey Candidate US Senate.

Contact: Chr Ian Murray,   (602)524-7786


·        Free US Constitution Classes are scheduled Aug  20, and 27 at the Northwest Community Church, 505 W Hardy Road., Tucson, AZ 85704. Contact:  

·        The Colorado River Tea Party –Yuma will met at 6 pm., Thur., Aug 20 with Yuma city council candidates and LD13 Rep Steve Montenegro, who is termed out and will be running for election as the LD13 Senator. LD13 Senator Don Shooter of Yuma will be running for election as a Representative in 2016. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer  928-210-1219


·        Congressman Paul Gosar will address the Chino Valley Pachyderm meeting at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 20 at the Prescott Golf & Country Club, 1030 Country Club Blvd., in Dewey.  Doors open at 5 pm. Mtg at 6 pm. RSVP to Sue Goodchild at or 636-7355 before Aug 19. Roger Reinsch will in charge this meeting in Goodchild’s absence.  State Treasurer Jeff DeWit will be the September speaker. In October CQ will provide a session on ‘How to vet a candidate, run a campaign, work on a campaign or be a candidate.  In December, Supt of School Diane Douglas will be the speaker.



·        St Joan of Arc Respect Life is sponsoring a Planned Parenthood protest between 10-11 am,  Sat., Aug 22 at Planned Parenthood Phoenix, 4751 N 15th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014 in conjunction with the National Day of Protest. Participants should bring signs. Speakers include Sen. Nancy Barto, US Rep. David Schweikert, County Atty Bill Montgomery, Fr. Don Kline, Dr. CT Wright, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. Contact Linda Rizzo, SJA Respect Life Chair, 480-766-6606 . 


·        A Meet And Greet For Oro Valley mayoral and town council candidates is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Aug 22 at Molinito’s Restaurant, 10801 N Oracle. Hosted by Friends of the Candidates.



·        The Wickenburg Republican Club will not meet in August. Meetings will resume in September, according to Chr Frosty Taylor.


·        The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm, Mon., Aug 24 at the Pyle Rec Center - 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe  a presentation on “Islam in America and the role of the Constitution”.  Local immigrants will share their stories on how the Islamic religion has impacted their lives in their home country and in America. A local expert about how US Constitution impacts the lives of Islam believers in America. Contact – President Jessica Merrow 480-306-2545.



·        LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell - Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee and Vice Chairman of Agriculture, Water & Lands  - will speak at the 7 pm., Aug 25 Yuma County Republican in Yuma. Discussions to include Tax reform. 


·        LD 17 will meet at 7 pm., Tues., Aug 25 for a panel discussion on Common Core and conduct a gun raffle at the Tri-City Baptist Church Seminary Bldg, 2211 W Germann Road, Chandler, AZ 85286, according to Chr clip_image002 Dr Shadow Asgari


·        The Fountain Hills Republican Social is scheduled at 6 pm., the fourth Tues of each month.  Strictly social, no speeches, no reservation, no host drinks/food. Events are scheduled for:

ü  Aug 25: Desert Dave's old Digs, 13407 La Montana Drive

ü  Sept 29 l: Alchemy at Copperwynd

ü  Oct 27 l: Fireside Grill at Lexington Hotel

Contact: Secretary Boe James or



Candidate Corner

Announced Candidate Commentary

Please comply with the 300 word limit policy.


·       Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk:  Planned Parenthood—harvesting baby's organs and body parts—disgusting how Planned Parenthood's abortion operation, it's over 40 million infants sacrificed at the altar of immoral pro-choice doctrines for over 40 years.  I’ve asked GOP representatives not to vote for the budget funding Planned Parenthood for years, they said we won’t shut down the government. It surprised me when Sen. (John) McCain said he'd shut down the government instead of funding Planned Parenthood. McCain has come out with conflicting statements;  **Update 8/4/15 4:30 p.m. New Times received this e-mail from McCain's Communication Director Brian Rogers: "Senator McCain never said he supported a government shutdown, he agrees with (Mitch) McConnell - no shutdown this fall.”

The GOP controlled Jan 01 to Jan 07, did nothing about Planned Parenthood or border issue & illegal aliens.  McCain is a politician.  He's already weighed the benefits he'll receive by supporting removing funding or appearing to. The question for McCain is what will you do, surrender as usual?  We'll know in the election cycle of 2016. And remember the politics, Obama can veto it and they know it. As proven they can't override his veto -  so another political move at the children's expense. Let’s give them a President who won't veto this, then pass it and close the border.  McCain has violated his oath since being elected.  I realized long ago that if McCain and his type hold office none of us are safe from the politics as usual in DC or Phoenix.  If more of us would stand together and vote for representatives who won’t violate a sacred trust rather than the better of two evils, America and our children will remain free; if not the American Dream of Freedom has ended.  I need your support to defeat Senator McCain. - Clair Van Steenwyk, Senate Candidate  for Constitutional Republic Government / 623-322-9979




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·        Did You Know That The US No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?

·        Lake Mead Rising; Arizona Won't Sacrifice Water In 2016

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·        Ann Corcoran On Refugee Resettlement 



·        McCain Embarrassed Again: Chased Off Navajo Nation   Navajo Activists Shout At McCain: “Get Off Our Land”

·        Donald Trump’s Spectacular Surge Is No Mystery


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·        Sixth Undercover Video: Stem Express's Purchase Of Fetal Body Parts Provided By Planned Parenthood

·        And Then There Were None: Helping Abortion Clinic Workers Leave The Abortion Industry. 

·        The Myth Of The "Value" Of Human Fetal Tissue Research

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·        D.C. Police Chief Blames Increase In Homicides On States With Lax Gun Laws


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·        Two Women Make History By Passing Army's Elite Ranger School

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