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8-30-15 Briefs


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Sunday– August 30, 2015


·       Former President of the Arizona Senate Russell Pearce has announced his candidacy for the position of Arizona’s National Committeemen to the Republican National Committee (NRC) – up for election at the AZGOP January 2016 convention. Scroll down to Candidate’s Corner for announcement.  Bruce Ash of Tucson is the current AZ Committeemen to the  RNC. Sharon Geise is Arizona’s RNC Committeewoman


·       Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson:  Mohave County has obtained  $1,000,000 in federal funding to build a bridge spanning the Sacramento Wash on Route 1 in the Topock Area. This area floods with every rain shutting down access. Public Works has been attempting to get an agreement with the feds to perform the necessary work for years. We will still need to get an agreement with the Wildlife Refuge to begin work. Public Works and Flood Control have done an excellent job in continuing their pursuit of permits and this funding will save our taxpayers around $800,000.


·        The Sun City Republican Club will resume meetings on Mon, Sept 21, with a Pizza Party and a presentation from Frank Thorwald, a former Reagan and Bush political aide. Social hour:  6:30pm; mtg 7pm at Sundial Center,14801 N 103rd Ave, Sun City, AZ. LD21 raffle tickets for $1,000 and $500 Cabela’s gift certificates will be available. $10 per ticket.


·       The AZGOP Sun City Office Tuesday Coffee & Donuts Discussion  Group will meet with AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham at 9 am., Sept 1.  Facility at the NE corner of Bell Road/99th Ave.


·       The AZGOP Sun City Office Tuesday Coffee & Donuts Discussion Group will meet with political consultant Constantin Querard aka “CQ”  at 9 am., Sept 8 in the facility at the NE corner of Bell Road/99th Ave.


·       MUST SEE:  Admiral (Ret) James Lyons On Islam As A Threat Doctine Image:  This guy is awesome. If we had 10,000 more like him.


·       LD13 PCs will meet 7 pm., Sept 8 at PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse – Chianti Rm, 16262 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ. 85395. Former Secretary of State and current LD24 Chairman Ken Bennett will address the group. Registration open at 6:30 pm. Contact: Chr Wally Campbell


·       U.S. Senator John McCain’s 2016 Senate re-election campaign team.

ü  Campaign manager – Ryan O’Daniel, a senior adviser on Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's 2014 campaign

ü  Political Director/Deputy Campaign Manager – Stephen Shadegg (son of former US Rep John Shadegg and grandson of Stephen C Shadegg, long time adviser/campaign manager for Sen. Barry Goldwater.

ü  Communication Director – Lorna Romero, former Director of Legislative Affairs for Gov Jan Brewer.

ü  Field Director – Blaze Baggs, most recently press/policy coordinator for Gov Doug Ducey.


·       Angry At Sen John McCain’s Treatment Of Veterans and what they view as a lack of support, a Huge-Convoy-Of-Veterans, Militia-And-Oathkeepers-To-March-On-McCains-Office-Sept-5 . Preliminary plans are for the convoy to leave Cincinnati, OH on Sept 1 with “meet up” stops in

ü  Louisville, Ky,

ü  St Louis, Missouri

ü  Springfield, Missouri

ü  Tulsa, Oklahoma

ü  Amarillo, Texas

ü  Albuquerque, New Mexico,

ü  Phoenix, Arizona (Arrive Sept 4)

Protest will be held in front of McCain’s Phoenix office, 2201 E Camelback Road #115, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Contact: guerilla media  or


·       Colorado-Republicans-Cancel-2016-Presidential-Caucus-Vote  Colorado will not pick a Republican candidate for president in its 2016 caucus after party leaders approved a little-noticed shift that is likely to diminish the swing state's clout in the most open nomination contest in the modern era. The GOP executive committee voted Friday to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll at the caucus after the national party changed its rules to require a state's delegates to support the candidate that wins.


·       TV-News-Shooters-Secret-That-Media-Won’t-Touch   Jesse Lee Peterson reveals hidden issues that influenced Vester Flanagan


·       Don't Cry For Me Argentina....Er American   This short history lesson happened in Argentina, and it’s now happening in the U.S.


·       University Wants Students To Stop Using ‘He’ And ‘She’…Wants Them To Say This Unbelievable Thing Instead   As the new school year gears up, university students are already finding that indoctrination instead of education is on tap.


·       Petition to tell President Obama: Approve The Keystone Pipeline!


·       Click Here For Phoenix Mayor And City Council Results


·        Click Here For Phoenix Proposition Results


·       The Arizona Project is planning a Wed., Sept 16  "Debate Party And Poor Folks Steak Fry".  (Hot dogs and cowboy beans) at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx., to watch the debate from the Reagan Library, hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper with questions from Hugh Hewitt. Contact: Ronald Ludders, Chairman 602.677.1496


·       Congressman Matt Salmon will be conducting a series of open to the public Town Halls over the next two weeks in Arizona. Pre-registration not required. RSVP to (480) 699-8239 so his staff can plan adequate seating.

ü  Tues, Sept 1 – 6-7 pm, Queen Creek Public Library, 21802 S Ellsworth Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142.


·       Links To All 7 Planned Parenthood Videos    

ü  1st Planned Parenthood video:

ü  2nd Planned Parenthood video:

ü  3rd Planned Parenthood video:

ü  4th Planned Parenthood video: 

ü  5th Planned Parenthood video:

ü  6th Planned Parenthood video:

ü  7th Planned Parenthood video:

     Borrowed from Sandi Bartlett’sBartlett Bunker’






·        Former Sen Russell Pearce and former State Treasurer candidate Royce Flora will speak to the Arizona Red Mountain Patriots at 7 pm, Mon, Aug 31at East Valley High School, 7420 E Main St., in Mesa to discuss Border Security update, 14th Amendment and your property taxes and a candidate that is on the taxpayers side. Admissions $2.50 per person.


·        The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon, Aug 31 “ at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx., to discuss ballot harvesting as related to the Tuesday Phoenix City Election, and to hear Walter Franklin, described as a political newcomer who intents to promote an inside the GOP movement called “Republic Under God" (RUG) whose most significant goal is to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. The 17th Amendment allows US Senators to be elected directly by the people rather than by the several state legislatures as required by the Constitution at that time, according to AP Chairman Ron Ludders.   Contact: Ronald Ludders, Chairman 602.677.1496



·        Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Sept 1 at 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. Speaker: Former Prof Robert ‘Bob’ Michaels, on Common Core. Contact Info: Vera Anderson, cell:602.82.4675


·        The AZ Republican Lawyers Association (AzRLA) lunch at 11:30 am, Tues., Sept 1 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, 122 N. Second St., Phx, 85004 to hear Sen John McCain.  $20 for members, $35 for non-members. One hour of CLE provided. RSVP to You will receive a confirmation email in response. 



·        The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thur., Sept 3. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer  928-210-1219


·        The Mesa Republican Women will meet Sept 3 at 11:30am at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213.  The September speaker is Cathi Herrod, President of the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP).  RSVP deadline  is Sun., Aug 30 or call (480) 615-0524.  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. Membership is $25 Jan-Dec, but you can join now for $15 (Sept-Dec).  Men associates ($15).  The group meets the first Thursday of each month.  Meetings are scheduled for Oct 1, Nov 5, and Dec 3. Contact: President Sherry Pierce at the above phone or e-dress.



·        The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8 a., Sat., Sept 5 at the Sun City West Foundations building (Quail Room) 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd., Sun City West Arizona. The doors open at 8am  with coffee and donuts. The meeting begins at 8:30 am. $2 admission to help with room rental. Speakers LD22 Senator Judy Burgess and Rep Phil Lovas. Contact: cell:  602-421-8877 



·        LD13 Will Resume meeting at 7 pm., Sept 8 at the PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse Chianti Rm, 16222 Clubhouse Drive in Good year to hear former Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Bennett has announced his candidacy for CD1.  Contact: Chr Wally Campbell 623-451-1100.


·        The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Sept 8. in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 N. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 to hear "The Free Market Warrior" Loren Spivack and Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney. Contact Mike Tennant, 480-802-0178.


·        Congressman Trent Franks is listed among the speakers for the ACT for America National Conference and Legislative Briefing scheduled the week of Sept. 8 and 9  in Washington, DC.  Other speakers include Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Whittle, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and many others. Registration: contact Lauren Finney at


Sept 10

·        Craig and Barbara Barrett will host a Sept 10 fundraiser for Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina – featuring Former US Sen. Jon Kyl. Co-hosts include Gary and Diane Tooker, Christine Jones, Karrin Kunasek Taylor, and Connie Wilhelm,


·        The Pima County Republican Executive Committee will meet at 5:30 pm, Thurs., Sept 10 at 17 W. Wetmore, Suite 300, Tucson, AZ 85705. Contact:   (520) 321-1492

Sept 11

·        The Oro Valley Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Fri., Sept 11 in the Oro Valley Library. 1305 W Naranja Dr, Oro Valley AZ 85737.


·        Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina is scheduled to open the National Federation of Republican Women’s 38th Convention at the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort on Sept 11. Fiorina will be speaking to about 1,3000 women leader at the Friday evening dinner. Details/registration here.


Candidate Corner

Announced Candidate Commentary

Please comply with the 300 word limit policy.


·       National Republican Committeeman Candidate Sen Russell Pearce: I am asking for your support for Arizona's National Committeeman for the AZ-GOP this January.  I believe this Republic had God’s hand in its making and we have a duty to preserve it.  I will to take on tough issues, stand up for the rule of law, restore common sense, enforce our current laws, eliminate illegal sanctuary policies and secure our border.  We are a nation of laws and the survival of this Republic depends on that.

Montini says Trump was 10 years behind me on what is needed to fix this "illegal" immigration issue.  He thought it ought to be a Trump/Pearce 2016.  I assured him Promises Made and Promises Kept.  The border would get secured and illegals would need to make arrangements to travel.  Only those who came in under the law would be allowed to stay.

You have passed several Resolutions by over whelming majorities, only to be ignored.  Enough is Enough.   I believe in the founding principles in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and our Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers. 

I am concerned about the failed leadership of this nation to put America First and to keep their Oath of Office.  We need a renewed "Contract With America," that restores our Founding Fathers Constitutional Republic.  This battle is for the heart and soul of our nation.  Returning to the Constitution as intended, common sense and the rule of law.    My record stands for itself in defense of the Constitutions, the taxpayer, protecting life, liberty and property as my first responsibility.  I promise you I will not retreat in defense of this Republic and our God given rights.  I promise you, I will do my best to do what is right.  - Russell Pearce, former President of the Arizona Senate, Chief Deputy to Sheriff Joe (3rd largest Sheriff's Office in the Nation), Judge and 1st Vice Chair of the State GOP. 



·        McCain Taps Ducey, Brewer Vets As Reelection-Campaign-Staff

·        Christian Film ‘War Room’ Stuns Hollywood With $11 Million Open

·        David-Schweikert-Builds-Cabinet

·        Matt-Salmon-Facing-Parents-Anger-Over-Civics-Presentation-To-Young-Kids

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·        Tighter-Border-Brought-AZ-Mexican-Migrants

·        Phoenix-Sky-Harbor-Flight-Path-Noise

·        Arizona-Education-Funding-Ducey-Vs-Dewit

·        Jaw-Dropping Study Claims Large Numbers Of Non-Citizens Vote In U.S.

·        Montini: Politicians Treating Herd Better Than Tribe

·        What? 141 Counties Have More Voters Than People

·        People Are Literally Dying To Keep Their Relatives From Voting For Hillary: The Obituary Craze

·        Early-Snowmelt-Rocky-Mountains-Threatens-Arizona-Water-Supply

·        Phoenix-Sky-Harbor-Flight-Path-Noise

·        Volunteers-Beautify-Phoenix-Transitional-Housing-Center-Honor-Veterans

·        VFW Auxiliary Opens Membership To Men

·        Arpaio-Lawyer-Hopeful-That-Contempt-Case-Will-Get-Settled

·        Photos: Latest-Monsoon-Leaves-Damaging-Imprint

·        Phoenix-Va-Patients-Moved-After-Legionnaires-Disease-Bacteria-Turns-Up

·        Urban-Chickens-Take-Wing-As-Egg-Prices-Soar

·        No-Decision-Yet-On-Releasing-AZ-Man-Accused-Of-Helping-Isis

·        Mexico-Warns-Texas-Not-To-Refuse-Its-Babies-Us Birth-Certificates

·        State-Of-Texas-Being-Sued-By-Foreign-Citizens-With-Mexican-Government-Support

·        'President Obama; It Was You' Essay



·        Latest-Iowa-Poll: Trump-23, Carson-18, Clinton-Weak

·        Anchor Babies: The Latest Numbers Are Shocking  

·        Alarming! 100%+ Voter Registration Rates    




·        The War Room: In Theaters Now. 

·        In Christ Alone and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing:   Music video.

·        Religious Convictions of America's Founders: George Walton



·        Speaking Of Disclosure....

·        Jorge's Worst Nightmare

·        This Time Is Different.....

·        Instead Of Picking Up Dimes In Front Of Steamrollers....

·        Robb Busts Montini And Roberts For Making Stuff Up.


·        The-Elephant-In-The-Middle-Of-The-Room-On-Education-Funding How much is government going to steal from hardworking Americans to pay for lawbreakers and bad policy?  The answer, according to a liberal friend of mine, is “How much do you have?” Every time we pick up the paper or see another education funding article, it is about the lack of money.  But the problem with education funding is not that there’s too little money.  It’s that hardworking Americans are overtaxed because the courts and the politicians refuse to implement a fix to the problem and then stand aside and allow it to happen.

·        Remember-The-Alamo:   “Texas Rising” is a new miniseries about Texans’ fight with Mexico for their land, and it reminds me of the sacrifice and blood loss to save this Republic. We have become a nation of wimps bent on total collapse. What does it take to wake up America? Remember the Alamo! A cry that should remind us of the Spirit of Americans. Americans have fought and died for this nation, only to watch our leaders give it away.



·        The-Worlds-First-Country-To-Ban-Muslim-Immigrants-Is-Not-Budging-One-Bit-Despite-World-Pressure

·        Top-10-Most-Dangerous-Cities-In-The-US





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·        Is The GOP Establishment Learning Anything? Because They Should Be - The Rush Limbaugh Show

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·        Border Agents Seize Two Meth Stashes In Gas Tanks In Two Hours

·        THe Invasion Begins: Obama Is Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Illegals

·        Census-Anchor-Baby-Delivered-Every-93-Seconds

·        71%-Of-Illegals-With-Kids-Collect-Welfare    As Many As 1 In 10 Births Nationwide To Illegal-Alien Mothers Residing In U.S.

·        Remember 1986

·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2no    Border News Watch


·        Carly Gets Curbed: Shameless Tactics By Cnn Reveal The Real “War On Women”


·        Admiral (Ret) James Lyons On Islam As A Threat Doctine Image:  This guy is awesome.

·        Living Proof of Why We Must Build a Strong VA | Commentary - Beltway Insiders

·        Vet Tears Apart Iran Deal: Obama Is ‘Selling Out The Country’ [Video]

·        Mexican-American Combat Vet Asks Hispanics: ‘If You’re Not Proud Of America, Why Are You Here?’


·        Sheriff Clarke: Challenged Obama With Something That He Will Never Do


·        On-Air-Killer-Closely-Identified-Himself-With-911-Terrorists; Police-Find-Shocking-Evidence-In-Home


·        Texas Deputy: Executed 2 Weeks After Black Panthers Promised To ‘Off The Pigs’

·        Here’s The Black Idiot: Who Executed The White Deputy At A Gas Station In TX
#Copslivesmatter: (Pics) Massive Turn Out In TX Honoring The Deputy Executed By Black Man


·        Judge Tells IRS It Can’t Hide White House Emails

·        Lois Lerner's Second Secret E-Mail Account Named After Her Dog - IRS Scandal American's News HQ  


·        Gut-Feeling-Hillary-Clinton-Will-Be-Charged, She's-In-Serious-Trouble


·        Carly Gets Curbed: Shameless Tactics By CNN Reveal The Real “War On Women”


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·        Yes, Trump Does Mean The End Of The GOP

·        George F. Will: Trump May Ruin Chance For GOP President


·        Huckabee: If-Obama-WH-Can-Put-Up-Rainbow-Lights-Don’t-Complain-If-I-Put-Up-Nativity


·        Jeb-Bush-President-2016-Fundraisers-Problems  Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs.  The move comes amid weak poll numbers and concerns that Bush's torrid fundraising pace has slowed.


·        Iowa Poll: Carson At 18 Percent, Second To Trump


·        Walker: We Need To ‘Empower’ Ground Forces To Deal With Isis [Video]


·        Jindal: ‘There Shouldn’t Be A Different Set Of Rules For Hillary And Her Aides Than Others In The Military’ [Video]

·        Jindal: ‘We Need To Move Away From Hyphenated Americans… We’re All Americans’ [Video]


·        Christie: Jeb Bush ‘Hasn’t Been In A Relevant Campaign Since 1998′ [Video]

·        Chris Christie: Track Illegals Like Fed Ex Packages


·        Kathleen-Willey: Hillary-Wrote-The-Book-On-Terrorizing-Women  'She Has Been Calling Me A Bimbo For 18 Years'

·        Can Hillary Overcome The ‘Liar’ Factor?

·        Hillary-Clinton, Saul-Alinsky-Letters


·        Bernie Sanders: The Democratic Party Is ‘Dead Wrong’ For Limiting Debates [Video]

·        Dems Accuse DNC Of ‘Rigging’ Debate Schedule To Clinton’s Benefit

·        Why-The-Democrats-Are-So-Desperate


·        The-13-Leaders-Of-The-Socialist-Movement-In-Congress

·        Conservatives: With-Friends-Like-John-Boehner, Who-Needs-Enemies


·        Welfare-Is-The-Highest-Paying-Entry-Level-Job-In-38-States

·        Does-Welfare-Really-Pay-Better-Than-Work


·        Planned Parenthood Admits It Manipulates Rules On Fetal Organ Sales To Maximize Profit


·        EPA Withholds Mine Spill Documents From Congress

·        Wyoming Man Challenges Outrageous EPA Fines


·        New York’s Version Of The Common Core Is A Threat To Parental Rights


·        Two-Teachers-Explain-Why-They-Want-To-Take-Down-Their-Union

·        Federal-Government-Subsidizes-Halal-Food-In-Public-Schools


·       John Kerry’s Response When Asked If He’ll ‘Follow The Law’ If Congress Overrides Veto & Kills Iran Deal


·        Obama: ‘America Will…Meet The Threat Of Climate Change Before It’s Too Late

·        The Invasion Begins: Obama Is Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Illegals

·        President-Carbon; Hypocrisy’s-Trip

·        New-Evidence-Reveals-Obama-Spent-$500,000,000-To-Train-A-Jihadi-Elite-Force-Which-Now-Partners-In-Christian-Massacres

·        Obama-Spends-$666,666.66 -Tax-Dollars-On-Each-Muslim-Who-Ended-Up-Supporting-Terrorists


·        Winston Churchill: Slams Islam (Now I Know Why Obama Doesn’t Like Churchill)