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9-30-15 Briefs

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Wednesday – Sept 30, 2015


·       The Day After Republicans Of Maricopa County Executive Director April Riggins announced that the Sept 28 LD30 ‘Special meeting’ (recall meeting) for LD30 Chairman Gary Hirsch would be held at the VFW Post 1433, word leaked out that the VFW warriors were getting anonymous harassing phone calls telling them not to allow the ‘special meeting’ to be held on the VFW premises.  Vets/employees answering the VFW phone were told by unidentified callers that the VFW Hall would be picketed if they allowed the hall to be used for the GOP “Special meeting.”  The Commander, apparently not a man easily intimidated, told some of the callers if they set foot on the property he would have them arrested.  “We know how to take care of those kinds,” the Commander reportedly told a county leader.  The situation was disruptive enough by Saturday that Riggins requested Briefs  post a notice for PCs  ‘not to call the VFW Post 1433’.  See 9-26-15-briefs.html.  The vets didn’t have to contend with picketers as the Hirsch resigned  Monday - the day of the ‘special meeting.’   Hirsch’s resignation letter says he had the votes to win the recall election, however,  his opponents scoff and say they had enough votes to recall him. Apparently it was pretty important to the mysterious voices on the phone that no election be held. The cowardly bullies dishonored veterans and disgraced their fellow Republicans. Shame on you, whoever you are. – Editor Frosty Taylor

·       Contrary To What Some would have you believe, the LD30 dust up didn’t just start in 2015. Those who have been around for very long say roots to this upheaval go back to January 2014 when then LD30 Chairman Timothy Schwartz took a leadership role in the passage of the Resolution to Censure Sen. John McCain at the county and state conventions.  Reports surfaced during the summer of 2014 that the precinct committeemen (PCs) who supported the McCain censure resolution would be punished via cleansing party conservatives from leadership roles. By the end of 2014, many long-time, conservative worker bee GOP PCs/state committeemen had been swept out of office during LD elections via multiple proxies from unheard of, unseen new PCs who were suddenly on the PC rolls.  The questionable processing of new LD30 PCs in early 2015 appears to be an attempt to counter the shenanigans that occurred during cleansings of conservative PCs the prior summer/fall. The new 2015 PCs recruits, whose voting rights were challenged, have been  reprocessed and the new recruits were seated in July 2015. It’s time to mellow out and move on.


·       A Picture Floating around Tuesday of an LD30 meeting, was not taken Monday evening, it was taken at a Sept 14 PC training session with little attendance. Swipes taken at LD30 PCs were for not attending the training session – not the cancelled Monday (Sept 28) ‘Special meeting.’  It is time for to stop the snipping, grumbling, accusations and misinformation about both camps. Chairman Gary Hirsch has resigned and doesn’t know yet if he will run for re-election.  Former chairman Timothy Schwartz says he definitely will not run for re-election. First Vice Chairman Bud Zomock currently holds the gavel and has no time line in which he has to call for an election for a new Chairman. It is unfortunate that the district had to go through the upheaval that has occurred the past 18 months or so.  Let’s hope LD30 settles down and finds some peace within itself.  – Editor Frosty Taylor


·       Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) First Vice President Phil Mason will hold a private briefing with legislators on school finance tomorrow morning at 9:30 am in the Majority Caucus Room.  Mason will explain why spending more funds on K-12 education isn’t wise and why lawmakers should not convene a special session.

AzRA adopted a resolution on school funding last Saturday, when the Assembly unanimously declaring that “most K-12 districts are intentionally lying to the voters regarding revenues and expenditures” and “students, taxpayers, teachers and legislators are victimized by K-12 educrats”  The resolution opposes all K-12 overrides and bonds until reforms are made. See resolution 9-27-15-briefs  AzRA members are available to make presentation to community groups.  Contact:


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Will Conduct Town Halls at 6:30 pm., Mon., Oct 6 at 1255 Marina Blvd., in Bullhead City, AZ  and Tues, Oct 13 in the Yuma City Council Chamber, One City Plaza, Yuma. Contact Penny Pew (928) 308-2033 cell.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club’s Fall Forum and buffet dinner is scheduled from 4-6 pm, Sat, Oct 17 at the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church, 13001 N Fountain Hills Blvd.  All Republicans invited.  This event replaces the traditional FHRC's September picnic in Golden Eagle Park as the club's main fundraising eventTickets: $15 for members advance pay/$18 for non-members and at the door.  Youth 12 and under free.  All elected officials and candidates are invited to attend and speak. RSVP: Mail check payable to the Fountain Hills Republican Club to the club's Treasurer at P.O. Box 17814, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-7814.  Additionally, reservations will be accepted by the club Secretary, Boe James, at the Oct 8 LD 23 meeting. Contact: or 


·       Contacts within Presidential campaigns:

ü  Attorney General Mark Brnovich - Arizona chairman for Marco Rubio.

ü  Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and business leader Karrin Kunasek Taylor - Arizona Co-Chairs for Carly Fiorina.

ü  House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro and House Majority Whip David Livingston Ted Cruz's Arizona campaign leadership team.


·       US Senate Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward needs two more volunteers from the Kingman area to work the Ward booth at the Survivalist/Prepper Expo 2015 at the Mohave County Fairgrounds from 9am-12:30 pm and from 12:30- 4 pm., on Sunday, Oct 18. RSVP to Carolyn Leff at


·       Dr Ben Carson:  I Think American Blacks Over The Course of this next year will begin to see that they have been manipulated very, very largely...more and more, I'm finding, are thinking for themselves and are recognizing what really works for them and for their communities."


·       2-GOP-Presidential-Candidates-Who-Skipped Vote-On-Planned-Parenthood Two Republican presidential contenders failed to show up for a crucial U.S. Senate vote that could have derailed budget funding for Planned Parenthood. Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were no shows Sept. 28 for the vote on cloture, which limits further debate on the budget bill. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) can now move his Continuing Resolution ahead. That resolution would extend funding the government until Dec. 11.


·       “Switch Off Washington” Protests are scheduled throughout Arizona in protest of the EPA efforts to hike utility bills and control the power used in our homes and businesses in the “Clean Power Plan”.  The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is hosting:

ü  Oct 2 breakfast between 7 – 9 am at KVOI Radio, 3222 S Rickey Ave., Tucson. Speakers: KVOI radio hosts Chris DeSimone, Joe Higgins & Mike Shaw; Rep Mark Finchem; House Speaker David Gowan; Sen Gail Griffin; AFP Federal Affairs Deputy Director Christine Harbin Hanson; CAWCD Board Member Mark Lewis; other speakers TBA. RSVP

ü  Oct 2  4-7 pm, BBQ in Tucson  featuring KVOI radio host Mike Shaw, AZ House Speaker David Gowan and many more  SeeEvening BBQ in Tucson.

ü  Oct 3 – 8 am Breakfast in Phoenix featuring KKNT The Patriot radio host Seth Leibsohn, KFYI radio host Terry Gilberg, Sens. Judy Burges and Debbie Lesko, and many others)

ü  Oct  3 – 3-6 pm, Afternoon BBQ in Joseph City  at 4573 Main  St. Speakers: Sen Sylvia Allen; Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu; Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon; Navajo County Sheriff  K.C. Clark; Apache County Chief Deputy Sheriff  Brannon Eagar; House Speaker David Gowan; AFP Federal Affairs Deputy Director Christine Harbin Hanson; CD1 Candidate Gary Kiehne; CD1 Candidate J.L. Mealer; Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabors; Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravitz; CD1 Candidate Shawn Redd; Rep Bob Thorpe; other speakers TBA.  RSVP to so they know how much food to prepare.  Contact: Karen MacKean, field director,  480-220-9450 /


·       Congressman Paul A. Gosar, participated in a House Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing on Tuesday investigating the designations of Marine National Monuments under the Antiquities Act, which are unilateral executive actions devoid of public input that usurp established regional fishery management plans and impose significant economic consequences throughout the nation.  click here for hearing.


·       US Sen Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward is available to speak at an event or to a group. Contact Carolyn Leff at 928- 230-0633 or and they scheduled your group.


·       McCain on Senate floor “It is tragic that we have reached this point – a Syrian conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people, created the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, spawned a terrorist army of tens of thousands, and now created a platform for a Russian autocrat to join with an Iranian theocrat to prop up a Syrian dictator. It did not have to be this way. But this is the inevitable consequence of hollow words, red lines crossed, tarnished moral influence, ‘leading from behind,’ and a total lack of American leadership. In short, this Administration has confused our friends, encouraged our enemies, mistaken an excess of caution for prudence, and replaced the risks of action with the perils of inaction.”

·       McCain on air strikes Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee, spoke on the Senate floor today on Russia's airstrikes in Syria, which are a result of President Obama’s failed foreign policy and lack of American leadership in the world.

·       Sen John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on the White House’s threat today to veto the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (NDAA), bipartisan defense legislation that provides the vital authorities and support our Armed Forces need to defend the nation. “The White House’s announcement that President Obama will veto the National Defense Authorization Act is shameful. The NDAA is a policy bill. It does not spend a dollar, and it certainly cannot raise the budget caps or deliver an agreement to fund the government. It is absurd to veto the NDAA for something that the NDAA cannot do. What this legislation does do, among other things, is ban torture, increase the pay for our men and women in uniform, strengthen sexual assault prevention and response, extend retirement benefits to hundreds of thousands of service members, and allow the President to continue transferring detainees to foreign countries. If the President vetoes the NDAA, at this time of mounting global threats, he will be prioritizing politics and process over the security of our nation and the well-being of our Armed Forces.”


·       Freedom Fires meets at 6:30 pm., every Wednesday., at  Burke Basic School (131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, Arizona 85210).  Here is the speaker scheduled through October.

ü  Sept 30:  Arizona Representative Justin Olson.

ü  Oct 7:  US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey.

ü  Oct 14: Constitutional expert Don Petrie.

ü  Oct 21: Arizona Senator David Farnsworth.
Oct 28: Americans for Prosperity, AZ Chapter - Tom Jenney.


·       AzRA Membership Has Grown To 320 – representing 10 counties - over the past of months, according to Chairman Thayer Verschoor. He predicts the membership will exceed 1,000 by January. See  AzRA is at the forefront in the major issues facing our state and the Republican Party including school finance & bond/override elections, ballot harvesting, and closed primary power point presentations in County, Legislative District, Tea Party and Republican Club meetings, Verschoor reports.  If you club would like a presentation of any of issues posted above, go to to arrange a presentation for your group.

·       Glendale City Council Ray Malnar is experience sign damage and disappearance in the city council race.  “Missing and presume kidnapped: 4 feet tall, dark blue and white, last seen Sept 22, 2015. Reward if found,” posts Malnar.  He can be contacted at Ray Malnar for a Better Glendale


·       AZGOP Compliance Director Timothy Lee will be conducting a Treasurer’s Training Session between 9 am-2 pm, Sat., Oct 3 at the AZGOP Office, 3501 N. 24th St., Phoenix. GOP LD Treasurers and County Chairmen are encouraged to attend. Limited space, Register with Timothy Lee at (602) 449-1000 or


·       In Response To The State Department's Document release today, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, criticized Clinton's use of a private email server. “With the number of emails deemed classified doubling to more than four hundred, this latest court-ordered release shows Hillary Clinton put our national security in more jeopardy than previously known,” Preibus said. “Hillary Clinton said at the outset of her email scandal there was no classified material on her secret server, and this release is another reminder she has mislead the American people from day one. Hillary Clinton’s reckless attempt to skirt transparency laws and her dishonest response to public inquiries underscore why she can’t be trusted in the White House.” See hillary-clinton-email: 6,300-pages-from private-account-released


·       Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas invites the public to join her on her “We Heard You Tour” as she presents “AZ Kids Can’t Afford to Wait,” her education plan to fix Arizona education.  Her schedule – all meetings start at 6 pm:

ü  Thur., Oct 1 –Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N Central Ave., Phx.

ü  Tues, Oct 6 –Navajo Nation Museum Libr, Hwy 264/Loop Road, Window Rock.

ü  Tues, Oct 13 –Flex Academy Aud., 11200 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria.

ü  Thurs., Oct 14 –Whipple Ranch Ele., 1350 N Central Ave., Show Low.

ü  Thurs, Oct 22 –Coconino High School Aud, 2801 N. Izabel St., Flagstaff.

ü  Thur., Nov 5 –Arizona Western College, Schoening Cent, 2020 S Ave 8E, Yuma.

ü  Tues, Nov 10 –Westwood High School Aud., 945 W Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa

ü  Thur, Nov 12 –Prescott High School – Ruth Street Theater, 1050 Ruth St., Prescott.

ü  Tues, Nov 17 –Mohave County Board of Super Aud., 700 W Beale St., Kingman

ü  Thur., Nov 19 Catalina Magnet High School Aud., 3645 E Pima St., Tucson.


·       County Treasurer ‘Hos’ Hoskins responds to Sen Debbie Leskos statement   See 9-28-15-briefs:    I received a copy of your blog and would like offer the following:

ü  First paragraph – it was neither a political opinion piece nor an editorial.  It was letter of explanation regarding the taxes on their home.  It is accurate and no additional taxpayer dollars were used.

ü  Second paragraph – I have attached a summary of the assessment ratio history since inception in 1967 thru 2018 showing the ratios for the various years mentioned in my letter for your review. The homeowner’s rebate was on track to be eliminated in the 1990s, but had to be continued due to primary tax rate increasing to the point where the taxes on homeowners would exceed the one percent constitutional limit. I have attached a graph showing the statewide average tax rates during this period.

ü  Paragraph three – I said that the market and reduced taxable values for income producing properties shifted the tax burden to residential, not Prop 117.  I also said that Prop 117 would neither increase nor decrease property taxes, but would lock in the burden shift for years to come depending on what happens in the marketplace. 

ü  Paragraph four – There are no misstatements to correct.

ü  Paragraph five – No comments.

ü  Your bullet points:

·             1) The system is not all that complicated when explained correctly. I taught property tax classes at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business for over 15 years and my students had no problem understanding it.

·             2) Yes, it does.

·             3) Correct.

·             4) Correct, but very few receive the $600 amount.  According to the Arizona Department of Revenue Abstract of the 2015 Assessment Roll there are 1,494,353 residential properties eligible for the rebate. Divide that into the total amount paid (something near $350,000,000 I believe), and the average is less than $250.

·             5) Correct.

·             6) The assessment ratio phase down that began in 1980 only applied to DOR valued properties and not local businesses. You can see this on the summary of assessment ratio attachment.  This phase down continued until the DOR valued properties reached the 25% ratio for local businesses in 1999. This was a floor and the only way for the DOR valued properties to achieve further assessment ratio reductions was to consolidate the DOR and local businesses into one class. That was done in 2000. During that 20 year phase down period from 1979 to 1999 the tax burden was shifted dramatically to other classes.  Local businesses experienced the brunt of the burden shift because of the protection given homeowners as a result of the 1980 special election.  Make no mistake; the motivation of the phase down of assessment ratios that started in 1980 was for the benefit of  DOR valued properties and not local businesses.

·             7) Again, the homeowner’s rebate increases were necessary to avoid residential properties exceeding the one percent constitutional limit. As the assessment ratios for DOR valued property decreases it caused the tax rate to increase.  When the reduction in taxable value exceeds the percentage increase in the tax rate the properties valued by the DOR enjoyed lower taxes.  This made it necessary to increase the homeowner’s rebate to avoid exceeding the one percent constitutional limit. The combination of the two shifted the tax burden to local businesses disproportionally during that 20 year period.

·             8) My coverage of the impact of Prop 117 was clear.  Here is what I said; “In 2012 the gap between full cash and limited values for both residential and commercial properties was less than one percent.  This year the gap for DOR valued properties is still less than one percent, but it’s 8.9 percent for commercial properties valued by the county assessor, and about 19.2 for all residential properties.”

ü  Paragraph six – I did not request legislation to spend a million dollars on advertising for any program I administer.  Your statement, “Or perhaps it is because the legislature ended a funding mechanism run by his office that unfairly targeted low income homeowners that were behind on their taxes.” is unclear. There was no legislation that ended any funding mechanism run by my office other than eliminating the funding source for the low income elderly credit. Elimination of this credit will be a hardship on about 11,000 elderly homeowners of which over 500 are in LD21.

I encourage you to have your “Senate staff, tax experts, and attorneys” calculate the tax savings realized by the DOR valued properties since 1979, and what portion shifted to county valued commercial and residential properties. I am confident that you will find that the shift to county valued commercial properties has not been offset with their reduction in assessment ratio from 25 percent to the current 18.5 percent.

            Finally, my effort herein is to respond factually and with respect toward a fellow elected officer – not in kind.  I hope I have succeeded.


·        Rep. Matt Salmon After Voting against the Senate Amendment to H.R. 719, a Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2016.“Today’s vote lacks the leadership our nation is demanding.  Rather than taking a principled stand against arguably illegal activities, the House today surrendered to the demands of Planned Parenthood’s management and took up a continuing resolution that aimed to continue providing funding to an organization under multiple investigations for their potentially illegal abortion practices. I was proud to have voted in favor of Representative Roby’s amendment, which would have prevented any federal funding to Planned Parenthood in this resolution, and I know this fight isn’t over.  We will again confront this issue in December, and I am hopeful that the House’s new leadership will pay more attention to the will of the American people than their own desire to capitulate.”


·       A Parents Rights Rally is scheduled from 10:30 am-noon, Oct 17 on the South Lawn at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington. Sponsored by Arizonans Against Common Core  and Opt Out AZ  Contact Jennifer

Reynolds at  Also see GILBERT WATCH for details.


·       Nomination Forms For The Arizona Women’s Hall Of Fame are available on the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame website at Nominations are due Oct 30, 2015, and should be mailed to the Arizona State Archives, Attn: AZWHF, 1901 W. Madison St., Phoenix, AZ 85009 or email your nomination as an attachment to The women selected will be honored at the Arizona Women’s History Symposium March 25, 2016 at Scottsdale Community College. See more at






·        Central Republican Women Of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm., Thurs., Oct 1 with Attorney General Mark Brnovich at the Phoenix Hilton Suites at 10 E Thomas, Phoenix. Please note the meeting has been moved from the Hilton on Central to the Hilton on Thomas. 5:30 pm social. RSVP to Tina Shaw at, or 623-934-9730 no later than Sun, Sept. 27 whether attending or not attending.  Limited space. Reservations required.  A reservation made is a reservation paid unless canceled by Sun, Sept 27.


·        Governor Doug Ducey Will Light The Capitol Dome Purple as a symbol of Arizona’s dedication to ending domestic violence at an event outside the Capitol at 6 pm., Oct 1. The lighting is open to the public.  “Domestic violence is a pervasive problem that affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in Arizona, and stands in direct opposition to our No. 1 priority of protecting Arizona families and communities,” said Ducey. 


·        If You Wish To Light Up Your Home With Purple Light Bulbs Oct 1 in recognition of putting a stop to domestic violence, you can pick them up at your local Home Depot, according to the Guv’s office.  Proceeds will benefit domestic violence prevention. See


·        Mesa Republican Women will meet Oct 1, 11:30am at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213.  Speaker Charles James will address "Can Conservatism Withstand the New Progressive Coalition? 2016 and Beyond."   RSVP deadline Sun., Sept 29 to or call (480) 615-0524.  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. Membership is $25 Jan-Dec, but you can join now for $15 (Sept-Dec).  Men associates $15.  The group meets the first Thursday of each month.  2015 Meetings are scheduled for Oct 1, Nov 5, and Dec 3. Contact: President Sherry Pierce at the above phone or email address.


·        The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Oct 1 to hear Dennis Franklins’ River Development program in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95, Yuma. Police Chief John Lekan has been rescheduled to Oct 15. Contact: Chr  Sally Kizer, 928-210-1219


·        Gov Doug Ducey is lighting the state capitol dome purple at 6 pm., Oct 1 in recognition of DomesticViolence Awareness for the month of October. The ceremony will be held on the Capitol Building Lawn, 1700 W Washington, Phx.  Admission is free. Registration requested at



·        Arizona’s Americans For Prosperity is planning a series of events to Stop the EPA’s attack on affordable energy. Director Tom Jenney asks that you fill out this form if you believe we should control our energy bills, not unelected federal bureaucrats. Anyone concerned about the EPA attack on affordable and reliable energy is welcome to attend these events.  Ratepayers from Cochise, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz Counties are especially welcome at the Tucson events — anyone serviced by TEP, Trico, AEPCO, UNS and Sulpher Springs.  APS ratepayers from Northern Arizona are welcome at the Joseph City event; the Navopache service region will also be hit very hard by EPA. Speakers for the Oct 2 and 3 events will be announced soon, according to Jenney. RSVP the AFP  “Protest EPA-imposed electrical rate hikes” events in October:

ü  Friday, October 2 – Breakfast in Tucson

ü  Friday, October 2 – Evening BBQ in Tucson

ü  Saturday, October 3 – Breakfast in Phoenix

ü  Saturday, October 3 – Afternoon BBQ in Joseph City

Contact: Tom Jenney, Arizona AFP Director


·        The Sabino High School Young Republican Club will meet Fri., Oct 2 at 5000 N Bowes Rd, Tucson, AZ 85749. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum will address the First Way Pregnancy Center’s Restoring the Family’ benefit at 6:30 pm., Fri., Oct 2 at the Sheraton Downtown, 340 N. 3rd St., Phoenix. Registration/social at 5 pm. Limited seating. Reservations required. RSVP to  or call 602-261-7522.  Free admission. Contributions accepted. Pre-event reception with Santorum $1,000 per couple.


·        Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum will be featured at an “Education Summit” hosted by

Former California Congressman Frank Riggs between 9:30 am-11:15 am, Fri, Oct 2 at the Sheraton Downtown  Hotel, 340 N. 3rd St., Phoenix (Ahwatukee-A room on the 2nd floor). Free parking in the hotel garage.  RSVP 480-437-1032 or 602-920-8248.  Santorum and Riggs served in the US Congress together several years ago. Santorum  will be in Phoenix to speak on restoring the family at the annual 1st Way Pregnancy Center that evening  (   See graph on presidential-hopefuls



·        A Fundraiser For The “ Fred Terry Project” is scheduled at 6 pm., Oct 3 at the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon, 47801 N Black Canyon Hwy, New River, AZ 85087 by Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) and Vintage Vixens. $47 donation to OEG. Terry lost his home to a kitchen fire several months ago. Contact: founder Charlie Ellis Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org
   (480) 678-0938.


·        2015-final-ruling-on-local-wolf-repopulation-program   1 pm., Sat, Oct 3rd


·        Americans for Prosperity Arizona will conduct an Oct 3 protest President Obama’s power grab in his effort hike utility bills and control how we power our homes/businesses. His new energy mandates are the furthest the federal government has ever gone to hike our bills and choke off competition in the energy sector, according to AFP State Director Tom Jenney. The protest will be states at the AFP office. RSVP if participating so they know much food and bring to prepare. To sign up, go  Here.  Fill out this Petition if you believe we should control our energy bills, not unelected federal bureaucrats!


·        The Cobre Valley Republican Club has scheduled a Family Fun Shootout between 8 am and noon, Oct 3 in cooperation with the Globe Miami Gun Club, 2675 Bixby Road, Globe   Events offered for adult and junior marksman, fun target games and accuracy contests.  Cost for most events range from $1-3. No admission charge.  Your own weapon and ammunition is recommended. Door prizes to be raffled.  Must be present to win. “Bragging Rights’ cards to be issued. Food and beverage available. Contact: Judy Moorhead at 928-200-2468.


·        AZGOP Compliance Director Timothy Lee will be conducting a Treasurer’s Training Session between 9 am-2 pm, Sat., Oct 3 at the AZGOP Office, 3501 N. 24th St., Phoenix. GOP LD Treasurers and County Chairmen are encouraged to attend. Limited space, Register with Timothy Lee at (602) 449-1000 or


·        The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm.,Tues,  Oct 6 with Tom Jennings, director of the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity, in the Grand Canyon Rm at the  Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375  to discuss the School budgets and the upcoming Dysart School District Bond issue.


·        The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8 am., for coffee/donuts on Sat., Oct 3 in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundation Building, 14465 R H Johnson., Sun City West. Mtg at 8:30 am. Admission $2. Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) NW Chapter Chairman Lyle Tuttle has arranged to Phil Mason to make a presentation regarding “School Override” funding and its impact on local residents. Mason is the AzRA first vice president, was the directorof operations for the AZGOP from 2011-13, Supervisor of Admionistrative Services/Research Director of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee from 2 003-11 and the Founding President of the PAChyderm Coalition, 2004-2014.


·        The Americans for Prosperity meeting starts at 8 am., Sat., Oct 3 at 3835 North 32nd St. Speakers Arizona Corporation Commission chairwoman Susan Bitter Smith; Arizona Senator Judy Burges; KFYI 550 radio host Terry Gilberg; AFP Federal Affairs Deputy Director Christine Harbin Hanson; KKNT 960 The Patriot radio host Seth Leibsohn; and  Arizona Senator Debbie Lesko will address Arizona families and businesses how they can fight back against the new Washington’s power mandates. RSVP to Jason Lloyd - (480) 589 - 7564 or Chalon Hutson - (623) 810 - 1177 so adequate food preparations can be made for all attendees.



·        The Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Commission On Presidential Debates (CPD) has announced sites and dates for several upcoming presidential and one vice presidential debates during the 2016 general election.  The dates and sites are:

ü  Vice presidential debate: Tues, Oct 4, 2016 , Longwood University, Farmville, VA

ü  Second presidential debate: Sun, Oct 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

ü  Third presidential debate: Wed, Oct 19, 2016, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV




·        The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club will meet at 6  pm., Mon, Oct 5 at the The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort,  Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch,  7401 North Scottsdale Road. Scottsdale, AZ to hear former gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones address “Empowering Women in Politics.”  5:30 pm meet/greet. 6 pm mtg, 6:20 pm dinner, 7 pm program. Spouses invited. $35 per person. Reservations required by Thur., Sept 31 to Judy Eisenhower, 480-941-8162 or


·        The Grande Valley Republican Women's Club will meet at 5:30 pm., Mon., Oct 5 at Tommy's Bistro on Florence Boulevard in Casa Grande. Dinner will be penne pasta and meatball, salad rolls and dessert. Tickets are $10. Speakers will be CD1 candidates Gary Kiehne, Ken Bennett and Shawn Redd. Other candidates may drop in to say hello. Contact: Irene Littleton at



·        The Pima Republican Club will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., Oct 6 at 450 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        A Fundraiser For LD28 Rep Kate Brophy Mcgee is scheduled from 5-7 pm., Oct. 6 at Alexi’s Grill, 3550 N Central., Ave.,Phx. RSVP: Yes I'll be there



·        The Pima County Republican Executive Committee will meet at 5:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 8. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) is co-sponsoring a B2B  Networking Mixer at 6 pm., Oct 8 at the Clover Leaf  Gastrolounge, 4225 N. Craftsman Court, Old Town Scottsdale. Contact:  OEG founder Charlie Ellis (480) 678-0938  Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org     www.OperationEnduringGratitude.Org



Candidate Corner

Please comply with the 300 word limit policy.


·       Sen Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: The past two and a half months since I announced my candidacy for the United States Senate have left me exhilarated and inspired by the response I’ve received from you, my fellow Arizonans. It’s clear to me that the people of this state are ready to retire John McCain and send someone who will fight for their conservative values to Washington in his place!

It’s also clear to me that the road ahead isn’t going to be an easy one. McCain WILL attack me as he becomes increasingly desperate to keep his job. It’s going to be a fight every step of the way. But it’s a fight I knew was coming when I made the decision to get into this race - and with your support, it’s one I’m confident can be won.

To counter McCain’s big money donors, I’m going to have to rely on the support of people like you - the hardworking, conservative voters of Arizona who McCain has let down and who I’m running to represent. Together, we can beat John McCain and his Beltway allies and bring true conservative representation for Arizona back to the U.S. Senate!   in to win


·       Congressman Matt Salmon: The liberal activists are after me. They don't like that I've led the fight to defund Planned Parenthood at every turn. They didn't appreciate my efforts to block Obama's disastrous deal with Iran - a sworn enemy of the United States. And they don't support my bills to end sanctuary cities, send home illegal aliens with criminal records and finally secure our borders. This is why they are attacking me, and this is why I need your help.


·       Congressman David Schweikert: We have a big week ahead of us and I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to invest in our campaign for Congress today.  As you know, early dollars make a big difference. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and just about every leftist in the country is going to be coming after us soon.  Will you help today? Contribute


·       US Senate Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: It’s been 11 weeks since I announced that I was running to represent Arizona in the United States Senate and retire John McCain. After these first 11 weeks on the campaign trail, there’s a few things I know. First, I know that the people of Arizona are ready to have a Senator who represents their conservative values again instead of just following the crowd in Washington. Second, I know that John McCain isn’t going to go quietly. As this campaign builds momentum, he’ll fall back on the support of his Beltway insider allies and big-money donors to throw everything he has at me. Lastly, I know I can weather those attacks and win - but only if passionate conservatives like you help me ensure my message isn’t drowned out by the big money McCain and his allies will dump into this race.Today is the first quarterly fundraising deadline for my campaign. consider contributing There’s still a long road ahead to next year’s primary election - but I’m glad we’re on this road together.


·       Us Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk responds to AZGOP Chairman Robert Mc Graham’s comments on behalf of Arizona Republican Party (Grahams newsletter) reads: “Senator John McCain is up for reelection and he's joined by three others seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate. State Senator Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey and Clair Van Steenwyk -- who voters statewide will recall ran for U.S. Senate in 2012, but received only 5.6 percent of the vote before running as a write-in for LD13 and gathering only 0.0014 percent of the vote.”

Response: “Facts need explaining.  I was trying to expose then Rep. Mc Flake and his

real record on illegals such as the Strive Act twin of McCain's Dream Act and other positions and votes.  Also exposed Mr. Mc Cardon as a Financial Donor for McCain.  Kyl Fundraiser Mc Flake to many a strawman for McCain to get Mc Flake elected. I only had $25,000 and to get 5.6% = $5,000 for 1.120% vs. Mc Cardon's over $7 Million to get 20% = $1.4 Mil for 5% do the math. I know however the message got out, many tell me wished they'd of listened as Mc Flake is a Gang of Eight member and McCain's Clone. Write In was a protest never thought we'd win and everyone who knew me knew why. Didn't mention that in 14 ran in CD 8 spent $13,000 got 27.3 of the vote, outspent 20 to one, Incumbent Representative supposedly conservative record is questionable.  

Mc Grahams' commentary and intentions are a Badge Of Honor knowing that McCains' Hatchet man Mc Graham claiming to be neutral , slams only me.  Go to and take a look as some other facts. We need to end the reign of Sen. McCain and all his hatchet men inside the GOP as they are members of the PPP Club.” - Clair Van Steenwyk




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