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10-1-15 Briefs

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Thursday – Oct 1, 2015


·       Congressman Matt Salmon has decided he will not join the field of challengers who want to retire Sen John McCain.  Dr. Kelly Ward, Alex Melunsky and Clair Van Steenwyk are announced GOP candidates already in the 2016 Senate race. Salmon’s camp says he enjoys working for the East Valley and will continue to serve on the House Freedom Caucus.


·       StunningTestimony Regarding Iran Deal   Leaders not reading documents.


·       LD 29 will meet at 7 pm., Mon, Oct 12, at 12836 W Colter St, Litchfield Park, 85340. 6 pm social.  Contact Chairman Alan Gaugert   623-330-3622.


·       Fresh From His Trip to the Values Voter Summit, Senatorial candidate Alex Meluskey joined Congressman Matt Salmon in calling for the immediate resignation of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


·       The Mingus Mountain Republican Club Luncheon is scheduled at 11 am., Tues., Oct 13 to address the Mingus Mountain Union High School Special Bond Election. Supt Dr Paul Tighe will speak in behalf of the bond passage. Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) First Vice President Phil Mason will present “Truth in School Funding.”  11:15 am luncheon. 1 pm program. Luncheon price $11 per person. No lunch meeting fee $3, soda $1. RSVP to or call Niles Haton 928-649-1643. Meeting to be held at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #7400, 705 E Aspen St., Cottonwood, AZ. For AzRA information contact Mason at


·       LD 22 PC Bernard Paluch: Yep! Here is McAmnesty moving to the right because an election is coming up next year (same like 2010---build the dang fence!) and acting with the left after an election. The past is prologue.

·       Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will address the Knights of Columbus and the East Valley Pro-Life Alliance at 7 pm., Tues., Oct 20 at the Chandler Knights of Columbus Hall, 644 E Chandler Blvd., Chandler. Topic: A Bold New Pro-Life Stratgey. Free Admission, Refreshments served. Donations accepted. Contact  480-216-7219.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon will be holding open office hours between 2:30-4:30 pm., Mon., Oct 5 in his district office at 207 N Gilbert Road #209 in Gilbert. Due to limited space please RSVP at 480-0699-8239 to reserve an appointment. 


·       The Coconino County  Republican Committee’s Meet And Greet with Speaker of the House David Gowan and Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits is scheduled at 8:15 am, Thurs., Oct 8 at 21 S Milton Road, (near the underpass near Flagstaff City Hall). RSVP to


·       Sen John McCain will tour the Customs and Border Patrol’s Integrated Fixed Towers Border Surveillance System and Mariposa Port of Entry Fri, afternoon Oct 2.


·       Sen John McCain will speak at the Arizona Truckers Association Leadership Conference at 8:45 am., Sat., Oct 3 in at the Westin La Paloma Ballroom, 3800 E Sunrises Dr. in Tucson and host a Town Hall meeting on US Policy in the Middle East with Christians United For Israel at noon. in the Victory Worship Center, 2561 W Ruthrauff Road, Tucson.

·       Congressman Paul A. Gosar after the House passed the Conference Report to accompany H.R. 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2016, with his support by a bipartisan vote of 270-156: “Our Armed Forces continue to risk their lives to protect this nation and confront serious threats like ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban. This fiscally responsible, bipartisan legislation reforms the DOD acquisition process, reduces bureaucracy, provides a much deserved pay increase for our troops and ensures our men and women in uniform have the equipment they need to protect this nation. I will continue to advocate for a defense budget that balances our commitment to our troops, provides for a strong defense, and provides assurance to taxpayers that precious defense dollars are being spent on valuable initiatives. I call on President Obama to sign this commonsense legislation into law and drop his veto threat. Our troops don’t deserve to be treated as pawns in his political games.”


·       Congresswoman Martha McSally today recognized Green Valley resident Loren Thorson on the House floor for his advocacy efforts that led to the introduction of McSally's bill last week, The Halt Tax Increases on the Middle Class and Seniors Act. Thorson, a 95 year-old Green Valley resident who served as a Navy commander in World War II, has led an effort over the past five years to repeal a little-known tax hike contained in the Affordable Care Act.  click HERE.


·       The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am, Sat., Oct 10 at the Gainey Gold Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr., Scottsdale to hear Mark Spencer, Southwest Coordinator for Judicial Watch’s presentation “All Lives Matter; All Police Lives Matter.”  10:30 social.   Registration due by Thurs, Oct 8. $30 per person. Mail check and reservation to:  PRWC, P.O. Box 14425 , Scottsdale, AZ 85267. Contact:


·       The Arizona Project  will meet at 630 pm., Mon., Oct 5 with Central Republican Women’s Club past president Ruby While to learn about the recent National Republican Women’s Club conference held in the Phoenix area. Sen candidate Kelly Ward will be appearing before the group in the near future. The group meets at 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phx. Contact Chairman Ron Ludders at 602.677.1496


·       Congressman Matt Salmon after voting against the Senate Amendment to H.R. 719, a Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2016. “Today’s vote lacks the leadership our nation is demanding.  Rather than taking a principled stand against arguably illegal activities, the House today surrendered to the demands of Planned Parenthood’s management and took up a continuing resolution that aimed to continue providing funding to an organization under multiple investigations for their potentially illegal abortion practices.I was proud to have voted in favor of Representative Roby’s amendment, which would have prevented any federal funding to Planned Parenthood in this resolution, and I know this fight isn’t over.  We will again confront this issue in December, and I am hopeful that the House’s new leadership will pay more attention to the will of the American people than their own desire to capitulate.”


·       Michelle Terry-Balogh has issued the following statement after the jury found Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza and Ivan Soto-Barraza guilty on all counts of murdering her brother Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  "My brother Brian Terry had a special love for freedom and courage. For the past two weeks we have sat in the courtroom facing two of the men that took that freedom and courage from him.The verdict delivered by the jury today is testimony of the vicious and violent assault that took place upon Brian and his fellow border patrol agents in Peck Canyon on the night of December 14, 2010. Moreover, Brian would've been very pleased to see his brother agents testify over the last two weeks and their display of love for him almost five years after his death.

     We would like to thank the team of prosecutors from the US attorney's office that prosecuted this case and the Border Patrol and FBI agents that have continued to investigate the case and continue to pursue the two fugitives.We would also like to thank the government of Mexico for their assistance in the apprehension and extradition of these two defendants. We would hope that the government of Mexico continues to actively pursue the two fugitives that we believe are living in Mexico today and also responsible for Brian's death.

      Although Operation Fast and Furious was not permitted to be discussed in the courtroom over the past two weeks, it still looms large in our lives. The many mistakes made by ATF and Department of Justice officials that originated this ill-conceived gun trafficking investigation have resulted in a clear and present danger to law-enforcement and the general population.

     Ultimately, it was these officials who allowed weapons to flow to the drug cartels and ultimately into the hands of the man that killed Brian Terry. These government officials should also be held responsible in the court of law.

     The Terry family will continue to pursue justice in this respect. Finally, I would like to thank the members of the jury for their work in this trial and the community of Tucson for their support of the Terry family through the years."  Contact: (


·       Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past Chairman of the AZ GOP: Support Your Local Sheriff! It's time folks.  It's time for those of us who are fed up with the persecution of our Sheriff to come out of the woodwork, come out of our shoes and if necessary, come out of our skin and shout down the ACLU as they go about trying to tear down our culture and our laws.  Our Culture and Our Laws. What is going on in the federal courtroom these days is one of the most blatant attempts to disregard the will of the people I have ever seen.  Are there any of us who want to allow our laws being turned upside down and actually used against us?  Are there any of us who feel that we should turn this county, state or country over to those who have nothing vested in that which has made us  the greatest nation in the history of mankind?  Speaking for myself, not a chance.  I know I’m preaching to the choir on this.  Now is the time for that choir to start singing loudly, clearly and constantly by writing letters to the AZ Republic, getting on as many blogs as we can and going on talk radio.  Not letting the song end until the persecution of the Sheriff and us, ends.  If Arpaio goes down, so do we all.  The open borders crew has had  three targets- Andrew Thomas, Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio.  Don't let them get the last man standing.  If they do we will all pay a great price.


·       Company F 168th Air Traffic Services Heavy will be deploying to Kuwait for one year in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.  The unit will be recognized at a send-off ceremony on Friday, Oct. 2 at 2 p.m., at Army Aviation Support Facility #1 located at Papago Park Military Reservation in Phoenix. This is the unit's fourth deployment in the last 10 years in support of overseas contingency operations.  Company F 168th ATS Heavy's mission is to provide tactical air traffic control and ground control approach radar services in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. The nearly 30 soldiers assigned to the unit are part of the few remaining Arizona National Guard members serving on federal active duty overseas. More than 11,000 soldiers and airmen belonging to the Arizona National Guard have been called to federal active service since Sept. 11, 2001.


·       Reps Trent Franks and Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduced H. Res. 447 on Tues, Sept 29, 2015 condemning the ongoing sexual violence against women and children of Yezidi, Christian and other religious communities by ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria as crimes against humanity. The resolution also calls for the United States and international community to actively pursue the investigation and prosecution of individual perpetrators and those complicit in these crimes. The resolution was introduced shortly after a Yezidi woman identified as "Bazi" spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a closed Member meeting. Bazi was taken from her village in Iraq by ISIL militants and sold into sexual slavery for $40. The young woman was held in Syria by an ISIL militant who claimed to be an American. She is in the United States with Mr. Khidher Domle — a Yezidi activist, journalist, and professor at the University of Dohuk — to discuss the plight of women and children held captive by ISIL militants. Franks said, “The treacherous acts of sexual violence and enslavement perpetrated by ISIL against innocent women and children cannot go unrecognized or unpunished. Bazi is one of thousands who have suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of ISIL militants. Children as young as five years old are being sold for as little as fifty cents and thousands of women and children remain in captivity. The United States and international community must resolve to hold those responsible for these insidious crimes accountable.”  Contact: Jessica Cahill (202) 225-4576.

·       Arizona Project Chairman Ron Ludders: The world turned up side down. What a week,  a fire in the mall taking out the electricity for the Arizona Project.  Russia spanking Obama and the big O acting like he's totally in charge, murder at another school and the big O acting like legitimate gun owners are somehow at fault.  More immigrants from the middle-east as though America needs more unemployed and we certainly can add a few more to our welfare system. The GOP in shambles, rumor that Al Gore may run for President as if the left doesn't have its share of strange candidates and now talk of John Kerry receiving the NOBEL Peace prize. Am I the only one living in this wonderland? 




·        Arizona’s Americans For Prosperity is planning a series of events to Stop the EPA’s attack on affordable energy. Director Tom Jenney asks that you fill out this form if you believe we should control our energy bills, not unelected federal bureaucrats. Anyone concerned about the EPA attack on affordable and reliable energy is welcome to attend these events.  Ratepayers from Cochise, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz Counties are especially welcome at the Tucson events — anyone serviced by TEP, Trico, AEPCO, UNS and Sulpher Springs.  APS ratepayers from Northern Arizona are welcome at the Joseph City event; the Navopache service region will also be hit very hard by EPA. Speakers for the Oct 2 and 3 events will be announced soon, according to Jenney. RSVP the AFP  “Protest EPA-imposed electrical rate hikes” events in October:

ü  Friday, October 2 – Breakfast in Tucson

ü  Friday, October 2 – Evening BBQ in Tucson

ü  Saturday, October 3 – Breakfast in Phoenix

ü  Saturday, October 3 – Afternoon BBQ in Joseph City

Contact: Tom Jenney, Arizona AFP Director


·        The Sabino High School Young Republican Club will meet Fri., Oct 2 at 5000 N Bowes Rd, Tucson, AZ 85749. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum will address the First Way Pregnancy Center’s Restoring the Family’ benefit at 6:30 pm., Fri., Oct 2 at the Sheraton Downtown, 340 N. 3rd St., Phoenix. Registration/social at 5 pm. Limited seating. Reservations required. RSVP to  or call 602-261-7522.  Free admission. Contributions accepted. Pre-event reception with Santorum $1,000 per couple.


·        Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum will be featured at an “Education Summit” hosted by

Former California Congressman Frank Riggs between 9:30 am-11:15 am, Fri, Oct 2 at the Sheraton Downtown  Hotel, 340 N. 3rd St., Phoenix (Ahwatukee-A room on the 2nd floor). Free parking in the hotel garage.  RSVP 480-437-1032 or 602-920-8248.  Santorum and Riggs served in the US Congress together several years ago. Santorum  will be in Phoenix to speak on restoring the family at the annual 1st Way Pregnancy Center that evening  (   See graph on presidential-hopefuls



·        A Fundraiser For The “ Fred Terry Project” is scheduled at 6 pm., Oct 3 at the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon, 47801 N Black Canyon Hwy, New River, AZ 85087 by Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) and Vintage Vixens. $47 donation to OEG. Terry lost his home to a kitchen fire several months ago. Contact: founder Charlie Ellis Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org
   (480) 678-0938.


·        2015-final-ruling-on-local-wolf-repopulation-program   1 pm., Sat, Oct 3rd


·        Americans for Prosperity Arizona will conduct an Oct 3 protest President Obama’s power grab in his effort hike utility bills and control how we power our homes/businesses. His new energy mandates are the furthest the federal government has ever gone to hike our bills and choke off competition in the energy sector, according to AFP State Director Tom Jenney. The protest will be states at the AFP office. RSVP if participating so they know much food and bring to prepare. To sign up, go  Here.  Fill out this Petition if you believe we should control our energy bills, not unelected federal bureaucrats!


·        The Cobre Valley Republican Club has scheduled a Family Fun Shootout between 8 am and noon, Oct 3 in cooperation with the Globe Miami Gun Club, 2675 Bixby Road, Globe   Events offered for adult and junior marksman, fun target games and accuracy contests.  Cost for most events range from $1-3. No admission charge.  Your own weapon and ammunition is recommended. Door prizes to be raffled.  Must be present to win. “Bragging Rights’ cards to be issued. Food and beverage available. Contact: Judy Moorhead at 928-200-2468.


·        AZGOP Compliance Director Timothy Lee will be conducting a Treasurer’s Training Session between 9 am-2 pm, Sat., Oct 3 at the AZGOP Office, 3501 N. 24th St., Phoenix. GOP LD Treasurers and County Chairmen are encouraged to attend. Limited space, Register with Timothy Lee at (602) 449-1000 or


·        The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm.,Tues,  Oct 6 with Tom Jennings, director of the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity, in the Grand Canyon Rm at the  Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375  to discuss the School budgets and the upcoming Dysart School District Bond issue.


·        The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8 am., for coffee/donuts on Sat., Oct 3 in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundation Building, 14465 R H Johnson., Sun City West. Mtg at 8:30 am. Admission $2. Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) NW Chapter Chairman Lyle Tuttle has arranged to Phil Mason to make a presentation regarding “School Override” funding and its impact on local residents. Mason is the AzRA first vice president, was the directorof operations for the AZGOP from 2011-13, Supervisor of Admionistrative Services/Research Director of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee from 2 003-11 and the Founding President of the PAChyderm Coalition, 2004-2014.


·        The Americans for Prosperity meeting starts at 8 am., Sat., Oct 3 at 3835 North 32nd St. Speakers Arizona Corporation Commission chairwoman Susan Bitter Smith; Arizona Senator Judy Burges; KFYI 550 radio host Terry Gilberg; AFP Federal Affairs Deputy Director Christine Harbin Hanson; KKNT 960 The Patriot radio host Seth Leibsohn; and  Arizona Senator Debbie Lesko will address Arizona families and businesses how they can fight back against the new Washington’s power mandates. RSVP to Jason Lloyd - (480) 589 - 7564 or Chalon Hutson - (623) 810 - 1177 so adequate food preparations can be made for all attendees.



·        The Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Commission On Presidential Debates (CPD) has announced sites and dates for several upcoming presidential and one vice presidential debates during the 2016 general election.  The dates and sites are:

ü  Vice presidential debate: Tues, Oct 4, 2016 , Longwood University, Farmville, VA

ü  Second presidential debate: Sun, Oct 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

ü  Third presidential debate: Wed, Oct 19, 2016, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV



·        The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club will meet at 6  pm., Mon, Oct 5 at the The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort,  Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch,  7401 North Scottsdale Road. Scottsdale, AZ to hear former gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones address “Empowering Women in Politics.”  5:30 pm meet/greet. 6 pm mtg, 6:20 pm dinner, 7 pm program. Spouses invited. $35 per person. Reservations required by Thur., Sept 31 to Judy Eisenhower, 480-941-8162 or


·        The Grande Valley Republican Women's Club will meet at 5:30 pm., Mon., Oct 5 at Tommy's Bistro on Florence Boulevard in Casa Grande. Dinner will be penne pasta and meatball, salad rolls and dessert. Tickets are $10. Speakers will be CD1 candidates Gary Kiehne, Ken Bennett and Shawn Redd. Other candidates may drop in to say hello. Contact: Irene Littleton at



·        The Pima Republican Club will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., Oct 6 at 450 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        A Fundraiser For LD28 Rep Kate Brophy Mcgee is scheduled from 5-7 pm., Oct. 6 at Alexi’s Grill, 3550 N Central., Ave.,Phx. RSVP: Yes I'll be there



·        The Pima County Republican Executive Committee will meet at 5:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 8. Contact: Phone: (520) 321-1492


·        Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) is co-sponsoring a B2B  Networking Mixer at 6 pm., Oct 8 at the Clover Leaf  Gastrolounge, 4225 N. Craftsman Court, Old Town Scottsdale. Contact:  OEG founder Charlie Ellis (480) 678-0938  Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org     www.OperationEnduringGratitude.Org



Candidate Corner

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·       Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey calls for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to follow the Speaker John Boehner’s example: “The resignation of House Speaker John Boehner brought to the forefront the need for the Republican party to turn itself over to a new generation of leaders. I applaud Speaker Boehner for seeing the light and realizing that he was no longer effective and the time was right for him to step aside and allow for the Republican conference to move ahead with a renewed sense of moral toughness.

“I call on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to follow the example of the House Speaker, and resign immediately from Senate Leadership and give the people of Kentucky the chance to elect a true citizen representative who will serve their interest, instead of the interest of the political insiders in Washington D.C. It was Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell who repeatedly told the party faithful that if we just controlled congress, all of those planks of the conservative Republican platform, which they hold near and dear, would come to pass, and that the Obama agenda of fundamental transformation would be halted. Instead, what we got under their leadership was a Republican agenda of compromising the conservative principles of the party platform, through capitulation and surrender to an already powerless democrat party.

“Leader McConnell would do a great service to the people of these United States, the state of Kentucky, the conservative movement and the Republican party if he followed the example set by House Speaker Boehner and resigned his leadership position and his senate seat in order to allow for a new generation of leadership and a true citizen representative to advocate for his state.”



·        Verdict-Reached-In-Fast-And-Furious-Trial

·        Jeb-Bush-Wants-You-To-Think-Of-Him-Like-John-McCain

·        Audit-Rips-Arizona’s-Department-Of-Child-Safety

·        Rep. Gosar Slams EPA For Blatantly Ignoring Facts & Moving Forward With Proposed Ozone Regulation

·        Rep. Gosar Leads Resources Committee In Pushing Back On Marine Monument Designations

·        Rep. Gosar To Planned Parenthood CEO Richards: “Your Organization Is Profiting Off Of Death”

·        World-Leader Accuses Obama Of Treason On UN Floor

·        Rep. McSally Efforts Protect S. Az Defense Assets In Authorization Bill

·        Rep. McSally, Colleagues Announce Recommendations To Combat Foreign Fighter Travel

·        House Passes McSally Bill To Promote Border Jobs To Veterans

·        Green Valley News: Stop The Tax Hike On Seniors And The Middle Class

·        Tucson Newspaper-Stumbles-Reporting-Tucson-Crime-Stats

·        Changeup For Mexican Baseball In Tucson

·        Mccain: Arm Syrian Rebels To Shoot Down Russian Planes

·        Secret-Service-Says-Obama-Is-Muslim-Gay-In-Tell-All-Book

·        Media-Blackout-On-Massive-Protest-Against-Muslim-Migrant-Invasion-Of-Europe

·        England-Prime-Minister-Publicly-Humiliates-Obama-For-The-World-To-See

·        Court Strikes Down Possible Payments To College Athletes

·        Congressman Matt Salmon: Fix-The-Filibuster

·        Republicans Criticize McCarthy Over Benghazi Remarks

·        US-Army’s-Combat-Patch-For-ISIS-Conflict-Draws-Flak-Over-Design

·        Tucson-Ranks-3rd-Worst-In-Terms-Of-Large-City-Growth

·        Muslims-In Atlanta-Encourage-Children-To Mutilate-With Knives

·        New-Calls-For Mitch-McConnell-Resign

·        Feds-Admit-We-Have-No-Outside-Data-On-Syrian-Refugees   More Than 90% Who Apply Get Approved

·        Migrants-Discuss-Raping-Robbing-Other-Travelers    

·        District-Attorneys-Gone-Prison-Happy

·        Survey-Shows-Tucsonans-Not-Exactly-Pleased-With-City-Government

·        The-Mind-Of-Mr-Putin

·        Muslim On Live TV: ‘We Have The Right To Kill Anyone Who…’


·        Jeb Bush’s Funding Partners Raise Troubling Questions   Carson’s donations coming from average Americans, front runner Donald Trump is self funding

·        Candidate Donation Solicitations Speak McVolumes    Earth to candidates: We won’t be your “friend” unless you show conservative credentials

·        LD 30 Chair Gary Hirsch: I’m Gonna Win So I’m Resigning 


·         Bishop Olmsted Launches Counter-Offensive Against Secularism, Sexual Revolution With ‘Into The Breach’

·        Monday Poll: Who Should The Nominee Be?


·        NBC Caught Manipulating Poll Results Released Today….

·        Mark Brnovich Tapped As Marco Rubio's Arizona Chairman




·        Conservatives ‘Sick And Tired’ Of GOP ‘Funding The Obama Agenda’

·         John Boehner's Resignation: 'It's A Good Day, But Here's The Problem…'






·        Arizona_Republican_Party_Bylaws


·        GOP Can’t Win In 2016 By Losing Now


·        North Carolina: Just Made A Huge Move Against Illegal Aliens That Every State Should

·        Illegal-Immigrant-Accused-Gruesome-Executions-Burning-Corpses-Texas

·        CNN: Mexico Extraditing Major Cartel Suspects To U.S.

·        Remember 1986

·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2no    Border News Watch


·        Investigation-Cuban-Refugees-Abusing-Funneling-Us-Welfare-Cuba

·        Germany: Sexual Abuse In Migrant Camps


·        Obama-Brings-1500-Terrorists-To-US 


·        Tim Allen On Guns: 'Most Of These Big, Horrendous Events Were Done By Somebody Who's Mentally Ill'

·         Shooting At Another Gun Free Zone Kills 15 People In Oregon


·        Muslims-Rape-Woman-And-Force-Her-To-Recite-The-Koran-As-They-Rape-Her-They-Then-Pour-Boiling-Water-On-Her-Body

·        Nun: Islam-Is-Isis, Whoever-Says-Otherwise-Is-A-Liar

·        Feds-Admit-We-Have-No-Outside-Data-On-Syrian-Refugees   More Than 90% Who Apply Get Approved


·        South Carolina Cop Viciously Murdered, Shot Dead… Media Ignores


·         Woman Stores Corpse For A Year To Cash Welfare Checks


·        Hillary Clinton Lackey Was Working To Craft Coverage Of Benghazi Scandal For CBS!

·        John-Boehner-Defends-House-Benghazi-Probe


·        Secretary-Defense-Russia-Doomed-Fail-In Syria

·        Gen. Dees: Social Experimentation Is Degrading Our Military Readiness


·        Open Season On Your Land And Water


·        Months After Govt Hack, 21.5 Million People Are Finally Being Told, And Given Help

·        Out Of Control Federal Agency May Limit Consumer Financial Choices


·        Trey-Gowdy-Announces-Plan-To-Destroy-Obamas-Amnesty-And-Speed-Up-Deportation

·        What-Just-Came-Out-Of-Trey-Gowdys-Mouth-Is-The-Last-Thing-Hillary-Wanted-To-Hear


·        Kim Davis Speaks Out About Her Secret Meeting With The Pope


·        Cruz-Slams-Boehner: ‘I’m Going To Tell You Why He Resigned’


·        Fiorina To Planned Parenthood Supporter: I’m Not Against Health Care; I’m Against Butchering Babies

·        Fiorina-Defunding-Planned-Parenthood-Something-We-Must-Stand-And-Fight


·        Donald-Trump-Syrian-Migration-Win-They’re-Going-Back

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·        Watch Rick Santorum Shut Down Whoopi Goldberg In A Matter Of Seconds [Video]


·        Huckabee: Invoke 5th and 14th Amendment to Protect Unborn Babies from Abortion


·        Jeb Bush: 'I Admire John Boehner Greatly'

·        Jeb Bush: 'I'm Against A Government Shutdown'


·        Ben Carson Makes Giant Announcement That’ll Terrify His Opponents And Shatter Records

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·        Hillary-Raises-Huma-Abedins-Profile-Within Campaign As Controversies Swirl


·        Clinton Campaign Workers Caught Committing FELONIES, Using Trump ‘B***H Face’ Photo To Register Voters


·        New-Calls-For Mitch-McConnell-Resign

·        Speaker Candidates Will Audition Tuesday For House Conservatives

·        Tell Republicans In Congress To Stop Doing President Obama's Work For Him!

·        Shutdown-Averted: House-Passes-Funding-Bill-Despite-Majority-GOP-No-Votes

·        Boehner Indicates He'll Rely On Democrats To Pass CR That Funds Planned Parenthood

·        Senate-Panel-Votes-Lift-40-Year-Old-US-Ban-Oil-Exports


·        Pelosi on Planned Parenthood Videos: 'I Don't Stipulate That These Videos Are Real'

·        Conservative Uses Logic and Facts to Destroy Planned Parenthood Defender

·        These Senators Just Voted To Continue Funding Planned Parenthood & The Rest of Obama's Bloated Gov't

·        REPORT: 86 Percent of Planned Parenthood’s Money Comes from Abortions


·        EPA-To-Unveil-New-Limit-For-Smog-Causing-Ozone-Emissions


·        Something-Crazy-Just-Happened-At-Clock-Boy-Ahmed-Mohameds-School

·        Georgia School Teaches Islam: Conveniently Leaves Out Christianity And Judaism


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·        13-Year-Old-CJ-Pearson-Slams-Obama-Over-Ahmed-Tweet-Kate-Steinle-Black-Lives-Matter

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·        Obamas-Recovery: 9.4-Million-More-Living-In-Poverty

·        Here’s How Obama Just Wasted 92 Million Tax Dollars

·        Obama Promoting A ‘Safe Place To Pee’ Bathroom Agenda For Transgenders


·        World-Leader Accuses Obama Of Treason On UN Floor

·        Putin Outflanks Obama At UN, Takes Lead In Alliance Against Terror

·        ISIS-Threatens-Make-Ashura-Especially-Bloody-Year

·        Secretary-Defense-Russia-Doomed-Fail-In Syria

·        Iraq Agreement To Share Intelligence With Russia, Iran, Assad Regime Not Coordinated With US

·        World Leader Goes To The UN And Drops Bombshell Claim About Obama Admin And Iran