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11-3-15 Briefs

Republican Briefs


Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Tuesday – Nov 3, 2015


·       Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer sent a memo to Briefs and the EGC Cabinet at 9:24 pm, this evening saying that the monthly Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) will meet at 7 pm., Wed., Nov 4 at El Zaribah Shrine, 552 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008.  The agenda notes that the December EGC meeting (first Wed of the month) will be held at the Maricopa County GOP Headquarters, 3030 S. Rural Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281.


·       In The Meantime, the  EGC members received this message at 11:33 am this morning from AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, stating: “A moment of your time, please, to clear something up from last month. It's come to my attention that some of you have had the impression that your last meeting was moved because EGC was banned from meeting in our Headquarters. This was never the case. Your chairman was informed ahead of the meeting that Barbara Medal would not be allowed inside the Headquarters because of pending legal action between her and a member of our staff.

      “Since legal action has not been pursued, Ms. Medal will be welcome in the building again, so long as her behavior is appropriately professional and courteous. I assume this also removes your chairman's objections to meeting on the Republican Party's property. We look forward to seeing you again soon.” 


·       What Is Really Going On Behind The Scenes?  Readers are asking:

ü  Why did MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer wait until after 9 pm tonight to send out notices telling his EGC members where they are to meet tomorrow night?  Messages have been flying for the past two days wondering if/when/where they are to meet.

ü  How many EGC members have to make last minute readjusts to their schedules to allow for extra drive time to the new location?

ü  Why is EGC meeting at El Zaribah Shrine when MCRC EGC has a headquarters office of their own in Tempe?

ü  What is it costing the EGC to rent the El Zaribah facility for tomorrow night’s meeting?

ü  Why did AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham wait until noon the day before the EGC meeting to notify EGC members that the AZGOP HQ is available for the EGC meeting?

ü  Why did Graham cut off rent payment to the MCRC after they opened the new office in Tempe?

ü  Why doesn’t Bowyer reveal the net profit from the Lincoln Dinner instead of saying it will be listed with the filings?

ü  Do they both think ‘stonewalling’ when they don’t want to answer questions will make precinct committeemen/readers stop wondering what is going on behind the scenes?

ü  Have they both forgotten that when Burt Kruglick and Jack Londen turned the AZGOP HQ over to the Republican Party years ago they  intended for that facility to also serve as headquarters for the Maricopa County Republicans? Former GOP leaders, who have passed on, must be twirling in their graves at what is happening.   Editor Frosty Taylor


·       Andrew Costanzo, Member-at-Large, MCRC EGC (11:16 pm, Tues, Nov 3) to Chairman Robert Graham: I had to laugh at, and, based on your past utterances, was not surprised by, your seemingly disingenuous attempt " clear something up from last month" which was in fact a problem you created.  You threatened to have a Republican arrested for "trespassing" at the AZ GOP HQ -- a Republican Precinct Committeeman, District Officer and State Committeeman who happens to be the Sergeant at Arms of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

Your threats forced this Republican to leave AZ GOP Headquarters and not attend a sanctioned scheduled meeting of the MCRC Executive Guidance Council which was being held at AZ GOP HQ. Your alleged reason was "...pending legal action between her and a member of our staff." 

Observers might find it very interesting that you would adopt such a groundless, and arbitrary and capricious, decision against an elected member when legal action is an acceptable form of redress in both Parliamentary Law and in Civil Law.  Applying your same "logic" you could incorrectly attempt to prevent any State Committeeman from attending AZ GOP meetings and may imply that bullying is an acceptable tactic within AZ GOP.  Interestingly, you did not also apply this same punishment to your staff member whom I witnessed harassing members of MCRC Executive Guidance Council, including the Sergeant at Arms. 

Using this "logic," you must believe you could also prevent State Committeemen from attending the AZ GOP Statutory or Mandatory meetings if, for example, a State Committeeman or group of State Committeemen should move forward with legal action against the AZ GOP Executive Committee's inability or unwillingness to follow the resolution voted on and passed by the Arizona State Committeemen ordering the closure of the Republican Primary Election.

Another inconsistency, even by your standard of judgment, is your incorrect announcement that the respective Legislative District meetings are open to the public under the inapplicable Arizona Open Meeting Laws (in effect, allowing anyone to attend our private meetings), but then denying the attendance of elected State Committeemen at AZ GOP EX COM meetings.    

You further contend, "Since legal action has not been pursued, Ms. Medal will be welcome in the building again, so long as her behavior is appropriately professional and courteous." How do you know that legal action is not being pursued?  If you find out that legal action is being considered will you then need to reverse your decision?  Will you then try to prevent Ms. Medal from attending the Mandatory meeting in January? 

Who is to determine if her "behavior is appropriately professional and courteous"?  If Ms. Medal is again in a position which requires her to defend herself from the harassment of your staff, will she then have to leave the determination of what is "appropriately professional and courteous" to you? 

Do you see the fallacy in your logic?  It seems your staff was not being appropriately professional and courteous when shoving a flash camera close into the face of an elderly woman and then snapping the flash close to her eyes in the dark parking lot after having been asked earlier to not take photographs without permission. 

You also make reference to "the Republican Party's property".  The Republican Party is not an entity; the precinct committeemen, who make our Party run, are the Party.  Last time I checked, Ms. Medal is one of those members.  An offense against one member is a transgression against all members.   

If you truly want to "clear something up," then good manners would have you offering a heartfelt apology to Ms. Medal, the members of the MCRC and the AZ GOP State Committeemen for your poor judgment.   It would be the chivalrous and gentlemanly thing to do.


·       Please Say A Prayer For Holly Jo Samsill as she goes into surgery Thur., Nov 5 morning for a benign tumor on the pituitary gland in her brain at Barrow’s in Phoenix.  The vibrant, talented, young singer/songwriter recently return to Wickenburg from performances  throughout Texas. All gigs have been cancelled through the first of the year.


·       Dr Lyle Rapacki – Speaker, consultant, and protective intelligence and assessment specialist:  “I have been privileged to speak before 10 Arizona audiences in the past four months, and have also spoken to combined groups of former law enforcement and military members in eight states.  Unlike previous presentations of nine months ago, today’s audiences appear more agitated, more fearful, with increased statements of feeling betrayed and played by elected officials in both political parties.  Audiences are beginning to ask, “What can be done to stop the decline of our nation?” 

There is no question in my mind that throughout our country groups are meeting, forging answers and preparations to meet serious and sobering challenges that lie directly ahead.  No longer waiting on elected officials to act; no longer feeling secure that elected officials will even meet their most basic constitutional authority of providing for the civic safety and welfare of citizens, citizens in at least nineteen states (quite possibly more but I am numbering those states I am personally acquainted with, and with whom I have communicated) are actively preparing to provide for themselves.  Beginning to find their collective voices citizen groups are starting to release their anger into the public arena.  The message RISE UP – [Video] is an example of American citizens deciding they will no longer sit on the sidelines and passively watch their country dissolve.”   Contact:


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet Nov 18 at Grayhawk Golf Club,  8620 Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Matt Dobson, Arizona State Director at Concerned Veterans for America, will speak regarding the reforms being done to ensure accountability, performance and VA leadership to protect  veterans heath care from future disgrace and injustice. The  Deer Valley Color Guard will present the colors, and Wreaths Across America, table, honoring deceased veterans will give an opportunity to purchase wreaths to be laid at Arlington Cemetery  on December 12. Wreaths are $15. The Nov 11 meeting social is at 11am, followed by lunch/program at 11:30 am. Luncheon $26 cash or check, $27 with credit card. RSVP Edith Stock or 480-298-7818.


·       David Pizer of Yavapai County - the newest announced senate candidate - is looking for a campaign manager or consultant. Pizer can be reached at 602 790-8800.


·       This Evening AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham commended Ohio voters for rejecting the arguments of pro-pot advocates, who spent $25 million in a failed attempt to attract new customers.  “The Republican Party in Arizona represents everyday Americans who work hard to raise and educate our children, be responsible, and set an example for others,” said Graham. “We’re not alone in our endeavor, and our friends in Ohio defeated the drug culture advocates and their uncontrolled decadence. We’re working to beat them in Arizona as well."


·       The Yavapai County GOP is hosting a Italian Thanksgiving (Cerelia) fundraiser at 6:30 pm., Sat., Nov 14 at La Quinta, 4499 Hwy 69, Prescott featuring chicken parmesan and vegetable lasagna as hear a presentation by Goldwater Institute Senior Attorney Jim Manley. Social hour at 5:30 pm., Dinner at 6:30 pm. Early bird price available until Nov 7 -  $65 per person or $120 per couple. Proceeds will be used to run the YAVGOP office full time in Prescott.  For tickets contact Exec Asst Sandra Laney at or 928-776-4500 or stop by the office – 112 B E. Union St., Prescott.


·       The Paradise Republican Women invite you to learn more about the 13 Hours in Benghazi: The Inside Account of What Really Happened at 7 pm., Mon., Nov 16 at the Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258 with Marine Security Operatives and co-authors Mark “Oz” Geist and John “Tig” Tiegen.   Share their first-hand knowledge of the harrowing true account from the brave men on the ground who fought back during the Battle of Benghazi on Sept. 11th 2012. Movie release Jan. 2016. Sponsor packages available.  Cash bar.  6 pm VIP and sponsors reception. Tickets $40 per person or $75 per couple.  Limited Tickets. VIP Seating / Reception / Photo / Autographed Book $150.  Contact:  Anna Morrison 623-234-3717.


·       Arrowhead Republican Women are planning their annual membership tea from 11 am-1 pm., Wed., Feb 3 at the home of Gherrie Routzahn featuring incoming Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) President Loraine Pellegrino and past National Federation of Republican Women President Rae Chornenky.


·       Political Consultant Constantin Querard will host informational discussions on National Popular Vote (NPV) Wednesday, Nov 4 between 8-10 am and noon and 2 pm at the  Starfire Golf Club,  11500 N Hayden Road, Scottsdale. Breakfast or lunch will be provided. Contact: CQ at  or Tom Morrissey at  


·       Volunteers Are Needed ForThe Ted Cruz booth at the Fountain Festival of Arts and Crafts between 10 am and 5 pm, Nov 13, 14, & 15. Contact LD15 PC  Jackie Phillips  at  or call 602-218-8855 .


·       The Western Pinal County Chapter of The Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Nov 9 in a new location - 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, Casa Grande, AZ.  (SE corner of W Florence Blvd. and N Sacaton St,) to hear Craig McFarland candidate for Mayor of Casa Grande. McFarland is a retired Corporate VP of Sales for Golden Eagle Distributors. Contact:  Secretary Jason Hayes,  202-394-7202 /


·       Arizona Citizens Defense League: The end of “instant” background checks? On Wednesday, October 28, Senate Democrats promised to file legislation that would eliminate the concept of “instant” in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  Currently if the FBI does not complete a NICS check within 72 hours (the federal definition of “instant”) the retailer may proceed with the sale. Under the proposed legislation a retailer cannot transfer a firearm without FBI approval no matter how long it takes.  Imagine what a President with “a pen and a phone” and carte blanche over NICS processing times could do with this new authority?

 Could this proposed legislation pass given the make-up of the federal House and Senate?  With the “whatever Obama wants, Obama gets” attitude of the spineless Republican leadership in both chambers, we’re not sure it would be stopped.

It’s time to rattle some cages.  In 2013, AzCDL joined the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, composed primarily of independent, non-affiliated, state pro-rights firearms organizations.  It is not controlled by any national organization.  The Coalition represents what politicians should fear the most – An organized grassroots movement to defend the Second Amendment.
     To remind federal politicians who they work for, the Coalition has set up an online
petition, to the members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, demanding that they “use all means, procedural or substantive, to defeat any legislation introduced or amended to curtail, restrict or qualify private ownership of firearms, and to oppose any executive order issued to that end.”
     We encourage you to join us and add your name to the Coalition
petition.  These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL
), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.


·       The Arizona State Legislature concluded its special session last week and referred an education-related constitutional amendment to the ballot.  The ballot measure has been assigned Proposition 123 and the special election will be held on May 17, 2016, according to Matt Roberts, Director of Communications for Secretary of State Michele Reagan. The legislature appropriated $9.3 million to cover the election-related hard costs for the special election. Contact Roberts at  (602) 542-2228.


·       Dr. Carl Goldberg is offering a 6-hour course on "What Non-Moslems Need to Know about Islam" in the PORA Adult Learning Center, 13815 Camino del sol, Sun City West in two-hours segments  from 1-3 pm, Wed., Nov 4 (part 1), Nov 8 (part 2) and Dec 2 (part 3). Register:  623-242-6864 


·       The Arrowhead Republican Women’s annual Christmas Party is scheduled at 11:30 a.m., Sat., Dec 12 at the Briarwood Country Club.  Theme Bling Bingo. $25 per luncheon, including Bling Bingo.  Details tba.


·       The Arizona National Guard will host the inaugural Gunfighter Fly-in at Silverbell Army Heliport in Marana, Ariz., through Nov. 6. Seven of the eight states in the National Guard that operate AH-64D Apache helicopters - Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, North Carolina, South Caroline, Texas, and Utah-will send two of their best company grade Apache crews to participate in the four-day event. The crews will compete head-to-head in the Gunfighter Fly-In competition, which includes a variety of scored flying and gunnery scenarios. Top teams will receive awards for their performance and bragging rights for their state.


·       Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen’s Hamburger BBQ, Auction and  Shoot Out is scheduled from 10 am – 2 pm., Sat., Nov 14 at the Tenney Ranch, Hwy, 277 & Gibson Lane(Eight miles east of Heber mile post 312). $25 per couple. $3 per child. $10 entry Pistol Shoot Out Competition between elected officials and citizens. RSVP or 928-536-3566 in advance for food count.   Walk-ins will be WELCOME!


·       The  SaddleBrooke Republican Club Annual General/Membership meeting is scheduled a t 4 pm., Nov 11 at the Mountain View Ballroom. Doors open at 3.30 pm.  4 pm member vote and acceptance by the membership, of the Board approved new nominations.  Speaker: US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, who is currently an Arizona State Senator, who is running against incumbent Sen John McCain. The second speaker is  Quang Nguyen, who migrated to the US after the communist take-over of the Republic of South Vietnam in April of 1975. Contact:  Vice President Neil Macdonald


·       Arrowhead Republican Women are currently collecting black or white crew socks for veterans in the Phoenix hotel for vets and for StandDown Arizona, scheduled Jan 28-30, 2016, according to Jan ‘Peaches’ Buchkowski, chairman of the Caring for America Committee.


·       Heroes to Hometowns Foundation (Honoring Wounded Heroes) is starting its Christmas Pajama and Toy Drive.  PJs are toys for all ages are needed for this project.  For more information go to or contact Kathy Pearce, Founder/CEO at 480-330-1632.


·       Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots has kicked off its annual food drive through Dec 15.. See Bring donated items to the first and third Tuesday meetings. Meetings are held at 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, Contact:  Chr Vera Anderson 602-821-4675 or


·       Congressman Paul Gosar has scheduled three “have coffee with the congressman” in December. They are Dec 4 in Florence, Dec 11 in Wickenburg, and Dec 14 in Lake Havasu City.  For information call 480-882-2697  or go to  Details tba


·       AZ Heroes to  Hometowns  needs of donations by Nov 11 to purchase 2,500 turkeys hams, along with $20 grocery gift cards to provide meals for military families at Thanksgiving, according to founder Kathy Pearce.


·       Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) is collecting  canned goods thru Nov 13 at Wes MEC. Contact: OEG founder Charlie Ellis (480) 678-0938  Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org


·       Common Core Comments Can Be Submitted to until Nov. 20. feds-admit-u-s-education-department-forced-states-accept-common-core-start    Contact: Jennifer Reynolds  480-961-4214


·       Eleven year Air Force Veteran Lance Whitford is a local-vet-work-30 jobs in 30 days to help others veterans get hired as part of a campaign called Operation Serving Our Community.  Whitford founded Vets-2-Work  which connects veterans to businesses who want to hire veterans. The week of Nov 6-10, he will use the money he makes for all of his daily jobs to hire veterans for ‘Operation Serving Our Community’  to do projects throughout the Valley. They will work:

ü  Nov. 6-7 & 9-10 from 7:30am -12:30 pm. at Habitat for Humanity community in Avondale. At 12:30 pm, Sat., Nov 7 they will have their ‘Thank A Veteran Social’  at the job site.

ü  Sunday Nov. 8 we will assist in the building and installation of a handicap ramp on American Legion Post #1's meeting facility.

ü  During the duration they will conduct a Homeless Veterans Clothing Drive to re-stock the clothing room at the Prescott VA and both the Prescott and Phoenix US VETS.

ü  They will also have crews that can be dispatched to out community members in need of some labor assistance. For more information go to: local-vet-works-30   valley-man-works-30-jobs-30-days-help-veterans   kpho.veteran-works-30-jobs-in-30-days or call Whitford at 928-499-8391.


·       Fri., Nov 13 is the deadline for public feedback to the Standards Development Committee  at  Public comments on the existing Mathematics Standards and English Language Arts Standards (ELA) may be submitted online through Nov 20 --  Or attend one of the 6 pm., public hearings scheduled across the state:  Schedule:

ü  Nov 4 - Coconino County ,  Flagstaff, Flagstaff High School.

ü  Nov 5 – Cochise County, Sierra Vista, Rothery Educational Services Center.

ü  Nov 9  - Mohave County, Kingman,  Mohave County Admin Bldg.

ü  Nov 9 -  Maricopa County , Peoria,  Peoria High School

ü  Nov 10 - La Paz County , Parker High School.

ü  Nov 10 - Graham/Greenlee County, Safford Graham County General Services Bldg.

ü  Nov 10  - Yuma County, Yuma  School District One

ü  Nov 12 - Santa Cruz County , Nogales, Santa Cruz County Complex

ü  Nov 17 - Maricopa County , Phoenix, Madison Elementary School District

ü  Nov 18 – Gila County, Globe, Gila County Board of Supervisors Room


·       November 18 Is The Deadline for submitting public comments on the nine Arizona Supreme Court judge candidates. Anonymous comments cannot be considered. See applications at Send written comments to  to 1501 W. Washington, Suite 221, Phoenix, AZ 85007 or by e-mail to The Commission will meet at 8 am, Nov 20  a.m. to hear public comment and interview the candidates. Three nominees will be forwarded to Gov Doug Ducey for appointment to fill the opening created by retiring Justice Rebecca White Berch. The candidates are:

ü  Clint D. Bolick, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute

ü  Michael J. Brown, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I

ü  Kent E. Cattani, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I

ü  Daisy J. Flores, of Flores & Clark, LLC

ü  Andrew W. Gould, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I

ü  Maurice Portley, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I

ü  Timothy J. Thomason, a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge

ü  Samuel A. Thumma, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I

ü  Lawrence F. Winthrop, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge - Division I



·        Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 





·        ACT! For America Tucson/Marana Chapter will meet at 6 pm., Wed., Nov 4 at the Nanini Branch Library, 7300 N. Shannon Road, Tucson, AZ 85741 (520-594-5365). Speaker Col Jon Gold, US Army Retired, will discuss “The Refugee Crisis:  Phase 6 - Islamic Invasion.” Goodies to be provided.   RSVP: Lyle at  or cell at (520) 820-8258!   See website at & ACT national at 



·        Central Republican Women Of Phoenix will meet Nov. 5 at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E Thomas.  Speaker:  Trevor Laky, Southwest Regional Coordinator of the Heritage Action Alliance., will give an update what is happening in Congress.  Social at 5:30 pm. , dinner at 6:15. $30 per dinner. RSVP: Tina Shaw or 623-934-9730.  A reservation made is a reservation paid.. Contact info:   (602) 252-6300.)


·        The City of Scottsdale Transportation Commission and Transportation Department are developing a new Transportation Master Plan.  During these conversations, it was suggested to reduce Scottsdale Road in downtown Scottsdale from TWO LANES-per-direction to ONE LANE-per-direction.  A draft Transportation Master Plan will be prepared at the Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3 and Dec 19 Transportation Commission meetings.. Contact: Paul  Basha, Scottsdale Transportation Director at (480) 312-7645 or


·        An 8 Am., Nov 5 Three-Mile Moderate-Paced  Hike is planned through Usery Mountain Regional Park, 3939 N Usery Pass Road, Mesa, 85207. Bring water and wear close toes shoes.  Ph: (480) 984-0032


·        "Just For Kids" - Story Time In The Desert - Usery Park   Is scheduled at 11 am., Nov 5. Bring picnic lunch to enjoy after the session. Bring water and closed-toe shoes. Suggested ages 3-5 (accompanied by parent or caregiver.  Ph: (480) 984-0032


·        The Colorado River Tea Party will not meet Nov 5 in lieu of Supt of Public Education Diane Douglas’ meeting at 6 pm., at the Arizona Western College, Schoening Center, 2020 S Ave 8 E. Yuma.  Contact: Chr Sally Kizer


·        Mesa Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Thurs, Nov 5 at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213.  Our "Honoring our Veterans" meeting will include speaker Dan Caldwell, Legislative and Political Director for Concerned Veterans for America (CVA).  Also speaking briefly will be WWII Veteran Robert Sternecker and a special guest attending this month is WWII Veteran Victor "Vic" Giles who turned 90 last summer.   RSVP deadline is Sun., Nov. 29 to  or call (480) 615-0524.  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. For Veterans this month only, lunch is $8.  Membership is $25, Jan-Dec and Men Associate Memberships $15.  The club meets the first Thursday of each month.  The Dec 3rd meeting is their annual Christmas Party and Membership Drive.  $5 for lunch in December with paid 2016 renewals and new memberships.  Contact: President Sherry Pierce at the above phone or email address.


NOV 06

·        Grande Valley Women’s R. C. meets at Tommy’s Bistro  Garden 913 8th Street .  Casa

Grande at 5:30pm


·        The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Nov 7 to elect new officers and hear presentations by State Treasurer Jeff DeWit on his duties and the condition of the state’s finances and former Sen Russell Pearce, author of SB1070 that addressed illegal immigration.  Doors open at 8 am with coffee and donuts. $2 admission fee to cover rental expenses. The meeting is scheduled in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundations Building , 14465 R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West Arizona. Contact: John Neal


·        The Tempe Republican Women are hosting another packing party from 10:30 am-12:30 pm., Nov 7 to prepare care packages for troops at 1201 S 7th Ave # 50, Phoenix, AZ 85007. RSVP Here!


·        The 11th Annual Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade, honoring Korean War Veterans, will begin at 10 am., Nov 7 in Anthem, sponsored by the Daisy Mountain Veterans  -- an alliance of members of the America Legion Post 128, and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12031  Parade route begins at Gavilan Peak Parkway and ends at the Community Center. "On the 65th anniversary of the Korean War, we honor the services and sacrifices of Korean War veterans. Please join us at this year's parade," said Lance Sherwood, parade co-chair.  Contact:  For more information email


·        The Alex Meluskey For Senate Campaign has a new campaign headquarters, at 10603 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 110. Scottsdale, AZ 85260. There will be a grand opening “Open House” on Nov 7, preceded by a press conference and open interviews with Meluskey.  Contact: Comm Dir  Joel Andrews Frewa JoelFrewa  (954) 907-3292.



·        Congressman Paul Gosar has scheduled Town Halls at 6 pm, Nov 9 in Prescott and Dec 14 in Kingman.  Details are  or call 480-0882-2697.


·        LD 29 will meet at 7 pm., Mon, Nov 9, at 12836 W Colter St, Litchfield Park, 85340. 6 pm social.  Senate candidates Alex Meluskey and Claire Van Steenwyk will be in attendance. Contact Chairman Alan Gaugert   623-330-3622.


·        Western Pinal County Chapter Of AZRA meets at Siegals Suites Select 540 N. Cacheris Court, Casa Grande.  Guest Speaker:  Craig McFarland, Candidate for Mayor Casa Grande.


·        A Three-5 Mile Hike is scheduled at 9 Am, Nov 9  in the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, 44000 N. Spur Cross Road, Cave Creek, AZ 85331 with a park docent. Bring water and a snack  Wear sturdy shoes Meet in the Spur Cross parking area  Ph: 480-488-6601  Ph: 480-488-6601


NOV 10.

·        The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Nov10 to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery discuss ‘Crime and Punishment 2015’ in the Arizona Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. Rep JD Mesnard will provid an update on election news.  Contact: Chr Mike Tennant at a480-802-0178.


·        LD 13 will meet at 7 pm, Tues., Nov 10 at the Wigwam, 300 E Wigwam Blvd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 with registration starting at 6:30pm. Note change of location for meeting.  Guest Speaker: Secretary of State Michelle Reagan. Pictures will be taken of each individual LD 13 PC present for your name badge.  Contact: Wally Campbell, LD 13 Chairman at 623-451-1100.


·        Congressmen Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Martha McSally, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert are hosting a reception honoring House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy at 4 pm., Tues., Nov 10, followed by a 5 pm round table discussion, a 5:30 pm host committee reception,  and general reception at the home or Robert and Penny Sarver, 5710 N Yucca Road,  Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Requested contribution  Round-table - $10,000 per person, $5,000 per person or PAC general reception, $500 per person or PAC. RSVP to Lindsey Seitchik at 480-494-5784 .


·        Superstition Mountain Republican Club meets 6:30pm at Road Haven Mobile Park, Apache Junction.



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·       Congressman Paul Gosar - She Knew All Along... Check out my interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network discussing the Benghazi Select Committee. Despite attempts from critics to frame this investigation as unnecessary, the Select Committee has uncovered untold new facts that have never surfaced before. This includes the fact that Hillary Clinton admitted that a video had nothing to do with attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. Secretary Clinton sent an email to her family stating It was a planned attack not a protest... yet she continued to push the false video narrative to the public for weeks. Congress has a responsibility to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions and I will continue to do so from my position on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.





·        Arizona-Phoenix-School-Bond-Override-Election-Results

·        Glendale-Council-Gary-Sherwood-Recall-Election-Results

·        Scottsdale-Voters-Decide-$96-Million-Bonds

·        Election-Results: School-Bonds-Budget-Overrides-In-Voters-Hands

·        Election: Oro Valley Mayor, Town Council Survive Recall Election

·        Election: All Pima County Bond Propositions Fail

·        Election: Rothschild Re-Elected; City Council Members Hold Onto Seats

·        Election: Tucson Voters Boot Red Light Cameras

·        Valley-Drivers-Ignoring-Stopped-School-Buses

·        County-Treasurer-Defends-Russell-Pearce-Over-Immigration-E-Mails

·        US-Moving-Jets-Intended-For-Air-To-Air-Combat-To-Syria

·        In Separate Cases More Than 270 Pounds Of Marijuana Was Seized

·        Rescuers Prepare For An Earthquake Disaster

·        Laurie Roberts: -Russell-Pearce-County-Email-Rants-Defended-His-Boss

·        It Is For The Children

·        Cost Of Arpaio Court-Monitor Grows By $1.28M

·        Maricopa County Supervisors Change Employee Merit Rules

·        Border Patrol Agents Join Tarantino Protest

·        PCC Students Use Images Of UCC Vicitms For Dias De Los Muertos Altar

·        Forecast-Calls-For-Snow-Accumulation-In-Northern-Arizona

·        ADOT Detectives Break Up Fake ID, Document Operation Run By Illegal Alien

·        Governor-Signs-Petition-To-Bring-Uber-To-Sky-Harbor

·        FTC Flushes Wet Wipe Flushing Advertising Claims

·        Resolution Requires Navajo Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice To Have Jd

·        Tax Reform Is Having A Comeback

·        Deputies Take Cocaine, Heroin Off Yavapai County Streets

·        ASU Parents, Students Disappointed After Social Media Threat Response

·        Buckeye Grandfather Abandons 5 Year Old In Desert With Loaded Gun

·        Yellowstone-Area Grizzlies No Longer Need Protection, U.S. Says

·        Border Patrol Chief Padilla Leaving Tucson Sector