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11-14-15 Briefs

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Saturday – Nov 14, 2015


·       Yesterday, LD30 Secretary Sharon Altenhoff reported that several LD30 Committee Chairmen are resigning their chairmanship of various committees as of the Thursday evening Executive Board meeting. 11-13-15-briefs  

This morning, LD30 Gary Cox says the LD30 Executive Board meeting was “confrontational and various members of the committee discussed the possibility of resignations if the Special meeting and a new chairman is elected Monday evening.”

Altenhoff  stands by her report, saying she recorded the Nov 12 LD30 board meeting with the approval of those in attendance.  She provided documentation of Cox’s Nov 12 resignation letter written to Acting Chairman Bud Zomok stating, “Please accept this letter as notification that I herewith resign as Chairman of the LD 30 Nomination Committee effective immediately. Please also be advised that I am also resigning my position as Finance Chairman effective 11/17/15. I am staying in place as Finance Committee Chairman until 11/17 because LD 30 has a legal obligation to make refunds to individuals who have purchased raffle tickets; since we were unsuccessful in selling the 300 tickets that were needed to be sold in order to fulfill the commitment to purchase and award prizes as advertised.”

Documentation from other LD30 sources reveal:

ü  Zomok’s 9:42 pm Nov 12  e-mail that  reads “…all members of the board with the exception of Sharon will be submitting their resignation tonight and I will forward mine and their resignations to MCRC (Chairman Tyler Bowyer) tomorrow.  We are not resigning our roles as PC, just resigning our roles as board members. 

ü  LD30’s Parlimentarian Thomas Manson’s resignation letter was e-mailed to fellow LD30 members at 11 am, Nov 13.

ü  About 11 pm., Fri, Nov 13, Cox e-mailed MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer requesting his presence at the Nov 16 special meeting called by a group of grassroots PCs.

ü  Second Vice Chairman David Snodgrass did not resign as indicated in Zomok’s Nov 12 e-mail.

    This morning Cox rescinded his resignation until after the Mon., Nov. 16 meeting. However, there appears to be differences of opinion as to whether Cox’s rescinded  resignation can be accepted without a vote of the LD30 PCs.


·       Guess-Who-The-French-Intelligence-Director-Met-With-Just-Prior-To-Paris-Attacks"However, let's keep in mind that the CIA armed these same jihadists in the Middle East and the US government has funded and trained them. The official story is that they were trained to deal with Assad in Syria, but though that battle continues to rage, the reality is that many of those same jihadis gave their allegiance to the Islamic State. And before anyone says that Republicans would have done anything different, let me remind you that Mitt Romney wanted to arm these same devils and others like John McCain and Lindsey Graham saw to it that they were!"   Also see 2-19-12 The Hill mccain-graham-call-for-us-to-arm-syrian-rebels

·       The Western Pinal Republicans will meet at 10 am, Sat., Nov 21 at the Old Court House in Florence, AZ to hear blogger /author Kirk Fowler.  Contact: Irene Littleton

·       There will be a Carson for President organizational meeting Nov 19 at Valley Christian High School, 6900 W. Galveston Street (Ray Rd. and Priest / 56 St.) Chandler, AZ 85226.  Volunteers can become involved in the campaign. Contact:  Diane Ortiz-Parsons


·       Ray Kouns From Aquila is running for state rep LD-13 and need your help gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot.  You can sign on line at the   Contact Kouns at 928-685-3284 or at

·       Phil Cobbin Of  Rimrock is forming an LD6 Study Committee “to get enough LD6 PC’s organized to muscle past the county chairs who have generally been useless.”  Interested persons can contact him at  928-525-4393

·       LD25 PC Karen Gevaert: As stated in a news report by "The Post" a conservative perspective--the attack on Paris is designed to frighten the "world."  Also stated by "The Post" that these terrorists came in with the "Syrian Refugees."  What more do we need to know?  We-the-people need to "Demand" that our governor and state officials  Stop any immigrant from entering our state.  I beg--please call our state people and Demand them to protect our state from invasion.

·       The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party is hosting “Four ‘Outlaws’ – One Day – One Location” at 1:30 pm., Sat., Nov 21 in the private dining room of the Steak Our Restaurant in Sonoita, AZ. The event features Kelli Ward, who is looking to “unseat” Sen John McCain; Edna San Miguel, who is ‘”gunning” for Raul Grijalva’s US House seat;  Shelly Kais, who wants to become a member of the “R” Posse in LD2; and Chris Ackerley, who is ‘hankering’ for a second term in LD2.


·       Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward regarding the horrific attacks in Paris "My heart goes out all of the families that have experienced such horrible loss at the hands of Islamic terrorists and I will continue to pray for the safety of those around the world that are being  killed, tortured and maimed in the name of Islam." 

·       The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95, in Yuma to hear Mayor Doug Nicholls. Contact:

·       The Non-Profit, Private Bethany Christian School is hosting a Ladies Night Out on Nov. 17, from 6-8 p.m., at the school, 6304 S. Price Road in Tempe. There will be numerous vendors selling everything from beauty products and clothing to home décor and jewelry. A portion of all the proceeds raised will go towards the school. The event is free and open to all members of the public.

·       The AzRA Lake Havasu City Chapter is hosting Cathi Herrod from the Center for Arizona Policy at a special meeting at 7 pm., Mon., Nov16, at Lakeview Community Church 1699 W. Acoma Blvd in Lake Havasu.  Pastors in Lake Havasu have notified their congregations of the meeting, so early arrival is recommended for best seating. This meeting will focus on the family issues that will be paramount on the political scene in the coming year to include: protecting preborn babies and their mothers, responding to the planned parenthood videos, defending religious freedom and equipping citizens for the 2016 election, For more information about this event, or on how to become an AzRA member, contact Richard Hawkins at:


·       LD15 (North Phoenix Republicans) will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Nov 24 at Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 7th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. Visitors welcome. Speakers include House Education Chair Paul Boyer addressing “Funding AZ Education Using Land Trust Funds  and Aimee Rigler, Director of Communications and Government Relations for Arizona Free Enterprise. Contact Chairman David Henderson

·       LD22 is calling for food volunteers for its Mon, Nov 16 meeting.  If you can bring a dish please contact Heather Morgan at 602-410-9817 or


·       The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Nov 17 with State Treasurer Jeff DeWit at the Anthem Civic Building at 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85027. Contact: Vera Anderson at: or (602) 821-4675.


·       The Chino Valley  Pachyderm will meet with US Senate candidate Kelli Ward at 7 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 at the Prescott Golf & Country Club in Dewey. RSVP to or 928-636-7355


·       Arrowhead Republican Women will be meet Dec12 at Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West for their holiday Bling Bingo meeting. Check-in begins 10:45am, luncheon begins 11:30am. Reservation is required. $25 payable by cash or check at the door, INCLUDES a bingo card with many blingy prizes available Reservations must be made through or http://arrowheadr/luncheons..  ARW is open to Republican women registered to vote in AZ - Republican men may join as associate members.


·       Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: In case you aren't already aware of the case Sheriff Joe has been able to bring before the Supreme Court against Obama's reckless amnesty orders you might be well served to read  Obama's illegal amnesty heads to Supreme Court.  We all know the danger our country is in due to our unsecured borders.  The ACLU has taken the position along with the present Administration in Washington that the illegal entry of countless millions into this country should go unnoticed.  The open borders people in BOTH parties are competing for the affections of those who have broken the law when they entered this country illegally.  No other elected official in this state (and few in this entire country) has taken and maintained the position Sheriff Arpaio has on Illegal Immigration.  Nor have any paid the price he has paid.  Now, when we consider what has transpired in France due to their open borders it should send a chill up all of our spines. How sad that hundreds of people had to die before their government FINALLY closed their borders. We should all ask ourselves one extremely important question: "Why is Sheriff Joe the "last man standing" on our behalf when it comes to the subject of Illegal Immigration and our elected officials?  And what can we do about it?  Wake up folks.


·       RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in response to tonight’s Democrat primary debate: "In what should have been a walk in the park for Hillary Clinton, tonight’s debate reinforced that she is inconsistent on issues, weak on terrorism and beholden to special interests.After running to the right of President Obama in 2008, tonight Clinton continued to shift to the left on issue after issue to keep up with a seventy-four year old socialist from Vermont.In the shadow of yesterday’s attacks in Paris, Clinton refused to call out 'Islamic extremism' or President Obama’s failing ISIS strategy. And in a new low, Hillary Clinton shamefully hid behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks in a bizarre attempt to deflect attention from her ties to her wealthy donors.Tonight only reinforced why we need to send a Republican to the White House and that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats don’t have the ideas to keep America safe."

·       Video: Obama in LaLa Land. “We Have Constrained ISIL” — Meaning ISIS A few hours before the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, President Obama gave an interview on ABC News. He spoke of the U.S. military as constraining ISIS — he always calls this well-organized Muslim army ISIL — which is preposterous. Russian planes have constrained ISIS. He spoke of “we.” There is no “we.” There are … read more


·       Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris, France: “My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people of France. America stands with our ally, the French government and citizens, as they mourn, heal, rebuild and prepare their response to this monstrous act of mass murder by ISIL. President Hollande is right: This is an act of war, and America must treat this attack on one as an attack on all. The horrific attacks in Paris must be a wake-up call for America and our government. Just weeks ago we saw a civilian airliner likely blown up by ISIL in Egypt, killing all aboard. Now we see the coordinated attacks in Paris that have killed more than 100 innocent people. There should be no doubt that ISIL poses a direct threat to the United States. This threat has been allowed to grow and gather strength in Iraq and Syria for nearly five years. As a result, ISIL and its adherents are expanding across the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia and radicalizing aspiring terrorists in Europe and America. This growing threat is a failure of U.S. foreign policy, and if the Administration does not get more serious about combatting it, our nation and our people will pay a grave price.”


·       Public Input Will Be Accepted for the Standards Development Committee on the current Math and ELA standards based on Common Core which were adopted in 2010 at 6 pm., Tues, Nov 17 at  Maricopa County/Madison Elementary School District One,  5601 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016   public-input-meeting/2015/11/17 and at 6 pm., Wed., Nov 18 at the Gila County - Globe, Gila County Board of Supervisors Room, 1400 E Ash St, Globe, AZ 8550   input-meeting/2015/11/18  Online comments: until November 20th.


·        Comments Will Be Accepted through Fri, Nov 20 on the current Math and English Language Arts (ELA) Standards that align to Common Core. See comment-standards  and feds-admit-u-s-education-department-forced-states-accept-common-core-start Comments can be mailed to State Board of Education, Attn: K12 Standards Public Input, 1700 W. Washington, Executive Tower Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.


·       Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced that filing paperwork for candidates who have filed for the Presidential Preference Election, scheduled for March 22, 2016, is available online, and will be updated regularly as candidates file:

Candidates for the PPE have until December 14 to file. In order to file as a presidential candidate, the candidate must have 500 valid signatures from qualified electors or qualified for the ballot in two other states with primary elections. Contact: Kim Crawford, Communications Manager   602-542-2228


·       A “Republic We Will Keep” gathering is scheduled Sat., Dec 5 at the  Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona.  BBQ, private motor speedway, shoot machine guns with a certified, insured range master, and tour a private collection of Cold War fighter jets. RSVP: - !a-republic-we-will-keep/c213c    Info on Inde Motorsports Ranch go to:


·       Two Heroic Survivors From The Benghazi Annex Team will  address “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”  at 7 pm., Nov 16 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  Marines, American Security Operatives and co-authors Mark “Oz” Geist and John “Tig” Tiegen will share their first-hand experience of those w ho defended the diplomatic compound and CIA Annex in Benghazi on Sept 11, 2012.  The movie, by the same name, will be released in January 2016.  A 6 pm VIP and sponsor reception is scheduled prior the men’s presentation.  General admission $40 per person, $75 per couple. VIP seating, reception, photo and autographed book - $150.  Cash bar. Movie trailer at  Tickets available at  Contact: Anna Morrison at 623-234-3717


·       Superintendent Diane Douglas “We Heard You” Tour schedule: 6 pm at:

ü  Tues., Nov 17 - Mohave County Board of Supervisors Auditorium, Kingman.

ü  Wed., Nov 18 - Canyon del Oro High School, Oro Valley.

ü  Thurs., Nov 19 - Catalina Magnet High School Auditorium, Tucson.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues, Dec 1 in the Grand Canyon Room at Sun City W Foundation Plaza, 14465 W RH Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375 to hear author Dick Morris  address “How to win an Election”.  STPP meets the first and third Tuesday of the month. Contact: John Madeira   480-359-1784

·       Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots has kicked off its annual food drive through Dec 15.. See Bring donated items to the first and third Tuesday meetings. Meetings are held at 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, Contact:  Chr Vera Anderson 602-821-4675 or


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will conduct a  “Have Coffee With The Congressman” Dec 14 in Lake Havasu City.  For information call 480-882-2697  or go to  Details tba




NOV 16

·        The  Paradise Republican Women invite you to learn more about the “13 Hours in Benghazi: The Inside Account of What Really Happened” with speakers Mark “OZ” Geist and John “Tig” Tiegen at 7 pm Mon., Nov 16 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258.  6pm VIP and Sponsors Reception.  Geist and Tiegen are Marines, security operatives and co-authors who share their first -hand knowledge of the Battle of Benghazi. Tickets $40 per person, $75 per couple. VIP Seating / Reception / Photo / Autographed Book $150 . Contact: Anna Morrison  623-234-3717. Sponsor Packages Available.  Cash Bar. Movie to be released Jan. 2016.


·        The Leisure World Republican Club will meet with gun rights advocate Alan Korwin at 7 pm., Mon, Nov 16 in Rec2 Pima, 908 S Power Road, Mesa. Veterans will be honored. Free slice of pumpkin pie. 50/50 drawing. Contact: Diane Andersen


·        “Is There A Future For The Tea Party?” will be the topic of discussion at 6:30 pm., Mon, Nov 16 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx, 85028. Contact Chairman Ron Ludders   602.677.1496


·        Cathi Herrod, President Of The Center For Arizona Policy, will be making a presentation on protecting preborn babies and their mothers, the Planned Parenthood videos and related issues at 7pm, Mon., Nov 16 at the Lakeview Community Church, 1699 W Acoma Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ. Contact: Richard Hawkins 298-230-9183 or  602.424.2525, Ext 230 | C: 480.296.3772


·        The Sun City Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon, Nov 16 in the Sundial Center 14801 N 103rd. Ave.  Sun City AZ.  Speakers: US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, a two term Arizona legislator and incumbent Arizona Senate candidate Debbie Lesko. Social house at 6:30 pm.  Club Contact:


·        The Heritage Foundation is scheduled to be in Scottsdale on Mon., Nov. 16 as part of its nationwide tour to ‘Reclaim America.’ Register here


·        There Are A Few Spots Remaining for the Mon, Nov 16 rally in Scottsdale to Reclaim America. The Heritage Foundation is leading an unprecedented fight to reverse America's course. RSVP here: 


NOV 17

·        The Federalist Phoenix Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter will address “Pot or Not? High-minded Federalism vs. Homegrown Policy” at 6:30pm., Tues., Nov 17 with panelists  J.P. Holyoak, Holyoak Wealth Management of Scottsdale, Prof. Joshua Kleinfeld, Northwestern University School of Law of Chicago, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. RSVP required .  Tickets available online only homegrown-policy-tickets  No sales at door. Appetizers at 6pm.  Cash bar available. 


·        The  Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Nov 17 in the  Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.) to  address the controversial issue of the legalization of marijuana for "recreational" use in AZ.  There is an effort to get this question on the November 2016 ballot. Speakers: Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney and Co-Chair of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. Free admission. Donations to offset expenses are appreciated. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or


·        The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Nov 17   in the Grand Canyon Room at Sun City W Foundation Plaza, 14465 W RH Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375 to hear Dr. Carl Goldberg address “What Non-Muslims Should Know About Islam.  STPP meets the first and third Tuesday of the month. Contact: John Madeira   480-359-1784

NOV 18

·        The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet Nov 18 at Grayhawk Golf Club,  8620 Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Matt Dobson, Arizona State Director at Concerned Veterans for America, will speak regarding the reforms being done to ensure accountability, performance and VA leadership to protect  veterans heath care from future disgrace and injustice. The  Deer Valley Color Guard will present colors.

·        Wreaths Across America will have $15 wreaths to purchase to be laid at Arlington Cemetery  on Dec12. The Nov 11 meeting social is at 11am, followed by lunch/program at 11:30 am. Luncheon $26 cash or check, $27 with credit card. RSVP Edith Stock or 480-298-7818.


·        The Tucson Eastside Republican Meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Wed., Nov 18 at the  Golf Links Library Community Room, 9640 E Golf Links  to hear Senate candidate Kelli Ward address national issues.  Contact: Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 Or Email


·        The Eastside Republicans will meet with US Senate candidate Kelli Ward at 6:30 pm., Wed., Nov 18 at the   Golf Links Library Community Room, 9640 E Golf Links, Tucson. Contact:  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 Or


·        The Women In Public Policy Luncheon is scheduled at noon, Nov 18 at the Phoenician, 6000 Camelback Road., Scottsdale featuring a fashion show and a “Fireside Chat” with Jessica Pacheco of APS and former Gov Jan Brewer. $75 per person. Table of 10 - $800. Power Table $1,000. Luncheon tickets only, RSVP at 602-889.7125  or  Entire program tickets at the Capitol Store or


NOV 19

·        San Tan Republicans will meet at 6pm Mountain Vista School, San Tan Heights. 


·        Prescott Valley Oathkeepers have moved their monthly meetings to the 3rd Thursdays of the month until further notice. They will meet at 5pm, Thurs., Nov 19 in the back dining room at the Puerta Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ, 86327 (green building) just south of the Fain Road/PCC intersection. All elected officials, emergency services, police and firefighters  are always welcome. RSVP to Frances Emma Barwood so they know how many to prepare for.


·        A “STOP The EPA’s Assault On Coal” Town Hall is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 in the Joseph City High School Auditorium, 4629 East 2nd North, Joseph City with Senator Sylvia Allen, Rep Brenda Barton, Rep Bob Thorpe, Navajo County Supervisor Jason Whiting, Apache County Supervisor Barry Weller, ADEQ, Eric Massey – What is the “EPA Clean Power Plant Plan?” and AG, Keith Miller (invited) – Arizona’s Lawsuit Against EPA.


·        The Ahwatukee Tea Party will meet at 7 pm., Thur., Nov 19  at the Fire Station #43, 4110 E Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (west side entrance on Chandler Blvd), to view the move “Disinformation, The Secret Strategy To Destroy The West”. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Contact:   Nov and Dec mtgs will be held at the fire station. The Tea Party will resume meeting at the Clarion Hotel in January 2016.


NOV 21

·        The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party is hosting “Four ‘Outlaws’ – One Day – One Location” at 1:30 pm., Sat., Nov 21 in the private dining room of the Steak Our Restaurant in Sonoita, AZ. The event features Kelli Ward, who is looking to “unseat” Sen John McCain; Edna San Miguel, who is ‘”gunning” for Raul Grijalva’s US House seat;  Shelly Kais, who wants to become a member of the “R” Posse in LD2; and Chris Ackerley, who is ‘hankering’ for a second term in LD2.


·        Breakfast with Judge of the Peace Clancy Jayne is scheduled from 8-10 am., Sat., Nov 21 at the Q Bar & Grill, 20818 N 19th, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.  Speakers include  Rep. Kate Brophy McGee,  Phoenix City Councilwoman Thelda Williams with Rep. Karen Fann as Master of Ceremonies. $50 per person. RSVP: 623-492-9976


·        Secretary of State Michele Reagan will address the 9 am., Sat, Nov 21 Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting.   KFYI radio personality Mike Broomhead will be featured at the 9 am.  Dec 12  Christmas Party in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montand Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ.  Contact: Club Sec. Boe James, at or


·        The Pinal Republican Committee  will meet at 10 am, Sat., Nov 21 at the Old Court House in Florence, AZ to hear blogger /author Kirk Fowler.  Contact: Irene Littleton

·        Moral Action Ministry presents “Standing for Life in a Culture of Death” between 9:45 am and 12:30 pm., Sat., Nov 21 at Dream City Church North Scottsdale Campus, 28700 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ. 85266 featuring two short documentary’s on a early Margaret Sanger interview and Eugencis in this country in the 1920s and 30s, along with three speakers – Dave Everitt, co-found of Crisis Pregnancy Centers; Freedom Fires Shane Krauser  on Constitution vs Abortion, and Jayson Walsh, AZ Right to Life.  Donations welcome. Information: or 602-818-8838.



·        Western Pinal County Chapter of AZRA meets at Siegals Suite Select  540 8th St, Casa Grande. Speaker: Susan Bitter Smith, AZ Corporation Commission.                


Candidate Corner

Please comply with the 300 word limit policy


·       US Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk on Terrorists Attack Paris: “As Our Father in Heaven Opens His Doors to Heaven Welcoming His Children who've Perished." Jean and my thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of both those who lost their lives as well as the injured and ask others to join us in the hope of Gods' Healing Hands in their time of sorrow and grief. This is just one more piece of evidence against the Islamic Jihadists.  I hope our Allies will join together in the cause to wipe them from the Face of the Earth, as they've proven not be worthy of sharing it with others. Paris is a direct result of the foreign policy of Obama and most of the World when it comes to dealing with the terrorists and those who support them throughout the Middle East. The Arab Spring has led to the rise of the Islamic State and helped to spread Islamic Jihad around the World including the US. Congress must declare War on them forcing Obama to take action, allowing such attacks as we sit watching the spread of Islamic State through terror frozen by fear. The nation building approach used has led to this and needs to be abandoned, those bent on our destruction can't be changed by believing or hoping its' true. The last 14 centuries prove these Islamic Jihadists and others won't change so contact Congress and request those who represent US to declare war, which will require President Obama to take action no more lines in the Sand, anyone drawing lines won't find them once the Wind Blows.  We must be prepared for more as the Islamic Jihadists have already declared War on US.  Senators McCain, Flake and Representatives Salmon, Schweikert, Gosar, Franks and McSally are you listening?



·        U.S. Law Enforcement In DC, NY And LA Go On High Alert In Wake Of Paris Attacks

·        Arizona’s Leaders React To Paris Massacre

·        Paris Lives Out The Horror Planned For Europe, U.S.

·        Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Water Rights

·        Parents-Must-Do-Homework On School Options

·        Republican-Ben-Carson-Files-Arizona-Presidential-Primary

·        Mesa-March-To Save-Salt-River-Wild-Horses

·        Border Patrol Agents Find Tunnel In Nogales

·        Four American Presidents Conducted Deportations

·        Kerik: Attacks Point To Massive Intel Failure

·        McCain-Announces-Arizona-Veterans-Coalition

·        Mesa Westwood High Security Guard Arrested For Sexual Abuse

·        Health Expo Set For Nov. 19

·        U-Of-A-Study-Could-Help-Prevent-AMD-In-Older-Americans

·        Windy-System-Poised-To-Unlock-Colder-Air

·        Political Insider: Where Will Extra State Budget Money Go?

·        Lawton, Burkholder File For Legal Vote In Tucson City Council Election

·        Sunnyside School District Aims To Fill 43 Positions

      Hawaii Election Only Allows People Of Certain Racial Background To Vote

·        Apartments-Made-From-Shipping-Containers-Ready-For-Phx Residents

·        Are You In The Top 50% Of Wage Earners In The USA?

·        French President Delivers Brazen Message To The Terrorists

·        Paris Attacks & Canceling 9/11 Remembrance At UMINN

·        Man Who Was Inside Paris Concert Hall During Attack Offers Horrifying Account Of What Happened



·        Donald Trump’s Implosion Difficult To Watch  Trump’s Increasingly Odd, Unpresidential Behavior

·        Terror In Paris: “We Are From ISIS”  Following Multiple, Coordinated Jihadi Attacks Throughout Paris, French Government Declares Full State Of Emergency, Closes Nation’s Borders

·        Flake, Hughes, Dog Deaths Case Back To Grand Jury?

·        Dole And Jeb! Establishment Keeps On Truckin’

·        Anarchy Reigns At University Of Missouri  Threat: “This Is Just The Beginning”

·        John McCain Makes “Most Vulnerable Senators” List

·        Sham Candidates Aid McCain  Can’t Win Candidates Flood The Field, Assist Mccain


·        The Resolution That No Other Maricopa County Republican Website Will Post

·        Still A Shot In Rural Counties To Influence Education Standards


·        Obama’s FCC Plans Sale Of U.S. Media To Foreigners

·        Confirmed – Paris Terrorist Registered In Greece As Syrian Refugee…

·        AzRA Lake Havasu Chapter Special Event

·        Illegal Deportations In US History

·        Dr. Carson - Illegals

·        Illegal Aliens From Jim Ehl

·        A Debtor Nation Is A Slave To The Highest Bidder


·        Trump-On-Paris; Only-Bad-Guys-Had-Guns

·        Paris-Attacks: Isis-Claims Responsibility, Belgium Makes Arrests

·        Donald Trump: Best-Speech - Full Speech In Fort Dodge, Ia

·        Trump-On-Isis

·        Isis-Claims-Responsibility-For-Paris Attacks

·        Ben-Carson’s-House-Homage-To-Himself



·        Arizona Has Severed Its Relationship With The "Common Core State Standards" 



·         Illegal Immigration Is 'Elephant In The Room' For Many GOP Candidates


·        Devout Muslims Cheer Paris Slaughter On Social Media

·        New Graphic Footage Of Paris Attacks *Warning*

·        Salon, Guardian Blame “Right-Wing” For Paris Jihad Attacks



·        Reince-Priebus-Hillary-Reached-A-New-Low-By-Invoking-911

·        Note-To-Gop-Establishment-If-Mitt-Romney-Enters-The-Race-This-Dog-Gets-It-In-The-Head


·        Four American Presidents Conducted Deportations

·        Is Obama’s Immigration Policy Letting In Paris-Like Terrorists?

·        Stopping The Flow Of Illegal Immigrants

·        Illegals-Cost-US-Taxpayers-Over-$90-Billion-Per-Year  

·        Illegal-Who-Ran-Over Cop-Deported-Three-Times

·        Remember 1986

·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2no    Border News Watch


·        Paris Jihad Mass Murderer Was A Syrian Refugee Who Arrived In Greece Last Month

·        YOUR TAX $:  US Welfare Pays For Up To Four Wives For Refugees

·        Hungary’s Orban: Migrant Invasion Is European Left, American Democrat Plot To Import Left-Wing Voters


§  Let’s Call Islamic Terrorists What They Call Themselves

·        Terror Group Leader Appointed To Florida School Board


·        Obama Starts His Assault On Gun Rights – Targets Private Sales!

·        ‘Not Made In Israel’: EU ‘Anti-Semitic’ Regs Under Fire


·        Muslim-Destroys-Girls-Genitals


·        Pentagon: Green Beret's Discharge 'Not Disciplinary'

·        Top U.S. General, Pentagon At Odds Over Russia's Capabilities         

·        VA Secretary Embarrassed Live On The Air

·        'We Were Just Soldiers Doing Our Job': Medal Of Honor Recipient Speaks To Greta


·        FBI Probing To See If Clinton Gave False Statements

·        Fmr. Cia Director Hayden: 'Our Worst Fears Realized'

·        FBI-1000-Active-Isis-Probes-Inside-Usa


·        Feds Increasingly Reading Your Emails, Medical Records Without Warrants


·        Court Deals Third Blow To Obama's Amnesty By Executive Action

·        A Look Inside The Courtroom Where Property Owners Fight The Government

·        Supreme Court Agrees To Hear First Abortion Case Since 2007


·        Johnson To Hold Hearing On Obama’s Climate Change ‘Power Grab’


·        Neil-Cavuto-Repeatedly-Confronts-Student-Pushing-Free-College-Plan-With-Harsh-Facts-Figures-During-Cringeworthy-9-Minute-Interview


·        Judge Jeanine Explains Why It's Too Early To Clear Pastor In Wife's Murder


·        Trump Pledges To Pursue Criminal Case Against Hillary If Elected

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