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11-17-15 Briefs

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Tuesday – Nov 17, 2015


“There's something strange about wanting to send our troops over to fight to save Syria, while bringing able-bodied Syrian men over here as refugees. They need to be fighting to save their country!” – author un known


·       Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) Chairman Thayer VerSchoor is urging the public to submit their comments by Friday, Nov 20 on K-12 Math and English Standards to Here’s now:

Click on “Comment on Standards” fill out the required info – then click on the “Subject” box and choose the ELA and when it opens, comment Adopt the Massachusetts Standards  (Do not pick a grade, it is not required)  Scroll down and hit the “submit” button.

When you submit, it will return you to their home page.  Click again on “Comment on Standards”, fill out the required info, except click on Math in the ”Subject Box”  Again,  the comment should be "Adopt the Massachusetts Standards "  (Do not pick a grade, it is not required) Again, scroll down and hit the “submit” button.

“Putting a lot of the other stuff on the comment might be therapeutic for us, but the reality is they will probably not read it and if they do, they will twist and contort it to get to a Common Core like standards.   We know Massachusetts is generally a liberal, progressive area, but Dr. Sandra Stotsky drove the process there and she is the leading national opponent on Common Core and a true conservative when it comes to k-12 standards.Again, The comment should be "Adopt the Massachusetts Standards" for both the Math and ELA subjects. This simple directive on what to use for standards leaves them no wiggle room,’ VerSchoor said.


·       The Arizona Attorney General’s Office will host a free Shred-a-thon from 10am –o 2 pm., Wed., Nov 18 in the parking lot of the AG’s office, 1275 W. Washington St., Phoenix AZ, 85007. Shredding your personal or sensitive documents is an important step to ensure your identity is not stolen. Shredding services will be provided by a division of The Centers for Habilitation (TCH) ASDD Document Destruction. Contact Community Outreach (602) 542-2123,

·        Deport Old People, They Are Easier To Catch  A Bit Of Humor


·       Kudos to Congresswoman Martha McSally for calling for a comprehensive strategy from the Obama Administration to defeat ISIS. Watch HERE.  CD2s McSally serves on the Armed Services and Homeland security Committee and was in the military for 26 years prior.


·       Hillary Clinton Is Wrong if she thinks Americans won’t remember she voted for middle-class tax hikes in the Senate, championed her husband’s middle-class tax hike that cost him Congress, and continues to defend President Obama’s middle-class tax hike called Obamacare,” said Michael Short, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. “If there was a tax on misleading campaign rhetoric, we could balance the budget with Hillary Clinton’s words alone.”


·       Superintendent Diane Douglas “We Heard You” Tour schedule: 6 pm at:

ü  Wed., Nov 18 - Canyon del Oro High School, Oro Valley.

ü  Thurs., Nov 19 - Catalina Magnet High School Auditorium, Tucson.


·       Public Input Will Be Accepted for the Standards Development Committee on the current Math and ELA standards based on Common Core at 6 pm., Wed., Nov 18 at the Gila County - Globe, Gila County Board of Supervisors Room, 1400 E Ash St, Globe, AZ 8550   input-meeting/2015/11/18  Online comments: until November 20th.


·       Comments Will Be Accepted through Fri, Nov 20 on the current Math and English Language Arts (ELA) Standards that align to Common Core. See comment-standards  and feds-admit-u-s-education-department-forced-states-accept-common-core-start Comments can be mailed to State Board of Education, Attn: K12 Standards Public Input, 1700 W. Washington, Executive Tower Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

·       The Auwatukee Tea Party will view ‘Disinformation, The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West”  at its 6:30 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 movie night at Fire Station #43, 4110 E Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85044 (Ahwatukee). Enter and park on the west side.

·       Forests-Ready-For Christmas-Tree-Cutting-Season   Permits no longer available at chain of sporting good stores, must be purchased at forest service ranger stations.


·       Senate Candidate Kelli Ward will address the Wickenburg Republicans Club at 7 pm, Mon. Nov 23 at the Lifeline Ambulance, 1155 Tegner.  Registered Republicans welcome.  Contact: Frosty Taylor


·       As The House Failed To Meet The 2/3 Threshold for passage of H.R. 308 Keep the Promise Act Congressman Trent Franks issued the following statement: “To allow a casino to be constructed on this tract of land is to set a dangerous precedent nationwide in which Indian tribes can use front companies to buy up land anywhere they choose and declare it part of their sovereign reservation. Such 'reservation shopping' could essentially allow any tribe to expand the borders of its reservation indefinitely, much like the Tohono O'odham tribe is attempting to do by illegally building a casino in the middle of Glendale, over 100 miles from the tribe's actual reservation. This bill and its passage would have served as a friendly reminder that the limits on casinos specifically promised back in 2002 during debate on Proposition 202 should be realized. Though this bill received a majority, it failed to reach the 2/3 threshold necessary. Unfortunately, Congress failed to reassert its long established history of regulating, managing, and working with tribes on tribal trust land, specifically where this unlawful casino is being built. I am disappointed that some of my colleagues voted to allow the Tohono O'odham tribe to disregard their end of the deal and dishonor their promise to the other tribes and to Arizonans."

·       Former LD13 Chairman Robert Branch: Over one half of the United States’ governors say Syrian refugees are not welcome in their states, and it is bipartisan! In just one day, 26 state governors said no to Syrian refugees invoking state rights, and a number of the member of congress are writing bills to stop the proposed 100,000 undocumented, unvetted Syrian refugees. If your state is not one of the 26, write your governor and your congressional representative, and get them to say, “We will keep American safe!”


·       PC Anna Morrison: Thank you for sharing the Benghazi Event information for Paradise Republican Women in the Briefs.  The event was very well attended and the two gentlemen did an outstanding job of sharing their experience on what happened in those 13 Hours.


·       More Than Half The Nation's Governors Say Syrian Refugees Not Welcome.  More than half the nation's governors -- 27 states -- say they oppose letting Syrian refugees into their states, although the final say on this contentious immigration issue will fall to the federal government. States protesting the admission of refugees range from Alabama and Georgia, to Texas and Arizona, to Michigan and Illinois, to Maine and New Hampshire. Among these 27 states, all but one have Republican governors. paris-attacks: syrian-refugees-backlash


·       Limbaugh: Obama-Not-Interested-In-Winning-Against-ISIS 'They're asking us to not believe exactly what we see'

·       Congrats to Anna Stowe on her election as the new chairman for LD30. Let’s hope the lady can bring some tranquility to the LD that has been in turmoil for close to a year now.


·       Where-Syrian-Refugees-Are-In-The-United-States  See map


·       Sheron Jones, Chapter President Of The Gold Star Mothers in Tucson is asking for donations to place wreaths on the graves of all veterans on at 10 am, Dec 12 at the Evergreen Cemetery on Oracle Road,  3015 N. Oracle Rd. Wreaths are $15 each.  Sen Kelli Ward will be the Ceremony speaker . Contact: or 520-390-1704.


·       Be Informed:  Download these two documents and keep them handy: Rules of the Republican Party  and   Bylaws of the Arizona Republican Party.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will address the San Tan Republican Club at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 at the Mountain Vista Middle School, 33622 N Mountain Vista, Blvd, San Tan, AZ


·       The Arizona Dept of Education and the Institute for Educational Leadership will host a Parent Teacher Twitter Chat between 7-8 pm., Wed., Nov 18 on strategies to strengthen family, school and community partnerships. The conversation will focus on the National Network of Partnership Schools' Six Types of Involvement at #PTChat on Twitter. Open an account at or use to participate without an account.


·       Floating Around The Internet:  MERRY CHRISTMAS   Your First Christmas  Card  

T'was two months before Christmas

When all through our land,
               Not a Christian was praying 

             Nor taking a stand.

Why the PC Police had taken away

The reason for Christmas - no one could say.
            The children were told by their schools not to sing

            About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and  things.

It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would  say  

December 25th is just a ' Holiday '.
            Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, cheques and  credit 

            Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!

CD's from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-Pod

  Something was changing, something quite odd!
            Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa

            In hopes to sell books by Fran-ken & Fonda..

As Targets were hanging their trees upside down
At Lowe's the word Christmas - was nowhere to be  found.
            At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears
            You won't  hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.
Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-is-ty
Are words that were used to intimidate me.
            Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen
            On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!

At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter
To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.
            And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith
            Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace
The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and  discarded
The reason for the season, stopped before it started.

            So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'
            Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.

Choose your words carefully, choose what you say
  not "Happy Holiday "!


·       The Public is invited to give comments on Arizona K-12 Math, Reading/Writing Standards until Nov 20th: 


·       A Cookie Exchange And “Cookies For Davis Monthan Airmen” is scheduled between 10 am and noon, Sat., Dec 19 in the Wilmot Library Community Room, 530 N Wilmot. Partipants are asked either bring home-made cookies for the airmen, or both the exchange and for the airmen.  Parralee Schneider says the first year people donated enough cookies for one squadron. Last year they had enough for two squadrons. This year’s goal is three squadrons. The event is sponsored by the LD10, Tucson Republican Women & Eastside Republicans. Contact:  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 OR


·       Petition To Place a Moratorium on all Refugee Resettlement from the Middle East in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks.


·       Incumbents LD11 Sen. Steve Smith, Rep Mark Finchem, and Rep Vince Leach are asking their constituents to sign their 2016 election petitions on line at


·       Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas’  “We Heard You Tour” will be at the Catalina Magnet High School Auditorium, 3645 E Pima St, Tucson, AZ 85716 Tucson at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 19.  The Public may comment on Arizona K-12 Math, Reading/Writing Standards until Nov 20th:


·       LD13 House Candidate Ray Kouns needs help gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot.  You can sign on line at the   Contact Kouns at 928-685-3284 or at

·       Phil Cobbin Of  Rimrock is forming an LD6 Study Committee “to get enough LD6 PC’s organized to muscle past the county chairs who have generally been useless.”  Interested persons can contact him at  928-525-4393.

·       Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced that filing paperwork for candidates who have filed for the Presidential Preference Election, scheduled for March 22, 2016, is available online, and will be updated regularly as candidates file:

Candidates for the PPE have until December 14 to file. In order to file as a presidential candidate, the candidate must have 500 valid signatures from qualified electors or qualified for the ballot in two other states with primary elections. Contact: Kim Crawford, Communications Manager   602-542-2228


·        Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 




NOV 18

·        The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet Nov 18 at Grayhawk Golf Club,  8620 Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Matt Dobson, Arizona State Director at Concerned Veterans for America, will speak regarding the reforms being done to ensure accountability, performance and VA leadership to protect  veterans heath care from future disgrace and injustice.  RSVP Edith Stock or 480-298-7818.


·        LD5 Sen Kelli Ward, a candidate for the US Senate, will address the Eastside Republicans at 6:30 pm., Wed., Nov 18 in the Golf Links Library Community Room ~ 9640 E Golf Links in Tucson.


·        The Arizona American African Republican Committee will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., Nov 18 at GOP headquarters, 3501 N 24st, Phx . Everyone is invited to attend. Contact: Rev Clyde Bowen  602-274-5439


·        The Tucson Eastside Republican Meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Wed., Nov 18 at the  Golf Links Library Community Room, 9640 E Golf Links  to hear Senate candidate Kelli Ward address national issues.  Contact: Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 Or Email


·        The Women In Public Policy Luncheon is scheduled at noon, Nov 18 at the Phoenician, 6000 Camelback Road., Scottsdale featuring a fashion show and a “Fireside Chat” with Jessica Pacheco of APS and former Gov Jan Brewer. $75 per person. Table of 10 - $800. Power Table $1,000. Luncheon tickets only, RSVP at 602-889.7125  or  Entire program tickets at the Capitol Store or


·        The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association will host Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith at its 11:30 am., Wed., Nov 18 luncheon at Gallagher & Kennedy, 2575 E Camelback Rd, 8th Floor-Henze Hall, Phx, AZ 85016 (Validation on the 11th Flr). $20 - members, $35 -  non-members. RSVP:  Watch for email response. 


NOV 19

·        San Tan Republicans will meet at 6pm Mountain Vista School, San Tan Heights. 


·        The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95, in Yuma to hear Mayor Doug Nicholls. Contact:

·        The Chino Valley  Pachyderm will meet with US Senate candidate Kelli Ward at 7 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 at the Prescott Golf & Country Club in Dewey. RSVP to or 928-636-7355


·        Prescott Valley Oathkeepers have moved their monthly meetings to the 3rd Thursdays of the month until further notice. They will meet at 5pm, Thurs., Nov 19 in the back dining room at the Puerta Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ, 86327 (green building) just south of the Fain Road/PCC intersection. All elected officials, emergency services, police and firefighters  are always welcome. RSVP to Frances Emma Barwood so they know how many to prepare for.


·        A “STOP The EPA’s Assault On Coal” Town Hall is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Nov 19 in the Joseph City High School Auditorium, 4629 East 2nd North, Joseph City with Senator Sylvia Allen, Rep Brenda Barton, Rep Bob Thorpe, Navajo County Supervisor Jason Whiting, Apache County Supervisor Barry Weller, ADEQ, Eric Massey – What is the “EPA Clean Power Plant Plan?” and AG, Keith Miller (invited) – Arizona’s Lawsuit Against EPA.


·        The Ahwatukee Tea Party will meet at 7 pm., Thur., Nov 19  at the Fire Station #43, 4110 E Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (west side entrance on Chandler Blvd), to view the move “Disinformation, The Secret Strategy To Destroy The West”. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Contact:   Nov and Dec mtgs will be held at the fire station. The Tea Party will resume meeting at the Clarion Hotel in January 2016.


·        The Cobre Valley Republican Club will meet at 9:30 am, Sat., Nov 21 in their headquarters in downtown Globe.  Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Al Melvin will be the speaker. Contact:


·        There Will Be A Carson For President organizational meeting at 6:30 pm, Nov 19 at Valley Christian High School, 6900 W. Galveston Street (Ray Rd. and Priest / 56 St.) Chandler, AZ 85226.  Volunteers can become involved in the campaign. Contact:  AZ Campaign Coordinator Diane Ortiz-Parsons


·        LD25 - The Republican Party of Mesa District Meeting will be held at 7 pm, Nov 19 at  the Mesa Utilities Building , 640 N. Mesa Dr. Mesa, AZ.  Speakers: Mesa City Councilman Dave Richins and Arizona State Representative Justin Olson.  Contact: Chairman Ian E Murray


NOV 21

·        The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party is hosting “Four ‘Outlaws’ – One Day – One Location” at 1:30 pm., Sat., Nov 21 in the private dining room of the Steak Our Restaurant in Sonoita, AZ. The event features Kelli Ward, who is looking to “unseat” Sen John McCain; Edna San Miguel, who is ‘”gunning” for Raul Grijalva’s US House seat;  Shelly Kais, who wants to become a member of the “R” Posse in LD2; and Chris Ackerley, who is ‘hankering’ for a second term in LD2.


·        The Western Pinal Republicans will meet at 10 am, Sat., Nov 21 at the Old Court House in Florence, AZ to hear blogger /author Kirk Fowler.  Contact: Irene Littleton

·        Breakfast with Judge of the Peace Clancy Jayne is scheduled from 8-10 am., Sat., Nov 21 at the Q Bar & Grill, 20818 N 19th, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.  Speakers include  Rep. Kate Brophy McGee,  Phoenix City Councilwoman Thelda Williams with Rep. Karen Fann as Master of Ceremonies. $50 per person. RSVP: 623-492-9976


·        Secretary of State Michele Reagan will address the 9 am., Sat, Nov 21 Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting.   KFYI radio personality Mike Broomhead will be featured at the 9 am.  Dec 12  Christmas Party in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montand Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ.  Contact: Club Sec. Boe James, at or


·        The Pinal Republican Committee  will meet at 10 am, Sat., Nov 21 at the Old Court House in Florence, AZ to hear blogger /author Kirk Fowler.  Contact: Irene Littleton

·        Moral Action Ministry presents “Standing for Life in a Culture of Death” between 9:45 am and 12:30 pm., Sat., Nov 21 at Dream City Church North Scottsdale Campus, 28700 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ. 85266 featuring two short documentary’s on a early Margaret Sanger interview and Eugencis in this country in the 1920s and 30s, along with three speakers – Dave Everitt, co-found of Crisis Pregnancy Centers; Freedom Fires Shane Krauser  on Constitution vs Abortion, and Jayson Walsh, AZ Right to Life.  Donations welcome. Information: or 602-818-8838.


NOV 24

·        LD15 (North Phoenix Republicans) will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Nov 24 at Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 7th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. Visitors welcome. Speakers include House Education Chair Paul Boyer addressing “Funding AZ Education Using Land Trust Funds  and Aimee Rigler, Director of Communications and Government Relations for Arizona Free Enterprise. Contact Chairman David Henderson

·        LD 26 Republicans will meet at 7 pm, Tues, Nov 24, at the Mesa Utilities Building, 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa.  Sign in at 6:30 pm. Contact: Matt Nelson, Secretary, LD 26 Republicans.



·        New York Post: It’s Time For Obama To Make A Choice, Lead US Or Resign

·        Rep. Gosar’s Actions Cause Heads To Roll At The Secret Service For Agents Involved In Chaffetz Breach

·        Ducey-Joins-White-House-Call-On-Syrian-Refugees

·        Coming-Soon-To-Continent-Near-You  The Forced Collective Suicide of Europe

·        LDS-Mesa-Temple-Getting-Ready-For-Christmas-Light-Display

·        Two-Air-France-Flights-Diverted

·        Light-Rail-Testing-Set-To-Begin-In-Northwest-Phoenix

·        Montage: Obama Praises Islam  

·        Ducey-Calls-Immediate-Halt-New-Refugees Following Paris Attack

·        Near Freezing Temps Hit The Valley

·        Arpaio: MCSO-Puppy-Mill-Investigation-Underway- In Tonopah

·        After-Paris-Terrorist-Attack; Ducey-Calls-Immediate-Halt-New-Refugees

·        Activists-Protest-Ducey-Halt-Refugees-Demand

·        Maricopa Man A Friend To Bees And Humans Alike

·        Fox- Anchor-Hears-What-Obama-Says-About-Paris-Can-No-Longer-Contain-Himself

·        Ariseia-Names-Former-Republican-State-Rep-Lucy-Mason-As-Executive-Director

·        Arizona Supreme Court Upholds State Water Rights, Affirms Gosar Legislation

·        McSally:  It Could Happen Here

·        France, Russia-Pummel-ISIS-Stronghold-As-Critics-Blast-US-Rules-Engagement

·        Mayors-County-Officials-Tell-State-Give-US-Back-Our-Highway-Funds

·        Outside-Investigation-Of-AZ-Mental-Hospital-Finds-Troubling-Problems

·        Fight Continues To Keep The A-10 Flying In Arizona

·        New-ISIS-Video-Warns-US-Will-Suffer-Same-Fate-As-France; We-Will-Strike-America-At-Its-Center

·        Arizona Supreme Court Upholds State Water Rights, Affirms Gosar Legislation

·        US-House-Measure-To Halt-Casino-Near-Glendale-Fails

·        Phoenix Commission Considers Historic Status For David Wright’s House Without Review Of Commercialization

·        Private-Prison-More-Beds-Expansions-Public-Hearing-Tuesday

·        Obama-Comes-Under-Criticism-From-Dems-Over-Paris-Rhetoric

·        Global-Terrorism Increased 80% In 2014, Says Study

·        Jindal Suspends Presidential Campaign

·        GOP Shut-Down-Obamas-Plan-For-Bringing-Terrorists-To-America

·        Deal Offers Loan Forgiveness For Thousands Of AZ Students

·        French-Blame-Obamas-Feckless-Leadership-For-Terrorist-Attacks

·        Flake Applauds EPA Decision To Revise Flawed Exceptional Events Rule

·        Navajo Nation President Questions EPA Credibility

·        McCain On Transfer Of Syrian Refugees To The United States

·        AZ Dept Of Water Resources “Keenly Aware” Of Groundwater Issues

·         McCain On President Obama’s Comments On Paris At The G-20 Summit

·        Gosar Introduces Bill To Block 1.7 Million Acre Land Grab And Protect Local Communities From Obama Overreach

·        Goodyear Airport Celebrates 75 Years

·        Ducey Asserts State’s Right, No New Refugees For Arizona

·        Arizona Leaders Speak Out On Ducey Refugee Decision

·        City’s Elected Boards Unite To Discuss Planning

·        Flake Visits With Veterans Organizations From Arizona On National Mall

·        E-Cigarette Use Appears To Help Quitters

·        Interior Secretary Meets With Students In Winslow, Tucson

·        This Former Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Is Opening A Glendale Home For People With Disabilities

·         McCain On Terrorist Attacks In Paris

·        Think Twice About Using “Drone Registration” Firms

·        California Group Closing In On Arizona Center Buy

·        Many-New-Cars-Are-Missing-A-Spare-Tire

·        Tax Professionals Need To Renew Or Obtain Tax ID Number For 2016

·        Fischer Plaintiffs File Objection To TUSD Magnet Agreement

·        Tiny Living: 20-Story Micro-Housing Tower Proposed For Downtown Phoenix

·        Scholars Expose Student Radicalization Across College Campuses" Inside Divestment: The Illiberal Movement To Turn A Generation Against Fossil Fuels



·        Austin Hill: Rip

·        Ending Illegal Invasion Is National Security Priority

·        Perennial-Candidate-Van-Steenwyk-Aids-McCain

·        Sham-Candidates-Aid-McCain   Can’t Win Candidates Flood The Field, Assist McCain


·        Gov. Ducey: I Am Calling For An Immediate Halt…Of Any New Refugees In Arizona


·        Hacking Group Anonymous Declares War On ISIS In Youtube Video

·        Action Alert: Time Is Of The Essence!

·        Supreme Court's Texas Abortion Ruling To Have Broad Impact In States

·        Let's All Band Together


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·        Refugee-Screening

·        Lobama: Rubio-Has-Been-Positive-Force-In Fight For Amnesty

·        I-Support-France-In-Bombing-Caca-Out-Of ISIL



·        France Closes Its Borders; Why Can’t We?

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·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

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·        Most Governors Now Openly Oppose Obama's Syrian Refugee Plan

·        U.S. To Open Facilities In Middle East For Processing Of Refugees

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·        The Entire Delegation To Congress From Idaho Says Stop Importing Muslim Refugees!

·        The Syrian Trojan Horse That Will Lead US Right To The Gates Of Hell

·        Obama Slams GOP For Anti-Syrian Refugee Incitement


·        41 US Sheriffs' Letter To Obama: Don't Transfer Gitmo Terrorist Here   1000 ISIS Investigations Underway Inside US

·        Sharyl-Attkisson-Interviews-Steve-Emerson-On-How The Arab Spring Created An Ideal Environment For Terrorism To Grow And Thrive


·        Paris: 30 Muslims Out Of 1.8 Mil In The City Turn Up To Protest Terrorism

·        The Mother Of One Of The Paris Terrorists Says "He Did Not Mean To Kill Anyone"

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·        French Jews Call For World War Against Islamic Jihadists!


·        U.S. Air Strikes Against ISIL Limited By Strict Rules Of Engagement; French, Russians Turn Up Heat

·        Special Operations PAC Demands Freeze On Plan To Relocate Migrants Throughout U.S.


·        White-House-Hid-From-Congress-They-Were-Secretly-Letting-Syrian-Refugees-In-The-US

·        Senate-Rejects-Obama-Climate-Rule

·        Republican Lawmakers Take Aim At Syrian Refugee Plan

·        Nationwide-Bathroom-Bill-In-Senate

·        The Entire Delegation To Congress From Idaho Says Stop Importing Muslim Refugees!


·        Daniel Greenfield: Why Islam Is A Religion Of War


·        O’Reilly: Obama ‘Delusional’ About ISIS


·        Trump Would Consider Closing Mosques


·        Ted Cruz Says Something True, Liberal Politifact Flips Out