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Wednesday – Nov 25, 2015


Thursday Is Thanksgiving – Have A Wonderful Day!

And don’t forget to give thanks for the military who are protecting

our freedoms that allow us to celebrate this national holiday! – ft



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·       Congresswoman Martha McSally helped serve families in need today at Gospel Rescue Mission’s Thanksgiving Street Banquet in Tucson. Last year, volunteers served over 2,500 meals at the banquet, a number they expect to exceed this year.


·       Board of Supervisors Steve Chucri: Happy Thanksgiving - Let us take this time of Thanksgiving to pause and reflect on our blessings, including our cherished family and friends. I am deeply honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Maricopa County.  As this year comes to a close, I look forward to the New Year and many opportunities that lie ahead. May you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving. Chucri    602-506-7431.


·       Phx City Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s Chief of Staff Craig Doyle, who has served in the United States Navy for over 27 years, shares what Thanksgiving means to military members and their families. He also shares a special wartime story that speaks loudly about how a foreign soldier views America. Doyle wrote: The holidays are a special time for American families as they get together and enjoy each other.  For the families with a deployed service member, it evokes a sense of separation and lost opportunity to share that special time together. This is lost time you do not get back, especially with your spouse and children. 

Those thoughts passed through my mind as I sat down for Thanksgiving dinner of 2006 in Iraq. As I sat there, thinking about my family, a Ukrainian Officer approached my table. I recognized him from passing him on base; he was an imposing soldier, a Ukrainian Marine as I recall. He seemed to know what was on my mind as he stopped and faced me squarely. In his Ukrainian or Russian accent he stated, “Happy Thanksgiving.” I thanked him for honoring an American holiday. His emphatic response jolted me, “no Sir!” he said in a loud, forceful voice, “For what America has done for the world, it is the world’s Thanksgiving for America!”  I thanked him for believing in America and asked him to join me for dinner, “DAH!” was his response, which is "YES!" in Russian.

I started my career in 1988, when our greatest adversary was the Soviet Empire. That Thanksgiving night of 2006 in Iraq, two people, who could have likely been enemies years before, shared stories about their families together. This Thanksgiving I will think of that Ukrainian Officer in his war torn country, and hope that we give him reason to still believe in America.


·       Andrew Costanzo, the Maricopa County Republican Executive Committee’s liaison to LD30, has taken exception to the AZGOP opinion circulating last week that the LD30 chairmanship election he conducted in behalf of the MCRC EGC wasn’t legally binding. Costanzo says the bylaws were followed. In the meantime, some PCs are questioning why the AZGOP is meddling in a Maricopa County Republican election.


·       Hero’s to Hometowns “Pajama and Toy Drive” for wounded veterans and their families is underway. Contact CEO Kathy Pearce at  or 480-330-1632 for a list of needs.  Drop of locations for donations are:

ü  AZ Heroes to Hometowns - 40 W. Brown Rd. Ste. 105, Mesa AZ 85201 (by appointment call 480.330.1632)

ü  Office of the Arizona State Treasurer: 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix AZ 85007

ü  Frashers Smokehouse -  3222 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85018   (11am to 8pm)

ü  Pinal County Supervisor - 33622 N. Mountain Vista Blvd., San Tan Valley, AZ (by appointment 520.866.6211)

ü  Stella Cook - 10600 W. Griswold Rd., Peoria AZ 85345


·       The Arizona Project’s  annual Christmas/Hanukkah Party will start at 6 pm., Mon., Dec 7 at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028. The pot luck party will include a visit from Santa at 6:30pm -  so bring the kids and grand kids. Contact Beth Jamison for what side dish to bring 602-882-6601.  Contact: Chr Ron Ludders at 602-677-1496

·       Mitt Romney will be the featured guest at the Sen John McCain Rally scheduled in Mesa on Dec 12. Romney was the GOP Presidential nominee in the 2012 race against Obama. Doors open at 1:20 pm., Location and details tba next week. Tickets at rally-tickets

·       The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will meet at 6 pm., Dec 3 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95, for election of officers and discuss the Annual Feb 11 and 23 Jamboaree at the Palms RV resort with speakers Jim and Mickie Kindle. Contact Chr Sally Kizer, Chairman

·       Robyn Cushman is the newly elected president of the  Central Republican Women of Phoenix. Other newly elected officers are First  Vice President Miryam Gutier-Elm, Second Vice President Alice Lara, Secretary Carmel Scharenbroich and

Treasurer Lei Lani Cortez. Outgoing officers are President Alice Lara, First VP Robyn Cushman, Second VP Miryam Gutier-Elm, Secretary Carol Jones and Treasurer Lei Lani Cortez.

·       The Central Republican Women of Phoenix meets Dec 3 to install newly elected officers at the Phoenix Hilton Suites in Phoenix. Parking is available at Phoenix Plaza Parking Garage adjacent to the hotel.  Entry to the garage may be accessed on the west side near the hotel entrance on East Thomas Road, as well as 2nd Street on the east side and West Catalina Drive on the north side.  Visitor parking spaces are marked and access to the ground level is available via stairway and elevator.  Present your parking garage ticket to the front desk for validation for complimentary parking.  Valet parking is also available at the hotel for $16. Contact:


·       Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Democrats are “simply not up to the task” of defeating the terrorist network, pointing to Mr. Obama’s recent comment that the Islamic State was “contained” and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton’s remark in a debate that the war on the extremist group “cannot be an American fight. From day one, President Obama and Hillary Clinton underestimated the threat of ISIS,” Mr. Priebus said, using an acronym for the jihadi militants. “We need new leadership, and we need it now.” See obama-no-credible-intelligence-of-imminent-attack


·       Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich will present oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court in the Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) on Dec 8, after the high court approved a motion to participate earlier today. The case focuses on whether the AIRC violated the U.S. Constitution when drawing legislative district lines in 2010. Brnovich will represent the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, arguing that among other issues, the AIRC’s final maps created inequality in many districts, and undermined the “one-person, one-vote” principle.

“Arizonans expect fair elections,” said Brnovich. “The AIRC violated the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection clause and the trust of the voters by drawing maps that devalue their votes.”  This case is on appeal at the Supreme Court after a District Court upheld the maps. The dissenting opinion in the lower court case declared that the evidence showed systematic population inequality in the legislative district maps, and that the AIRC acted intentionally in seeking that inequality.   “As a former federal prosecutor and as Arizona’s elected attorney, it’s my responsibility to defend the voters in court," added Brnovich. "This case cuts to the core of American democracy  –  that every person’s vote matters as much as the next, no matter where you’re from.” U.S. Supreme Court’s Order here:


·       A Joint Annual Meeting of the AZ & NM Chapters of the Wildlife Society and the AZ/NM Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will gather between 8:30 am and noon, Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at the Little America Hotel (2515 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff, AZ) to address “Who Will Manage the Future of of Our Public Lands?” The plenary is open to the public - $25 at the door or through our web site  Plenary Speakers/panelists include:

ü  AZ Rep Brenda Barton - Chairwoman - federal lands; transfer; study committee House Bill 2658

ü  Senator Jennifer Fielder, Montana State Senator and American Lands Council representative

ü  Commissioner Lisa Atkins, Arizona State Land Department

ü  County Supervisor Mandy Metzger, Coconino County, and president-elect of the Arizona County Supervisors Association

ü  Regional Forester Cal Joyner, Southwestern Region 2013 – Present

ü  Communications Director Joel Gay, New Mexico Wildlife Federation

ü  Professor of Law Paul Bender, Dean Emeritus, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.  Contact: Conservation Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Hanna The Wildlife Society, Arizona Chapter. 


·       Poll:  Wide Divide Over Allowing Muslim Refugees Into The USA new poll shows six in 10 Americans don’t want the U.S. to allow Muslim refugees from Syria into the country but are more inviting to Christian refugees. An Economist Group/YouGov poll released Tuesday shows a wide ideological split on the question of whether Syrian Muslim refugees should be allowed into the country with 83 percent of those who identify as conservative opposed and 70 percent of liberals saying they favor allowing them entry. But 61 percent of moderates also oppose allowing Muslim refugees from Syria into the country


·       U.S. Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, criticized the Obama administration over its freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea. “I am very disappointed in the way the whole thing has been handled,” McCain said in a recent interview with The Asahi Shimbun. He explained, “We elevated this issue to some kind of a climactic event, when it should have just been a normal event.” McCain concluded that the passage through the 12 nautical miles around the man-made islands of China by U.S. naval vessels “should be a routine matter.” McCain also expressed hopes that other countries in the region, including Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, join the United States. If that does not make China back down, “I think that China, when faced with that kind of unanimity, would not take any action to prevent it.” Read more


·       From Marine Times:  “Marines are prepared to fight and win a ground war with the Islamic State group inside Syria, but such an assignment would be dangerous, complicated and undesirable, the service's top general said Monday. "Could we go in there with a Marine force, into Raqqa, and pound these guys into the ground like a tent peg? Could we? Absolutely," said Gen. Robert Neller, the Marines' commandant, referring to the terror group's de facto capital in northern Syria. "Some Marines would get hurt, but we'd go kick [the Islamic State group] in the butt. No problem. "But then the question is: 'OK, so what's next?' Who do we give it to? I don't want to stay in Raqqa. There's nothing there that I want." Neller discussed the subject at length during an assembly with troops stationed in Okinawa, Japan. A Marine in the crowd asked him to characterize the threat posed by ISIS, as the group is also known, and how Marines' role in the conflict may evolve.” Read more


·       In Syria, The Joke’s On Washington --From Reuters:  “When Russia began its military campaign in Syria, the Obama administration and its allies quickly claimed it was a disaster in the making. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Russian President Vladimir Putin “impulsive” and said he was “winging it” in Syria with no long-term strategy. Former United States Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul ridiculed Putin’s “supposed strategic genius,” arguing the Russian leader “cannot restore Assad’s authority over the whole country.” Even President Barack Obama joined the chorus, publicly warning Putin that he risked an Afghanistan-style Russian “quagmire” in Syria. It turns out, though, that the joke’s on Washington: Thanks to shrewd tactics plus tailwinds from the Paris attacks, Syria is turning into a major strategic victory for Putin. Read more


·       Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced that filing paperwork for candidates who have filed for the Presidential Preference Election, scheduled for March 22, 2016, is available online, and will be updated regularly as candidates file:

Candidates for the PPE have until December 14 to file. In order to file as a presidential candidate, the candidate must have 500 valid signatures from qualified electors or qualified for the ballot in two other states with primary elections. Contact: Kim Crawford, Communications Manager   602-542-2228


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee Mandatory Meeting is scheduled Sat., Jan 16 at the Church of the Nation’s, 6225 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. 85012, according to Executive Director April Riggins.  Riggins and Dan Grimm are co-chairing the event again this year. Those wishing to obtain tables, display banners, have flyers distributed in the packet, or display ground signs  are asked to call Reservations Chairman Liz Alcorn for pricing at   or phone 602-315- 0349. Checks should be made payable to MCRC and mailed to Liz Alcorn, 12040 N. 133rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ. 85259 by Jan 11, 2016. Tables will be assigned when payment is received. No exceptions.

Categories of pricing are:

ü  Congressional Candidates:  Tables: $200     Banners: $ 200    Flyers in Packet $75

ü  State Wide Candidates:                      $100                      $100                     $75

ü  Party Candidates:                                $ 50                      $   50                   $75

ü  Republican Clubs & Associations      $ 50                       $  50                     $75

ü  Table in Hospitality Room (8 prime spots) $50 

ü  In Ground Signs: 2’ x 2’ $10.00 or 3 for $ 25.00

Call Alcorn for combination Savings at 602-315-0349   More Details to follow.






·        The Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita: 9 am., Fri., Nov 27 at 301 W Camino Casa Verde Green Valley, AZ 85614. Contact: PCRP 321-1492


·        The Deer Valley Tea Party Patriots will not meet on Nov 27 due to the Thanksgiving weekend.  The club normally meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays. Contact: Leader: Bob Stannard, 602-531-0250.


·        Republican Women of Pinal County: 10am  at Saddlebrooke Club House in Tucson.


NOV 30

·        The Arizona Project: 6:30 pm., Mon., Nov 30  with Black Conservative activist Ted Hayes who will address  Racial Healing. Hayes is a breath of fresh air in the red hot topic of racial tension and division being fostered by the Obama Administration, according to AP Chairman Ron Ludders. Hayes is making this trip from Calfornia to Arizona to address two sides to the racial conflicts in America. Contact: Ludders 602.677.1496



·        The Surprise Tea Party Patriots: 6:30-8:30 pm, Tues., Dec 1 in the Grand Canyon Room of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375 hear political consultant Dick Morris on "How to Win an Election"   via Skype. Contact: John Madeira


·        The Pima County Republican Club: 11:30 am., Tues., Dec 1 at 450 450 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716


·        The Arizona Heritage Alliance Board Annual Meeting: 9am - noon, Thurs, Dec 3, at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, 1820 W. Washington St, Phoenix 85007. Parking is available in the rear and to the east of the League.  The business meeting will include the election of the 2016 Board Members and Officers, discussion of the future of the Heritage Fund, and brainstorming for the Alliance's 25th Anniversary in 2017.  Open to Arizona Heritage Alliance members, partners, and interested individuals. RSVP at 602-528-7500 or emailing



·        The Lincoln Republican Women will  Celebrate the Life of Judy Eisenhower at a fundraiser dinner meeting at 6 pm., Fri., Dec 4 at the Laguna San Juan Clubhouse, 5355 79th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 (Jackrabbit and Hayden).  Meet and greet – 5:30 pm., meeting – 6 pm, 6:15 –buffet, 6:30 celebration, 7:15 silent auction. People will be speaking about Eisenhower throughout this event. A percentage of the proceeds will go the Veterans of the Viet Nam War.  $35 per person. BYOB Reservations required.  Deadline:  Tues, Dec 1. Send check made out to “LRWC” to Pat Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, or bring cash. Contact Kaufman at   480-368-2777 or 602-214-2114.


·        AZ East Valley Pro-Life Alliance’s Barleens Annual Christmas Dinner & Show: 7:30 pm., Fri., Dec 4 in Apache Junction. Seating starts at 5:30 pm. $36 per person – dinner/show.  Cash Bar ( wine and beer). RSVP  deadline: October 30. Phone  480-216-7217.




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