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12-17-15 Briefs

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Thursday – Dec 17, 2015

·         LD24 Elected Timothy Lee Its New Chairman - by acclimation this evening in a special election to fill the unexpired term of former Chairman Ken Bennett, who resigned to run for congress in CD1. Lee was the AZGOP treasurer for many years and is currently the AZGOP Compliance officer who will be conducting training classes in January and February. Lee brought Christmas cookies to the meeting tonight.  Definitely the way to start his new term in office!

·         LD24 Elected Yvonne Raymond as their new recording secretary this evening. The next LD24 meeting is scheduled Feb 18, 2016.

·         Beth Jamison Can Use Your Prayers as she goes into major surgery Fri., Dec 18 morning. The Arizona Project handywoman has been fighting a dangerous infection for months, according to activist Nina Marlow. Contact Marlow at (602) 541-1436  cell

·         ALERT: Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.: Law enforcement, especially those directly involved with counterterrorism responsibilities, threat assessment and intelligence gathering professionals know America is engaged in a war that is already being fought in the Continental United States. While the majority of citizens go about their daily lives as if these were normal times, there is an evil and aggressive force at work in our country with the intent to kill as many Americans as possible, and destroy our culture and way of life.  Evidence continues to be revealed as to just how much trouble we are in, but political correctness with traditional modes of conducting political business continues to minimize the threat of the wolf already amongst the sheep. 
     Many elected officials are simply too preoccupied to make the shift for a wartime standing, vigilance and preparation.  Many reassure themselves that law enforcement will take care of matters, when many policies and political shenanigans are directly voiding the ability of law enforcement and allied professionals, from doing what they should and could do to keep citizens and infrastructure safe.  An election year is coming, and the unspoken rule is to “make nice” and not  create political waves. 
The past few days reports of Middle Eastern men in multiple states entered Wal Mart stores, purchased at least 150 cheap “throw away” cell phones, have taken various plumbing supplies and pipes from other stores, and at least a dozen propane cylinders to possibly craft a crude weapon with heinous abilities.  See reports below. There are dedicated hidden individuals waiting to be activated or now as Jihad begins more aggressively against Americans will become self-activated.  Hidden deeper are their supporting networks which helped prepare them for self-activation.  What you are about to read is terribly alarming.  Law Enforcement needs your help…LE needs your eyes, and report if you see something…say something.   See suggested reports below:

ü  Four New York Men Have Been Arrested After Attempting To Steal Massive Amounts Of Plumbing Supplies from a Lowes, just the latest in a string of similar larcenies in Virginia and North Carolina we are told.
ü  Carolina Shooters Club, readers get it - one commenter mentions 'bomb making supplies' while another chimes in 'ISIS run out of money this week?'
ü  With the FBI Launching Investigations Into Countless Stolen Propane Tanks and mass cell Phone Purchases By Middle Eastern Men, we're beginning to see the pieces of the puzzle put together that, if allowed to continue, could lead to a devastating sequence of events with severe repercussions in America. 
ü  A major hat tip goes to ANP reader Ann Inquirer for bringing this to our attention to an ingenious and devastating creation concocted by the Syrian rebels in their fight against Syrian President Assad, propane tanks on steroids, "Hell Cannons" that can be fired at targets up to a mile away.
ü  'Hell Cannons' have gone From Minor Nuisances To Major Threats. They can be made with items recently reported stolen in various location across the country. Watch for an extra set of wheels, propane tanks and plumbing pipe, car battery or cell phones.
ü  Susan Duclos Reported On ANP Yesterday of some very strange purchases by Middle Eastern men of Xbox 360 Kinect sensors. The US reportedly taught the 'moderate' Syrian rebels how to build 'Hell Cannons' in their fight against Assad.
ü  December of 2014, The Daily Mail Ran A Story Telling Us All About These 'Hell Cannons', how they're created and the devastation that they can cause.
ü  Yesterday, a man from Maryland was Charged By The FBI With Supporting ISIS Have Receiving $9,000 From The Terrorist Group To Carry Out Attacks In America - how many more are there in America?
ü  Using Propane Tanks And Cell Phones for a backpack IED using propane tanks.
ü  Former CIA Agent Scott Uehlinger Joins USA Watchdog Greg Hunter to talk about the 'alternative reality' that the Obama administration has created. Telling us that Obama knew that ISIS terrorists were selling oil to Turkey we have to ask, why hasn't agent Uehlinger been invited to talk with the mainstream media?
     Seems to us it would be much easier to get those who want to kill us out of the country before they succeed.  – Lyle Rapacki

·         A Middle Eastern Woman Was Caught Surveilling A U.S. Port Of Entry on the Mexican border holding a sketchbook with Arabic writing and drawings of the facility and its security system, federal law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch. middle-eastern-woman-caught-surveilling-u-s-facility-on-mexican-border

·         LD20 Straw Poll Favors Cruz: A straw poll taken at the recent LD20 meeting by Sense of Citizens, a political non-profit organization, shows a significant preference for President candidate Senator Ted Cruz, according to LD20 Chairman Naomi Kruse. LD-20, one the 30 LDs in Maricopa County, consists about 200,000 citizens in northwest Phoenix and east Glendale, who are represented by Sen Kimberly Yee, Reps  Paul Boyer and Anthony Kern. Congressman Trent Franks represents those residing on the west end, and Congressman David Schweikert represents those on the east end. At the city level, Ray Malnar represents the citizens residing in Glendale and Phoenix City Councilmen Thelda Williams and Jim Waring represent those residing in Phoenix. This district is politically split among republicans, democrats, and others, according to Kruse. 
Kruse reports Cruz showed the most political strength in the RLD-20 straw poll at 42% (up 6 points since last month’s poll). Ben Carson placed second at 16 (down 12 points since last month). Donald Trump showed third 15 (same as last month). Marco Rubio ran 12 (same as last month). Rand Paul dropped 4 points to join the also-rans who scored too low to be significant. Contact Kruse at

·         Sense Of Citizens Polling Results are posted at (currently under construction). Contact Sense of Citizens at

·         The Chips N Salsa Show Friday Night Edition broadcasts live from KFNX 1100 AM at 8pm.  Los Tres Republican Amigos Martin Gonzalez, Alice Lara and George Ortiz host an hour of headlines/pop culture/politics through a Latino lense.  Listen/watch 

·         The Chips N Salsa Show Saturday Online Network Edition is live at 6 pm via with an hour of headlines/pop culture/politics with a conservative Latino perspective.  Hosts George Ortiz, Alice Lara, Auggie Bartning and Loops Munguia will spice up your weekend.  If you have a veteran you would like featured in their military moment contact Alice Lara 

·         LD18 Conservative Activist & Precinct Committeeman Peggy McClain: Update to the Tempe Union High School/City of Tempe $1/year lease deal for Benedict Park. The TUHSD Board has decided to table a decision for now while they do some further research into the previous contract and value of the land.  They also stated they want this decision to be transparent.

·         Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: Kris and I had a few moments with Donald Trump yesterday.  We worked a huge event for him in Mesa and met with him briefly afterward.  We are strong Trump supporters and will be working hard for his election because of our belief in his ability to turn this ship around.  And not just a little bit. It's so nice to be around a potential president who actually has a spine and does love this country.  (Pssst, Do you hear that?  Yeah Establishment, I'm talking to you.)

·         Gov Doug Ducey has been appointed former Speaker of the House Andy Tobin as the interim superintendent of the Dept of Financial Institutions (DFI). This is the third agency move this year for Tobin, who has also served as Director of Weights and Measures, then later at Director the Dept of Insurance (DOI) since losing his US House race to Dem Ann Kirkpatrick in 2014.  Tobin is replacing  Gov Jan Brewer’s 2010 appointee Lauren Kingry, who recently resigned her position. Tobin may continue to jump from department to department as railbirds predict a merger between DOI and DFI in 2016. Agriculture Director Mark Killian is moving to Weights and Measures as the Dept of Ag takes on Weights/Measures responsibilities.  Do musical chairs make your head spin? – ft

·         Factual History is on Trump’s Side   How are we to determine which Muslim isn’t planning to behead us?

·         Sen. Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign was struck with a setback on Wednesday. The Democratic National Committee has suspended the Vermont senator's campaign from access to the party's voter file program for "inadvertently" accessing confidential voter data belonging to other campaigns. According to the Sanders team, one staffer has been fired.

·         Rep Doug Coleman will be running against GOP incumbent Todd House for the Pinal County Board of Supervisors instead of running for re-election in LD1l6. Five GOP candidates have announced candidacy for the LD16 House seat --  incumbent Kelli Townsend, former lawmaker John Fillmore, 2014  LD16 candidate Adam Stevens, and LD16 Precinct Committeeman Mara Benson

·         Tucson Activist William Heuisler: Arizonans should learn political history and prepare for McCain skullduggery in 2016.
In the 2014 Mississippi Republican Primary, Conservative Republican Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel defeated incumbent Republican Thad Cochran (a DC “insider” like McCain). It was a 3-way race and McDaniel didn’t get 50%.  A run-off was required. So John McCain, Karl Rove and the National Republican Senatorial Committee bought nasty, racist attack ads against McDaniel. McDaniel again won Republicans, but lost the run-off as Rove-McCain-paid-Democrats voted for Cochran.
Rove and McCain denied defrauding Mississippi Republicans, but …
1)    What If McCain Pays Primary Candidates To Dilute Our AZ Anti-McCain Vote?
Conservatives will coordinate email-chains to discuss a Republican candidate. Remember, Conservative-Brat beat RINO-Cantor’s $5.5 million in Virginia; Conservative-McDaniel “won” in Mississippi. In the Internet Age Arizonans must show everyone how quickly an “unknown” candidate becomes known. Liberals are a minority among AZ Republicans because attachment to McCain blinds them to McCain’s attachment to Democrats Levin, Durbin, Schumer and George Soros. Conservatives must reject McCain. To claim a relatively unknown Conservative cannot beat McCain is a myth. Remember Phone trees? Conservatives must make Conservative email lists and then coordinate their lists for “Primary Vote 2016 Email Trees”.
2)    Why Is McCain Called A “War Hero”? 
“Hero"? Many served, were injured and/or captured. Former Gov Evan Mecham was shot down in WWII and a POW in Germany. That much maligned man seldom mentioned he was a WWII pilot because he told me he was a little ashamed he’d been captured. 
A Goldwater Republican, I’ve walked the precinct miles, chaired Republican Districts, attended State and National Committee meetings as Delegate and run for office. I served my country – 4 years a United States Marine and 4 with a US Intelligence Agency (see “Mercenary’s Tale” on Amazon). Been shot, wrote books and love my country, but I’m only a hero to my dog. - Heuisler – Tucson 520-403-2939

·         The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Jan 2 at the Sun City West Foundations Building (Quail Room) 14465 R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, Arizona. The doors open at 8am with coffee and donuts.The $2 admission helps pay for the cost of the room. Speaker: Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. She graduated from Rutgers University and had a distinguished career as a financial expert for a variety of private sector firms. Douglas will make her presentation and then open the floor for questions. Contact: John Neal 

·         Congressman David Schweikert’s Holiday Reception is scheduled between 5:30-7pm, Mon, Dec 21 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 North Scottsdale Road, Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253. General reception - $50. Co-host - $250. Co-chair - $500.  Cabinet - $5,000. RSVP: key=schweikert

·         LD 13 PC John Powelson: A Religion of Peace? Yeah right. Islam is not a religion.  It is first and formost a form of government which dictates a specific doctrin. The main components of Islam are governmental in that it sets it's own law and government above the local existing law and government. 
This is the definition of a war. The invader sets his own rules and laws and subjugates the conquered to his own standards of law and justice without regard to the existing law or societal organization.
ü  Hitler did it and called his religion "socialism"
ü  Stalin did it and called his religion "communism"
ü  Mao did it and as well and the list goes on.
Islam has been doing this since the seventh century across Europe the middle east and Africa, this is just the latest outbreak of this totatlitarian form of government and like the others mentioned above it doesn't limit it self to borders or countries it spreads like a cancer first moving in quietly gradually growing and gaining strength and then usurping and killing the host from within. This is not new, it is not religion it is governmental at it's core, look at the aspects of it and see. They are primarily in the form of government, the religion is just one more aspect of that governmental form.

·         VA Paid $871M In Medical Malpractice Deals In Past Decade [Video]  "Taxpayers have shelled out $871 million in medical malpractice settlements over the last decade to make up for mistakes by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), while the employees who created the ..." Read More >>

·         Heros to Hometowns “Pajama and Toy Drive” for wounded veterans and their families is underway. Contact CEO Kathy Pearce at  or 480-330-1632 for a list of needs.  AZ Heroes to Hometowns charity link: Drop of locations for donations are:
ü  AZ Heroes to Hometowns - 40 W. Brown Rd. Ste. 105, Mesa AZ 85201 (by appointment call 480.330.1632)
ü  Office of the Arizona State Treasurer: 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix AZ 85007
ü  Frashers Smokehouse -  3222 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85018   (11am to 8pm)
ü  Pinal County Supervisor - 33622 N. Mountain Vista Blvd., San Tan Valley, AZ (by appointment 520.866.6211)
ü  Stella Cook - 10600 W. Griswold Rd., Peoria AZ 85345

·         Americans For Prosperity Is  Mounting A “Dial D For Disappointing” Campaign against LD18 Sen Jeff Dial that includes going door to door throughout his district to alert voters of his voting record on fiscal policy issues, according to Arizona Director Tom Jenney  Here are the concerns:
ü  Dial voted against Governor Doug Ducey's fiscally conservative balanced budget.  His failure to support the budget almost caused the state to spend millions of dollars we can't afford.
ü  Dial single-handedly blocked passage of the Truth in Spending budget transparency bill, by not even allowing the bill to be heard in his committee. 
ü  Dial scored 47 percent on AFP-Arizona's 2016 Legislative Scorecard, earning him the designation of "Friend of Big Government."
ü  Dial's cumulative score on the Legislative Scorecard is 51 percent, earning him the designation of "Needs Improvement."
The 2016 legislative session that begins in January will give Dial another chance to get it right and vote for fiscally conservative policies, according to  Field Director Leslie White. Tell Senator Dial to stop listening to the teacher unions and the Big Spenders and start listening to the hard-working taxpayers in his district.   This Link to contact Dial. To join AFP field teams for door canvassing action in Dial's district (Ahwatukee/Tempe/West Chandler), contact Leslie White at 

·         US Sen Candidates Dr. Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey, Clair Van Steenwyk and David Pizer are available to speak at events or to groups. To schedule:
·         Ward, Contact Carolyn Leff at 928- 230-0633 or
·         Meluskey, Contact Joel Andres Frewa   480-659-2410
·         Van Steenwyk Contact Ron Gosselin  602-740-4165 or
·         David Pizer: Contact 602 790-8800

·         The AZGOP Requests that the Arizona Federation of Republican Women help the State Party with a Toys for Tots drive. Deliveries will be made Dec 22 and 23 to certain identified communities in need.  Contact: Laura Minter at AZGOP 602-957-7770 or 541-272-1125. Toys should be delivered to the AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St., Phoenix, AZ by Mon., Dec 21.

·         Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 


DEC 19
·         A Cookie Exchange And “Cookies For Davis Monthan Airmen”: 10 am - noon, Sat., Dec 19 in the Wilmot Library Community Room, 530 N Wilmot. Partipants are asked either bring home-made cookies for the airmen, or for both the exchange and for the airmen.  Parralee Schneider says the first year people donated enough cookies for one squadron. Last year they had enough for two squadrons. This year’s goal is three squadrons. The event is sponsored by the LD10, Tucson Republican Women & Eastside Republicans. Contact:  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 OR

·         A book signing is scheduled for The Life And Death Of Former Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever – Accident Or Murder”, the recently released “tell-allon the life of well-liked Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever. co-authors William Daniel and Larry Dempster, The Hastings Bookstore in Sierra Vista will conduct a book signing between 13 pm, Dec 19.  The book is a “…record of the events that shaped Sheriff  Dever’s extraordinary life… and pushed him into the national stage.” Contact: 529-586-7700.

·         LD 3 & LD4: 9 am., Sat., Dec 19 at the Golden Coral Resturant. 6383 S Midvale Park Road. Tucson, Arizona.

·         The (Tuscon) Eastside Republicans:10 am., Sat., Dec 19 at 530 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85710.

·         The Yuma Territorial Gun Show is scheduled from 9 am-5 pm., Sat and Sun, Dec 19 and 20 at the Yuma Civic Center.

·         US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey and his wife Roberta are hosting a Christmas Open House Fundraiser between 6-9 pm., Sat., Dec 19 at 26100 North 82nd Street, Scottsdale AZ 85255. R S V P   Suggested contribution $100.  RSVP does not obligate you to contribute.    Contributions can be made online or at the party. Please RSVP by Thurs, Dec  17, 2015. Contact: Director of Events Allison Mary     480-628-2763
DEC 20
·         The First United Methodist Church of Gilbert and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are hosting “Handel’s Messiah, community sing-along with orchestra, at 6 pm., Sun., Dec 20 at Gilbert Stapley Stake Center, 1100 N Cooper Road., Gilbert AZ

DEC 21
·         Congressman David Schweikert’s Holiday Reception is scheduled between 5:30-7 pm, Mon., Dec 21 at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N Scottsdale Road, Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253. Reception admission $50. Co-host $250. Co-chair $500. Cabinet - $5,000 or Make Check Made Payable To:  “Friends Of David Schweikert”  P.O. Box 15785 • Phoenix, Az 85060. RSVP—Oliver Schwab’s cell (480) 522-4999 or

·         Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will address “Article III: Reign in the Liberal Judges” at 7 pm., Mon, Dec 21 to the Leisure World Republican Club, 908  S Power Road. Enter at the main gate.Contact:

DEC 22
·         The Pima County Republican Club:1:30 am., Tues., Dec 22 at 450 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716.

·         Mrs. Santa Claus  will be at the Fountain Hills Branch Library Reading Lounge from 10-11 am., Tues., Dec 22, followed by face painting by Joan Langdon and holiday treats from Chef Chrys.

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·         Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) announced today his formal opposition to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, a shoddy piece of legislation drafted without the input of the full House of Representatives.
“The concern on everyone’s mind today – the security of our homeland against infiltration by radical Islamic terrorists – was not so much as even contemplated in this bill.  In fact, the amendments proposed by members of the House Freedom Caucus to this bill were casually shut down by the Rules Committee last night.  This unwise choice clearly announces that House leadership doesn’t think the integrity of our nation is worth addressing before we adjourn for the year.
“To make matters worse, along with the other gains conservatives hoped for in the funding bill, the modest spending caps put in place just two years ago were gutted.   Finally, reduced funding for Planned Parenthood was not included even after they were caught on tape brutally selling parts from aborted children.
“As the one bright spot in this week’s votes, the House today voted to make permanent a ‘Tax Extenders Package’ which includes many provisions of our tax code that favor jobs and grow our economy—I was proud to add my vote in favor.  The package also stopped the ‘Risk Corridor’ provision which would have used taxpayer dollars to subsidize health care insurance companies’ losses under the failed economics used to justify Obamacare.
“America needs better, and I sincerely hope this is the last time we see the convoluted, backroom dealings that created the menace of this omnibus spending bill.”

·         Lucrative-Private-Prison-Contract-Goes-To-CCA   Only Bidder

·         Trump’s Mesa Rally Draws Massive Crowd Thousands Reliably Turn Out For Trump Braving Extreme Weather Conditions
·         Jeff Flake Exposed As Colluding With Radical Islamist  Playing Politics With Hamas Fellow Traveler
·         Paul Ryan: Intent On Funding Muslim “Refugees“ The Time Has Come To Act In The Best Interests Of Americans And Ditch The PC Blather
·         Dial “D” for Disappointing
·         Obama’s Promise To America
·         CNN's Last Debate Stand
·         Dial "D" For Disappointing
·         The Cost Of Left And Lefter
·         BLM Agents in Oregon Burned up Cattle, Homes, Buildings, Fences, GrasslandIf you haven't been following the Hammond case in Harney County, Oregon, click here for the timeline, dating back to the 1970’s, of the cruel and corrupt methods used by both the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to drive this family, and many other ranchers, off their land. Click here for a Simple Action You Can Take to Help the Hammond Family. Oregon ranchers Steven Hammond and his father Dwight were sentenced in June 2012 as “Arsenal Terrorists.” The penalty for “Arsenal Terrorists” is 5 years in prison.  Maximum punishment is death.   Retired BLM agent Greg Allum said he is friends with the Hammonds .  “I feel bad for them. They lost a lot and they’re going to lose more.  They’re not terrorists. There’s this hatred in the BLM for them, and I don’t get it.”
·         The Phoenix Chorale with Charles Bruffy, Artistic Director performing "Ubi Caritas" by Ola Gjeilo. Filmed on February 13, 2011 at Christ Church of the Ascension in Paradise Valley.

·         Remember 1986
·         Borderland Beat
·         AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·         Need2no    Border News Watch