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4-2-16 Briefs

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The Arizona Supreme Court has set May 19 to review Will Graven’s Petition for a Writ of Mandamus to Order Attorney General Mark Bronovich  to take his (Graven’s) Snell & Wilmer Case before the State Grand Jury. Word has it that some big names are sweating. Seems it has drawn the attention of some state legislators. fraud-victim-pleads-brnovich, supreme-court-for-justice

AZ Leg Live is a new tool developed by students at Arizona State University to help you better understand what your legislators are doing at the State Capitol.

A New Website full of facts regarding the National Convention is also available at RNC

The Arrowhead Republican Women have named Briefs Editor Frosty Taylor a “Life Member Of ARW In Thanks And Recognition For Years Of Public Relations Service To ARW And All of Arizona.” Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for the honor and recognition. - ft

Ever Since AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham let it be known that the April 30 State Convention delegates/attendees would be charged a $50 admission fee, reports have circulated that the AZGOP is attempting to control participation to those who support the Republican National Committee (RNC)/Establishment in keeping frontrunner Presidential candidate Donald Trump from becoming the national nominee for the November general election. National media reports indicate that the RNC will attempt to manuever former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney or Speaker Paul Ryan instead or Trump or Ted Cruz onto the ticket. Karl Rove is already talking about looking for a “fresh face.” Delegates to the April 30 meeting will select the delegates that will go the National GOP Convention in Cleveland in July where the national nominee is selected.

It seems the $50 AZGOP State Convention fee isn’t just a hot topic in Maricopa County. Rumblings of turbulence in Yavapai County over the fee became public this week, as can be seen in the March 29 exchanges between Yavapai County Republican Chairman Mark Sensmeier and PC Rick Hennessey. Fifteen others were cc’d on their exchanges.

Sensmeier sent information on the April 30 AZGOP State Convention to his PCs on March 29, to which Hennessey replied, “Your argument that all these other states fleece their PC’s doesn't hold water. If my neighbor decides to jump off a cliff does that mean I should? When Robert Graham lets us know where that supposed $8M is and why the State can't pay for the convention center, maybe I can swallow the $50 extortion. You and Robert must think we are all fools.”

In part, Sensmeier replied “Even if the state GOP has the money to pay for the event (which they do), I'd rather they allow us to defray some of the expenses and let AZGOP use money they've raised to support Republican candidates in the general election. I'm not a Bernie Sanders guy. When I attend an event in a nice, expensive venue, I don't expect other people to pay for me. Incidentally, if it were up to me, I would have offered a discounted price to delegates/alternates who are also PC's. We already have "skin in the game" through our commitment as PC's and it wouldn't be bad if we got some kind of credit for that.  We did that for our last dinner.”

Hennessey fired back, “I know a lot of people who are PC’s that are not running for the State Convention because they cannot afford the $50. I also know a lot of people that did not go to the Lincoln Dinner because they could not afford it. This State (GOP) hasn't forced people to pay to go to the State Convention since 1968 when the Republican Party was BROKE! You are using Robert's talking points to justify your agenda. As you should know I am not the only one in this State pissed off. There is a lawsuit pending that I am more than happy to sign on to. This is straight up extortion. If a candidate signs a piece of paper that they are willing to pay the $50 they should NOT be forced to pay it until the day of the State Convention. If they are, then you and Robert are saying you don't trust the elected PC's. That speaks volumes!!!”

Sensmeier responded with, “I'm not sure what you think my "agenda" is, other than running a clean election on April 9 and making sure Yavapai is fully represented at the state convention. I still don't buy the "only Trump supporters can't afford the $50" argument.  I know plenty of folks on all sides for whom $50 is not trivial. It is not trivial for me, either (and I'm looking at $100 as I will pay for my son to go as well if he is elected).  But I'm willing to sacrifice a few other items I might otherwise squander my money on to have a chance to do my duty as a citizen.

“And don't forget that we are not just talking about PC's. Any Republican can be elected. So should you trust someone who just registered as a Republican yesterday (and we have some of those) that they will promise to pay the $50?  What if they won your spot and then no-showed at the convention?  From a practical perspective, it's going to take enough time to check-in 1500-2000 people the morning of the convention without having to collect money from them all at the same time.

“I get that there is a group of folks that are angry with Robert Graham. There were also a bunch of people angry with Tom Morrissey. And a bunch angry with Randy Pullen before that. None of them are/were perfect. They've all made decisions or run things in ways that I was happy and/or unhappy with. In the end, we all have to weigh our consciences and decide whether to be constructive and positive, or be angry and destructive.  I've been both, but much prefer the former. It's much better for my health.”

Hennessey replied: “…I never said only Trump supporters couldn't afford the $50, and this crap that we as good Republicans should have to pay for a convention hall is a crock of crap. The AZGOP and YAVGOP are always trying to raise money. Are we now going to be charged to go to the State Committee meetings. Robert boasts how he has raised $8M. If the State Committee has all this money let them pay for the damn convention center. I know plenty of people who aren't supporting Trump that cannot afford the $50. I know that you who live on your big houses on the hill think that $50 isn't a lot of money. Reality check; some of us milk goats and raise cattle to feed our families. I don't get a big paycheck from Embry Riddle and neither do most of the PC's in this county. Most of us are just barely getting by. Pull your heads out of your Royal Royce's Asses and realize this is nothing more than a fleecing to rig the National Convention. I would love to go to the National Convention but I can't afford it, therefore I am not running. I am sick and tired of the Establishment trying to pander to me.”

Sensmeier informed Hennessey,  “…Please don't presume to know my financial situation.”

Hennessey responded, “ …This fight isn't about you or your house! It's about the fact that AZGOP and YAVGOP are fleecing the PC's for $50 to go to a convention that the State Party has always paid for. The last convention - which was a total wreck - had vendors who served food that the participants paid for. Now we are being forced to pony up $50 to pay for lunch and rent on the hall. I, as many, do not give a s**t what other States do! You and Robert need to realize that what you are doing is fixing the Convention.”  -- ft

Blogger Barbara Espinosa: The below story was in the MCRC Briefs and whoever thought up this idea of suing the AZGOP over a $50.00 charge should be ashamed of themselves. Patriotic PC’s would not think of even threating a lawsuit they would know it is to help defray the cost of renting the space and providing their lunch. The ultimate goal of the AZGOP to elect Republicans in upcoming races. If a $50.00 charge will help save money to be spent on electing Republicans, ”PONY UP and QUIT BITCHING”. That will show how Patriotic you are. Editor’s Note: Espinosa is referring to this story: LD26 PC And Former Marine Matt Papke has announced that a group of “Patriotic PCs” are seriously considering taking legal action against Robert Graham and the Arizona Republican Party over the $50 fee imposed on delegates. See full story in 3-24-16 Briefs 

The West Valley GOP office is planning a “Prop 123” free pizza dinner with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio between 4:30-6:30 pm., Sun., April 3 at the Mountain View Recreation Center, 9749 N. 107th Avenue, Sun City RSVP:  480-466-4202

The Arizona Game and Fish Department Outdoor Expo, presented by Shikar Safari Club International, is scheduled from 9 am – 5 pm., Sat., April 2 and from 9 am-4 pm., Sun., April 3 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. Admission and parking are free. The event is located a half-mile west of Interstate 17 on the Carefree Highway.

LD19 Chairman George Ortiz reports that delegates were elected Monday evening. 

CD3 delegates are George Ortiz, Gertie Hickman, Kim Owens, Dean Owens, Chris Kallmes, Lisa Kallmes, Johnson, Sophia Johnson,  Steve Palmer, Olivia Pineda, Suzanne Naylor, Amanda Flores.  CD3 alternates: William Summers, Dale Walin, Glenda Hobbs, Joe Hobbs, Cherie Scott, Jason Pena, Carolyn Olds, Brad Hobbs.

      CD7 delegates: Deborah Kimmick, Galen Kimmick.  No alternates. 


LD24 Chairman Timothy Lee reports that state delegates have been elected. They are:

CD6 delegate:  Trevor Abarzua and alternate Jarred Whicker.

CD7 delegates: Joe Abate, Barry Wong, CynthiaThomas, Robert Thomas, Sr., David Ludwig, Timothy Lee, George Cuprak, Michale DeMers, Ryan Sise and Carol Crockett. CD7 alternates: Donald Newton, Virginia Ludwig, Shere Robinson, Jerilyn Freimuth and Brent Brooks.

CD9 delegates: Tristan Manos, Daniel Troop, Kimberly Kunasek, Brandy Wells, Kevin Morrow, Julie Castro, John Padden, Michael Schafer, Craig Ellis, Cassidy Possehl, Regina Romero, David Demson, Laura Harrington.  No alternates.


LD20 Chairman Naomi Kruse  reports the results from the LD20 Special Delegate Election.

CD8 DelegatesAaron Flannery, Howard Jaeger, Sandy Jaeger, Anthony Kern, Jenny Kern, Ray   Malnar, Francine Romesburg, Tim Moore, Kristi Bencomo, Larry Bollinger, Martha Cook, Phil Cook, David Beeson, Samuel Kern, Kevin Hallden, Lorraine Davis, Barbara Rose, Elaine Bundy.  CD8 Alternates in order – Stuart Baucom, Heidi Baucom, Keith Ayers.

CD6 DelegatesVera Anderson, Renada Aung Khin, Thurane Aung Khin,   Shawnna Bolick, Keith Broadwater, Zina Brodovsky, Duane Engdahl, Marianne Ferrari, Michael Gibbs, Paul Gorman, Raydene Harris, Wes Harris, Charlie Joiner, Marcus Kelley, Nickie Kelley, Naomi Kruse, Colleen Lombard, Reynold Ramsey, Margery Simchak, Howard Sprague, Bob Stannard, Ray Sweeney, Kimberly Yee, Amilyn Pierce, John Shadegg, Linda Surdakowski, Laura Ideus.  CD6 Alternates in orderDonna Ramsey, Mary Richardson, Sean Flatley, Joseph Grossman, Pat Medford, Bill Adams, Joshua Turner, Brittany Kenney, Dennis Reed, Jim Ortenstone, Matthew Kenney, Kathryn von Burg, Ron Janashak, Paul Boyer, Chase Stanley, Kulsum Grossman, James McCauley, Loreen Janashak.


The West Valley GOP office Tuesday morning coffee get-to-gather will feature AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham at 9:30 am., Wed., April 13 at 10050 W Bell Road #50, Sun City.

The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a special open meeting on the Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Interconnection Of Distributed at 10 am., Wed., April 13 in hearing room one at 1200 West Washington Street, 1st Floor, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will hear a debate on Prop 123 - the plan to put $3.5 billion into AZ K-12 schools over the next decade - between opponent State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and proponent Rep Anthony Kern at its Sat., April 9 luncheon. Tickets $30 per person. reserve Your Seat Today!

The Sun City Republican Club’s Annual BBQ, catered by KStar BBQ and featuring Secretary of State Michele Reagan, is scheduled between 6-9pm., Mon., April 18 at the Quail Run Golf Pavilion, 9774 Alabama Ave., Sun City, AZ 85351. $10 per person. RSVP By April 15 to Club President Patti Thompson or 713-557-5800. Guests and visitors are welcome but must be escorted by RCSC cardholders. Candidates and Officials will also have time to introduce themselves.

The Arizona Republican Lawyers will meet with Congressman David Schweikert at 11:50 am., Mon, April 4 at Polsinelli (CityScape – One East Washington St, 11th Floor). $30 per member, $35 per non-members. RSVP to

Activist Beth Jamison is on the mending following her sixth knee surgery. She’ll be allowed out of the rehab center for four hours on Saturday and four hours again on Sunday. Way to go Beth. Hang in there. Lots of folks are wishing you a speedy recovery.

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle of Surprise is also on the mend from recent back surgery. He’s glad to get that behind him. Bet his wife Lolly is too. He wasn’t a happy camper the first couple of days that he was home after surgery!

Ron Ludder, and Bob and Cindy Thomas are among candidates hoping to be selected to go the GOP National Convention.

Over On The West Side of the Valley, Ernie McCollum of the Wittman precinct and R.J. Morris of the Wickenburg precinct have tossed their hats into the ring as potential candidates for the National Convention.

The Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club Luncheon is set for noon, Fri., April 8 with CD1 candidate Gary Keihne’s Power Point presentation: "Solutions to the U.S. Debt, Security and Border Safety." 11:30 am social. $16 per person. RSVP by 1 pm., Tues., April 5 to Nancy Newman:

Jan Martinson, Chairman of the Arrowhead Republican Women’s Candidate’s Forum has announced that 16 GOP candidates are confirmed to attend the June 11 Candidate Forums at Briarwood Country Club between 2-5 pm. No fees. Light appetizers and a cash bar.

State Treasurer Jeff DeWit will make a presentation to the Arrowhead Republican Women at 11:30 am., Wed., April 13 at the Briarwood Country Club, 135th Avenue & Meeker Blvd - Sun City West, AZ. Registration – 10:45am. No jeans. Adults only, no children. $20. RVSP by noon Fri., April 8 to or contact Lezlee Alexander at 602-354-5224.

AzCDL Legislative Update: Gov Doug Ducey signed HB 2224 into law on Wed., March 30.  HB 2224 is the AzCDL-requested bill that would prohibit the state or any political subdivision from charging or levying a fee, tax, assessment, lien or other encumbrance on the transfer of a firearm between private parties who are not prohibited possessors.

For the next couple of weeks, progress on all non-budget legislation will be deferred while the Legislature focuses on the state budget.  The following is the status of the key bills we are monitoring.
HB 2081, which would prohibit checking with any federal (e.g., NICS) or state database on private property transfers, passed out of the Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) on March 24.  It only needs a Senate Third Read floor vote before being sent to the Governor. 
letter to your Senator.

HB 2338, the AzCDL-requested bill that would prohibit the governing boards of educational institutions from banning firearms on public rights of way, such as city streets and sidewalks that happen to pass through campuses, passed out of the Senate COW on March 28.  It only needs a Senate Third Read floor vote before being sent to the Governor. Click here .
HB 2524, the AzCDL-requested bill that would establish an interstate compact that restricts member states from enacting firearms transfer requirements that are more restrictive than existing federal law, passed out of the Senate COW on March 28.  It only needs a Senate Third Read floor vote before being sent to the Governor. 
support HB 2524.

SB 1257 is the AzCDL-requested bill that would exempt CCW permit holders from being disarmed when entering state and local government controlled property unless everyone entering is screened for weapons.  We have learned that the Governor’s office is getting pressure from state agencies and local governments about the cost of preventing law-abiding citizens, the only people who currently obey the “no guns” signs, from entering their facilities if SB 1257 becomes law.  The Legislative leadership is also being pressured to prevent SB 1257 from getting to the Governor.  SB 1257 has already passed out of the Senate.   We are working with the Governor’s staff and the House Leadership to ensure that SB 1257 will not be buried and will get to the House floor. We still need your help in keeping pressure on House members to pass this important legislation.  support SB 1257.
SB 1266, which would allow for injunctions, fines and civil suits when state agencies or local governments disregard state firearm preemption statutes, passed out of the House COW on March 24.  It only needs a House Third Read floor vote before being sent to the Governor.
support SB 1266.
If you encounter any difficulties accessing your letters at our Legislative Action Center, cut and paste this link,, into your browser to take you to the page with all the letters that need to be sent. The status and summary of bills that AzCDL is monitoring can be found on our
Bill Tracking page.

Arrowhead Republican Women’s Second Vice President Arlene Goldblatt reports that the newest members include Linda Trantina, Mimi Levinson, Barbara Janes, Gayle Burns, Catherine Austin and Miryam Gutier-Elm with Joann Utt and Honora Levin as associate members.

Sheriff Paul Babeu announced today that all of the Department of Corrections inmates housed at the Pinal County Jail since July 2015 were returned to state custody this week, and all of the costs associated with housing the inmates under the emergency contract have been recovered or have been billed to the state. Damages from riots last summer at a privately run state prison in Kingman led to more than1,000 inmates being transferred to other prisons. 379 of those prisoners were accepted and housed in the Pinal County Adult Detention Center until this week. Babeu said, “The last bus load of the department’s inmates pulled away from the Pinal County Jail on Wednesday afternoon and our jail population has returned to previous levels of 657 inmates. We have made the necessary staffing adjustments to make sure the jail continues to operate effectively and my staff as well as the inmates are in a safe environment.” Babeu summarized the financial results of the nine-month emergency contract saying, “The County recovered $1.355 million in salaries and related expenses during this contract. The reimbursement covered the cost of additional staffing and supervision, as well as overtime, meals, housing expenses and support services for the department’s inmates. We are facing budget cuts that may make it difficult to maintain critical staffing level in the future, but this contract got us through the remaining months of this fiscal year.”

Sen John McCain held town hall meeting with Honeywell employees in Phoenix today.

Jan Martinson, Arrowhead Republican Women First Vice President - Christian Genocide :My information for this article comes from the Media Research Center. Pressure is now mounting on the Obama administration to declare Christians as genocide victims of ISIS. Just ask any Christian denomination - all will speak of it. Yet this administration hasn’t decided it is. What else could it be? More “workplace violence?” If the U.S. government officially declared the genocide was taking place against these minorities, it would put further pressure on the United Nations Security Council to issue a similar declaration. That could lead to trying perpetrators in the International Criminal Court. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted “additional evaluation” would be needed before calling ISIS persecution a “genocide.” Last November, the glossy magazine of ISIS bluntly announced its “takfir” against unbelievers would continue. “It will continue to wage war against the apostates until they repent from apostasy.” They declare war against the pagans, against the Jews, and against the Christians. The goal is plain: everyone will be Muslim, and the apostates will be slaughtered. How can it be that our media is so quick to condemn Americans’ pluralism and freedom of religion as shamefully inadequate, while they hold ISIS and other Muslim persecutors to no standard at all? Failure to declare ISIS depredations as genocide makes America look weak and indecisive. What can justify this unconscionable delay? Borrowed from the Arrowhead Republican Women’s newsletter.

US Sen Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: Sen John McCain will spend whatever it takes to hold onto his Power in DC, just as he did against JD in 2010 remember. We need your $upport to defeat him and others as well give us a hand up.  To request Van to speak contact scheduler Ron Gosselin or call 602-740-4165

The Institute for Supply Management’s gauge of factory activity rose to 51.8 in March from 49.5 in February. Economists expected a rise to 50.7 for the month. Readings above 50 point to expansion, while those below indicate contraction.

The Labor Department reports the U.S. economy added 215,000 jobs in March, above expectations for 205,000 jobs. The unemployment rate rose to 5.0%. It was expected to remain at 4.9%. Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate rose to 63.0% from 62.9%.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will be in Sierra Vista for multiple events tomorrow.

  • 8 am - Speaking with members of the Greater Sierra Vista United Veteran's Council at VFW Post 9972, 549 Veterans Drive.
  • 9:30 am - Girl Scouts and STEM event, Rothery Educational Services Center, 3305 E Fry Blvd.
  • 10:45 am - Visit with Volunteer Income Tax Assistants, at the Goodwill Southern Arizona, Job Connection Center, 2105 E Fry Blvd.

Here Are You State Delegates Election Mtgs By Dates

April 2

· Gila - April 2 - 10 AM - Tiny's Family Restaurant; 600 Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541. Gary Morris, Chairman

· Coconino - April 2 - 9 AM - DoubleTree Hotel; 1175 W. Rt 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Joan Harris, Chairwoman

· Cochise - April 2 - 10 AM - American Legion Hall; 225 E. Allen St. Tombstone, AZ 85638. Casey Jones, Chairman

· Maricopa LD 4 - April 2 - 9 AM - Starpointe Residence Club of Estrella, 17665 W. Elliot Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85338. LD 4 Chairman, Dick Newcomer

· Maricopa LD 30 - April 2 - 1 PM - First United Methodist Church; 7102 N. 58th Dr. Glendale, AZ 85301. Anna Stowe, Chairman

· Pima LD 2 - April 2 - 10 AM - Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse; 2045 E Quail Crossing Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614. Sergio Arellano, Chairman

· Pima LD 9 - April 2 - 8:30 AM - La Paloma Urgent Care Center; 4001 E Sunrise Drive, Tucson , Arizona 85718. Bradley Johns, Chairman

· Pima LD 14 - April 2 - 9:30 AM - 16461 S Houghton Rd, Corona de Tucson, Az 85641. William Sobeck, Chairman

April 4

· Pima LD 10 - April 4 - 5:30 PM - Wilmot Public Library; 530 North Wilmot Road, Tucson, AZ 85711. Parralee Schneider, Chairwoman

April 5

· Maricopa LD 18 - April 5 - 6 PM - Quality Inn; 5121 E La Puente Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85044. Mary Fritsche, Chairwoman

· Maricopa LD 26 - April 5 - 6:30 PM - Mesa Utilities Building; 640 N. Mesa Dr. Mesa, AZ 85201. Raymond Jones, Chairman

· Maricopa LD 27 - April 5 - 6 PM - Bethesda Baptist; 906 E. Jones st. Phoenix, AZ 85042. Ron Harders, Chairman

April 6

· Maricopa LD 28 - April 6 - 7 PM - Madison School District Headquaters; 5601 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Tom Haney, Chairman

April 9

· Yavapai - April 9 - 8 AM - Centennial Center at Antelope Hills; 1989 Clubhouse Dr. Prescott, AZ 86301. Mark Sensmeier, Chairman

· Mohave - April 9 - 1 PM - Vista Del Sol RV Resort, 3249 Felipe Dr, Bullhead City, AZ 86442. Michael Ward, Chairman




The Cobre Valley Republican Club’s Meet and Greet for four GOP candidates will be held at 6 pm., Sat., April 2 at Elks Lodge, 1910 E Maple St in Globe. Candidates include Sheriff Paul Babeu for CD1, LD8 Rep Frank Pratt for LD8 Senate, LD8 Rep T J Shope for re-election and David Cook for LD8 Representative.

The Arizona Break Club meets at 8 am., Sat., April 2 to hear Dr. Phranq Tamburri give a “Trump Report” at the home of Ernest and Donna Hancock, 4886 W Port Au Prince Lane, Glendale, AZ 8 5306. $10 per person – includes buffet style breakfast.

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward will appear at the “Back the Badge Rally” between 10:30 am-11 am., Sat., April 2 at the Chandler Police Headquarter, 250 E Chicago St., Chandler. Contact: Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., April 2 in the Quail Room at the SCW Foundations Bldg., 14465 R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West. Doors open at 8 am with coffee/donuts. $2 donation to cover expenses. Maricopa County Treasurer’s candidate Royce Flora will speaker regarding this campaign to replace his boss Charles “Hos” Hoskins – who is retiring. Flora is currently the Chef Deputy for Treasurer Hoskins. Contact: Jean Goncalves 623-214-8010

April 4

The Gila County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Luncheon Fundraiser featuring Gov Doug Ducey and Congressman Paul Gosar is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., April 4 at the Maztzal Casino in Payson. $60 per person includes a prime rib luncheon, door prizes, silent auction and raffles. RSVP to Shirley Dye 928-951-6774 or Gary Morris 928-478-8186. Checks should be made out to the “Gila County Republican Committee” and mailed to Shirley Dye, 1107 S Deer Born Dr., Payson, AZ 85541. Reservations deadline: Tues March 29.

Congressman David Schweikert will be the guest speaker at the 11:50 am, Mon, April 4 Arizona Republican Lawyers Assocation luncheon at Polsinelli sinelli (CityScape – One East Washington St, 11th Floor) $20 for members, $35 for non-members. RSVP to .  If you would like to be recognized for an achievement or make an announcement to the group, please make a note in your RSVP.  AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham is the speaker for the May 5 meeting and Former Mayor of Mesa and Interim CEO of Valley Metro Scott Smith is slated for June 9.

The Lincoln Republican Women Dinner Meeting is scheduled at 6 pm., Mon, April 4 at The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort, Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale to hear Dr. Donald T. Critchlo, Director of the ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership, address “The Future Right: The Forging of a New Republican Majority.” $35 per person. Spouses welcome. Reservations required. Deadline Thurs, March 31, 2016. Cash at the door or send check made out to “LRW” and send to Pat Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Contact: 480-368-2777 or 602-214-2114 or

Coconino County Republican Committee Chairman Joan Harris: The Coconino County meeting to elect our delegates to the State Convention will be held at 9 am, Mon., April 4, at the DoubleTree Hotel, 1175 W. Rt. 66, Flagstaff. National delegates will be elected at the State Convention. If you are interested in becoming a Coconino County delegate to the Arizona State Convention, please contact me at telephone 928-226-0502 or e-mail

Gov Doug Ducey will be the speaker for the Gila County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Luncheon at 11:30 am., Mon., April 4 at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson. Congressman Paul Gosar will also attend. For ticket information call 928-478-8186. Contact Chr Gary Morris 602-803-7366.

Congressman Paul Gosar’s Staff will hold officer hours between 10 am and noon, Mon, April 4 at 155 N. Tegner, Suite A, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. Raise any concern you have about federal and state topics. Receive help from agents from the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and more. Contact: 928-445-1683.

April 5

Sheriff Richard Mack will speak to the 6:30 pm., April 5 meeting of the Surprise Tea Party Patriots in the Grand Canyon room of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375. Contact: John Madeira

The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will resume our meetings at 6:30 pm., Tues., April 5 to hear Maricopa County Recorder candidate Aaron Flannery in a discussion about the waiting lines and other questions regarding the March 22 PPE such as “Was this a manufactured crisis?” The group meets at 3701 W. Anthem Way in the Anthem Civic Building at Anthem. Contact: Chr Vera Anderson, 602-821-4675 or

Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff will hold office hours from 11 am-1 pm., Tues., April 5 at 220 N 4th St., in Kingman, AZ. Contact: 928-445-1683.


US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey is scheduled to address the Colorado River Tea Party at 6 pm., Thurs., April 7 in the Community Christian Church,6480 E. Hwy 95. Contact: Sally Kizer, Chairman 928-210-1219

The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm for dinner Thur., April 7 at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E Thomas Road, Phoenix to Secretary of State Michele Reagan. $30 per person. RSVP: Jan Webb at or 602-318-1010 by Sun., April 3. All reservations must be dinner reservations.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

· Congressman Paul A. Gosar after submitting multiple appropriations language and program requests to the House Appropriations Committee aimed at combating invasive species, especially in western states like Arizona: “The economic livelihood of countless rural communities throughout western states depends on the proper management of wildlife and invasive species. Arizona has some significant challenges when it comes to burros, tamarisk and quagga mussels. It is absolutely critical that there is coordination between federal, state and local stakeholders as well as the necessary resources in order to meet these unique challenges. It is up to the House of Representatives to ensure western priorities are addressed and I’m proud to lead these efforts for Arizona’s communities.” Related stories:

· Combating Invasive Tamarisk Plants

· Combating Invasive Mussels in the Colorado River

· Supporting State-Federal Partnerships to Control Burro Overpopulation in Arizona

· Supporting Proper Treatment of Wild Horse and Burro Overpopulation

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· Pro-Kasich Super Pac Wraps Trump's "Lyin' Ted" Meme Around Cruz's Neck (Following Money In 2016 Politics)

· Pair Of Multi-Billionaire Couples Fund Ducey's $3.7M Prop. 123 Campaign; Opposition Raises $617.00 (Following Money In Arizona's Politics)

· Ducey's Prop.123 Hits Arizona Airwaves Today, Talking Education Funding

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