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5-21-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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Franks Reception Canceled: The reception scheduled in behalf of Congressman Trent Franks for Saturday, May 21 has been cancelled due to a emergency for hosts Scott and Tammy Jones of Goodyear.

Arizona-Grassroots-Action-Pac-Claims-Former-Arizona-Senator-Wanted-Ban-Intel Ad Rated Mostly False.

Editor’s Note: We’re doing some maintenance work and hope to be back to normal within a few days. If you sent an announcement that hasn’t been posted, please resend. The cyber gremlins have been at play and we may not have gotten it. Also please, resubmit any events running thru June. Sorry for the inconvenience. Editor Frosty Taylor at or

The AZ Civil Rights Conference is scheduled at 9am, Sat., May 21 at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa, 85210. The conference has been moved from the previously announced location at the State Capitol. The conference is a “historical and education presentation toward healing the racial wounds in America.” Free tickets at First come/First Served at the door. Contact: Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.

Arizonans For Prosperity (AFP) volunteers will be taking part in a nation-wide “Day of Action” on May 21 and 22 was they make calls to Florida addressing government spending issues. To participate contact:

     Maricopa County (email): Jason Lloyd,
     Maricopa County (phone): Chalon Hutson, (480) 215-4064
     Pima County: Jaimie Kleshock, (602) 418-0006
     Outside of Maricopa and Pima Counties: Contact: AFP State Director Tom Jenney,  602.478.0146

The Cobre Valley Republican Club Armed Forces Day Luncheon tickets are available. The luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., May 21 at the Pinal Mountain Elks Lodge, 1910 E Maple St. in Globe. Tickets are $30 each. Two for $55 or $220 for a table of eight. Arizona border rancher Jim Chilton is the speaker. Doors open at 10:30 am. For information or tickets contact Judy Alexander 928-701-2195, Dan Alexander  928-701-1659, Judy Moorhead 928-200-2468, Diana Wheeler  928-200-1647, Emily Plunkett   928-425-3772 or Cobre Valley RC

LD22 Incumbents Senator Judy Burges, Rep Phil Lovas and David Livingston need help in obtaining petitions signatures to get on the ballot for re-election. We are constant 2nd Amendment and pro-life supporters, according to Burges. “The on-line petition allows us to collect half of our needed signatures to get on the ballot. Your help by signing our petition would be most appreciated. Signing our petition is simple and will take you less than two minutes. All you need do is push your control button and click on the link: It will ask for your driver’s license number, name (first and last), and birth date to verify that you are indeed a registered voter. When you have signed, would you please forward this message to your friends that live in Legislative District #22. Thank you so much for the help.

The Western Pinal County Chapter of The Arizona Republican Assembly will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., May 23 at 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, Casa Grande. The building is located on the southeast corner of W Florence Blvd/N Sacaton St. Casa Grande City Council candidate Bob Huddleston will address the group. Contact Jason Hayes (202) 394-7202

The Wickenburg Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon., May 23 with LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell in the Lifeline Ambulance Training Room, 1155 N. Tegner, Wickenburg. Contact: Chr Frosty Taylor

The Arizona American African Republican Committee meets Thursday, May 26 6:30pm, at GOP headquarters, 3501 N 24th, Phoenix to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, US Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk and Anti Marijuana Legalization Group spokesman Jared Hershl. Contact Chairman Clyde Bowen602 274 5439,,

Steve Watson, candidate for Maricopa County School Superintendent, submitted his petitions – with more than 6,500 signatures - to the County Recorder’s Office on Thurs, May 19 to qualify for the Aug. 30th ballot.

Education Funding Measure Expected To Pass, Ducey Declares Victory With the victory comes the first of what some believe will be several lawsuits seeking to block Proposition 123. A Phoenix resident has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the ballot measure is unconstitutional. Read full article »

Campaigners Know You Are In There: Matt Edson opened his front door to a couple of local college students and unknowingly became one of millions of Americans whose thoughts are being tracked by rich business people and political campaigns who hope to control the nation’s government. The 33-year-old man lives in Green, an Akron suburb neither too liberal nor too conservative. It is just right, in fact, for finding swing voters. He cracked his front door on a sunny afternoon in late April as his dog pushed between his knees to get Read the full story

Kathleen Winn Has Announced Her Candidacy For The Chandler City Council. Scroll down to Candidate Commentary for her full announcement.

Dan Saban Will Submit His Petition signatures to challenge Joe Arpaio for the GOP nomination as Maricopa County Sheriff at 1 pm, May 31, at the Maricopa County Elections Department Annex, 510 S. 3rd Ave., Phoenix. Saban points out at 9 am, the same day that US District Court Judge Murray Snow will consider civil sanctions, and a possible criminal contempt referral, against Arpaio. Contact: Saban at 480-274-5358 Full statement under Candidate Comments.

US Drops Puerto Rico Swim Training Over Zika USA Swimming has moved a pre-Olympic training camp out of Puerto Rico because of the Zika virus.
Read full article »

Retired Naval Officer And LD24 PC Dave Alger has filed as a Republican candidate for AZ House in LD24.  Alger’s nominating petition is available for signature online at  Contact Alger at

US Senate Candidates Dr Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey, and Clair Van Steenwyk will participate in the Tempe Republican Women’s Club Candidate Forum at the  at 6:30 pm., Mon., May 23 at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center 655 E. Southern Tempe, AZ.

US Sen Candidates Dr. Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey, and Clair Van Steenwyk are available to speak at events or to groups. To schedule:

· Ward, Contact Carolyn Leff at 928- 230-0633 or

· Meluskey, Contact Joel Andres Frewa 480-659-2410

· Van Steenwyk Contact Ron Gosselin 602-740-4165

The Fountain Hills Republican Club "GOP Social" is scheduled at 6 pm, Tues, May 24 at the Fireside Grill in the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, in Fountain Hills, 85268. These are a social events.  No speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food). Everyone is welcome.  FHRC "GOP Socials" are open to all interested persons, membership in the FH Republican Club is not required. 

US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward’s campaign teams will be canvassing neighborhoods in an effort to retire 30 years Senator John McCain this weekend. The will meet at:

    9:30 am, Sat., May 21 at Walgreen's, 6501 E Greenway Parkway, in Scottsdale,

    9:30 am, Sat, May 21 at Goodwill, 868 N Gilbert Rd, in Gilbert.

RSVP to Blake (602) 882-9824 or Neal (480) 512-2371 Volunteer Outreach

GOP candidates asking for help in getting petitions signatures include:

     LD25 Senate candidate Itasca Small. Contact Karen Gevaert at

     LD23 House candidate Bob Lettieri. Contact:

     Maricopa County Supt of Schools candidate Jana Jackson. Contact Beth Hallgren at

     Maricopa County Recorder candidate Aaron Flannery. Contact

Activist Dennis Zinke: Frosty, I would like to say thank you for the MCRC News Briefs. Excellent information on what is happening within the Republican party. I am completely peeved (to put it mildly) at our representatives for not speaking out on Obama's latest garbage).

Because of our 'do nothing’ Republican's I track the voting record of our reps in Congress. Congressman Ryan Zinke (MT) is a relative and I watch him like a hawk. I am following Arizona's reps as well. What I see is a gutless, spineless Republican controlled Congress. They gave themselves a raise but have done nothing to earn it. After the Omnibus bill passed last October, I decided I needed to understand our government and our representatives better. What I see of our Republicans, who are supposed to uphold Republican values, is a bunch of RINO's doing their own thing. Donald Trump is not our main worry, but a bunch of worthless representatives are who are doing nothing more than sitting on their fat butts earning a high salary. My wife and I volunteer at the Republican office in Sun City and I am the chief facilitator of the NWV Tea Party. I am ashamed of our representatives and the only way to change it is by working from within the party. If we want conservative candidates, then we need to vet these candidates before they take office. This begins within the party. The reason for this outburst of disgust is because of something I read in your column last week regarding a recent ruling by our idiot president. (Sorry, I have no respect for this person) - I have respect for the office, but this man does not represent me.

Activist Dennis Zinke: Here is the item that really 'Frosted' me. “…The White House will announce today that ALL Schools are commanded to let trans-genders use restroom of their choice. The Obama administration will announce a directive is being sent to ALL school districts across the country commanding schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice as it matches their sexual identity. A letter is being released to ALL school districts signed by both the Justice and the Education Departments. This letter will further command that NO student is to be discriminated against. Schools that do not abide by this new policy (does not have the force of law) said schools and/or districts will face lawsuits and loss of federal aid. Parents are not to be considered in this announcement. So…if a parent does not want their sixth grade girl to see an eight grade boy naked, the parent has no say in this matter."…

I have grandchildren and support their privacy, as well as the privacy of other children. I feel the same about public rest rooms. There is no way that I want a man to walk in on my wife or any woman. I feel the same about a woman walking in on me. I am not a happy camper with any of our elected representatives and will work hard to make sure they are not re-elected. I agree with the sentiment about separation between church and state as I have understood it for most of my 71 years. I remember when there was sanity, values and common sense in our land, but I no longer recognize my homeland. It reminds me of a socialist country where an elect few are determining what the rest have to live by. Obama is not playing by the Constitution and our Congress is looking the other direction. What in the world are we paying them for? See voting records: Thank you for the MCRC Briefs. An excellent source of information.

The Obama Administration’s efforts to monitor the racial balance of your neighborhood are moving full steam ahead — UNLESS Congress DE-FUNDS them. Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Senator Mike Lee are leading the charge to defund the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act (AFFHA) through the appropriations process.   Gosar’s amendment to defund AFFHA already passed the House.  Sen. Lee’s companion amendment will be considered in the Senate.   Please call your two Senators and tell them you want Sen. Lee’s Senate Amendment #3897 passed. lee-amendement-can-stop-AFFH Senate directory:

Relief And Anger In Puerto Rico As Congress Acts On Debt After months of pleading from Puerto Rico's government, the U.S. Congress has agreed to help the territory restructure its massive public debt. But it comes at a steep cost: a degree of lost sovereignty with the...

John-McCain-Goes-Negative-As Dr-Kelli-Ward-Surges-In AZ-GOP-Senate-Primary… Arizona GOP Senator John McCain’s reelection campaign is lashing out with negative attacks against his Republican primary opponent, State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, as new polling shows trouble for McCain’s attempt for a sixth Senate term. A new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Dr. Ward and McCain tied at 41% in a head-to-head matchup. The poll has even more bad news for McCain, showing the aging Senator with just a 35% approval among Republican primary voters…

A Constitution Study Group is offering five lessons between 2-3:30 pm., Saturdays, June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 9 at American Family Education, 4833 E Southern with instructors Verl Farnsworth, Sarah Rowse, Adrienne Weiss, Bonnie Rodge. RSVP: To Study guide Verl Farnsworth (480) 204-0964 or One Time $5 donation covers: Constitution Booklet and Workbook. Repeat classes free of charge.

The Center for Self Governance is offering state constitution classes with Krisanne Hall and Mark Herr at:
May 28th, TN C200:
May 31st, WA C100:


Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 

·         Senator John McCain (R- AZ)             202-224-2235           202-228-2862

·         Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)                 202-224-4521          202-228-0515

·         Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                    202-225-3361          202-225-3462

·         Rep Martha McSally  (R2)                   202-225-2542          520-881-3588

·         Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)                    202-225-2435          202-225-1541

·         Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                       202-225-2315          202-226-9739

·         Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                        202-225-2635          202-226-4386

·         Rep David Schweikert (R6)                 202-225-2190          202-225-0096

·         Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)                    202-225-4065          202-225-1655

·         Rep Trent Franks (R8)                       202-225-4576          202-225-6328

·         Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)                   202-225-9888          202-225-9731



May 21

Cancelled Due To Host Emergency: A reception for Congressman Trent Franks Sat., May 21. ContactL Jessica Lycos at 480-494-5784

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will get a recap of the legislative session from Rep Michelle Ugenti-Rita and Jay Lawrence at their May 21 meeting. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is slated for the June 18 gathering. Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell will address election procedures on July 16 – just before the early ballots are mailed out. The club’s annual picnic is planned for Sept 20 where all candidates are invited to speak. Contact: Sec Boe James at

LD2 meets at 10 am., Sat., May 21 at various location. Contact: Chairman Sergio Arellano at 396-9426.

The Cobre Valley Republican Club Armed Forces Day Luncheon tickets are available. The luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., May 21 at the Pinal Mountain Elks Lodge, 1910 E Maple St. in Globe. Tickets are $30 each. Two for $55 or $220 for a table of eight. Arizona border rancher Jim Chilton is the speaker. Doors open at 10:30 am. For information or tickets contact Judy Alexander 928-701-2195, Dan Alexander  928-701-1659, Judy Moorhead 928-200-2468, Diana Wheeler  928-200-1647, Emily Plunkett   928-425-3772 or Cobre Valley RC

May 23

The Tempe Republican Women’s Senate Candidate Forum will started at 6:30 pm., Mon., May 23 featuring Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey and Clair Van Steenwyk. Incumbent John McCain has been invited, but hasn’t confirmed an appearance. They will also vote on proposed bylaw changes. The meeting at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center in Tempe. Contact: President Jessica Merrow 480-306-2545 or

The Wickenburg Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon., May 23 with LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell in the Lifeline Ambulance Training Room, 1155 N. Tegner, Wickenburg. Contact: Chr Frosty Taylor

The Tucson Republican Women’s Club will meet Mon., May 23 or Thurs, May 26 at a yet to be disclosed location. Contact: Ann Hollis for time/location at 749-3573 or Mary Preble at 409-9269.

Coffee With LD28 Senate Candidate Kate Brophy McGee is scheduled at 8 am, Mon., May 23 at The Sunnyslope Village Alliance Office, 755 E Hatcher Road, in Phoenix. Coffee and pastries will be provided. Contact

May 24

LD 17 is conducting its CD5 Congressional Forum featuring CD5 candidates Senate President Andy Biggs, Business Executive Christine Jones, Rep Justin Olson and former Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley at 7 pm., Tues., May 24 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the Tri-City Baptist Church Seminary Building (smaller building on south side

of parking lot), 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ 85286. LD17 is meeting one week earlier than normal – to avoid conflicting with Memorial Day weekend. At 7:15 pm., Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Tyler Bowyer will speak about Turning Point USA, the ]organization that identifies conservative students on college campuses that he works for. At 7:30 pm., the CD5 Forum with candidates. Contact: Chairman Dr Shadow Asgari

A Special BBQ To Benefit The Family Of Slain Police Officer David Glasser is scheduled between 11 am-10 pm., Tues., May 24 at the PLEA Garage Grill, 1102 W Adams St., in Phoenix. All donations will benefit the family of the 12 year police officer. Serving hot dogs and hamburgers.  Carry-out boxes are available for those who are unable attend. See flyer here.

May 25

Freedom Fires will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., May 25 with CD5 candidate Justin Olson at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., in Mesa. $2 per person (under 18 free)

The Goldwater Institute will hold a new headquarters open house and wine tasting celebration between 5-7 pm., Thurs., May 25 at 500 E Coronado Road in Phoenix. RSVP to Patti O’Brien 602-633-8974.

The Grassroots Tea Party is planning “Open Mic” night at 6 pm, Wed,. May 25 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Rd, in Phoenix. You may talk on any subject you wish. Contact: Francine Romesburg 602-993-3263.

May 30

The Veterans Memorial Dedication Field of Honor is scheduled at 8 am, Mon., May 30 at Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler.



Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited

Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill: It’s Official. The petitions were turned in on Wed, May 11 to the Electoral Office. I had more than enough to get on the ballot ~ almost 5,000 and we are still collecting. Thank you so very much for your support, prayers and donations. After Friday the 13th’s announcement by Judge Snow, this is looking like the perfect storm. Joe and his cronies are found guilty of contempt in Civil Court. This may go to Criminal Court. We will see on May 31. This dynasty has gone on too long and become darker and darker. Exposed are all the things I have witnessed first-hand over the years. Each passing day, I am more encouraged and convinced that the only way to clean up the Sheriff’s Office is from the inside. Each day, God seems to show me a little bit more. Now the real campaigning continues with more speaking engagements, getting buttons made and yard signs. TV and radio do not do interviews with candidates until after the June 2 petition gathering deadline. It has been exciting to meet wonderful people along the way; so many want a change in the Sheriff’s Office. Like me, they are fed up ~ just like the big government only local. This is truly an exciting election year. As the Framing Fathers felt, the “common man” should step up to the plate and serve in an office then go back to what they were doing and not make a career out of it. Please, be a continued support of our success in this vital endeavor. One dollar donations are great, but not over $6200, each!  (We have had to return $'S to Corporate/ Partnership Donors...We appreciate your support, but it is a "No No" here in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Dan Saban will submit his partisan nomination petitions to challenge Joe Arpaio for the GOP nomination at 1 pm, May 31, at the Maricopa County Elections Department Annex, 510 S. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix. That is the same day that US District Court Judge Murray Snow will consider civil sanctions, and a possible criminal contempt referral, against Mr. Arpaio.  [Court hearing begins at 9 am]. Saban urges the media to pay attention to the sheriff's primary election race.  You have thoroughly covered the revelations about misconduct in the MCSO that have come out of the federal court case; voters also need to know that they have a viable alternative in Saban in the GOP primary. Saban recently resigned his position as the Executive Director of a major Arizona security company (Trident Security Services, Inc.) to devote his full-time efforts to the campaign and, as a result, is available to provide a comment, or his perspective, on the many issues surrounding the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Contact: Dan Saban for Maricopa County Sheriff 2016 480-274-5358

Kathleen Winn, Chandler City Council Candidate: I am formally letting you know that I have entered the race for Mesa City Council. The current councilmember, Alex Finter, is termed-out, and I am running for his open seat in District 2. The election will be held August 30th. I am contacting you personally to ask you to go to my website, keep apprised of my news, like my Facebook page, and spread the word on my behalf. I have been out knocking on doors and gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot, and I am pleased to let you know I am beyond the minimum required number! However, I will continue to gather signatures until they are due next month. It gives me the opportunity to meet people in district two, hear their concerns for Mesa, introduce myself to my neighbors, and re-introduce myself to many old friends. I have included a map to show you exactly where District 2 is located in Mesa. Elections are part education, a lot of hard work, and creating an awareness of what you stand for and will provide if elected. I believe I am best qualified to replace Finter and need your support to do so. I will be printing signs, flyers, and mailers in the very near future to ensure a WINN for Mesa in the coming election. I would ask that you support the campaign today by making a donation. Anything you do can help and is greatly appreciated, whether it's $10.00 or $1000.00. Your donation lets me know you stand with me to bring quality jobs and businesses to Mesa, support strong public safety, want a strategic growth plan, and know that government’s role should be minimal. Feel free to call, email, stop by, or message me on Facebook. I look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Senate candidate Kelli Ward: “Establishment John McCain is at it again. This time, sketchy dark money Super PACs — who have consistently backed Establishment John's dirty campaign — are blatantly lying about my record. Nothing could be further from the truth — as a military wife whose husband has been deployed to Iraq, I’ve had a strong and public record of supporting our troops, both as an elected official and as a private citizen. The bottom line is that these attacks are misleading and false, both in their insinuations and in the raw facts of the matter. Tell the Establishment John that you won’t stand for his lies. Add your name and show Establishment John that you won’t stand for the patently false attacks on my record. It’s time we fight back against Establishment John’s embarrassingly desperate campaign against the grassroots. Enough is enough.”

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