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10-13-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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LD22 Sen Judy Burges announced yesterday that  Democrat challenger Michael Muscato is “not duly qualified to run for election in this district”.  In a written statement to officials and party leaders, she revealed: “This disturbing fact has been brought to my attention, and upon verification, I am duly sworn to make known this fact to you, and the appropriate authorities.  Arizona Law {ARS: 16-311(A),(B)} states…’At the time of filing, a candidate for public office must be a qualified elector and must reside in the county, district or precinct that the candidate proposes to represent.’”  She reports that “Democrat challenger, Michael Muscato, purchased a residence listed as owner/occupied in the 85086 Phoenix zip code in August, 2015.  Residing in a house out of the district and precinct for well over a year prior to this election would automatically disqualify him to run for the State Legislature in District #22.  Nor would he qualify to be a registered voter in Legislative District #22.  Further troubling is Muscato swearing under oath that he qualified to run for office while living in another district, and apparently taking public monies for a campaign under false pretense, which allegedly constitutes fraud.  These stated concerns are highly troubling, and preliminary evidence that has been brought forward clearly suggests a probable cause exists by which answers as to his legitimacy for office are now raised and must be addressed by the Attorney General, the Clean Elections Commission (for the funds that have been distributed to my challenger), the Secretary of State, and the court.”  Burges continued, “The citizens of Arizona, and my constituents in Legislative District #22, are entitled to full and complete confidence in the process by which their leaders stand for election, stand for accountability, and stand for integrity.  One simply cannot become a legislative lawmaker and skirt the law at the same time. “

Most Republicans Say GOP Leaders Hurt Party With Criticism of Trump Most Republican voters still think top GOP leaders are hurting the party with their continuing criticism of Donald Trump and are only slightly more convinced that those leaders want Trump to be president. Read More

Floating the Internet from the East Coast to the corn fields of Iowa to the Everglades of Florida:  In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep these points in mind,

·         Donald Trump did not steal your money.

·         Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

·         Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

·         Donald Trump is not starting a race war.

·         Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

·         Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

·         Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

·         Donald Trump did not betray Israel.

·         Donald Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

·         Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to China.

·         Donald Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.

·         Donald Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans.

·         Donald Trump did not cripple our economy.

·         Donald Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.

·         Donald Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.

·         Donald Trump did not double African American unemployment.

·         Donald Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.

·         Donald Trump did not set free Muslim terrorists in Guantanamo bay.

·         Donald Trump did not debilitate our immigration enforcement personnel.

·         Donald Trump did not flood our country with known criminals by issuing "Catch and Release" orders to our Immigration Department.

·         Donald Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason hundreds of times. Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, nonstop, while Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not. The media IS the Democratic Party; Save our culture. Stop listening to them!

Zack Taylor, Chairman NAFBPO: Sanctuary Cities + Transnational Criminals = fentanyl and heroin in America. Throwing money at treatment is diverting attention from the actual problem which is availability. See more fentanyl-floods-us; -opioid-epidemic

The Sonoita/Elgin Tea Party's “Meet the Candidates” is set for 9 am., Sat. Oct 15 at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Sonoita. Lunch available by the Highway 28 cafĂ©.  The candidate  schedule:

9:15 –10:15am        LD2 Arizona House

10:15-11 am            LD2 Arizona Senate

11-11:30am             CD3 Congressional

11:20 – Noon           Lunch

12 pm-12:45 pm      Santa Cruz County Superviors

12-1:45 pm             Sonoita Elgin Fire District Board

1:45-2:45 pm          Elgin School Board

Lou Dobbs Brands Paul Ryan ‘Gutless Vulgar Coward’ [VIDEO] Lou Dobbs has had it with gutless Republicans who have pulled their support from Donald Trump but he held Ryan high on his pedestal of conservative cop-outs... [Read more]

Trump-Declares-War-Traitorous-GOPPaul Ryan has finally left the Trump campaign high and dry, but that move has renewed calls for his own resignation…

Why I Still Support Trump: “…Let’s face some facts a large percent of men talk like this in private, and it will not change my mind about voting for him. Yes, I’m a chick. Plus Hillary’s husband has done far worse! Not to mention Hillary actively harassed the ladies who accused him.  This is well documented. People forgave Hillary over lying to the poor Benghazi mothers. This pales in comparison. People have short memories, especially over minutiae.”

Scroll down to American Freedom By Barbara for some eye openers.

Pima County Republican Headquarters needs poll observers for early ballots, poll observers for the polls and poll workers. Observers call headquarters 321-1492 and poll workers can call Elections 724-6830.

Trump: Maybe Ryan won’t be Speaker if I win White House Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted Speaker Paul Ryan in an interview with “The O’Reilly Factor,” stating that he no longer wants the Wisconsin Republican’s support... [Read more]

the Doctor Is In! — Ben Carson Slices Up CNN Anchor For Media Propping Up P**ygate Dr. Ben Carson argued with CNN’s Brianna Keilar about the media’s role in propping up the scandalous comments Donald Trump made in a video captured by... [Read more]

Who are the Republicans in Congress Against Trump? As of Wednesday, 53 Republican members of Congress had publicly declared their opposition to Donald Trump, their party's presidential nominee.

Pima County Republican headquarters needs people for a 8:30 am., Nov 12 hand count audit at Abrams Public Health Building, 3950 S Country Club Rd. Please call PimaGOP HQ 321-1492

John Dickerson: We, The American People, Are Not Electing A Presidency. We Are Electing A Destiny!!! The United States Of America Is Soon To Be Gone Forever. God Bless All American Citizens For They Know Not Their Future.

Activist Bill Heuisler: The Media try to minimize the Clinton's ugly, sordid past. And John McCain pretends he is not helping Hillary by criticizing Trump. We all know better. We recall McCain said he admires Hillary and we all still can recall how Hillary tried to ruin certain women… Let's not forget, Bill Clinton settled with Paula Jones for $850,000. The Paula Jones case opened a Pandora's box about Clinton's sex life, exposing his infamous seduction of 20-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky among many others. Hillary Clinton's husband was the first president ever interrogated under oath as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and before a grand jury as a possible criminal target. He lied to all Americans, was impeached by the House and then disbarred. Jones v. Clinton also yielded a historic decision by the Supreme Court, which ruled 9 to 0 that even the chief executive can be sued. The resulting search for evidence led Jones's lawyers to Monica Lewinsky and the chain of events that prompted Starr's report to Congress charging Clinton with 11 impeachable offenses. Jones filed her suit in May 1994, accusing Clinton of luring her to a suite at the Excelsior Hotel during a May 8, 1991, conference when he was Governor of Arkansas and she was an Arkansas State clerk. During that encounter, Jones said he touched her, tried to kiss her, dropped his pants and asked for oral sex. Clinton denied everything, saying he did not even remember meeting state clerk, Paula Jones. But he paid $850,000 to silence Paula Jones. Hillary and friends of Bill harassed Paula Jones in the crudest ways possible. Remember the remark, " can drag a dollar bill through a trailer park", aimed at a woman victim, Arkansas State Clerk Paula Jones? Hillary Clinton lies about supporting women. But Hillary is inciting an enormous Trump landslide partly in retribution for all those Clinton Crimes she concealed.

Former LD22 PC Brian Reilly Replies to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s October 11, 2016 statement 2016_10_11_archive in MCRC Briefs . “With the announcement yesterday that Sheriff Arpaio will be charged criminally by the Department of Justice for his failure to comply for 18 months with a federal court order to not racially profile people, it’s not surprising  Arpaio now portrays himself as a saint and claims victim status. He claims that the announcement by the DOJ is just one more politically motivated attempt by President Obama to end his career as Maricopa County’s sheriff. Joe Arpaio has never been one to publicly accept responsibility for his actions. He loudly blames everyone else for his situation but he conveniently forgets that he quietly admitted while under oath that he was in civil contempt of court. A federal case that started 9 years ago came to a head with the DOJ announcement, one day before the absentee ballots were to be sent to the voters. Arpaio fans think it has to be a conspiracy of the most perfect planning by the DOJ against Arpaio to pull this off, after 9 years of court battles. But, Arpaio is also facing other potential criminal charges related to obstruction of justice, which may be impacted by further delays and the statute of limitations. It’s necessary for the DOJ to go forward with their case, posthaste, regardless of an election or other events.  Arpaio wrote: “But someone like me who dares enforce the Rule of Law is held to a much different standard.” It is because Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ignored the rule of law that he finds himself in his legal predicament. Yes, the DOJ has many problems and it has allowed many in the Democratic Party to escape being held accountable. But, the legal battles that Joe Arpaio faces are of his own doing. Don’t fall for Arpaio’s campaign dog and pony show spin.”

The Small Business Expo - Phoenix is scheduled between 9:30am – 5:30 pm., Oct 20 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Free registration.

The McCain Campaign launched a women's coalition in support of John McCain yesterday morning at the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale with McCain’s wife Cindy, Lisa Graham Keegan, Sara O’Meara, Yvonne Fedderson, Jordan Rose and other female leaders.

Donald Trump, “faced with opposition inside and outside his party, plans to renew the nationalist themes that built his base and amplify his no-holds-barred attacks against Hillary Clinton to try to depress Democratic voter turnout, his advisers said.” Trump is also “trying to use his break with many party leaders as a lever to ramp up support among his base, which includes many voters who feel equally estranged from the party establishment. ... The decision means that a campaign already marked by intensely personal attacks is primed to grow even uglier in the remaining four weeks. Mr. Trump plans to keep up a relentless assault on Mrs. Clinton, including her use of a private email server and allegations about her husband, former President Bill Clinton, with the intention of keeping some of her supporters home on Election Day, his advisers said.” (Wall Street Journal)

The World Now Has More Borders with barriers than at any time in modern history. Here's a closer look at some of them. A generation ago, globalization shrank the world. Nations linked by trade and technology began to erase old boundaries. But now barriers are rising again, driven by waves of migration, spillover from wars and the growing threat of terrorism. In many ways, the barrier-building is being driven by fear. From eight countries across three continents, this just-published series examines through sound, videos and words this new age of walls. Read more »

Newt Gingrich: In my speech to the Republican National Convention in July, I recited a list of terror attacks that had occurred in the previous 37 days. It went on for two whole minutes. This week, German Special Forces arrested a Syrian refugee who authorities said was on the verge of committing an attack similar to those we saw in Paris and Brussels. The foiled attack was one positive outcome, but it is again worth remembering the cascade of recent attacks in which our enemies have succeeded. Consider the list of attacks just since my speech to the Republican National Convention in July.

An attorney in 1975 uses some dirty tricks to get a child rapist off for raping a 12 year old girl. And the lawyer is none other than Hillary ClintonKathy Shelton wants her story known! She wants the world to know what Hillary Clinton did to her in 1974 as a 12 year old girl! Please Share Kathy’s story with all your friends, especially those who might vote for Hillary Clinton.

Reminder: Your Mail-In Ballots Should Be Arriving in your mail box this week. Mail-in ballots taken to the polls will be counted but LATER for the final count. Every vote counts!

Maricopa County GOP Candidates

AZ Corp Commission - Bob Burns & Andy Tobin

County Supervisor D1 - Denny Barney

County Supervisor  D2 - Steve Chucri

County Supervisor  D3 - Bill Gates

County Supervisor  D4 - Clint Hickman

County Attorney -  Bill Montgomery

County Sheriff  - Joe Arpaio

County Treasurer - Royce Flora

County Assessor - Paul Petersen

County Recorder - Helen Purcell

Central AZ Project – Mark Lewis, Jen Brown & Mike Francis

Community College Board  - John Heep &  Laurin Hendrix

County School Superintendent – Steve Watson

MC Healthcare D5 - Terence McMahon

MC Healthcare D2 - Mark Dewane

The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Precinct Committeemen Award Dinner will feature speaker Stephen M Studdert, an advisor to three former Presidents; Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and an unnamed guest, according to Alcorn. The dinner will be held at 7 pm., Sat., Oct 15 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 340 N 3rd St., in Phoenix. Cocktail Reception between 5:30 - 6:45 pm. Auction - Round trip airfare for two to Washington D.C for a private tour of the White House, United States Capitol, Library of Congress, and Exclusive tour of the Smithsonian museum of your choice, along with complimentary passes to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Dinner tickets: Precinct Committeemen - $ 60 per person: Same for spouse. General Admission: $100 per person. Legislative Table of 10: $ 1,000. Sponsor Table of 10: $1,500. Speaker Table: $250 per person. Paid reservations (check or credit card) required to attend. Business attire. Contact: Alcorn at or 602-315-0349.

In case you don’t know who Stephen Studdert is, he was an advisor to President Gerald Ford, President Ronald Reagan (twice) and to George W Bush(twice). Studdert, who now resides in St. George, Utah, will bringing a message of "unity” to the party activists next Saturday night. When Briefs chatted with Studdert last week, he expressed concern for future generations (kids/grandkids), law enforcement officers, the ugliness of the 2016 campaigns and the infiltration of federal positions.

Former two-term Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Rob Haney is taping a series of Never McCain video.. They will be listed here as Haney releases them.  #6 was distributed Oct 12

1 Never McCain

2 Never McCain   McCain Not Pro-Life I

3 Never McCain   McCain Not Pro-Life II

4 Never-McCain   McCain Voting Record

5 Never-McCain   Senate and Unity Concerns

6 Never McCain Betrayal   

See seeingredaz for responses to Haney’s commentary.

AJ LaFaro, Former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman is offering “a $1,000 cash reward for the identification and conviction of the individual or individuals whom he charges distributed an e-mail sent to hundreds using his name in a fraudulent e-mail ID and address sent from “AJ Lafaro,” with a subject line of “Maricopa County Chair Likely To Step Down Tomorrow” sent at 3:13 pm on Fri., Oct 7. LaFaro, who was out of town for three weeks, returning Oct 8, said, “I did not write this illegitimate e-mail message, openly distribute or forward it to the hundreds of individuals that received it. It is unfortunate the Arizona Republican Party has people that have no ethics, integrity or honesty that think nefarious and cowardly acts like this are okay. The person who provides verifiable information will remain anonymous. Please contact A. J. LaFaro at or 480-752-9164.

Gila County is Raffling a Side of Beef: The Gila County Republican Committee is raffling a 200 pound side of Angus beef. The butcher will cut the beef to the order of the winner. Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50 and can be purchased at . The Committee has extra freezer space if needed. The drawing is Oct 31st. Contact: Chr Gary Morris. 602-803-7366

Trump Supporters Have Scheduled A "Trump-Pence Victory Rally" at 10 am., Sat., Oct 29 in Sun City West. Participants are asked to gather in the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Avenue parking lot to decorate their golf carts for a parade which will travel to the community center. Following the parade, attendees are invited to return to Briarwood for a luncheon. Speakers include Sheriff Joe Arpaio, LD22 Senator Judy Burgess, LD22 Rep and Majority Whip David Livingston, and LD22 Rep Phil Lovas. Lunch tickets $22. RSVP to Roy Jenks at 623-240-0611 or Jan Martinson at 623-546-3753.

The ASU Young College Republicans will meet a 6:30 pm., Thurs., to discuss issues such as Illegal Immigration, immigration reform, trade, TPP, NAFTA, Planned Parenthood, and health care at BAC 324. Moderators are Kenneth Klein & Cody Friedland

Law Enforcement Supporters From Across Arizona will be gathering for a pro-police rally “Back The Badge” between 10 am and noon, Sat., Oct 22 in front of the Wickenburg Town Hall, 155 N Tegner. Three agencies are committed to participation – Wickenburg Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department, according to Rally for LE founder Nohl Rosen. “This will be the first time we’ve had more than one law enforcement agency involved in the rallies that we’ve had here in Arizona, he said. Speakers include former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack who is the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association, US Senate write-in candidate Selena Lopez, former Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill, and Kuuleme Stephens, US Navy veterans, actress and local activist. A motorcycle procession led by the Expendables Motorcycle Club of Arizona is expected to kick off the rally. There will also be a special thin blue line cookies handed out to those in attendance while supplies last. The event is free and open to the public. Contact Rosen at

The Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club will meet at 11:30 am., Fri., Oct 14 at the Oro Valley Country Club 300 W Greenock Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85737, with Barry Webb, author of Confessions Of An (Ex) Nsa Spy: Why America And Its Allies Are Losing The War On Terror, Webb, a retired NSA Arabic language translator, will give a PowerPoint presentation on Islamic Prophecies, Terrorism, And Hillary Clinton’s Connections To Radical Islam.” RSVP to or 520-297-3401

Editor’s Note: Briefs means brief, short, concise. To those submitting commentary – there is a 300 word limit on postings. If you exceed the word limit, your commentary will either not be posted or it will be edited to conform to the word limit policy– Frosty Taylor

Attention Republican Candidates/Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

Volunteers Needed For Phone Banks: Sign up  and the nearest office will contact you with instructions and passwords Make calls from an office or your home.   Contact names and locations of the Victory Offices:

·         1234 S. Power Road, Suite 251 Mesa, 85206.

·         3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix 85016.

·         3375 E Shea Blvd., Phoenix, AZ, 85028

·         10050 W. Bell Rd., Ste 49, Sun City 85351.

·         17 W. Wetmore, Ste 101 Tucson 85705.

·         1809 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson 85719.

·         9431 E. 22nd St., #141 Tucson 85710.

·         2625 S Woodlands Village Blvd,#250 Flagstaff, 86001.

·         112-B E. Union St., Prescott 86303.

·         2176 McCulloch Blvd. Ste 2 Lake Havasu City 86403.

·         307 S. Beeline Hwy., Payson 85541.

·         1420 S. 1st Ave, Safford 85546.

·         101 S. La Canada Dr. #69, Green Valley 85614.

·         453 E. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande 85122.

·         325 W. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista 85635.

·         491 N. Grand Ave, Nogales 85621.

·         1900 W. Germann Road #12, Chandler, AZ 85286


Trump Team County Chairmen Contact Information:

Apache/Navajo Counties-  Gene Hall: (928-205-9787)

Cochise County-Frank Antenori: (520-465-8850)  and David Stevens: (520-732-1003)

Gila County – Lolly Hathhorn : ( 928-474-2334)

Graham County- John Duane Rhodes: ( 928-651-0563)

La Paz County – Jennifer Jones (725-666-9791)

Maricopa County – Lori Urban: (480-221-9633)

Mohave County- Larry Schiff: (928-530-3637) (928-530-36370

Pima County – Christine Bauserman: (520-235-2234)

Pinal County – Debra Shaw Rhodes (520-840-3091)

Yavapai County – Brenda Dickinson: (928- 925-1549)

Yuma County – Jonathan Lines (928-580-0349)


OCT 13

The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will be phone banking between 5:30-8:30 pm Thurs., Oct 13 at the AZGOP Victory Office, 3501 N. 24th Street, in Phoenix.

Steve Nannini is hosting a Reception between 6-8 pm., Thurs., Oct 13 to support Ally Miller for Re-Election Campaign at 7777 N. Via Bellini, Tucson, AZ. RSVP: or 297-1178 by Oct 10. Suggested minimum contribution $100 per person. Host to provide a bottle of 2011 Vigneto Nannini to each guest.

OCT 14

The Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner is scheduled at 7 pm., Fri., Oct 14 featuring columnist Peggy Noonan, a political thinker, best-selling author and 2016 Goldwater Award Recipient. 6 pm reception at the Arizona Biltmore – Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom, 2400 E Missouri Ave., Phoenix. Hosted by Founding Chairman John Cotton and Current Chairman Eric Crown.  Limited seating. RSVP or register at  Contact: Austin Anton at (602) 633-8975 or

The Oro Valley Republican Women's Club will entertain Barry Webb, author of ”Confessions of An (Ex) NSA Spy” at the 11:30 am., Fri., Oct 14 luncheon, scheduled at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85737. Webb will address why American and its allies are losing the War on Terror with a PowerPoint presentation on Islamic prophecies, terrorism, and Hillary Clinton’s connections to radical Islam. Webb spent 25 years as an Arabic language translator/analyst for the NSA and other -government entities. Since retiring Webb has continued to monitor events in the Middle East and the rise of terrorism/radicalization with increasing alarm—which has inspired him to write his book. RSVP NANCYNRDH@GMAIL.COM_ or 520-297-3401. Reservations deadline is 1:30 pm, Tues., Oct 11.

OCT 15

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., Oct 15 with Cheryl Todd, who will address the Second Amendment. See Todd at  or

LD17 is planning a “Super Trump Saturday” between 8 am and noon, Sat., Oct 15 with phone bank calling and neighborhood walks. contact LD17 Chairman Dr. Shadow Asgari at

A Constitution Study Group will offer classes Sat., Oct 15 between 2-3:30 American Family Education, 4933 E Southern in Mesa. Contact: Sarah Rowse, CitC Curriculum Director, (602) 301-3008.

Oct 17

A Meet & Greet For LD18 Sen Candidate Frank Schmuck is planned at 5:30 pm., Mon., Oct 17 at the residence of Captain Miranda McGuire-Owens, 901 East Cathedral Rock Church.

Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) monthly luncheon will meet at 11 am, Mon., Oct 17 with Howard Hyde, author of "Escape from Berkeley" at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center, 1500 E. Hwy. 69, in Prescott. 11 am social. $20 per person. RSVP to : Elsie Tyree at or, Reservation deadline: 5 pm., Thurs.,

The Leisure World Republican Club will feature Thayer Vershoor from the Trump Campaign, Maricopa County Community College Governing Board candidate Vicki E. Alger, and CAP Water Board candidate Thomas Galvin at 7 pm., Mon., Oct 17 in the Leisure World ballroom. Contact Diane Andersen 480-395-5515 or

Oct 18

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 18 with Arizona GOP candidates in the Grand Canyon Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375. Candidates for some state offices will be speaking, including several for the CAP Water Board. Future meetings are set for Nov 1, Nov 15 and Dec 6. Surprise Tea Party Patriots Website

OCT 19

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Halloween/Fall Lunch is scheduled at noon, Wed., Oct 19 at the home of Anne Wojcik. RSVP: by Oct 14 to (“ARW Chili” in Subject line). Up to 30 people can be accommodated. Address will be given to attendees upon RSVPs.

3rd Presidential Debate 6 to 8 pm

LD 17 is hosting a Debate Watching Party between 5:30 – 9 pm, Wed., Oct 19 at the Victory Office, 1900 W. Germann Rd. #12 Chandler, AZ 85286. Food will be served. Contact LD17 Chairman Dr. Shadow Asgari at

The Maricopa County Young Republicans and the AZGOP are hosting a watch party for the final debate at 5:30 pm, Wed., Oct 19. Food and refreshment will be provided at this free event at AZGOP HQ 3501 N 24 St. in Phx. RSVP at


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