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10-17–16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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“We have a guy. Donald Trump. He’s an A-list celebrity. Rich and Famous, who’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world for 30 years. Not once in 30 years has any of these women claimed he assaulted ‘em. Yeah, that only happened three weeks before a Presidential election in which he is running. Same thing with Trump and racism. For 30 years in public life, nobody’s ever called him a racist until he ran for President. – Rush Limbaugh

Gila County Trump Campaign Chairman Lolly Hathhorn wants all sign waving volunteers to meet at the Republican Headquarters at 9 am every Saturday until the election to wave TRUMP signs.  For more information call Hathhorn at 928-474-2334.  Let’s make America Great Again!

The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department inaugurated the new Discovery Center at Lake Pleasant on Sat., Oct 15. The speakers included:

·         Dr. Bob Branch, Chairman of the Board for the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Commission, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Dist. 4; 

·         RJ Cardon, Director of Maricopa County Parks and Recreation;

·         Penny Pew, District Director for Congressman Paul Gosar, Arizona’s 4th District;

·         Bridget Binsbacher, Vice Mayor of Peoria;

·         Alex Smith, from the Bureau of Reclamation.

Following the speeches there was a ribbon cutting ceremony and many other activates including: archaeology and desert tortoise talks, gold panning and fishing activities, arts and crafts station, and paddle craft demonstrations. There were also exhibits from Southwest Wildlife Live, Cabela’s, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Central Arizona Project, and Images of America: Lake Pleasant author, Gerard Giordano.

See Jim O’Connor’s announcement for AZGOP Chairman candidacy from the 9-9-16-briefs

See Frank Thorwald’s announcement for AZGOP Chairman candidacy from the 10/10-15-16-briefs

The Republican Party of Mesa (LD-25)  will meet at 7 pm, Thurs., Oct 20 in the Charles K Luster Building (formerly the  Mesa Utilities Building) at 640 N. Mesa Dr. Mesa, AZ.  Scheduled speakers are Andy Biggs, Candidate for US House or Representatives and Shelly Allen Republican Candidate for Mesa City Council District 2.  Any other Republican candidates for office are welcome to attend and will be given a few minutes to speak. Contact: Chr Ian Murray (602)524-7786

LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan sent this message to LD22 PCs last night: As for the judges, we just didn't have time to research the judges for this specific election but most have been retained from previous years. Here's the 2012 and 2014 research that LD22 PC Karen Thomas put together for us for previous elections. Judges 2012 and Judges 2014 Feel free to pass the info on.

Activist Elaine Gangluff: It's a two-person race between Trump and Clinton.  The other candidates are insignificant and a vote for them would be a vote wasted.  So, do we want a narcissist or a socialist?  The things Trump is accused of pale in comparison  to the damage Clinton will do if elected President.  Vote for Trump and don't vote for any who will not vote for him. 

LD27 PC Art Olivas: “Now I am really p****d! At illegals, hell no! I am p****d at all sterile Republicans In Name Only who beg for our financial support, vote and get elected under the false promise to protect us and enforced our laws. Yet, we have illegal aliens running up and down our streets shouting we are undocumented and unafraid! And now these illegals are sending out emails that they are going to take over our elections and   vote Sheriff Joe out!! Where are all these Republicans who claim to run our state? God said I will help you if you help yourself! We need to flush the corrupted RINOS out of the GOP. If we are going to save ourselves!! “

Gingrich: Mistake for Paul Ryan to view voters as ‘nutty’ It’s a mistake for House Speaker Paul Ryan to view voters concerned about election integrity as “nutty,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Sunday. “First of all, Paul Ryan...

LD22 will meet at 6;30 pm., Mon., Oct 17 at the Westbrook Village Association Recreation Center, 18825 N Country Club Parkway, Peoria, Arizona  85382. Doors open at 5:30 pm for social interaction and 'sign in' activities. Contact Heather Morgan for food donations for the buffet.  Contact: Secretary Van DiCarlo 623-695-6124 or

LD21 is hosting a Rummage Sale between 7 am-noon, Sat., Oct 22 at the West Valley Republican Office, 10050 W Bell Road, Sun City.  Kevin Payne's K Star BBQ available. Take donations to the West Valley GOP office (99th Ave/Bell Road) during week day business hours.

LD 24 will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 20 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St in Phoenix to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Contact: Chairman Timothy Lee at

POLL: Do you agree with Trump that He and Clinton should Take A Drug Test Before Debate? Donald Trump called for himself and Hillary Clinton to take a drug test prior to the third presidential debate. During a campaign rally the GOP presidential nominee compared himself and Clinton to athletes... [Read more]

Ex-Employee Trashes Trump On National TV… But She Didn’t Know He Had This Letter Praised Him In A Letter And Her Book In 2013

LD13 Activist Ernie Mc Cullom: Several years ago I wrote to John Mc Cain and Jon Kyl asking them how much control the Commies had. They responded with their normal boilerplate BS. I first heard of UN Agenda 21 in 2011 and discovered that my friends on the wall in DC died only to be betrayed by leaders of our country. Agenda 21 uses environmental regulations to control our entire life - it strips us of property rights and ability to grow our own food. It is hidden the 1800 page document. The best book about this is Behind the Green Mask by Rora Korie. The UN Agenda 21, signed by George Herbert Walker Bush, was the death of our nation. The treaty was never sent to Congress for ratification. Our leaders found a way around our Constitution - if a President signs it we have to follow it? Obama signs small arms treaty; we’re stuck with it. John Mc Cain called us Tea Party types terrorist for defending our Constitution. We were told in boot camp that we would be brain washed; they were right and we keep electing you. Those of you moving away from Donald Trump need to think about what you’re doing. I supported Dr Don Carson until the RNC destroyed him because he didn’t understand international policies – he couldn’t understand the betrayal of America. You elitist bigots who live in gated communities are going to wake up and find that Obama and Clinton are going use HUD and Agenda 21 to destroy your enclaves and shove 3-story apartment building’s right next door. The RNC want him destroyed because it supports the goals of UN Agenda 21. Do you people leaving Trump want a President that allows your son or daughter be killed because she wouldn’t send troops to save them? I hope you enjoy the new Hell you’re about to bring down on yourselves.

LD28 PC George Garbell: The Arizona Republic’s endorsement for the 2016 Presidential election is misleading and disingenuous. The announcement trumpeted the breaking of 126 years of Republican endorsements. Such a claim is fantasy, as the 2000 purchase of the old Republic by Gannett dramatically changed the character of the newspaper, destroying any continuity in editorial policy or philosophy. Consider the following: “The paper has undergone corporate changes as Gannett Co., the owner of the The Arizona Republic since 2000, was "spun off" from TEGNA Inc. which took over the broadcast elements of the business. Gannett's new president of domestic publishing, John Zidich, based in Virginia, was committed to steering The Arizona Republic in the direction of other Gannett papers like USA Today, Detroit Free Press, Cincinnati Inquirer, and its holding in the U.K. This new departure from The Republic's Republican roots can be readily observed in recent editorial endorsements of political candidates trending the paper on a path away from its century-long Conservative bent toward those of its more Liberal sister papers.” Subsequent to the subterfuge, above, the Republic editorial board answered the following question. “Did Gannett tell you what to write? Nope. Gannett may be our parent company, but it had no say in our endorsement. This was a local decision. An Arizona decision. It was crafted by The Arizona Republic's editorial board -- and only The Republic's editorial board.” How specious this claim, given the ownership change in leadership and direction initiated by the 2000 purchase by Gannett, as reported above. The editorial board is immersed in a leftist culture engendered by Gannett. To claim there was no influence in their decision is fatuous. This Republic announcement is a classic case of intentional journalistic manipulation to influence voter perspective, posing the Republic’s choice as unusual and historic. Such a seedy attempt is insulting to the voting populace and Should Be an embarrassment to the Republic. Such seamy and sleazy behavior is unethical by any standard. But standards are always violable to leftists who rationalize any means to an end.

Arizona Project Chairman Ron Ludders: My Take on the Election. I just receive this in my email: Great News!  I was gratified that Fox News had a segment about Comey’s lies and cover-up of Hillary’s crimes … apparently this became news again because more  FBI agents coming forth.   Also new Wikileaks show Catholics, Evangelicals mocked by the Hillary “team”.   These people really do believe we are deplorable.   BUT will the MSM even allow these facts to be “aired”.  Ladies, (and Gentlemen) we need to be emailing and calling CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, etc and all newspapers like the NY Times.  They refuse to put out anything that maligns Hillary, but go 24/7 straight in demeaning Trump and those of us who believe in him and his MESSAGE FOR AMERICA.  Call Them On It!  Let them know WE KNOW and consider them too biased to rely on for accuracy and truth. If you want the truth about what Trump is saying, google; Right Side Broadcasting Network They cover both live and archived daily speeches of what Trump and Pense are really talking about. Remember the immortal words of Winston Chuchill;  NEVER GIVE UP!

Pence: Monica Lewinsky Scandal Was 'The Most Appalling Behavior' Of Any President “Bill Clinton didn’t just talk about doing things, he did them.”

A Military Operation Led By Iraqi Forces was launched today aimed at ending ISIS’ control of Mosul, Iraq. The city, which has been under ISIS rule for two years, is the group’s last major stronghold in the country. US military officials estimate there are 3,500-5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul. ISIS supporters say there are at least 7,000 fighters there. Some Peshmerga commanders who are part of the offensive expect it will take at least three months to clear the city as ISIS may leave sleeper cells behind. Others expect a quicker victory, with ISIS leaders choosing to retreat to the vast desert west of Mosul.

Pence Calls Timing Of 'Unsubstantiated' Claims Against Trump 'Deeply Troubling' Pence said the American people are "very, very troubled."

NC GOP headquarters firebombed The Republican party headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed and an adjacent building was vandalized with the words: ‘Nazi Republicans leave town or else.’... [Read more]

Pence Advises Trump To 'Be Himself' In Next Debate “He's going to keep talking about the issues that matter most to the American people."

Gingrich Calls For Monitoring Of Election Sites The former Speaker said Trump would be up 15 points if it weren't for the media.

Trump NY co-chairman: People won’t allow Ryan’s ‘treachery’ “This is not about Donald Trump, it’s not about Hillary Clinton, this is about the direction this nation is going to take in the next 30 years,” Carl Paladino said.

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Oct 28 is the deadline for registered voters to request early voter forms at according to Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell.

The Gila County Republican Committee now has a radio talk show on the local radio station KMOG 1420. “It’s a means to by-pass the local, very liberal newspaper and go directly to the public with our message. Each Monday morning at 9.30am we talk about Republican principles and issues, along with hosting Republican candidates for office,”  according to Gila County Chairman Gary Morris. Contact: Morris at 602-803-7366.

Grassroots Team Party Activitists will hear from former Payson Mayor Robert Edwards at 6 pm, Wed., Oct 19 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85053. The former six-year Michigan legislator and former Director of the Michigan Employment Dept. will address on the Progressive battle against America and its long term impact on America if we don’t find a way to stop the ever increasing dependency and Progressive controlled voter pool.  Edwards currently resides in Buckeye.

The AZGOP Needs Volunteers to assist with bulk mailings from the Victory Office at 1258 W. Southern Ave. Ste. 102 Tempe, AZ 85282 starting at 8 am on Fri, Oct 21; Fri., Oct 28; Fri., Oct 28; Mon., Oct 31; Wed, Nov2;, Fri., Nov 4., Sat., Nov 5. .Send your name, phone number and the dates that you can help to Kathy Hedges . You will be contacted with a confirmation of your dates upon receipt.

Reminder: Your Mail-In Ballots Should Be Arriving in your mail box this week. Mail-in ballots taken to the polls will be counted but LATER for the final count. Every vote counts!  The flyer below has been circulated by the AZGOP.



Volunteers Needed For Phone Banks: Sign up  and the nearest office will contact you with instructions and passwords Make calls from an office or your home.   Contact names and locations of the Victory Offices:

·          1234 S. Power Road, Suite 251 Mesa, 85206.

·          3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix 85016.

·          3375 E Shea Blvd., Phoenix, AZ, 85028

·          10050 W. Bell Rd., Ste 49, Sun City 85351.

·          17 W. Wetmore, Ste 101 Tucson 85705.

·          1809 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson 85719.

·          9431 E. 22nd St., #141 Tucson 85710.

·          2625 S Woodlands Village Blvd,#250 Flagstaff, 86001.

·          112-B E. Union St., Prescott 86303.

·          2176 McCulloch Blvd. Ste 2 Lake Havasu City 86403.

·          307 S. Beeline Hwy., Payson 85541.

·          1420 S. 1st Ave, Safford 85546.

·          101 S. La Canada Dr. #69, Green Valley 85614.

·          453 E. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande 85122.

·          325 W. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista 85635.

·          491 N. Grand Ave, Nogales 85621.

·          1900 W. Germann Road #12, Chandler, AZ 85286

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Trump Team County Chairmen Contact Information

Apache/Navajo Counties-  Gene Hall: (928-205-9787)

Cochise County-Frank Antenori: (520-465-8850)  and David Stevens: (520-732-1003)

Gila County – Lolly Hathhorn : ( 928-474-2334)

Graham County- John Duane Rhodes: ( 928-651-0563)

La Paz County – Jennifer Jones (725-666-9791)

Maricopa County – Lori Urban: (480-221-9633)

Mohave County- Larry Schiff: (928-530-3637) (928-530-36370

Pima County – Christine Bauserman: (520-235-2234)

Pinal County – Debra Shaw Rhodes (520-840-3091)

Yavapai County – Brenda Dickinson: (928- 925-1549)

Yuma County – Jonathan Lines (928-580-0349)



Oct 17

A Meet & Greet For LD18 Sen Candidate Frank Schmuck is planned at 5:30 pm., Mon., Oct 17 at the residence of Captain Miranda McGuire-Owens, 901 East Cathedral Rock Church.

The Arizona Project will meet with author BenWick for an open mic discussion at 6:30 pm., Mon., Oct 17 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Chr Ron Ludders 602.677.1496

Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) monthly luncheon will meet at 11 am, Mon., Oct 17 with Howard Hyde, author of "Escape from Berkeley" at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center, 1500 E. Hwy. 69, in Prescott. 11 am social. $20 per person. RSVP to : Elsie Tyree at or, Reservation deadline: 5 pm., Thurs.,

The Leisure World Republican Club will feature Thayer Vershoor from the Trump Campaign, Maricopa County Community College Governing Board candidate Vicki E. Alger, and CAP Water Board candidate Thomas Galvin at 7 pm., Mon., Oct 17 in the Leisure World ballroom. Contact Diane Andersen 480-395-5515 or

Oct 18

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 18 with Arizona GOP candidates in the Grand Canyon Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375. Candidates for some state offices will be speaking, including several for the CAP Water Board. Future meetings are set for Nov 1, Nov 15 and Dec 6. Surprise Tea Party Patriots Website

OCT 19

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Halloween/Fall Lunch is scheduled at noon, Wed., Oct 19 at the home of Anne Wojcik. RSVP: by Oct 14 to (“ARW Chili” in Subject line). Up to 30 people can be accommodated. Address will be given to attendees upon RSVPs.

The Republican Club of Sun City is looking forward to meeting with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at 7 pm, Mon., Oct 19 at the Sundial Recreation Center's East Hall, 14801 N. 103rd Avenue in Sun City. Social time/refreshments at 6:30 pm. RCSC cardholders and their escorted guests welcome. Arpaio, a strong Trump supporters, has been in office since 1993. He was elected again in August 2016 to be the Republican candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff in the November General Election.

3rd Presidential Debate 6 to 8 pm

LD 17 is hosting a Debate Watching Party between 5:30 – 9 pm, Wed., Oct 19 at the Victory Office, 1900 W. Germann Rd. #12 Chandler, AZ 85286. Food will be served. Contact LD17 Chairman Dr. Shadow Asgari at

The Maricopa County Young Republicans and the AZGOP are hosting a watch party for the final debate at 5:30 pm, Wed., Oct 19. Food and refreshment will be provided at this free event at AZGOP HQ 3501 N 24 St. in Phx. RSVP at

Grassroots Team Party Activitists will hear from former Payson Mayor Robert Edwards at 6 pm, Wed., Oct 19 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85053. The former six-year Michigan legislator and former Director of the Michigan Employment Dept. will address on the Progressive battle against America and its long term impact on America if we don’t find a way to stop the ever increasing dependency and Progressive controlled voter pool.  Edwards currently resides in Buckeye.

OCT 20

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Oct 20 to hear Yuma City Councilman Gary Knight in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma.

The Ahwatukee Republican Women’s Club will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 20 at the Clarion Hotel, 5121 E LaPuente Ave., in Phoenix to hear former Sen Dr. Thomas Patterson, chairman of Compact for America, address the “National Debt.” Details:

OCT 21

The Tempe Republican Women have planned a 7 pm, Fri., Oct 21 Halloween potluck at 1550 E Greentree Drive, Tempe RSVP Here Costume optional. Bring a spooky dish. Contact: President Jessica Merrow - 480-306-2545.

OCT 22

LD21 Is Having A Rummage Sale between 7 am-noon Sat., Oct 22 at the West Valley Republican office, 10050 W Bell Rd Sun City. Enjoy delicious BBQ from Republican Kevin Payne's K Star BBQ.  Take donations to the office during business hours.

The AZ Republican Assembly (AzRA) Southwest Chapter will meet at 8 am., Sat., Oct 22 at Culvers Restaurant, 1025 N Avondale Blvd Avondale, AZ. 85323. Special $5 menu - including unlimited drinks and tax. They will discuss Precinct Committeeman Day at the Capital, state committee elections, how the Hispanic vote will impact elections in Arizona and hear an update on CD29 candidate John Wilson and an update on Prop 205. Contact President Cirilo “CID” DeLaFuente at 312- 7054).

OCT 23

Activist Haydee Dawson is participating in Aunt Rita's Foundation's AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run on Sun, Oct 23rd in Downtown Phoenix. AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run is the Valley of the Sun's largest and only charity walk raising money to help provide prevention education and essential services to those affected by HIV and AIDS. Aunt Rita's Foundation is a volunteer-driven health charity that is dedicated to helping END HIV in Arizona. The funds raised at this year's walk benefit Aunt Rita's Foundations 16 Partner Agencies. Those agencies provide prevention education and essential services to those affected by HIV and AIDS. Click the link to make a donation to Dawon’s fundraising page or register to participate.


300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Corporation Commission candidate Boyd Dunn: Early voting has started and I am asking for your vote. I started this campaign with a simple thought: “The role of a commissioner is very similar to that of a judge, to be the impartial decision-maker based on the facts presented to you on each individual case, regardless of personal feelings or outside influences. That is how I ran my court, and that is how I will serve as a Corporation Commissioner." As your Commissioner, I pledge to always serve in the public interest. You can see where I stand on the issues by visiting my website at Check out our latest web video below and thank you for your support. Donations appreciated.


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