Thursday, October 27, 2016

10-27-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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Phil Lovas, Trump Arizona Campaign Chairman: Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Phoenix! Every vote counts and your vote is vital to ensuring that our country gets back on the right track. Join us to hear him speak about his father's transformative message of America first. Election Day is two weeks away and we need to do all we can to help Mr. Trump win the White House. Volunteer by calling and walking doors today to help make America great again! With early voting in full swing, Arizona faces a crucial decision: continue empowering corrupt Washington politicians like Hillary Clinton who have spent their careers making a fortune off of collusion and pay-to-play schemes or elect a leader like Donald Trump who will bring jobs back for hard working Americans and keep our nation safe. The event will take place at 2 pm., Thurs., Oct 27 at Arizona State University, Sun Devil Recreation Center - Green Gym, 400 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona 85287 RSVP here to reserve your spot! Doors will open at 1 PM.

Donald Trump, Jr Is Hosting Breakfast at 9 am., Thurs., Oct 27 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St in Phoenix for those who have helped to get his father elected this year. Sign Up To Attend Breakfast

Activist/volunteer Lori DeLuca Is Offering To Deliver Trump Signs to your home via her “TRUMPmobile” if you can’t get to a local campaign office to pick up a sign. If you need a sign delivered, text the TRUMPmobile at 860.202.7703 and leave your name, full address including zip code. DeLuca says, “I am delivering Trump/Pence yard signs all over to people's homes. (mostly in Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa Scottsdale).  I know a lot of people just can't get to one of the offices and I see Hillary signs popping up so I want to get more Trump signs out!”

The ‘No on Prop 205’ Campaign Has Unveiled A Series Of New Billboards highlighting the dangers of Prop 205 and legal marijuana in both English and Spanish. The billboards, placed around the Phoenix metro area, highlight the impact Prop 205 will have on Arizona communities and DUID increases. Speakers for the press conference included Pastor Obed Escobar, former State Rep Lidia Hernandez, and Arizona mother Luci Maldonado. “With just two weeks until election day, our campaign is dedicated to highlighting what Prop 205 would really mean for Arizona—that every page of Prop 205 is bad news,” campaign spokesperson Annie Vogt said. “The lack of local control will render Arizona voters defenseless in mitigating all the unintended consequences for Arizona communities. We are thankful for the support of the community activists who joined us today to broadcast what Prop 205 would mean for their families, their kids, and their neighborhoods." Learn more by visiting

The Wickenburg Believers For Trump will meet at Lydia’s LaCanasta Restaurant at 7 pm., Oct 28 and Oct 29 to view Dinesh D'Souza’s “Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party ” Lydia has cancelled the regular karaoke and all other special events for the showing. The evening will not be moderated by Will Nunn as previously scheduled – due to his prior committments. Free admission. Dinners can be ordered from the menu. Diners will receive an ice cream cone for dessert. Diners should check in by 6 pm, so they have finished their meals prior to the start of the film. The group will meet at 7 pm., Nov 3 at the restaurant to view Trevor Loudon’s Movie “The Enemy Within”. They will celebrate the election at a Victory Party at Lydia’s at 7 pm., Nov 8. Contacts: Lydia Labril or Renee Sparks at 480-389-0511.

Activist Kay Heep: Unions Spending Thousands To Unseat Republicans For Maricopa Community College Board - Special interest union groups have donated more than $20,000 to unseat Republican John Heep and to keep Republican Laurin Hendrix from gaining seats on the Maricopa Community College District Governing Board. These special-interest union groups have reported contributing more than $10,000 to each of the opponents of Heep and Hendrix. John Heep has fulfilled his promise of voting to lower tuition and lower taxes. Laurin Hendrix has pledged to support him and the other conservative Republican members of the board in the next four years. Heep and Hendrix will need the help of all Republican PC's to overcome this attempt by the unions to elect union-supported candidates to the board that will vote over-and-over again to increase tuition and taxes. Visit the website <> for more info.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will host US Rep Mark Meadows (NC-11), at 10:30 am Thurs., Oct 27 for a tour of the Cherrybell Postal Processing Center and roundtable discussion about the facility’s future. Meadows is the Chairman of the House subcommittee overseeing the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), The roundtable, will be attended by local elected officials, veterans and seniors advocates, and business leaders at Tucson Council Member Richard Fimbre’s Ward 5 Council Office in Tucson. Since taking office, McSally has worked closely with Council Member Richard Fimbres to coordinate local and federal efforts in support of the Cherrybell Postal Processing Facility, which is located in Council Member Fimbres’ Ward 5 District. In March, Rep. McSally led a bipartisan group of over 30 lawmakers to call on Postmaster General Megan Brennan to update studies used to justify the consolidation of postal facilities around the country. In a response later that month, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman confirmed that the current studies will be updated and reviewed before any future decisions are made. The USPS response also confirmed that previous plans to close down facilities, including Cherrybell, continue to be deferred.

Judges References: LD22 PC Karen Thomas’s Judges 2016 report. According to LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan, the AZ Courts Commission Performance Review can be seen at Judicial-Performance-Reports and LD23 Chairman Jim O’Connor suggests Judicial Performance Review Judicial Review 2016 SeeingRedAz recommends Judging Arizona Judges In 2016

Activist Meg Rockey: Maybe this isn't new information, but it is important for everyone to know so every vote counts.  This comes from the Maricopa County Board Worker Training Manual, November 8, 2016. It is imperative that each voter goes to their correct polling place for their vote to count. "In the state of Arizona, a voter must vote in the correct precinct in order for the ballot to count. Therefore, if the ePollbook indicates that the voter is in the incorrect location, it is important that the voter be referred to the correct location. While the Help America Vote Act is clear that voters shall never be turned away, voters need to understand that if they vote a provisional ballot at the wrong polling location, it will not count."

The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet Nov 3 at Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E Thomas Road in Phoenix for election of officers. AzFRW President Loraine Pellegrino will address the group and AzFRW Regional VII Director Carol Jones will install the newly elected officers. 5:30 pm social. 6:15 pm dinner/mtg. $30 per plate. The Nominating Committee has prepared the following slate President - Robyn Cushman, 1st Vice President - Alice Lara, 2nd Vice President -Jan Webb, Secretary - Carmel Scharenbroich, and Treasurer - Lei Lani Cortez. Nominations can also be made from the floor. RSVP to Jan Webb at, or 602-318-1010 no later than Sun, Oct 30, whether attending or not. All reservations must be dinner reservations and a reservation made is a reservation paid unless canceled by Sun, Oct 30. Contact:

Commissioner Denny Barney: Yesterday’s “Unity Night” with the Arizona Republican Party and Chairman Robert Graham was an immense success! Nichole and I had over 100 hard-working Republican activists, elected officials, and candidates at our home. We were fortunate to hear from Senator Jeff Flake, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, County Recorder Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Rep Eddie Farnsworth among others.With only 13 more days until Election Day on Nov 8, we were thrilled so many Republicans from different walks of life -- and factions of the party -- came together to support keeping Arizona red in 2016. If you have any spare time before or after work, during the day or on the weekends, I’d encourage you to help the AZ GOP by volunteering your time. There are dozens of Victory offices around the state including one in Mesa and in Chandler. And, most importantly, do not forget to send in your early ballot or vote on Election Day! Despite the frustration with politics that some feel, many Republicans up and down your ballot need our help. It is critical that we maintain a majority in the U.S. Senate, House, State Legislature and county jurisdictions. Thank you for your help!

Brian Seitchik, Arizona state Director, Donald J. Trump for President: “With Hillary Clinton promising to double down on the failures of Obamacare and Arizonans facing premium hikes of more than 50 percent, it is time for a new direction for healthcare in this country. Donald Trump is the candidate for President who will bring about true change. He will repeal Obamacare and replace that failed policy with an approach that will increase choices, improve access and lower costs for all. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for healthcare.” See obamacares-failure-hits-swing-states-hard

A sign wave, supporting Ally Miller, Ana Henderson and Margaret Burkholder is scheduled between 4- pm., Fri., Oct 28 at the corner of Skyline and Campbell. Contact:

The Pima County Republicans will hold their countywide party at the Sheraton on Grant/Rosemont. All are welcome.

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: This issue is even more pronounced in my thinking at this time since the  Marine whose daughter (in La Plata, Md School ) rec'd a failing grade in history because she refused to take the Islam study course....incidentally no alternative course was offered. Her Marine father brought this to the forefront...since he fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is very aware of how dangerous this religion is...definitely not one of peace. When we get 100,000,000, that's one hundred million willing Christians to BOND together, voice their concerns and vote, we can take  back America with God's help.  Become one of the One hundred million... Then let's get 200 million. It can be done just by sending this email to your friends. Do the math. It only takes a single willing heart and a fed up SOUL. God Bless America and Shine your light on Her ! Now President Obama is encouraging schools to teach the Quran for extra credit, while at the same time, they cannot even talk about the Bible, God, pray or salute the American Flag. The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be converted, they should be annihilated Send this to three people,or even one hundred ! And, send it the person who Sent it to you !...  To let them know that indeed, it was sent out to many more. Tolerance cannot afford to have anything to do with the fallacy that evil may convert itself to good !

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ely: Amendment One - “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof:” Where is ‘religion’ defined in the  U.S. Constitution?  Is ISLAM a religion?  There have been numerous laws effecting religion in the US., notably that Mormons can have only one wife at a time.  How do we address the Sharia laws below?  There’s number of Islam believers in the US. What happens when who abide by Sharia law in violation of US laws?  A Muslim killed his daughter because she fell in love with an infidel.  How can Hillary and other liberals ignore our American way of life?  Will a Muslim be judged by Sharia law while the rest of us are judged by our current laws?? Wikipedia: “Sharia law is the law of Islam. The Sharia (aka Shariah or Shari'a) law is cast from four sources: The Qur'an, which Muslims believe was verbally revealed by God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril). According to the Sharia law and after due process and investigation:

   · Habitual theft past a specific threshold, and after repeated warnings, is punishable by amputation of a hand.

   · The punishment for adultery and fornication such that it becomes a public ordeal, according to the Holy Qur'an, is lashing. Before the revelation of these verses, Muhammad followed the Judaic law in implementing the punishment of death by stoning. This was only given if the person admitted to it repeatedly, was not intoxicated and knew the repercussions. Even then, if during the punishment he repented, he was to be released.

   · A woman is allowed to be accompanied by another woman in giving testimony in court for financial affairs

   · A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits. The concept being that Islam puts the responsibility of earning and spending on the family on the male. Any wealth the female earns is strictly for her own use. The female also inherits from both her immediate family and through agency of her husband, her in-laws as well.”

Sen John McCain toured the Advanced Manufacturing Training Lab at Westwood High School yesterday.

A Salute to America, starring Armen Dirtadian, Robert Shaw and The Manhattan Dolls will be presented a the Gaslight Music Hall in Tucsion at 7 pm., Nov 11. Tickets 529-1000 or A portion of the proceeds will benefit Tucson Veterans. Serving Veterans to assist our at-risk and homeless veterans. Tickets are $30/person plus approximately $4 in taxes. Contact: Onita Davis

US Sen John McCain will receive a briefing and tour of Prent Thermoforming at 10:30 am., Thurs., Oct 27 in Flagstaff.

Consumer alert: APS warns of new scam targeting customers statewide APS is warning its customers about a new scam that's targeting people across the state. 90 incidents have been reported in the past 10 days.   Read full article »

Border Agent Hit With Concrete Block While Apprehending Illegal Alien CBP reports there have been seven assaults against border agents working the El Centro Sector of the border since Oct. 1.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced a jury convicted 44 year old Patrick Pina of the Sale of Dangerous Drugs, Money Laundering, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and Possession of Marijuana. The conviction stems from Pina’s possession and sale of methamphetamine in March 2016. On Monday, during Pina’s trial, he absconded during a court recess after the state rested its case. He is currently on the run. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest. On March 1, 2016, the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office conducted an undercover purchase of a half-ounce of methamphetamine from Patrick Pina at his home in Whitman, AZ.  After the purchase, MCSO obtained and served a search warrant at Pina's home.  When MCSO arrived at the house, Pina ran into the house.  A barricade situation occurred but soon the defendant came out. Deputies found a crystalline substance in the toilet along with rolling papers in the bathroom.  On the floor of the bathroom was more methamphetamine next to an open container.  Deputies also found two small scales, two large scales, packaging baggies, a ledger, a gun, and marijuana.  In March 2016, a state grand jury indicted Pina for the Sale of Dangerous Drugs, Money Laundering, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and Possession of Marijuana. A judge released Pina on bond. Anyone with information on Pina’s whereabouts should call their local law enforcement agency immediately. Assistant Attorneys General Joseph Waters and Brett Harames prosecuted this case. For a copy of the Arrest Warrant, CLICK HERE.

RNC Chief Operating Officer Sean Cairncross: Early ballot by mail applications in Arizona are due Oct 28th. If you haven’t yet applied to vote early ballot by mail and you want to make sure you can cast your vote in Arizona by Election Day, you still have 2 days left to apply for an early ballot by mail. Here’s how: (1) Go to Vote.GOP to complete and print your early ballot by mail application and find where to send it. (2) Deliver your early ballot application to the appropriate location by Oct 28th at 5pm. Make sure you’re ready to vote for Republican candidates in Arizona this election. Don’t miss this deadline. Thanks,

We Created 'Rape Culture.' Now We Get To Live With It. Our society places no value on facts or evidence, but merely any accusation against a man.

Secretary Of Defense Ash Carter Suspends All Efforts To Collect Reimbursement From Improperly Awarded Enlistment Bonuses given to some members of the California National Guard. The action follows outrage from veterans and their families over attempts to recover the money 10 years after it was disbursed.

Trump on Track to Win More Black Votes Than Any GOP Candidate Since 1960 If Trump skims 25% of black voters from the Democratic Party he would win the 2016 election in a landslide... [Read more]

POLL: Should James Comey Resign After Concrete Evidence that the FBI Intentionally Booted The Clinton Email Investigation?  "It’s obvious the FBI booted the investigation, I believe intentionally now,”says Bill O’Reilly. “He’s the FBI director!” O’Reilly exclaimed. “No politics! He’s the investigator! He didn’t blanking mention it!... [Read more]

Hillary Clinton: ‘Before It Was Called Obamacare, It Was Called Hillarycare’ State insurance regulators have approved higher health care premiums. In some cases, they approved hikes higher than what was even requested. Why is this... [Read more]

Project Veritas: Rigging the Election – On Calls With Clinton Campaign ‘Every Morning’ Disgraced Democratic operative Robert Creamer participated in daily calls with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and worked directly with President Barack Obama... [Read more]

Soros Gives $61 Million to Media Groups Promoting Clinton's Liberal Agenda As U.S. citizens prepare to select the next president, one liberal donor spent more than $103 million on media over the last 14 years to promote his own progressive agenda.


OCT 27

A Republican Trump Rally is scheduled at 1:30 am., Thurs., Oct 27 featuring Donald Trump Jr., in the Student Recreation Center at ASU. Precinct Committeemen should obtain tickets at as quickly as possible – due to limited space. Doors open at 1 pm. “As many of you know, last week Chelsea Clinton was at ASU so this is our opportunity to blow their event out of the water and show our support for Trump ahead of the elections,” commented MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer.

A reception for LD18 Sen candidate Frank Schmuck will be hosted by Captain Miranda McGuire and Rik Owens 5:30 pm., Mon, Oct 27. Appetizers and Beverages to be served. The event is co-hosted by legislators Debbie Lesko and Jill Norgaard, county attorney Bill Montgomery, Phoenix city councilman DiCiccio, Barry Aarons, Mark and Terry Giebelhaus and Timothy Lawless. LD18 serves Ahwatukee and parts of Chandler, Mesa and Tempe. RSVP by Oct 15 to Teresa Wright at (623) 498-7999 or email at or

Dangers of Youth Using E-Cigarettes and Testimony of Burn Victim Using E-Cigarettes will be the topics of discussion on the 10 am., Thurs., Oct 27 Family Health Talk Show on Radio Station – KCCT 1010AM.

Call-in: 602.977-1010.

The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee meets at 6:30 pm., Thur., Oct 27 at AZGOP headquarters, 3501 N 24st, in Phoenix, according to AAARC Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen 602 309 6015

Temple Republican Women will be phone banking between 6-8-pm, Thur., Oct 27 at 1234 S Power Rd, Suite 251, Mesa, 85206 Training will be provided on site. RSVP

Oct 28

Pima County Republican Party Election Poll Observer Training is scheduled at 5 pm, Fri., Oct 28 at 1809 E Broadway; 2 pm., Sun., Oct 30 at the Wilmot Library, 530 N Wilmot; and at 1 pm., Sun., Oct 30 at the Nanini Library, 7300 N. Shannon in Tucson. See calendar

Oct 29

The Sun City Tea Party Patriots “Trump-Pence Drive to Victory Rally Golf Parade” is scheduled at 10 am., Sat., Oct 29 starting at the Briarwood Country Club parking lot, 20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West. Decorate your golf cart and go to the parking lot where Trump signs will be added before proceeding to the downtown area. Parade participants will return to Briarwood for a buffet luncheon where speakers including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpairo, Sen Judy Burges, Majority Whip David Livingston and Rep Phil Lovas (Trumps Arizona Campaign Director) will make presentations. Luncheon tickets Are $22 each. Contacts: Roy Jenks at 623-240-0611 or Jan Martinson at 623-546-3753.

Gila County Trump Campaign Chairman Lolly Hathhorn invites all TRUMP sign wavers to meet at Republican Headquarters at 9 am, Sat., Oct 29 to participate in this endeavor.  Let’s roll to VICTORY by participating, Hathhorn says.

Oct 31

Reservation deadline is Oct 31 for Sun Lakes Republican Club Election Night Dinner Dance is scheduled Nov 8 in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Watch returns on big screen TV. Dinner tickets $22 each. Large wood dance floor. Cash bar. Reservations required. No door sales. RSVP to Mike Tennant 480-802-0178 or by Oct. 31.


LD17 is hosting a ‘Super Trump Tuesday’ between 6-8 pm., Tues., Nov 1 at the Victory Office, 1900 W. Germann Rd. #12 Chandler, AZ 85286. contact LD17 Chairman Dr. Shadow Asgari at

Congresswoman Martha McSally, Bruce Ash & Jim Click, Jr. are hosting a reception for CD5 nominee Andy Biggs at 5:30 pm, Tues., Nov 1 at the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E. El Dorado Plaza in Tucson. $100 Attendee. $500 Supporter. $1,000 Host. $2,700 Co-Chair. Business Casual Attire. RSVP to Tysen Schlink (480) 789-9869 or

Nov 3

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 3 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma.

Concerned Citizens for America will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Nov 3 at the Christ Center Westleyan Church, 580 Brewer Road, Sedona, 86336 to discuss “Extreme Defense USA - Training Ordinary People to Survive in Extreme Situations". Details tba.


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