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AP: Trump Pulls Off Stunning Upset After A Bruising And Scandal-Riddled Campaign, Americans Traded In Hope And Change For ‘Drain The Swamp’, Choosing Donald Trump As Their Next President.

Trump Elected President 'America Will No Longer Settle For Anything Less Than The Best'

Raw-Video: Donald-Trump-Victory-Speech

Trump-Claims-Astounding-Victory-As-Americas-45th-President Donald Trump Claimed His Place Wednesday As America's 45th President, An Astonishing Victory For The Celebrity Businessman And Political Novice Who Capitalized On Voters' Economic Anxieties, Took Advantage Of Racial Tensions And Overcame A String Of Sexual Assault Allegations On His Way To The White House.

World-In-Shock-As-Trump-Surges-To-Victory-In-US Governments from Asia to Europe reacted with stunned disbelief on Wednesday to the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, while populists hailed the result as a triumph of the people over a failed political establishment.

Hillary Clinton Called Donald Trump To Concede The Presidential Race Razor-thin margins remain in several crucial battleground states.

Trump-Win-Shatters-Obama-Legacy Donald Trump's stunning victory Tuesday was nothing less than a repudiation of the Obama presidency. "Elections have consequences," as President Obama himself said after his 2008 win. And for Obama, it's hard to imagine a more consequential outcome Tuesday night. With Republicans maintaining control of the House and Senate, President-elect Trump would be in a position to repeal large parts of Obama's legislative agenda, repeal his executive orders with a stroke of a pen, and install conservative Supreme Court justices.

Republicans Pulled Off A Political Stunner Tuesday night, running the table down-ballot and keeping control of the House and Senate, according to a CNN projection.

Rigged-Huge-Voting-Issues-Reported Multiple reports have come out of Pennsylvania of serious issues. In Westmoreland, the county’s Republican Committee posted a warning to their Facebook, telling voters that machines were switching votes from Republican to Democrat.

Man-Arrives-Polls-Told-Already-Voted DML received notification Tuesday morning of an alarming incident that occurred when a man went to vote in South Carolina. Chad Charles, of Greenwood, posted a note on Facebook, saying he had been standing in line at the  Greenwood County Courthouse since 6:30 am, in order to vote.   He was number 14 in line. When his turn came to vote, he was informed that he had already voted by absentee ballot.

Jim O’Connor – AZGOP Chairman Candidate/LD23 Chairman: This morning I am thankful to Almighty God for the grace and mercy He bestowed upon our nation with the election of Donald J. Trump. I call upon each of you receiving this message to continue to pray for this man and his family daily throughout his term of office. There has never been a man elected to this office who had more challenging work to do, to redirect the USA from the death spiral we have been in for the past 28 years. Once again I have renewed hope for my family and yours that our future generations will live in a free nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Thank each of you for doing all that you do to keep our republic.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus celebrating last night’s historic victories in electing Donald Trump president and maintaining Republican majorities in the House and Senate: “Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and our Republican majorities in the House and Senate! Tonight voters made one thing clear: they want Republicans to take the country in a bold new direction. Donald Trump’s candidacy inspired millions of Americans to join his quest to give a voice to those who have long felt silenced. For the past 17 months Donald Trump has been distinguished by a steadfast commitment to bring change, and now he is going to take that enthusiasm to Washington D.C. to work for the American people as their president. For four years the RNC has been the only organization with a permanent field operation organizing in every battleground state and the investments by our party and supporters paid off in delivering the White House and keeping our House and Senate majorities. The RNC’s decision to devote resources to holding the House and Senate proved to be a vital strategic decision that was instrumental in delivering this victory. We are ready to introduce a Republican agenda of economic opportunity, strong national security, and individual freedom that will benefit all Americans.
     “This is a big night for Republicans, a testament to what can be accomplished when our Party comes together, and the product of everything for which millions of volunteers and supporters have tirelessly labored for months and in some cases even years. With a Republican Congress firmly in place and Donald Trump in the White House, we can get to work on fixing Washington and bringing prosperity back to the American people. Hillary Clinton ran a hard-fought race and many of her supporters are everyday Americans passionate about making our great country a better place. While we disagree on many issues, enthusiasm for the public good is a hallmark of a healthy democracy and Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton should take pride in their principled commitments to our republic.”

McCain-Handily Wins 6th Term John McCain, Arizona's 80-year-old Republican senior U.S. senator, on Tuesday easily won a sixth term, defeating Democratic challenger Ann Kirkpatrick despite what had been widely viewed as the toughest re-election bid of his career.

TrumpMobile Orginator Lori Deluca: I want to personally thank every single one of you who contacted me to bring signs to your house. On my travels, I had the honor of meeting the most patriotic and wonderful people I could have ever imagined. While I had hoped to be able to get to everyone, I want to make sure to acknowledge that I simply ran out of time, and for that I am very sorry. I tried to reach as many people as humanly possible! In the short that I ran the "Trumpmobile,"  over 230 signs were distributed in  Tempe, Chandler, Goodyear, Oro Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix. A special thank you to those of you who helped me by getting multiple signs and  distributing them in your neighborhoods, and to your friends and family. I wanted to also thank my friend Linda Schultz for helping me with Oro Valley. Your teamwork allowed me to reach more homes! Every one of you I met, and every cheer, and thumbs up I received traveling in my "Trumpmoile," has given me hope that we can reclaim our wonderful country and keep the freedoms that we have taken for granted, and that we sadly  realize are threatened at the highest level. So many memories and some absolutely hilarious moments and stories came out of this experience! Thank you to all of you who still hold honesty, integrity and values at the core of your soul. Thank you my fellow patriots!

LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence: I had a terrible thought, Thank God Trump ran. Even those of you to whom Trump is anathema will admit that without him we would never know how corrupt, how evil, our government has become. With any other candidate we probably would never know that the Justice Department should be renamed justice for sale. The once vaunted FBI is an embarrassment, one of the candidates is a shrill, unpleasant liar, cheat and thief; and the President Of The United States pimping for Hillary, is a liar who has presided over the destruction of this country. Thank you Mr. Trump. I can only hope you DRAIN THE SWAMP

John and Cindy McCain traveled across the state of Arizona yesterday for a final Rally to Victory tour, ending on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse - a Republican tradition in honor of Barry Goldwater. "Prescott is where my predecessor and Arizona legend, Barry Goldwater, formally began his Senate campaigns and his campaign for the presidency... In deference to his tradition, I’ve ended all my campaigns here. And while, as Yogi Berra said, 'I hate to make predictions, especially about the future,’ I’m not sure how many more I have in me. It’s fair to say, then, that tonight is very meaningful to me." -- John McCain

Governor Doug Ducey, Senators Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake, Congressman Paul Gosar, former Congressmen John Shadegg and former Senator Jon Kyl and other local elected officials joined John McCain at his last rally of 2016.

Lydia Labril has announced her La Canasta Restaurant in Wickenburg will be showing Trevor Loudon’s “The Enemy Within” documentary again at 6:30 pm., Fri., Nov 11. No purchase necessary, however, diners should arrive in time to finish their meals prior to the start of the DVD.

The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will Not meet this month.(November) Contact. Rev Clyde Bowen, 602 309 6015

The ASU College Republicans will not be meeting on Thursday due to an ASU football game at the same time.

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., Nov 12 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr. in Scottsdale to hear Jamie Fawbush and Joanna M. Sweatt discuss “Working to Make things Better for Our Returning Soldiers.” Sweat is a former US Marine field radio operator. 10:30 am social; noon lunch. $30 for lunch. RSVP VISIT PRWC.ORG

Arizona Balladeer Dolan Ellis will be doing a “free to all veterans” show at 1 pm., Fri., Nov 11 in the restored Willcox Historic Theater in Willcox, AZ. The show will include "Ghost Riders in the Sky", which was inspired and written near Willcox, Ellis’s ballad of "The Historic Bombing of Naco” - just down the road and across the border, and a salute to Marty Robbins "Man Walks Among us". The show will also include Ellis’s full multimedia large screen accompanying photography of Arizona.

The LD13 Statutory Organizational Meeting for election of district officers and state committeemen has been moved from Nov 8 to Nov 22 at the PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse Ballroom, 16222 Clubhouse Drive in Goodyear, according to Chairman Wally Campbell. 6:30 registration. 7 pm meeting. Campbell’s appointees to the Nominating Committee are Chairman Joe Marvin, Diane Landis and JoAnn Dun. Campbell said, “Any LD 13 Precinct Committeeman who was elected on August 30, 2016, wishing to be nominated District Chairman, District 1st Vice Chairman, District 2nd Vice Chairman, District Secretary, District Treasurer, or State Committeeman, shall submit a Letter of Intent to Nominating Committee Chairman Joe Marvin at least 14 days prior to the Statutory Organizational Meeting. If you wish to be included on the ballot, you must submit your Letter of Intent to Joe Marvin no later than November 9th to be included on the ballot. Nominations will be accepted from the floor. Only Precinct Committeemen who were elected on August 30th will be eligible to vote at this Statutory Organizational Meeting.”  Campbell’s appointees to the Credential and Tally Committee are Ray Kouns, Jo Ann Dunn, Estelle Bestwick, Richard Landis, and Cid De La Fuentes. According to MCRC Bylaws Article IV, Section 3 – Proxies “The proxy must be carried by a registered Republican currently residing in the same Precinct, and must be signed by a Notary or two (2) witnesses other than the proxy carrier and the PC. “ Contacts Marvin or Campbell at Wallycampbell@cox,.net or 623-451-1100.

The Chips N Salsa Radio Show - the conservative Latino perspective show - can be heard at 8 pm., every Fri and at 4 pm., every Sat., at KFNX and with hosts Martin Gonzalez, George Ortiz and Alice Lara.

Kathy Pearce, Founder, CEO AZ Heroes to Hometowns, is in need of 2,500 - $25 grocery gift cards or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete the food boxes for Thanksgiving dinner for families of OEF/OIF Injured/Wounded Troops, Deployed Military Families, Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty Military. Donations of grocery gift cards and checks are needed by Nov 11. See Contact Pearce at 480-330-1632 or

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The AZGOP Presidential Electors are Foster Morgan of Glendale, Walter Begay of Kayenta, Bruce Ash of Tucson, Sharon Giese of Mesa, Jim O’Connor and Jerry Hayden of Scottsdale, and Robert Graham, Edward Robson, Carol Joyce, Alberto Gutier and Jane Lynch of Phoenix.



The Amercia’s Mighty Warriors PGA Fore Charity is scheduled Nov 9-13, according to founder Debbie Lee. See Click Here for details on the PGA FORE Charity event. Tickets: $30 each at 623-537-5322 or email

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission Appointment Recommendation Board, consisting of Susan E. Chilton (chair), W. Hays Gilstrap, Charles I. Kelly, W.J. “Jim” Lane, and Phillip D. Townsend will meet at 9 am., Wed., Nov 9 to interview six candidates for the upcoming (2017) vacancy on the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. The meeting will be held at the Arizona Game and Fish Department headquarters, 5000 W. Carefree Highway in Phoenix and is open to the public. The six applicants - Kurt R. Davis, Jonathan D. Hanna, Michael B. Ivor, George J. Rivosecchi, Richard Searle, and James H. Unmacht - were selected from a list of 31 applicants considered at the board’s Oct 25 public meeting. The board will select between two and five candidates from the above list to forward to Governor Ducey for his consideration for the appointment. View the public notice ( additional information about the Commission Appointment Recommendation Board, contact the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions at (602) 542-2449 or toll free at 1-800-253-0883 or on the web at

Nov 11

A Salute to America, starring Armen Dirtadian, Robert Shaw and The Manhattan Dolls will be presented a the Gaslight Music Hall in Tucsion at 7 pm., Nov 11. Tickets 529-1000 or A portion of the proceeds will benefit Tucson Veterans. Serving Veterans to assist our at-risk and homeless veterans. Tickets are $30/person plus approximately $4 in taxes. Contact: Onita Davis

The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet with Radio Talk Show Host Mike Broomhead to discuss veterans and the Nov 8 election at 6:30 pm. Tues., Oct 11 in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.

NOV 12

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., Nov 12 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr. in Scottsdale to hear Jamie Fawbush and Joanna M. Sweatt discuss “Working to Make things Better for Our Returning Soldiers.” Sweat is a former US Marine field radio operator. 10:30 am social; noon lunch. $30 for lunch. RSVP VISIT PRWC.ORG

NOV 14

The Prescott Republican Men’s Forum is scheduled at 11 am., Mon., Nov 14 at the Hotel St. Michael, 205 W Gurley St., in Prescott. Dr. Richard Bloom, chief academic office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, will address “Intelligence.” $18 per person. RSVP toBob Luzius 928-717-2551 or by Nov. 10.


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Congresswoman Martha McSally statement after the Associated Press declared her the winner in her race for reelection as representative of Arizona's Second Congressional District. "Tonight's victory is a testament to our hard work over the last 22 months. I thank everybody who has worked to make tonight's success possible; everyone who made phone calls, knocked doors, folded letters, put up signs, held events, donated to our campaign, or simply told a friend or neighbor about our accomplishments. This victory belongs to all of us. I thank Southern Arizona voters for placing their faith and trust in me. Serving in Congress has been a tremendous honor, and I'm humbled and grateful to have their support again. I also want to thank Dr. Heinz for his willingness to step up and run for public office. From the day I was sworn into Congress, my focus has been on getting results that will make a difference for our community. I remain steadfastly committed to that goal and know we still have a lot of work ahead of us.I will continue to fight for Southern Arizona priorities of expanding economic opportunity and making sure our country and communities are kept safe. I'll continue to fight to empower women, to stand up for our veterans, and to protect our vital military installations. I'll continue to fight to bring more jobs to Southern Arizona, to expand our infrastructure, and to improve cross border commerce. And I'll continue to fight to make sure our military is strong and that our troops have everything they need to keep America safe."


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