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12-21-16 Briefs

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Precinct Committeemen, Fed Up With The Shenanigans that are occurring all too frequently in their legislative districts, are starting to go public with their frustration. Yesterday, Briefs led off with Sandy Bartlett’s Bunker Report on “Complaints About The Game Playing Within The Party Just Keep Coming In” in which LD25 PC Rustin Pearce blasts proxy harvesting. Bartlett also posted the LD17 meeting hand out. See 12-12-20-16-briefs

This Morning Briefs Turns Readers Toward Barbara Espinosa’s American Freedom “Arizona GOP Shenanigans Of Proxy Gathering To Oust Precinct Committeemen Series 1 And Series 2” posted yesterday. In Series one, she provides additional detailed information on the LD25 meeting, including photos. Her informant pulls no punches. Espinosa gives you the whole enchilada, including a list of large donors to ARIZONA GRASSROOTS ACTION PAC of Alexandria, VA 22314. By now, you should recognize the PAC - with ties to Sen John McCain - that sends out those high dollar flyers trying to guide your vote away from the more conservative grassroots candidates. Series #1 is too long for Briefs to post in its entirety, but it’s well worth your time to click on arizona gop-shenanigans-of-proxy #1 and enlightened yourself. In Series 2, Espinosa posts yesterday’s Briefs 12-20-16-briefs archives  of Bartlett’s Bunker and the Briefs Editor’s Notes. See arizona gop-shenanigans-of-proxy #2

So far, PCs in LD13, 15, 17, 20, 23, 24 and 25 have shared concerns about the “purge of conservative PCs” and “proxy harvesting” that has been occurring for several years. However, many are afraid to allow their names to be posted for fear of retaliation. Many of us opposed the use of proxy from the get-go because we could foresee the misuse and abuse of proxy harvesting. It is time the legislature addressed proxy harvesting, as they did ballot harvesting. As one PC commented, “We are tired of the “Cow Bells” controlling the statutory meetings.” What’s a “Cow Bell?” “Someone who is wearing multiple proxy vote tags. You know how they put a bell around the lead cow’s neck, so the other cattle will follow,” he explained. -ft

For More Insight into what is happening, see Arizona Freedom Alliance’s Editor’s Note from yesterday - proxy harvesting - mccain's new scandal in Arizona

With The Incidents coming to light from various LDs, PCs can only wonder how many LDs received a letter similar to the one AZGOP Robert Graham delivered to LD23. See Graham to O'Connor 12-9-16. Briefs sent a message to Graham at 9:45 pm, Sunday evening and resent it again about 2 pm Tuesday afternoon, asking if any other LDs received a similar letter. Graham has not responded at post time.

The Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting is scheduled Jan 14, 2017 at the El Zaribah Shriner’s Auditorium, 552 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008, not the Polly Rosenbaum Building, as originally announced. Contrary to reports, the Shriner’s auditorium has NOT been renamed the Polly Rosenbaum Building. The two facilities are located on the opposite sides of metropolitan Phoenix, so be sure you are heading for the Shriner’s Auditorium. You don’t want to arrive late for credentials registration.

Scroll down to “Candidate Commentary” to read LD20 Wes Harris announcement for AZGOP Treasurer and AZGOP Chairman candidate campaign update.

The Capitol Museum Store has another special shipment of Arizona themed gifts perfect for visiting family, friends or anyone who enjoys the Grand Canyon State’s captivating history. This week saw the addition of Arizona-based beers and wine for the first time.  When combined with distinctive Arizona glassware and coasters, people can spread holiday cheer across the miles or perhaps better endure relatives who may overstay their welcome in sunny Arizona. The first selection of Arizona-based wine is provided by Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, Provisioner Wines, Page Springs Cellars, Dos Cabezas and Callaghan.  Copper State beer selections from Prescott Brewing, Mother Road, Lumberyard, Barrio, Mudshark and Four Peaks are also available. “Our Capitol Museum Store gets better each day,” said Secretary of State Michele Reagan.  “We have dedicated ourselves to make the store as unique as our great state is.   From jewelry and holiday ornaments to commemorative coins, tourists always find great souvenirs to bring back home.  Now we’re inviting lobbyists, lawmakers and locals to visit and find something that celebrates our great state.”

LD23 PC Boe James: Isn't it interesting that despite so many prominent Democrats and others working so hard to get Trump Electors to vote for someone else, Trumps lead in the Electoral College actually increased by 2.  He lost votes while Clinton lost 4.  The more the Democrats complained, protested and recounted, the more Trumps lead increased in the states that had recounts.  Now maybe, just maybe, the Democrats will start to accept that Trump won and that he is President of the entire country - or at least the entire country except California.  

Floating Around The Internet: It was pointed out that on election day the Democrats' vote started out with a pretty healthy lead . . . and then the Republicans began getting off work.

Christmas Shipping Deadlines You Need To Know
December 21 – Priority Mail
December 23 – Priority Mail Express

MUST SEE: Trump Christmas Parody 'It's The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years'

2018 US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward’s campaign team needs volunteers are needed for to gather petitions signatures between 9-12 pm, noon – 3 pm, and 3-5 or 6 pm., January 13, 14, 15 at the Lake Havasu Balloon Fest at The Island Golf Club at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, 1040 McCulloch Blvd. North, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. RSVP to Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633.

Editor’s Note: Candidate announcements or statements are limited to 300 words. If longer, they will be edited to conform to policy.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

With Approval Of The Charter for the Halifax Republican Women's Club of Virginia on Dec 15, the NFRW has welcomed 31 new clubs into their national family this year. Texas (eight new clubs) and Florida (four new clubs) were the most aggressive. With these additions, the NFRW now has a total of 1,326 clubs around the country. The newest club from Oklahoma, chartered in November, has a unique mission. The Frederick Douglass Republican Women's Club is organized to teach and promote the Four Key Republican Principles of Frederick Douglass to people of diverse cultural and ethnic demographics. These four principles are respect for the U.S. Constitution, respect for life, limited government and personal responsibility.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas yesterday supported the State Board of Education’s (SBE’s) decision to replace the Common Core Standards by formally adopting the second draft of the 2016 Arizona English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Standards. “These new standards represent the final step in the repeal and replacement of Common Core in Arizona and they reflect the thoughts and recommendations of thousands of Arizona citizens,” said Superintendent Douglas. “I would like to thank everyone involved in this important work for their contributions, from the more than 200 teachers who donated thousands of hours in working groups to the parents whose input helped shape these documents. I would also like to thank my amazing K-12 Standards team here at the Department for making this process possible.” As part of the standards development process, the SBE and the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) worked together to gather, process and incorporate more than 10,000 comments related to the standards, an effort that took place both before and after releasing a first draft to the public. The first draft was also reviewed by several nationally recognized technical experts, including prominent anti-Common Core authorities. Where applicable, their feedback was included in the second draft along with thoughts shared by members of the public. “The federally mandated Common Core Standards were initially adopted by the SBE in 2010 without a thorough public review, which deeply frustrated many Arizonans,” continued Douglas. “That lack of public input became an even larger concern as problems with the standards were identified, many of which were related to the resulting curricula. Thankfully, through this process I am proud to say that Common Core has at last been eliminated and that we now have excellent ELA and math standards developed by Arizonans for Arizona students. I look forward to using a similar continuous improvement process to ensure that all of our standards are updated as needed with extensive public input.” See newly adopted standards at Additional feedback to

Arizonans Against Common Core leader Jennifer Reynolds to Supt Douglas, Gov Ducey and staff: It's unbelievable that the State Board of Education (SBE) can disband their own procedures for reviewing standards set up through the Arizona Standards Development Committee (ASDC)! As per your ASDC flowchart, a vote is required by the ASDC to approve these standards and then they would move onto the SBE for a vote.

The ASDC voted on 12/14/16 with an 8-7 vote to extend their approval or disapproval of the standards until a January meeting. They were concerned they did not have adequate time to review the 2nd draft of the standards; there were significant changes that needed to be addressed by the committee members; and the public comments were not incorporated that were presented at the meeting and put into public record. The final "polished" draft was submitted to the ASDC as well only 24 hrs prior to the 12/14. The ASDC did not approve the standards on 12/14/16. Without approval by the ASDC these standards should have never been voted on at the SBE meeting yesterday. Did the ASDC present the final draft to the SBE along with the ADE Working groups? NO! t is very clear to parents all across the state that you never intended to listen to our concerns with the Common Core standards. We submitted our comments on the 1st and 2nd drafts and they were ignored, or not even captured at all in the red lines. We submitted our comments again at the 12/14 meeting and several members of the ASDC came up to me personally and thanked me for our combined comments, and they voted to have more time to incorporate our comments based on what was submitted.Douglas and Ducey were both elected to "Stop Common Core." They have done just the opposite and "Rebranded Common Core" a second time. Only adding clarifying words, cursive writing, time and money standards are not substantive changes for our children. These 2016 standards will continue to cause trauma to our children in the classroom; they are developmentally inappropriate throughout; and they still contain Common Core pedagogy ("how to's"). The voters in Arizona will not accept politicians who do not listen to parents.

The Meaning Of Christmas by five clergy will be featured at 10 am., Thurs., Dec 22 on the Family Health Talk show on Radio Station KXXT 1010AM. Online – Call-in 602.977-1010.

Slate For The Maricopa County Young Republicans:

Chairman - Derrik Rochwalik
Vice-Chairman - Will Smith
Community Engagement Director - Jared Gorshe
Communications Director - Ben Lovin
Secretary -
Austin Smith
Treasurer -
Alex J. Chorak

There are 175,841 registered Young Republicans between the age of 18 and 40. Annual dues $20. Contact: Derrik Rochwlaik (480)202-7347


DEC 21

Palo Verde Republican Women's Club will hold its annual Christmas Party luncheon and program on Wed, Dec 21 at the Fairway House at Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Featured will be the A Capella Syndicate, the Phoenix area's newest musical sound.  The group is a singing brotherhood that has recently joined the Barbershop Harmony Society, the world's largest men's singing organization. Check in and social hour are at 11 am with luncheon and program following at 11:30 am.  The cost is $35.  Check, cash or credit card accepted at the door. Reservations required. Rsvp at

President George Washington, President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence impersonators will join guests at the Dec 21 Grassroots Tea Party Activists Annual Christmas Party. $5 admission includes Christmas cake, apple and cherry pie and snacks. 6-9 pm at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Road in Phoenix.


Dec 22

The LD22 Christmas Party is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Mon., Dec 12 at the residence of 2nd Vice Chairman Van DiCarlo and his wife Rita, at 8055 W. Louise Dr.(Fletcher Heights) in Peoria, AZ 85383. Soft drink beverages along with a limited selection of wine will be supplied.  Participants are asked to bring a finger food plate or desert along with any specialty drink you may prefer, according to newly elected Chairwoman Rae Lynn Chornenky.

DEC 27

AZGOP Chairman Candidate Jim O’Connor will speak 4:30 pm, Tues., Dec 27 at the Pinal County D5 meeting.


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Congressman Paul Gosar: Earlier this month I was elected to serve as the Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Western Caucus, it is an influential group of more than 50 House members committed to advancing the following key principles:

·         Protecting private property

·         Strengthening local control

·         Promoting economic growth

·         Increasing energy independence

   The mission of the Western Caucus is to enhance, sustain and preserve the West’s dynamic and unique culture, and to find innovative solutions that address the distinctive concerns facing western and rural communities. Click HERE for more information. I am honored to have earned the confidence of my colleagues to lead the Western Caucus. Having lived in the West all my life, I’m very familiar with the pertinent regional issues. Westerners desperately need allies in Congress that fight on their behalf.  The Western Caucus deserves bold leadership that empowers its members to take real action and enact practical solutions. The future is bright for Western communities like ours in Arizona. I can’t wait to work with the outstanding members of this Caucus so we can deliver meaningful results for Americans throughout the country.

Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04)  in response to the President of the United States signing into law the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN), legislation that will support water infrastructure throughout the country and includes the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016: “For western communities, water infrastructure, delivery and storage are paramount to our economy, our environment and our way of life. The passage of the WIIN Act is a huge victory for countless farmers, ranchers and small business owners who desperately need critical water improvements to combat devastating drought and wildfires,” said Gosar. “I am proud that Western Caucus Members were instrumental in crafting this law and I am grateful for leadership on both sides of the aisle that helped us reach this commonsense solution.”


300 word limit. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

AZGOP Treasurer candidate Wes Harris: In recent years that has been what one might call “a disconnect” between the State Party and the County Party. Additionally there has been much to do about the financial condition of both organizations. I believe that I can help dispel this at least in the areas surrounding the financial aspects of both organizations, therefore. I am placing my name in nomination for the office of Treasurer of the Arizona State Republican Party. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Accounting and from Amos Tuck Graduate School at Dartmouth College. During my Corporate Career I became the Chief Financial Officer of Armour and Company and Armour Dial (now Hinkel), both substantially large international corporations. Upon leaving the corporate world I started my own company in the Firearms industry which I operate to this day.I am a life-long Republican and citizen advocate lobbying the City of Phoenix on domestic issues for some 35 years. I became a PC in the then LD6 and was nominated twice as an “outstanding PC”. Upon redistricting, I became an active member of LD20 serving various capacities, most recently as 2nd Vice Chair. Last year I was elected by the MCRC as a Member-At-Large. While a PC in LD 6, I started the first Tea Party in Phoenix…The Original North Phoenix Tea Partyand ran it for four years. I humbly ask for your vote for Treasurer. Contact: 602-432-2871 (c) 602-942-9281 (h)

AZGOP Chairman candidate Jonathan Lines: What an incredible year for Arizona Republicans! Having carried our state and its 11 electoral votes for President-Elect Donald Trump and holding majorities in both legislative chambers, our party is on a roll! As we head into the holiday season, I’m excited by the prospect of a successful 2017 and the opportunities we have for even more electoral success. As we all prepare for the holiday season, I thought I’d send you a quick update on our campaign for Arizona GOP Chairman. I’ve been incredibly encouraged by the broad base of support I’ve been honored to receive. It underscores my promise to be a chairman for all Arizona Republicans, in every county across the state. I’ve focused my efforts on meeting with PCs and conservative activists from across the state. As Chairman of the Yuma County Republicans, I poured my energy into building a stronger party. Together, we raised thousands of dollars to help fund Republican races, built a strong and lasting GOP organization throughout the county, and used cutting edge technologies and data to turn out as many conservative voters as we could.I want to bring this same level of commitment and success to the Arizona GOP. Hundreds of you have already joined our campaign, as our support continues to grow. Thank you for your trust in me! I won’t let you down. And now, enough politics for the year! From my family to yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a meaningful holiday season filled with joy, blessings, and good cheer. I look forward to continuing the conversation in the new year. Editor’s Note: Endorsements were edited out of this post because Briefs does not post endorsements.


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