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1-26-16 Briefs

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160126-1735 - AZRRT Update  By Jose Borrajero    Please include proper credit when reproducing all or any part of this material. Twitter at  Facebook at   Distribution:  Please forward this to all like minded individuals in your contact list. Make sure to remove e mail addresses and use only the Bcc: line to forward message.
       BALLOT HARVESTING BILL CLEARS COMMITTEE.  HB2023 passed in the House Elections Committee. Full details at:AZRRT/posts/466423690216574  That’s the good news, but there is bad news also. A tally of the opinions rendered via the Request to Speak program (ALIS/RTS) revealed that 40% of the comments were in favor and 60% were against. That means that a lot more people on the other side made sure that they responded. If we want to advance our conservative agenda, we cannot allow this situation to continue. There have been two recent developments that make it very easy for everyone to respond if they wish to do so.
     First, we no longer need to go to the capitol to register but can do it from our home computers anywhere in the state. For instructions on how to do this, click on:
     Second, on Monday a new website was unveiled that will make responding a breeze. It is already working well, but we are still working on it and expect it to improve exponentially within a week or two. Check it out at
     We welcome your opinions and/or questions at 
TWO IMPORTANT BILLS are being ignored by the House Education Committee.
statewide assessments; parental opt-out
(Parental Control and Student Privacy)
schools; assessments; surveys; informed consent
(Parental Control and Student Privacy)
These bills were held back on 1/20 and have NOT been scheduled for the hearing on 1/27. If this subject is important to you, you may wish to contact the committee chairman and request that these bills be scheduled for a hearing. Don’t forget, the other side is right now requesting just the opposite.
     For a full legislator roster, including all committee members and their contact information, go to:
      Stay tuned for alerts as more bills make their way through the process.
municipal service access cards; requirements
WED 1/27
9:00 AM
zero-based budgeting
Previous years budget levels may not be used as base
WED 1/27
2:00 PM
application; Article V convention
WED 1/27
9:00 AM
convention; amendment; balanced federal budget
WED 1/27
9:00 AM
private firearm transactions; prohibited encumbrances
WED 1/27
10:00 AM
public employees; misappropriation; penalty
THU 1/28
9:00 AM
proposition 105; legislative authority
THU 1/28
9:00 AM
pension contributions; expenditure limit exemption
THU 1/28
9:00 AM
attorney general; initiation of action
SHR 109
THU 1/28
9:30 AM
school tax credit; classroom supplies
THU 1/28
9:00 AM
voter registration records; death records
Anti Fraud Measure
THU 1/28
2:00 PM
During Recent Maricopa and Yavapai County Republican Committee Mandatory meetings, the precinct committeemen passed resolutions in opposition to the legalization of marijuana. Ironically, they met the same day – Jan 16.  
There Is Still A Lot Of Grumblings going on over last Saturday’s AZGOP meeting:  Links To coverage of the AZGOP Mandatory meeting:

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Marsha Hill, Former Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Posse Commander and LD13 precinct committeeman, announced her candidacy for Sheriff of Maricopa County. Full story
US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey regarding the introduction of H.B. 2410 (Sex Education Curricula; requirements) into the Arizona Legislature by Democrats: “This encroachment on Arizona values cannot stand. It is up to every concerned parent, every involved citizen, and every strong leader to fight for the future of our children and the freedom of parents to decide the best ways to educate their children. Sexual education is something that needs to be taught by parents, not the government. These courses have NO PLACE in elementary schools, let alone kindergarten. It is truly shameful that Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas was stripped of her power to stop these sort of leftists ideological attacks on our children by Governor Ducey and the author of S.B. 1038, State Senator Kelli Ward.”
Reports Coming Out Of The Jan 23 AZGOP meeting reveal that AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham announced that the AZGOP knocked on 288K districts last cycle, sent  more than 3 million pieces mail, Spent $30k each leg district and raised $4.6M total
Secretary of State Michele Reagan has released the latest voter registration figures -  that show the number of registered voters has declined to 3,254,397, a decrease of 45,509 since the last report in October of 2015. arizonas-voter-registration-dips-last-quarter-of-2015 Of the state's 3.25 million voters, 34% are Republicans, 28% are Democrats and 37% have either registered with independent parties or not designated a party preference.
Arizona’s Open Primary Provisions do not apply to the March 22 presidential preference  election.  “Independents” must be registered with a participating political party by February 22, 2016 to vote in the March 22 election.
The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association (AzRLA) will meet Feb 4 with Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates to kick off the groups seventh anniversary at a yet to be disclosed location.  Contact:
US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey is hosting a Presidental Debate Watch Party at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Jan 28 at Meluskey Campaign headquarters, 10603 N Hayden Road # H-110, Scottsdale, AZ 85206.  Food/refreshments. $10 entry. RSVP .
A Fundraiser For Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, featuring Ted Nugent, Steven Segal, Jack Scala and others will be held between 3-6 pm., Sat., Jan 30. RSVP at   to make your reservation. Contact: Liz Alcorn  - 602-315-0349.
The Grassroots Tea Party Activists meet at 6:30 pm every Wednesday evening at  Denny’s Restaurant, 2717  W Bell Road, Phx.  Speakers for the Jan 27 meeting are Charles Ellis, founder of Operation Gratitude – an organization helping veterans help other veterans, and Joanna Cervantes, a Hispanic Independent candidate for US Senate. Contact:
A Constitution Class is offered at 6:30 pm., Wed., Jan 27 at Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa, by Shane Krauser.
US Senate incumbent candidate Ann Kirkpatrick (D) plans to make the most of this months 7th anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (the last law passed to help address gender pay equity)  to make Republican incumbent Sen John McCain  squirm. Her message reads:
John McCain voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. And after 33 years in the Senate, he still doesn’t support common-sense steps to ensure women in Arizona are paid the same as their male counterparts.
We’re going to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Lilly Ledbetter by sending a message to John McCain: Women deserve equal pay…
She continues, “The reason to support equal pay is simple: Women who have similar experience levels, and do the same jobs, deserve the same pay as their male counterparts.” 
The Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) is upset with Maricopa County Community College Board member Johanna Haver for “betraying all the hardworking, conservative, Republican precinct committeemen who supported her election to the board,” according to an AzRA officer. “In his bid to become governing board President, John Heep needed the support of one more conservative Republican to win the presidency. Instead Haver, seconded the nomination and voted for Alfred Gutierrez – giving the Presidency to the big-spending Democrats. She is not only a RINO, she is a traitor to conservative Republicans. The LD15 Republican PC should have her party rights rescinded for violating the MCRC  bylaws by endorsing and  voting for a Democrat,” according to AzRA officials.
The Surprise Tea Party Patriots and the North West Valley Tea Parties will gather between 6:30-8:30 pm., Tues., Feb 16 in the Quail Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W. R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West, AZ 85375 to hear Kris Ann Hall address Article V Convention of States/NullificationPublic Welcome. Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who teaches the Constitution and our founding documents. Contact:
Donald Trump Will "Definitely" Skip Thursday's GOP Debate due to a deepening fight with the Fox News Channel, according to his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. "It's not under negotiation," Lewandowski told reporters Tuesday evening. Instead of attending the debate, "We'll have an event here in Iowa with potentially another network to raise money for wounded warriors," he said. Lewandowski ruled out Trump's participation just a few minutes after Trump himself said he would "most likely" hold a competing event in Iowa during the debate.
The Public Is Invited to comment on 22 applicants for a vacancy on the Superior Court in Maricopa County created by the resignation of Judge Joseph Sciarrotta, Jr.  the applicants are:

Glenn A Allen
· Michael C. Blair
· Bruce D. Brown
· Kathleen N. Carey
· Michelle Carson
· Jessica M. Cotter
· Max-Henri Covil
· Kristin R. Culbertson
· Kimberly A. Demarchi
· Michael E. Gottfried
· Mark W. Hawkins
· Mark E. House
· Michelle D. Johnson
· Michael Kielsky
· Todd F. Lang
· Scott S. Minder
· John T. Moshier
· Erin O’Brien Otis
· Jeffrey A. Swierski
· Annielaurie Van Wie
· Lisa A. VandenBerg
· Dena Welch-Rowland

The Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments will review the applications and take public comment on Jan 28, 2016 in Room 345 of the State Courts Building, 1501 W. Washington. Or send written comments to 1501 W. Washington, Suite 221, Phoenix, AZ, 85007 or by email to  no later than Jan 26, 2016.
On Jan 28, the Commission will choose those to be interviewed on Feb 10.The Commission will recommend at least three nominees to Gov Doug Ducey, who will appoint the new judge.
The Liberty Caucus “Liberty on Tap” will met at 7 pm, Wed., Jan 27 at the American Legion, Post 44, 7145 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, for dinner and viewing of Citizenfour –the “Best Documentary” award winner at the Oscars.  Free admission. Discounted food/drink.  Meet at the south end of the venue and order your dinner. Movie starts at 7:15 pm. RSVP on Facebook at: or
A Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson East Valley Debate Watch Party is scheduled at 7 pm., Thur., Jan 28 at the Native Grill and Wings, 1837 W Guadalupe Rd#122,
Mesa, AZ 85202. (SE corner of Dobson/Guadalupe) Open at 6:30 pm. Debate at 7 pm.
US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward will address the Pima County Republican Club at 11 am., Tues, Feb 2 in the Shriner’s Hall,  450 S Tucson Blvd, Tucson. Contact: Carolyn Leff  1-928-230-0633
The Prescott Valley Oathkeepers will meet at 5 pm., Jan 28 (4th Thursday) at the Puerta Valllarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ, 86327 for their next lesson in preparing for any emergency. Future meetings are scheduled Feb 25, March 24, April 28, May 26, June 23, July 28, Aug 25, Sept 22, Oct 27, Nov 24, and Dec 22. The November meeting will probably be re-scheduled as it falls on Thanksgiving. Those planning to eat dinner should be there by 4:45 pm. RVSP to
The Superstition 912 Tea Party Patriots Meeting will meet at 6:30 pm., Fri., Jan 29 at the Roadhaven Resort Cantina Restaurant  to hear Tom Jenney of Americans for Prosperity  Contact: see Kelli Caplette
The Oracle Neighborhood Watch and the Saddlebrooke Homeowners Association will present Operation Silver Star: A Tribute to Law Enforcement  at 7 pm., Jan  29.  See ceremony
LD20s Presidential Forum is scheduled at 7 pm, Mon., Feb 1 at the Washington School District Office, 4650 W Sweetwater, Glendale.  Social at 6:30. Contact:  Naomi Kruse,
US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward will chat with supporters at Dickie’s BBQ Pit, 7850 N Oracle, Tucson on at noon, Feb 3.  Contact: Carolyn Leff at 1-928-230-0633.  See dickie_s_bbq_pit
A School Choice Rally is planned on the lawn of  the Arizona State Capitol between 3-4 pm., Fri., Jan 29. Governor Doug Ducey and four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lisa Leslie will join students, parents, teachers, community leaders, and elected officials at the event.The event is organized by A for Arizona Arizona School Choice Trust/Choose A School America Federation for Children Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Arizona Charter Schools Association HCREO Goldwater Institute Institute for Better Education. Contact:  or (952) 334-2734
Found After  The Jan 16 Maricopa County Republican Committee meeting:  A small red bag was left at the MCRC Mandatory meeting; can be recovered at the MCRC office, 3030 S. Rural Rd, Tempe.  Must identify contents to claim.
Legislative District 14 will meet at 9:30 am., Sat., Feb 6 in the  Benson City Council Chambers 120 W. 6th Street, Benson, AZ. Contact: Maureen Tozzi, Secretary - LD14
Peter Lee – West Valley GOP Office Manager: The Republican primaries and caucuses are rapidly approaching and the debate schedule is firming up. Time to be determined, but figure on main debates starting around 7 PM Arizona time. Currently scheduled Republican debates are:
·       Thursday January 28
·       Saturday February 6
·       Saturday February 13
·       Thursday February 25
·       Thursday March 10
We would like to continue to hold debate watching parties at the AZ GOP West Valley Office as long as the demand warrants. I believe that the crowds will grow as we get closer to the election.
            K Star BBQ is willing to continue food service as long they can sell 20 or more meals. They also can alternate between BBQ and Burgers and Hot Dogs from meeting to meeting with one weeks’ notice.
            We will need to have RSVPs including menu choices no less than five days before each debate. Please RSVP to Ted Farmer  as soon as possible.
            We are planning BBQ for the January 28 meeting. I will have the alternate menu available at the debate on the 28th. We can decide at that time if we want to rotate.  Contact: Peter Lee
Jennifer Reynolds - Common Core Fighters:  The date has not been set for HB2056 and HB2088 to be heard in the House Education Committee  (possibly Jan 27,  but not confirmed). Please contact the Representatives on this committee to testify in favor of both of these bills. Bill summaries and contact information. --Jennifer Reynolds
ü  HB2056- Parental Opt Out. Requires a form to be developed by the State Board of Education that parents can submit to their principal or teacher to opt out of statewide assessment. Lack of assessment results will not affect school district achievement ranking, school report card, a pupil's ability to be promoted from third grade, or his/her ability to graduate from high school. An alternative, other than a statewide assessment, can be used to determine whether a pupil should be promoted from third grade and/or if they have met the requirements for graduation. hb2056p.htm&Session_ID=115)
ü  HB2088- School Surveys and Assessments Informed Consent. Requires Informed consent for any psychological assessment, such as the Common Core-aligned assessments and others that gather psychological data. Informed consent would also be required for intrusive, inappropriate surveys that question pupils about their sexual practices, or any other private information. This bill protects the pupil from retaliation in any form if the parent does not consent, and the teacher from being evaluated according to pupil participation and results.  hb2088p.htm&Session_ID=115
Sun Lakes Republican Club Chairman Michael Tennant is asking registered Republicans to help GOP candidates get their nomination petitions signatures for the fall ballot by going to  to sign petitions electronically.  This web site is secure and supported by the Arizona Secretary of State. A driver license number and birthdate are required to take you to the correct district where a petition signature can be submitted for each candidate listed. 
Video Indicates Hillary Used Her Blackberry To Send Emails That 'Would Never Be On An Unclassified System' [VIDEO]   "Video has emerged showing a State Department official openly admitting that Hillary Clinton and other State Department officials used their Blackberries to send and receive information that "would ne..." Read More >>
Activists-Who-Exposed-Planned-Parenthood-Horrors-Indicted-In-Texas; Das-Office-Has-Planned-Parenthood-Board-Member-Working-For-Them “…So, let's get this straight America. Not only are we embracing the murder and dismemberment of the unborn to a level that even Islamic jihadists don't rise, but we are now indicting those who exposed the ghoulish crimes of Planned Parenthood and their partners.”
WWII-Veteran: 90%-Of-Congress-Are-Traitors-To-Our-Country   World War II Veteran Warren Bodeker from Plains, Montana is no stranger to controversy. He was a war hero who was involved in the saving of 2,000 American prisoners from execution by the Japanese, only to return home to have the federal government intimidate him and threaten to take his home and land, which were fully paid for. Bodeker sat down with Cliven Bundy in 2014 to talk about government tyranny, but shortly before that, he took time to point out that much of our problems lie with those who are supposed to serve us.
Oregon-Standoff-Leader-Ammon-Bundy-Arrested after an exchange of gunfire with police.  More on FOXNEWS
BLM Burning Out Harney County, Oregon Ranchers?  Published on Jan 18, 2016 Published on Jan 18, 2016 Crooked River Currents Host Ken Taylor with John Witzel of Harney County discuss details of the Miller Homestead fire in July of 2012 and the actions of the BLM.This straight from the horses...
Jan 28
The Arizona American African Republican Committee will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Jan 28 at GOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016 with Author Honey Levin who wrote "The Friction Within".  Contact: Chairman, Rev. Clyde Bowen  602 274-5439.
US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward will talk to the Maricopa City Republican Club about her senate campaign at 7 pm., Thur., Jan 28 at the The Villages in Maricopa, AZ .   RSVP
JAN 30
Motor City Madman Ted Nugent, actors Jack Scalia and Steven Seagal, along with Congressman Matt Salmon will be attending the 3-6 pm., Sat., Jan 30 “Salute to Sheriff Joe Arpaio” hosted by  Dave and Liz Alcorn and Tom and Kris Morrissey. A personally autographed customized Ted Nugent guitar will be auctioned off and Nugent will be performing some special medley’s. Tickets at  Contact:  Liz Alcorn at
A Campaign Kick-Off for Queen Creek Town Council candidates Jake Hoffman and Natasha Schaeler is scheduled between 11 am-1 pm, Sat., Jan 30 at The Pecans at Queen Creek, 20509 E Via De Arboles, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. Enjoy lunch, music, bounce house and good friends. RSVP/Contact: or
Jan 31
The Republican Jewish Coalition is presenting “Defending Israel from Media Bias” featuring National USA Executive Director of Honest Reporting Gary Kenzer at 7 pm., Sun., Jan 31 at the Congregation Beth Tefillah, 10636 N 71st Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.  Free to RJC members. $18 for non-members. Kosher refreshments. RSVP is required. RSVP to Abby Schultz at  or 202-349-9586.
The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club will be putting the US senate candidates – incumbent John McCain, and challengers Dr. Kelli Ward, Alex Meluskey and Clair Van Steenwyk “in the hot seat” during a 6 pm., Feb 1 dinner forum at The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort - Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ  85253-3548 (Between E. Cheney and E. McCormick Rds, on the East side  of Scottsdale Road). Spouses invited. 5:30 meet/greet. 6 pm mtg,  6:20 pm dinner, 7 pm, forum. $35 per person.  Reservations Required . Deadline  Thur, Jan 28.  Check made out to “LRWC” to Patricia Kaufman,  7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 . Call 480-368-2777  or email

The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Feb 2 meeting  at the Anthem Civic Building 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. Contact: Vera Anderson at: veraanderson41@gmail  or 602.821.4675.
The Surprise Tea Party Patriots meeting is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Tues, Feb 2 at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375 Grand Canyon Room Speaker:   Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey.  Contact John Madeira
The Pima County Republican Club Meeting will feature US senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward at 11:30 am, Tues., Feb 2 at the Shriners Hall in Tucson, AZ     RSVP
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·        Here's One In Which A Planned Parenthood executive talks about how she illegally manipulates abortion procedures so they get the right parts "intact." "I'm gonna basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact," the doctor says.
·        Another Video Featuring A Planned Parenthood executive haggling over the price of aborted tissue and joking that she'd like a Lamborghini.