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2-8-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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Mitch McConnell Sponsors Bill that Would Open Up Use of US Military Force to Obama Anywhere at His Discretion, both Foreign & Domestic …It's about to get real friends! In a stunning move at the end of January, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed through a bill that claims to "authorize the use of United States Armed Forces [AUMF] against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its associated forces." The problem is that the bill is not only unconstitutional (not a declaration of war), but is also open-ended, not restricting where those forces can be used. As usual, they are covering what they are doing by advancing the idea that it is an effort to defeat Islamic terrorists

US-Bound-By-Climate-Change-Deal-That-Skirts-Constitution, House-Panel-Told …President Barack Obama bound the United States to an international agreement on climate change, but the administration’s decision to circumvent Congress to implement the deal has lawyers questioning its constitutionality.

McCain: We-Knew-About-ISIS-Fuel-Trucks-And-Did-Nothing “ …When Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter testified in a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee in December concerning the U.S. strategy for fighting ISIL, his inept attempt to keep knowledge of the oil convoy under wraps backfired in a most comical way. John McCain addressed the Defense Secretary in a state of facetious disbelief: “Secretary, you may want to correct the record. We all knew those fuel trucks were moving back and forth. We’ve seen them. We knew it. The decision was not made by the White House to attack them. I think you may want to correct the record,” he added, “because I certainly knew.”

National Popular Vote (NPV) Pass The Arizona House this week. These are the 20 Republicans that voted with the Democrats for NPV: Christopher Ackerly LD2, John Allen LD15, Sonny Borrelli LD5, Paul Boyer LD20, Noel Campbell LD1, Regina Cobb LD5, Doug Coleman LD16, Mark Finchem LD11, David Gowan LD14, Rick Gray LD21, Anthony Kern LD20, Vince Leach LD11, David Livingston LD22, JD Mesnard LD17, Steve Montenegro LD13, Franklin Pratt LD8, Bob Robson LD18, TJ Shope LD8, David Stevens LD14, and Bob Thorpe LD6. Contact your senator with your opinion on House Bill HB2456 and  Senate Bill SB1218 at RTS @ . See: the popular vote vs the electral college and/or NPV: time to get rid of the electoral college:

The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet for lunch at 11:30 am., Feb 17 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey and Arizona State Board of Education member Chuck Schmidt will address the group. Schmidt will discuss Prop 123 to be voted on May 17 in Arizona. Social at 11 am. $26 per person Reservations required. Contact Sherry .

LD13 will meet at 7 pm, Tues., Feb 9 in the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse Chianti Room, 16262 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Registration opens at 6:30, according to Chairman Wally Campbell 623-451-1100

A Fundraiser For US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm., Wed., Feb 10 at the home of Charles and Jennifer Hill, 413 W Bentrup St., Chandler, AZ 85225. RSVP to Jennifer at or fundraiser-tickets

LD17 PC Donald Langlois: Tom Morrissey writes as if this is some big discovery.  Anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh heard about this weeks ago.  Yes, the president can deny entry to any aliens any time he wants.  What Donald Trump requests is perfectly legal.  No one has a right to come to America.  It is always a privilege. Too bad some of our citizens do not understand this.

Business United for Scottsdale Schools (BUSS) is sponsoring a “Business & Education Partnership Breakfast” between 8-9:30 am, Wed, Feb 17 at SkySong.

LD21 Sen Debbie Lesko is seeking people to help collect petition signatures to get on November 2016 ballot. Signature gathering pays $1 per valid signature. The signature can be from registered Republicans, Independents, or PND's (Party not Designated) who live in Legislative District 21. The petition gatherer must be a resident of AZ and qualified to register to vote in AZ. Contact Lesko at 623-878-9761.

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward’s Tues., Feb 9 bus tour will be stopping for lunch at noon at the Dirtwater Springs Restaurant, 586 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction. At 2 pm., Ward will be at the AJi Spring Good, 10444 E Apache Trail, Apache Junction, and at 4:30 pm, she will be at the Sunland Springs Village at Liberty Arts Academy, 3015 S Power Road in Mesa.

Congress, Cops & Coffee will be offered by Congressman Paul Gosar between 8:30-9:30 am, Wed., Feb 18 at the Palo Verde Education Center in Buckeye, AZ. For information go to or call 480-882-2697.

A Fundraiser For Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be hosted by Mike and Christine Schroeder, Terrie Frankel and Fred Shinn from 6-8 pm.,Tues., Feb 16 at the home of Mike and Christine Schroeder,100 N Primrose Point, Sedona AZ, 86336 in Back O’Beyond Ranch. A one-on-one is scheduled from 6-7:30 pm, with a formal presentation by Arpaio at 7:30 pm. Minimum donation, $75 person, $125 couple, will be taken at the door prior to admission. No credit cards. Refreshments to be served. RSVP to Mike at: (Parking and Entrance Info by Return Mail). Information

Gosar Goes To Wickenburg: A Wickenburg “Congress, Cops & Coffee” will be conducted by Congressman Paul Gosar between 9-10 am, Mon., Feb 22 at the Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream Shop. He will conduct a open to the public “Small Business Roundtable” between 1:30-2:30 pm at the Wickenburg Town Hall Building, 144 N Tegner. Contact: or call 480-882-2697. And he will will address the Wickenburg Republican Club at 7 pm. in the Lifeline Ambulance Training Center, 1155 N Tegner. Contact: WRC Chr Frosty Taylor at

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will address the Leisure World Republican Club at 7 pm., Mon., Feb 15 in the Rec 2 Hopi/Pima Rm at Leisure World, 908 W Power Road, Mesa.

US Congressmen Sponsor A Congressional Art Competition each spring, recognizing young artists within their home congressional districts. Entry deadline is April 8, 2016. Winners art work is displayed for one year in the US Capitol complex in Washington, DC. For entry information go HERE.

Remember When: Gang-Eight-Senators-Unveils-Bipartisan-Immigration-Bill Sen John McCain and the “Gang of Eight,” a bipartisan group of senators working on immigration reform, spoke to reporters about their proposal for immigration legislation. Hearings on their proposal were scheduled to begin the following day.

US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward will be available to the public between 11:30am – 1:30 pm., Wed., Feb 10 at the Monastery Restaurant, 4810 E McKellips Road., Mesa. Contact: Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633.

Congressman Paul Gosar is sponsoring an Easter Card competition open to children age 13 and younger. Submissions should be free-hand art celebrating Easter on paper no larger than 8.5”x11”. Entry deadline Mon, MARCH 7. Winners will be announced in April. Submit entries via email to  Or mail to Congressman Paul Gosar, 6499 W. Kings Ranch Road #4, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118. Information: call 480-882-2697.

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will address a Christian Political Organization at 6 pm., Tues., Feb 16 at Coco’s Restaurant, 9801 W Bell Road, Sun City, AZ 85351. Contact: Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633.

Black-Man-Gives-Stunning-Explanation-For-Why-He’s-A-Republican …Have you ever wondered about the history of the parties? Where the Republican party came from, and what they have done? What about the Democratic party? Watch this video, it will move you. I am not a Republican, but I am a conservative, and that party needs to get back to its roots.

clip_image001You Kidding!? It’s “Racist” And “Insensitive” To Tell Refugees Not To Poop On The Floorclip_image001[2]clip_image001[3]With all the migrants flooding into the European countries, there has undoubtedly been a major clash of cultures. Sadly, and most disgustingly one of those clashes of culture would be something…that you may not quite believe…

Bathrooms-Get-Strange-Addition-To-Prevent-Muslims-From-Being-Disgusting …As members of Islam seem to be stuck in the 7th century, the massive influx of Muslims is having a drastic effect on Western nations. As if the social norm being disrupted wasn’t enough to make everyone freak out, it seems that there is an issue along the lines of hygiene that is making everything worse. Many of the Muslims making their way into Europe don’t exactly know what a toilet is. As a result, those needing to relieve themselves are doing so in the only way they know how – by squatting.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus at the conclusion of the Republican debate in Manchester, NH: “Our Party has the most well-qualified and experienced field of candidates in history. The record levels of interest and viewership reflect an enthusiasm across the country for Republican leadership after seven years of a disastrous Democrat agenda. While our field is holding a substantial discussion on the best ideas for recovering American prosperity and confidence, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are promising to expand the extreme policies of Barack Obama. It is time to chart a new course for America and return a Republican president to the White House.”

Americans-Are-Being-Betrayed-By-Their-Own-President …Congressman: Islamic terrorists 'have already got a lot of people here' --- “The Obama administration is ordering Border Patrol agents to release illegal immigrants without making them appear in court or keeping track of their whereabouts, and it’s also dramatically rolling back aerial surveillance along the southern border, leading a senior congressman to suggest the public is unaware it is being “betrayed” by its commander in chief. What’s sad is the people of the United States don’t recognize that they’re being betrayed by their own president and also betrayed by those people in the Congress and the Senate who have been going along with this amnesty program,” said Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, R-Calif., a leading voice against amnesty and for border enforcement.

On Thursday, Reports Emerged That The Obama Administration Was Effectively Telling U.S. Customs And Border Patrol Agents To Stand Down and not process people entering the United States illegally. They further state that agents are told not to order illegals to appear at a deportation hearing and not make efforts to track them down inside the U.S”…

Obama-To-Cut-Border-Surveillance-In-Half …Agents threatened with termination for enforcing law ---The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is planning to cut 50 percent of the budget for aerial surveillance along the U.S.-Mexico border, agents revealed at a congressional hearing Thursday. In an effort to understand why DHS is cutting funding, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, wrote a bipartisan letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. “Any decrease in aerial observation is not only imprudent, but contradicts the very mission of border security enforcement,” the letter states.

Border-Security-In-Shambles-Under-Obama …Agent: 'We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether' --- A U.S. Border Patrol agent told lawmakers on Thursday that border security under the Obama administration is essentially nonexistent. Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. His somber assessment was soon disseminated to millions via a banner headline on the Drudge Report: “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether.”

LD20 Second Vice Chair Wes Harris: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton orchestrated a vote to eliminate God from our city council meetings along with six other members of the Phoenix City Council.  We need a voter initiative to overturn this vote and re- establish prayer at the Phoenix City Council meetings.  Additionally, the Mayor and members of the Council voted to use our tax dollars to sue our tax dollars (State) to overturn the duly passed legislation establishing consolidated elections to be held in November of even numbered years.  This law was struck down by an activist judge for Charter Cities, i.e. Phoenix and Tucson.  A voter initiative could reverse this.

The last election held in August (the hottest month of the year in Phoenix) when voter turnout was less than 60,000 out of a population of 1.5 million.  Basically the only people that turned out were city employees & public service unions which committed us to another four years of Greg Stanton (the Agenda 21 Mayor) and a Democrat controlled Council.  It also indebted us all to $31.5 Billion in City Bond Issues for Light Rail which only less than 10% of us ride.  For Mayor Stanton the low turnout was good news...but it is also bad news because the number of signatures needed to recall him and the others that voted to throw God out of City Hall is much lower and therefor the chance of success is much greater.

If we are to affect the above suggestions we will need your help in collecting signatures.  2016 is a pivotal year because it is an election that we must win.  The above will be great training for the use of i360 to get out the vote and great training for 'boots on the ground' that will be necessary this coming November.  Please consider stepping up to help with this cause. Contact Harris: 602-432-2871 (cell) or

160207-2130 AZRRT Call To Action - National Popular Vote (NPV) Opposition, This Year’s First All-Hands-On-Deck Appeal - By Jose Borrajero:  House bill HB2456, that would make AZ participate in a National Popular Vote Compact, recently passed in the House on a fast track basis and is headed to the Senate for a possible replay of the House track. We must do everything we can to stop this bill from becoming law. A similar bill in the Senate, SB1218, has not yet seen much action and may be abandoned in favor of concentrating on passing HB2456.

Please do two things:

1) Read the rest of this message for some valuable information.

2) Contact the 8 Republican Members of the Senate who are supporting the NPVC, and ask them to oppose HB2456. Please be courteous and professional. These senators are not evil, they just have not heard from you yet. See contact info on this table:



PHONE (602)

FAX (602)

Nancy Barto ,



Carlyle Begay ,



Sylvia Allen ,



Jeff Dial ,



Susan Donahue,



Don Shooter ,



Kimberly Yee ,



Judy Burges ,



Unlike the supporters of NPVC, the drafters of this message are all unpaid volunteers. We do not have the resources to hire high priced slick salesmen or to wine and dine legislators. We have to depend on you the people letting your legislators know your opinion and exercising the power of your vote at election time. Here are some myths that the NPVC proponents are promoting as facts.

#1 Myth: It’s the only way conservatives can win presidential elections in the future.

     This is totally false and its support defies logic. Had this scheme been in place in the year 2000, Al Gore would have been elected president. The argument should stop here. How can any conservative legislator be in favor of a scheme that would have made Al (Carbon Footprint) Gore president of the United States? But there are more logic defying points. The list of NPVC supporters reads like a Who is Who among liberal Socialists/Communists. Prominent among those supporters are: The legislatures in the 10 bluest and most socialistic leaning states and District of Columbia, the AFL/CIO, the U. S. Communist Party, and 30 Democrat AZ legislators, to name just a few.

It would be ludicrous to even suggest that these entities wish to help elect conservative presidents. They obviously think it would help Democrats, and they are correct.

#2 Myth: It doesn’t dissolve the Electoral College. It only changes how the electors are distributed.

     On paper, it does not dissolve the EC. Only a constitutional amendment can do that. But in practice, the result is the same because the electors would be forced to vote according to the results of the national popular vote. Not according to the votes of the citizens of the state. While opinions vary on this, it could very well be that this is perfectly legal and constitutional. But that does not make it a good idea.

#3 Myth: It Bases the EC vote on the popular vote electors in each state so that each states votes count.

     This is totally false. The contract signed by the states participating in the compact forces the electors from each participating state to vote for the candidate who wins the national popular vote. This takes place regardless of how the citizens of the participating states voted.

#4 Myth: It is Anti Corruption. It is easier to corrupt a state than the whole country.

     If corruption is an issue, then we must understand that the most likely entities to be corrupted are the largest cities, not the states. But this is a moot point anyway. The masses in the largest cities will vote overwhelmingly Liberal by nature, thus eliminating any need for corruption.

#5 Myth: It is not a Democrat plot.

     This one is correct. Many Republicans are participants in the plot. Hopefully, we the people can enlighten some of these Republicans so that they abandon this crazy idea that the National Popular Vote Compact will help elect conservative presidents.


160206-0700 AZRRT CALL TO ACTION By Jose Borrajero:  Please include proper credit when reproducing all or any part of this material. new website at

The following table contains legislative bill(s) that are coming up soon for action in our state legislature. Please choose the bills that are most important to you, then contact everyone in the “who to contact” column and ask them to vote yes or no, depending on your wishes.















collection; voted early ballots; limitation




MON 2/8

10:00 AM



property tax valuation



MON 2/8

2:00 PM



local government bonds; ballot statement




MON 2/8

2:00 PM



private property; acquisition; United States




TUE 2/9

9:00 AM



private lands; use; enjoyment




TUE 2/9

9:00 AM



national defense laws; prohibited actions




TUE 2/9

9:00 AM



sovereign authority; federal actions



WED 2/10

9:00 AM



sovereign authority; commandeering; prohibition; exception



WED 2/10

9:00 AM



schools; desegregation funding; phase-down



WED 2/10

9:00 AM



schools; elections; ballot arguments; exclusion



WED 2/10

9:00 AM



class six property; higher education.



WED 2/10

9:00 AM



legal tender; taxation; regulation



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



gold and silver coins; taxation



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



consideration of property rights; zoning



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



estimates; state budget; notice.



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



payroll deductions; charitable contributions; prohibition



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



presidential preference election; appropriation; repeal



WED 2/10

2:00 PM



prohibited money transfers; information sharing




THU 2/11

9:00 AM



personal identifiable information




THU 2/11

9:00 AM



state monies; prohibited investments; terrorism



THU 2/11

9:00 AM



(1) It is impossible to provide an adequate description in such limited space. For more information on any bill, click the bill number to access the AZLEG page dealing with that bill. If that does not work for you, go to and enter bill number on the upper right hand corner of the main page.

(2) For a roster of legislators, including committee members and contact info, go to


(3) When a bill is scheduled to be heard in committee, the location, date, and time are provided. Otherwise the fields are blank

(4) Indicates our recommendation. Y = favor, N = oppose. ? = no consensus or not enough information.

Additionally, if a bill is scheduled to be heard in committee, make sure you submit your comments via the “Request to Speak” ( ALIS / RTS ) program at SignOn?ReturnUrl=%2f How to use the ALIS/RTS program,: RTS-Instructions.doc?dl=0


GOP Presidential Candidate Contacts:

Ben Carson

Carly Forina

Chris Christi

Donald Trump

Jeb Bush

John Kasich

Marc Rubio

Ted Cruz

Bobby Jindal Campaign suspended

George Patake Campaign suspended

Lindsey Graham Campaign suspended

Mike Huckabee www.mikehuckabee Campaign suspended

Rand Paul Campaign suspended

Rick Perry Campaign suspended

Rick Santorum Campaign suspended

Scott Walker Campaign suspended


Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable. Arizona delegation phone numbers:

Senator John McCain (R- AZ) 202-224-2235 202-228-2862

Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ) 202-224-4521 202-228-0515

Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1) 202-225-3361 202-225-3462

Rep Martha McSally (R2) 202-225-2542 520-881-3588

Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3) 202-225-2435 202-225-1541

Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4) 202-225-2315 202-226-9739

Rep Matt Salmon (R5) 202-225-2635 202-226-4386

Rep David Schweikert (R6) 202-225-2190 202-225-0096

Rep Reuben Gallego (D7) 202-225-4065 202-225-1655

Rep Trent Franks (R8) 202-225-4576 202-225-6328

Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9) 202-225-9888 202-225-9731



US Senate Candidate Dr Kelli Ward will have Lunch with Supporters at Big House Cafe in Casa Grande RSVP at noon, Mon, Feb 8. She will address the AZRA Meeting in Casa Grande at 6 pm in the Central Events Hall at the Arizona Plaza . RSVP

The Western Pinal County Chapter of The Arizona Republican Assembly meets at 6:30 pm., Mon., Feb 8 at 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, Casa Grande, AZ. The building on the southeast corner of W Florence Blvd. and N Sacaton St. US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will address the group. Contact: Secretary Jason Hayes 202-394-7202 /

The American Heritage DVD series by historian David Barton of Wallbuilders will be presented between 1-3 pm., Feb. 8, 15, 22, 29 at the AZ GOP Headquarters West Valley office, 10050 W. Bell Rd. Suite 50. Free to public. Call 623-815-8557 or 623-977-4532 . Facilitated by living history presenter Bonnie Angster. Series will focus on the Constitution, the Judiciary, Education and Black History.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will be joined by Southern Arizona officials and community leaders at 11:45 am, Mon, Feb 8 press conference to discuss the Administration’s delay of the A-10 retirement. The conference will be held outside of the outside of the Tucson Association of Realtors, 2445 N. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ. Read more Tucson Sentinel.

LD19 will meet at 7 pm., Mon., Feb 8 at 1416 N Litchfield Rd (Palm Valley Pavilions West Shopping Center) in Goodyear.  LD19 Second Vice Chair Kim Owens will be sharing information on the Iowa Caucus; how it’s run, what it looks like in person, and how it represents the voters of Iowa. Contact: Kim Owens


The Sun Lakes Republicans will meet with Constitutional attorney Shane Krauser to address constitutional education at 6:30 pm., Tues., Feb 9 in the Arizona Room at Sun lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 95249. Also meet US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey. Contact Chr Mike Tennant, 480-802-178.

US Senate Candidate Dr Kelli Ward will have lunch with supporters at noon, Tues., Feb 9 at Dirtwater Springs Restaurant in Apache Junction, AZ RSVP . She will attend a Meet & Greet at Liberty Arts Academy at 4:30 pm in Mesa. RSVP

US Senate candidate Alex Melusky will address the Cottonwood Republicans at 11:15 am., Tues., Feb 9 at the VFW Post 7400, East Aspen Street, Cottonwood, AZ.

US Senate candidate Alex Melusky will address the Sun Lake Republicans at 6:30 pm., Feb 9 at the Sun lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 95249. Constitutional attoraney Shane Krauser will also address constitutional education. Contact: Contact Chr Mike Tennant, 480-802-178.

Marilyn Lawson and Joan Oesterle are sponsoring a Meet-n-Greet for CD1 candidate Gary Kiehne (“he’s rancher, not a politican”) between 5:30-7 pm., Tues., Feb 9 at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85737. Cash Bar and Hors d'oeuvres. RSVP to Lynne St Angelo 605-321-6224

The deadline to purchase tickets to the Tucson Freedom Expo is 3 pm., Tues., Feb 9.

FEB 10

Arrowhead Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Wed., Feb 10 with AZ Speaker of the House David Gowan at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West, according to club president Bonnie Hochberg. Check-in begins 10:45am. Reservations required. $20 per person - payable by cash or check at the door. Reservations must be made through or readers may go to our website to make a reservation - Or contact Lezlee Alexander at 602-354-5224 to Reservation deadline is Fri, Feb 5. ARW is open to Republican women registered to vote in AZ. Republican men may join as associate members.

The SaddleBrooke Republican Club will meet at 3:30 pm., Wed., Feb 10 in the Mountain View Clubhouse Ballroom  38759 S. Mountain View Blvd, Saddlebrooke  AZ to hear National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash address the upcoming national elections, the potential for a brokered convention in either party, potential pitfalls for candidates, and the potential of a split of the Republican or Democratic Parties, Contact: President Neil Macdonald

Arizona’s Small-Business Owners will gather between 9 am-1:30pm, Wed., Feb 10 at the State Capitol for their annual Small Business Day at the Capitol, organized by the National Federation of Independent Business. The cost is $35 per person, including lunch. Contact NFIB/Arizona Member Support Manager Melissa Keckler at 602-263-7690.

FEB 11

Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy invites you to join an advocacy training session at 6 pm, Thurs., Feb 11 at Arizona Republican Party Headquarters, 3501 N 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Experts in law and policy will give the facts on marijuana legalization and what it will mean for our communities. Speakers: Communications expert Seth Leibsohn, County Attorney’s Bill Montgomery and Sheila Polk, and Debbie Moak, Director of the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Families.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department educator webinar is scheduled at 7 pm., Feb 11 on Arizona's State Symbols - Learn the history and trivia about state symbols. Register Here.

Retired Copperhands Old Timers will gather at the American Italian Club in Phoenix at 7 pm, Thurs., Feb 11 to visit with US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. RSVP

FEB 12

District 1 Pima County Board of Supervisors Ally Miller will address the Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club at 300 Greenock Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85737 at 12:15 pm, Fri., Feb 12. Meet/greet at 11:30 am.,lunch 11:50 am. RSVP before 1 pm., Tues., Feb 9 to Program Chairman Nancy 520-297-3401

Feb 13

The City of Buckeye is sponsoring an 8 am, Feb 13 "Veterans Lift Up" at Odyssey High School (near Verado) Odyssey High School, 1495 S. Airport Rd.  Buckeye, AZ - that opens with a free pancake breakfast for veterans. Veterans Lift Up highlights resources, programs, and opportunities for veterans. Contact: Myra Curtis: 623-349-6945.

AZGOP West Valley Victory Office Manager Peter Lee invites you to the Debate Watching Party starting at 6 pm., Sat., Feb 13 GOP debates at, 10050 W Bell Road Suite 50, Sun City AZ 85351 starting at 6 pm (AZ time). Only one main debate. No under card debate. BBQ food items will be available for purchase.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Congressman Matt Salmon Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, in response to North Korea's test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.“Mere weeks after its nuclear test, North Korea today conducted a long-range ballistic missile test under the guise of a satellite launch. I resolutely condemn this behavior. The United States and the international community will not stand for North Korea's continued provocations and relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, especially at the expense of its people. Its destabilizing behavior must be met with an appropriate response, and I fully intend to pursue measures that attach serious consequence to this reckless action."

Congressman Paul Gosar: This past month, I've been traveling all throughout Arizona to discuss Your priorities for the coming year. If you have been to one of my town hall meetings before, you will know that I firmly believe the solutions to today’s biggest challenges come from Main Street, not unelected Washington bureaucrats. We need to get back to basics and create an open dialogue between elected leaders and the American people. You have a right to be a part of the solution building process and this can only happen when the opinions and ideas of hard working Arizonans are reflected in decisions made by Congress. So my challenge to you for this year is simple… make your voice heard. Join me at one of my upcoming events and be a part of the conversation. Your participation will help me better represent you in Congress. Just make sure you bring a smile and a constructive attitude and I promise you that we can tackle today’s real problems with practical solutions. Visit to see when I'll be in your neck of the woods.

Silicon Valley Should Join the War on Terrorism  By John McCain “By taking advantage of widely available encryption technologies, terrorists and common criminals alike can carry out their agendas in cyber safe havens beyond the reach of our intelligence agency tools and law enforcement capabilities. This is unacceptable. Americans of course need access to technology that keeps our personal and business communications private, but this must be balanced with concerns over national security.”

Senator John McCain on North Korea’s long-range rocket launch: “North Korea has defied the international community once again by launching a long-range missile in violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions. While North Korea is claiming this was a satellite launch, we must not be fooled: the only difference between a rocket carrying a satellite and nuclear warhead is the payload. In response to this missile test and the recent test of a nuclear device on January 6, I urge the Senate to pass a new round of sanctions on North Korea this week that will bring pressure on the regime and its supporters. I am very encouraged by the joint U.S.-Republic of Korea statement that our two countries will begin the process of consultation for deploying the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system to the Korean Peninsula. The deployment of this system by the alliance is a critical step to providing a further layer of defenses against North Korean provocations. This test further demonstrates the need for closer cooperation between South Korea and Japan. The recent agreement concerning the historical issue of ‘comfort women’ was a positive step in this direction. I hope both sides can take further steps to fully implement this agreement and develop regular patterns of joint cooperation, including the completion of an intelligence sharing agreement and routine meetings between their military leaderships.”


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Scottsdale City Council Virginia Corte: As a business owner who has spent my entire business life involved in the Scottsdale community, I have experienced firsthand how quality schools enhance our city.  Our excellent schools also help retain existing businesses while attracting new ones. We need to keep doing everything we can to continue improving our schools to give students the chance to be competitive and succeed. I am grateful that our business community plays such a critical role in that process.  The private sector’s involvement in our public schools helps our students to excel and makes our city unique. Today’s students are tomorrow’s work force.  They will also be our city’s future business owners and leaders.  That’s why I helped educators and entrepreneurs develop a new organization called BUSS, focused on encouraging the business community to expand their involvement with our schools.

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· House-Stacked: Trump-Camp-Given-20-Tickets-Supporters-For GOP-Debate


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