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3-22-16 Briefs

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Polling Places For March 22 Presidential Primary In AZ

Obama Wants 18% Pay Hike for Himself, Ex-Presidents: President Barack Obama has requested a raise in the amount of money allotted to former presidents of 18 percent, according to a report by Congressional Research Service. Read the full story

Tom Morrissey Immediate Past Chairman of the AZ GOP: What is True Grit? On Saturday (3-19-16) I was one of the drivers in the Donald Trump motorcade as we made our way to Fountain Hills from the Sean Hannity Town Hall meeting in downtown Phoenix.  As the Hannity event was in progress we received reports that protestors had shut down street access to the enormous Trump event in Fountain Hills.  Concerns about what we might be facing going into that venue were raised by law enforcement officials as we planned a possible alternative route to the event.  We were in a holding pattern as the Hannity event ended and Sheriff Joe came through the door from the meeting and headed toward the vehicle I was driving.  He asked me why we weren’t ready to roll and when he heard the news that there was a possibility that we wouldn’t be able to get through the protestors he said, “That’s not going to happen.  They are not going to stop this man from speaking.”  He got on the phone and directed his deputies on how they should handle the matter, saying, “I want those streets cleared and I want that to happen now.”  He then went into meet with Donald Trump and asked him what he wanted to do and the response was a quick and resounding “Let’s go”. When we arrived in Fountain Hills the amount of Trump supporters was unbelievable.  A sea of people as far as the eye could see.  (The media seemed to ignore that fact).  Bottom line, Donald Trump spoke to that massive gathering because he and Sheriff Joe refused to cave into bullies.  That is the only way to get it done and a sign of True Grit in both men. 

Volunteers Are Needed Between 9am-9 Pm, Tuesday, March 22, to help Presidential candidate Donald Trumps campaign, according to Arizona State Director Charles Munoz. Volunteers are asked to bring their laptops (if you don’t have one, they will supply you with one) to:

  1. The Phoenix Office, 2340 E Beardsley Rd., Phx (Cave Creek/101) Online Map
  2. Mesa Headquarters, 605 E McKellips Road. (McKellips/202), Mesa Online Map
  3. Tucson headquarters, Tucson Sheratonr – Mesa Rm, 5151 E Grand Rd., Tucson. - Online Map

Breakfast, lunch and dinner available to volunteers.

Volunteers Needed: The Arizona Donald Trump Team is looking for volunteers to work phone banks and distribute campaign material. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Thayer Verschoor at or 602 703 0266.

Volunteers Are Needed on Sat., March 26 to help with the final clean-up for Operation Enduring Gratitude project for a veteran who recently lost his home to a house fire. Contact to sign up to help: Charlie Ellis, Founder - Operation Enduring gratitude. (480) 678-0938 Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org www.OperationEnduringGratitude.Org

Seeking Volunteers: Anyone interesting in volunteering for US Senator candidate Dr. Kelli Ward should contact her assistant Carolyn Leff at 928-230-0633

Volunteers are needed to help CD1 Candidate David Gowan collect signatures at your local polling place on Tuesday, March 22. Contact: Campaign Manager Trey Terry at or call him at 928-235-8257.

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz supporters who are interested in participating in a phone bank – using their own phone/computer - should contact Cruz Leadership Team Linda Brickman at (602)-330-9422 or They will be making call through March 22.

US Sen Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk is asking for volunteers to help get petitions signatures for him to get on the ballot. Contact: Ron Gosselin 602-740-4165 or,

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin has been asked to resign his newly appointed position by Democratic candidates Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell. After it was pointed out the Tobin’s son-in-law works for SolarCity, Tobin was asked to recuse himself from votes involving that company due to conflict of interest. H2133, a Corporation Commission; conflict of interest law is moving through the legislature that would allow Tobin to vote on such issues. The Dem candidates expect the law to be challenged if signed into law. Tobin maintains he has no reason to resign as he has not voted on anything that’s a conflict.

The Cobre Valley Republican Club has scheduled a Pie And Coffee Meet And Greet For Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu – a CD1 candidate - between 6-8pm, Sat., April 2 at the Pinal Mountain Elks Hall,1910 E Maple St. Globe Ariz. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions. Legislators T J Shope and Frank Pratt and legislative candidate Reymundo Torres will be in attendance.

Yard Jockey's Not Racist: Setting The Record Straight ““I often get asked about my lantern footman sitting in my front yard. I’ve had black people say you shouldn’t have that out that way “it makes people think you are a racist” I laugh, or “its offensive to white people” again I laugh and then explain what the significance of the lantern footman really is. I’m really amazed at how a lot of people don’t know the real meaning behind these statues, so they vandalize them, bitch about them being racist, etc. The image of a black ‘footman’ with a lantern signified the home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. These are largely a northern thing, and weren’t commonly found in the South until after WWII when northerners moved there and brought this custom with them.”…

Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash: “None of us knows what a contested convention looks like in today’s environment. There hasn’t been a contested Republican convention since 1948.”

Tucson Realtor Galen Paton has been appointed to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission by Gov Doug Ducey. Paton happens to be the older brother of former legislator Jonathan Paton. He replaces Thomas Koester, a Pima County Independent.

The Prescott Valley Oathkeepers will meet between 5-7:30 pm., Thurs., March 24(4th Thurs) for another lessons on how to prepare for any emergency at the Puerta Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ, 86327 (south of the Fain Road/PCC intersection on west side of hwy) Please park in rear of restaurant 'event area. Order from menu. RSVP required for head count/ RSVP to Frances Emma Barwood

Bruce Merrill’s Latest Poll shows Gov Doug Ducey has a 52% approval rating on job performance. Only 34% disapproved and 14% had no opinion on the Guv’s first term as governor.

Veterans Ask “Where The Hell Has He Been All These Years,” as they read the announcement that Sen. John McCain’s staff is kicking off a Fix It Tour around the State of Arizona to provide mobile office hours for Arizona veterans who are encountering problems receiving care or obtaining benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other constituents who are confronting challenges with federal agencies. The first Fix It Tour mobile office hours will be held at

1 pm., Tues., March 22 at Cochise College, 901 North Colombo Ave, Sierra Vista.

1 pm., Tues., March 29 at Eastern Arizona College, 615 N Stadium Ave., Thatcher.

Future Fix It Tour mobile office hours will be held in cities across the State of Arizona, and dates and locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sen Prexy Andy Biggs’ perfect attendance roll call and floor record is broken with this absence to be in Washington DC several days this week. Sen Sylvia Allen is filling in for him until Thursday.

Dem Ann Kirkpatrick is having a heyday as she runs neck-and-neck with incumbent Sen John McCain – the 30 years GOP Senate whom she is trying to unseat. When Kirkpatrick isn’t dealing him fits, conservative candidates Dr Kelli Ward, Alex Melusky and Clair Van Steenwyk are after his hide on a multitude of issues such as not building the border fence, his amnesty record, siding with the Dems, cozying up to Washington Dems… the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, McCain admits this is his toughest race ever. With Maricopa County Republicans passing the “Anyone But McCain Resolution” in Jan 2016 and censuring him in 2014, he’s scrambling this year.

ATTN Club Chairmen/Secretaries: Please include the time and location of your event, as well as a contact name, phone or e-mail when submitting event announcements. Thanks for your cooperation. – Editor Frosty Taylor.

“Republican Leaders Adamantly Opposed to” Trump “are preparing a 100-day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination, starting with an aggressive battle in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and extending into the summer, with a delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort that would cast ... Trump as a calamitous choice for the general election." (New York Times)

Rev Franklin Graham: “Trump Madness—It’s ‘trumping’ everything in the news, even March Madness. Do you believe protesters blocking the road to his rally to stop people from getting there today? There are those who passionately support him and others who are adamantly against him. He’s a political phenomenon like our country hasn’t seen before. I don’t think America has ever had a presidential candidate opposed by both establishments, Republican and Democratic, as well as the sitting president. I just hope that as a result of this unforgettable campaign season, politicians on all sides will get the message loud and clear that Americans are tired of the status quo and the corruption that has gripped Washington. Join me in praying for the 2016 elections and for the future of this nation.”

LD27 PC Art Olivas: I was asked, why did I say that the Republican politicians were in with the Democrats in support of illegal aliens? Think about it. The illegal immigrants were breaking the laws and putting any body with an emergency in danger by blocking the road and chaining themselves to their van or truck. They knew that they were going to be arrested and taken to jail. It's their job and they get paid for it. They had lawyer waiting to bail them out "as always". In the front door and out the back door. Why did the sheriff or police not get some paddy wagons and load them all up with the illegal law breakers? Because they have the full support and protection of the bought Republicans in Name Only and Democrat Politicians in our sanctuary State of Arizona! Please people let's not forget the Lip service and the Slap in the face. To my understanding John Kavanagh said he would Sponsor a Bill to stop road blocking. We Don't Need An Other Law We need the authorities and Bill Montgomery to enforce our laws! Maybe if we could get some Dark Money we could buy some lobbyist and endorsers to get our state back. All the illegal aliens law breakers. Wake up people or we will become another California! The media and TV stations will capitalize on the strength of the illegal immigrants and celebrate the weakness of our citizens. Your tax money is supporting these outrageous and offensive tactics!

Hillary Clinton's speech at AIPAC, Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks said: "Hillary Clinton's rhetoric rings hollow. Actions speak louder than words and Hillary's words can do little to paper over her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State. Under Secretary Clinton, the US-Israel relationship reached its lowest point and she supported the United States-brokered, ill-conceived and disastrous nuclear deal with Iran. At every turn when her actions could achieve real results and speak louder than words, Secretary of State Clinton chose instead to sit and do nothing. Pro-Israel voters have learned from painful experience that there is a difference between political speeches and governing priorities. Hillary Clinton has proven time and again that talk is cheap, and today was no different." Continue Reading...

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus regarding the CNN Final Five event: “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are only pushing more of President Obama’s extreme policies that have left America with less prosperity, security, and freedom. Americans are tired of the status quo and do not want another four years of failed Obama policies.  With a tenure as Secretary of State marked by glaring hypocrisy, secrecy, and the disastrous Iran nuclear deal that undermines Israel’s security, it’s clear voters can’t trust Hillary Clinton to lead our nation as president. Only our Republican candidates are offering the kind of course correction at home and abroad our country so desperately needs.”​

Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Marsha Hill will speak to the Arizona American African Republican Club at 6:3pm., April 21 at AZGOP headquarters.

U.S. Marines Have Been Dispatched To Iraq to join the ground fight against ISIS. The Marines are from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), an air-ground fighting force of 2,200 soldiers. The number of Marines sent to Iraq has not been made public. Military analysts note that even though details about the role of the Marines in Iraq have not been made public, their deployment is a step toward the use of more conventional tactics in the fight against ISIS. Read more

“In Between Comments On National Affairs, U.S. Sen. John McCain talked about two local issues - the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery and controlling the burro population - during remarks Friday at the Bullhead City Chamber of Commerce. The hatchery was set to be closed because of the need for expensive repairs, but McCain, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar and local officials went to bat for it, eventually securing funding to make the needed fixes and keep the trout-stocking program alive…Burros, of course, have been in the news of late, as pressure has increased on the Bureau of Land Management to find a way to better manage the population…McCain also talked about the Veterans Administration… [and] touted legislation establishing a temporary "choice card" program in which veterans who live more than 40 miles from a VA center or have waited more than 30 days for an appointment can use private providers instead.” – Kingman Daily Miner

The Award Winning Oro Valley Post 132 presents an Authentic German Dinner between 4:30-6:30 pm., Wed., March 23 at the SaddleBrooke HOA1 Activity Center, 64518 East Galveston Lane. $17 per person. 100% of proceeds for veterans in need and for rehabilitation and reintegration programs. RSVP to Bob Franke 520-909-2070 or to ensure a seat. This event sells out every year. Advance to-go orders accepted.

The Opening Dedication Ceremony at the new Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery is at 10 am, Sat., March 26. For details contact the Tucson American Gold Star Mothers Chapter President Sheron Jones at 520-390-1704

The Tucson Republican Women’s 13th Biennial Candidate’s Luncheon will be held at noon., Mon., March 28. 11 am at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway. 11 am – Meet & Greet with candidates for US Senate, congressional districts, AZ Corporation Commission, Pima County Board of Supervisors, State House, State Senate and Justice of the Peace. Silent auction proceeds benefit the TRW Scholarship Fund. $35 per person. Checks payable to TRW-PAC, mail to TRW, PO Box 16185, Tucson, AZ 85732. Contact Chr Parralee Schneider for Reservations/information at 520-250-5073 or

A “Super Meet & Greet” is scheduled from 3-6 pm., Thurs., April 14 in the Ballroom East, MVCC with all 7 CD1 candidates – Paul Babeu, Carlyle Begay, Ken Bennett, Dave Gowan, Gary Kiehne, Shawn Redd, and Wendy Rogers. Event hosted by the The SaddleBrooke Republican Club, Republican Women of Pinal County and The Patriots of SaddleBrooke

Charles C. Schmidt and Jeff DeWit will square off Prop 123, the K-12 education funding bill at the 6:30 pm., Mon., March 28 Tempe Republican Women’s meeting scheduled at Pyle Adult Recreation Center, Tempe

The Tempe Republican Women are urging homeowners to get their ballots by Fri., March 25 for the April 5 SRP Board Members election. All homeowners are entitled to vote, but they must register and request a ballot as SRP is not governed by the Corporation Commission; it is a quasi-municipality making this your only way to express a vote for the board that effects policy and your rates. Two known Republicans candidates are up for election- Fred Ash and Chris Dobson"

The Tempe Republican Women’s Yard Sale is scheduled between 7 am-6 pm., Fri., March 25 and between 7 am – 2pm, Sat., March 26. Donating items for the sale is easy. To schedule merchandise pickup from your house, call 480.306.2545 or email President Jessica Merrow. Items can also be dropped off beginning at 2009 E Caroline Ln, Tempe. She can also use volunteers to help with the sale.

Rosary for Life with Bishop Ohnsted will be held at 11 am., Good Friday, in front of the Glendale Planned Parenthood, 5771 W Eugie Ave., Participants are urged to bring water and an umbrella for shade; parking is suggested on neighborhood streets to the east of the site. Contact: Quiring, Clarissa Coordinator of Marriage and Respect Life - Diocese of Phoenix


March 22

The Fountain Hills Republican Club's GOP Social is at 6 p.m. March 22 (4th Tuesday of each month) at the Fireside Grill in the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro BLVD, FH 8526. No Speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food), open to all interested persons, membership in the FH Republican Club not required.  Petitions may be passed around for signature.  Literature may be distributed, but no formal speech to the entire audience.  Since this is Presidential Preference Election Day, expect to watch the results as they come in from AZ, ID and UT.

March 24

The Northwest Pima County Conservatives will conduct a candidate forum at 6:15 pm., Thur., March 24 at the Wheeler Taft Library in Marana. Confirmed guests include CD3 candidate Edna San Miguel – who is challenging incumbent Raul Grjalva, Pima County Supervisors District 3 candidate Kim DeMarco – running again Bronson, Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 candidate Ally Miller, AZ Corporation Commission candidate Al Melvin and Justice of the Peace Precinct 10 candidate Vince Roberts and Ron Newman. Contact: JoAnn Livingston 520-825-2174

The Arizona American African Republican Committee meets at 6:30 pm., Thurs., March 24 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N24th St, Phx, 85016 to hear US Senate candidate Kelli Ward, Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Dan Saban and CD4 candidate Ray Strauss. Contact- Rev Clyde Bowen 602-274-5439

Politics on the Rocks in coordination with Maverick PAC Arizona will meet at 6 pm., Thur., March 24 at The Montauk, 4360 N Scottsdale Road, (Old Town) Scottsdale with Texas State Land Commissioner George P Bush (grandson of George W Bush) and Congressman David Schweikert. Business/business casual attire. 6 pm - VIP reception - $25, Includes open bar, VIP reception, Photo Opportunity RSVP 6:30 General reception (free) RSVP to Kevin Curran at to RSVP or click here All funds solicited in connection with this event are by Maverick PAC USA, not by Schweikert or Bush, who are guests.


Clearing Out Your Closet? Downsizing your house? If you have too much stuff, consider donating it to the Tempe Republican Women's Spring Garage Sale.  To schedule merchandise pickup from your house, call 480.306.2545 or email President Jessica Merrow. Items can also be dropped off at 2009 E Caroline Ln, Tempe. The garage sales are scheduled from 7 am-6 pm., Fri., March 25 and from 7 am-2 pm., Sat., March 26.

March 26

The Opening Dedication Of The New Veterans' Memorial Cemetery at Marana is scheduled at 10 am., March 26. The new veteran’s cemetery is located just off of I-10, 30 miles north of Tucson. Exit Marana off-ramp #236, go west on Marana Road to Luckett Road, then north. Phase 1 consists of 1802 pre-placed crypts, 1920 columbarium niches to open in 2-16. The cemetery was made possible by a financial grant from the US Dept of Veterans Affairs and a 42-acre parcel from the Kai Family Foundation of Marana. Contact: Foundation Chairman Paul G Marsh 520-995-5232

The American Gold Star Mothers – Tucson Chapter – are selling raffle tickets to raise money for Wreaths Across American and the 10 am., Sat., March 26 opening dedication ceremony of the new Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery. The wreath sales, sponsored by Jim Click, gives the local chapter 100% of the ticket sales. Contact local chapter President Sheron Jones 520-390-1704


The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., March 28 at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center in Tempe to hear Charles C. Schmidt and Jeff Dewitt square off on Prop 123, the K-12 education funding bill. This is sure to be an informative and interesting meeting. Invite your friends! Contact: Chairman Jessica Merrow 480-306-2545 or

LD20s State Delegate Election is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Mon., March 28 at the Washington School District Offices, 4650 W Sweetwater in Glendale. CD 8 Registrations open at 6 pm. with meeting starting at 6:30 pm. CD6 registration starts at 7 pm. with meeting starting at 7:30 pm. Contact: Chairman Naomi Kruse,

Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack will address the Wickenburg Republican Club at 7 pm., March 28 in the Lifeline Ambulance Training Building, 1155 N Tegner, Wickenburg. Contact: Frosty Taylor

LD22 Has Called For It’s Delegation Election meeting for March 28. The Call Letter and appropriate documents are be viewed/downloaded at  LD 22 2016 State Delegate Election Call Letter Nomination Form Certified Proxy State Delegate Form State Alternate Form 03-28-2016 Meeting Agenda Contact Secretary Van DiCarlo van@dicarlo.phxcoxmail.

Coconino County Republican Committee Chairman Joan Harris: The Coconino County meeting to elect our delegates to the State Convention will be held at 9 am, Mon., April 2, at the DoubleTree Hotel, 1175 W. Rt. 66, Flagstaff. National delegates will be elected at the State Convention. If you are interested in becoming a Coconino County delegate to the Arizona State Convention, please contact me at telephone 928-226-0502 or e-mail I hope you will consider participating in this important election year.

March 29

US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward will be Speaking at 8th Anniversary of Celebrating Vietnam Veterans Day at 7 pm., Tues., March 29 at Mohave Community College in Colorado City, AZ RSVP

The Colorado River Tea Party will have a booth, on the north side of theater building, at the Yuma County Fair is scheduled for Tues, March 29 through Sun., April 3. Sally Kizer, Chairman 928-210-1219.

US Sen John McCain And His Wife Cindy will open Northern Arizona headquarters at 11 am., Tues., March 29 at a yet to be disclosed location in Yavapai County. RSVP to 480-272-5246 by March 28.


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Congressman Paul A. Gosar after President Obama began his three day visit of Cuba, the first time an American president has conducted an official visit since Calvin Coolidge in 1928, in response to unilaterally re-establishing diplomatic relations with the Castro-led nation: “In President Obama’s meeting with Castro today, terminating the Wet Foot/ Dry Foot policy for Cuban immigrants and ending other outdated measures that provide amnesty should have been discussed. Despite going around Congress to unilaterally normalize relations with Cuba, the president can’t have it both ways. He can’t reward Cuba by re-establishing diplomatic relations while continuing to grant amnesty to Cubans. Cuban nationals should be treated under the same immigration rules as any other person seeking to immigrate to the United States and should not receive preferential treatment. As the president failed to negotiate the termination of these policies, Congress should quickly take up my legislation to end these unfair practices. It is far past time that we end amnesty policies that allow Cuban immigrants to cut to the front of the line and force U.S. taxpayers to foot their bills.”

The United States Postal Service (USPS) on Friday responded to U.S. Rep. Martha McSally’s calls to update studies used to propose the consolidation of postal facilities around the country, including the Cherrybell Postal Processing facility in Tucson. In the response, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman confirmed that the current studies will be updated and reviewed before any future decisions are made, something McSally called for in a letter earlier this month. The USPS response also confirmed that previous plans to close down facilities continue to be deferred. “I’m pleased to see the Postal Service commit to take a fresh look at the situation around the country before making any new decisions related to Cherrybell,” said McSally. “This commitment is what we fought for last year in appropriations legislation and earlier this month, and is an important victory for Southern Arizona. I’ve worked to highlight in Congress and locally the devastating impact closing Cherrybell would have. As the Postal Service moves forward to revisit its information, I’ll continue to advocate for our community’s needs.” Earlier this month, Rep. McSally was joined by 33 lawmakers in a letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan calling for a new look at plans related to the consolidation of postal facilities around the country. The letter followed McSally’s successful efforts to include in appropriations legislation that was signed into law language encouraging the Postal Service to update past studies used in its decision-making.  Last year, McSally participated in a roundtable with Councilmember Richard Fimbres and local leaders to coordinate local and federal efforts in support of the Cherrybell Facility’s continued operation. McSally also toured the Cherrybell Processing Center and led a bipartisan effort by members of the Arizona delegation to call on Postmaster General Brennan to see the facility’s impacts first-hand. Postal Service’s response HERE.

Candidate Commentary

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CD1 Candidate Sheriff Paul Babeu: Hillary Clinton is coming to Arizona this week. And, while part of me says perhaps she should just stay away... I’m extending an invitation to her to visit the border during her Arizona trip.I think she’ll be shocked by the reality of the situation. Think she’ll take me up on the offer? I’m guessing she won’t have the guts to see what’s in front of our faces every day. If you think Hillary will take me up on the offer, then let me know on Facebook. If you DON’T think Hillary will let me give her a tour, then help. I’m running a campaign to ensure the next President of the United States - a Republican, God-willing - hears the voices of Arizonans who’ve had their homeland turned into a lawless frontier. We need to secure the border now. And I’m the candidate to do it. Because I’m working the problem every day.

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