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4-15-16 Briefs

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Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman Sharon Geise: “It has been an honor and privilege serving as Arizona's National Committeewoman and I want to let you know that I am not running again.  I have said for years that 3 terms or 12 years would be a fantastic opportunity and now I have completed the 12 years and my term expires after the 2016 convention.  While serving on the RNC, I have had the opportunity for many wonderful experiences.  I have represented the RNC in Taiwan, served on the Rules Committee for the RNC and also the 2008 convention  Rules Committee, been elected from the Western Region to be on the Executive Committee, in Michael Steel's Kitchen Cabinet and served as his parliamentarian,  served as the parliamentarian for the general meetings under Reince Priebus, served on committees for the 2008, 2012, and 2016 conventions, also serving as a chairman of the ticket and badges sub-committee in 2012 , just to name a few of the many experiences.  The friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I thank each and every one of you for affording me this terrific opportunity and for you friendship.  There are three wonderful ladies running to fill this position and I wish them all the best of luck and God's blessings.”

Info For April 30 AZGOP State Convention :

    1. The provisional list of state delegates is here. (Party staff is verifying eligibility)
    2. The provisional list of national delegate candidates is here. (Party staff is verifying eligibility)
    3. More information about the delegate process is here.

The Yavapai County Republicans To Elect Donald J. Trump for President Committee Meeting is scheduled at 6 pm, Tues., April 19 at Randall's Restaurant at Prescott Country Club, 1030 N. Prescott Country Club Blvd, Dewey, AZ RSVP:  Brenda Dickinson, (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549. Seating is limited and head count is necessary for staffing. No cost, but order from the menu is requested in order to avoid a room fee. Directions to:

The Arizona Senate has confirmed University of Arizona (UA) student Vianney M. Careaga as the new regent for the Arizona Board of Regents. Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Careaga to the board last week, pending legislative approval. Careaga begins his two-year term on July 1, 2016.

Congressman Trent Franks Family All American BBQ is scheduled between 1-3 pm., Sun., April 24 at the farm of Ed and Margaret Bond and Judy Bond Connell, 8404 W Augusta, Glendale. Hot dogs, ice cream and children’s carnival games. $100 per family of two adults, plus children. $40 per individual or $75 per couple. Sponsorships available. RSVP Jessica Lycos at 480-494-5784 or

Jana Jackson, Candidate for Maricopa County Superintendent of schools, will speak at 6 pm., Thurs., May 5, at the AzRA North East Maricopa County Chapter.10440 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale. Contact: 602-516-4781.

The LD17 Spring Pizza Fundraiser is scheduled at 6 pm., Wed., April 20 at Floridino’s Pizza & Paste, 590 N Alma School Rd. $15 per person, includes unlimited pizza, salad and soft drink. (Beer and wine are extra). Proceeds to help support LD17 election season. RSVP to Vice Chairman Kevin DeNomie Cell: 480-510-4586  Or Checks payable to: LD17 Republicans. Contact: Chairman Dr Shadow Asgari

Governor Doug Ducey will tour Loma Linda Elementary School on Mon., April 18. LLES is an A+ School of Excellence in the Creighton Elementary School District, serving 650 K-8 students.

Activist Jim Ehl regarding the resolution to call for AZGOP Robert Grahams resignation: The AZ GOP bylaws provides instructions for recalling an AZ GOP officer.  However, this is a cleaner, quicker, and more honorable way.  But, don’t expect it to ‘fly!’  Consider, with Graham’s connections, RINO supporters, shown apathy by the AZ GOP Executive Committee and state committeemen, and Graham’s eye on the RNC, this effort is most probably ‘dead in the water!”  Those of you who support this effort should get behind it, now.  If anyone wants any details about the charges probably AJ will provide them.

Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash to State Convention delegates: Please click on the link Arizona State Convention Delegate to view a message from Bruce Ash.

The Chips N Salsa Show broadcasts Live Friday 8pm on KFNX 1100 AM with hosts George Ortiz, Alice Lara and Martin Gonzalez.  Free Market Warrior Loren Spivack is their Friday guest.  Saturday's 4pm edition on KING FM will feature political activist Ted Hayes. Podcasts available via Contact Lara at

CD5 Republican Legislative District Chairs Call for Local Representation: As Republican leaders of Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, we were saddened by the news of Congressman Matt Salmon’s retirement from Congress. We wish him nothing but the best in his next endeavor, and thank him for all the service he has provided to his constituents and our nation. As the candidates to replace Congressman Salmon begin to form their campaigns, we wish to make our intentions known that we will not support, or encourage other grassroots leaders to support, any candidate running for the Republican nomination who does not reside within the current boundaries of Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. The East Valley has a long tradition of electing public officials who have known and understood our distinct culture and the values of our treasured communities. Many of our public officials and candidates have lived in the East Valley for a number of years; some for generations. East Valley constituents wish to elect candidates who are “one of us”, who truly understand us and can best represent the unique ideals that have helped to make the East Valley region what it is today. While we respect the right of any individual to run for public office, we strongly discourage candidates who live outside of our district from running in the primary election to replace Congressman Matt Salmon.We plan to support “one of us” in this election cycle. --Legislative District Chairmen 12, 16, 25 and 26:, Chairwoman LD12 Mickie Niland (480)-726-0543, , , Chairman LD16 Denis T. Brimhall , Chairman LD25 Ian Murray and Chairman LD26 Raymond Jones.

Americans for Prosperity :Arizona is proud to thank Senator Jeff Flake for opposing tax subsidies for renewable energy and other industries in the recent FAA reauthorization negotiations. There is a continued effort in Washington D.C. to pick winners and losers by distorting the tax structure. Subsidies such as the solar investment tax credit and the wind production tax credit are clear examples of green pork run amok!  Along with Senator Flake, a coalition of 34 organizations spearheaded by Americans for Prosperity helped generate enough pressure to kill this crony proposal in the Senate! Leadership now plans to exclude the corporation welfare and continue with the FAA extension. Please thank Senator Flake today for taking a stand against crony tax subsidies! - Tom Jenney, Americans for Prosperity – Arizona

The Ahwatukee Tea Party Garage Sale is scheduled Sat., April 16 from 6:30 am-3 pm., at 10435 South 47th Street, Ahwatukee. Proceeds to fund monthly meeting room. Contact: Cindy 480-247-1016 or

The Ahwatukee Tea Party meets at 6:30 pm., Thurs., April 21 at the Quality inn Hotel (former Clarion Hotel), 5121 E LaPuente Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85044 to hear US Senate candidate Kelli Ward. Contact: Cindy 480-247-1016 or

Christina Sandefur, Executive Vice President of the Goldwater Institute, will speak about is the "Right to Try" issue about allowing terminally ill persons to use potentially life saving drugs that are not FDA approved at the Fountain Hills Republican Club's 9 am, Sat., April 16 meeting. Breakfast snacks will be available starting at 8:30am at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills 85268.  Contact:

Arizona’s Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D) cosponsored the recently House passed Southwest Border Security Threat Assessment Act of 2016 (H.R. 4482), to secure our borders and make Arizona safer against foreign criminal organizations. “Arizona is ground zero for our federal government’s failure to address the border and fix our broken immigration system,” said Sinema. “The Southwest Border Security Threat Assessment Act is a commonsense, bipartisan solution to make sure the federal government does its job when it comes to securing our borders. Arizona families expect us to put partisan politics aside when it comes to keeping our country safe, and I will continue to work with my colleagues in both parties to strengthen our borders and keep criminal organizations out of Arizona.” The Southwest Border Security Threat Assessment Act of 2016, introduced by Congresswoman Martha McSally (AZ-02) and Congressman Earl Carter (GA-01), Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08), Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ-04), Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10), Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05), Congressman David Schweikert (AZ-06), Sinema (AZ-09), Congressman Mark Walker (NC-06) Congressman David Young (IA-03), and Congressman Ryan Zinke (MT-AL), directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to submit to Congress a southwest border threat analysis that details where and how individuals and organizations are seeking to enter the United States unlawfully. It also requires the Chief of the Border Patrol to report every five years on the most serious border threats and assess what Congress can do to improve our security.

Activist Jim Ehl: "Leadership is the ability to see a problem and be the solution. -  Does that ever happen with the AZ GOP leadership? Leadership and response thereto is vastly different in different environments.  In the military, if a respondent doesn’t comply with a legal order, the person can be Punished.  In the civilian sector if an employee is unsatisfactory can be fired.  In a volunteer organization, such as the AZ GOP, a person can come or go, or not comply with the head of the organization directives without any repercussions.  Therefore, the exercise of leadership must be completely different.  Case in point.  Leadership in the AZ GOP!  According to the AZ GOP bylaws. “The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party. The executive committee shall meet at least three times each year.”  That means that the AZ GOP chair must be guided by the executive committee that is supposed to be representing the will of the people. When the state chair does just what he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants and the Executive Committee says nothing, who is to blame for any transgressions??  Like POUS Obama, when he runs the nation with Executive Orders and the Congress does nothing, who is to blame??  Down to the wire.  Quoting from the MCRC briefs: “Cruz-Positioning-Loyalists-In Arizona-For Big-Convention-Swing Note, ‘Arizona Republicans voted nearly two-to-one for Donald Trump over Ted Cruz on March 22.”  We the people!!  If Trump doesn’t get the 1237 votes on the first ballot, any delegate who switches their vote on the next ballots is a traitor to the voters of Arizona and What Does The AZ GOP that is supposed to represent the Republicans in Arizona have to say about that??? If the will of the people of Arizona gets overridden at the convention, we will probable see an exodus of Republicans continue to re-register as Independents or other.

National Committeeman Bruce Ash: Thank you so much Frosty for ALL of the extraordinary things you have done for the GOP .

Congressman Trent Franks is calling on President Obama to release the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report: “The rise of ISIS, the blatant disregard for international law by rogue regimes, and credible threats from Iran and North Korea are evidence that this Administration has yet to learn anything from 9/11. Prior to this Administration, terrorists were killing approximately 3,000 people a year in the world. Under Barack Obama’s Administration, that number has risen tenfold to approximately 30,000 per year. “It is my hope this Administration will finally begin to recognize the challenges we truly face rather than continuing to insulate itself with ideas of false success. If there are no remaining national security concerns of a compelling nature, President Obama should release the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report. The more clarity we have of the events and circumstances surrounding the terror attacks of that tragic day, the more equipped we will be to prevent another occurrence.”

Former Congressman Ron Barber of Tucson has come out in opposition to Proposition 123. “There are troubling issues surrounding Prop 123 including numerous triggers that allow the legislature to keep money from our public schools, the fact that it changes our constitution, and the real concern that it depletes our state land trust.” He went on to say, “The Arizona that I’ve worked for my entire career is an Arizona that cherishes our public schools and respects our teachers. We can fix the problem of school funding, but PROP 123 is NOT the answer.”

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the CNN Democrat debate in Brooklyn: “Hillary Clinton was supposed to have the nomination locked up by the end of March, but she’s instead lost seven straight states and is having to throw the kitchen sink at a 74-year old Vermont socialist as her once 60-point lead dwindles. While Clinton and Sanders make their race to the far left increasingly personal, they have continued to ignore the country’s desire for change. America badly needs a course correction, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to double down on the failed Obama agenda that’s made us less prosperous, less safe, and less free. Only a Republican president can bring the opportunity and security President Obama has failed to deliver.”

Congresswoman Martha McSally today testified before the Committee on Veterans Affairs about her legislation, the Veterans’ Entry to Apprenticeship Act, a bill to expand skills training programs to veterans. Her testimony before the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity highlighted the challenges veterans face transitioning to civilian life as well as the importance of expanding veterans’ access to pre-apprenticeship programs. “As a veteran, I know personally that when someone raises their right hand and volunteers to defend our nation, we commit to doing all we can to assist them when they return. Part of that promise means helping our veterans transition to civilian life after their service,” McSally said during the hearing. “This (bill) would be a win not just for veterans, but for local employers as well.” She introduced the Veterans Entry to Apprenticeship Act, on March 121, 2015. The bill would provide veterans the ability to use their educational benefits under the GI Bill to enroll in Department of Labor approved pre-apprenticeship programs, courses that prepare individuals to enter more advanced level apprenticeship training. The bipartisan bill now has 34 cosponsors and awaits action by the Committee on Veterans Affairs, where it has been referred. 

This Afternoon AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham noted that while most Arizonans are sitting down to write checks to the federal government, they’re left wondering why Ann Kirkpatrick has done so much to increase the federal tax burden on Arizona’s families. “Ann Kirkpatrick and her fellow tax-and-spend liberals insist on pushing their liberal agenda and forcing the rest of us to pay for it,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “Just a few days before tax time, we find Congresswoman Kirkpatrick is more focused on courting Hollywood donors an appeasing her liberal allies than standing up for Arizona families.” Kirkpatrick’s Taxes

Health insurance tax – Obamacare imposed a new sales tax on health insurance. The tax was $8 billion in 2014 and increased by 41 percent for 2015. Over the next ten years, the tax will total more than $145 billion.

Chronic illness tax – Obamacare introduced a tax on the chronically ill through a cutback in the itemized deduction for medical expenses. Under the law, the threshold for Arizonans under the age of 65 facing costly medical bills to deduct medical expenses on their tax filings increased by more than 30% -- resulting in a $15.2 billion tax hike. In 2017, this tax will apply to everyone — regardless of age.

Individual Mandate Penalties Skyrocket: According to Kaiser Family Foundation, the average penalty for uninsured people who are eligible for the Affordable Care Act but decline to enroll will be $969 per household. That's a 47 percent increase from the average penalty in 2015. The penalty for the uninsured who qualify for premium subsidies in ACA marketplaces but decline to enroll face an average penalty of $738 per household, while people not eligible for subsidies face an estimated average penalty of $1,450.

Employer Mandates Hurt Small Businesses: In 2016, businesses with more than 50 full-time employees will face a tax of up to $2,000 per employee if they don’t offer coverage.

Health savings taxes – Obamacare has introduced onerous restrictions on flexible spending accounts, resulting in a $13 billion tax hike, and increased penalties on health savings accounts to the tune of $1.4 billion. In addition, Obamacare has denied Americans the ability to use pre-tax dollars in health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement to purchase most over-the-counter medicines -- resulting in a $5 billion tax increase.
Cadillac tax – Obamacare implemented a
40 percent excise tax on certain high-priced workplace health plans, which will reduce their value to employees. This tax is expected to collect $87 billion from 2016 through 2025.

US Sen Jeff Flake’s third Coffee/Cocoa Cup Club will meet at 8 am. Sat. April 23 at the Phyoenix Airport Marriott, 1101 N 44th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008. Registration opens at 7:30 am. Limited seating. $30 per person for breakfast. Hot beverage mug available for $12. RSVP by noon, Thur., April 21. Contact: or 602-845-0333.


April 16

The Ahwatukee Tea Party Garage Sale has been rescheduled in April (tentative date - April 16). Tba. Contact:

A Community Walk is scheduled for Queen Creek Town Council candidates Natasha Schaeler and Jake Hoffman between 9-11 am., Sat., April 16. RSVP to Hoffman at (480) 980-7020

The Andy Biggs for Congress kick-off is scheduled from 1-3 pm., Sat., April 16, featuring Congressman Matt Salmon, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, at the home of Dwayne and Julie Farnsworth, 525 E Palo Verde, Gilbert, AZ 85296. RSVP to Cesar Ybarra or 619-843-3434.

The Pinal County Supervisors Candidate Forum is scheduled at 10:30 am., Sat., April 16 in the Florence High School Complex Administration Bldg.,1000 N Main St Florence, Arizona 85132. Contact: Mary

The Fountain Hills Republican Club's meets at 9 a.m., Sat, April 16 featuring Christina Sandefur, Executive VP, Goldwater Institute who will discuss the "Right to Try".  The club meets in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. "Meet & Greet"/social period at 8:30am. Contact: Boe James at or

April 18

The Sun City Republican Club Annual BBQ is scheduled between 6-9 pm., Mon., April 18 at the Quail Run Golf Pavilion, 9774 Alabama Ave. in Sun City. $10 per person. RSVP by April 15 to Patti Thompson at 713-557-5800 Visitors are welcomed but must be escorted by RCSC cardholders. Secretary of State Michele Reagan will address the group. Any candidates in the audience will be recognized. RSVP by April 15 to or Thompson at 713-557-5800. Contact: Peter Lee

The Leisure World Republican Club is conducting candidate’s night for US Sen candidate Alex Meluskey and Corporation Commissioner Al Melvin at 7 pm., Mon., April 18 in the King Card Room, 908 S Power Road, Mesa. Contact: Diane Andersen 480-395-5515

Tea Party Patriots will gather on the steps of the Supreme Court building at 8:30 am., Mon, April 18 to protest President Obama’s executive-amnesty agenda and his Supreme Court nomination.

The Pima County Republican Committee will meet at 5:30 pm., April 14 at Himmel Park Library, 1035 N Treat Ave, Tucson AZ  85716. Contact: 520.594.5305

Meet US Senate candidate Kelly Ward and Congressional candidate Gary Kiehne between 6-8 pm, Mon, April 18 at Molinitos Restaurant Oracle Rd, Oro Valley . Appetizers served. Everyone welcome.

Mon, April 18, is the deadline to register to vote for this special May 17 Prop 123 election.

LD20 will meet at 7 pm., April 18 at the Washington School District offices, 4650 W Sweetwater, Glendale, to hear Vicki Alger, AzRA Education spokesman, address Prop 123. Contact: LD20 Chairman Naomi Kruse,


The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will host Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill and US Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk at the 6:30 pm, Tues., April 19 meeting in the Grand Canyon Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375.


The Central Republican Women of Phoenix ‘Full Board of Directors’ meeting is scheduled at 5:30 pm., Wed., April 20 at Coco's Restaurant 2026 N. 7th Street, Phoenix 85006 (N of McDowell Rd. on the SW corner of 7th St/ Monte Vista). Contact: (602) 252-6300

April 21

AZ Corporation Commission Candidate Al Melvin will speak to the Colorado River Tea Party at 6 pm., April 21 in the in the Community Christian Church,6480 E. Hwy 95. Contact: Sally Kizer, Chairman 928-210-1219

Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Marsha Hill will speak to the Arizona American African Republican Club at 6:3pm., April 21 at AZGOP headquarters, 3501 N 24th St., Phx.

The Tea Party Scottsdale will hear fraud expert Brad Heward address “The Cost of Voter Fraud/Welfare Connection” at 6:30pm., Thurs., April 21 at Venue 8600. 8600 E Anderson Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Heward has spent years investigating, researching and collecting corroborative data. He’ll reveal which state officials have refused to take action! Contact: Pat 480-478-6300.


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Today, Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) announced his second bill in his newly-reintroduced Shrink our Spending Initiative that will highlight and cut wasteful taxpayer-funded programs. Upon introduction of his latest bill to eliminate the frivolous use of paid “administrative leave” for federal workers accused of misconduct, Salmon said: “If an private sector worker is accused of misconduct, they are dealt with appropriately by their employer.  This is what Americans expect; fair and just consequences for bad performance.  As of today, ‘administrative leave’ is not defined in federal law and, as a consequence, many government workers accused of misconduct collect millions of dollars from the federal government in pay when they are removed from service until the conclusion of an investigation.  Tax dollars aren’t supposed be used as a slush fund for the vacations of delinquent bureaucrats.  We’ll end that practice with this bill.” Background: Currently, the federal government places workers accused of misconduct on “paid administrative leave” for extended periods of time.  According to a GAO report, 263 workers took between one to three years off, and over 57,000 federal employees were on leave for a month or more.  Right now, administrative leave is not defined by federal law and is an issue that is ripe for abuse.  Addressing the proper scope of paid administrative leave and limiting its availability for cases of employee misconduct will generate a savings of roughly $775 million over three years and encourage proper conduct within the federal government workforce.Full bill text here.


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Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen Lightning Bolt Update: Superintendent Paul Tighe just sent me this email.  It is just one example of what is happening all around Arizona as our students succeed in the training they are receiving in their JTED/CTE classes. One great restoration that will be in the budget this session is restored funding for JTED/CTE classes.  These classes provide first class training in many fields of trade that can benefit these students the rest of their lives. The welding class from Mingus High School in Cottonwood, won first place in a competition held in Phoenix.   Way to go kids!! Keep up the good work. Mingus Union High School Welding Instructor Andrew J. Lamer wrote: “Mingus students Luis Maria, Josie Vojnic, Bryce Epperson, and Michael Fuller competed in the Best in the West welding competition in Phoenix on Wednesday. There were 14 teams from all around Arizona there and with a score of 94 out of a possible 100 the Mingus Welding team took first place. It was hot and sunny the whole day and they worked hard the entire time as a team to earn their first place. I am super proud of these guys and the work they did.”

Candidate Commentary

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Republican National Committeewomen candidate Rae Chornenky: First, I want to thank you for the time and resources you have invested in behalf of Arizona Republicans. Your strength, commitment and leadership are what make our Party great - as the Party of the Constitution, civil rights, and the Party of women. Later this month you will choose your National Committeeman and Committeewoman for the 2016 National Convention. They will be responsible for communicating and advocating our policy positions to Party leaders and the delegates from the other states. This is not an easy task, and we need an advocate who is qualified, experienced, and steadfast in fighting for the needs of Arizona Republicans. I humbly ask for your support in electing me as that advocate. I represented the National Federation of Republican Women at the RNC for two years - promoting their policies at both state and national level. I have attended RNC meetings for the last four years and traveled the country attending RNC Regional leadership workshops and speaking at RNC leadership seminars. In 2012 I was honored to speak at the RNC convention in Florida, and have recently drafted language in a resolution that was passed by the RNC. I have advocated on countless topics both professionally and for Republican causes at the national level, including immigration, human trafficking and healthcare. But beyond that, I am a fierce and loyal Republican. As your National Committeewoman, I will ensure that Arizona’s voice is heard and listened to on the national stage. I will fight to get our state needs met. Arizona has a strong and proud record of representation on the RNC and I am uniquely qualified to continue that tradition. Please take a moment to review my qualifications, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Contact: Rae Chornenky 602.264.3289

CD1 candidate Paul Babeu: You’re coming in loud and clear. Citizens like you across the nation have made it clear they are sick and tired of the same old political games. This country needs a return to constitutional principles and representative government. That's why I just signed the US Term Limits Constitutional Amendment Pledge. As your Congressman I WILL vote for a Constitutional amendment that will limit Congress to three terms in the House, and two terms in the Senate. Just three and two, because serving in Congress is about the people, serving the people to be exact. We have allowed our leaders to get comfortable in office, where they are protected from the consequences of bad legislation. I am running for Congress to take back our federal government and get to solving America’s problems. Your support for term limits has been a critical part of our campaign, and I need to ask you again to show you’re with us. Thank you for being a part of our fight!

John McCain's campaign today released the following statement from Communications Director Lorna Romero regarding the additional health care related taxes Arizona families are forced to pay as a result of Obamacare:"Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick chose President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi over Arizona families by proudly voting for Obamacare. Over the next decade, taxes will increase by $1.2 trillion in order to fund the failed health care system. Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick's unwavering support for Obamacare has done nothing but burden hardworking Arizona families."

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· House-Lawmakers-Press-IRS-Head-Over-Speed-Of-Cyber-Improvements

· Ryan Stops Short Of Backing Effort To Impeach IRS Chief


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