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5-3-16 Briefs

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Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell Explains ballot counting machines removal. Responding to questions regarding removal of ballot county machines before the afternoon session of the April 30 State convention Purcell said: “We were asked to conduct the elections for National Committeeman and Woman, the delegates from the Congressional Districts and the delegates at large.  We prepared the ballots for the Committee Man and Woman, the Congressional districts but informed the party that because of the high volume of candidates for the at large positions, our system was not able to count that category.  I authorized the moving of our machines because our portion was finished and it was necessary that the equipment be secured.”

    Regarding questions as to why the machines couldn’t have been programmed to count the large candidate list if the list had been broken into two sections. she replied, “The two machines were programmed for (a) committeeman election and (b) CD delegates, each programmed for the number to be elected. Our ballot capacity is 260 per page for each race, therefore, if there were more than one ballot page it would be impossible to program for the number to be elected. I am not at all familiar with the system that was used for at-large delegates.”

PC Richard Newcomer: There are better systems available for electronic voting designed to be used for convention type voting.  Question and or names can be displayed on large screens which all can read, all participants are able to use a device to express their vote and a tally is seen on the main screen instantaneously.  Cost is an issue but not insurmountable.  Information is given ahead of time i.e. lists of candidates, etc. It should be investigated for future meetings.  As an aside it took about 2 hours to do this and the available assistance was somewhat chaotic but eventually it did work.   I for one could not find my name on the list of candidates but it may have been a clerical error or I just did not see it.  Special lists such as for certain candidates should be available to all delegates not just a chosen few.

PC Eileen Mueller: Jan Brewer was on the ballot Saturday and she received 93 votes. She was not on the "Trump Slate" that had 56 names on it. The total for 56 names being 28 delegates and 28 alternates. People who wanted to vote for her as a delegate had to either select their own delegates OR select a slate, then unclick a name or two or however many and then add a few names but not go over 56 names or it would be a soiled ballot. The issue for many Trump supporters is that they were looking for Brewer's name by her last name. After about 10 minutes of people voting, it was announced from the microphone that names were listed by FIRST Name. The people in front of me, were NOT happy, that Brewer was not part of the Trump Slate and had to find her name so that they could vote for her. I heard from more than one person around me that Brewer's name was not on the Trump Slate and if people wanted to vote for her, they needed to unclick one candidate name from the Trump slate and add a vote for Brewer. And making sure that they did not soil their ballot by having more than 56 names. I did hear one person say that No Cruz folks had nothing to do why Brewer's name was not on the Trump Slate, but rather that people should ask DeWit and staff why Brewer's name was not on the Trump Slate. Also Brewer did win as a CD8 alternate delegate and she stepped down so another Trump supporter could get her slot. If you watch the Channel 3 raw video online about Brewer she says CD 9, but she is in CD8 and she wanted to be a delegate and not an alternate delegate.  

LD26 Treasurer Joe Neglia: Hello Frosty, thank you for all your work on the MCRC Briefs: they are literally the first thing I read every morning (after my email!). 

Congressman Matt Salmon will conduct at Town Hall at 6 pm., Tues., May 3 in the Cafeteria of Desert Ridge Junior High School, 10211 E Madero Ave., in Mesa to discuss complicated issues facing the nation and development in Washington., DC. RSVP (480) 699-8239. 

Kristi Passarelli at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office says June 1, 2016 is the deadline for precinct committeemen, who are running for the Aug 30 election, to get their petitions submitted to the Recorder’s office. They will start accepting the petition signatures on May 2. “They can file in person at any of our three offices, MESA and MCTEC have parking; the main office at 111 S 3rd in Phoenix - only has street meter parking.” If you are mailing your paper work in, send it to the attention of Kristi Passarelli, Assistant Director Maricopa County Elections Department, 111 S 3rd Ave, Suite 102, Phoenix, AZ  85003-2294 (602) 506-8344 Fax (602) 506-3069. Please make sure you have filled in all the required information spots – front and back - and include the notarized nomination affidavit.

Corporation Commission candidate Al Melvin: Frosty, Thank you for mentioning in your Republican Communications. The month of May is critical for candidates to get signatures because the deadline to turn them in is June 1. People need to go to to help get GOP candidates on the ballot.

Go to WWW.AZSOS.GOV/EQUAL to sign candidate petitions and/or contribution $5 to Clean Elections candidates. Click on one or both of the Equal buttons. That will take you to a page where you can sign and/or donate. You will need to provide a valid Arizona Driver’s license number in order for them to verify that you are a qualified voter. Candidates can get half of their required signatures and half of their required $5 contributions in this manner. All candidates need to collect a minimum number of qualified signatures and money.

Secretary Michele Reagan’s work to transition the office from paper to pixels continues with the launch of a newly developed candidate filing system.  Beginning May 2, 2016 the Secretary of State’s office will implement 21st century methods for candidates who want to run for state or legislative office. One of the first of its kind, candidates for public office can file their political committees, nomination paperwork and financial disclosure statements with the Secretary of State’s office online.  Candidates have the opportunity to provide contact information, web address, a picture and biography. “We’re really excited to provide this innovative system that allows people to file and run for office without having to come to our office in person,” said Reagan.  “From day one we’ve tried to make the Department of State more accessible to all Arizonans, not just those in the Phoenix metro area.  The implementation of this system marks off another item on our to-do list!”

The Candidate Filing Period runs from Mon, May 2, to Wed, June 1, 2016 for those running for office in the Tues., Aug 30, 2016 Primary Election. Early voting begins August 3.  The voter registration deadline to participate in the Primary is August 1. All registered voters, including those not registered with a party, widely known as independent voters, are eligible to cast a vote. For information about running for office and/or upcoming elections, visit

LD24 will host Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Steve Churchi at their September meeting.

A Campaign Kickoff For Incumbent Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Steve Chucri is scheduled from 8:30-10 m., Sat., May 14 in the Agua Linda Park, 8732 E McDonald Drive in Scottsdale. Breakfast will be served. RSVP to Daniel Stefanski at

LD26 PC Joe Neglia reports that the Mesa Community College (MCC) College Republicans is in the process of resurrecting the club.  If you are an MCC student (or if you know an MCC student) who would like to participate in the club, please contact Neglia as soon as possible at .

Dr. Kelli Ward officially filed her candidacy US Senate candidacy Monday at the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. The former Arizona state senator, military wife, and family doctor will face 33-year Washington incumbent John McCain in the Aug 30th Republican primary. Building on her overwhelming 75-to-11% win over McCain in the AZ GOP straw poll at Saturday’s state convention, Ward turned in approximately 19,770 signatures on her candidacy petition - more than three times the required minimum of 5,780. Ward said, “Our overwhelming success in county after county, both rural and urban, is thanks to my conservative message and our enthusiastic grassroots supporters. They know I will be bold, fresh, and fearless in representing AZ in DC, not DC in AZ. Arizona Republicans are eager to elect a Constitutional citizen servant.”

US Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk filed 10,000 petitions signatures with the Secretary of State’s office on Monday, for the Aug 30 primary-ballot. Van Steenwyk said, “Thank you nomination petition circulators and voters who signed… We ‘did it’ without having to buy a single petition signature which shows what can be accomplished by a true Grassroots campaign. By turning in 10,000 plus signatures (180%)  “we” exceeded the required 5,790 signatures to get my name on the ballot, and more than doubled the 30% additional signatures required in the event of a nomination petition challenge. My promise to signers and circulators to have my name on the (their) ballot if we obtained the required amount of nomination signatures has been kept.  My wife Jean and I, along with our Campaign Scheduler Ron & wife Louise Gosselin, want to thank each and every one of you who volunteered to get petition signatures, and thank you to all the voters who took the time to sign, who took thousands of cards with all the issues etc. on them. For speaking engagements contact Gosselin at 602-740-4165 or

LD13 PC Ernie McCollum: I watched the Cruz people steal the election at the state convention and I have to laugh at how Christians will lie, steal and cheat to win. What you couldn’t do up front - you sneak around behind people to win. Dr Don Carson was right in supporting Donald Trump. I have watched our country being destroyed over the last 27 years. When the Berlin wall came down I felt good that my service to this nation was not in vain. What a shock it was to me in August 2010 when I heard about UN Agenda 21 and discovered that G.H. W. Bush signed it and declared the New World order -- he had in fact betrayed the people of this nation. A few UN Agenda 21 (now UN 2030) goals are: destroy all dams on American Rivers, remove all golf courses along with ski resorts. Reduce the world population by two-thirds, move people out of their houses into 700 square foot apartments along light rail systems. It states that the land belongs to the community; no more private property for us peons. Only a selected few will own property. Go to democratsagainstunagenda21 to learn the truth about big business and socialist coming together to create this New World Order. Senator Ted Cruz worked on the Bush 41 Campaign and his wife worked in the financial industry. His hands are as dirty as G.H.W. Bush. In Oct. of 2015 LD13 installed Richard Landis as our Chairman. I asked Dick how he felt about UN Agenda 21 he said he felt it was a fair trade. I was in the hospital and didn’t see Dick until the county election where he was busy voting 20 ballots. I asked Dick what he meant by fair trade and he said later. Well Dick, it is later - did we trade our citizen freedom for corporate greed?  

Jana Jackson, candidate for Maricopa County Supt of Schools will be attending;

  • May 4, Fundraiser for Dave Giles. Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill - Tempe, 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy #1041, Tempe, AZ 85281
  • May 5, 6 pm. NE Maricopa County AzRA meeting. 10440 E Vía Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 6 pm.
  • May 7, 2pm Ron Harders Radio   King FM Schedule is subject to additions.

Contact: Beth Hallgren, Chief of Staff Jana Jackson for Maricopa County Supt of Schools Campaign 602-516-4781

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ely: The article poll-gop-disapproval-highest-since-1992 said, “It's unclear what caused the drop in the GOP's favorability numbers, though the party's hotly contested presidential primary race, led by Donald Trump, is likely a factor.”  Not so!  We had a Democrat controlled House, a Democrat controlled Senate, and a Democrat President.  Look where that got us!  So, we voted and changed the House to Republican control.  Nothing Much Changed!  Then we voted Republicans in charge of the Senate. Nothing Much Changed!  The U.S. Constitution charges the House with the money, yet we are 20 trillion bucks in debt!  We are engaged in what looks like a never ending conflict in the Middle East - started by a Republican president.  Looks like the other world governments have little respect for our government. Our Republican congress lets the POTUS get away with things like the Iran deal and million dollar vacations!  Donald Trump??  It looks like the Republican establishment doesn’t want to back Trump even if he wins in November.  It appears that they are afraid that he will ‘clean house’ if elected.Look at the lack of leadership and disunity in the Arizona Republican party with more and more changing to Independent voters!  Republican state legislators do not stick together and the party says nothing.  So far the RINOs have prevailed! The AzGOP bylaw's state, “The executive committee of the state committee's shall consist of the elected officers of the state committee, the national committeeman and committeewoman, the chairman and first and second vice chairman from each county, -  etc”   And the 15 country chairmen have purview over the more than 9000 allowance for Precinct Committeemen.  Yet they let the party be run by one or two men doing their own thing.  Much like President Obama and the Republican controlled congress!!  Go figger!! So what the h**l does one expect??  So long as the State Committeemen follow the Pied Piper, nothing much will change.

The Sun City West Republican Club Candidate’s Forum is scheduled between 2-5 pm, May 14 in the Webb Room of the Foundation Bldgs, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. No admission charge. Refreshments will be served.  Reservations not required. All Republicans are invited to come and hear the candidates running for office, from the District, County, State and National Offices.  Room capacity 200 people. Candidates are asked to reserve a space on the agenda. Contact: Jan Martinson 623-546-3753  or, subject line - Candidates Forum, so she doesn’t miss your message.


May 3

The Surprise Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm., May 3 with Supt of Public Education Diane Douglas in the Grand Canyon Rm at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W RH Johnson Blvd, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Contact: John Madeira

The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., May 3 in the Anthem Civic Blvd,3701 W Anthem Way in Anthem with firearms expert Alan Korwin

May 4

A Meet & Greet For CD9 Candidate Dave Giles will held between 5-7 pm., Wed., May 4 at the Thirsty Lion, 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281. Suggested contribution $10. Hosted by Doug and Julie Wolfe, Ted Rhodes, and Dale and Toni Giles. RSVP to at 602-499-8600.

Congressman Matt Salmon is hosting his Fourth Annual Salmon Salute to Veterans at 6 pm., Wed., May 4 in the Sierra Ballroom at the Trilogy at Power Ranch, 4369 E Village Parkway, in Gilbert. Veterans will have access to VA representatives on site between 5:30-8 pm. RSVP to (480) 699-8239 so they know how many to prepare for

May 5

The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm.,May 5 to hear Pro Prop 123 speaker Rep Kate Brophy McGee vs Anti-Prop 123 speaker Arizona Deputy Treasurer Mark Swenson at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E Thomas Road in Phoenix. 5:30pm  -  Social.$30 per person. RSVP to Jan Webb at, or 602-318-1010, no later than Sun, May 1 whether attending or not attending. All reservations will be dinner reservations; a reservation is considered paid unless canceled by Sun, May 1st.

Brit Hume, senior political analyst for FOX News will speak at 7 p.m., May 5 at the Center for Arizona Policy Dinner at the AZ Biltmore Resort in Phx. tickets here

The NE Maricopa County Chapter of AzRA will host Maricopa County Superintendent of Education candidate Dr. Jana Jackson at 6 pm., Thurs., May 5 at the Via Linda Sr. Center, Rm#4, 10440 E via Linda, (just south of Shea Blvd), Scottsdale. Guests welcome to hear Jackson and other candidates in attendance. Contact: Pres Ardith Hildebrant at or Jackson at 602-516-4781.

Concerned Citizens For America (CC4A) is hosting The Candidate “Dating Game” featuring CD 1 Candidates Ken Bennett, Gary Kiehne, Shawn Redd, David Gowan, Carlye Begay and Wendy Rogers; County Supervisor District 3 Candidates Diane Joens and Randy Garrison; County Tax Assessor Candidates Judd Simmons and Pam Pearsall and US Senate Candidates Alex Melusky and Clair Van Steenwyk at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road, Sedona, 86336 All voters will be seated at round tables and candidates will move from table to table for one-on-one conversations with everyone. Desserts will be served. Contact:

The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association will meet at 11:50 am., Thur., May 5 with AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite, One North Central, Suite 1200, Phx. $20 for members, $35 for non-members. Reservations required. RSVP to

The Arizona Women’s Hall Of Fame Living Legacy Induction Ceremony & Reception, honoring Rose Mofford and Mae Sue Talley is scheduled between 3-5 pm, May 5 at the Arizona Historical Society Museum:  1300 N. College Ave, Tempe, AZ.

LD4 House candidate Richard Hopkins will address the Colorado River Tea Party at 6 pm., Thurs., May 5 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Contac: Scheduled ahead are:

May 19 – Former Senator Russell Pearce – sponsor of BS1070.

June 2 – Congressman Paul Gosar, BBQ fundraiser.

Jun 16 – US Sen candidate Alex Melusky challenges incumbent Sen John McCain.

July 2 – Board of Supervisors#5 Candidate Don Scarff

July 21 – LD13 incumbent Rep Darin Mitchell and Yuma High School District board candidate David Lara.

Aug 4 - Board Super #5 candidate Dr Connie Uribe, former CRTP Chairman.

Contact: Chr Sally Kizer 928-210-1219

May 7

The Cobre Valley Republican Club will have a booth between 10 am-10 pm at the May 7 Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Holy Angels Church in. Contact:


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Congressman Trent Franks: After receiving news that the Obama Administration had whipped Democrats to vote against the entire FY17 National Defense Authorization Act if an amendment offered by Franks - which would prevent the United States from purchasing heavy water from Iran - remained in the bill, Franks said: watch Franks “Before the ink was dry on the Iran Deal, the Saudis began making a deal with Russia and China to develop 16 nuclear reactors. And Russia is now brokering a deal with Egypt to build four more nuclear reactors. Thanks to the Obama Administration, nuclear proliferation in the middle east has begun. And now we have just been told that President Obama and his crack team of “expert negotiators” plan to prop up and further exacerbate this preposterous farce they call the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by paying Iran millions of dollars to purchase heavy water and thereby incentivizing Tehran to produce more heavy water which is a key component in their quest to develop nuclear warheads.
We have all watched in real time as Iran has blatantly violated UN Security Council Resolutions with their ballistic missile tests – the President’s own State Department admits their missile launches put them at odds with international law.  And yet on April Fool’s Day this year, President Obama criticized the Iranian leaders for undermining the “spirit” of the Nuclear Deal even as they stick to the “letter” of the pact.
Mr. Chairman, if Iran can conduct ballistic missile tests and produce heavy water under the President’s deal without violating the “letter” of the law, what can’t they do? And what further betrayal of America and human freedom is the Obama Administration willing to embrace to capitulate to Iran and their inexorable march the nuclear weapons? Unfortunately, Mr. Chairman, I am told that Mr. Obama intends to finalize this heavy water purchase before this amendment can take effect and that Democrats have promised to kill the entire defense bill if a vote is taken. So to protect what’s left of our National Security from the Obama Administration, I will withdraw the amendment.

Candidate Commentary

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Maricopa County Supt of Education candidate Steve Watson: Saturday I spent the day at the state convention as a delegate from LD 15 CD 6. There was some controversy surrounding the slates for each presidential candidate. Personally, I didn’t vote for a particular slate. I voted for people I know from my travels around the county. Some are Trump supporters, some Cruz, and even a few Kasich people. I voted for one woman because I know how hard she works as chairman of her legislative district – she deserves to represent AZ at the national convention. At the State Convention, every delegate from Maricopa County, when they opened their agenda/envelope, found my flyer. This was one of many opportunities to get my message out. These opportunities cost money. I know our schools can be great. Help me make them great.

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