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5-14-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs


Editor - Frosty Taylor or   Web Master John Strasser


Go to to find your polling place for the May 17 Special Election. Voters can vote at any polling place listed. Polls are open from 6 am – 7 pm, according to the Recorder’s Office.

Video Of April 30, 2016 AZGOP Convention

Contrary To Comments made during Tuesday evening’s LD13 meeting that the district has been basically been operating without bylaws, those of us who have been around since the redistricting know that the old LD12 bylaws were adopted by the original LD13 PCs when the new LD13 was organized by then Chairman Robert Branch. Those bylaws were in effect until the passage of new bylaws on May 10.

Speaking Of The LD13 Bylaws, concern is surfacing over reducing the quorum requirement to 10% of the total PC count be in attendance to conduct a meeting. In lieu of the shenanigans that have gone on across the state for the past few of years, there is concern that a very small group can control the district via the lower quorum figures. On the other hand, when the recorded attendance is so low that you frequently don’t have a quorum – it is pretty hard to vote on any issues that needs to be taken care of.

Another concern is the fact that some of the PCs had no idea they could offer amendments to the committee proposed bylaws. Consequently, PCs didn’t come prepared to present change recommendations. During the confusion over that issue, Chairman Wally Campbell assured the PCs present that amendments can be proposed at any time. To alleviate some concerns, PCs probably should present their proposed amendment from the floor for assurance that their proposed amendment gets on the agenda for discussion at the following meeting.

Some LD13 Pcs Were Also Taken By Surprise when Chairman Wally Campbell announced that as she called out the name of PCs in attendance, they were to verbally cast their vote on the proposed bylaws, along with any proxy votes they carried. That is very intimidating to some. The acoustic aren’t good in that meeting room, which added to the confusion over new directives. There was no explanation as to why secret ballots had suddenly been done away with. Secret ballot is a long standing custom in America. It doesn’t take that long to divide small paper ballots into a “yes” or “no” piles to count them. - ft

The Candidate Filing Period runs from Mon, May 2, to Wed, June 1, 2016 for those running for office – including PCs - in the Tues., Aug 30, 2016 Primary Election. Early voting begins August 3.  The voter registration deadline to participate in the Primary is August 1. All registered voters, including those not registered with a party, widely known as independent voters, are eligible to cast a vote. For information about running for office and/or upcoming elections, visit

Get Well Wishes To LD13 PC Karen Brogdon who is recuperating from recent shoulder surgery.

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell: I just wanted to say thank you for the article in your Republican Briefs yesterday. I am hopeful that others will understand that my mission over the years has been to improve the workings of the Recorder's office and I will continue to do that. Again, thank you.

CD2 State Committeeman (LD124) Cindy Coleman: Thank you, Frosty for the kind comments regarding Helen Purcell. She has been an outstanding worker, both in public office and Party work. She is a person of integrity, who made a mistake. And her mistake was compounded by poorly informed voters. The public is so quick to criticize and sensationalize. And the fact that Helen is participating in public forums, continuing to handle her duties, speaks highly of her character.

Change of venue: The Arizona - Civil Rights Conference will host homeless activist Ted Hayes at 9 am., Sat., May 21 at a yet to be announced new location – following an uproar about it’s original scheduling on the second floor at the Arizona House of Representatives in Phoenix. contact Arizona Project Chairman Ron Ludders at 602-677-1496.

47M Pounds of Frozen Meat; Tons of Frozen Fruit and Veggies Recalled for Listeria Contamination Sold in all 50 states and Canada.

Petition To Keep Men Out Of Women's Bathroom

Arizona Republican Party Executive Assistant Laura Minter has announced that a Delegates meeting is scheduled between 7-8 pm., Wed., May 18 at AZGOP headquarters, 3501 N 24th St., in Phoenix to elect the Chairman for the Arizona Delegation. To participate via conference call contact Minter at 602-957-7770 . Alternates are welcome to attend but not required, because only Delegates will have voting privileges. She reminds delegates to send in their pledge cards, the $1K fee and hotel information. She will make hotel reservations next week. Hotel reservations deadline is May 25. Delegates will receive confirmation as soon as she receives them. If unable to attend the May 18 meeting, delegates are asked to participate via conference call by contacting Minter at 602-957-7770 Alternates are welcome to attend but not required, because only Delegates will have voting privileges. Few more quick items:

   1.  The pledge reinforces the Arizona Statute which binds the Delegate to the first round only.  This is a customary procedure which was also done in 2008 and 2012.

   2.  The $1K fee covers all the Arizona Delegation events such as breakfasts, brunches, post session parties, other activities, transportation to events, etc.  I hope to send out an event schedule sometime soon.

   3.  The RNC was able to secure some flight discounts with Delta and United for those of you who have not booked your flights.

Contact Minter at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St., Phx or 541-272-1125 (cell) or 602-957-7770 (office)

Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate Dan Saban: Arpaio found in contempt - "With this ruling and because of Joe Arpaio's  disregard of the rights of American Citizens, Maricopa County, and the State of Arizona, have yet another unnecessary stain on our reputation.  Arpaio's disregard for the Constitution has cost us over $40 million taxpayer dollars, and counting, for this single lawsuit.  We cannot afford any more of this (so-called) "America's Toughest Sheriff."  It is time for him to resign.  It is time to bring back the rule of law and the rule of fiscal responsibility.  When elected, I will honor these sacred rules while restoring honor and integrity back to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office leadership; as I have done throughout my professional law enforcement career."  Saban is a retired Buckeye Police Chief and retired Mesa Police Commander. Contact: Chuck Foy at

Matt Roberts - Director of Communications, Arizona Secretary of State: Due to the unique nature of Tuesday’s special election, we won’t be displaying “Precincts Reporting” for this election for good reason.

The special election legislation required counties to consolidate polling places in accordance with the PPE procedures outlined in A.R.S. 16-248, which means they will drastically reduce their number of ballot styles and (for administrative purposes) will create artificial “precincts” that correspond to those ballot styles.  Those artificial precincts will bear no resemblance to what we traditionally think of as normal precincts.  

In several cases there will be just one ballot style and therefore just one “precinct” for an entire county.  In that case, the county would show 100% of “precincts” reporting even though the county may have only processed a small portion of their ballots.   That is because “Precincts Reporting” measures when a precinct first begins to report its numbers, not when the precinct has finished reporting its numbers.

For example, Maricopa County normally has more than 700 precincts, but for the special election the county consolidated them to eight artificial “precincts.”   The minute that at least one vote is cast, that particular precinct will show as has having “reported.”   And since vote centers allow persons to vote at any location in Maricopa County, the fact that a precinct “reported” will likely tell you nothing about what area of Maricopa County the votes are coming from.    In an extreme example, in a particular vote center a few ballots could be cast for each of the eight “precincts,” and the entire county would show 100% of precincts reporting despite only processing ballots for one of the 115 vote centers.

This consolidation has the effect of making “Precincts Reporting” a misleading and inaccurate indicator of tabulation progress for this election.   As a result, the website and the data exports provided by the Secretary of State on the May 17th 2016 election night will not contain this data. I will be issuing advisories as to when each county stops counting on election night/morning and no further results will be updated from that particular county.

The Virtue Wall: Vietnam Wall: The link is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names, bio's and other information of our lost heroes. Those who remember that time frame, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site.First click on a state. When it opens, scroll down to the city and the names will appear. Then click on their names.  It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals. This really is an amazing web site. Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it.

Coffee With LD28 Senate Candidate Kate Brophy McGee is scheduled at 8 am, Mon., May 23 at The Sunnyslope Village Alliance Office, 755 E Hatcher Road, in Phoenix. Coffe and pastries will be provided. Contact

Scott and Tammy Jones will host a reception for Congressman Trent Franks between 4-6 pm., Sat., May 21 at 2742 N. 136th Drive in Goodyear. Contribution 475 per person or $100 per couple. RSVP to Jessica Lycos at 480-494-5784

The Republican Party of Mesa (LD-25) will meet at 7 PM on Thurs., May 19 at the Charles K Luster Building (formerly known as the Mesa Utility Building). The speakers are Rick Gray, Candidate for Corporation Commission and Ross Groen, Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives (LD-25). Contact: Chairman Ian Murray (602)524-7786

Incumbent Recorder Helen Purcell will be among the candidates in the Sun City West Republican Club candidate forum today. Purcell has been the county recorder for 27 years.

The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Has Advanced Its Consideration Of Pima County’s request for an Endangered Species Act incidental take permit associated with the Draft Pima County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSCP).  The Service announces its draft Record of Decision to issue the permit, 30 days prior to potentially issuing a final permit.  Pima County’s MSCP is a part of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, a 16-year conservation planning effort by the county.  Under the Endangered Species Act (Act) it is normally illegal to take (harm, harass, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect) threatened and endangered species. The Service may, under limited circumstances, issue permits to take federally-listed and candidate species, incidental to and not the purpose of, otherwise lawful activities.  Issuing such an incidental take permit to Pima County required the development of, and commitment to, a habitat conservation plan that minimizes and mitigates the effects of incidental take on federally-listed species. Pima County has applied for a 30-year permit under the Act for incidental take of 44 species, including seven animal and two plant species currently protected under the Act.  Downloadable copies of the final EIS, BO, draft Record of Decision and other information are available at southwest/es/arizona and   Printed or CD-ROM available upon request to Julia Fonseca, Pima County Office of Sustainability and Conservation, 201 N. Stone, 6th floor, Tucson, AZ 85701, phone (520) 724-6460, or email Questions or inquiries can be submitted via e-mail to

Marsha Hill, Candidate for Sheriff of Maricopa County, is available to speak at events and groups. Contact Hill at 602-774-2774 or

US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey has a new ad out - It's A New Day In Arizona  in which the only other candidate he mentions is incumbent Sen John McCain.

Jana Jackson Welcomes Volunteers to her campaign for Supt of Maricopa County School. Contact the campaign office, 602-516-4781 or email at .

Dan Saban, Maricopa County Sheriff Candidate is available to attend, speak, or participate in events/gatherings. Contact: Campaign manager Chuck Foy at 480-274-5358 or

State Treasurer Jeff DeWit: John Hook hosts Prop 123 discussion on Newsmaker Sunday Fox 10:John Hook, Jeff DeWit on Prop 123


May 14

The Northwest Chapter Arizona Republican Assembly will meet at 9:15 am, Sat, May 14 in the NW Maricopa County Service Facility, 12975 W Bell Road (the first building East of the DMV building) in Surprise. They will hold an election to fill a vacancy for second vice chairman and also the State Director. Topics of discussion will include the City of Surprise's proposed $60 million 2016 General Obligation Bond (a "new" tax on your home), Propositions 123 & 124 and the process for becoming an elected Precinct Committeeman in August. Maricopa County Recorder candidate Aaron Flannery is the scheduled speaker. Doors open at 8:45am; guests welcome. Come and learn more about the political issues that affect your lives. Contact: Chairman Lyle Tuttle

Congresswoman Martha McSally is hosting an Academy Day between 10 an and noon, Sat., May 14 in the Empire High School Auditorium, 10701 E Mary An Cleveland Way, Tucson, AZ 85747. Representatives from the US Air Force Academy, US Merchant marine Academy, US Military Aademy, US Naval Academy and the University of Arizona ROTC will be available to answer questions. Contact: McSally 520-881-3588.

David Giles for Congress volunteers will hit the street in a signature gathering walk-a-thon starting at 8:30 a.m., Sat., May 14 from campaign headquarters at 3030 S Rural Road in Tempe. Coffe and donuts will be served. Volunteers will pick up clipboards and materials before picking their neighborhoods of choice, returning at noon.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be the featured guest at a campaign kick-off for County Supervisor candidate Steve Churcri at 8:30 am., Sat., May 14 in Agua Linda Park, 8732 E McDonald Drive, Scottsdale. Breakfast will be served. RSVP to Daniel Stefanski

LD6 Incumbents Sen Sylvia Allen and Reps. Brenda Barton And Bob Thorpe will featured at a fundraiser sponsored by Mike and Christine Schroeder, Dwight and Andrea Kadar & Dr. Serge and Kathy Wright between 4-7 pm., May 14 at the home of Mike And Christine Schroeder in a gated community in Sedona. Wine, beer, soft drinks and light hors d'oeuvres will be served. Minimum donation - $60 person, $120 couple. Only checks & cash (no credit cards) will be accepted at the door prior to admission. Donation forms will be provided. RSVP: Dwight at

Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Dan Saban will speak at the Sun City West Republican Club Candidate Forum scheduled between 2-5 pm., Sat, May 14, 2-5 pm., in Sun City West.

Sen candidate Kelli Ward will speak at the LD14 meeting at 9 am., Sat., May 14 at the Benson City Hall, 120 W 6th St., Benson, AZ 85602. Contact: 1-928-230-0633.

The Sun City West Republican Club Candidates Forum between 2-5 pm., May 14 in the Webb Room of the Foundation Bldgs, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. No admission charge. Refreshments will be served.  Reservations not required. All Republicans are invited to come and hear the candidates running for office, from the District, County, State and National Offices.  Room capacity 200 people. Candidates are asked to reserve a space on the agenda. Contact: Jan Martinson 623-546-3753  or, subject line - Candidates Forum, so she doesn’t miss your message.

LD9 will meet at 9 am., Sat., May 14, at the LaPaloma Urgent Care Center, 001 E Sunrise, Tucson. Contact: LD9 Chairman Brad Johns.

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., May 14 at Gainey Golf Club

7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258 to hear Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) Chairman Thayer Verschoor and Arizona Energy Advocate Jason Hayes. $30 per person. 10:30 am social, noon luncheon. $30 per Person. Mail payment to: Paradise Republican Women, PO Box 14425, Scottsdale AZ 85267. Contact Barb McMullen at or

A Campaign Kickoff For Incumbent Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Steve Chucri is scheduled from 8:30-10 m., Sat., May 14 in the Agua Linda Park, 8732 E McDonald Drive in Scottsdale. Breakfast will be served. RSVP to Daniel Stefanski at

Operation Enduring Gratitude (Veterans serving Veterans by Rebuilding Homes and Lives) is celebrating its second anniversary with an “Evening of Gratitude” fundraiser between 6-9 p.m. Saturday, May 14 at Pace Art Collective at 8340 E Raintree Dr., Scottsdale (east of Scottsdale Airpark.)  Event flyer: Founder Charlie Ellis said there will be food/drinks, live entertainment and poker tables for entertainment, along with silent auction and raffles. Tickets are $25. Veterans get in free with ID. Ellis, a west valley contractor, would often see homes in his neighborhood that were in definite need of repairs and improvements and decided to do something about it. On veterans’ homes, Ellis orchestrates projects such as wheelchair ramp builds, badly needed repairs and entire extreme home makeovers. To donate time, services or supplies, visit Contact Ellis at (480) 678-0938 Charlie@OperationEnduringGratitude.Org

LD11 meets Sat., May 14 at various locations. Contact: Chairman Al Melvin at 825-2894.

Jana Jackson, candidate for Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, will be among the candidates attending the Sun City West Republican Club Forum on Sat., May 14 at the Sun City West Republican Club Forum, Sun City West Foundation, 14465 West R. H. Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, 85375 . Contact Jackson at 602-516-4781.

The Pima County GOP Shredding Fund Raiser will be conducted between 9:30 and noon, Sat., May 14 at Pima GOP Headquarters, 17 W Wetmore #101, Tucson.

May 16

The Leisure World Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon., May 16 in the King Card Room, 9098 S Power Rd., Mesa, with Rep Justin Olson and Corporation Commission candidates Al Melvin and Rick Gray. Contact: Diane Andersen 480-395-5515 or

The Republican Club of Sun City will meet at 7 pm, Mon, May 16 with Chips N Salsa Show on KFNX 1100 Independent Talk s how hosts Alice Lara and George Ortiz (LD19 Chairman) in the Sundial Recreation Center’s East Hall, 14801 N 103rd Ave., Sun City. US senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward will address her priorities - Secure the border, balance the budget, shrink government and repeal Obamacare. 6:30 pm social, 7 pm program. Contact: Peter Lee 623-583-5987 or

Sen candidate Kelli Ward will address the Sun City Republican Club at 6:30 pm., May 16 in the Sundial Center, 141801 N 103 Ave, Sun City, AZ 85351. Contact Carolyn Leff at at 1-928-230-0633.

May 17

LD10 and the Eastside Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 17 in the Rincom Rm at the 49ers Country Club, 12000 E. Tanque Verde in Tucson. Happy Hour Prices 4-6 pm., Light Snacks & Cash Bar. Available all evening. Speakers: LD10 Sen candidate Randy Phelps and House candidate Todd Clodfelter. Contact: Parralee Schneider, 250-5073/

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 17 in the Grand Canyon Room of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375 with Maricopa County School Supt candidate Jana Jackson and Arizona legislators Sen Judy Bruges and Reps Phil Lovas and David Livingston. Contact: John Madeira

The Sun City Republican Club of Tucson will meet at 3 pm., Tues., May 17, May 24, and May 31 in the AC Rm of the Sun City Mountain Vista Social Hall, 1495 E Vistoso, Tucson.

The Pima County Republican Club will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., May 17 at the Sabbar Shrine Temple, 450 South Tucson Blvd., Tucson. Lunch is $11. Contact Club President Mike Evert at 326-5863.

May 18

The Western Pinal Republicans will host a meet & greet for all CD1 candidates at 5:30 pm., Wed., May 18 at The Property in Casa Grande.

The Eastside Republican Club of Tucson will meet 6:30 pm., Wed., May 18 at various location. Contact President Parralee Schneider at 250-5073.

May 19

LD24 will meet Secretary of State Michelle Reagan and Dr Michael Rubinoff at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 19 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 E 24th St., in Phoenix. Rubinoff will address PC recruitment, according to Chairman Timothy Lee. Candidates, campaigns, surrogates will be given two minutes to speak at the end of the meeting. Congressman David Schweikert and LD28 State Rep Kate Brophy-McGee will address LD24 on June 16. Contact: Chr Timothy Lee at

The Chino Valley Pachyderms will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., May 19 at the

Prescott Golf & Country Club In Dewey, Az. Randall's Restaurant with speaker Matt Dobson Of Concerned Veterans For America. Early bird – 5 pm., RSVP to Chairman OR 928-636-7355 This group includes all divisions of our veterans, is not part of a political party, and does not endorse candidates; they do support issues to benefit our veterans.

The Ahwatukee Tea Party is planning a Candidate Round Table at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 19 in the Desert Room of the Quality Inn Hotel (previously the Clarion Hotel), 5121 E La Puente Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (I-10 & Elliot Rd) featuring US House candidate Dave Giles, Maricopa County Supt of Schools candidate Jana Jackson, US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey, LD18 Rep Jill Norgaard, LD18 Senate candidate Frank Schmuck and US Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk.

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald J. Trump for President Committee is scheduled at 6 pm., Thurs., May 19 at the John and Dawn Sellers, 968 Broken Branch Trail , Prescott, AZ  86303.  (Directions:  Take Gurley St. East through town continue as it becomes Thumb Butte Road then turn left onto Hassayampa Village Lane, then turn right onto Golf Club Lane to Hassayampa Golf Club.  Turn left onto Forest Mountain Rd. going up the hill, and turn right onto Broken Branch Trail. Their home is the last house on the right hand side.  Main door is at back of the house.  (Front steps are steep and should be avoided!)  To use the elevator go to back of the house and go through the garage.) RSVP:  Brenda Dickinson, (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549. Seating is limited and Gate code will be given when RSVP . Directions to the Sellers. Bring a clipboard, paper and pen.

May 20

The Quail Creek Republican Club meets at 4 pm.,Fri., May 20 at the Madera Clubhouse Ballroom #3, Tucson. Contact:  Rick Miller 520 344 8577 or


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Today, Rep. Matt Salmon Announced The Fifth Bill in his 2016 Shrink our Spending Initiative to highlight and cut wasteful taxpayer-funded programs. Upon introduction of the latest bill, to eliminate grants for yoga classes for federal employees, Salmon said, “This bill is about sending a simple message: The government isn’t Google, so stop trying to be.  Startups across our country are offering unique benefits to their employees in exchange for working in a developing business with a new culture.  But bureaucrats in Washington are already being paid by the taxpayer’s hard work and such ‘fringe benefits’ are nothing more than a waste of dollars already taken away from American families.” The Federal Government, in an effort to provide amenities for federal employees with taxpayer funds, provides free yoga classes to employees. Between just two federal agencies, the State Department and the Department of Energy, taxpayers will have spent more than $168,000 on yoga and Pilates in the last 5 years. Background: In 2014, Salmon began a program to identify and cut wasteful spending government-wide, because he knew every federal department, office, and agency has wasteful spending within their budgets.  The program was called the “Shrink Our Spending” Initiative and aimed at finding $ 1.5 billion in wasteful spending.  In 2015, the initiative identified and cut over $3 billion in government waste.

Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized their federal methane rule to restrict emissions of the gas across the country. The rule is expected to overlap and interfere with successful state and voluntary efforts to reduce methane emissions without discouraging energy production. Congressman Paul Gosar said, “Today, the EPA continued its unnatural fixation with destroying traditional energy resources by issuing a final regulation for methane emissions that is even worse than what the agency initially proposed,” said Vice Chairman Gosar. “Even though methane emissions from natural gas have been voluntarily reduced by 11 percent since 2005, the EPA is hell-bent on imposing an unnecessary rule that even the agency admits will cost businesses and job creators $530 million in 2025 alone. The American people can’t afford another job-killing EPA regulation not based on science.”

Congresswoman Martha McSally spoke this week on the House floor about actions the House is taking to combat the rising rate of opioid abuse in Southern Arizona and around the country. This week, the House passed 18 bills related to combating opioid abuse and enhancing treatment and prevention tools for local communities. The bills will be packaged into a comprehensive bill on Friday and the House will vote to form a conference committee with the Senate to work out differences between the two chambers’ legislation. Transcript: Mr. Speaker, opioid addiction is an epidemic that’s tearing our communities apart.This devastation is acutely felt by families in Southern Arizona, many of whom who know all too well the pain of losing a loved one to an overdose. Nobody, no family is immune. A recent analysis showed that Pima County, which I represent, had an overdose rate almost twice as high as any other county in Arizona, which had the 10th highest rate in the country. Southern Arizona’s close proximity to the border exacerbates this problem as more and more opioids come flowing into our communities. Reports show that between 2010 and 2015, heroin seizures spiked by more than 300%. Too many lives have been ruined by the tragic consequences of opioid abuse, which is why we must act. This week, the House is voting on 18 bills that take steps such as launching medication and treatment intervention programs, expanding resources to evidence-based incarceration alternatives, and increasing the availability of life-saving overdose reversal drugs. These are many important first steps to stopping the rise of opioid addiction, and I pledge to continue working to address this very grave and urgent issue. McSally’s statement HERE.

The U.S. Senate Has Delivered Final Passage of the Fiscal Year 2017 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, which included three amendments supported by Senator John McCain to address the effects of historic drought in Arizona and across the West. The first amendment, which was filed by McCain and Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ), calls on the Interior Department, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Academy of Sciences to study and develop a plan to eradicate salt cedar in the Lower Colorado River Basin. Salt cedar is a water-intensive non-native tree species found across the West that federal, state, tribal and local agencies have been trying to eradicate for decades. According to the Central Arizona Project, there are over 120,000 acres of salt cedar in the drought-stricken Lower Colorado River region. If all salt cedar were removed and replaced with native vegetation, an estimated 860,000 acre feet of water would be reclaimed.

The second amendment would provide $50 million for water conservation projects at Lake Mead and other Colorado River storage reservoirs. The funding, which was authorized by Congress in 2013, supports voluntary water conservation pilot projects with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and state and regional organizations including Central Arizona Project, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern Nevada Water Authority. To date, these projects have saved over 60,000 acre feet of water, benefitting drought-stressed cities, farmers, and river ecosystems. The amendment greatly expands the resources available under the pilot program.

The third amendment would address the concerns of Arizona power customers about the Western Area Power Administration’s (WAPA) federal overreach. Specifically, the amendment would require WAPA to report on reasons why current and past contracts with power customers have not included contract termination provisions.

U.S. Senator John McCain: “I applaud Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours for issuing a proclamation naming the City of Flagstaff a Purple Heart City in honor of the brave Purple Heart recipients who were killed or wounded in combat. As a state and a nation, we must not forget the sacrifices our service members have and will continue to make to defend and protect our country. This proclamation proudly declares that the people of Flagstaff will keep in their memory Purple Heart recipients from the community and across the country, and permanently express a deep gratitude for the contributions these heroes have made to the defense of our freedom.”


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Lori Klein Corbin, Newly Elected Arizona National Committeewoman. My heartfelt gratitude to all who voted for me.  It is a great honor to serve you.  I am always accessible to your ideas and thoughts.  We all want our future to be one of success and security for our children/grandchildren so they may live their American dream.  It is important that the Grand Old Party relate who we are and what we stand for.  We can build a better, stronger and greater future for all Americans.  We need a message of hope, jobs, security and love of nation and family along with our strong values that honor honesty, integrity, strengthening the family to make a brighter future for all.

We can stand for our conservative values with actions that speak louder than words.  We have much to do to roll back the Marxist/Socialist policies that Obama has used to decimate our economy, values, national identity and standing in the world.  We are a melting pot of people who love liberty and family.  We allow anyone to excel and be whoever they want; that is America's greatest gift and strength.  We uphold individual liberty not class warfare.

The proper role of government is to facilitate individual liberty and ability to succeed, rewarding those who work hard and contribute.  Unfortunately, government has adopted the role of redistributing wealth to buy votes.  This will destroy our nation.  Americans want to be part of the solution.  There will always be compassionate hand ups but not systems that keep people poor and dependent upon government which is soul destroying.

I am glad I was born in America and have the opportunity to live the American Dream. I pray that we win in November and move this country in the right direction for future generations.  Thank you for your trust in me. I will seek the council of Sharon Giese who has served with such integrity and distinction and look forward to working with Bruce Ash.

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