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5-25-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald J. Trump for President Committee will meet at 2 pm., Sat., June 11 at the home of Duckhee and Jack Pierson, 385 Cross Creek Circle, Cross Creek Ranch, Sedona, AZ  86336. Seating is limited. Gate Code will be given when RSVP. Bring a clipboard, paper and pen. RSVP:  Brenda Dickinson at (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549.

Republican LD4 House Candidate Richard Hopkins needs help in collecting 1509 signatures to get on the ballot to run against Dem incumbent Charlene Fernandez. Petitions gatherers will meet at 9:30 am., Sat., May 28 in the Bales Elementary School parking lot, 25400 W Maricopa Buckeye to walk neighborhoods for a couple of hours. Contact Hopkins at if you can help for a couple of hours in the Buckeye area.

Arizona Dems report: Poll after poll after poll shows that Ann Kirkpatrick can defeat John McCain. The Real Clear Politics average has Ann down two points, the Merrill Poll has Ann down by only one point and Behavior Research Center shows the race TIED. The only question is: will we Democrats build a turnout operation capable of defeating John McCain?
We're making big investments in our ground game to make sure we turn out voters and win in November. But to do these programs right, we need the resources to hire and train dozens of more organizers all over the state.

Kathleen Winn is a Mesa City Council candidate, not Chandler, as previously reported.

A Reception In Support of Paradise Valley Councilwoman Maria Syms, a candidate for the Arizona House, is scheduled between 5:30 -7 pm., Wed., May 25 at the first new home finished in The Village at Mountain Shadows, 5600 E Lincoln Drive., Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Cocktails, refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Mary Clare Wolf, Goodyear: I have a question concerning Prop 123. I know it did pass, but is going to be contested? However, I heard a comment the other day, that the Litchfield Elementary district will not be distributing any of their funds (if received) towards Teacher's Salaries. I've tried to research this but to no avail... Do you have any knowledge of this proposal/statement? Thanks, for any input or information on this subject, in advance it will be greatly appreciated. Editor’s Note: Suggest you call the Litchfield Elementary School District office or the school board president.

Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Dan Saban responds to Tom Morrissey: Your facts are incorrect. Ms. Marsha Hill already submitted her petitions. Although, happy to provide you a “chuckle” by announcing I have the signatures necessary to be on the ballot to challenge your friend/self-appointed king of Maricopa County; we’ll be submitting ours on the 31st. A sound decision to wait until they’re due, June 1st. As you are aware petition due dates aren’t determined by candidates. Considering your professional experience and conservative views, your support of Mr. Joe Arpaio is contradictory. Just as you, I possess the proven professional leadership experience necessary and have placed myself in harm’s way protecting the citizens of Maricopa County for well over 32 years. You espouse the qualities of Mr. Arpaio, who openly displays questionable integrity, and motives; intentionally violating the laws he’s sworn to uphold. Let’s not confuse arrogance with ‘true grit’. Were it not for his actions and self-serving promotion, the United States Department of Justice would have no interest in an Arizona Sheriff who fulfilled his/her duties as outlined by the U.S. Constitution, Arizona Constitution, and Arizona Revised Statutes. More of our hard earned tax dollars ($200 million and counting,) have paid for these epic failures in law enforcement across Maricopa County and beyond (racial profiling, government and media corruption, gimmicks). I for one am no longer willing to accept the status quo. We, the citizens of Maricopa County, deserve law enforcement service that’s constitutionally and fiscally sound; absent of gimmicks and showmanship. I ask you Mr. Morrissey, as a loyal protector and friend to Mr. Arpaio, stand with me and encourage him to retire, spend time with his wife with the dignity/reputation of a career well honored and reputation intact. See Morrissey commentary

Scott Powelson PC Wickenburg: Tom Morrissey's comments in the Briefs is inaccurate right from the start. Ms. Marsha Hill turned in her signatures May 11, 2016 and has no contact with Mr. Dan Saban who filed his papers for the last 2 election cycles as a Democrat, even though he either withdrew or failed to qualify as a candidate in 2012, I don't know which it was for him. Mr. Morrissey seems to believe his friend, our Sheriff, is being bullied by the court or the federal government. He has been called on the carpet, in courts, numerous times for his bullying, wrongful investigations, false arrests and charges, no probable cause for arrest etc. of several critics of his administration and the resulting costs and settlement paid out are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. His friend, the prosecutor for several of these adventures, was disbarred for his participation. Ms Hill was one who stood up to the Sheriff and his bullies and after much heart ache, time and money and survived the attack and Won - but I will let her tell you that story as that is "true grit". The main point Mr. Morrissey seems to forget is that in enforcing the laws of Arizona and the USA, especially when some don't like what laws you are enforcing, it is essential to have probable cause and due process followed to the letter and proper documentation of that process wouldn't hurt. If the Sheriff or his men don't do this, they open themselves and the County of Maricopa, read here: "you the taxpayer", to wasted time and money fighting in court and losses we can't afford. Just my humble opinion.

Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day (observed). There are a number of ceremonies throughout The Valley, including one at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix.  Fountain Hills has a smaller but moving commemorative ceremony at the Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial (17200 E. El Lago Blvd) at 9 a.m. on Mon, May 30th.  The ceremony is a joint effort of the three Veterans Service Organizations - Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7507, American Legion Post 58 and AmVets Post 7.  The VFW Color Guard will present the Colors.  Please plan to take a moment to remember those service members who served and died for our freedoms while on active duty, either by attending a formal ceremony or in a private moment of reflection. – Boe James, Secretary, Fountain Hills Republican Club.

Bill Heuisler, USMC: On Memorial Day, May 30, we honor our Brothers and Sisters who serve in our Armed Services - Americans who give part or all of their lives for our country. And this is also an important year for Arizona Veterans. This is the year when we Arizona Vets can finally say, “Now we all can remember what you did, John McCain.” Recall when Donald Trump openly questioned and qualified Senator John McCain’s “Heroism”? Remember how the press squealed? Now particularly remember how polls showed most Veterans agreed with Trump’s assessment. The Press was shocked. We vets just nodded at each other and muttered, “it’s about time” under our breath. Many Veterans - like me and hundreds of my friends and acquaintances - no longer can honor John McCain’s service. In fact, many Veterans like me despise John McCain for betraying our Brothers in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan with his dishonorable votes and actions in the Senate. Say a prayer for our Vietnam POWs and MIAs who have lived out their forgotten lives and died alone because of dishonorable men Like John Kerry and John McCain. Hug a Vet today. Semper Fi.

The Maricopa County Republican Committee “City of Phoenix Committee’’ will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., May 25 at Coco’s, 2026 N. 7th St., in Phoenix to discuss a candidate to replace Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates who has resigned. This 32 member Committee is organized by Phoenix Republicans using CCD-LD boundaries;

Sub Committee 1 & 2 will have 8 members

Sub Committee 3 & 4 will have 7 members

Sub Committee 5 & 6 will have 9 members

Sub Committee 7 & 8 will have 8 members

Sub Committee 3-4 Will have the heavy focus because they will be finding a Candidate of their choice to elect in the up coming City of Phoenix special election to replace Councilman Bill Gates who has resigned. This permanent committee established by MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer to be responsible for electing a Republican Mayor for City of Phoenix as well as city council seats. Most of these members slot are open for temporary appointment and our elections will be held after the general election in November. -Chairman pro-tem Wm. T. (Sparky) Smith, Committee Member CCD 2-LD 28

Freedom Fires has announced a change in speakers for the Wed., May 25 meeting. Justin Olson is unavailable to speak that evening, so Ross Groen, who is running for Olson’s open LD25 House seat will address the group. Contact: Dan Grimm

Sen John Barrasso of Wyoming will serve as Chairman of the Committee RNC Platform Committee, while Gov Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina will serve as Co-Chairs, according to Chairman Reince Prieus. As part of the Republican National Convention, the Platform Committee – comprised of one man and one woman from each state and territory – will meet to outline the core principles and values of the Republican Party. Barrasso is the fourth-ranking member in the Senate Republican leadership and serves as Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee and has a long and distinguished career in both medicine and public service. Fallin is serving her second term as governor of Oklahoma, currently chairs of the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee, served two terms in the House of Representatives, serving on the House Committees on Armed Services, Small Business, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Natural Resources. Foxx is the chair of the House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education, serves as the Vice Chair of the House Rules Committee and Secretary of the House Republican Conference. The 2016 GOP Platform Committee staff includes Executive Director Ben Key, Editor William Gribbin, Policy Director Andrew Bremberg, and Executive Assistant Mary Salvi

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) will testify at the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing today on pending legislation, including the Care Veterans Deserve Act Senator McCain introduced last month that would expand access to care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) while enhancing choice and flexibility in veterans’ health care. A livestream of the hearing will be available here.

Senate Robbed Veterans of Millions to Resettle Afghan interpreters – Now They’re Looking to do it Again! In what can only be described as a disgusting move on the part of the united States Senate, they took money from cuts to military veterans in the 2016 budget in order to fund the resettlement of Afghan interpreters to the united States.

Trumps-Vince-Foster-Attack-Backed-By-New-Evidence How could a suicide victim be found with TWO bullet wounds?

Obama Caught Robbing Zika Fund Red-Handed For Absolutely Sickening Reason Last week, the Senate passed legislation to address prevention of the virus, but failed to pay for it. Legislatures instead approved a $1.1 billion “emergency” spending supplemental bill, according to The Daily Signal. But the money won’t be going toward the emergency created by the Zika virus. Instead of using the money to work toward research for a vaccine and mosquito population control, Obama illegally gave the corrupt United Nations $500 million to the U.N.’s Green Climate Fund.

National-Security-Chief-Statement This whole “diversity” thing has gone way too far — and National Security Advisor Susan Rice just took it to the next level, leaving an entire race out in the cold. “Too often, our national security workforce has been what former Florida Sen. Bob Graham called ‘white, male, and Yale,’” Rice said, delivering a commencement speech at Florida International University. “In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.”

Minorities, Poor, Elderly Face Hurdles Getting ID For Voting For the first time, 11 states are requiring a photo identification to vote in a presidential election. Many experts say that the process for obtaining an ID can be far more difficult than it might seem for hundreds of thousands of people across the country who do not have one.


May 25

Freedom Fires will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., May 25 with LD25 House candidate Ross Groen at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., in Mesa. $2 per person (under 18 free).

The Goldwater Institute will hold a new headquarters open house and wine tasting celebration between 5-7 pm., Thurs., May 25 at 500 E Coronado Road in Phoenix. RSVP to Patti O’Brien 602-633-8974.

The Grassroots Tea Party is planning “Open Mic” night at 6 pm, Wed,. May 25 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Rd, in Phoenix. You may talk on any subject you wish. Contact: Francine Romesburg 602-993-3263.

May 26

The Arizona American African Republican Committee meets Thursday, May 26 6:30pm, at GOP headquarters, 3501 N 24th, Phoenix to hear Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, US Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk and Anti Marijuana Legalization Group spokesman Jared Hershl. Contact Chairman Clyde Bowen602 274 5439,,

May 28

The Center for Self Governance is offering state constitution classes with Krisanne Hall and Mark Herr at:
May 28th, TN C200:
May 31st, WA C100:


May 30

The Veterans Memorial Dedication Field of Honor is scheduled at 8 am, Mon., May 30 at Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Congressional candidate Paul Babeu: The situation by the border is getting more dangerous every day. I don’t enjoy advising Arizona residents to  be armed and protect themselves when they want to enjoy all that our state has to offer -- but rival cartels, assassins, and rip crews have made that the reality. This is where Obama’s border policy has gotten us. We can put an end to this, but we must secure the border to do it! As a Sheriff who has faced the consequences of illegal immigration and weak borders, I know how to fix it. With the situation escalating it becomes more important to win, to change our weak border policy... to send a Sheriff to Congress! It’s more urgent than ever, and I need your help. fight for secure borders This is our fight to win. Thank you for standing with me.

Mesa City Council candidate Kathleen Winn: I have entered the race for Mesa City Council. The current councilmember, Alex Finter, is termed-out, and I am running for his open seat in District 2. The election will be held August 30th. Please go to my website, keep apprised of my news, like my Facebook page, and spread the word on my behalf. I have been out knocking on doors and gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot, and I am pleased to let you know I am beyond the minimum required number! However, I will continue to gather signatures until they are due next month. It gives me the opportunity to meet people in District Two, hear their concerns for Mesa, introduce myself to my neighbors, and re-introduce myself to many old friends. Elections are part education, a lot of hard work, and creating an awareness of what you stand for and will provide if elected. I believe I am best qualified to replace Councilman Finter and need your support to do so. I will be printing signs, flyers, and mailers in the very near future to ensure a WINN for Mesa in the coming election. Anything you do can help and is greatly appreciated, whether it's $10.00 or $1000.00. Your donation lets me know you stand with me to bring quality jobs and businesses to Mesa, support strong public safety, want a strategic growth plan, and know that government's role should be minimal. Click Kathleen Winn . I look forward to an opportunity to serve you. Thank you for our friendship and your consideration.

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