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Not A Word Is Spoken


Adam-Sandler, Jimmy-Fallon: Parody-Country-Song-To-The-Troops-For-Memorial-Day-Weekend

‘Totally Unacceptable’: Driver Plows Through Kentucky Memorial Cross Display Residents of a Kentucky county are rallying and working frantically to repair and replace a Memorial Day cross display that was vandalized by a driver accused of plowing through the crosses. The cross display in Central Park in Henderson, which is about... Read More.

The Scottsdale American Legion’s Annual Memorial Day Service begins at 10 am., Mon., May 30 at the Scottsdale City Hall Chaplin Statue, 3939 N. Drinkwater Boulevard.

LD26 House Candidate Steven Adkins is the only Republican running in LD26 for the House. Contact: Web:   323-919-2899.

County Recorder candidate Aaron Flannery is finalizing his signatures. If you have one of his sheets, please email or call 602-999-9546 to arrange pickup. Please do not mail them as it will not arrive prior to the June 1st deadline. Thank you to everyone that has been assisting.

Jana Jackson, Maricopa County Supt of Education candidate: Thanks to all the volunteers who have been collecting signatures for my campaign for Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools.  We have not reached the magic number of signatures yet, but we are in hailing distance and I have been reassured in my heart that we will succeed with your help. I have made an appointment to turn in my petitions to County Elections and I need to have all petitions – including partials – in my possession by Tuesday noon so I can have a good count.  My campaign will not reimburse for signatures gathered after Sunday 5/29/16.

Zack Taylor, Chairman NAFBPO: The Tip Of The Iceberg so to speak.  What about those aliens that are unlawfully present that are receiving public assistance? Anyone venture a guess at that number?  Or is that another number we need to remain consciously unaware of? The idea that there are only 20 million illegal aliens presently in the United States certainly seems a small number, or is that the number of illegal aliens believed to be on public assistance? Certainly difficult to know what the truth is these days.  So much corruption, disinformation and misinformation being proliferated it is just difficult to ferret out the truth.    See:

· 22 Latinos Arrested In Largest Food Stamp Fraud Bust In History…Here’s How They Did It

· Immigrant Ghanaian Woman Pleads Guilty To $3.6 Million In Food Stamp Fraud…Media Ignores Her Immigrant Status

· Alabama Fraud: Food Stamps To Cash Sent To Yemen

RNC Scrambles To Calm State GOP Officials Battleground Republicans say they’re outgunned by Democrats because the RNC has not supplied enough ground staff.

Immediate Past Maricopa County Chairman A J LaFaro: Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has been a consistent supporter of closed primaries - Rod Lamkey Jr. for POLITICO rnc-staff-state-republicans It's too bad Robert Graham went against the will of the State and Precinct Committeemen when my resolution
to close the primaries overwhelmingly passed.

Immediate Past President AZGOP Tom Morrissey: The author of The Arrogance of the Prom King sums up beautifully the thoughts of those of us who are fed up with the Establishment Elite in our Republican Party.  As someone who has worked long and hard to expose the underhanded practices of "those who know better than we the people" and wondered when the final awakening would occur, I can now say that it is actually happening!  Read all about it in this great article and please consider passing it on. -- Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all in the Republican campaignathon, along comes prom king Paul Ryan displaying an arrogance that makes Donald Trump look like the Dalai Lama by comparison.  Millions of American jaws must have dropped in unison when chameleon Ryan casually told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he’s “just not ready” to support Trump. Really?  Where do I even begin to address such a remarkable display of unflinching arrogance?  How about just stating the obvious — that the litmus-test conservative crowd still doesn’t get it. That’s right, hard as it is to believe, after ten months of watching Trump swat every political fly who’s annoyed him, the pathetic “Never Trump” crowd really and truly still does not understand what’s taking place in America. See the rest of the article By Robert Ringer

Former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A J LaFaro: Graham is so pathetic.  He initially supported Scott Walker, then Marco Rubio and then Ted Cruz.  And let's not forget Graham's sham state convention and three ring circus. Give me a break! Quote from AZ Republic arizona-republican-establishment-donald-trumpRobert Graham, the Arizona Republican Party chairman, is one of Trump's more energetic supporters in the state GOP hierarchy. He has already started to campaign on Trump's behalf.  “I’ve been calling and meeting with our donor community to engage them a bit more in the discussion,” he said this month. “These are people who are strong activists in the donor community and maybe he wasn’t their favorite, so people are having to kind of regroup and just discuss what their involvement’s going to be in helping with the campaign. Those are the kinds of conversations we’re having so we can deliver our state.” See full article: arizona-republican-establishment-donald-trump

Sen Russell Pearce: Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt in federal court. Really??? Judge Snow should be held in contempt of the Constitution. He issued an “illegal” order telling Sheriff Joe NOT to enforce the law. The law is the law and must be enforced. We cannot allow this corrupt judiciary to continue to dismantle the rule of law and the Constitution. It is a daily happening. Just like our own state Judge Arthur Anderson who decided the law passed in 2006 by 75% of voters that forbid illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition or taxpayers subsidies was no longer valid because Obama decided to ignore the law. It is illegal under federal law and very specific it is illegal under Arizona law. Yet Judge Anderson decided the law does not matter. Judge Anderson, the Maricopa County Community College Board and the Arizona Board of Regents who voted for in-state tuition for illegals should all be arrested, or at least removed from office and held in contempt of law, contempt of taxpayers and for violation of their Oath of Office. I would go to jail before I allowed a Judge or anyone else who ordered me not to keep my Oath, my duty to the Constitution and Constitutional law. Federal law and Arizona state law forbids illegal aliens from getting in-state tuition period. It is their duty to keep ones Oath of Office. No Judge has a right to ignore the law and ok others to break the law. Judge Anderson and Judge Snow forgot they took the same Oath. And Arizona’s law SB1070 and Arizona’s Legal Workers Act, were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Of course the radical left and the leftist Arizona Republic loves this Judge’s attempt to thwart any efforts to enforce our laws on immigration. See for the rest of the story.

Marine Veteran William Heuisler: Merle Haggard often sang I Wonder If They Ever Think Of Me. The words are from a lost brother - one of the men we left behind in Viet Nam... a POW alone and in despair. Veterans who fought the War in Southeast Asia 50 years ago remember friends - grunts who never returned. Many ask why our Government abandoned so many of us after the politicians bugged out of a war we’d won.

McCain was popular in large part because of his record as a prisoner of war who has often said he would not betray his fellow captives even when given the opportunity to do so by the North Vietnamese. We’re told McCain refused early release until all POWS were freed. That is a deception. In May, 1967, five months before McCain was captured, Medal of Honor winner Admiral James Stockdale, senior POW, ordered all POWS to refuse the “Fink Release Program”. All our POWs were not free when McCain left Hanoi in 1973. Worse, McCain blocked a POW Truth Bill in 1990 and the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996. Why? Voters must look this up. Stockdale’s Book: In-Love-& War (page 254) and in HR1147- the Truth Bill. War Secrets McCain Hides .

The U.S. Defense Department admitted “men were left behind”. The Pentagon has been withholding details from the families of POWs for decades despite whistle-blowers who revealed the DOD’s policy of debunking intelligence about Vietnam War POWs. In 1991, as a response to pressure from POW families and Vietnam War veterans, a Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was chaired by current Sec. of State John Kerry. McCain was the committee’s most influential member. When former Defense Intelligence Agency head Air Force Lt. Gen. Eugene Tighe disputed the Pentagon’s position, McCain was instrumental in forcing Tighe into early retirement. McCain’s culpability was revealed in a transcript from North Vietnamese Gen. Tran Van Quang, which showed Hanoi planned to keep many POWs to make certain it would get war reparations from the United States. The CIA believes these POWs have died from hard labor, illness, and torture or were executed and that none remain alive today. John-McCains-Betrayal Why is this disgrace ignored by the Media? By us? When will Republican Voters finally retire John McCain? - Bill Heuisler - Marine Vet, CIA Contractor in “Operation Mongoose” Tucson Police Officer, DPS Licensed Investigator & author of three books. Contact (520-403-2939).

Pro-family Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly supports replace of incumbent Sen John McCain. Constitutional attorney Schlafly has been championing conservative causes since 1972 as founder and CEO of the Eagle Forum and has called immigration a defining battle for our country. She points out, McCain has been heavily criticized by Arizonans for an unfulfilled campaign promise from 2010 to complete “the danged fence.” He was also one of eight senators behind the Gang of 8 bill that would have given de-facto amnesty to foreign nationals illegally present in the United States. In January 2014 McCain was strongly censured by a vote among members of his own party for “a long and terrible record of drafting, co- sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment, and has continued to support liberal nominees.”

In a Public Policy Polling survey released a week ago US Senate candidate Kelli Ward and incumbent John McCain were tied 41-41 in a head to head matchup, according to a Ward flyer. “Arizonans dissatisfied with McCain could be let down with three minor polling Republican Senate candidates dividing the no-to-McCain crowd. At between 2 and 4 percent polling Alex Meluskey, Scott McBean, and Clair Van Steenwyk could be McCain’s salvation, providing the cushion he needs to squeeze through to November according to the PPP poll. If those three were to step out of the race Ward stands a better chance to succeed in the August 30 Republican primary election. Ward has gained considerably on McCain from a PPP poll one year ago in which the then far lesser known Ward lost to McCain 44-31 compared to the head-to-head tie between the two in the recent poll.”

Dem Senate Candidate Ann Kirkpatrick filed her paper work for the US Senate race in Arizona this last week. She commented, “I have always told you that this race wouldn’t be easy. McCain and his cronies are flooding the airwaves to attack me -- over $900,000 thus far.

Senate candidate Alex Meluskey announced our new website and supporter portalHave you seen it yet? There are many new ways you can interact with it and your friends on social media, as well as many ways you can help out the campaign!

Take a tour of new One World Observatory This will save you a trip to NYC and the $32 per adult admission.   Enjoy.

Iserbyt-Blows-The-Whistle-On-John-Mccain (A message from Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Sr. Policy Advisor, U.S. Dept. of Education during the Reagan Administration) May 2008

A Very Moving Memorial Video.  Absolutely one of the best tributes to our military. Awesome... After you click on Mansions; do not click on anything else. It will start playing by itself. Sound UP! Full Screen! Thank you to all the vets. Mansions!

ATTN PCS: An i360 training session is scheduled at AZGOP Headquarters between 9 am and noon June 4. RSVP to Data Director, Will Smith

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Al Melvin turned in 7,600 signatures on Thurs., May 26 at the Secretary of State’s office to get on the Aug 30 ballot. He needed 5,800 signatures. He now needs 400 more contributions of $5 to qualify for Clean Elections funding.

The Colorado River Tea Party will hold BBQ for Congressman Paul Gosar between 6:30-9 pm.,June 2 at Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma.

Precinct Committeeman Affidavits And Petitions should be turned into the County Recorder’s office no later than June 1. Or mail to Recorder’s office, Elections Dept., 111 S Third Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003 in time for June 1 delivery. Signature requirements vary by precinct, with the maximum being 10, according to Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer. Please see the requirements at: PC quota Nomination Form and Petition document: elections/precinctcommitteemen.aspx Or contact Bowyer with any additional questions!

Volunteers Wanted As Receptionists for the GOP West Valley office at 10050 W. Bell Rd. Ste. 50 in Sun City (Bell Rd. and 99th Avenue). Shifts are M-F 9am-1 pm and 1-5 pm. Must feel comfortable using the computer. Contact Office Manager Phyllis Lee at 623-583-5987 or

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald Trump for President Committee has work to do to “Get Out the Vote”, according to Chairman Brenda Dickinson. Volunteers are needed for phone-banks, voter registrations, signing up precinct committeemen and many other activities including:

· 2 pm., June 11 meeting in Sedona hosted by Duckhee and Jack Pierson. RSVP to 928-772-2835 for directions and gate code.

· 9 am, Sat., June 25 walkathon at Tonto Park North in Prescott Valley.

· 7 am., Sat., July 2 Frontier Days Parade, downtown Prescott.

Contact Chairman Brenda Dickinson at

Gramps Takes Kids To The Movies Memorial Day Message.

MCRC Member-at-Large Wes Harris: One of the key volunteers at the MCRC HQ has left because she gave birth to her first child.  The other intern volunteers are now working full time on Kelli Ward's campaign save one that returned to their home state.  The result is that we have no one on site during the work day at the Tempe Headquarters.  Please put out a plea for volunteer workers that can share time during the day to answer the phone and deal with various daily activities. Contact Harris at a 602-432-2871 (c)

The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Quarterly meeting is scheduled June 17 and 18 in Prescott. Registration is $25 until Fri., May 27. Fees are $35 through June 9 and $50 after June 10. Open to all AFRW members. Register today

ATTN candidates: Pima County’s Barney Brenner has rebar sign stakes in stock for all sizes of campaign signs, precut and ready to go, as well as great tools for installation. Call or text him at 520-240-9900.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will hold a town hall discussion with Raytheon Missile Systems employees in Tucson at 11:45 am., Thur, June 2 to discuss national security issues and provide an update on her work in Congress. McSally’s recent legislative efforts include leading a group of female lawmakers to meet with security officials in Afghanistan, getting a bill signed into law restoring the rights of female World War II pilots, and advocating for Southern Arizona priorities in House-approved national defense legislation. Raytheon employs nearly 10,000 people in Southern Arizona, making it the region’s largest private employer.


May 30

The Veterans Memorial Dedication Field of Honor is scheduled at 8 am, Mon., May 30 at Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler.

Rider's USA will be holding their 10th Annual Flags for Our Fallen starting at 6 am., Mon., May 30. You can stop by the Southeast corner of Cave Creek Rd and Pinnacle Peak Rdstarting Saturday to sponsor a flag for your  Fallen Veteran or go to Contact: Kay Reardon 602-882-6507 cell

The Fountain Hills Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7507, American Legion Post 58 and AmVets Post 7 will conduct a commemorative ceremony at 9 am., Mon., May 30 at the Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial (17200 E. El Lago Blvd).

Sen John McCain will speak at the 8 am Phoenix Memorial Day Ceremony at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, 23029 North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix on Mon, May 30.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will speak at Mon., May 30 Memorial Day events at:

  • 8:45 am., at the Evergreen Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony, 3015 N Oracle Road., Tucson.
  • 10 am., at the SAVAHCS Facility’s Memorial Day Ceremony, SAVAHCS, R.E. Lindsey Jr. Auditorium, Building 4; 3601 S. 6th Ave., Tucson.
  • 1 pm., at the Arizona State Veterans Home, 555 E Ajo Way., Tucson.

May 31

The Pima County Republican Club will meet at 11:30 am., Tues., May 31 at the Sabbar Shrine Tempe, 450 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson. $11 lunch. Contact President Mike Ebert at 326-5863.

Sen John McCain will speak at the opening of his Southern AZ campaign headquarters at noon., Tues., May 31 at 4534 East Broadway Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85711.

June 1

The Grassroots Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6 pm., Wed., June 1 at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Road in Phoenix to hear Trevor Lakey of the Alex Meluskey for US Senate campaign. They will also view Part V of “My War” DVD series from the testimony of Bradlee Dean as it pertains to society today and Memorial Day. Meluskey will appear before the group on Wed., June 15. See


The Mesa Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am, Thurs., June 2 at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213 to hear CD5 candidates. RSVP deadline is Sunday night, May 29 to or call (480) 615-0524.  MRW meets the first Thursday of each month.  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. Membership is $25, Jan-Dec and Men & Associate Memberships are $15.  Upcoming meetings:  July 7th - U.S. Senate candidates & LD 25 State House & Senate.  August 4th - candidates for Maricopa County offices.  Contact President Sherry Pierce or

June 3

A First Amendment Forum at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University is scheduled June 3 in Phoenix in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles Bolles was fatally injured on June 2, 1976, when a remote-controlled dynamite bomb exploded under his car. To commemorate his legacy of investigative and watchdog journalism, The Republic will host a special Arizona Storytellers Project show Friday, June 3. Doors at 6 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m. at 555 N. Central Ave. Phoenix. Free with registration. Parking is free at Republic Media garage at 2nd and Taylor streets. Details: Suggested $12 donation, all of which will go to Investigative Reporters & Editors, based in Columbia, MO. IRE is a journalism leadership and training organization founded as a direct result of Bolles’ death. The event will be emceed by Republic columnist Ed Montini and Storytellers Project founder Megan Finnerty. Story tellers ill include former Republic journalist Earl Zarbin, who worked with Bolles; former Republic community affairs director Bill Shover, who visited Bolles daily in the hospital after the bombing; as well as current Republic investigative reporters Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Dennis Wagner.

June 4

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet with Maricopa Superior Court Clerk Michael Jeanes on Sat, June 4 in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundation Bldg, 14465 R.H. Johnson, Sun City West. Doors open at 8am for coffee/donuts. Meeting starts at 8:30 am. $2 donation requested to help pay for room rent. Jeanes is the official record keeper and fiduciary agent for Superior Court and is responsible for leading an organization of more than 650 employees, supporting 157 judges and commissioners, serving a constituency of over 4 million, and operating an Office that serves one of the fastest growing and largest counties in the nation. There will be no July or August meetings. Resume on Sat., Sep 3. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chairlady, 623-214-8010.

A Constitution Study Group is offering five lessons between 2-3:30 pm., Saturdays, June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 9 at American Family Education, 4833 E Southern with instructors Verl Farnsworth, Sarah Rowse, Adrienne Weiss, Bonnie Rodge. RSVP: To Study guide Verl Farnsworth (480) 204-0964 or One Time $5 donation covers: Constitution Booklet and Workbook. Repeat classes free of charge.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Scottsdale City Councilwoman Incumbent Virginia Korte: Most of us realize that tourism is our city’s primary industry.  However, besides generating more traffic during event season and making it more difficult to get reservations at good restaurants and book tee times at our great golf courses – few of us are aware of what the booming tourism trade translates into for our pocketbooks and our terrific quality of life. Here are some of the reasons why I am a strong supporter of tourism and our Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, and will continue advocating that our city do everything it can to attract more visitors: Visitors annually spend $4 billion in Scottsdale.  That in turn puts $38 million into the city’s coffers. And that helps make our taxes some of the lowest of any city in the Valley.  Tourism creates 27,000 jobs, or 1 out of every 8 jobs in our city.  The tourism industry also contributes a substantial amount to our property tax revenue that helps fund our schools. The contributions the tourism trade makes to our city don’t stop there. We owe a great deal to how the tourists enhance our own quality of life.  Their dollars help keep our streets maintained and beautifully landscaped.  They generate the money to make our parks and libraries some of the best in the country.  In addition, visitors create revenue for the police and fire departments to keep our city safe, which is our number one priority for both visitors and residences. We should never take all of these things or our visitors for granted – and we should do everything we can to encourage and enhance tourism.In honor of Memorial Day, please remember and honor those men and women who have protected our freedoms and given their lives in service to our country.

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