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6-5-16 Briefs

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Smuggling-Network-Guided-Illegal-Immigrants-From-Middle East Terror Hotbeds To US Border A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America. Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times. Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations.

Another Phoenix Heat Record Shattered As Mercury Climbs To 115 The mercury climbed to 115 degrees Saturday afternoon, setting a new record high for the date, National Weather Service meteorologists.

Congressman Paul Gosar will be hosting a Town Hall at 6 pm., Mon., June 6 at the Palo Verde Energy Education Center, 600 N. Airport Rd,. Buckeye, AZ 85326.

The Western Pinal County Chapter of Arizona Republican Assembly (Casa Grande, Arizona City, and Maricopa) will meet at 6:30 pm, Mon., June 13 at 408 N Sacaton St. #2, Casa Grande with Pinal County Supervisors Dave Cook. Doors open at 6 pm. Contact: Secretary Jason Hayes at 202-394-7202

Will Tea-Party-Use-McCain-Re-Election-Race-To Avenge-2014-Loss? …McCain is the long-serving, potentially vulnerable establishment incumbent under attack from the right in the state's Aug. 30 GOP Senate primary. And his chief Republican rival, former state Sen. Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City, is getting support from McDaniel, who remains a tea-party favorite despite coming up short in his bid to oust Cochran.

Oooops.  The Quail Creek Republican Club does not meet during the summer months (June, July or August).   quailcreekrepublicans

LD2 State Senate Race: Republican candidate Shelley Kais and Democrat candidate Andrea Dalessandro both live in Quail Creek.  Quail Creek is in precinct #84 which Dalessandro lost in the 2014 race as she did most of Green Valley.  Should make for an interesting race.

The Chandler Chamber City Council Candidate Forum is scheduled at 6 pm., Wed., June 8 in the in the City Council Chambers of Chandler City Hall, 88 E Chicago Street Chandler, AZ 85225. Doors open at 5:30 pm.  The candidates involved will answer questions regarding their positions on issues relevant to the public in an interview with members of the Chamber’s Good Government Committee. Nine candidates are vying for three seats on City Council. All candidates that meet the state’s official filing requirements will be allowed to participate in the Chandler City Council Forum. Admission is free of charge, registration is required. Register Now

The Pima County Quail Creek Republican Club will not meet in June, July, Aug. Contact: Rick Miller at 520-344-8577 or

Immediate Past AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: The best presentation (Thanks to AFA)  of what is going on with Sheriff Joe and Federal District Judge Murray Snow. See. 'Il Duce' Judge Out To Destroy Sheriff Joe

Former LD22 PC Brian Reilly: Larry Klayman’s il-duce-judge-out-to-destroy-sheriff-joe is amazingly shocking in its tone and its inaccuracies. While comparing U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow to WWII Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, “a dictator so warped that he threw his lot in with Adolf Hitler..” we see the latest attempt by Klayman to rally support for Sheriff Joe Arpaio in spite of the clear evidence presented in court. Before you unknowingly accept the rhetoric consider this error by Klayman: “Moreover, during the course of this case, Judge Snow’s wife was heard by credible and corroborated witnesses saying that her husband would use the ACLU case before him to destroy Sheriff Joe. Judge Snow has never refuted that his wife disclosed this to her friends at a restaurant, where she was overheard making this “confession.” According to court testimony and court transcripts, this incident was investigated by a private investigator, a Mr. Vogel, who was hired by Arpaio’s now former attorney, Mr. Casey. The investigation found that the witnesses to this alleged incident were not credible. Casey accepted Vogel’s findings and chose not to pursue the alleged bias matter in court. arpaios-ex-attorney-tim-casey-hired-pi-to-investigate-federal-judges-wife For those of you who are interested, I  recommend that you review Melendres-Arpaio-MCSO Cold Case Posse the timeline which covers the history of the Melendres v. Arpaio case and the resulting Arpaio contempt of court hearings. Special attention is also given to the “Seattle Operation” and the alleged effort by Arpaio to discredit Judge Snow: Sheriff Arpaio has destroyed himself, with no help from Judge Snow.

Congressman Paul Gosar: I am honored that the American Conservative Union has just named me in its first "Conservative in the Spotlight" because of my sustained efforts to reform our bloated and out of control federal agencies who routinely abuse law abiding patriots and taxpayers. I have a 96% score with the ACU and I remain committed to the fight. I need your support in my primary as liberals from California are pushing a fake conservative. Look at my record and decide if you want the real thing or another empty suit. conservative-in-the-spotlight-rep-paul-gosar

LD30 PC Timothy Schwartz: You've likely seen the despicable televised ads attempting to link US AZ Sen candidate Dr. Kelli Ward  to Islamic terrorists and claiming she wants to leave our military vulnerable. This is contemptible since she is a military wife as well as a physician and former state senator. Her husband, Dr. Michael Ward is a Colonel in the Arizona National Guard where he serves as state flight surgeon and has been deployed to global hot spots. But facts can’t get in the way of the well-financed agenda when John McCain is running scared. The ad’s tag line identifies Arizona Grassroots Action PAC as responsible for the content. Open Secrets/Center for Responsive Politics provides a link to even more, including the Federal Election Commission (FEC) 15-page report of the Alexandria, Virginia based PAC’s most recent filing seen here, covering Jan. 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016.  Gregory W. Wendt, the all too familiar San Francisco liberal who has bankrolled Barack Obama and other left-wing Democrats, is tucked in among the mostly out-of-state supporters of John S. McCain. Wendt and his wife Lisa have been longtime McCain benefactors --- as has radical leftist billionaire George Soros who has funded McCain since 2001. Human Events lists 10 reasons Soros is dangerous, none of which concern John McCain. D.C. based Lisa Lisker is listed as treasurer of the high-dollar group that misidentifies itself as “Republican/Conservative.” It spends the bulk of its well over a $ million “against Republicans” as shown in the Open Secrets graph titled Party Split by Cycle. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled. At 80, John McCain is running --- scared --- for another 6-year term. Although he uses bravado to target Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the General, it’s Primary challenger Kelli Ward he fears.  Ward‘s solid message: “Send a fresh, new voice to the U.S. Senate --- Let’s shake up Washington together,“  resonates with McCain weary Arizonans. Show these well-heeled tricksters that Arizona Republicans can’t be bought by out-of-state McCain promoting liberals.

AFP Spokesman Tom Jenney: I didn't think I was a criminal. This is in part because I go to a Presbyterian church. Presbyterians are some of the mellowest people on the planet. Many of us struggle to clap along to praise music or even say "amen" audibly during services. We have a strong emphasis on doing things "decently and in order," as well as being law-abiding citizens. But it turns out we've been guilty of criminal activity...‘potlucks are legal – finally – but Airzona still has too much red tape’

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: I know full well that politics is a blood sport, having been fully engaged in it for a long time.  But what is going on with the PAC ads attacking US Senate candidate Kelli Ward is beyond a blood sport.  It is shameful!  I mean, really people, how do you (and I think we all know who I'm talking about) sleep at night? Your desperation to retain your position of power is starting to show.  This is expected, but it is turning off a lot more people, than it is turning on.  Just in case you don't know. What the attack dogs are doing on behalf of Establishment Elite candidates is a perfect example of part of the reason for the rise of the "outsiders", Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and yes, even, Bernie Sanders.  When, if ever, are you going to get that?  When, if ever, are you going to stand on principle and argue straight forward in support of your election?  When, if ever, are you going to be who you claim you are?  And when, if ever, are you going to be the same person the day after election day, that you were the day before?  It would be so refreshing to see principles return to our election process and the corrupting effect of money, exit it.  The more we continue down this path, the less this country is what it was designed to be.  

Trump Adviser Makes Hillary Eat Her Words Hillary Clinton is learning the same lesson 17 former GOP presidential candidates learned the hard way before her. When you attack Donald Trump, you'd better be prepared to get slammed ... hard. And if you're foolish enough to attack him on something that is your own greatest weakness, expect no mercy ...

A Loud Boom No Driver Wants To Hear. Your tire blows out and the temperature outside is over 100 degrees.  Read full article »

I-Wake-Up-In-A-House-That-Was-Built-By-Slaves: Interesting that she’s lived there for what, eight years now? And it hasn’t really seemed to bother her much. Then again, how ironic a comment coming from someone who has earned the nickname “Mooch” as we the American people are now the slaves paying for her rent, utilities, and lavish quarter-of-a-million-dollar vacations.

Anti-Free-Speech-Law-Means-Jail-Fines-Even-For Websites You saw the flak Donald Trump took for a few of his re-tweets earlier in the campaign. Well, now that could be you ... with the force of law and threat of fines and jail to back it up. You have to hand it to the Democrats -- when one of their favorite groups gets bad press, they don't let something as trivial as the First Amendment stand in their way ...

Pre-Teen-Iowa-Sisters-Battle-Iowa-Lawmakers-Over-Gun-Rights Two Iowa pre-teen sisters have become a serious political force for gun activists in Iowa for trying to eliminate the states strict policy on age restrictions for handling handguns.For the past three years, Natalie Gibson, 10, and Meredith Gibson,12, have lobbied Iowa lawmakers so that they can compete in competitive youth shooting matches using handguns. Currently, under state law, people under the age of 14 are not allowed to handle a handgun. Rifles and shotguns are not under the same restrictions as there is no age restriction on these types of firearms

Americans-Not-In Labor-Force-Participation-Rate-Drops A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May -- 664,000 more than in April -- and the labor force participation rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force; since then, 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce – some retiring and some quitting because they can’t find work.

Hwy 69 Republicans will meet at 6 pm., Mon., June 13 with Secretary of State Michelle Reagan at a new location – the VFW Mingus Mountain Post 10227 Bar/Grill, 2375 N 5th St., Prescott Valley (on road to Rain Lake Park – behind the Moose Lodge). $7 dinner/mtg. Limited menu. Menu will change from date to date. RSVP for seating to June 899-3150. Social house 4:30 – 5:45 pm. Candidate introductions 5:45 pm.

The AZGOP Is Host An i-360 Training for LD Chairs and Maricopa County precinct Committeeman between 9am and noon, Sat. June 18 at AZGOP Headquarters,3501 N 24th St., in Phx. Contact: Will Smith at

Paid Volunteers Are Needed to hand count votes at the Aug 30 Primary Election. $10 per hour. Contact: LD17 Chair Shadow Asgari

The CD5 Congressional candidate forum, featuring Andy Biggs, Christine Jones, Justin Olson, and Don Stapley is scheduled at 6:45 pm., Thurs., June 23 at The Islands Community Center, 825 S Islands Drive West, in Gilbert. Limited seating. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

LD4 House candidate Richard Hopkins came up a few signatures short.  He filed paperwork yesterday as an official write-in candidate.  He needs a minimum of 252 write-in votes in the primary to be placed on the general election ballot.  Contact: Richard Hopkins

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has developed a new webpage consolidating more than 200 Primary candidates onto one convenient site –candidate bios, contact information, financial disclosure statements and links to official nomination paperwork.

Early Voting Begins for the primary on August 3, 2016. 

LD30 Is Hosting A Family Fun Day/BBQ featuring US Senate candidate Kelli Ward between 1-2:30 pm., Sat, June 11 at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (corner 58th Drive/Palmaire, N of Glendale Ave). Early pay $7 includes a brisket sandwich on a Sesame Seed bun, fire roasted corn on the cob, mild green chile ranch beans, homemade peach cobbler and punch. RSVP by June 7 to get the special price. $9 after deadline. Reservation to or call (623) 522-7359. Checks to LD30 Republicans, PO Box 57321, Phoenix, AZ 85079-7321.

Republican Women Interested in joining the Paradise Republican Women should contact Anna Morrison, VP Membership, at or 623-234-3717.

Early Voter Request Forms Available At



June 7

The Pima County Quail Creek Republican Club will not meet in June, July, Aug. Contact: Rick Miller at 520-344-8577 or

The Surprise Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., June 7 in the Grand Canyon room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ 85375. Public Welcome. Contact: Chairman John Madeira

The Daisy Mountain Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm, June 7 at the Anthem Civic Building 3701 W Anthem Way in Anthem. Speakers include RNC National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who is also the RNC Rules Committee Chair for the National Republican Convention and newly elected RNC National Committeewoman Lori Klein-Corbin, a former Arizona State Senator. Any candidates interested in speaking to the DMTP is invited to attend the Aug 2 or Aug 16 meeting. Contact: Chairman Vera Anderson at 602-821-4675 OR to get on the schedule before the August Primary.

June 9

The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association 11:50 am, June 9 lunch will feature former Mesa Mayor and Interim CEO of Valley Metro Scott Smith at Gallagher & Kennedy, 2575 E Camelback Road in Phoenix. $20 for members. $35 for non-members. Check in-11:30 am RSVP: If you would like to be recognized for an achievement or make an announcement to the group, please make a note in your RSVP.

June 11

LD30 Is Hosting A Family Fun Day/BBQ featuring US Senate candidate Kelli Ward between 1-2:30 pm., Sat, June 11 at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (corner 58th Drive/Palmaire, N of Glendale Ave. Early pay $7 includes a brisket sandwich on a Sesame Seed bun, fire roasted corn on the cob, mild green chile ranch beans, homemade peach cobbler and punch. RSVP by June 7 to get the special price. $9 after deadline. Reservation to or call (623) 522-7359 . Checks to LD30 Republicans, PO Box 57321, Phoenix, AZ 85079-7321.

The Gila County Republican Party has scheduled a grand opening at 10 am., Sat., June 11 at their new headquarters building, 307 South Beeline Highway, (east side to the road, behind the Buffalo Bar and Grill). Elected Republican officials and candidates from throughout the County and Legislative District 6 have been invited and the public is welcome to join the event. The headquarters serves a number of purposes. First, the facility provides a location for the public to visit and register to vote. Additionally, the public can also pick up Republican candidate campaign literature such as bumper stickers, yard signs etc. Second, the headquarters can be used by any declared Republican elected official or candidate for office to conduct meetings, meet and greets and other campaign activities. The facility will be operational through the General election. The Republican Headquarters is open week days from 9AM to 5 PM. Gila County also has a second headquarters in Globe, operated by the Cobra Valley Republican Club. Contact: Gary P. Morris, Chairman; Gila County Republican Committee 602-803-7366.

Tempe Republican Women President Jessica Merrow has called a special meeting to be conducted between 11 am – 2 pm., during the June 11 luncheon, in which the proposed Bylaws Amendments will be voted on. Purchase tickets for the event planned at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport in Tempe. $25 per TRW members and associate members before June 8. $30 for guests. All tickets #35 after June

The Tempe Republican Women June 11 Luncheon features Ward Connerly, founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national non-profit organization in opposition to racial and gender preferences. He is considered to be the man behind California's Proposition 209 prohibiting race and gender-based preferences in state hiring, contracting and state university admissions, a program formerly known as affirmative action. $25 for members of associates of any AzFRW Club. $30 for guests. $35 for purchases after 6/8/16. Tickets available: ward-connerly

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald J. Trump for President Committee will meet at 2 pm., Sat., June 11 at the home of Duckhee and Jack Pierson, 385 Cross Creek Circle, Cross Creek Ranch, Sedona, AZ  86336. Seating is limited. Gate Code will be given when RSVP. Bring a clipboard, paper and pen. RSVP: Brenda Dickinson at (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549.

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., June 11 at Gainey Golf Club , 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale to hear Cheryl Todd, Owner and co-host of Gun Freedom Radio talk about how the Second Amendment can be a powerful vehicle to drive voters to the polls. Todd is the owner of, Pop Of Gold Estate Auctions, a lifetime NRA members and holds a degree in psychology. Cyndee Harding, a NRA certified instructor, and owner/designer of Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses, will have her purses on display. Reservations required. $30 per person. Tickets! Social at 10:30 am., Lunch at noon.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Sen candidate Kelli Ward’s Team: If there's one thing Barack Obama’s campaign got right, it was their grassroots campaign motto: “Respect. Empower. Include.” We believe the key to victory is not slick, big-­money television spots from Washington consultants, but passionate, well­-informed supporters like you spreading the word. That’s why every week, we will be sending you “The Ward Weekly” to keep you up-to-­date:

Establishment Foe Chris McDaniel Bites Back: ...“McCain has lost all credibility with conservatives and surrendered on all the issues that matter most...The only Republican who can win the people’s senate seat in Arizona is Dr. Kelli Ward.”

Conservative Matriach Adds to Momentum: ...Phyllis Schlafly, known as “The Iron Lady of Conservatism” is supporting Kelli, especially for her 100% pro-life record.
      Other highlights:

· McCain and Ward are tied at 41% -- on Tuesday, Public Policy Polling announced the game­-changing results of their latest poll in Arizona. In a head-to-head matchup, Kelli Ward is tied with Establishment John McCain at 41% — and even better, Kelli is in a virtual tie against Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

· When Desperate Incumbents Attack! -- Kelli responds to the completely baseless distortions of her record from John McCain’s sketchy super PAC allies.

· #ChemTrailMcCain? -- while Establishment John grasps at straws to attack Kelli over chemtrails, despite her straightforward denial of the fringe theory, it turns out he asked the EPA to respond to inquiries about them.

· Stop DC at the Bathroom Door -- DC has no business in your business or your bathroom. Make sure to sign the petition!

· McCain: Draft our Daughters too! -- click to read Kelli's response to this despicable proposal from Establishment John.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our weekly update, so we can keep you equipped, included, and encouraged about the amazing energy behind our movement to send to the US Senate a Conservative Champion for Arizona’s Future.


Sen candidate Alex Meluskey: We are less than 90 days away from defeating John McCain in this crucial primary which will determine if Republicans will keep the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona. To keep the momentum going, we need you to take this critical step. We are 90 days from election day in this crucial primary, Every day is a day we get closer to getting the representation Arizonans deserve with Alex Meluskey, but we need you to take action now, so we can win in 3 months and move toward November together. Alex needs you to take action and join our team. We Cannot Do It Without You

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