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6-10-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs 

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Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell: The deadline for filing as a write-in candidate for Precinct Committeeman is 5 pm., Wed., June 15. All paperwork must be in our office by that day and time. Mail or deliver to Maricopa County Recorder, 111 S. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, Az. 85003. Contact: 602-506-3628; FAX 602-506-4050

Secretary of State Michele Reagan reiterates comments regarding the status of the state’s Election Procedures Manual. “The principal focus of my Elections Team is to make sure our August Primary and November General Elections go smoothly and voting is easy for all Arizonans.  We are running 4 statewide elections this year and 2016 did not seem the appropriate time to be rewriting any election-related policies or procedures. Arizona law requires that there be an Election Procedures Manual in place before each election, not a new or revised manual. The 2014 Election Procedures Manual remains in place with full legal effect. This Manual represents the policies and procedures all of our local officials and poll workers have been trained to execute. Now is not a prudent time to have to retrain these workers. Beginning in the spring of 2017, we will undertake stakeholder meetings throughout the State to solicit input from the public. It is our intention to have this substantially revised manual issued by the end of 2017 to reflect changing trends in voting and the policies and procedures related to our system of elections; including 2016.”

Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Wed., June 15 for lunch with Maricopa County Sheriff incumbent Joe Arpaio at the Grayhawk Golf Club 8620 Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Social begins at 11 am, Lunch/Program 11:30. $26/Cash, $27/CC. RSVP to or call 480-298-7818.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s candidate Dan Saban attended the Melendres v. Arpaio Community Forum last night (June 9) at the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix where the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Racial Profiling Case, Melendres v. Arpaio was addressed by ACLU – Arizona executive director Alessandra Soler, former President of Somos America Lydia Guzman, ACLU of Arizona – staff attorney Brenda Munoz Furnish, and Angeles Maldonado, a member of court-appointed Melendres v. Arpaio Community Advisory Board. “When voters are informed of the facts of this case, the more likely they are to seek an alternative Sheriff candidate in the upcoming Republican Primary." said Saban. Contact: Saban campaign manager Chuck Foy at 480-274-5358

LD20 2nd VC West Harris to Sen Jeff Flake: Jeff, Before you start pontificating followed by an appeal for campaign funds, perhaps you should consider doing some real soul searching since you are now nationally ranked as the lowest and most untrustworthy Senator in the 2016 Congress, even below your good friend and mentor John McCain.  To give you a head start, may I suggest that you read and react to the following article, that is circulating on the WWW as we speak? 545-people …Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits?  WHY do we have deficits?  Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

John-McCain-Takes-Cash-From-Veterans-To-Flood-America-With-More-Special-Immigrant-Visas-From-Afghanistan ...Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain has backed a visa program for Afghani interpreters and their relatives that’s funded by imposing higher costs on U.S. military veterans’ health care costs, according to an immigration reduction group The amendment proposed by New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen — and supported by McCain — will increase the number of Afghan Special Immigrant Visas for people who have aided U.S. soldiers as interpreters or translators. The number of visas will rise from 7,000 to 11,000, and each visa holder can bring spouses and their children to the United States. “It is time for the Senate to stop treating U.S. immigration policy like a Christmas tree that they can simply add more baubles to on a whim,” a press release from NumbersUSA sent to Senate offices Monday read. “Americans have to pay for each of those baubles — through higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower wages, and, tragically, higher health care costs for soldiers and their families.” McCain’s office declined to respond to queries from Breitbart News.

Leisure World Republican Club’s Candidate Forum – featuring Maricopa County Supt of Education candidate Jana Jackson, Congressional candidate Andy Biggs, and House candidate Ross Groen, is scheduled at 7 pm., Mon., June 29 at 908 S Power Road in Mesa. Contact: Diane Andersen or 480-395-5515.

The AZGOP Has Asked The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association (AzRLA) to assist again with the Election Day Operations (EDO) to ensure that the vote is properly administered.  Please join us: Election Day Operations Training Seminars

Dates:  Primary Election Training – Wed, Aug 24, 2016 (4:30 – 6PM)

                   General Election Training – Tues, Nov 1, 2016 (4:30 – 6PM)  

Location:  Snell & Wilmer L.L.P., 400 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 1900, Phoenix, AZ 85004 [Parking available at the garage on 5th Street and Fillmore]

AzRLA members are urged to volunteer for this very important task! Please RSVP to Amanda Reeve at for training and to volunteer. It is true that every election year involves spirited primaries and generals; but the 2016 elections will additionally entail a highly contested Presidential race, very controversial ballot measures, and the implementation of a new state election law.  Furthermore, in light of the recent frequency in which Arizona elections have been scrutinized in the media, it is imperative that the Election Day Operations run efficiently and judiciously, most especially on November 8th. These operations are vital to safeguarding the integrity of the election process.  As the General Election is of paramount concern, the AzRLA has decided it will be conducting Ballot Integrity EDO during the Primary on Tuesday, August 30th, in preparation for the General on November 8th.  Therefore, attorney volunteers will be needed throughout the state to ensure the vote is properly administered on both August 30th and November 8th.  Reimbursements for costs will be available for those attorneys who volunteer to travel to other counties. Arizona Republican Lawyers Association

CD9 candidate Dave Giles is hosting an old fashioned ice cream social between 2-4 pm., Sat., June 11 at the Cold Stone Creamery at Southern and McClintock in Tempe.  In support of this ice cream social, he is having another phone bank event, on Fri, June 10, between 9-11 am, at the campaign headquarters at 3030 S. Rural Rd, Tempe.  He needs volunteers to get on the phones to get people out to the social.  RSVP to or 602-499-8600.

The CD5 Candidate’s Forum is scheduled at 6:45 pm., Thurs., June 23 at the Islands Community Center, 825 S Islands Drive West in Gilbert, featuring Andy Biggs, Christine Jones, Justin Olson and Dan Stapley. Limited seating. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Contact Moderator Bert Moll at 480-302-5155.

The Western Pinal County Chapter of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., June 13 at 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, Casa Grande, AZ. The building on the southeast corner of W Florence Blvd. and N Sacaton St.). Pinal County Supervisor candidate Dave Cook will address the group. Contact

Arizona County Opposes Transfer Of America’s Public Lands To The State Big news this week as the Coconino County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution formally opposing wholesale efforts to transfer America’s public lands to the state of Arizona. Why This Resolution Is Important For Public Lands.

Phyllis-Schlafly: Put-Trump-Wall-GOP-Platform Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly called on Republican delegates to put the Trump border wall in the GOP platform. Schlafly will be a delegate at the GOP convention this year. Phyllis has participated in every convention since 1952.World Net Daily reported:

ARIZONA PROJECT will address ‘All Things Hillary’ at 6:30 pm., Mon., June 13 at 3375 E Shea Blvd., in Phoenix. “Donald Trump will be on the tube to discuss the truth about Crooked Hillary and her faithful husband Bill.  By the way, crooked Hillary always brags about Bill's great economy but never mentions the fact that because of Newt Gringrich's leadership the Federal Budget was finally balanced.  That's what made the economy great,” according to AP Chairman Ron Ludders. Ludders also recommends some news items you may not have seen:

1) 'Latinas For Trump' Holds Its First Event In Miami: 'We Don't Think He's A Racist'

That can't be, the Latinas must not understand the Democrat/LaRaza playbook.

2) Press Secretary Jake Carney Campaigning For Hillary From The Wh Your tax dollars at work.

3)  Gary Johnson Promises He Won’t Smoke Pot in the White House How nice of him! Such sacrifice, isn't he great?

4)  Obama endorses Hillary Clinton Nice job Prez, by the way isn't it your admistration's FBI, State Department and Justice Department investigating Clinton's wrong doing?  Just asking, I guess you two lawyers never envisioned a conflict!

5)  Ay Carumba! Death Record For #JudgeCuriel Papa’s Proves New York Times Lying About U.S. Citizenship If his folks weren't citizens, then he must be, must be, dare I say it, an anchor baby?  And if his folks were both citizens of Mexico at the time of his birth, he is a Mexican citizen according to the Mexican Constitution.  Banish the thought, Trump may have good reason to be concerned and has given us an early warning about the Federal activists courts.  Developing...

6) Bonnie Schaefer, a progressive business Woman Shaping DNC Platform: Nobody Should Have a Gun Lovely, ever hear the US Constitution?

7)  San Jose Undercover Cops: “Trump Supporters were running for their lives – We were unable to help Is that because your Clinton supporting mayor is also an member of La Raza?  Just asking.

Muslims-Demand-Texas-Mayor-Surrender-After-She-Attacked-Shariah-Court-Heres-Her-Response The group of Muslims who attempted to establish the first Islamic Sharia court inside the United States in the town of Irving, Texas just received a devastating blow thanks to the town’s mayor standing strong and not backing down. Mayor Beth Van Duyne made a public Facebook post stating that she backs the new Texas law which prohibits any kind of foreign law from being practiced in the state of Texas.

Tenderfoot Fire Near Yarnell Increases To 1,237 Acres The size of the Tenderfoot Fire burning near Yarnell has increased to 1,237 acres due to better mapping, according to officials. The wildfire is about 10 percent contained. Per the incident commander, Highway 89 into Yarnell will remain closed at least until early Thursday evening. Read full article »

One Person Falls 40 Feet After Girder Collapse At Surprise Bridge Project The Surprise Fire Department says two people were injured after a girder collapse at a construction site. The accident happened Thursday morning at an Arizona Department of Transportation construction site in Surprise.  Read full article »

The-Clintons-University-Problem-Laureate-Education-Lawsuits-Present-Problem-For-Clintons While largely ignored by the media, the Clintons have their own university scandal. Donald Trump has been rightfully criticized and sued over his defunct Trump University. There is ample support for claiming that the Trump University was fraudulent in its advertisements and operations. However, the national media has been accused of again sidestepping a scandal involving the Clintons that involves the same type of fraud allegations. The scandal involves the dubious Laureate Education for-profit college and entails many of the common elements with other Clinton scandals: huge sums given to the Clintons and questions of conflicts with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. There are distinctions to draw between the two stories, but the virtual radio silence on the Clinton/Laureate story is surprising.

House Republicans seek to shift focus from Trump to security House Republicans laid out a national security agenda that seeks to turn the conversation away from Donald Trump's contentious presidential campaign and toward concrete policies for securing America's borders and... Read full article »

A Republican National Committee VIP Meeting/Reception/Photo Op/Fundraiser For Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is scheduled at 2 pm., Sat., June 18 in Phoenix. Location will be revealed upon RSVP. $2,700 per person, Host Committee: $25,000 per couple, photo op - $10,000 per person. RSVP to Brian Plaut at FINANCE.RSVP@GOP.COM OR (202) 863-5313. Or see details at AZ Event for Donald J. Trump

Reminder: The Hwy 69 Republicans have moved their meetings to the VFW Mingus Mountain Post 10227 Bar/Gill for the 6 pm., Mon., June 13 meeting with Secretary of State Michelle Reagan. Scroll down to Calendar Events for details.

Arizona Needs 10,000 Qualified Individuals Who Will Work On Election Day. The 2016 election cycle is going to be busier than ever as America elects a new President. This means Arizona could see record levels of voter participation. With more than 1,500 polling locations and seven positions needed per location, Secretary of State Michele Reagan is urging Arizonans to become an integral part of the process and join the ranks of those who serve as paid poll workers. “As we approach the August and November elections it’s possible that more Arizona voters participate in the process than we have seen in a long time,” said Reagan.  “The simple truth is that poll workers are on the front lines of our democracy as they ensure our elections are run efficiently and fairly.  Compensation varies, but each county pays their workers for their service. With more than 3.3 million registered voters in Arizona, voter turnout could reach 80 percent in the General Election with more than 2 million voters participating.  With thousands of polling places scattered in every corner of the state, I would encourage those who would like to have a front row seat on election day to contact their local election officials and find out how they can get involved.” “To sign up as a poll worker, or to learn more about qualifications, training, responsibilities and compensation visit: or sign up:

Do you qualify to be a poll worker?

ü Must be at least 16 years old

ü Must be a U.S. Citizen

ü Must attend required training

ü Must be available for either the Primary Election, August 30 and/or the General Election, November 8

ü Must be a Registered Voter (Unless participating in a student program)

What are the responsibilities of a poll worker?

ü Assisting in setting up and taking down the polling location

ü Providing direct help to voters as necessary

ü Knowing how to properly operate the voting equipment

ü Checking voter ID

ü Issuing voters their proper ballot

ü Serving all voters promptly and with specific sensitivity to voters with special needs.

Secretary of State Michele Reagan-Wont-Issue-Updated-Manual-Election-Workers ahead of the 2016 primary and general elections despite a legal requirement that it be done, her office said this week. The manual, referred to as the “Election Bible” by poll workers, describes in layman’s terms how to carry out elections. It includes directions on the use of election equipment and instructions ranging from how to assist voters to how to establish polling places and handle spoiled ballots.

Measles Traced To Detention Center For many months, conservatives and Republicans have been trying to warn the public that the incoming flood of immigrants, coupled with our existing illegal immigration problem, posed a serious health risk to America.Now it looks like these warnings were correct as the Casa Grande Dispatch has reported that an outbreak of measles in Arizona has been traced to the local detention facility for illegal immigrants.There are now 11 confirmed cases of measles, and it is likely that more cases will continue to be reported.

Clinton Emails May Have Compromised Names Of CIA Agents The names of CIA personnel could have been compromised not only by hackers who may have penetrated Hillary Clinton's private computer server or the State Department system, but also by the release itself of tens of thousands of her emails, security experts say.

Ryan Clamps Down After LGBT Rights Plan Sank Energy Bill House Speaker Paul Ryan — who's in charge of the GOP-run House — is cracking down on Democrats' ability to win floor votes on hotly contested issues such as LGBT rights.

Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed For Arrest Interference A Black Lives Matter organizer who interfered with an arrest by police in southern California has been sentenced to 90 days in jail.

LD4 Republicans are having a fundraising drawing for an engraved Ruger 10-22 rifle.  Rifle is engraved to commemorate the 225th Anniversary of the Second Amendment in 2016.  Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  Drawing to be held July 4 or when the 370 tickets are sold.  Tickets available from LD4 members or send payment made out to LD4 Republicans, c/o Hopkins4AZ, PO Box 134, Buckeye, AZ  85326.  Winner must meet eligibility requirements at AZ Firearms in Avondale. Contact: Richard Hopkins

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has developed a new webpage

consolidating more than 200 Primary candidates onto one convenient site –candidate bios, contact information, financial disclosure statements and links to official nomination paperwork.

Early Voting Begins for the primary on August 3, 2016. 

Volunteers Wanted As Receptionists for the GOP West Valley office at 10050 W. Bell Rd. Ste. 50 in Sun City (Bell Rd. and 99th Avenue). Shifts are M-F 9am-1 pm and 1-5 pm. Must feel comfortable using the computer. Contact Office Manager Phyllis Lee at 623-583-5987 or

Volunteers are needed for the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Tempe office. Contact: Contact Harris at a 602-432-2871 (c)

Important 2016 Election Dates And Deadlines

·         June 15 – 5 pm - Last day to file write-in candidates for Primary.

·         July 7 – Last day to file constitution and initiative petitions.

·         July 13 – Last day to file arguments for or against ballot measure.

·         July 21 – Last day to file as a write-in candidate for the Primary Election (Aug 30)

·         Aug 1 – Voter registration deadline for Primary Election.

·         Aug 3 – Early Ballot Voting begins for Primary Election

·         Aug 30 – Primary Election

·         Sept 29 – Last day to file as a write-in candidate for the General Election.

·         Oct 10 – Voter registration deadline for General Election.

·         Oct 12 – Early Ballot Voting begins for General Election.

·         Nov 8 – General Election Day.


Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives   Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable.  Arizona delegation phone numbers: 

·         Senator John McCain (R- AZ)               202-224-2235           202-228-2862

·         Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)                   202-224-4521          202-228-0515

·         Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                    202-225-3361          202-225-3462

·         Rep Martha McSally  (R2)                   202-225-2542          520-881-3588

·         Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)                    202-225-2435          202-225-1541

·         Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                      202-225-2315          202-226-9739

·         Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635          202-226-4386

·         Rep David Schweikert (R6)                  202-225-2190          202-225-0096

·         Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)                   202-225-4065          202-225-1655

·         Rep Trent Franks (R8)                       202-225-4576          202-225-6328

·         Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)                   202-225-9888          202-225-9731


June 11

LD30 Is Hosting A Family Fun Day/BBQ featuring US Senate candidate Kelli Ward between 1-2:30 pm., Sat, June 11 at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (corner 58th Drive/Palmaire, N of Glendale Ave. Early pay $7 includes a brisket sandwich on a Sesame Seed bun, fire roasted corn on the cob, mild green chile ranch beans, homemade peach cobbler and punch. RSVP by June 7 to get the special price. $9 after deadline. Reservation to or call (623) 522-7359 . Checks to LD30 Republicans, PO Box 57321, Phoenix, AZ 85079-7321.

CD5 Senate Candidate Christine Jones Team will gather for donuts between 8-10 am, Sat.. June 11 as they distribute yard signs. See details HERE.

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club Candidate’s Forum is scheduled between 2-5 pm., June 11 at the Briarwood County Club Twenty-three candidates have confirmed appearances. Doors open at 1 pm.

The NW Maricopa County Chapter of the Arizona Republican Assembly will host county-wide candidates running for the Central Arizona Project Board of Directors at its 9:15 am, Sat., June 11 meeting scheduled in the Maricopa County Maintenance Building, 12975 W Bell Road in Surprise. Mark Lewis, a current CAP Board member, will speak on the potential complete loss of the Navajo Generating Station and how it will affect every resident of the Valley.  He will be joined by Board Candidate Michael Francis, a rose farmer in the west valley, who will share information about the CAP from the agricultural perspective. Doors open at 8:45 am., Open to the public. Contact: Lyle Tuttle

LD 9 will meet at 9:30 am, Sat, June 11 at La Paloma Urgent Care, 4001 E. Sunrise Drive in Tucson to hear Pima County School Superintendent candidate Margaret Burkholder. Coffee/donuts at 9 am. Contact Brad Johns,

The Paradise Republican Women's Club will meet at 11 am, Sat., June 11 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale to hear Cheryl Todd speak on “The Importance Of The 2nd Amendment And How It Can Be A Powerful Vehicle To Drive Voters To The Polls.” NRA certified firearms instructor Cyndee Harding will also be featured. 10:30 am Social. $30 per person for lunch. Reservations required. Reservations here or contact Barbara McMullen at

The Gila County Republican Party has scheduled a grand opening at 10 am., Sat., June 11 at their new headquarters building, 307 South Beeline Highway, (east side to the road, behind the Buffalo Bar and Grill). Elected Republican officials and candidates from throughout the County and Legislative District 6 have been invited and the public is welcome to join the event. The headquarters serves a number of purposes. First, the facility provides a location for the public to visit and register to vote. Additionally, the public can also pick up Republican candidate campaign literature such as bumper stickers, yard signs etc. Second, the headquarters can be used by any declared Republican elected official or candidate for office to conduct meetings, meet and greets and other campaign activities. The facility will be operational through the General election. The Republican Headquarters is open week days from 9AM to 5 PM. Gila County also has a second headquarters in Globe, operated by the Cobra Valley Republican Club. Contact: Gary P. Morris, Chairman; Gila County Republican Committee 602-803-7366.

Tempe Republican Women President Jessica Merrow has called a special meeting to be conducted between 11 am – 2 pm., during the June 11 luncheon, in which the proposed Bylaws Amendments will be voted on. Purchase tickets for the event planned at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport in Tempe. $25 per TRW members and associate members before June 8. $30 for guests. All tickets #35 after June

The Tempe Republican Women June 11 Luncheon features Ward Connerly, founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national non-profit organization in opposition to racial and gender preferences. He is considered to be the man behind California's Proposition 209 prohibiting race and gender-based preferences in state hiring, contracting and state university admissions, a program formerly known as affirmative action. $25 for members of associates of any AzFRW Club. $30 for guests. $35 for purchases after 6/8/16. Tickets available: ward-connerly

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald J. Trump for President Committee will meet at 2 pm., Sat., June 11 at the home of Duckhee and Jack Pierson, 385 Cross Creek Circle, Cross Creek Ranch, Sedona, AZ  86336. Seating is limited. Gate Code will be given when RSVP. Bring a clipboard, paper and pen. RSVP: Brenda Dickinson at (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549.

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., June 11 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale to hear Cheryl Todd, Owner and co-host of Gun Freedom Radio talk about how the Second Amendment can be a powerful vehicle to drive voters to the polls. Todd is the owner of, Pop Of Gold Estate Auctions, a lifetime NRA members and holds a degree in psychology. Cyndee Harding, a NRA certified instructor, and owner/designer of Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses, will have her purses on display. Reservations required. $30 per person. Tickets! Social at 10:30 am., Lunch at noon.

June 13

The Western Pinal County Chapter of Arizona Republican Assembly (Casa Grande, Arizona City, and Maricopa) will meet at 6:30 pm, Mon., June 13 at 408 N Sacaton St. #2, Casa Grande with Pinal County Supervisors Dave Cook. Doors open at 6 pm. Contact: Secretary Jason Hayes at 202-394-7202

Hwy 69 Republicans will meet at 6 pm., Mon., June 13 with Secretary of State Michelle Reagan at a new location – the VFW Mingus Mountain Post 10227 Bar/Grill, 2375 N 5th St., Prescott Valley (on road to Rain Lake Park – behind the Moose Lodge). $7 dinner/mtg. Limited menu. Menu will change from date to date. RSVP for seating to June 899-3150. Social house 4:30 – 5:45 pm. Candidate introductions 5:45 pm.

July 14

LD13 will meet at 7 pm., Tues., June 14 at Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 16262 Clubhouse Drive, in Goodyear with Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. Registration opens at 6:30 pm. Contact Chairman Wally Campbell at 623-451-1100.

The Arizona Tea Party Patriots Support Team, lead by Gregg Cummings and Diana Reimer, will visit Sen Jeff Flake’s offices in an effort to counter Pres. Barack Obama’s determination to appoint his liberal Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland before his term is up. Cummings and Reimer will urge Flake not to hold hearings and to refuse to vote on the Obama nominee. The Tea Party Team will gather at:

· 2:45 pm., Tues., June 14 at Flake’s Tucson office, 6840 N Oracle Road #150 in Tucson for sign waving and to deliver petitions. They will provide lunch afterwards. RSVP Tuesday in Tucson

· 12:30 pm., Wed., June 15 at Flake’s Phoenix office, 2200 E Camelback Rd #120 for a repeat performance.

June 15

The Arizona Tea Party Patriots Support Team, lead by Gregg Cummings and Diana Reimer, will visit Sen Jeff Flake’s offices in an effort to counter Pres. Barack Obama’s determination to appoint his liberal Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland before his term is up. Cummings and Reimer will urge Flake not to hold hearings and to refuse to vote on the Obama nominee. The Tea Party Team will gather at 12:30 pm., Wed., June 15 at Flake’s Phoenix office, 2200 E Camelback Rd #120 for a repeat performance.

June 16

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm, Thurs., June 16 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma to hear US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey, who is running against incumbent Sen John McCain in the Aug 30 Primary. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.

The Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum will be held at 6 pm., Thurs, June 16 at the Palo Verde Education Center, 600 N Verrado Way in Buckeye (on Verrado Way just south of I-10).  CD 3, CD4, LD4, LD13, Maricopa County Supervisors LD4 and LD5, and Bucky City Council candidates will be presented. Contact: LD House candidate. Richard Hopkins

The Ahwatukee Tea Party Candidate Round Table Event #2 will be held at 6:30 pm.,Thurs., June 16 in the Desert Room at the Quality Inn (previously the Clarion Hotel). 5121 E. LA Puente Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (I-10 & Elliot Rd) featuring Bob Stump (Corporate Commissioner), Frank Schmuck (LD18 State Senator), Scott Ryan (Tempe Union School Board) and Jana Jackson (Maricopa County Supt. Of Schools)


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Congresswoman Martha McSally today sent a letter to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey requesting information about reported surveillance flights over Southern Arizona. The letter follows a recent report describing the repeat occurrences of low-level planes conducting aerial surveillance around Tucson. “The FBI is tasked with protecting the American people,” McSally writes in the letter. “As someone who served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, including overseeing counterterrorism missions, and who currently serves on the Committees on Homeland Security and Armed Services, I understand the weight of that important mission. However, carrying out this mission must not come at the expense of Americans’ privacy rights. The reported frequency and nature of the recent flights around Tucson raise significant concerns about the preservation of my constituents’ Fourth Amendment rights.”As noted on June 5th in the Arizona Daily Star, a local resident reported observing low-level flights as many as 80 times a day over his property. According to the report, the aircraft used for the surveillance flights is registered under a name associated with fictitious companies uncovered in a 2015 AP media investigation. “I request a description with as much detail as possible of the scope and purpose of the FBI’s operations, either current or from the last year, in and around Tucson involving these surveillance flights,” McSally continues. Letter HERE.


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Congressional candidate Andy Biggs on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court ruling stating that there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public. "The Ninth Circuit Court ruled today that Americans are not protected under the Second Amendment to carry concealed weapons in public. This should come as no surprise; almost three-fourths of the rulings of the Ninth Circuit Court are overturned. Thousands of Arizonans enjoy the freedom of carrying weapons with or without a conceal carry permit, and this ruling comes as another impediment on law abiding citizens. The Ninth Circuit Court covers about 20% of the United States population and its overwhelming amount of cases does not provide the people of Arizona a fair shot at justice. I plan on joining the efforts Governor Doug Ducey, Former Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Jeff Flake, and Congressman Matt Salmon to rid the State of Arizona from the Ninth Circuit Court into a newly establish district court."

Mesa City Council candidate Kathleen Winn: I am excited to announce that I just turned in nearly twice the number of required petition signatures to get on the ballot for Mesa City Council!  There are less than three months until the August 30th election, and I need your support. There are many ways you can help.  First, if you live in or near the district in Mesa, please adorn your yard with one of my beautiful yard signs to let your neighbors know who you support.  If you are an avid social media user, please follow me through one of the following links: Winn on Facebook Winn on Twitter Elections are part education, a lot of hard work, and creating an awareness of what you stand for and will provide if elected. I believe that I am the most qualified candidate in Mesa’s second district, but I need your support to win. I will be printing street signs, flyers, and mailers in the very near future to ensure a WINN for Mesa in the coming election. I would ask that you support the campaign today by making a donation. Anything you do can help and is greatly appreciated, whether it's $10.00 or $1000.00. Your donation lets me know you stand with me to bring quality jobs and businesses to Mesa, support strong public safety, want a strategic growth plan, and know that government’s role should be minimal. Finally, Al and I will be hosting several events and would love to see you. This is a big undertaking and your friendship and well wishes have meant a lot to me.

Team McCain Surpassed 1 Million Phone Calls today for a total of over 1.1 million voter contacts, including door knocks and collecting petition signatures. Since launching the campaign last year, Team McCain has traveled the state, building an army of over 600 volunteers and interns. We have the largest statewide grassroots effort in Arizona, building strong voter support for John McCain.


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