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Donald J. Trump at Saint Anselm College. Donald J. Trump Addresses Terrorism, Immigration, And National Security

The National Tea Party Patriots will be delivering petitions against putting another liberal on the Supreme to Senator Jeff Flake’s Tucson office, 6840 N Oracle Rd #150 at 12:45 pm., Tues., June 14 and to his Phoenix office, 2200 E Camelback Rd #120 at 12:30 pm., Wed., June 15. Lunch will be provided following both presentations. Sign petition or RVSP at

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward must be making Sen John McCain’s campaign camp a tad nervous. An abundance of less than complimentary Ward photo/messages keep popping up on the computer – to the point of overkill.

Now Someone Is Targeting Congressman Paul Gosar, who has been known to stand up to the Establishment. Apparently someone out there does not want to see him re-elected. This unsigned message came in from (obviously not from Gosar) today that  reads: “Dear Arizona Journalist - Please see these two posts from today on breaking news about how Congressman Paul Gosar is abusing taxpayer dollars despite being a so-called fiscal conservative. Please be advised that there will be more to Gosar's abuse of taxpayer dollars and of his office. This is a story that Arizona voters - especially his constituents - will want to read or hear about.” and

Scroll Down For Congressional Statements And Candidate Comments Sections. Some interesting commentary coming in. Word limit is 300 words. If commentary goes beyond, it will be edited to comply with the 300 word limit policy. - ft

Pima GOP Chairman Bill Beard: On behalf of the Pima County Republican Party Executive Committee I want to thank Dolores Johnston for her tireless efforts as our Executive Director over the last 6 months. We wish her complete success in whatever path her future takes. (520) 321-1492:

BLM Forms New Division Of Security, Protection And Intelligence (SPI) The Bureau of Land Management has announced the formation of the new (and presumably heavily-armed) division of Security, Protection and Intelligence.  The new division is being created just months after Ammon Bundy led dozens of armed anti-federal-lands activists in seizing the unoccupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

Activist Patti Stet: I so enjoyed the photo of Joshua Bruner, 15, from Ringoes, New Jersey. It's tough to be a Patriot these days. I've meant to say this many times: Thanks for all you and your team do to enlightened us.

Wickenburg PC Scott Powelson: I put out word to some friends in California that we might be able to finally retire John McCain by election of Kelli Ward. Most are second amendment activist and involved in the illegal alien problems open borders cause. I am disheartened to hear that Kelli has not completed the candidate survey at Numbers USA. I believe she could get additional financial support from out of state if she would fill this void. I would be more comfortable supporting her if she would do this and get a nod from Roy Beck as well. We always hear the RINO's talk about border security but the details are in the policy's followed by DC not the rhetoric we hear from candidates, so far I am hearing rhetoric. Please encourage Kelli to complete the survey and promise not to get all "John McCain" on us once elected. We need to hold all our elected representatives feet to the fire and watch them closely to make sure they do as they promise while running.

Gov Doug Ducey has declared yesterday “Rose Mofford Day” in honor of Arizona’s first woman governor’s 94th birthday. Mofford, a Dem, is long remembered for her famous silver beehive.

Gov Doug Ducey declared Sunday “Raul H. Castro Day” in honor of Arizona’s first Mexican American governnor’s 100th birthday. Castro, a Dem, refused to reside in the Gov’s mansion.

Congresswoman Martha McSally has some folk’s panties in a wad because it’s been 100 days since she informed reporters she didn’t want to discuss Donald Trump’s potential president candidacy.

US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey will address the Valley Republican Women’s Club at 11 am., Wed., June 15 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel/Spa, 2250 AZ-89A and at 6:30 pm that evening at the Glendale Tea Party in the banquet room at Denny's, 2717 W. Bell Rd in Phoenix. Contact: (480) 659-5503. Directions HERE.

Congresswoman Martha McSally is hosting a Facebook Live town hall at 11 am today at AZ Time on Facebook. To participate and submit your questions HERE.

Can-Van Steenwyk Run-For Both-Senate-And-House-At Same-Time? …In 2012, "tea party" conservative Clair Van Steenwyk sought the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. In 2014, Van Steenwyk challenged longtime incumbent U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., in the 8th Congressional District's GOP primary. This year, the 69-year-old Sun City West retiree has filed paperwork to simultaneously challenge both incumbent U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Franks in their respective GOP primaries. After Van Steenwyk, who formerly hosted a political talk radio show, filed petitions for both offices, the Arizona Secretary of State's Office noted that state law precludes a candidate from running for more than one public office if the election for both offices are held on the same day and if the candidate could not serve in the offices at the same time…

A Reception For US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey, featuring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is scheduled between 4-7 pm, Tues, July 12 at the Fireside Grill, 12800 N. Saguaro Blvd in Fountain Hills. The Italian buffet is hosted by Gary Lvov and co-hosted by former AZ State Senator Lori Klein, the newly elected AZ National Committeewoman and her husband Bob Corbin, former AZ Attorney General and Past President of the National Rifle Association. RSVP: upcoming campaign events.RSVP

Jimmy Kelly: First, I am floored that news outlets publicize Sheriff's candidates as "experts".  Yesterday's commentary with Penzone on Fox 10 is laughable.  Does anyone vet anyone?  Look at his resume and experience.  Fox 10 interviewed him and presented him as an "expert".  He does not have the LE experience or education to truly be an expert.  He was a Sergeant and obtained/completed zero education to support his being an "expert".  This, to me, is a deliberately misleading interview. Second, why on earth are our local news outlets not reporting on the August Primary.  Independent of candidates running opposed or not; there is a Primary for each party.  Think about it.  The Republican Primary is our, the voting citizens of Maricopa County, first chance to remove Arpaio from the General Election equation.  Why is this not news?  In my opinion, it's of far greater importance than the local General Election (at this point and time).  Republicans, as a whole, need to realize that IF Arpaio survives the August Republican Primary, he will be going head-to-head (with Penzone and if Lisk is successfully challenges) in the November General Election.  For the Republican Party, they would essentially, if they don't vote against Arpaio in the August Republican Primary, be ensuring a Democrat seat as the Sheriff of Maricopa County. I can't be the only person thinking logically.  I, an Independent, would rather a head-to-head with two, honestly viable candidates, real candidates.  Why is this not news?  Our news outlets need to be reporting on the continual "stacking of the deck" with SHILL candidates; so that our local election process can be manipulated and perverted.  Out of half hour broadcasts, 15 minutes is weather.  Come on! Irritated, but respectfully submitted.

US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey is scheduled to address the Colorado River Tea Party at 6 pm., Thurs., June 16 at 6480 U.S. 95 in Yuma. or (480) 659-5503.

US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey will be speaking to the Lake Havasu City Republican Men's Club at 5 am., Tues, June 21 at the Golden Corral, 1550 S. Palo Verde in Lake Havasu. Contact: or(480) 659-5503.

On The "La Raza" Judge - Hypocrisy and Judicial Tyranny: … Judges are not a high-priesthood to which we citizens are required to genuflect, and never criticize or question. They are politicians by-any-other-name. It is just easier for these lawyers to get appointed to government office, i.e., judgeships, by appropriate political donations to the right party and the right political connections, then it is to get elected....... See the rest of Rees Lloyd's column

Orlando shooter a 'lone wolf'? Not so fast! An expert in military intelligence and foreign policy offers a chilling glimpse into Muslim doctrine that will make your blood run cold …lone wolf -- maybe not

LD26 Barbara Medal: The threat to our nation is escalating and Congress is like the proverbial 3 monkeys silent, mute and deaf! Do you believe the FBI is going to do the right thing regarding Hillary Clinton? They won’t, so be advised our country is being destroyed from within. There is NO ONE to hold the administration responsible since the FBI is compliant and guilty of malfeasance no longer deserving the trust of the people.

Example the Boston marathon bombing. The Tsarnaev brothers were on the FBI radar, who were warned and neglected to follow through. How many suffered for their ineptness or worse had they been ordered not to look into possible terrorist activities or the propensity for such activity. Another example: the 2009 Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, displayed many indications of the threat he posed yet the military looked the other way even promoting him. Then there is the San Bernardino shooting: A couple shot and killed 14 people at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Calif. The FBI director said Farook and Malik had been talking of an attack as far back as two years ago and uncovered evidence that the couple were radicalized long before they married in 2014. Now a gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS commits the worst mass shooting in the U.S. kills 50 injures 53 at Orlando Gay Nightclub was under FBI investigation in 2013-14 who concluded the American born to Afghanistan parents, Omar Mateen “did not constitute a substantive threat at that time.” Did it ever occur to the FBI he be put on a watch list avoiding ability to buy weapons? Ignoring his history with inflammatory comments to coworker who notified FBI of threat and his wife’s comments regarding divorce not even a factor? Really? Aren’t 15 mass shootings during Obama’s presidency enough for the FBI to do their job?

LD4 Republicans are having a fundraising drawing for an engraved Ruger 10-22 rifle.  Rifle is engraved to commemorate the 225th Anniversary of the Second Amendment in 2016.  Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  Drawing to be held July 4 or when the 370 tickets are sold.  Tickets available from LD4 members or send payment made out to LD4 Republicans, c/o Hopkins4AZ, PO Box 134, Buckeye, AZ  85326.  Winner must meet eligibility requirements at AZ Firearms in Avondale. Contact: Richard Hopkins

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell: The deadline for filing as a write-in candidate for Precinct Committeeman is 5 pm., Wed., June 15. All paperwork must be in our office by that day and time. Mail or deliver to Maricopa County Recorder, 111 S. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, Az. 85003. Contact: 602-506-3628; FAX 602-506-4050

The AZGOP Is Host An i-360 Training for LD Chairs and Maricopa County precinct Committeeman between 9am and noon, Sat. June 18 at AZGOP Headquarters,3501 N 24th St., in Phx. Contact: Will Smith at

Paid Volunteers Are Needed to hand count votes at the Aug 30 Primary Election. $10 per hour. Contact: LD17 Chair Shadow Asgari

ATTN candidates: Pima County’s Barney Brenner has rebar sign stakes in stock for all sizes of campaign signs, precut and ready to go, as well as great tools for installation. Call or text him at 520-240-9900.


June 14

LD13 will meet at 7 pm., Tues., June 14 at Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 16262 Clubhouse Drive, in Goodyear with Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. Registration opens at 6:30 pm. Contact Chairman Wally Campbell at 623-451-1100.

LD27 has changed its June 14 venue to Poncho’s Mexican Food/Cantina, 7202 S Central Ave in Phoenix. Meet and greet at 6 pm. Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill will address the group.

The Arizona Tea Party Patriots Support Team, lead by Gregg Cummings and Diana Reimer, will visit Sen Jeff Flake’s offices in an effort to counter Pres. Barack Obama’s determination to appoint his liberal Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland before his term is up. Cummings and Reimer will urge Flake not to hold hearings and to refuse to vote on the Obama nominee. The Tea Party Team will gather at:

· 2:45 pm., Tues., June 14 at Flake’s Tucson office, 6840 N Oracle Road #150 in Tucson for sign waving and to deliver petitions. They will provide lunch afterwards. RSVP Tuesday in Tucson

· 12:30 pm., Wed., June 15 at Flake’s Phoenix office, 2200 E Camelback Rd #120 for a repeat performance.

June 15

The Arizona Tea Party Patriots Support Team, lead by Gregg Cummings and Diana Reimer, will visit Sen Jeff Flake’s offices in an effort to counter Pres. Barack Obama’s determination to appoint his liberal Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland before his term is up. Cummings and Reimer will urge Flake not to hold hearings and to refuse to vote on the Obama nominee. The Tea Party Team will gather at 12:30 pm., Wed., June 15 at Flake’s Phoenix office, 2200 E Camelback Rd #120 for a repeat performance.

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward will be featured at a noon, Wed., June 15 ‘Meet And Greet’ Luncheon in the Cattleman’s Room at the Rock Springs CafĂ©, 35769 Old Black Canyon Hwy, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324. Contact: Carolyn Leff at or 928-230-0633.

Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Wed., June 15 for lunch with Maricopa County Sheriff incumbent Joe Arpaio at the Grayhawk Golf Club 8620 Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Social begins at 11 am, Lunch/Program 11:30. $26/Cash, $27/CC. RSVP to or call 480-298-7818.

Aaron & Christine Accurso, Genny Jones and Gary & Maria Livacari are hosting a private “ Meet The Candidates from Town Council to Congress” at 7 pm., Wed., June 15 at the Spectrum Community Center, 2928 S Spectrum Way in Gilbert featuring US senate candidate Kelli Ward, CD5 congressional candidate Andy Biggs, Gilbert Town Council candidate Jared Taylor, Board of Supervisors incumbent Denny Barney and Maricopa County Attorney incumbent Bill Montgomery, along with LD12 incumbents Eddie Farnsworth, Travis Grantham and Warren Petersen.

June 16

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm, Thurs., June 16 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma to hear US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey, who is running against incumbent Sen John McCain in the Aug 30 Primary. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.

LD25 Senate Write-in Candidate Itasca Small will be appearing at: 7 pm, June 16 at the LD25 meeting at the Charles K. Luster Building, 640 N Mesa Dr.. in Mesa. Contact: Gene Dufoe--480-835-9637 or Karen Gevaert--480-710-5676.

· 7 pm., June 20 in Leisure World Ballroom, 908 S Power Road, Mesa. contact Diane Anderson--480-395-5515

· 7:30 pm., June 29 open house at Barbara Blewster’s, 915 W Fairway Road, Mesa. RSVP Barbara 480-833-4937.

LD24 Will Meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., June 16 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St., in Phoenix. Sign in open at 6 pm. Speakers include CD5 Rep David Schweikert and LD28 incumbent Kate Brophy McGee.

LD25 Senate Write-in Candidate Itasca Small will be appearing at the 7 pm, June 16 at the LD25 meeting at the Charles K. Luster Building, 640 N Mesa Dr.. in Mesa. contact: Gene Dufoe--480-835-9637 or Karen Gevaert--480-710-5676

The Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum will be held at 6 pm., Thurs, June 16 at the Palo Verde Education Center, 600 N Verrado Way in Buckeye (on Verrado Way just south of I-10).  CD 3, CD4, LD4, LD13, Maricopa County Supervisors LD4 and LD5, and Bucky City Council candidates will be presented. Contact: LD House candidate. Richard Hopkins

The Ahwatukee Tea Party Candidate Round Table Event #2 will be held at 6:30 pm.,Thurs., June 16 in the Desert Room at the Quality Inn (previously the Clarion Hotel). 5121 E. LA Puente Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (I-10 & Elliot Rd) featuring Bob Stump (Corporate Commissioner), Frank Schmuck (LD18 State Senator), Scott Ryan (Tempe Union School Board) and Jana Jackson (Maricopa County Supt. Of Schools)

June 17

US Sen candidate Dr Kelli Ward will be host a Prescott meet and Greet between 2-3 pm, Fri, June 17 at the Cuppers Coffee Bistro, 258 N Lee Blvd #102, in Prescott. Contact: Carolyn Leff at or 928-230-0633

June 18

LD2 will meet at 9 am., Sat., June 18. Contact Chairman Sergio Arellano for location at 396-9426.

The AZGOP Is Host An i-360 Training for LD Chairs and Maricopa County precinct Committeeman between 9am and noon, Sat. June 18 at AZGOP Headquarters,3501 N 24th St., in Phx. Contact: Will Smith at

A Republican National Committee VIP Meeting/Reception/Photo Op/Fundraiser For Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is scheduled at 2 pm., Sat., June 18 in Phoenix. Location will be revealed upon RSVP. $2,700 per person, Host Committee: $25,000 per couple, photo op - $10,000 per person. RSVP to Brian Plaut at FINANCE.RSVP@GOP.COM OR (202) 863-5313. Or see details at AZ Event for Donald J. Trump

Fountain Hills Republican Club meets at 9 am., Sat., June 18 with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N LaMontana Drive in FH. Breakfast snacks/social at 8:30 am. Candidates and elected officials will be recognized. Everyone welcome. County Recorder Helen Purcell is scheduled to address the group at the July 16 regarding early balloting and elections. Candidates and elected officials will be recognized and given a short opportunity to speak.

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will ‘Meet And Greet’ voters between 5-6:30 pm., Sat., June 18 at the Half Moon Windy City Sports Girll, 2121 E Highland Ave in Phoenix. Contact scheduled Carolyn Leff at or 928-230-0633.

June 20

Leisure World Republican Club’s Candidate Forum – featuring Maricopa County Supt of Education candidate Jana Jackson, Congressional candidate Andy Biggs, and House candidate Ross Groen, is scheduled at 7 pm., Mon., June 20 at 908 S Power Road in Mesa. Contact: Diane Andersen or 480-395-5515.

LD25 Senate Write-in Candidate Itasca Small will be appearing at 7 pm., June 20 in Leisure World Ballroom, 908 S Power Road, Mesa. Contact Diane Anderson--480-395-5515 or Karen Gevaert--480-710-5676.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Congressman Paul A. Gosar after submitting formal written comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) on the draft recreational boating Compatibility Determination (CD) for Havasu National Wildlife Refuge announced on April 12, 2016: “Government agencies like the Fish and Wildlife Service continue to enact job-killing and unlawful regulations that cause severe harm to countless communities throughout the country. My investigation into these latest proposed boating restrictions uncovered that they are not based on science or safety, but rather are a backdoor attempt to limit recreational boating activities on the reservoir. I call on the Fish and Wildlife Service to listen to the thousands of people who have voiced opposition and scrap this terrible proposal that aims to close more areas on Lake Havasu to wake boarding, tubing, waterskiing and fishing. I hope the agency heeds the bipartisan concerns of numerous stakeholders and does the right thing for the community. Specifically, the agency should formally withdraw the draft recreational boating Compatibility Determination as soon as possible and reopen the ½ mile area closed to motorized boating activities as a result of the expansion of the no-wake zone on May 20, 2015. I will continue to do everything I can to keep Lake Havasu open for all users.” Full letter HERE

Sen Jeff Flake: Fighting Big Labor’s Assault on Small Business: The Hill is reporting that Sen. Flake has introduced legislation to permanently halt the implementation of the administration’s “persuader rule” to benefit Big Labor by arbitrarily placing costly and onerous mandates on small businesses that consult with attorneys or labor relations experts during union organizing drives. The overtly-biased rule would exempt labor unions from those mandates.  Read the full story here. Key Takeaway: “Eliminating this flawed rule will protect businesses from mandates designed to create an uneven playing field in favor of unions and will prevent yet another layer of economically-crushing regulatory burden on small businesses,” Flake said in a statement.

Reducing Wildfire Risk: As the Tenderfoot Fire marked the unofficial start of the 2016 fire season, Sen. Flake joined Sen. McCain to send a letter to the Forest Service expressing concerns over the slow pace of forest restoration projects – such as the large-scale Four Forests Restoration Initiative (4FRI) – designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires in Arizona. The letter also stressed the need for the Forest Service to strongly consider the suggestions of Arizona stakeholders when allocating resources for 4FRI. Read the full letter here. Key Takeaway: “…[the Forest Service’s] commitment at an Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing in March to consider sixteen possible actions proposed by the Eastern Arizona Counties Organization (ECO) to speed up work was also a step in the right direction. However, we have heard troubling reports over the past two months that the momentum on these issues may be slowing.”

Congresswoman Martha McSally: Over the weekend, our country experienced a tragic and heavy loss, and my heart goes out to the victims, their families, and all those affected by the Orlando terrorist attack. As additional facts are gathered about this devastating attack, it’s clear that the attacker was motivated by a radical Islamic ideology that preaches the destruction of our country and all for which we stand. As we mourn with those who lost loved ones and grieve after what’s now the most deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, we must redouble our efforts to combat violent extremism and ISIS’s attempts to inspire homegrown violence against Americans. Last year, I was appointed to a task force focused on combating ISIS, and, after a six month investigation, we put forward over 50 recommendations to make Americans safer, including increasing the Department of Homeland Security’s tools to counter radical ideology at home. The House also has passed my bill to enhance information sharing between local authorities and the federal government about known threats. Likewise, we've passed legislation that was a product of our task force to address vulnerabilities in our visa programs and combat terrorists’ use of social media. Currently, we have open ISIS investigations going on in all 50 states, pointing to the serious threat of radical violent extremism. I’ll continue to work tirelessly to combat this threat, put ISIS on its heels, and make Americans safer, Recent reports about FBI surveillance flights over Tucson raise significant concerns about the preservation of southern Arizonans' privacy rights. Last week, I sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey seeking answers. Read more about my letter HERE.


Please comply with the 300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit,it will be edited.

Briefs does not post endorsements.

US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey has taken Senator John McCain to task for slipping a provision into the National Defense Authorization Act that would force all women to register for the draft. While some are proposing amendments to strengthen the NDAA, Senator McCain is proposing a bill, which does nothing to better national security. Arizona needs a Senator who will take a principled stand and oppose the registering of women for the draft. "Senator McCain’s bill demonstrates how truly out of touch he is with the American people and how he is willing to politicize our national security. While many are seeking to strengthen the NDAA, McCain seeks to enlist women for his draft." Meluskey said today. "Our country is in desperate need of new policies that will embolden our national security and reenergize our defense. While we should seek to increase our military and strengthen the NDAA, McCain is worried about expanding the draft. If our country wishes to be strong and free again, then we have to elect individuals who are committed to enacting legislation that will protect these principles. We need more United States Senators who stand on principle and less like John McCain,” said Meluskey. The Arizona Republican U.S. Senate primary will take place on August 30th. Contact: Andrew Shirley at or (703) 739-5920.

Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill: I attended the Melendres vs Arpaio trial since 2012 and was an avid follower of the trial and long-time supporter of the Sheriff. Later the Sheriff and his henchmen chose me and the animal posse for harassment when the 501c3 I am president of refused a request for $200,000 to alleviate "budgetary constraints" of the Sheriff's office. Unfair illegal process used at MCSO was the last thing I expected until experiencing them myself. I now attend the trial - eyes open to damage done by "out of control" MCSO command staff. I clearly see change is necessary and having been given many chances those in charge have refused to repent. Most of the current candidates for Sheriff, with service in law enforcement, have problems remembering to be truthful. This does not bode well for MCSO. There have been about $240 million lost to lies and bad police work at MCSO and Melendres totals aren't in this amount as they are unknown. The wonderful deputies should be allowed to do their job the right way, the savings in court and judgments would put more deputies on the street catching criminals, investigating crime and putting bad guys away. Harassing without "probable cause" isn't worth it. The Sheriff built the Posses. Command staff and Enforcement Support have destroyed them.  I believe posse’s are largely untapped under-appreciated asset and potential for good in Maricopa County. Organized and utilized for more than just good press for the Sheriff they could do billions of dollars of good for our county and Arizona. Several are an important force for good in areas like Sun City, but issues caused by Enforcement Support and Fed Court orders requiring training as if they are Deputies, have stifled participation and made it painful instead of rewarding to participate in the posse’s.

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