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6-29-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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Condolences To The Cecil Sanders Family. Sander’s wife Chong Hui has passed away of a massive heart attack. Visitation is planned between 5-8 pm., Thurs., June 30 at the Desert Hills Chapel/Hansen, 6500 E Bell Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. (480-991-5800). Services will be held at 2 pm., Fri., July 1, followed by a reception. GOP activist Sanders aka “Padre” served as the first chaplin for Arizona Project. He will be attending the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The SCW Republican Club is not meeting again until Sept. 3. They are dark July and August.

Former Senator Russell Pearce: The “NEVERTRUMP” crowd are in reality Hillary supporters. As more and more information comes out about the evil, lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton, we still have the “nevertrump” crowd. What does it take to recognize betrayal to our Party and more critically our Nation? As Sheriff Joe calls them “gutless Republicans. I might go a little further and recognize their betrayal of America. “The “nevertrump” crowd are really Hillary supporters, no other way to put it. We were asked and pleaded with to vote for McCain - the most hated and distrusted Republican in Washington with Flake right beside him - and yep, we voted for them. Now we have the same crowd that supports the bi-partisan Washington Cartel trying to sneak in their Hillary support by working against Trump. How disgusting and hypocritical. See full article at republicans-for-hillary

Roger Pongratz Is Organizing the LD24 Republicans who will participate in the annual Arcadia 4th of July parade (rain or shine). Registration begins at 7:30 am. Parade starts at 8 am, ending at 9 am. The parade starts at 60th Street/Calle Tuberia (60th St aka “Jokake”). Contact LD24 Chr Timothy Lee

Obama-Slaps-Face-Every-Legal-Immigrant-With One-Order This latest lawless infraction is simply a continuation of Obama’s promise of “transforming America” into a third word, debt riddled nation, stripped of its identity, its purpose and its ideals. Another “executive order” was enacted in July of 2015 exempting legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process and allowing them to ignore a vital part of the Oath of Allegiance, is hopefully Obama’s last gasp of contempt for America and for all those that have fought and died, to continue welcoming those seeking freedom, and somewhat ironic in that those seeking citizenship to no longer pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States.

Mesa Republican Women will meet between 11:30 am-1 pm., Thurs, July 7 at 11:30am -1pm at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213. They will be hearing from US Senate candidate and LD25 legislative candidates.  RSVP deadline is Sun night, July 3rd to or call (480) 615-0524.  MRW meets the first Thursday of each month (no August).  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. Membership is $25, Jan-Dec and Men/Associate Memberships are $15.  Upcoming meetings:  Aug 4 with Maricopa County Sheriff, County Recorder, County Superintendent, County Supervisor. Contact President Sherry Pierce at or (480) 615-0524.

Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past Chairman of the AZ GOP: At the risk of taking this to the point of being ridiculous I will make one final point to Brian Reilly, who is a former LD 22 PC, about his fierce attack on Joe Arpaio.  That point is, Sheriff Arpaio has enforced the law in every sense of the word and much to the chagrin of the "open borders crowd" or as they are also known, the Establishment (Democrat and Republican).  Look around you Brian and you might see the deterioration of this county as we are being overrun as a direct result of open-borders policies.  Take a ride through West Phoenix.  Maybe even, get out of your car and walk a few blocks and if that doesn't shake you then maybe you can't be shaken.  Sheriff Joe has been handcuffed by the open-borders crowd, using what you cite in your last piece in the MCRC Briefs, as grievances against him.  In my opinion, what the voters of this county need to decide is, do they want the results of the open-borders mindset and philosophies to prevail, or do they want a safer community, as has been provided by the MCSO under the leadership of Sheriff Joe?  It's as simple as that.  What we are up against cannot be mitigated by tactics brought upon us by the 'timid".  It can only be met by those who have a spine, or what I call, True Grit.  Like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.    

Congressman Paul Gosar has yard signs available if you want one. Contact his campaign at

Benghazi-GOP-Lawmakers-Say-Hillary-Clinton-Created Condition For Attack Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored repeated warnings of what one security agent called their “suicide mission” in Benghazi, creating the opportunity that terrorists took on Sept. 11, 2012, to kill the ambassador to Libya, two Republicans on the Benghazi probe charged Tuesday. As the Select Committee on Benghazi releases its long-awaited report, two of the panel’s Republican members, Reps. Mike Pompeo and Jim Jordan, released their own additional views, taking firm aim at Mrs. Clinton, who they said must answer for why she was so insistent on keeping people in Libya’s troubled second city — creating a target for the terrorists. “There was a very good chance that everyone was going to die,” one diplomatic security agent told the committee, recalling the troublesome security situation in the run-up to the attack.

Kris-Tanto-Paronto; Benghazi-Survivor-Fights-Radical Islam - Counters Obama’s ‘Lies’ On Terrorist Threat: One of the heroic survivors of the 2012 Benghazi attack, who held off invading Islamists until rescuers reached the besieged CIA base, has begun a national campaign to counter President Obama’s narrative on the terrorist threat. The former Army Ranger has started a nonprofit called “Leading From the Front”, which he hopes will translate into a national movement to drive home the real threat Islamic extremists pose to America. “Radical Islam is at war with America, and we are slowly losing,” Paronto said. “From Benghazi to Orlando, we are seeing the deadly consequences of President Obama and Secretary [Hillary] Clinton’s ‘leading from behind’ and their willful blindness towards the threat of radical Islam.”

Obama-Invites-18.7-Million-Immigrants To -Avoid-Oath-Allegiance-Pledge-To Defend-America It’s not only illegal aliens who are escaping enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws -- . Under the Obama administration’s expansive interpretation of executive authority, legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance. Immigrants seeking to become citizens no longer have to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States.” They can opt out of that part of the Oath. Nor do they have to cite any specific religious belief that forbids them to perform military service…

LD4 House Candidate Richard Hopkins will hold a “Meet & Greet” fundraiser between 4-6 pm, Sat., July 16 at the CO-OP Grill, 18300 Old US 80 in Arlington, AZ.  It is the old Desert Rose CafĂ©.  All ages welcome.

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will hear from Arizona Federation of Republican Woman (AzFRW) President Loraine Pellegrino and see American hero Col. W. Joseph Ryland perform a flag ceremony while dressed in full 18th century regalia on Thurs., July 7. 5:30 pm social, 6:15 pm dinner/mtg at the Hilton Phoenix, 10 E Thomas Road, Phoenix. Cost - $30. RSVP to Jan Webb at or 602-318-1010 no later than Fri, July 1st.  All reservations will be dinner reservations; a reservation is considered paid unless canceled by Friday, July 1st.

Volunteers Needed: Richard Hopkins, Republican LD4 House candidate, needs as many walkers as he can get on Sat, July 30 to pass out instructions to voters on how to properly write his name in on the ballot.  Meet at 8:30 to pick up supplies and walk the neighborhoods for an hour or two.  Two locations– Buckeye Elementary School Gym at 6th & Jackson in downtown Buckeye and Starpointe Residents Club, 17665 W Elliott, Goodyear (in Estrella Mountain Ranch).  Coming soon, locations in Tucson & Yuma.  Please RSVP location choice to

The US Senate Kelli Ward campaign team will be walking in the 8 am, July 4 parade. Participants will gather at 7am at Royal Palm Park, 8405 North 15th Ave Phx, AZ 85021. Parade starts and ends in the park. Should be over by 9 am. Contact: Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633.

LD25 Senate Write-in Candidate Itasca Small’s schedule:

   · June 29 – 7:30 pm, Meet & Greet hosted by Barbara Blewster, 915 W Fairway Road, Mesa. RSVP Brewster 480-833-4937 –

    · July 7 - 11:30 am., Mesa Republican Women’s Club, 2625 N 24th St #10 (corner of Gilbert/University).

    · July 13 – 6:30 pm., East Valley Tea Party/Freedom Fires, Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Road.

    · July 21 – 7 pm., LD25 mtg, Charles K Lester Bldg, 640 N Mesa Dr., Mesa (former Mesa Utility Bldg,

Contact: Campaign Manager Karen Gevaert

The Annual Fountain Hills Republican Club Picnic and election rally will start at 4 pm., Sat., Sept 17, inside the Fountain Hills Community Center (grilling outside). All candidates are invited to attend and speak.  This replaces the 9 a.m. meeting.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Commissioner Steve Chucri, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Senator John Kavanagh, Representative Jay Lawrence, Mayor Linda Kavanagh and several other candidates will be in attendance. Contact:


June 29

The Maricopa County Republicans “City of Phoenix Committee” will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., June 29 at Coco’s, 2026 N. 7th St., in Phoenix to form several permanent committees with city council districts All registered Republicans who vote in Phoenix are welcome to volunteer to make a difference, according to Chairman Pro-tem Sparky Smith. Contact Smith at 602-762-2211.

Congressman Paul Gosar will conduct a Townhall at 6 pm., Wed., June 29 in the Lake Havaus City Community Center, 100 Park Ave., in Lake Havasu City. Details: call 480-882-2697 or

LD25 Senate Write-in Candidate Itasca Small will be appearing at 7:30 pm., June 29 open house at Barbara Blewster’s, 915 W Fairway Road, Mesa. RSVP Barbara 480-833-4937 or Karen Gevaert 480-710-5676.

LD25 Activist Barbara Blewster will host a Meet and Greet at 7:30 pm., Wed. ,June 29 at 915 W Fairway Road in Mesa for LD25 write-in Senate candidate Itasca Small, Maricopa County Supt of Education candidate Jana Jackson, and LD25 House candidate Ross Groen. RSVP 480-833-4937.

A Presentation On Budget Developments impacting the Sonoita Elementary School District and the Sonoita-Elgin Fire District will be conducted at 6 pm, Wed., June 29 in the school conference room by Dr. Chris Bonn, Elgin School superintendent. Sonoita/Elgin Tea Party Website

Nathan Duell, the new SouthWest Regional Coordinator for Heritage Foundation, will address the Grasssroots Tea Party Activist at 6:30 pm., Wed., June 29 Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 2717 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, Az. Doors are open at 6. Contact: 602-993-3263

June 30

Newly appointed District #3 Phoenix Councilwoman Debra Stark – replaced Bill Gates – will meet with her constitutes at 7:30 am., Thur., June 30 at the North Mountain Visitor’s Center, 12950 N 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85022, for her first community meeting in the district. Contact: 602-262-7441.

The Glendale Summer Band will present a patriotic music concert at 8 m., Thurs., June 30 in Murphy Park. About 130 band members will participate in the concert. The group celebrated its 50 anniversary last week.

July 1

The Yavapai County Republican Committee is having a Rodeo Dinner at 6:30 pm., Fri, July 1. Social Hour at 5:30 pm in the Centennial Center at Antelope Hills Golf Course, 1989 bert .   Trump for President Committee as we are trying to get a table or two going. Contact: Brenda Dickinson, Chairman - Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald Trump for President Committee (928) 772-2835 or (928) 925-1549.

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will hear from Arizona Federation of Republican Woman (AzFRW) President Loraine Pellegrino and see American hero Col. W. Joseph Ryland perform a flag while dressed in full 18th century regalia on Thurs., July 7. 5:30 pm social, 6:15 pm dinner/mtg at the Hilton Phoenix, 10 E Thomas Road, Phoenix. Cost - $30. RSVP to Jan Webb,, or 602-318-1010, no later than Fri, July 1st, whether attending or not attending.  All reservations will be dinner reservations; a reservation is considered paid unless canceled by Friday, July 1st.

July 2

A Free Pancake Breakfast is scheduled between 7:30-10:30 am, July 4 at the Anamax Park Ramada $4 in GreenValley/Sahuarita. Meet AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, the AZGOP Executive Committee and GOP elected officials. Contact:

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald Trump for President Committee will participate in the Sat., July 2 Frontier Days Paradise in downtown Prescott. Staging at 7 am. Contact Chairman Brenda Dickinson at

Sun City West Republicans is not meeting again until Sept. 3rd. They are dark July and August.  Contact:

LD27 Chairman Ron Harders will host the ChiTown ExPat radio program at 2pm every Saturday through October on KING FM. Sponsors needed. Interviewees should call 602-243-0111 to schedule an appearance. Contact: Harders

July 4

A Republican Pancake Breakfast is scheduled Mon., July 4 in Sahuarita. See


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Congressman Paul Gosar: Radical Islam, Not Guns, Responsible For Orlando Attack - Following the horrific Orlando terrorist attack, Democrats in Congress continue to try and distract the American people from the truth: President Obama and his allies have utterly failed to stop ISIS and keep the homeland safe. Shamefully, they are attacking law-abiding citizens and groups like the NRA instead of radical Islam. They claim Republicans, like me, are beholden to the NRA. Here is what they don’t want you to know: The NRA is not some secret political organization. The NRA is made up of more than 5 million Americans who believe in our God-given right to defend ourselves, our families, and our country. These 5 million Americans are not beholden to anyone. They freely choose to support the NRA, the Bill of Rights and elected leaders who won’t cave to knee-jerk, misguided attempts to strip away our Second Amendment. I will never support any laws that take away Constitutional rights from the American people. To those who claim I’m beholding to the NRA, why are you not beholding to the Constitution?

Congressman Paul Gosar’s past week: Signed FreedomWorks Pro-Growth Pledge. Learn more by clicking HERE. On Wednesday, he participated in the 10th annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” Radio Row hosted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in Washington D.C. "The event draws dozens of radio talk hosts from across the country who broadcast their shows live while interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement, experts and those adversely impacted by unsecured borders and illegal immigration." I had a great conversation with Garret Lewis of KNST 790 AM discussing my legislative efforts to defund Obama's executive amnesty. I made my debut on the national award winning podcast, "Behind Enemy Lines" with Gene Berardelli and Russ Gallo out of New York City.


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US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey “Our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims of the Terrorist attack in Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey. This attack further underscores the need for the world to realize the clear and present danger Radical Islamic Jihadism poses to the peace and security of free people around the World. Radical Islamic Terrorist must be hunted down, brought to justice and ended so the world can look forward to a day without their culture of hate, violence and intolerance,” said Meluskey concerning the attack in Istanbul.

Maria Syms, a Town of Paradise Valley councilwoman, is running for a LD28 House seat. Syms is an Assistant Attorney General and Legal Policy Advisor to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: Have you noticed all the negative ads Establishment John has been running against us? He's spent well over $1 million just this month! He thinks our grassroots movement can be squashed just by pouring millions into despicable ads that lie about my record.What he doesn't realize is that this is about you, the grassroots, and how he doesn't think you deserve a seat at the table.That's why, for over three decades, he's said one thing on the campaign trail and another thing inside the DC Beltway -- he thinks you're too naive to realize that he's lying to you. Let's show him how wrong he is. This Thursday is the last filing deadline before the primary in August -- we need to show Establishment John that we have the will of the people on our side and we have no intention of backing down. We’re not backing down. Together, we'll send a strong message to the Establishment that for the final two months of this campaign, we'll give them a fight they've never seen before. help us send that message!

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