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7-2-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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This weekend the Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald J. Trump for President will be walking in two 4th of July parades - Prescott and Flagstaff. The Prescott Parade starts at 9 am, Sat., July 2. They will be staging at 8 am at area#6 on Willis Street between Virginia St. and Mt. Vernon, Entry #58 to walk with the Republican Women of Prescott.  The Flagstaff parade is at 9 am., Mon., July 4. Staging starts at 7:30 am in the F2 area at the corner of Leroux and Fine St., Entry #61. They will be walking with the Conservative Coalition consisting of several other Republican Clubs.  Parking is a premium at both venues, so arrive early and wear comfortable shoes.   Volunteers who would like walk with the Trump supporters are welcome to join them.  T-shirts, stickers and signs to carry in the parade, and water will be provided.  Volunteers should contact Chairman Brenda Dickinson at (928) 925-1549 or for further details.

Bruce-Ash-Republican-Rules-Chairman-Moves-To-Lock-In-Donald-Trump-As-Nominee …Bruce Ash, chairman of the national party's powerful rules committee, will petition to amend the "40d" rule to bar the counting of votes in the televised roll call of states for candidates who are not on the convention ballot. Mr. Ash's proposal would "close and lock the back door to a hijacking of the nomination" by the small but tenacious #NeverTrump and "vote your conscience" factions.

Yavapai GOP Activist Jim Dutton: Time to Take One for the Team - I wish to thank all of the Senatorial candidates for their willingness to run against John McCain. All of you have stressed the importance of retiring McCain for the good of Arizona and its citizens. It’s time now for each of you to evaluate the best course of action in order to accomplish the goal of removing McCain. You must put your egos aside and allow your patriotism and professed desire to serve your State and Country to be your guide. Everyone knows that multiple candidates in the primary race will only help John McCain. Therefore, we the people beseech Alex Meluskey, Scott McBean and Clair Van Steenwyck to take the high road and withdraw from this race today. The writing is on the wall guys and it’s time to face reality. Play the men for your people and unite behind the only candidate who has proven to be a challenger to John McCain – Kelli Ward. How do you want to be remembered? As a spoiler who helped get McCain elected or as a true patriot whose self-sacrifice and patriotism were clearly demonstrated for all of Arizona to see? Please, for all of Arizona! Take one for the Team.

…Attorneys for Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday the lawman's adversaries were trying ruin the careers of some of his employees when they suggested ways to remedy a judge's finding that the sheriff disobeyed court orders in a racial profiling case. The lawyers pressing the profiling case against Arpaio previously suggested that Jerry Sheridan, the sheriff's second-in-command, be fired. Read full article » Arpaio's foes accused of trying to ruin sheriff's employees

The Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals are hosting the annual AZYR annual state meeting from 1-4 pm., Sat., July 9 in the private reception area of Blanco at Biltmore Fashion Park, 2502 E Camelback Road #122 in Phoenix. Congressmen David Schweikert and Paul Gosar will address the group. Attendees will received appetizers, a plated lunch and desert. Market Freedom Alliance and Sen Debbie Lesko are hosting the event. Read more

A Meet & Greet for US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey is scheduled between 4-7 pm., Tues., July 12 at the Fireside Gill, 12800 N. Saguaro Blvd, in Fountain Hills. RSVP:

One Caller Says, “Be gone, if you aren’t willing to abide by the statutes under which you were elected to the national convention.” He was referring to Arizona delegates responsibility to vote reflective of the Arizona voters they represent.

Grassroots Tea Party Activists are celebrating the Fourth of July at 6 pm., at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Rd in Phoenix.

LD28 Rep Kate Brophy McGee will be walking in both the Arcadia and Royal Palm Neighborhood Parades on the Fourth of July.

July 4 Phoenix Neighborhood Parades:

     Arcadia Parade: 8 am., 60th Street (aka Jokake) & Calle Tuberia. Details,

     Royal Palm Parade, 8:15 am, : N 15th Ave & W Butler Dr., Phoenix Details

Americans for Prosperity will host a luncheon in Tucson and a dinner in Phoenix on Fri., July 29 to discuss the future of school choice, education reform, and celebrate the birthday of the late economist Milton Friendman with speaker Max Eden, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Use these links to sign up for the event closest to you. TUCSON LUNCH PHOENIX DINNER Contact: Tom Jenney, AZ Director of APF

The Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference oppose the campaign to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Arizona because it is harmful to both children and families in Arizona. Legalizing the recreational use of marijuana sends a message to children and young people that drug use is socially and morally acceptable. As people of faith, we must speak out against this effort and the damaging effects its passage would have on the children and families of Arizona. Studies have shown that adolescents who use marijuana have significant differences in brain structure and cognitive functioning compared to those who do not use marijuana and experience up to an eight-point drop in IQ. Furthermore, based on what happened in just two years after Colorado legalized marijuana, it is estimated that if Arizona passes this measure, tens of thousands of additional 8th graders here will smoke marijuana for the first time. Marijuana-related traffic accidents and other problems are also likely to dramatically increase if recreational marijuana use is legalized. In Colorado for example, marijuana-related traffic deaths dramatically increased after recreational marijuana was legalized. Additionally, Colorado witnessed similar dramatic increases in hospitalizations and emergency room visits related to marijuana usage after recreational use was legalized. In states that have legalized marijuana, there has also been an increase in the use of harder drugs like cocaine and heroin since marijuana was legalized, which only further increased societal costs. For the reasons mentioned above, and others, it is anticipated that legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Arizona will lead to more abuse by teens, more emergency room visits, more traffic deaths, and more societal costs. Accordingly, due to the detrimental effect it would have on children, families, and all of society, we strongly oppose this dangerous proposal. Signed by Most Rev. Eduardo A. Nevares -Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix, Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted - Bishop of Phoenix, Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas - Bishop of Tucson, and Most Rev. James S. Wall, Bishop of Gallup.

The Arizona Court of Appeals is accepting comments on 12 applicants for an opening on Division I of the Arizona Court of Appeals created by the retirement of Judge John C. Gemmill. Applicants include: James P Beene, Cassie E Bray Woo, Lisa T Hausesr, Timothy R Hyland, Jared C Leung, Paul J McMurdie, James B Morse, Jr., Jennifer M Perkins, Mike P Steinfeld, Timohy J Thomason, Randall H Warner and David D Weinzweig.


July 2

The Yavapai County Republicans to Elect Donald Trump for President Committee will participate in the Sat., July 2 Frontier Days Paradise in downtown Prescott. Staging at 7 am. Contact Chairman Brenda Dickinson at

Sun City West Republicans is not meeting again until Sept. 3rd. They are dark July and August.  Contact:

LD27 Chairman Ron Harders will host the ChiTown ExPat radio program at 2pm every Saturday through October on KING FM. Sponsors needed. Interviewees should call 602-243-0111 to schedule an appearance. Contact: Harders

July 4

A Free Pancake Breakfast is scheduled between 7:30-10:30 am, July 4 at the Anamax Park Ramada $4 in GreenValley/Sahuarita. Meet AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, the AZGOP Executive Committee and GOP elected officials. Contact:

July 7

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., July 7 in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma to hear District 5 Board of Supervisors candidate Dr. Connie Uribe. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.

A Rally For CD Candidate Dave Giles is scheduled from 5-7 pm. Thurs.,, July 7 at campaign headquarters, 3030 S Rural #106 in Tempe. Hosted by Doug & Julie Wolfe, Dale & Toni Giles, Marc Blair, Jonathan Richie, Caroline Coler, Wanda Ochrymowich, Jessica Merrow and Kurt Rohrs. RSVP to at 602-499-8600.

Mesa Republican Women will meet between 11:30 am-1 pm., Thurs, July 7 at 11:30am -1pm at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213. They will be hearing from US Senate candidate and LD25 legislative candidates.  RSVP deadline is Sun night, July 3rd to or call (480) 615-0524.  MRW meets the first Thursday of each month (no August).  Lunch is $10 for members, $12 for visitors/guests. Membership is $25, Jan-Dec and Men/Associate Memberships are $15.  Upcoming meetings:  Aug 4 with Maricopa County Sheriff, County Recorder, County Superintendent, County Supervisor.
Contact President Sherry Pierce at or (480) 615-0524.

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will hear from Arizona Federation of Republican Woman (AzFRW) President Loraine Pellegrino and see American hero Col. W. Joseph Ryland perform a flag ceremony while dressed in full 18th century regalia on Thurs., July 7. 5:30 pm social, 6:15 pm dinner/mtg at the Hilton Phoenix, 10 E Thomas Road, Phoenix. Cost - $30. RSVP to Jan Webb at or 602-318-1010 no later than Fri, July 1st.  All reservations will be dinner reservations; a reservation is considered paid unless canceled by Friday, July 1st.

July 8

Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff will hold office hours from 1-4 pm., Fri, July 8 at 220 N 4th St., in Kingman, AZ. Call 298-4454-1683 for details.

July 9

The  Arvada Family & Community Education (AFCE) organization presents “Meet Your Rural Constituents Candidates Forum” between 9 am and noon, Sat., July 9 the Arivaca Historic Old School House, 17180 W Fourth St., Arivaca, AZ 85601. Invited candidates include: LD2 House Chris Ackerly (R), Rosanna Gabaldon (D) and Daniel Hernandez (D); LD2 Senate Shelley Kais (R) and Andrea Dalessandro (D); Pima County Board of Supervisors – Kim Demarco (R) and Sharon Bronson (D); Pima County Attorney candidate Barbara LaWall (D) and Joel Feinman (D); Congressional 3 candidate Edna San Migel (R) Contact: Kathleen Wishnick at 916-214-9297


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Sen John McCain: “As we celebrate the Fourth of July, let us remember our men and women in uniform around the world for the sacrifices they have made so that we may live in a free land. America is one of the freest and most prosperous countries in the world, offering a life of liberty and endless opportunity and I pray to a loving God that He bless and protect America.” News broke yesterday that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Health Net would not be offering plans on the federal exchange next year in Maricopa and Pinal counties. Another blow to the crumbling Obamacare system, John McCain blasted the failed system stating that "Arizonans are left suffering the consequences":  Blue Cross, Health Net drop Affordable Care Act marketplace plans (Arizona Republic) John McCain and Jeff Flake recently introduced legislation that will allow the White Mountain Apache tribe to tap into part of a separate fund in order to finish the Miner Flat Dam: White Mountain Apache, Lawmakers Seek Access to Funds to Finish Dam (Indian Country Today)


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US Senate candidate Alex Meluskey: Today we are just 60-days out from this crucial primary, which will determine if Arizona's U.S. Senate seat will remain in Republican hands. I am the only candidate in this race who can handily defeat Ann Kirkpatrick. It's Time. I need you to help us get the word out NOW, so we can win in two months and move towards November together as a party. I hope you'll take the opportunity to come and discuss the campaign with me at a special meet & greet event between 4-7 pm., July 12 at the Fireside Grill, 12800N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. R S V P


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Scottsdale City Council incumbent Virginia Korte: The City Council’s primary job is to set policy for the city. Citizens expect us to make decisions about both short-term and long- term policies based on the best and most accurate information available.  In short, it’s our responsibility to do our due diligence by exploring every option before reaching a decision on each policy. Residents continually tell us that the most important issues for them involve transportation -- including traffic congestion and how quickly they can travel from one place to another. On Tuesday evening, July 5th, the Council will be approving the Transportation Master Plan, This is the document that will guide how the city responds to our transportation needs for the next 20 years.  I regret to report that the majority of the Council has not only eliminated any reference to “light rail,” they will not even be considering potential rail routes. That means the current version of the 20-year plan will not include all transportation options – which is like a company creating a long-range business plan while choosing to ignore all the factors in the market that could foster growth, prosperity and success.  No responsible business leader would do that. This issue should not be about whether or not our community supports or opposes light rail.  It is about those of us on the City Council doing our jobs and making decisions for our future.   Ultimately, I believe it boils down to creating a good transportation policy versus a poor transportation policy. If you care about planning ahead for our transportation needs for the next 20 years, I encourage you to express to the mayor and council members your concerns about the current version of the Transportation Master Plan. You can contact all council members using the following email:


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Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen President Pro Tempore: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion proponents, striking down a Texas law that required abortion clinics to adhere to the same health codes as outpatient facilities and that all abortionists must have hospital admitting privileges in cases of emergencies.  Arizona has similar laws which I had voted in favor of. Clarence Thomas wrote the dissenting opinion strongly disagreeing with the majority opinion whom he says bends over backwards to accommodate abortion.  His remarks point out the problem with our Supreme Court and the determination to change our history by rewriting the Constitution. He said:  "The court's interpretation of ‘undue burden’ is confusing as hell! The majority applies the undue-burden standard in a way that will surely mystify lower courts for years. Judges aren’t medical experts... The court just makes stuff up to ‘get what it wants.’ The illegitimacy of using ‘made-up tests’ to ‘displace longstanding national traditions as the primary determinant of what the Constitution means’ has long been apparent. . . The Constitution does not prescribe tiers of scrutiny. The three basic tiers’— rational basis, intermediate, and strict scrutiny—’are no more scientific than their names suggest. . .  But the problem now goes beyond that. If our recent cases illustrate anything, it is how easily the Court tinkers with levels of scrutiny to achieve its desired result. We must have a total house clearing from the White House, Congress, every federal agency, up to the Supreme Court. On July 4, we celebrate our independence.  We need those who will rise up and repair, restore, and reinstate our founding principles so that even our unborn can have the right to these words: "…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."

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