Friday, September 2, 2016

9-2-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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Jeff Knox Has Filed As A Congressional District 3 Write-In Candidate for the Nov 8 General Election – which means long time Dem Congressman Raul Grijalva won’t have a free ride in retaining his seat in Washington, DC. Knox was raised in Prescott, graduated from Prescott High School, and attended Yavapai College. He served in the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of Sergeant, then worked as a military contractor on Shemya Island, Alaska. He worked for several years as a computer programmer/analyst in the Washington, D.C. area before returning to Prescott to work at Ruger Firearms, where he met his wife Janet. He went on to a radio career, hosting a daily talk show in the Prescott area, then serving as general manager of a business news station in Spokane, Washington for seven years. Later he moved back to the D.C. area to work for The Firearms Coalition, a political information and advocacy group focusing on Second Amendment issues. For the past 12 years he has served as Managing Director of that organization, producing a bi-monthly newsletter and writing a weekly column for "Firearms News" and He is nationally recognized as a leading voice in the gun rights movement. Jeff and Janet have two grown sons and two grandsons. The family has lived in Buckeye since 2011. They attend Grace Fellowship Church and Knox serves as Chaplain of Buckeye VFW Post 12098. Contact: Jeff Knox Director, The Firearms Coalition

Looking For Your Precinct Committeemen Election Results? Hang in there. They are pending count completion on Sat., Sept 3 or Sun., Sept 4, according to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Election office.

The Arizona American African Republican Committee will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Sept 22 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St, for its monthly potluck. Contact: Chr Potluck, Rev Clyde Bowen 602 309 6015

The Chips N Salsa Radio Show - the conservative Latino perspective show - can be heard at 8 pm., every Fri and at 4 pm., every Sat., at KFNX and with hosts Martin Gonzalez, George Ortiz and Alice Lara. This Friday the Molcajete welcomes CD 7 Candidate Eve Nunez and Ruben Obed, composer of “This Latino’s Gonna Vote for Trump”.

Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant In Wickenburg is hosting “Believers For Trump” at 7 pm., Thurs., Sept 8 featuring LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell. Attendance is free; no obligation to purchase a meal.  Over 100 people participated at ther last meeting when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke. The restaurant is located at 2023 W Wickenburg Way (SW corner of Hwy 60/Vulture Peak Way).The kitchen will be open for the convenience of those who wish to dine before the events start.  Those intending to dine should notify the restaurant in advance by calling Lydia Abril or Renee Sparks at 480-589-0511. Diners should arrive by 6 pm to ensure they have completed their meals before 7pm. Voter registration forms will be available for the convenience of those who would like to register to vote in the upcoming Presidential General election.

Need Trump yard signs? Contact Thayer Verschoor at at the Mesa Trump office, 605 E McKellips, in Mesa. Phone 602-833-2200.

Congressman Paul Gosar is accepting US Service Academy Nominations for the US Navy, Army, Marines and Coast Guard Academies. Interested applicants must be 18 years of age as of July 1, 2016, reside in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, and submit the application form by Oct 31, 2016. The Review Board will be held in November. Call 2020-225-2315.

The Scottsdale Mayoral Forum is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Sept 15  at the Granite ReefSenior Center. Mayoral and Scottsdale City Council. The event is co-hosted by the Community Council of Scottsdale and COGS -Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. Contact: Frances Droll

The Scottsdale Mayoral and City Council Forum ( all 6 candidates) is scheduled at 6 pm., Wed., Oct 5 at The Marshall Art Gallery,7106 E. Main Street, in the Arts District downtown Scottsdale. The event is co-hosted by the Community Council of Scottsdale and COGS -Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. Contact: Frances Droll

LD18 PC Larry Hilliard: Apparently John Kerry (Sec of State) has a solution to terrorism... the media should just stop reporting on it! See john-kerrys-latest-solution-to-terror-is-brilliantly-imbecilic Well, following his reasoning, then anti-Semitism, racism, sex trafficking, crime, and anything bad would go away if the press would stop reporting on it. I don't think so... we Republicans and especially our party leaders should promote a program of "Talk with Us" - we want to heal the wounds!

Maricopa County Supervisor, District 1 Candidate Denny Barney: “I would like to thank all of you for your support during the Primary Election and my first term in office. I am grateful for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in me. More than 800,000 people live in the district I represent. A little over half of those are registered to vote (161,860 Republicans; 119,773 Democrats; 154,712 Independents & other party affiliation). The Democrats, under the direction of the Clinton campaign, have invested money in turning Arizona blue. They have increased their registration numbers and turned CD-09 (which is part of my district) into a Democrat majority district. I have an opponent in the November General Election. Independent voters will matter and so I plan to work hard to earn their - and your - vote! To be successful I need your help to continue representing conservative values on the Board of Supervisors. If you are able, a donation of any amount would go a long way. Whatever you’re able to give, whether it be donation would be incredibly beneficial! Thank you again for your support.

Former LD30 Chairman Timothy Schwartz: Some of my friends still are apprehensive about Donald Trump. You've seen the 'selected' sound bites and listened to the media's crafted spin of the selected bites. I challenge you to watch the entire video of the policy address delivered right here in Phoenix last night, August 31st, 2016. Then determine for yourself if your perception has been changed! I personally did have a conflict with ONE of his bullet points! But the rest of the entire address was right on, in my opinion...Watch the entire trumps immigration policy speech in Phoenix , and then please let me know if you are disturbed about anything here, and if you are able to assist in making sure he wins so that Hil-liar-y doesn't. Contact:

LD25 Itasca Small Write-In Campaign Update: The Election results are not in yet for the LD25 State Senate Race. The ballots are first processed by computer.  After that, the Write-In Votes will be hand-counted.  The hand-count process is scheduled to begin on Fri, Sept 2 . . .Thank You to everyone in LD25 who voted for me. And, Thank You All for your support! Prayers are always appreciated, as we pray for those conducting the hand-count!

CD candidate Christine Jones: "While America is more than $19 trillion dollars in debt, and battling enemies at home and abroad, our government is subsidizing the salary for aides employed by the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton's private email server. How can we trust someone with a track record showing such poor judgement and little regard for the American people and their tax dollars?  If we can't trust her with salaries and servers, how can we trust her with the nation's budget and security? This is yet another reason we need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this now." 

Sheriff Paul Babeu: “At a time when American leadership has disappeared, Mr. Trump will restore the respect our heroes have rightfully earned and keep America strong.  Career politicians have simply not done their jobs, especially considering the lack of urgency to correct the insufficient care given to veterans through the VA and the last thing we need is Hillary Clinton giving America a third Obama term.  As a veteran, I know we can't afford another four years of failed policies that have undermined our veterans and our military strength.  Our veterans deserve better, and we will vote for Donald Trump in November."

Former CD4 House candidate Ray Strauss: The primary election is over, the voters have spoken, and while the vote didn't go the way we had hoped, now is the time for all of us to unite for the November election. I wish to congratulate Rep. Paul Gosar on his victory. I pledge to do my part to ensure that congress remains under GOP control. Finishing second is always a bitter moment, but meeting and getting to know you has been one of the highlights of my life!  My family and I wish to express our deepest thanks to every one of you who trusted me with your support and our volunteers and staff who worked on the campaign. I trust that in time you will see that we made a difference while logging over 100,000 miles to engage you where you live.  God bless you, and God bless Arizona.

Town Crier Jim Ely: See“Vote Spoiler Dirty Trick Saves John McCain Again” at “ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “A political party (from Latin: pars, Genitive partis, "part", "portion") is a political organization that typically seeks to influence, or entirely control, government policy, usually by nominating candidates with aligned political views and trying to seat them in political office.[1] Parties participate in electoral campaigns and educational outreach or protest actions. Parties often espouse an ideology or vision, expressed in a party program, bolstered by a written platform with specific goals, forming a coalition among disparate interests” There you have it - a completely ineffective Republican Party leadership!   If one reads Title 16 of the ARS one will see that the given duties of the Precinct Committeemen is very limited.  ARS goes on to say that the duties for PCs are to be laid out in the AZGOP by laws.  Then if one reads the AZFGOP bylaws one will see that there are no duties for PCs given. The PCs are the ones most given to ‘grassroots politics’.  From the elected county PCs we have elected state committeemen.  Now, who would be more in tune with ‘grass roots politics’ than state committeemen??  And, the state committeemen elect their own leaders!!   Then at a state party meeting of the elected State Committeemen Senator John McCain was censored.  But the 80 year old master politician knew that the party leadership would not support the censor and decided to run again for reelection.  And won the primary!!  And, in light of what has gone on before, what does that say about you party leadership???   Leadership!   No wonder we are having more and more individuals registering as Independents!    Does the Republican Party have any Leaders??  Had you rather see a Lion in charge of a herd of Sheep, or a Sheep in charge of parade of Lions??

Trump Delivers Speech On Immigration Watch live as Trump delivers his immigration speech fresh off a surprise visit to Mexico. Read the full story here

Arizona’s National Republican Committee Bruce Ash: 10 Point Trump Plan On Illegal Immigration And Drug Policy. Nothing Anti Legal Immigrant. Nothing Which Should Threaten Immigrant Workers Here Who Abide By American Laws. Trump Says: Follow Our Laws

1. We will build a wall along the Southern Border.

2. End Catch-And-Release

3. Zero tolerance for criminal aliens.

4. Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

5. Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

6. We Are Going To Suspend The Issuance Of Visas To Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur

7. We will ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported

8. We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.

9. We will turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.

10. We will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers,

2016-Primary-Election Results From SOS Office

Maricopa County: City, Town And School Board Races Results

NYTimes: Arizona Election Results See Maps

Arizona Federation of Republican Women will hostess the American Federation of Republican’s Women’s 'Destination: White House’ as the red, white and blue ‘Rosie’ tour bus travels through Arizona next week. "Rosie" will roll through Phoenix tomorrow and Tucson on Sept 3 as part of a multi-state campaign tour to elect a Republican president by registering Republican-leaning women to vote and rallying Federation clubs and communities across the country. Each stop is open to the public. Dress comfortably (Patriotic Bling). Please bring club banners, flags etc and your GOP leaning family and friends.  Children welcome Watch the "Rosie" Movie HERE NFRW President Carrie Almond, AZ elected officials and NFRW/AFRW officers will be aboard as it travels Arizona’s Highways. It has stops scheduled:

  • Sept 2 – noon to 1:30 pm at Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington, in Phoenix. Bus will park along 17th Ave – up against the sidewalk. A brief rally scheduled in the Senate lawn ( tents/water provided). Move inside for Meet/Greet. Light refreshments. Confirmed: Governor Doug Ducey, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell. Hosts - All Valley Clubs: Arrowhead RW, Central RW of PHX, Palo Verde RW, Paradise RW, Lincoln RW, Tempe RW, Ahwatukee RW, Mesa RW, and Chandler RW. Contact: AzFRW President Loraine Pellegrino 480-460-7101.Host Clubs - Arrowhead RW, Central RW of PHX, Palo Verde RW, Paradise RW, Lincoln RW, Tempe RW, Ahwatukee RW, Mesa RW, Chandler RW.

      POST EVENT LUNCHEON: 2pm at Alexi's Grill 3550 N Central Ave #120, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Seating limited to 30. Free parking outside the front door and it is free. RSVP to Regional Director Carol Jones by noon, Sept 1 at

     · Sept 3 – 10:30-11 am, Sen John McCain’s HQ, 4502 E Broadway #102, Tucson, AZ. Ice Cream social. Host Clubs - Pima County RW and Tucson RW. Contact: Pima County RW Pres. Mary Preble 520-409-9269. Information: or



Federation of Republican Women Region Director Carol Jones has arranged for those who wish to have late lunch following their Fri., Sept 2 visit with NFRW President Carrie Almond and "Rosie" in Phoenix. The late lunch is scheduled between 2-2:30 pm, at Alexi’s Grill, 3550 N Central Ave., #120 in Phoenix. RVSP to Jones by Thurs noon, Sept 1 at Seating limited to 30 so make your reservations quickly.


The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8a m., Sat, Sept 3 in the Quail Room of the Foundation Buildings, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Sun City West.  Speaker: Michael Combrink, Director at the Maricopa County Assessor's Office. He works as an assistant to County Assessor Paul Peterson and will present a program on our Real Estate Taxes; how they are levied, and where the money goes. LD22 candidates will also speak. Contact: Jan Martinson who will conduct the meeting.


The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Sept 6 in the Grand Canyon Room of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375. Speaker tba. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will address the group of Sept 20. Contact: John Madeira

Due to the Labor Day Weekend, the Sept 6 Wickenburg City Council meeting has been cancelled.

Americans for Prosperity Arizona will be in Senate Hearing Room 1 at the State Captiol at “high noon” on Tues., Sept 6 advocating for the the Prosperity Zone Compact - an  idea that could triple economic growth in Arizona, create jobs on a scale not seen in decades, generate opportunities to out-compete anyone in the world, and inspire the rest of the country to restore free markets, according to State Director Tom Jenney. We will be in Senate Hearing Room 1. Car pooling from Tucson. RSVP, click here.

Sept 7

The Scottsdale City Council Candidates Forum is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Wed., Sept 7 at the Via Linda Senior Center. The event is co-hosted by the Community Council of Scottsdale and COGS -Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. Contact: Frances Droll


Congressman Paul Gosar’ staff will hold office hours from 8am until noon., Thurs., Sept 8 at the Lake Havasu City Chamber of Commerce, 314 London Bridge Road, in Lake Havasu City.

Sept 10

Arizona’s Firearms Expert Alan Korwin will be at the Sept 10 and 11 Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

The Yavapai County Republican “Unity Picnic” is scheduled between 11 am and 3 pm., Sat., Sept 10 at Watson Lake Upper Ramada, 3101 Watson Lake Road, Prescott. Free parking # with RSVP. $15 per person. Children under 10 free. Food, beer, games, cookie contest, “special guests”, Trump merchandise for sale.   928-776-4500.

In An Effort To Turn Pima County Red,, the Pima County GOP is hosting a “Meet the GOP Primary Night” between 6-8 pm, Sept 10 at the Plaza Arboleda Conference Center 2502 N Dodge Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716. $5 donation, Light refreshments will be served.


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