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10-11-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Editor Frosty Taylor        Web Master John Strasser

Former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A J LaFaro: $1,000 CASH REWARD – “I am offering a $1,000 cash reward for the identification and conviction of the despicable individual or individuals who committed identity theft, internet fraud and hacking last week. The e-mail message below was openly sent to hundreds of e-mail addresses using the following fraudulent e-mail ID and address: “AJ Lafaro, I did not write this illegitimate e-mail message (see below),  distribute or forward it to the hundreds of individuals who received it. It is unfortunate the Arizona Republican Party has a cancer of people that have no ethics, integrity or honesty that think nefarious and cowardly acts like this are okay. The person who provides verifiable information will remain anonymous. Please contact A. J. LaFaro at or 480-752-9164.“ The e-mail message:

      Sent: Fri, Oct 7, 2016 3:13 pm
      Subject: Maricopa County Chair Likely To Step Down Tomorrow

“Embarrassingly, the County Chair, Tyler Bowyer did not go out and get the 10 signatures he needed to be a precinct committeeman and then only received three write in votes (despite having 4 Republican voters in his own home). As a result, he has created an unprecedented situation. He received the least amount of votes in the entire state and still wants to preside over the meetings, sign financial documents and make decisions as the chair. Under State statute he has no authority to do so and the PC electorate needs to enforce the laws, have him step down and allow the successor to preside over future meetings.

“We have received a number of inquiries about the term of a PC, terms of service for chairmen, and special meetings and appointments during this period. We know there are conflicting opinions on some of these topics and that some chairmen have made lame duck appointments in the past. See attached from the party attorney sent to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor's about lame duck appointments. Party's opinion of statute is that such things are not proper. Also, while a Chair has presided over meetings where his replacement is selected, it seems clear that a chair must be a PC to make decisions and cast votes. If there are chairmen in such a position who are no longer PC's, remember that you do not have a vote in the upcoming election. - Robert Graham”   Editor’s Note: At post time, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and AZGOP Attorney Tim LaSota have not responded to Briefs inquiry regarding the questionable message carrying Graham’s typed name, (but does not carry Graham’s written signature, a date and is not on the AZGOP letterhead);  and to LaSota’s alleged response to Graham and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that circulated to numerous Republicans the past couple of days. LaFaro told Briefs last night that he has been out of town for the past three weeks, celebrating his mother-in-laws 90th birthday in Virginia. He returned Oct 8 and learned of the message.  Reports have surfaced that some elements of the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) had planned to call for Bowyer to step down at last Wednesday night’s EGC meeting. Attendees said the notion never came to the floor. In the meantime, the source and distribution of the e-mail remains a mystery.

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Former Sen Former Sen Jack Harper: If you are such a pansy that you need political correctness to justify your vote for President, let's review where that got us the last eight years. AZ US Sen John McCain attacked his own supporters that called Obama a Muslim. President candidate Mitt Romney attacked "47 percent" of Americans because they were on government assistance (including social security). US President Nominee Donald Trump hasn't attacked anyone other than corrupt politicians, biased media, and foreign bad actors. No American should be offended.

For GOP Candidates, Renouncing Donald Trump Carries Dire Risks. In interviews, many Trump supporters in Arizona and New Hampshire spoke witheringly of incumbents who have withdrawn their support for the party’s presidential nominee. Read the full story

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus reiterated his support Monday for embattled Republican nominee Donald Trump. "Nothing has changed in regard with our relationship," Priebus said in a call with RNC committeemen. He said the Trump campaign and RNC are in full coordination.

LD 18 candidate Frank Schmuck will participate in the 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 11 Moutain Pointe High School Advanced Placement Government Class at 4201 E Knox Rd, Phoenix, AZ  85044.

Trump Team Arizona Campaign Member Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpairo will address the Oct 20 gathering of “Believers for Trump” at Lydia’s LaCanasta, 2023 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg. The kitchen will be open for the convenience of those who wish to dine before the events start.  Those intending to dine should notify the restaurant in advance by calling owner Lydia Abril or her assistant Renee Sparks at 480-589-0511. Diners should arrive by 6 pm to ensure they have completed their meals before 7pm.

HOA issues: Some Precinct Committeemen in the Cottonwood Precinct of Sun Lakes have been told by security personnel that they cannot walk their precinct to talk to voters. They actually have a legal right to do so during daylight hours. They also have a right to display yard signs, as long as the total signage does not exceed 9 square feet, according to LD 17 Chairman Shadow Asgari

Cyndi Love Is Calling For Volunteers to join the AZ Women for Trump Team “Ground Game on Trump Talk and Walk” in distributing phone banking, door knockers and distributing yard signs from the North Scottsdale Location at Dynamite Wellness Center 8707 E. Vista Bonita Drive, Suite 140, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Upon calling at least once at this location and comfortable with script, you can make calls from the comfort of your own setting or from the office between Monday and Friday from: 9 am-1pm, 1 pm-5pm, 5 pm-9pm, or whenever it is convenient for you. Saturday hours are 9am to 1 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 9pm. Snacks available. Contact: Cyndi Love at 480-365-8090 or

The AZGOP Needs Volunteers to assist with bulk mailings from the Victory Office at 1258 W. Southern Ave. Ste. 102 Tempe, AZ 85282 starting at 8 am on Wed., Oct 12; Fri, Oct 14; Fri, Oct 21; Fri., Oct 28; Fri., Oct 28; Mon., Oct 31; Wed, Nov2;, Fri., Nov 4., Sat., Nov 5. .Send your name, phone number and the dates that you can help to Kathy Hedges . You will be contacted with a confirmation of your dates upon receipt.

Trump/Pence Campaign “Trump Talk”: We are rolling out our new phone from home program – Trump Talk – and we’ve created an account for you and our best volunteer leaders.We are on the verge of breaking out in the most key battleground states, but we need help from all across America to do it – using Trump Talk. Click here to log in and start calling – review the brief tutorial – it is simple, fun and effective! Will you try out Trump Talk today? Login today, make just 10 calls, and give us your feedback. Together we will take back our country and make America great again for everyone!

Trump Campaign Seeking Volunteers: Republicans interested in supporting the “Trump for President” campaign can contact Thayer Verschoor at (602) 703-0266 or

Paradise Republican Women - Standing Campaign Committee: The Campaign Chairman shall act as a liaison to the State and County Republican Party during campaign years, and any other campaign committee set up for the purpose of electing candidates, and shall keep the club informed of all activities of such committee. Shall be responsible for recruiting Club members to work in conjunction with County and State Party to register Republicans and get out the vote on Election Day. Some Of The Ways That We Are Going To Do This:

     1. Be informed. Sign up for the Maricopa County Republican Briefs published daily by Republican Woman Frosty Taylor. E-mail her at .

     2. Periodically, check the new Maricopa County Republican website at . Participate in the events when you can.

     3. Become a precinct person in your precinct. There are vacancies in all of the precincts. You can find the forms on the Maricopa County Republican website or drop by the GOP Headquarters at 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 602-957-7770. It is a simple application process. Go to precinct monthly meetings. Anyone interested in serving on this committee, please contact Anna Morrison at (623) 234-3717. Editor’s Note: New PCs can not be appointed until after the January 2017 Mandatory meetings.

LD21 Is Having A Rummage Sale between 7 am-noon Sat., Oct 22 at the West Valley Republican office, 10050 W Bell Rd Sun City. BBQ can be purchased from Kevin Payne's K Star BBQ.  Take donations to the office during business hours.

The Maricopa County Young Republicans and the AZGOP are hosting a watch party for the final debate at 5:30 pm, Wed., Oct 19. Food and refreshment will be provided at this free event at AZGOP HQ 3501 N 24 St. in Phx. RSVP at

Young Republicans Are Hosting A Last Chance Meet And Greet between 6-8 pm., Wed., Oct 26 at Macayos Depot Cantina, 300 S Ash Ave, Tempe, Arizona 85281. Candidates including Andy Biggs, Dave Giles and Steve Watson, CAP Water Board and other local candidates. Free appetizers and beverages for all attendees. RSVP here

Town Crier Jim Ely: Some of you saw the 2nd POTUS candidate debate, the polls and may be listening to Hillary do her thing in Detroit.  How does one base their political decisions?   Facts??  Impressions??  Looks??  Gender??  Religion??  etc.  How about comparing facts with opinions!  Suppose there was something seriously medically wrong, and there were only two doctors available who could/would treat it, or you would probably die. Let’s say that doctor number one was crude, had been known to make passes at women, bragged too much, was egotistical, maybe ugly, etc., but was believed to  able to cure of your ailment.   Doctor number two was believed to be as pure as the driven snow, but didn’t know a damn thing about your ailment!  Which doctor would one chose???   What does ‘character’ have to do with ‘ability’? Now compare an individual with a record of 30 years of scandals and non-accomplishment, or an individual who through his initiative has amassed about $30 billion in wealth during his life.  Competency??  If one had to chose one of the two, which appears to be the most competent?  We don’t know what Trump would do as an elected politician, we have only his ‘civilian business’ experience to guide us.  We have 30 years of Hillary political experience and what is there to show for it?  We know the detrition of the U.S. status in the last few years.  Who is satisfied with the trend of the Nation?  Who would like to see a positive change?  If your good friend wanted you to give them an thousand bucks, or someone you hardly know wanted to give you a thousand bucks, which would be the more tempting?    Maybe a poor analogy, but to get the point between emotion and fact!  And, oh yes, we really didn’t address the RINO/DINOs that could care less about future generations, but what’s in it for me now, PERKS AND POWER!!

Yesterday afternoon AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham released this statement in support of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.”  As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and Executive Board Member of the Republican National Committee it is important to me to share my thoughts regarding Donald J. Trump. Do you regret anything in your past? There is no explicable way to defend Donald Trump’s comments and their aggressive nature towards women from more than a decade ago…nor has he asked us to defend him. Donald Trump has sincerely expressed his regret and has apologized for his actions. We understand when the leftist media condemns Republican candidates with bias. However, it is hard to understand why some are willing to surrender the principles and values we espouse as conservatives well-knowing that Hillary Clinton, if President, will systematically condemn our freedoms. Leadership is more than stopping political mail, not campaigning for someone or making statements condemning a person’s comments made nearly a dozen years before--Leadership is making the tough decisions, digging in and sacrificing for beliefs and ideas greater than one person. Donald Trump is a fighter and showed us all the fight that it will take to get our nation back on track. From lowering taxes, to protecting Americans, to replacing Obamacare -- his plans are consistent with what our country needs and our citizens are longing for. Secretary Clinton once again showed why she is part of the problem we have in America. Her answers were the same tired and unproductive government based solutions that she has talked a lot about over the last 30 years, but done very little to change. Whether the image is Donald Trump surprised by a loving embrace from a family who lost their home in Louisiana or when he stands in front of thousands of supporters promising to make America great again...his love of nation and his love of the people of our nation is clear. In the end, I will not condemn or abandon a man that has every right to forgiveness as I do.  Nor will I give up on the people of this great nation.  We must lead. It is my responsibility, as a member of the Republican National Committee, to elect our Republican nominees and defend our country against all enemies. Hillary Clinton is an enemy to our nation’s security, general welfare and blessings of liberty.  I will continue to work with passion, integrity and restlessness to stop Hillary Clinton and elect Donald J. Trump. Graham-Supporting-Donald-Trump

Kelli Ward, Talk Show Host For The Kelli Ward Connection airing at 3 pm., Wed., on KFNX1100 AM will featured Nayla Rush from the Center for Immigration Studies, Mathew Landen with Project Million, and resident millennial, Wes Alexander.

The Dynamite Wellness Center is hosting Trump Talkers at 8707 E Vista Bonita Drive #140, Scottsdale. Refreshments provided. For information contact Cyndi Love 480-365-8090 or

The LD13 meeting will be held at 7 pm., Tues., Oct 11 at the Eagles Nest Ballroom at PebbleCreek, 3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear Arizona. This is located on the East side of PebbleCreek across PebbleCreek Parkway.  Enter opposite gate you normally do for meetings.  6:30 Registration; 7:00 PM meeting.  New location for this meeting only. County Attorney Bill Montgomery will be speaking on ‘No on Prop 205’. Contact: Chr Wally Campbell 623-451-1100.

Don’t Forget That Early Voting begins on Oct 12. Be sure to talk with your friends, neighbors and relatives to make sure they vote.

Editor’s Note: Briefs means brief, short, concise. To those submitting commentary – there is a 300 word limit on postings. If you exceed the word limit, your commentary will either not be posted or it will be edited to conform to the word limit policy– Frosty Taylor

Attention Republican Candidates/Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

Volunteers Needed For Phone Banks: Sign up and the nearest office will contact you with instructions and passwords Make calls from an office or your home.   Contact names and locations of the Victory Offices:

· 1234 S. Power Road, Suite 251 Mesa, 85206.

· 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix 85016.

· 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phoenix, AZ, 85028

· 10050 W. Bell Rd., Ste 49, Sun City 85351.

· 17 W. Wetmore, Ste 101 Tucson 85705.

· 1809 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson 85719.

· 9431 E. 22nd St., #141 Tucson 85710.

· 2625 S Woodlands Village Blvd,#250 Flagstaff, 86001.

· 112-B E. Union St., Prescott 86303.

· 2176 McCulloch Blvd. Ste 2 Lake Havasu City 86403.

· 307 S. Beeline Hwy., Payson 85541.

· 1420 S. 1st Ave, Safford 85546.

· 101 S. La Canada Dr. #69, Green Valley 85614.

· 453 E. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande 85122.

· 325 W. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista 85635.

· 491 N. Grand Ave, Nogales 85621.

· 1900 W. Germann Road #12, Chandler, AZ 85286

The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Precinct Committeeman Awards Dinner will feature speaker Stephen M Studdert, an advisor to three President; Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and an unnamed guest speak, according to awards dinner chairman Liz Alcorn. The dinner will be held at 7 pm., Sat., Oct 15 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 340 N 3rd St., in Phoenix. Cocktail Reception between 5:30 - 6:45 pm. Auction - Round trip airfare for two to Washington D.C for a private tour of the White House, United States Capitol, Library of Congress, and Exclusive tour of the Smithsonian museum of your choice, along with complimentary passes to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Dinner tickets: Precinct Committeemen - $ 60 per person: Same for spouse. General Admission: $100 per person. Legislative Table of 10: $ 1,000. Sponsor Table of 10: $1,500. Speaker Table: $250 per person. Paid reservations (check or credit card) required to attend. RSVP deadline – Oct 10. Business attire. Checks Made Payable to : Maricopa County Republican Committee, Mail Reservations to Dinner Chairman Liz Alcorn, 12040 N.133rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Contact: Alcorn at or 602-315-0349.

Volunteers are needed in the Pima County GOP Victory Offices to make phone calls and other campaign related activities: The Tucson offices are located at:

    · Trump HQ Victory Office, 1809 E Broadway, contact Hannah Gates 520-400-2294 for Trump yard signs and Trump bumper stickers.  Hours: M-F 9am to 9pm.  Saturday 10am to 2pm.

    · Pima GOP HQ, 17 W Wetmore, #101, contact Chris Kelly 480-363-2352 for signs and bumper stickers. 

     · Victory Office, 9431 E 22nd St, #141 Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 10am to 6pm. Tuesdays noon to 8pm & Saturdays noon to 4pm. Trump yard signs,  Bumper stickers $1, Campaign Buttons $2

Wickenburg Area Republicans can pick up Donald Trump for President, CD4 Congressional incumbents Paul Gosar, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio yard signs at Lydia’s LaCanasta Restaurant between 7-9 am and 2-4 pm every day of the week – if there are any left. They were going out the door at a rapid rate. Voter registration forms are also available at the restaurant… or at the US Post Office or local MVD office.

Incumbent CD4 Paul Gosar needs volunteers to help make phone calls.  Interested volunteers go to to schedule.

Kathy Pearce, Founder, CEO AZ Heroes to Hometowns, is in need of 2,500 - $25 grocery gift cards or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete the food boxes for Thanksgiving dinner for families of OEF/OIF Injured/Wounded Troops, Deployed Military Families, Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty Military. Donations of grocery gift cards and checks are needed by Nov 11. See Contact Pearce at 480-330-1632 or

The Gila County Republican Committee is raffling off an Arizona ranch grown side of beef (approx. 300 pounds). The ranch is located near Holbrook, AZ. Tickets are $20 each or three for $50. Drawing will be Oct 31. The butcher will cut the beef to the order of the winner. Contact: Chairman Gary Morris at 602-803-7366.

Dinesh D'Souza's "Hillary's America" DVD will be released Oct 11, according to D’Souza. d’souza-announces-home-release-for-hillary’s-america D’Souza joined Larry Gatlin on Fox & Friends to talk Hillary’s America, country music, and the frightening prospects of a Hillary presidency.

Trump Signs, Bumper Stickers And Door Hangers Are Available At Trump HQ. Pick up supplies at (1) 605 E McKellips Road in Mesa, (2) AZGOP, 3501 N 24th Street in Phoenix, or (3) West Valley AZGOP office, 10050 W Bell Road #51 in Sun City. Contact: Lori Urban   Maricopa County Chairman for TRUMP 480-221-9633.

The Gila County Republican Committee now has a radio talk show on the local radio station KMOG 1420. “It’s a means to by-pass the local, very liberal newspaper and go directly to the public with our message. Each Monday morning at 9.30am we talk about Republican principles and issues, along with hosting Republican candidates for office,”  according to Gila County Chairman Gary Morris. Contact: Morris at 602-803-7366.

Arizona Veterans Interested in joining “Veterans for Trump” can reach organizer Tom Morrissey at

The Sun Lake Republican Club is selling Trump yard signs for $10 each as a fundraiser for the club. Placement in the hard ground is free. Contact Chr Michael Tennant at (480) 802-0178.

White “Trump/Pence, Make America Great Again” caps are available for $25 each through the official “Trump Make American Great Again Committee”. Proceeds go toward electing Donald Trump as the next US President. Get Your Official Made-In-The-USA Make America Great Again Cap Editor’s Note: This is a confirmed Trump Team Committee.

Tickets are now available for the Sun Lakes Republican Club Nov 8 Election Night Party featuring big screens, food, drinks and Harry Matthews entertainment. $22 per person. Contact: Chr Michael Tennant at (480) 802-0178.

The AZGOP Presidential Electors are Foster Morgan of Glendale, Walter Begay of Kayenta, Bruce Ash of Tucson, Sharon Giese of Mesa, Jim O’Connor and Jerry Hayden of Scottsdale, and Robert Graham, Edward Robson, Carol Joyce, Alberto Gutier and Jane Lynch of Phoenix.

The GOP Victory Office At 9431 E 22nd St., Suite 141 in Tucson is open between 10am-6 pm., Mon, Wed., Thurs. and Fri, from noon until 8 pm. On Tues., and from noon to 4 pm on Sat., according to AZGOP First Vice Chairman Parralee Schneider. The volunteers help with phone calls and mail out. Trump Pence yard signs and bumper stickers are available. Hours depend on volunteer staffing, so call Schneider at 520-250-5073 to make sure Victory is open before you visit.

Arizona Veterans Interested in joining “Veterans for Trump” can reach Trump Team Coordinator Tom Morrissey at 602 319-5103.

Trump Team County Chairmen Contact Information:

Apache/Navajo Counties- Gene Hall: (928-205-9787)

Cochise County-Frank Antenori: (520-465-8850) and David Stevens: (520-732-1003)

Gila County – Lolly Hathhorn : ( 928-474-2334)

Graham County- John Duane Rhodes: ( 928-651-0563)

La Paz County – Jennifer Jones (725-666-9791)

Maricopa County – Lori Urban: (480-221-9633)

Mohave County- Larry Schiff: (928-530-3637) (928-530-36370

Pima County – Christine Bauserman: (520-235-2234)

Pinal County – Debra Shaw Rhodes (520-840-3091)

Yavapai County – Brenda Dickinson: (928- 925-1549)

Yuma County – Jonathan Lines (928-580-0349)

National Federation of Republican Women’s Club members are pitching in to do phone banking at AZGOP Victory offices throughout the state. For scheduling, NFRW volunteers should contact Kathy Hedges at or via telephone at (602) 274-8100.

The Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) is not only the fastest growing Republican group in Arizona, it is also considered the more conservative wing of the Republican Party. Membership includes over half of the Republicans in the current Arizona Legislature.  The AZRA Scorecard is a great guide to who is doing what on your behalf in the Legislature, and can be accessed from the top menu:  The Legislators are given a score based on over 230 bills proffered in the 2015-16 session.

Ft. Tuthill Military History Museum Director Marilyn “Waddell” Hammarstrom – the daughter of John A. Waddell, who was cartoonist/author Bill Mauldin’s first “Willie” - is looking for Mauldin items from his famous “Willie and Joe” drawing of WWII vets. Contact Hammarstrom at 602-684-1912 or

The Arizona Game And Fish/Respected Access In Arizona/ RIDENOW! POWERSPORTS Annual Fundraiser is scheduled Oct 13 at the OneAZ Credit Union Pavilion at Ben Avery Clay Target Center, 5060 W Skeet St, Phoenix, AZ 85086. A fun-shoot is offered from 2-5 pm, followed by the BBQ. The fundraising is from 5-9 pm. Prizes include target-shooting, hunting and outdoor recreation products. Fun-Shoot and Dinner - $65. Dinner only - $40. Tables of 6 available Contact Marsha Hill at

Daisy Mountain Tea Party Chairman and PC Vera Anderson is working with the Phoenix Police Dept. to get a Blue Ribbon Campaign going to support local Law Enforcement officers. Contact her at and 602-821-4675.

Joe-The-Plumber To Give Away The "Trump Truck' On Thanksgiving. “…The Trump Truck” has been rolling along attracting gawkers and calling Americans to vote for Trump come November. Now the owners of the truck have come up with a plan of GIVING the TRUCK Away, all in an effort to make people aware of how much is at stake during the 2016 presidential election.” Click to register for the giveaway now.

Volunteers Wanted As Receptionists for the GOP West Valley office at 10050 W. Bell Rd. Ste. 50 in Sun City (Bell Rd. and 99th Avenue). Shifts are M-F 9am-1 pm and 1-5 pm. Must feel comfortable using the computer. Contact Office Manager Phyllis Lee at 623-583-5987 or

Volunteers Are Needed For The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Tempe office. Contact: Contact Harris at a 602-432-2871 (c)

The RNC And DNC Party Platforms at their recent national conventions See: 2016-republican-party-platform and dem convention platform


Oct 11

The Sun Lakes Republican Club’s “Veteran’s Salute and 2016 Elections” is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Tues., Oct 11 in the Mirror Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. Speaker: Radio talk show host Mike Broomhead. Public invited. Contact Mike Tennant or 480-802-0178.

The LD13 meeting will be held at 7 pm., Tues., Oct 11 at the Eagles Nest Ballroom at PebbleCreek, 3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear Arizona. This is located on the East side of PebbleCreek across PebbleCreek Parkway.  Enter opposite gate you normally do for our meetings.  6:30 Registration; 7:00 PM meeting.  New location for this meeting only.Registration is at 6:30 PM and Meeting will begin at 7 PM.  County Attorney Bill Montgomery will be speaking on No on Prop 205. Contact: Chr Wally Campbell 623-451-1100.

The Seville Tuesday Club is planning a Meet & Greet featuring the Gilbert Town Council Candidates Joel Anderson, Jared Taylor, Scott Anderson and Jim Torgenson at 7 pm, Oct 11 in the Ballroom at the Seville Golf and Country Club, 6683 S Clubhouse Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85298. Contacts: Karen Drake (602) 320-3808 and Kathy Quellen (480) 276-8452.

Oct 12

The Grassroots Tea Party Activists will host International Political Activist Trevor Loudon at 6:30 pm., Oct 12 at the John J Morris American Legion Post 62, 9847 W Desert Cove Ave., Peoria. $2.50 entry donation.

OCT 13

The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will be phone banking between 5:30-8:30 pm Thurs., Oct 13 at the AZGOP Victory Office, 3501 N. 24th Street, in Phoenix.

Steve Nannini is hosting a Reception between 6-8 pm., Thurs., Oct 13 to support Ally Miller for Re-Election Campaign at 7777 N. Via Bellini, Tucson, AZ. RSVP: or 297-1178 by Oct 10. Suggested minimum contribution $100 per person. Donate at Host to provide a bottle of 2011 Vigneto Nannini to each guest.

OCT 14

The Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner is scheduled at 7 pm., Fri., Oct 14 featuring columnist Peggy Noonan, a political thinker, best-selling author and 2016 Goldwater Award Recipient. 6 pm reception at the Arizona Biltmore – Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom, 2400 E Missouri Ave., Phoenix. Hosted by Founding Chairman John Cotton and Current Chairman Eric Crown.  Limited seating. RSVP or register at  Contact: Austin Anton at (602) 633-8975 or

The Oro Valley Republican Women's Club will entertain Barry Webb, author of ”Confessions of An (Ex) NSA Spy” at the 11:30 am., Fri., Oct 14 luncheon, scheduled at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85737. Webb will address why American and its allies are losing the War on Terror with a PowerPoint presentation on Islamic prophecies, terrorism, and Hillary Clinton’s connections to radical Islam. Webb spent 25 years as an Arabic language translator/analyst for the NSA and other -government entities, has an MA in Ancient History, an MA in Middle Eastern studies, and has lived, worked, and studied in the Middle East for over half-a-dozen years. He has read the Qur’an in Arabic from front to back many, many times over the last several decades. Since retirement from the NSA Webb has continued to monitor events in the Middle East and the rise of terrorism/radicalization with increasing alarm—which has inspired him to write his book. RSVP NANCYNRDH@GMAIL.COM_ or 520-297-3401. Reservations deadline if 1:30 pm, Tues., Oct 11.

OCT 15

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., Oct 15 with Cheryl Todd, who will address the Second Amendment. See Todd at  or

LD17 is planning a “Super Trump Saturday” between 8 am and noon, Sat., Oct 15 with phone bank calling and neighborhood walks. contact LD17 Chairman Dr. Shadow Asgari at

A Constitution Study Group will offer classes Sat., Oct 15 between 2-3:30 American Family Education, 4933 E Southern in Mesa. Contact: Sarah Rowse, CitC Curriculum Director, (602) 301-3008.

Oct 17

A Meet & Greet For LD18 Sen Candidate Frank Schmuck is planned at 5:30 pm., Mon., Oct 17 at the residence of Captain Miranda McGuire-Owens, 901 East Cathedral Rock Church.

Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) monthly luncheon will meet at 11 am, Mon., Oct 17 with Howard Hyde, author of "Escape from Berkeley" at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center, 1500 E. Hwy. 69, in Prescott. 11 am social. $20 per person. RSVP to : Elsie Tyree at or, Reservation deadline: 5 pm., Thurs., Oct 13.

The Leisure World Republican Club will feature Thayer Vershoor from the Trump Campaign, Maricopa County Community College Governing Board candidate Vicki E. Alger, and CAP Water Board candidate Thomas Galvin at 7 pm., Mon., Oct 17 in the Leisure World ballroom. Contact Diane Andersen 480-395-5515 or

Oct 18

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 18 with Arizona GOP candidates in the Grand Canyon Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375. Candidates for some state offices will be speaking, including several for the CAP Water Board. Future meetings are set for Nov 1, Nov 15 and Dec 6. Surprise Tea Party Patriots Website


300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump: Last night was a win for America. It was a win for the forgotten men and women of our country. It was a win for the Silent Majority who will band together to take our country back on November 8. Now it’s up to us to ensure we win in a Landslide. WIN on November 8 As I’m writing this, Americans are already voting for president...After last night’s victory, we need to reach every single one of our supporters across the country, and ensure they make it to the polls to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. You and I both know that Hillary is going to spend tens of millions of dollars to try and stop us. We can’t let it happen. We can’t quit while we’re ahead. We can’t stop fighting now. I’m counting on you to step up at this PIVOTAL moment, and help us win big just 29 days from now. Thank you,

District 1 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Denny Barney: This past week the Arizona Republic highlighted the stark differences between my Democrat opponent and our campaign in their article titled: “Maricopa county supervisors' race offers choice: Focus on pets or businesses?” I want to highlight what I told the reporter because I think it’s representative of the seriousness of our campaign and where I stand: “What Matthew and I are fighting over are the people in the middle… What differentiates us is: What’s your view on the role of government? I believe that in the end there’s a very specific role for government, but more government isn’t better. He’s going to come from the side of the equation that says more is better.” I encourage you to
read the article to find out more about my positions on reducing the size and scope of government, criminal justice, public safety, and my time representing District 1 on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. After reading the article, I would also like to encourage you to contribute to my campaign. Although the election is still 29 days away, it’s important that we work hard, effectively, and efficiently until the very last day. In order to do that we could really use your support -- any amount helps! With thanks,

The McCain Campaign Manager Ryan O’Daniel: “John McCain was the clear winner tonight, demonstrating that he has the leadership, experience and judgment to best serve the people of Arizona. We know from John McCain’s record of accomplishment for Arizona that we can count on him to protect Arizona families— he is the right choice for Arizona. Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick tonight confirmed that ‘yes’ Obamacare was her proudest vote and stated that she considers Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy, in contrast to the vast majority of Arizonans. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick lacks the judgment needed to serve our great state. Arizona cannot afford a Senator who runs away from the people and the tough issues facing our state and nation."


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