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Republican Briefs

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Be sure to vote today

Every Election Day, I remember Margaret Flynn – my mentor when I was the Chairman of a Federation of Junior Woman’s Club’s District “get out the vote” projects in the early 1960s in Nebraska. My twinkly-eyed, elderly Irish adviser would say, “Always vote the first thing in the morning so your vote gets counted – even if you don’t make it through the day.” -ft

If You Have A J.D. Mesnard or a Yarbrough/Mesnard/Weninger yard sign, you are asked to take it to your polling place and put it near other campaign signs 75 feet from the door. Polling Locations - LD 17

Activist Nohl Rosen reports there were “lots of honks, thumbs ups and waves” as motorist drove past the Trump Wavers who gathered near the “Hillary for Prison 2016” bill board on the east side of Wickenburg Sunday afternoon. The same bill board appears on the northwest edge of Wickenburg, as well.

Lydia Labril Has Announced her La Canasta Restaurant in Wickenburg will host an 8 pm., Tues., Nov 8 “Believers For Trump Watch The Returns Victory Party”. Participants are welcome to bring snacks to share as Labril will close the kitchen during the returns party. She will be showing Trevor Loudon’s “The Enemy Within” documentary again at 6:30 pm., Fri., Nov 11. No purchase necessary, however, diners should arrive in time to finish their meals prior to the start of the DVD.

Cowboy Lassoes Would-Be Bike Thief In Parking Lot... The Right Thing To Do

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., Nov 12 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr. in Scottsdale to hear Jamie Fawbush and Joanna M. Sweatt discuss “Working to Make things Better for Our Returning Soldiers.” Sweat is a former US Marine field radio operator. 10:30 am social; noon lunch. $30 for lunch. RSVP VISIT PRWC.ORG

Arizona Balladeer Dolan Ellis will be doing a “free to all veterans” show at 1 pm., Fri., Nov 11 in the restored Willcox Historic Theater in Willcox, AZ. The show will include "Ghost Riders in the Sky", which was inspired and written near Willcox, Ellis’s ballad of "The Historic Bombing of Naco” - just down the road and across the border, and a salute to Marty Robbins "Man Walks Among us". The show includes Ellis’s full multimedia large screen accompanying photography of Arizona.

Election Information:

      · To verify your early ballot status go to  earlyvotingballotstatus

      · If voting in person on Election Day (Nov 8), you must vote at your assigned polling location.  See

Lt Col Wendy Rogers (ret): Since my August primary, I have been working with Veterans for a Strong America Action Group to ensure we elect a Commander in Chief who'll keep our country safe. Thank you for your support and please vote!​ See Rogers video on See Rogers on classified information

Retired Naval Officer Paul Epperly: If Mitt Romney had campaigned as hard as Donald Trump has, Hillary would be just another old, tired, crooked, lying politician. Instead, Romney lost both elections, turned on this year’s Republican candidate and delivered Utah to the Democrats.  Even if Trump doesn't win, he has made Americans look at the corruption and dishonesty of our career politicians, and our current Muslim leaning, race baiting, lying, egotistical President.  I hope that the Republican congressional candidates who turned their back on Trump, don't whine if they lose.  I am sick of the conduct of both political parties.  It is all about "power & political longevity”, not Patriotism.  Our politicians belong to the same "Good Old Boy's Club",  are afraid of change and protect each other. The Bush family is voting for Hillary; after all of the money they and the RNC spent on the "Goody Goody Two Shoes" Jeb - he lost big time.  Gov Kasich, the biggest whining loser of all, didn't even show up at the RNC Convention in his own state.  The nominating conventions are rigged.  We peons vote for the two candidates that the "Good Old Boys" want.  Trump bucked this rigged election system; then came the leaked emails on Hillary & the DNC - showing how the Democrat bigwigs got rid of Bernie.  Do you really think we live in a true Democracy?  I never thought that Trump was a perfect candidate but at least Trump isn't a part of the "Good Old Boy Club”. The other choice is Hillary, the most corrupt, inept, lying candidate to ever run for the Presidency. We need a "Common Sense" Party - that only wants to change what needs to be changed and leaves alone the things that work. We still must have some really good, patriotic, successful, honest people (male & female) in our midst who could and would serve "Us, the People".

Former Sun City West Tea Party member Wayne Blair to former LD22/SCWTP member Brian Reilly: Brian, with all the “never-Trumping, never-McCain, never-Flake, & never-Arpaio going on what does that do to unit a party and get the GOP national, state, and locally any advantage against the DEMe. I have read that George Soros is spending a lot of money in AZ (soros-spends-millions-oust-arpaio) to cause rhetoric among the GOP/GOPe, but what choices does a Republican have if he is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE? Other choices are Crooked Hillary, The Gary Johnson, Jill Stile, or people that you have no history as to how they will conduct the business that they are running for. But the big question to me is about you; you are very against Sheriff Joe cause of what they did to you on the Birther Issue (get over it). Should we follow the money on you also? We have followed the money on Sheriff Joe which he is not that honest about but look at the good that man has done for Maricopa County and the State. Brian, sorry but I cannot support you against Sheriff Joe even though I was against the Birther Issue back when you, Surprise Tea Party and R. Burges started this issue with Sheriff Joe and Cong. Trent Franks. That is when I resigned from the SCW Tea Party.

Center for Arizona Policy: Please, please don’t sit this one out. Tomorrow’s election will determine whether the character and nature of our state changes dramatically with the legalization of recreational marijuana via Prop 205. Tomorrow’s election will impact the future of religious freedom, sanctity of human life from its very beginning to its natural end, and much more. Your vote matters! Remember that one congressional primary race in August was decided by only 27 votes! Here’s what you need to know:

· If you haven’t dropped off your early ballot, do not mail it now. You may drop it off at any polling location in your county tomorrow, Nov 8. polling locations are here.

   · Polls are open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.

   · If you are voting tomorrow, you have to vote at your own polling location.

   · Check out the available resources at

        o A personalized version of the 2016 Voter Guide specific to your district

       o Candidates’ answers to key questions and any comments they added

       o Researched positions for federal candidates who declined to respond

       o Candidate contact information

       o Information on city and county races, as well as judges up for retention and school board candidates

      o Downloadable election resource

      o And much more! Be the Difference this election season! Vote no on Prop 205!

Voter-Fraud-Favoring-Dems-Caught-In-Swing-States-Across-US …If you see anything suspicious, record it on your phone and report any suspected cases with Vote Stand app. Also, share anything suspect on social media. You should report any cases of fraud or suspected fraud to local state officials, which will be either the Secretary of State of the State Board of Elections. Here’s an Arizona you can call from Freedom Works’ 2012 guide for reporting fraud: Arizona 602-542-8683.

Senate Conservatives Action President Ken Cuccinelli II: The RNC's Chief Strategist & Communications Director Sean Spicer acknowledged yesterday that retired Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Glenn (R-CO) could win the U.S. Senate race in Colorado. Spicer said, "The Colorado senate race came out of nowhere and is suddenly on the map. The race may have come out of nowhere to the RNC because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) foolishly abandoned the race after the primary, but the race has always been winnable. This admission by the RNC is yet further evidence that the race has tightened in the past two weeks and is now winnable if Republicans turn out…

Former Marine Bill Heuslier: Before Comey defenders embarrass themselves they should all take a minute or two and simply Google Comey and the ClintonsWho-Is-James-Comey-FBI-Director Comey defenders will see he was Special Counsel for Senate Whitewater Committee. In the Arkansas Whitewater scandal of the ‘70s & 80’s half of the mostly retired elderly Clinton investors lost all their money. Comey covered up for the Clintons. Interestingly though, the McDougals were Clinton-partners in the real estate deal. The McDougals took the fall and refused to testify against the Clintons. Even more interesting, Jim McDougal died in jail and his wife Susan was pardoned by then-President Bill Clinton. Researchers will also see Comey was deeply involved in 2002 as a Federal Prosecutor investigating the Marc Rich Presidential Pardon by Bill Clinton (arranged by Eric Holder) that pardoned billionaire financier Marc Rich who had fled the US to avoid prosecution for massive currency fraud. Surprisingly to many, no charges were brought by Comey. Look all this up and wonder why these long-time connections between Comey and the Clintons are not mentioned by so-called Mainstream News Media. Now take special notice of how Comey prosecuted and jailed Martha Stewart for lying to the FBI only one time. who-is-james-comey-fbi-director

Frank Thorwald, Maricopa County First Vice Chairman and Candidate for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party: Divide and Conquer or divide and rule. The technique has been around for centuries; a trap population can easily fall into especially with our advanced and direct communications. This is propaganda that is not just used in a hot war but also in a cold war through blogging; emails; word of mouth; hacking and in other ways. This is not just state sponsored like what the Russians are doing to destabilize and conquer nations. It is also being done by ISIS and all groups that have an opinion or belief that they want to convince the masses to believe. This form of information is very seductive because it is designed to appeal to our core beliefs by interweaving truths and lies. The Democratic Party for years was divided between the people who said we are not liberal enough and the moderate Democrats which severely handicapped the Democratic Party preventing them from electing the numbers needed to be in control. This was a windfall for The Republican Party. Now the situation is reversed and we are the divided party and this election is very important to all of us for many reasons.“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. – Ronald Reagan Today more than ever we must vigilantly research the sources of information and the background of the writers to determined bias and validity before we take the information to heart and pass it on as gospel. When the population of a nation loses trust in its elected leaders or in the election process that Nation becomes vulnerable to downfall. Our detractors and adversaries are watching us closely and trying to give us a shove into the abyss. With the chasm, greater than ever before we need to be ingenious and not act or be ruled solely by emotion. See entire article at Facebook link:    LinkedIn link:

Kathy Pearce, Founder, CEO AZ Heroes to Hometowns, is in need of 2,500 - $25 grocery gift cards or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete the food boxes for Thanksgiving dinner for families of OEF/OIF Injured/Wounded Troops, Deployed Military Families, Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty Military. Donations of grocery gift cards and checks are needed by Nov 11. See Contact Pearce at 480-330-1632 or

Pima County Republican headquarters needs people for a 8:30 am., Nov 12 hand count audit at Abrams Public Health Building, 3950 S Country Club Rd. Please call Pima GOP HQ 321-1492

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire Hillary. New Song



The Sun Lakes Republican Club Election Night Party begins at 5:30 pm with dinner, followed by dancing and watching the national returns. For tickets go to SLRC Dinner Dance

The West Valley GOP Victory Party will start at 5 pm., Tues., Nov 8 at 99th Ave and Bell Road. Cost $5. (Pizza will be purchased from Pizza Hut) Bring your own beverage.

The AZGOP Election Night Celebration is scheduled Tues., Nov 8 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, 122 N 2nd Street in Phoenix. Doors open at 6 pm. Cash bar. Get Free Tickets Here

Sen John McCain and his wife Cindy will host an election night party at 7 pm, Tues, Nov 8 at the Heard Museum.


The Amercia’s Mighty Warriors PGA Fore Charity is scheduled Nov 9-13, according to founder Debbie Lee. See Click Here for details on the PGA FORE Charity event. Tickets: $30 each at 623-537-5322 or email

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission Appointment Recommendation Board, consisting of Susan E. Chilton (chair), W. Hays Gilstrap, Charles I. Kelly, W.J. “Jim” Lane, and Phillip D. Townsend will meet at 9 am., Wed., Nov 9 to interview six candidates for the upcoming (2017) vacancy on the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. The meeting will be held at the Arizona Game and Fish Department headquarters, 5000 W. Carefree Highway in Phoenix and is open to the public. The six applicants - Kurt R. Davis, Jonathan D. Hanna, Michael B. Ivor, George J. Rivosecchi, Richard Searle, and James H. Unmacht - were selected from a list of 31 applicants considered at the board’s Oct 25 public meeting. The board will select between two and five candidates from the above list to forward to Governor Ducey for his consideration for the appointment. View the public notice ( additional information about the Commission Appointment Recommendation Board, contact the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions at (602) 542-2449 or toll free at 1-800-253-0883 or on the web at

Nov 11

A Salute to America, starring Armen Dirtadian, Robert Shaw and The Manhattan Dolls will be presented a the Gaslight Music Hall in Tucsion at 7 pm., Nov 11. Tickets 529-1000 or A portion of the proceeds will benefit Tucson Veterans. Serving Veterans to assist our at-risk and homeless veterans. Tickets are $30/person plus approximately $4 in taxes. Contact: Onita Davis

The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet with Radio Talk Show Host Mike Broomhead to discuss veterans and the Nov 8 election at 6:30 pm. Tues., Oct 11 in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.

NOV 12

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Sat., Nov 12 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr. in Scottsdale to hear Jamie Fawbush and Joanna M. Sweatt discuss “Working to Make things Better for Our Returning Soldiers.” Sweat is a former US Marine field radio operator. 10:30 am social; noon lunch. $30 for lunch. RSVP VISIT PRWC.ORG

NOV 14

The Prescott Republican Men’s Forum is scheduled at 11 am., Mon., Nov 14 at the Hotel St. Michael, 205 W Gurley St., in Prescott. Dr. Richard Bloom, chief academic office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, will address “Intelligence.” $18 per person. RSVP toBob Luzius 928-717-2551 or by Nov. 10.


300 word limit policy. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

2018 Senate candidate Kelli Ward: Today we make a decision that will impact the direction of our country for generations. Unbelievably, a group of open border Republicans -- led by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake -- are working to hand the presidency to Crooked Hillary. Despite the treachery of the "NeverTrump" globalists, we must deliver Arizona's electoral votes to Donald Trump by getting all the sensible people to the polls. If Flake and his ilk succeed in delivering Arizona to Hillary, there is almost no path for Trump to win. Trump's "America first" agenda is such a threat to the establishment gravy train for Flake and NeverTrump, they are willing to let the Clinton Crime Family return to the White House. As a successful and independently wealthy business mogul, Trump will "Make America Great Again" by putting our government back to work for Americans first. He'll close the border, rebuild the military, and negotiate trade deals that don't send our jobs overseas. Even without the LONG history of Clinton corruption, Hillary's dangerous agenda would be devastating for our country. 

· Hillary intends to shred the Constitution by appointing liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court. The damage to freedom of speech, religion freedom, privacy and the right to bear arms will span generations. 

· Hillary's election will enshrine the Obamacare disaster that has caused Arizona insurance premiums to skyrocket by more than 100% this year.

· Hillary is an open borders activist who told foreign bankers in a private speech revealed by Wikileaks that her "dream" is a "hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders".

· Hillary is an advocate for last-minute abortion (even in the 9th month of pregnancy).

· Hillary is wholly owned by anyone who will contribute to her personal enrichment including foreign Islamic governments. 

We must not allow Hillary to take the White House. Encourage your patriotic friends vote. If you know anyone being duped make sure they know what's at stake. join our mailing list.


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