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12-20-16 Briefs

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The (Sandy) Bartlett Bunker: Complaints About The Game Playing Within The Party Just Keep Coming In. Dec 19, 2016 issue -- “PC's are being systematically eliminated in numerous LD's by signing up "ghost PC's" for the sole purpose of using them for proxies only. These PC's are usually told they do not have to attend meetings or be active in anyway.  Active, hard-working PC's are being forced out by filling a precinct with "ghost PC's" and then using John McCain PAC money to send out mailers to voters instructing them who to vote for and leaving off active PC's.  (Many active PC's have also been forced out of being State Committeemen with the abuse of the proxy system).”

    Here is a portion of detailed report of a speech given by Rustin Pearce at his LD 25 meeting listing the abuse of power by certain PC's in LD25: “…State Committeemen have one responsibility… to attend the Mandatory State meeting. I wish they had the integrity to do what they sign up to do. Please do not vote for someone who is not going to show up. Those that got blocked by “this group” are good people who are active and attend their meetings. Some even went to the State Meeting to get work and get signatures but they couldn't have a voice or a vote. When did signing up with no intention of showing up become ok? Or Worse, the sole purpose of signing people up is to block someone else from participating. The sad part is this group is almost all from one demographic- one religion.... The Mormons!

    “One of our board members asked this question. “How much integrity is lost in order to manipulate so many people for the purpose of power and control?” I have had a few of the good Christian folks that work side by side with the working PCs ask why the Mormons are doing this? Why do they run with no intention to show up? My answer is we are not as honest as we claim to be.  Maybe because someone important (Montagues, Roc Arnett, Kirk Adams, Soelbergs, John Giles, Worsleys or the Pearces) asked them to. This happens on both sides, it’s 16 time (sic) worse on the Montague/Moderate side.”…   See What Happened To The Arizona Republican Party ?? for the rest of this post..

In LD17 This Was Handed Out At A Meeting.  Many Active Pc's Were Forced Out Or Are No Longer State Committeemen.  (Also from the Dec 19 Bartlett Bunker)



Briefs Editor’s Notes:  This Link retire-john-mccain Leads To a Report on part of the McCain purge in 2016. He (reportedly) purged many more in 2014 as alleged revenge for being censured by State Committeemen for acting and voting more like the Democrat than a Republican, according to this AFA report.  - ft

Also see Graham to O'Connor 12-9-16 ; and newly elected LD23 Chairman Nancy Ordowski’s response challenging what her LD23 Board and their legal counsel “believe is an unjustifiable attempt to prevent their participation in the upcoming AZGOP Statutory meeting.” Ordowski to Graham 12-15-16. - ft

LD24 PCs Also Report Shenanigans. Sources, who opt not to be identified for fear of retaliation, say a well-known PC who resides in LD28 gathered numerous LD24 proxies that were turned over to a LD24 PC just prior to their Organizational meeting. -ft

LD13 PCs also report that “paper PCs” who rarely – if ever, attend meetings were elected LD13 officers and  state committeemen over the more conservatives work-horse PCs who had pounded the pavement for several years for voter registration gathering, etc.  - ft

 So far, PCs in LD13,15, 17, 23, 24 and 25 have PCs strong enough to speak out and address the various shenanigans including the “purge of conservative PCs” and “proxy harvesting” that has been occurring for several years. It is time the legislature addressed proxy harvesting, as they did ballot harvesting. As one PC commented, “We are tired of the “Cow Bells” attempting to control the county and state statutory meetings.” What’s a “Cow Bell?” “Someone wearing multiple proxy vote tags. You know how they put a bell around the lead cow’s neck, so other cattle will follow,” he explained. - ft

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan today convened the state’s Presidential Electors to formally cast the Electoral College votes for the Office of President and Vice President of the United States.  The final vote resulted in 11 votes cast for Donald J. Trump for President and Michael R. Pence for Vice-President. According to the provisions of law governing Presidential Elections, the ballots must be cast on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December following the Presidential Election.

Arizona’s 2016 Republican Presidential Electors were: Bruce Ash, Walter Begay, Jr., Sharon Giese, Robert Graham, Alberto Gutier, Jerry Hayden, Carole Joyce, Jane Pierpoint Lynch, J. Foster Morgan, James O’Connor and Edward Robson.  Reagan administered the Oath of Office to the electors, and also witnessed the certificates. This event officially concludes the 2016 election cycle. Arizona Electoral College Meets See photos.

Arizona Elector Foster Morgan, son of immediate past LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan is reportedly the youngest electoral in the United States to vote for President-elect Donald Trump this morning. His mom Heather Morgan, says, “Oh Happy Day! What an awesome and amazing day to be part of making history! My son, Foster, considered to be the youngest elector in history signing the Presidential elector ballot. Finally, the Clinton Crime Family is defeated!..and as a bonus we have saved the Supreme Court!” Editor’s note: That’s quite an achievement for young Foster. Congrats to Eric and Heather for raising such a dedicated young Republican.

GOPAC named Senator Kimberly Yee one of the members of its 2017 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board. GOPAC is the largest Republican state and local political training organization. The Board members promote the ideas they are championing by addressing elected officials, candidates and members at GOPAC events and via its digital program. In addition, they nominate a promising state legislator for the Emerging Leaders Program and provide updates on key legislative and political developments. Membership is a one-year term. Yee was named an Emerging Leader by GOPAC in April 2016. As part of that initiative, she has been involved with the organization which guides legislators across the country with leadership training learning from policy experts, veteran lawmakers and seasoned political strategists. Yee will serve as Senate Majority Leader in the upcoming session. Yee represents the 20th Legislative District of northwest Phoenix and parts of Glendale. She was also recently recognized as a “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee and was an invited speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chair Sharon Day released the following statement on the United States Electoral College voting to officially make Donald J. Trump the President-elect of the United States: “This historic election is now officially over and I look forward to President-elect Trump taking the oath of office in January. Our unified Republican government will hit the ground running next year so we can deliver real change and make America great again. For the good of the country, Democrats must stop their cynical attempts to undermine the legitimacy of this election, which Donald Trump won decisively in the Electoral College with more votes than any Republican since 1988.”

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The Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting is scheduled Jan 14, 2017 at the Polly Rosenbaum Building (formally El Zaribah Shriner’s Auditorium), 552 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Statutory meeting Chairman Liz Alcorn announced:

  • Meeting Prime Sponsor: $ 1,000. Includes Table & Banner
  • Meeting Co-Sponsor : $ 500. Includes Table
  • Federal Candidates : Tables , Banners, $ 200.00 Each
  • Statewide Candidates: Tables , Banners $ 100.00 Each
  • Local Candidates : Tables , Banners $ 50.00 Each
  • Republican Clubs : Tables, Banners $ 50.00 Each
  • Flyer In Packet $ 75.00 Per Page ( 3500 Copies)
  • All Fees Must Be Paid In Advance By Tuesday, Jan 10 , 2017
  • No Check: No Table Or Banner, No Exception !
  • Fees Paid By Check Or Credit Card
  • Make Check Payable To MCRC And Mail To: Liz Alcorn, 12040 N. 133rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
  • Phone: 602-315-0349 Email: Lizalcorn@Ymail.Com
  • Deliver Banners To Liz Alcorn By Tuesday, January 10, 2017
  • Deadline For Pre-Approval OF ALL MATERIALS IN PACKETS , Dec 19, 2016
  • Submit to: April Riggins : email: Cell: 602-909-9255
  • Dan Grimm : email : Cell : 480-570-8570.


DEC 19

Leisure World Republican Club is scheduled at 7 pm., Mon, Dec 19 for a presentation from John Morris, a representative for the Oath Keepers, who will be teaching them the workings of this organization. Live Christmas music by Lee Huff, goodies and presents in addition to the 50/50 drawing. Enter at the main gate and inform the guard that you are attending the meeting. Ask for directions to the Ballroom.908 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ. Diane Andersen 480 395-5515.

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Dec 19 at 3375 E Shea Blvdd #2 in Phoenix to review the Electoral College vote and start work on new projects against superficial legislation. AP will not meet again until Jan 2, 2017, according to Chr Ron Ludders. 602.677.1496

DEC 21

Palo Verde Republican Women's Club will hold its annual Christmas Party luncheon and program on Wed, Dec 21 at the Fairway House at Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Featured will be the A Capella Syndicate, the Phoenix area's newest musical sound.  The group is a singing brotherhood that has recently joined the Barbershop Harmony Society, the world's largest men's singing organization. Check in and social hour are at 11 am with luncheon and program following at 11:30 am.  The cost is $35.  Check, cash or credit card accepted at the door. Reservations required. Rsvp at

President George Washington, President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence impersonators will join guests at the Dec 21 Grassroots Tea Party Activists Annual Christmas Party. $5 admission includes Christmas cake, apple and cherry pie and snacks. 6-9 pm at Denny’s Restaurant, 2717 W Bell Road in Phoenix. Contact:

Dec 22

The LD22 Christmas Party is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Mon., Dec 12 at the residence of 2nd Vice Chairman Van DiCarlo and his wife Rita, at 8055 W. Louise Dr.(Fletcher Heights) in Peoria, AZ 85383. Soft drink beverages along with a limited selection of wine will be supplied.  Participants are asked to bring a finger food plate or desert along with any specialty drink you may prefer, according to newly elected Chairwoman Rae Lynn Chornenky.

DEC 27

AZGOP Chairman Candidate Jim O’Connor will speak 4:30 pm, Tues., Dec 27 at the Pinal County D5 meeting.


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Congressman Paul Gosar: Getting Things Done –

· My I-11 Intermountain West Corridor Development Act was signed into law during the 114th Congress. I-11 and the Intermountain West Corridor will generate $22 billion for our economy and create at least 240,000 permanent jobs. Extending I-11 and allowing it to become the main transportation corridor in the West will be an economic boon for our communities, creating jobs, allowing for an easier flow of goods and services and authorizing the construction of much needed infrastructure. more here.

· Another big win came back in October when the Fish and Wildlife Service held a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the new water intake system and that operations of the rainbow trout stocking program will resume at the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery. In November 2013, the Fish and Wildlife Service tried to terminate this program and threatened 1,700 jobs and $75 million in associated economic output in Mohave County. I fought for you to reverse this terrible bureaucratic decision and we were successful. The loss of the trout stocking program would have had a devastating economic effect on local communities. In fact, the state’s sport fishing industry relies on the national hatchery system for more than 97 percent of sport fish stocked in Arizona. Click More here.

· Another big victory came in Lake Havasu City, where we were able to lead a grassroots effort to keep Lake Havasu open for all users. When the Fish and Wildlife Service attempted to close down significant areas on Lake Havasu to motorized boating activities, I led the charge to get the agency to withdraw its 2016 proposal and passed an amendment through the House to reopen the part of the reservoir that was shut down for no good reason in 2015. More here.

Click HERE for all of the work we were able to accomplish this past year.

Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released a new oversight report as part of the ongoing America’s Most Wasted: Indefensible series, which identifies egregious Department of Defense (DOD) spending and mismanagement. In this latest oversight report, Chairman McCain exposes $13 billion in wasteful spending across DOD, including:

· $12.4 billion for 26 Littoral Combat Ships with no proven combat capability

· $458 million in inappropriate travel expense reimbursement payments

· $375 million for Missile Defense Agency targets that were never used or didn’t work

· $58 million for the Navy’s experiments with alternative fuel sources for its Great Green Fleet

· $12 million for defective spare parts that will need to be replaced or refunded

· $1 million for travel claim reimbursements for unauthorized expenses at casinos and strip clubs

· $1.3 million to research the mating habits of African Giant Pouched rats

“As our Armed Forces confront the most diverse and complex array of national security challenges since the end of World War II under extraordinarily constrained fiscal resources, we simply cannot afford to waste our precious defense dollars on unnecessary or poorly performing programs,” said McCain. “This oversight report exposes just a few examples of the wasteful spending at the Pentagon that is so detrimental to our national defense. It has never been more important to eliminate unnecessary defense spending and mismanagement so that we can reinvest savings into improving the training and equipment our warfighters need.” Full report here. Past America’s Most Wasted reports, click here.


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AZGOP Chairman candidate Jonathan Lines: I want to give a special thank you to the Pima County Republican Party leadership for allowing me to speak at their meeting on Saturday. It was truly an honor. I loved meeting with all of the amazing Southern Arizona patriots fighting their hardest to rid Tucson of socialists like Raul Grijalva. I was especially inspired by District 10’s newest Representative, Todd Clodfelter, who outperformed both Democrats in a Democrat district through his hard work, dedication and most importantly, through Republican messaging. It is proof that when we get our message out to the people we can win anywhere and that is what I plan on doing if elected as State Party Chairman.


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