Friday, December 30, 2016

12-30-16 Briefs

Republican Briefs

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MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer: Many have seen in recent weeks a few endorsements from Public Office Holders of Candidates for those who wish to serve in County and State Party positions. I want to make a statement and say this is absolutely wrong. One of the primary reasons that the Republican Party exists is to hold Elected Officials accountable. Having our Party Officeholders beholden to Elected Officials through endorsements and donations is precisely what's wrong with the GOP today. It should raise many red flags of Party Candidates who seek these endorsements as it is akin to the adage of the "Fox in the Henhouse." This is terrible judgment both on the part of the candidate and the elected official. As PCs, we should encourage those seeking leadership positions in the GOP to stop putting themselves in positions of weakness by groveling for endorsements at the feet of political consultants and those who have been elected to serve us and our Party's interests. In this anti-establishment wave, we should have much hope and effort to end this type of insider-politics which has resulted in feeble representation across all levels of government. We need real Conservative Leaders who will stand up to the consulting class, insider swamp politicians and encourage good governance from our GOP elected representatives. I am fearful that folks do not do their own homework on Candidates because an individual elected into office endorsed them. Please do not simply rely on others -- as a PC and/or State Committeeman, take the time to individually vet candidates for Party office and ask those who have seen them in action prior to voting. Ask them the tough questions and hold them accountable. Our nation depends on it!

Rustin Pearce's Speech: Integrity In PC Elections LD25 PC elections. Pearce wants your stories about fraud, proxy abuse, ghost PCs and those being blocked. Send stories to Pearce at He wants specifics, including identification/names of those involved.

LD22 Indian Wells Capt Bill Gaddis: I wanted to thank you for all you do. We simply would not have any communications without you. You’re really the only one keeping us informed. Have a Great New Year full of health and happiness.

PC Giselle C Alexander has withdrawn her candidacy for the MCRC treasurer’s position.

Gila County Republican Committee’s statutory meeting resulted in the election of four incumbent officers by acclamation followed by the election of a new secretary due to a resignation. By acclamation: Chairman Gary P. Morris, Chairman, 1st Vice Chair Darlene Younker, 2nd Vice Chair Sam Moorhead, and Treasurer Glen Galster. Lorraine Long was elected Secretary.

Grassroots Patriots Will Be Meeting At The IHOP Restaurant, 6601 W Peoria Ave in Glendale instead of the Denny’s restaurant starting January 4, 2017. Order food at 6 pm., mtg at 6:30 pm. Grassroots Tea Party Activists Scheduled speakers:

   · Jan 4 – AZGOP Chairman candidate Jim O’Connor – outgoing LD23 Chairman.

   · Jan 11 - Southwestern Regional Coordinator Heritage for America Nathan Duel.

   · Jan 18 - Activist Nohl Rosen speaking on helping Police officers.

   · Jan 25 – LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell addressing new plans for Arizona.

A Tribute Honoring long-time Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his wife Ava is scheduled at 6 pm., Jan 13 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 with Master of Ceremonies KFYI radio personality Mike Broomhead. Extended Hands Food Bank is organizing the event with profits going the Extended Hands Food Bank. Speakers line-up and entertainment arranged by the Fountain Hills Republican Club.  Tickets $50 each. Tickets.  Advance tickets only, no sales at the door Contact : The Reverend David Iverson,  480-837-0303  or   Reservations: To sit with specific others, after making reservations, send text to Iverson at 480-200-0115.More info: tribute-dinner-for-sheriff-joe-arpaio-and-ava or arpaio-tribute-dinner

LD21 Sen Debbie Lesko: On Weds. Dec. 28th AZ Senate President-Elect Yarbrough, House Speaker-Elect Mesnard, and the Governor’s Budget Office, OSPB, joined the AZ Chamber is asking the AZ Supreme Court to place a “stay” on the enactment of Proposition 206, the minimum wage ballot measure. On Thurs Dec. 29th, the Supreme Court ruled against us and the initial phase of the minimum wage increase to $10/hr under Prop 206 will go into effect on Sunday Jan. 1st.

BUDGET IMPACT: According to JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Committee) Prop. 206 will:

      1. Cost the State General Fund at minimum an EXTRA $11 Million for the remaining 6 months of Fiscal Year 2017, which ends June 30, 2017

      2. Will cost the State General Fund at minimum an EXTRA $22.4 Million in  Fiscal Year 2018, which is the budget we will be working on this session.

These extra costs are caused by increased payments to long term care service providers for the developmentally disabled, the elderly, and the physically disabled.  These cost estimates do NOT include any other potential increased costs to schools or for other social service providers like child care to low-income families. Lesko is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and incoming Senate Appropriations Chairman 602-926-5413


DNC-V-RNC-Consent-Decree In 1982, after caging in predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods, the Republican National Committee and New Jersey Republican State Committee entered into a consent decree with their Democratic party counterparts. Under that decree and its 1987 successor, the Republican party organizations agreed to allow a federal court to review proposed “ballot security” programs, including any proposed voter caging.

Trump May Be Violating RNC Consent Decree Aimed At Voter Intimidation The Supreme Court in 2013 declined the Republican National Committee's request to lift a three-decade-old court order that limits the national GOP's ability to challenge voters' eligibility at the polls.

AZGOP Vice Chair Gabby Mercer has joined AZGOP Jim O’Connor’s slate for AZGOP Secretary and Bob Lettieri is on O’Connor’s slate as the candidate for Treasurer in the Jan 28, 2017 officers race.

Activist Barbara Blewster is inviting state convention delegates to a ‘meet and greet’ for AZGOP chairman candidate Jim O’Connor at 6 pm., Fri., Dec 30 at 915 W Fairway Drive in Mesa.

Activist Vera Anderson: A Very Happy New Year to you and all that you do! Thank You.

Recorder Helen Purcell: As we begin a New Year, I want to say thank you to those of you who have supported me during my 28 years as Maricopa County Recorder. It has been my pleasure to serve and with my excellent team to provide the county with many firsts in technology, not the least of which are the Recording KIOSKS in nine of our libraries. We have conducted many of your elections for officers in your district, county and state in addition to the 100's of Primary, General and Special elections since 1989. I will not be able to attend the January County meeting as I have a family event with my sisters in Texas. I wish you much success in the coming year. Editor’s Note: We owe Purcell a debt of gratitude for her long-time service. - ft

MCRC Chairman candidate Chris Herring: I Support Israel -I was privileged to live and study history in the State of Israel during my college years. When I returned home, I met and married the daughter of Iraqi Christians who had fled the Middle East due to religious persecution, later becoming U.S. Citizens. As such, I have a deep personal connection to the conflict in the Middle East and intimately understand and appreciate the importance of the State of Israel. As certain events have unfolded over the last week, I have been increasingly appalled at the actions of the United Nations, the security council members, and President Barack Obama. Israel's leaders have consistently demonstrated a desire for peace and compromise with their neighbors despite repeated failures by the UN to defend the the deals to which all parties agreed I fully support and encourage our Congressional delegation working to cease funding for the UN until their recent actions are reversed. This nation should not support any organization that willfully endorses policies of ethnic cleansing as a condition of peace. We must all defend the right of the State of Israel to exist, to defend itself, and to expect fair treatment. I stand with Israel.

Radio Talk Show Host Alex Meluskey: A reminder for those looking for a Tax deductible donation that is 100% tax burden reducing. Governor Ducey recently signed into legislation SB 1216 which increases 2016 charitable tax credit donation limits. arizona-charitable-tax-credit-changes-new-increased-limits-2016 In addition to increasing the limits by more than double, the bill separated out areas of contributions and extended the date to contribute(April 15, 2017) for all but the Military Family Relief Fund Tax Credit. I know I prefer my tax dollars going to organizations and causes near and dear to me.  So thank you governor for 1) Increasing my control of my tax dollars, and 2) for understanding most of us don’t have our tax burden numbers ready on Dec. 31st. For those of you who also want to make a donation that will reduce your federal tax burden (not dollar per dollar, but reflects lower earnings to reduce your federal tax burden). Consider Contract with America’s Veterans and Their Families (CAV) .   Please visit the site to learn more about the contract and also share with those you know support our Veterans.  Happy New Year,

The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club Dinner Meeting is scheduled at 6:20 pm., Mon., Jan 9 at the Millennium Resort Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ, 85253-3548. 5:30 pm – meet & greet, 6 pm meeting; 7pm program with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery address county updates. AZFRW President Elaine Pellegrino will install newly elected officers. $35 per plate. Reservations/checks to Patricia Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Contact Kaufman at 480-368-2777 or

Ventana Lakes Republicans are hosting Brad Zinn in”The Great Comemdians” at 7 pm., Jan 28. Tickets: $12 each at the Community Management Office. BYOB/snacks. Contact Melanie at 623-566-6001 oto Deadline Jan 27. No refunds after Jan 18.

Gov Doug Ducey Is Requesting that the president respect Arizona by not designating the proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument: “Western public land agreements have established a legacy of multi-use that have provided a recreational, environmental, conservation and economic balance that has served our state and nation well. “In the early 1990s Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Congressman Morris Udall worked through congressional action to create a massive footprint of designated wilderness in our state. Arizona also already hosts the most national monuments of any state in the nation. Those monuments more than suffice for enough acreage set aside for elevated public lands management. That work is now complete.

   “Our state needs no further designations. Designations done by decree have already negatively impacted our state's ability to manage wildlife, held in trust for the people of Arizona and our nation. Proof is seen in the decline of desert sheep in the Sonoran Desert Monument, where access closures impeded our ability to maintain water catchments to grow these herds. Forest management also suffers in special designation areas, and my fear with the proposed designation is a catastrophic fire that would damage this area for more than a century. “I have long joined Senators McCain and Flake, the majority of our congressional delegation, more than 20 sportsmen/women organizations, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, and thousands of Arizona citizens in steadfast opposition to this unneeded and poorly thought-out presidential decree that will permanently damage the recreational, environmental, conservation and economic balance that is so important to our state.

   “I request that the president respect the wishes of our state's leadership and the Congress of the United States, which is where the real authority for public lands designations resides. The intent of the Antiquities Act gives the president limited authority to set aside the smallest amount of land possible to protect the artifact; this proposed designation of 1.9 million acres of land would be a clear violation of that intent. If designated by the president in his waning hours, Arizona will take every step necessary—legally and legislatively—to stop it. My hope is that the president respects our wishes.” Ducey response to -recent-national-monument-designations-president-obama

Congresswoman Martha McSally: National Democrats are already starting to plan their House take-over by targeting districts like mine. With your help we can fight them off. If we don't start off 2017 on the right foot, the fate of my re-election campaign could be at risk next year — and that's an outcome that we simply cannot accept. Help Close Books On 2016

US Sen John McCain and Lindsey Graham on the Obama Administration’s announcement of new sanctions against Russia for its cyber-attacks on the 2016 election: “The retaliatory measures announced by the Obama Administration today are long overdue. But ultimately, they are a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy. We intend to lead the effort in the new Congress to impose stronger sanctions on Russia.”

Jose Borrajero’s AZRRT Call To Action

NOTE-1: We do not spam or share contact info.

NOTE-2: This communication is lengthier than usual because events have been piling up and we wanted to wait until after Christmas so as not to disturb your Christmas Season celebrations.

This Call to Action consists of: (1) Response to scheme to have massive property tax increases. (2) Response to widespread proxy abuses. (3) Housekeeping and information items. This is an all hands call. It is important that everyone respond.

     1. Rep. Heather Carter, R- LD15 has introduced HB2001that will require massive increases in property taxes for a substantial number of districts. Senior citizens on fixed incomes will be particularly damaged by HB2001 - school district tax levy; retention. Whole bill, 53leg/1R/bills/HB2001P.htm  Action Requested: Request every legislator oppose HB2001 because it is a massive property tax increase.

     2. There are mounting reports that some Republican leaders have been proxy harvesting to advance their not-so-conservative agenda. While doing away with proxies will not solve every problem, it will go a long way toward limiting the damage done by these individuals because a major weapon will be eliminated from their arsenal. See:AZRRT/posts/ and Open Letter To Legislators And Precinct Committeemen  Action requested: Request that every legislator introduce and/or support legislation prohibiting the use of proxies in connection with political party votes. There is some good in the use of proxies, but it pales in comparison to the damage caused because we have been infiltrated by some very unscrupulous political leaders. Ask yourself, if the use of proxies is so compelling, then why is it that…

          …no political deliberative assembly allows it?

          …the AZ legislature specifically prohibits it?

          …Robert’s Rules of Order adamantly opposes their use?

    3. Housekeeping and Information: Check on bills at So far only 23 bills have been introduced (4 in the House and 19 in the Senate) but by the time they are done there will be probably around 1,200 bills submitted. AZRRT leadership needs your help in alerting us to what has been introduced that is important to you and whether you support or oppose.

Contacting All Legislators Via E-Mail At Once: Highlight the list of legislator e-mails (below), copy and paste on to the Bcc line of your e-mail program, compose your message, and send it. Always state your position on the subject line clearly but with very few words. Always be civil and courteous. Never copy and paste your message, but compose it in your own words. Always include on the Bcc line to help us keep track of your activity, thereby allowing us to be more effective.

HOUSE MEMBERS:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

SENATE MEMBERS:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Legislators Via Phone Roster: AZLEG-ROSTER-2017.doc


DEC 31

Radio Talk Show Host Alex Meluskey will be chatting with AZGOP Chairman candidate Jim O’Connor on Meluskey’s Sat, Dec 31 shows at 6 am on 1130AM KQNA, at 4 pm on 1100AM KFNX and at 9 pm on 960AM KKNT.


The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Jan 3 in the Grand Canyon Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Forster Morgan, the youngest elector in the US to vote for Donald J Trump, will speak about his experience as an elector and how to encourage young people to become involved in the political system. Morgan is the son of immediate past LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan and his wife Heather. Contact: Contact: John Madeira

Jan 4

The Coconino County Republican Committee will meet at noon, Jan 4 with Conservative friends for a discussion on “unintended consequences” of Prop 414, Flagstaff’s $15 minimum wage. Contact: Chairman Jeff Oravits

Jan 5

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 5 with a “New Beginnings” meeting.

Central Republican Women Of Phoenix will meet with Maricopa County Treasurer elect Royce Flora on Jan 5 to discuss property taxes and county financial issues at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix. The Social begins at 5:30, and dinner/meeting at 6:15 p.m. Reservations required. $30 each includes dinner and program. RSVP by Jan. 1 to Jan Webb at or contact: Kathy Hedges

Mesa Republican Women meet between 11:30 am-1 pm, Jan 5 – (the first Thursday of each month, except August). January speakers are Senate President Steve Yarborough and Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard. Lunch is $10/members, $12 visitors & guests. Memberships are Jan-Dec: $25 Member and $15 Associate Member. Associate memberships are for men or women who are full members of another AzFRW club. Visitors/guests are allowed two meetings before being asked to pay membership fees. They have a 50/50 pot each month and lots of door prizes. We also sell patriot jewelry and other items to help cover club costs. RSVP deadline is Sun, Jan 1 to President Sherry Pierce at or call (480) 615-0524) or 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213. (Northwest corner of University Drive and Gilbert Road; Riviera Plaza).

Jan 6

A Trump Victory Celebration, hosted by Daisy Mountain Patriots, starts at 5 pm., Jan 6 at the Roadrunner Restaurant, 47801 North Black Canyon Highway New River, AZ 85087. There will be a AR-15 Raffle, Trump Gear and Gift Raffle, a "Special" Trump Sandwich, a band for entertainment & more, according to Patriots chairman Vera Anderson. Contact Anderson at (602) 821-4675 or


300 word limit policy. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

Congressman Paul A. Gosar statement after the president signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2017 which included a Gosar-McCain sponsored bill H.R. 4601, legislation that will resolve a non-controversial legal hurdle allowing for the pursuit of new economic development projects within the City of Flagstaff: “Arizonans can celebrate an early, bipartisan Christmas gift this year in the form of new jobs and economic growth in Flagstaff at no cost to taxpayers. I’m proud to have worked closely with Senator McCain, BNSF Railroad and the City of Flagstaff to pass this important legislation into public law. This commonsense bill will ensure that private land is utilized for commercial development and will not revert back to the federal government as a result of an outdated provision from the 1860’s. As one of the fastest growing regions in the country, it is critical that federal law supports economic growth and not impede job creators from building a stronger Arizona.”


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