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1-13-17 Briefs

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An Interesting Question: “What is the difference between the ‘proxy pigs’, their proxy signing parties and ballot harvesters?” Strange thing about those proxy signing parties. One proxy signing party hostess got testy about having the public know she was hosting her event – never mind that Briefs received several copies of the invitation. Those mischievous cyber gremlins must have forwarded them! Whether you have an actual party or just gather up a bushel of proxies, Briefs assumes it’s about the same as the ‘bell cows’ who ran around last year’s GOP meetings laden with dozens of voting ballot credentials. “Proxy pigs” and “Bell cows” (as in following the lead cow) seem like appropriate labels. Wonder how many we’ll see at the MCRC Statutory meeting on Saturday. Briefs recalls several photos of the “oinks and moos” ended up on Facebook last year. Someone will surely come up with an appropriate cartoon with those handles! Maybe it’s time to get rid of those pesky proxies and the problems they have brought about.

ATTN Maricopa County GOP PCs: For The Past Year, PCs and State Committeemen have complained about some of the shenanigans that were pulled at last year’s Maricopa County and the AZGOP Statutory meetings. In an effort to prepare this year’s attendees, the Silliness Site has posted a well-researched two-part YouTube video narration Of-Improper-Motions-Voters-Representation-Precinct-Committeemen-Political-Parties-Statutes-And-Bylaws or for a written version go to Of Improper Motions, Voters, Representation, Precinct Committeemen, Political Parties, Statutes, and Bylaws. It is well worth your time to get acquainted with the guidelines revealed in either link. Watch the video, be prepared, particularly if you think your LD might be targeted for disenfranchisement to keep you from voting on agenda items or running for an officer position.

John-McCain-Intrigue-Grows-In Donald-Trump-Dossier-Affair Questions still surround U.S. Sen. John McCain's role in passing along "sensitive" information about President-elect Donald Trump to the FBI. Questions still surround U.S. Sen. John McCain's role in passing along "sensitive" information about President-elect Donald Trump to the FBI. How U.S. Sen. John McCain came to obtain a file of potentially compromising but unsubstantiated research on President-elect Donald Trump and alleged Russian ties remains unclear, and his office is declining to provide details that would clarify when and how he learned about the explosive dossier.

John McCain Is Part Of The Story; …"someone" gave it to him, and he, as a good citizen, passed it on to Director Comey at the FBI.  McCain, of all people, should have known better, but the people who loathe Trump are blinded by their distress that he actually won. the_four_horsemen_of_the_media_apocalypse

John McCain Admits He Gave FBI Trump Smear Dossier; Any Americans Want Him Removed Arizona Sen. John McCain cemented his RINO status when he admitted Tuesday that he handed the dossier that smeared Donald Trump to the FBI. "Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public," he wrote in a statement on his website.... (more)

Former LD11 PC Gary Ripley: McCain and his GOPe/uniparty buddies again go beyond disgusting. McCain and the GOPe/uniparties world of graft, good 'ol boy, pay for play world is coming to an end under Trumps Presidency and he’s lashing out in an even dirtier, more unethical manner than even he has stooped to before. McCain is undermining the Party, the Presidency and our Republic with scare stories, made up stories of perversions, Russians under every bed and illegitimate elections. His continuous, non-stop beating of war drums and desires for confrontations everywhere against all foes, real or imagined is insane. He completely ignores failings in the V.A. healthcare system for wounded and disabled vets, while pushing for increasing wars to create more wounded and disabled Veterans for the V.A. to continue fail, all going on under his far too long watch. It saddens and disgusts me that we could not boot his treasonous butt out of office long ago.

A Tribute Honoring long-time Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his wife Ava is scheduled at 6 pm., Jan 13 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 with Master of Ceremonies KFYI radio personality Mike Broomhead and speaker Actor Steven Seagal. Extended Hands Food Bank is organizing the event with profits going the Extended Hands Food Bank. Speakers line-up and entertainment arranged by the Fountain Hills Republican Club.  Tickets $50 each.  Advance tickets only, no sales at the door. Contact : Rev David Iverson,  480-837-0303  or To sit with specific others, after making reservations, send text to Iverson at 480-200-0115.More info: tribute-dinner-for-sheriff-joe-arpaio-and-ava or arpaio-tribute-dinner

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone has dropped his defamation lawsuit against his predecessor - Joe Arpaio - over a TV commercial in the fall campaign that claimed Penzone assaulted his ex-wife 13 years ago during an argument. Read full article »

Activist Milvia Stokes to Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone/Gov Doug Ducey: As a legal immigrant who waited 10 years for my precious US citizenship (time spent in Italian and German refugee camps) I am offended by Sheriff Penzone’s remarks calling illegal immigrants “guests.” Illegals are invaders, not guests. You were elected to protect Maricopa County, AZ, USA – not Mexico! We are a nation of laws, not corruption. Your statement of “guests is very upsetting. “Illegal means forbidden by law.” An explanation to loyal, responsible Americans is in order.

AZGOP Action Team Coordinator Kathy Hedges is calling for volunteers for the next couple of weeks to stuff envelopes, make badges and fill packets for the State Meeting starting at 10 am, Fri, Jan 13 and Sat., Jan 14 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St. in Phoenix. They will start working onbadges on the 16th and again go until done. They will start stuffing packets on Jan 21 for the Jan 28 meeting. RSVP

The Leisure World Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon., Jan 16 with Rep Rusty Bowers in the Club Room at 908 S Power Road, Mesa, AZ. Contact: Diane Andersen 480 395-5515,

The Pinal County Republican Committee is hosting the three AZGOP Chairman candidates - Jim O'Connor, Jonathan Lines and Frank Thorwald, at 10 am., Sat., Jan 21 in Florence. Contact: Irene Littleton at

Restrooms, Drinking Fountains And Vending Machines won’t be available at the Interstate 10 Burnt Well Rest Area west of Phoenix from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wed, Jan. 18, due to utility work in the area. Motorists will still be able to stop at the rest area, which has locations in both directions at milepost 86 near Tonopah, while the power is out and services aren’t available. Other ADOT rest areas along I-10 between Phoenix and the California state line are Bouse Wash at milepost 53 and Ehrenberg at milepost 4.7.

A Pro-police Rally is scheduled in front of the Glendale Police Headquarters, 6835 N 57th Dr in Glendale at 10 am, Jan 28. Hosts are the Pro-police movement Rally For LE and the expendables Motorcycle Club of America. Participants are encouraged to wear blue, bring Thin Blue Line and American flags as well as signs in support of police. Thin Blue Line flags will be presented to both the Glendale Police Department as well to the family of a fallen officer. A motorcycle procession is expected to kick off the event and there will be speakers. Chief St. John and members of the Glendale PD are expected to be in attendance. The event is free and open to the public. For information go to

Divided-States-Of-America premieres Tues. Jan. 17 and Wed. Jan. 18 from 9-11 p.m. EST / 8-10 p.m. CST on PBS and online. The four-hour, two-night documentary miniseries looks at events during the Obama presidency that have revealed deep divisions in our country, and examines the America that President-elect Donald Trump will inherit.

Tempe Republican Women will meet with Alison Gentala of Arizona Families for Home Education and Vicki Algier, author of Failure: The Federal Miseducation of America's Children at 6:30 pm., Mon., Jan 23 at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center, 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, Arizona 85282. They will be handing out free National School Choice swag (scarves and posters.) A group photo will be taken at the end of the meeting. RSVP TempeRepublicanWomen/events Contact Chairman Jessica Merrow -

AZ Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has announced that the final version of Arizona’s State Plan in response to the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Education. Arizona is the first state to submit a final version of its state plan to the federal government and was the first state in the nation to distribute its initial draft plan, a second draft plan and a final version for gubernatorial review. “Arizona has been at the forefront of ESSA implementation and innovation since the release of our initial draft plan,” said Douglas. “To be the first state to submit a plan that represents our state and the unique needs of our children is truly an honor.” Under ESSA, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is responsible for creating a State Plan that reflects a shared statewide vision for Arizona’s students and schools. To create the final version of the State Plan, Douglas conducted extensive statewide outreach and engagement efforts to thousands of Arizonans through her “We Are Listening Tour” and via online resources. ESSA, which is designed to replace No Child Left Behind as the primary federal legislation addressing America’s public education system, was passed into law by Congress in December 2015 and will take effect in the 2017-2018 school year. ADE’s dedicated ESSA web site updates. Submit feedback at ESSA updates

ATTN State Committeemen: Watch the US mail for delivery of your Call Letter for the Jan 28 AZGOP Statutory meeting at the Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85012.

Sen Jeff Flakes Staff will hold office hours to help residents having problems with Social Security, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or other federal agencies to seek assistance. Appointments are not necessary. See schedule:

    · Thurs., Jan 19 – 10-11am. Sierra Vista Public Library, 2600 E. Tacoma St.,  Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

    · Thurs, Jan. 19 - 11:30am-12:30pm. Green Valley Council Offices, 555 N. La Canada Drive, Suite 117, Green Valley, AZ 85614

    · Thurs, Jan. 19 – 1-2 pm. Sahuarita Town Hall, 375 W Sahuarita Center Way,  Sahuarita, AZ 85629. Contact: Flake’s Phoenix office at (602) 840-1891.

Briefs Invites All Candidates running for AZGOP and Maricopa County Republican Committee offices, during the January 2017 Mandatory meetings, to submit their candidate announcement or a resume for posting to help PCs get acquainted with the candidates they will vote on. 300 word limit per candidate.

Briefs Sent MCRC Chairman Candidates identical questions so you can get to acquainted with both candidates. Candidates are limited to 300 words for their response. Question #8: Are you willing to move county headquarters back into AZGOP HQ if the newly elected AZGOP chairman makes such an offer?

      TRISTAN MANOS: Yes, ready, willing, and able to move the MCRC HQ back into AZGOP HQ. I’ve already reached out directly to the AZGOP Chairman candidates. I also see their positions posted in Briefs, and it’s good to see all are open to the opportunity. It’s up to the AZGOP Chairman. As always, I’m strongly interested in and committed to a good working relationship. If only someone took advantage of past opportunities and made the move -- one may imagine to be a smart investment -- to buy one or more of the real estate properties surrounding the AZGOP HQ when they were up for sale, and at good market price points, maybe there'd be an "AZGOP Complex" for us all, and for the community. For more info on my campaign, featuring my "3-Point, Republican-Strong Action Plan": Campaign Promo Flyer

       CHRIS HERRING: I would move county headquarters back to the AZGOP office if it is what the majority of the EGC/LD chairs wanted. If elected chairman I want to see more ownership of the party by the LD chairmen. I'm just one person, I shouldn't unilaterally make that decision. If the EGC wants to keep the current county office it must come with a plan for the office to be used by more than just the county. I'd want it used as much as possible by LD's, Republican clubs, rally's etc. I'd want to get as much value from it as we possibly could.

Briefs Sent Identical Questions to the three AZGOP Chairman candidates. Their answers will be posted every day, in the order in which they came in, until the Jan 28 Mandatory Meeting election. Question #11: What are your thoughts on sharing AZGOP financial status with PC's?

      FRANK THORWALD: I have no problem in sharing the financial status of the State GOP with PCs, with the following caveat:  In sharing that information, it will also end up being disclosed to the Democratic party and others who are opposed to the goals of the AZGOP.  And knowing what our war chest is, potentially gives them advantage over us.

     JIM O’CONNOR: My understanding is that our state party must file FEC financial reports each month throughout a high volume campaign year and quarterly in off year elections. Those reports are publicized worldwide on the FEC website. Therefore, I will make those same financials available to our party’s precinct committeemen. For those concerned about the democrats getting their hands on our financial information, console yourselves in knowing that we get to see theirs at the same time they see ours.

     JONATHAN LINES: I believe strongly in transparency, and will have no objection to sharing our AZ GOP financial reports with our PCs.

Goldwater Institute CEO Darcy Olsen:   Yesterday, the Goldwater Institute joined Arizona businesses and taxpayers in asking the state Supreme Court to strike down a new minimum wage law that grants a special exemption for labor union contracts. A 2016 ballot initiative recently raised Arizona minimum wage to $10 an hour and mandated that workers receive paid time off for illnesses. A coalition of businesses and taxpayers has asked the Arizona Supreme Court to block the new law. Yesterday, we endorsed that request with a “friend of the court” brief to the state Supreme Court. The new law has an unusual exemption for businesses with employees covered by labor union contracts. Proponents of the ballot measure have said Arizona needs to mandate paid sick leave to help everyone who works. But apparently that does not include workers represented by a union, as they are not covered by the mandate.This exemption for union contracts is legally flawed and highlights why the state Supreme Court should block the new law.To read our “friend of the court” brief, please click here. Contact:  |  602.462.5000.

Phil Francis - Retired Chairman and CEO of PetSmart; John Whiteman - CEO of the Whiteman Foundation, Retired CEO of Empire Southwest Caterpillar and Adam Goodman, President & CEO of Goodman Interior Structures: On Monday, Governor Ducey announced his commitment to Full Day Kindergarten. Over the past few months Arizona State University President Dr. Michael Crow, Mesa Public Schools Supt Mike Cowan, Tolleson Supt Lupita Hightower, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and Arizona Teacher of the Year Beth Maloney have shared their thoughts on the value and importance of full day kindergarten and its impact on early childhood literacy.

   Recently, we proposed a concept to phase-in Kindergarten as an optional full day grade -- a five-year phase in, based on future resources that Arizona can afford, and focused on starting with an investment in Arizona’s most vulnerable students. Proposal: How To Take Full-Day Kindergarten Statewide This Fall Governor Ducey listened, and this week he took action. The Governor shared, "Without a doubt, schools in low-income areas are the ones that really need our focus – and that’s what my budget prioritizes./ "Parents love it. Kids benefit from it. So I say – let’s expand it."

   As education advocates and supporters of Governor Ducey, we do not need wait until Friday’s budget release to say Thank You because regardless of the year one investment, his acknowledgement of kindergarten as the best investment in early childhood literacy is spectacular. With the goal of every child in Arizona reading by third grade there is no better investment than full day kindergarten. Governor Ducey’s comments on kindergarten concluded with, "My budget gives the lowest-income schools dollars to start or expand full-day kindergarten, and address an issue we know is critical to closing the achievement gap: The ability to read by third grade." We are delighted to applaud the Governor's commitment to voluntary full day kindergarten, as well as third grade reading, and look forward to working with him and the legislature, to make Voluntary Full Day Kindergarten an opportunity for every family in Arizona over the years to come

PW Higgs of Gold Canyon: When a municipality puts a Bond issue (a Tax) say $22 million on a project without a vote of the people, the potential liability of a default remains on the taxpayer to pay the debt off. Isn’t this a situation needing a lot of up front scrutiny from the public? If the initial premise for a Bond issued never comes to fruition, yet the funds get spent anyway, wouldn’t that be called FRAUD. Wouldn’t all those involved in that fraud be in jail? This would be called a fraudulent swap.

   Casa Grande has a $22 million Bond issued for a FAILED and FRADULENT project at the Francisco Grande that has been sucking up taxpayer’s money for years. This is one reason that they cannot build a long promised, voter approved in 2006 RECREATION CENTER. They essentially swapped out the Recreation Center Bondfunds capacity, to cover their Arses on the losses at the FAILED Francisco Grande project.

   Every politician has got stars in their eyes. Remember the albatross in Goodyear, off I-10 going toward LA, called Phoenix Trotting Park - stuck out there and abandoned forever? That will be Casa Grande destination, if all the “super” projects are not supervised properly. Now comes the new “Tesla” of electric cars (Lucid Motors) to Casa Grande, with a whopping $73 Million Bond issue price tag. The Bond projects/developments including housing in Pinal County and Casa Grande ought to be approved ONLY if they put up a SURETY BOND so that if they fail, the municipality can afford a broom to sweep up behind them.

   Recent history proves that developers who hit and run in Pinal County were scurrilous partners to the Community at best. They never used local labor. They rushed in with their slave migrant labor in the mornings and rushed out every afternoon. They had no connection to the Communities.Then the crash hit. Pinal and its Communities were left with development blight and hazardous remnants. No supervision up front. No SURETY BOND to clean up after. My friends: Be careful what you wish for. supervisors-discuss-potential-bond-package-with-no-tax-increase residents-speak-against-county-s-million-land-purchase long-vacant-phoenix-trotting-park-goodyear-escrow-could-demolished

The Mandatory Meeting for all Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeemen will be held on Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at the El Zaribah Shriner’s Auditorium, 552 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008. Credentialing opens at 9 am and closes at 10:30am.

The AZGOP Mandatory Meeting for all Arizona Republican State Committeemen is scheduled for Sat., Jan 28, 2017 at the Church of the Nations at 6225 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012.

MCRC candidates for the Jan 14 Mandatory meeting election of officers, according to MCRC Nominating Committee Chairman Raymond Jones:

·         Chairman: Chris Herring  ChrisHerringAZ  and Tristan Manos   tristanmanosmcrc1

·         1st Vice Chairman:  Aaron Flannery

·         Secretary:  Cindy Casaus

·         Treasurer:  Wesley W. Harris


Arizona GOP Candidates for the January 28 Statutory Meeting election of officers (two year terms).  Candidates are:

·         Chairman – Jim O’Connor, Jim O'Connor  &  (Slate:  Sec Gabby Saucedo-Mercer and Treasurer Bob Lettieri.)

·         Jonathan Lines  Jonathan-Lines  (Slate - Sec: Cindy Coleman and Treasurer Eric Morgan.)

·         Frank Thorwald  Frank-Thorwald- (no slate)

·         Secretary Gabby Mercer   Gabriela_Saucedo_Mercer , Cindy Coleman  and Marla Festenese.

·         Treasurer – Bob Lettieri   Wes Harris  Bill Beard and Eric Morgan.


JAN 14

The Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting is scheduled Jan 14, 2017 at the El Zaribah Shriner’s Auditorium, 552 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008, not the Polly Rosenbaum Building, as originally announced. Contrary to reports, the Shriner’s auditorium has NOT been renamed the Polly Rosenbaum Building. They are located on the opposite sides of metropolitan Phoenix, so be sure you are heading for the Shriner’s Auditorium. You don’t want to arrive late for credentials registration.

LD22 will not conduct a regular meeting in January. Instead, they will all convene at the Maricopa Statutory Meeting on Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at the El Zaribah Shrine at 552 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008, according to Rae Chornenky, LD22 Chairwoman:

JAN 17

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Jan 17 in the Palo Verde Rm of the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 WRH Johnson Blvd in Sun City. AZGOP Chairman candidate Jim O’Connor is scheduled to speak. Raffle prizes include Trump toasting glasses and a conservative based book. The group meets the first and third Tuesday of the month.

JAN 18

Grassroots Patriots is not meeting at the IHOP Restaurant, 6601 W Peoria Ave in Glendale. Order food at 6 pm., mtg at 6:30 pm. Grassroots Tea Party Activists Scheduled speakers: Jan 18 - Activist Nohl Rosen speaking on helping Police officers. Jan 25 – LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell addressing new plans for Arizona.

Jan 19

The Flagstaff Republican Women is hosting a January Inauguration Party Luncheon/celebration between 11:30 am-1 pm., Thurs., Jan 19 at the Doubletree Hotel, 1175 W Route 66 in Flagstaff to kick off “The Year of the Elephant Stampede”. Prizes for the most patriotically dressed. Wear red, white and blue. Raffle prizes include cash, jewelry, elephants and surprise goodies to inaugural souvenirs. RSVP deadline is Sun., Jan 15 to guarantee a seat. $17 members, $20 non-members, $5 non-lunch attendees. RSVP to or Joan Harris 298-226-0502.

The Colorado River Tea Party meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy95 in Yuma. The next meeting is at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 19 with Sheriff Leon Wilmot. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219


300 word limit policy. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

Congressman Paul A. Gosar after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) announced rainbow trout stocking would resume yesterday, following a three year hiatus, at the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery: “As thousands of Rainbow Trout once again return to the Colorado River, Arizonans can be proud of the perseverance and vigilance of many local leaders which ultimately saved this important program at Willow Beach. The return of the trout-stocking program should inspire all Americans to remember that when ‘we the people’ stand together and take bold action against big government overreach, we can accomplish anything.” Gosar has created an informational page on his website about his efforts to protect the trout-stocking program at the Willow Beach Fish Hatchery. That page can be found HERE

Congresswoman Martha McSally recognized two Southern Arizona young women on the House floor for serving as role models in their communities. Macy Maine from Buena High School and Hannah Mason from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy both recently were given the 2016 Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Role Model Award from the Girls Rule Foundation. The award went to four recipients this year and recognizes standout young women leaders who are making a difference.

Congressman Andy Biggs has received his committee assignments for House Judiciary Committee and House Science, Space, and Technology Committee for the 115th Congress. “I am honored to have been selected for these committees,” Biggs said. “I look forward to using my expertise and background to ensure laws are passed to help my constituents in Arizona’s fifth district. “Judiciary promises to be an active committee this year, and I look forward to using my legal background and experience as the Arizona Senate President on a variety of issues such as immigration, regulatory reform, improvements to the way our criminal justice system functions, and intellectual property rights – all of which fall within the Committee’s jurisdiction. “Science, Space, and Technology will be another important committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. I hope to join with my colleagues on this committee – and with the incoming administration – to ensure that American ingenuity is fostered through our work.” Biggs is a first-term Representative from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, representing parts of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Sun Lakes, and Queen Creek. He lives with his wife Cindy in Gilbert.

Congressman Paul A. Gosar after introducing the Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act of 2017 yesterday which would end the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) regulation known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH): “The AFFH rule marks President Obama’s most aggressive attempt yet to force his utopian ideology on American communities disguised under the banner of ‘fairness’. This overreaching mandate is an attempt to extort communities into giving up control of local zoning decisions and reengineer the makeup of our neighborhoods. Just as the president used the DOJ, IRS and DHS as a political weapon, he has now expanded his arsenal to include the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a way of punishing neighborhoods that don’t fall in line with his liberal agenda of federally mandated demographics. No president, Republican or Democrat, has the right to dictate where Americans are allowed to live and it is up to Congress to rein in this authority on behalf of the people we represent. This is one of countless rules that President Obama can take with him when he leaves office in 8 days.” The full text of the Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act can be found Here.

Sen. Jeff Flake took to the Senate floor to announce his reintroduction of legislation to tackle rising health care costs through the expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). A joint effort between Flake and Rep. Dave Brat, the HSA Expansion Act would nearly triple annual contribution limits, allow HSA funds to cover premium costs, and provide for more universal participation in HSAs. The bill would also eliminate current regulations and burdensome Obamacare restrictions that limit options for consumers. View the floor speech here

Yesterday, Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05) introduced Grant’s Law to end the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants who have been arrested for deportable crimes. This bill ensures that these illegal aliens are not released back into our communities, which would prevent potential harm to law-abiding Americans. Rep. Biggs released the following statement: “Grant Ronnebeck was gunned down on January 22, 2015 at a convenience store by an illegal immigrant in Mesa, Arizona. The illegal immigrant, a convicted felon, was free on bond while facing deportation. Grant’s Law would have prevented this terrible tragedy. I have had the privilege of getting to know Grant Ronnebeck’s family and want to express my sincere condolences to them – and to the families of all victims of violence perpetrated by illegal immigrant criminals.Without the Obama administration’s abject failure to protect innocent American lives, Grant’s murder would not have occurred. I am introducing this law in Grant’s memory to prevent this senseless violence from occurring again.” Grant’s Law was introduced as the Stop Catch and Release Act in the 114th Congress by Congressman Matt Salmon

Sen Jeff Flake: 9th Circuit Breakup: In his 2017 State of the State speech, Gov. Doug Ducey called on the Arizona State Legislature to once again pass a resolution supporting Sen. Flake’s bill to break up the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Judicial Administration and Improvement Act would establish a new circuit court for Arizona and four other Western states, and in doing so, ensure that no Arizonan will be denied justice because of the 9th Circuit’s excessive work load. View the speech here.

Sen John McCain and Rep Martha McSally yesterday reintroduced in the Senate and House, respectively, the Border Security Technology Accountability Act. The legislation would improve the management and accountability of Department of Homeland Security border technology acquisition programs, which numerous reports have concluded are at “high-risk” for waste, fraud and abuse. Specifically, the bill would require each border technology acquisition program to have baseline cost, schedule and performance targets approved by an appropriate decision-maker. It would also require the Under Secretary for Management, in coordination with the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to monitor the management of border security technology acquisition programs to ensure they are not exceeding cost estimates, experiencing schedule delays, or underperforming. Finally, the bill would require the Under Secretary for Management, in coordination with the CBP Commissioner, to submit to Congress a plan for testing and evaluating new border security technologies to ensure taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently and effectively. View the full bill text HERE.


300 word limit. If statements exceeds the limit, it will be edited.

Phx City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Wasted: $16 Million in Just One Day by City of Phoenix -- Last week, I wrote about the structural deficit our city is facing. Our deficit problems will continue until we make public safety our priority and cut spending in non-essential areas. On Tuesday, city staff gave a presentation regarding the budget deficit forecast. The forecast, which did not come as a surprise to me, shows our deficit continuing to grow out of control, even while we collect increased revenue. The day after the budget deficit presentation, I voted NO on the following expenses, all of which the Phoenix City Council ultimately approved: 

·         $3,668,564 to Downtown Phoenix Inc- a group that already taxes private businesses against their will to spend money on the Downtown area

·         $16,000 to National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials- annual membership fee

·         $60,000 to Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) Local 777 to buy promotional and training material for themselves

·         $108,000 to Ballard Spahr LLP- lobbyists (this is on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they already spent on lobbyists at the last council meeting)

·         $12,170,000 to change just 4 bus routes

·         $750,000 to join the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

·         TOTAL: $16,772,564

Just during a single city council meeting, we could have cut $16 million of unnecessary spending. But instead, we continued to add to the structural deficit problems we face. As long as we continue to spend in this manner, we will continue to see your taxpayer monies wasted. And city officials will continue to have their hand out, telling you they need to increase your taxes because they are short on revenues. They’re not. They just have a spending problem. You have my commitment to continue to protect you, your family and your hard earned tax dollars.

Phoenix City Council Sal DiCiccio (last week): City of Phoenix Facing Another Budget Deficit Crisis -- For the past 7 years, I have speaken out about the poor financial state of the city due to its structural deficit. The report on financial future of the city only skims the surface of the major budget problems. While other cities a have been seeing balanced budgets, Phoenix has seen forecasted deficits repeatedly requiring "corrections.” Even though Phoenix is experiencing increased revenues due to a growing economy and higher taxes, we will continue to see shortfalls in our budget until we fix this structural deficit and out of control pension expenses. The primary solution to the structural deficit, which would put Phoenix on the right track, is a real strategic plan. For example, Phoenix paid $9.875 million to an out of state company to talk about recycling when the Phoenix Police Department will be reallocating resources to get more officers back on the streets to respond to calls and increase officer/community safety. Public safety is a core function of our city, and I commend Chief Williams for having a strategic plan that strengthens our core missions, but this reallocation would never had been necessary if Phoenix did not allow the police shortage to get to record levels due to lack of funding. Phoenix chose not to do a simple strategic plan and is instead focused on increasing revenues. It has never worked anywhere. So why do you allow your government to spend monies on things that are not only non-essential, but quite frankly insane.We see a $31 billion train tax, the highest property tax increase in recorded history, fee increases and a focus from each department to take more from the general public. And.....future deficits. Until we reign in spending on these unnecessary projects and complete a true strategic plan, Phoenix will continue to deal with deficits, taxes increases and reductions in services.


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