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1-2-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Editor Frosty Taylor Web Master John Strasser

ATTN Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeeman: See The Official Call to MCRC Statutory Organizational Meeting scheduled Jan 14, 2017 at El Zaribah Shriner’s Auditorium, 552 N 40 th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008.

AZGOP candidate Jim O’Connor (immediate past Chairman of LD23) emphatically denies that he distributed a slate of 119 approved PCs at the LD23 Dec 1 Organizational meeting as alleged in a letter sent to Briefs. (See same letter My Turn by Gayla Coletto posted by Sonoran Alliance). O’Connor swears he never saw the slate until he arrived at the meeting. O’Connor says he carried two proxies – not nine proxies as Coletto’s letter states. O’Connor says the two proxies he carried that night were for his wife and son. He further said that Coletto was the credentialing official who processed his two proxies that evening.

    Newly elected LD23 Chairman Nancy Ordowski, who has the credentialing paper work from the Dec 1 meeting, confirmed that O’Connor only carried two proxies that evening. She points out “Nothing prevents a chairman from carrying proxies from his/her own precinct.” Ordowski also informed Briefs, “I know that the 2015-16 board and the nominees for 2017-18 had nothing to do with a slate and did not hand out any slate at our Dec 1, 2016 organizational meeting.”

   Relecting on tactics used against AZGOP grassroots Chairman candidate Lori Urban in the 2014 elections, there is growing concern that an Establishment effort is underway to smear and remove grassroots candidate O’Connor from the Chairmanship race at the Jan 28 AZGOP Mandatory meeting. See 12_28_2016 Briefs archive for a break down on the “Ongoing Saga Between AZGOP Robert Graham And LD23” since early December when Graham directed LD23 to conduct another election Graham-12-09-16-letter.pdf See Nancy Ordowski’s Reply-to-Robert-Graham-12152016.pdf informing Graham he overstepped his authority. - ft

Stop-O’Connor! Sunday’s-Comic AZDI Harpoons John McCain and Robert Graham.

Maricopa County School Supt Steve Watson: On January 1, I officially became the Maricopa County School Superintendent. My family and I worked hard to win our campaign. However, from the beginning we knew we couldn’t do it alone. Indeed, the hard working PCs and LD chairmen and chairwomen came through (especially in the general election). Many of you shared my palm cards, and included me on the slates you distributed to precincts. Thank you. I am excited to serve my party and all citizens of our county. I also look forward to thanking you in person as I continue to visit LD and club meetings throughout the year. You guys rock. Thanks again,
Lori and Bob Corbin: Happy New Year to you Frosty.  I am glad you are taking the day off.  Thank you so much for all you do to keep us informed about what is happening in politics here in Maricopa County and in the country.  You are a real hero. Warm regards,

LD17 Chairman Bert E Moll: Thank you for keeping us informed.

Chips N Salsa Show hosts George Ortiz, Alice Lara and Martin Gonzalez want to thank their radio show supporters for 2016. They invite you to LIKE their Facebook page por favor to help them get to 2017 LIKES.  The first show of 2017 will air Friday 8PM on KFNX 1100 AM.  Gracias for listening/watching/calling and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

MCRC candidates announced so far for the Jan 14 Mandatory meeting election of officers, according to MCRC Nominating Committee Chairman Raymond Jones:

·         Chairman: Chris Herring  ChrisHerringAZ  and Tristan Manos   tristanmanosmcrc1

·         1st Vice Chairman:  Aaron Flannery

·         2nd Vice Chairman:  Yvonne Cahill

·         Secretary:  Sharon Altenhoff and Cindy Casaus

·         Treasurer:  Wesley W. Harris


Arizona GOP Candidates announced for the January 28 Statutory Meeting election of officers (two year terms).  Candidates are:

Chairman – Jim O’Connor, Jim O'Connor  &;  Frank Thorwald  Frank-Thorwald- and Jonathan Lines  Jonathan-Lines

            Secretary Gabby Mercer   Gabriela_Saucedo_Mercer

          Treasurer – Bob Lettieri and Wes Harris

Editor’s Note: Candidates please forward the contact information you wish listed to so it can be added to the candidate post. – ft

Briefs Sent Identical Questions to the three AZGOP Chairman candidates. Their answers will be posted every day until the Jan 28 Mandatory Meeting election. #1 - What will you do as the AZGOP Chairman to raise funds for the party coffers while you are in office?

Jonathan Lines: I have had experience raising money in rural Arizona, which is tough. So, I know the difficulties that come with fundraising. However, I have had a lot of success with fundraising for my County Party, my city’s festivals, annual marathon, parades, rotary club events and for the Caballeros de Yuma (Yuma’s Thunderbirds). I know how to raise money and I plan to do it for the State Party by creating a strong finance committee. We will continue to build the relationships with major donors, reach out to the republican body for smaller contributions, conduct digital fundraising and continue the party’s direct marketing campaign.

Frank Thorwald: There are essentially four different categories of fundraising: Corporate / business; personal; charitable / non-profit and political fundraising. The expertise required for each one of these categories is very different, as well as the sources of funding for each one. Any continual fundraising above a million dollars a year is very different than raising $400,000 a year or less.

   Within the spectrum of political fundraising, where unlike the other categories, you get no tax credits or profits in return for your investment, political donors are limited to getting satisfaction of knowing they helped elect conservatives to office. Political fundraising categories: Events, corporate, PACs, individuals. Individuals fit into two categories: small and large donors. While corporate and PACs typically are in the large donor category. I mention this because the expertise / structure required are quite different between small and large donor events.

   As chairman, I would modify and expand the red roots program while focusing on large donor events; corporate and PAC donations, while being cautious of the political perspectives of the donating entity making certain that the donor is in alignment with our party’s beliefs

   It is essential, that donors know that the party is working effectively together because donors do not want to waste their money funding an organization that is fighting amongst itself for control of the party. Therefore, I would create a kitchen cabinet with multiple representatives of each of the factions of the party, so that they would have an ongoing place to present their ideas, recommendations and voice their opinions prior to decisions being made that affect the party. The purpose of this not only gives everybody a voice in the direction the party takes, but also reduces the public bickering between factions of the party, so that we can effectively raise the capital necessary to defeat Democrats and elect Republicans to office.

Jim O’Connor: Our AZGOP has relied on contributions from the RNC to fund most of its operations. Two former Chairmen recently informed me that if a Chairman is elected by his fellow State Committeemen, but is unacceptable and unyielding to the McCain/Flake machine, the consequence is that RNC funding of the State party flows to more “controllable” entities. The AZ Senate Victory Fund, the AZ House Victory Fund, and the Yuma County Republican Committee have been past recipients.

   We need to break this reprehensible cycle. Our AZGOP should not be held in bondage. Given this indefensible and shameful reality, my financial team has created fundraising strategies that anticipate the possibility of no RNC financial help. However, we welcome the new leadership of the RNC, plan to apprise them of our unacceptable and unproductive situation, and eagerly look forward to working with them.

    Our Party needs leadership to orchestrate victories in every political race throughout Arizona. Fundraising is an important component of the Chairman’s job. Unfortunately, one of my opponents is spreading the dishonorable rumor that “Jim O’Connor cannot raise money.” Let me debunk this right now. I founded, owned, and operated an investment advisory business in Los Angeles. The firm employed 14 professionals, we managed approximately $1.4 billion in assets, and had 112 clients. All of those clients were solicited by me and my partner. Our company was sold to a major international law firm. One other noteworthy point of interest: After the 1994 Orange County, CA bankruptcy, due to my reputation and financial experience, I was contacted by the CA Senate Select Committee to be a pro bono advisor. This was an 18 month assignment. Additionally, I have raised substantial funding for diverse business ventures and church building programs. See Jim O'Connor For AZGOP Chairman - A Fresh Look At The GOP

Briefs Has Requested That All Candidates running for AZGOP office and Maricopa County Republican Committee office during the January 2017 Mandatory meetings submit their candidate announcement or a resume to help PCs get acquainted with the candidates they will vote on: See candidates responses (below) in the order in which they came in:

Gabby Saucedo Mercer’s Qualifications To Serve As The AZGOP Secretary:

·         Newly elected as 3rd Vice Chair for Pima County GOP by acclamation.

·         Re-elected for the third time as State Committeeman in LD3.

·         Delegate for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

·         Served two terms as 2nd Vice Chairman AZ GOP.

·         Appointed by Pima GOP Chairman, Bill Beard for Executive Committee Member at Large

·         2015 Recipient of Pima County Precinct Committeeman of the year award

·         2014 Republican Nominee for US Congress AZ CD3 

·         2014 Center For Self Governance Level Five Graduate

·         2012 Republican Nominee for US Congress AZ CD3

·         2011 Pima County GOP Member at Large

·         2010 Recipient of Chairman’s Award Rookie of the Year

·         2010 2nd Vice Chair LD27 (now LD3)

·         Testified against the Mexican American Studies indoctrination at TUSD

·         2010-2011 Graduate, Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series

·         Volunteer at Pima County GOP office

·         Managed and organized volunteers for GOP booth at Pima County Fair

·         Volunteer for Ben Buehler Garcia, Tucson City Council candidate

·         Volunteer for Shaun McClusky, Tucson City Council candidate

·         Volunteer for Ruth McClung for Congress CD7

·         Volunteer for Jesse Kelly for Congress AZ CD8

·         Precinct Committeeman in precinct 153 since 2009

·         Member of the AZ Federation of Republican Women.

Wes Harris Running for AZGOP Treasurer & MCRC Treasurer: I recently participated in an audit of the MCRC financials and observed what I believe are some major short falls. My recommendations were offered and approved at the last EGC meeting. The retirement of our current treasure makes it imperative that these recommendations be implemented as soon as possible so I decided to run for the now vacant office. Please note that my recommendations in no way cast dispersions on our departing Treasure as he has done a Yeoman’s Job. It is just that I feel that the office needs a new ‘set of eyes’ and I believe I am more than qualified for this task.

    I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Accounting and from Amos Tuck Graduate School at Dartmouth College. During my corporate career I became the Chief Financial Officer of Armour and Company and Armour Dial (now Hinkel), both substantially large international corporations. Upon leaving the corporate world I started my own company in the Firearms industry which I operate to this day.

    I am a life-long Republican and citizen advocate lobbying the City of Phoenix on domestic issues for some 35 years. I became a Precinct Committeeman in the then Legislative District 6 and was nominated twice as an outstanding PC. Upon redistricting, I became an active member of LD 20 serving various capacities, most recently as 2nd Vice Chair. Last year I was elected as one of your Members At Large. While a PC in LD 6 I started the first Tea Party in Phoenix…The Original North Phoenix Tea Party…and ran it for four years.

MCRC 2nd Vice Chair candidate Yvonne Cahill: I applied to the nominating committee according the MCRC process and in time to appear on the ballot. I take this decision seriously; it is not on a whim or by the nudging of others.  I present my candidacy with a full understanding of the demands of the office and with the highest regard toward fulfilling them.

    Regarding to the demands of the office, the MCRC bylaws state that 2nd Vice Chair will, “Be the liaison officer for the MCRC to the various Republican Clubs in Maricopa County.” My professional and political experience is illustrative of a person who holds the qualities and skills necessary to see this job done with excellence. I encourage you to visit Facebook @Yvonne4MCRC and review my qualifications which include professional experience as an Alliance Manager for a Fortune 100 Firm & longstanding involvement in the Arizona GOP.

    It is my belief that the GOP is best served when it is “the Party” that is served, not individual agendas or issue-driven office holders. My sole focus is the advancement the Party, the principles we hold as our own, and to engage the necessary effort and resources to ensure successful victories at every level of government in our county.  Maricopa County just saw two long held GOP positions fall to Democrats for the first time in decades. We cannot let this continue.  We must return to the focus of registering GOP voters and getting them to the polls. Every PC should have access to support so they may properly work their precinct. Alliances, training, communication, financial support and teamwork will restore our success at every level – from school board to county office – we will be better prepared to support Republicans and win!

LD 29 Republican Committee will meet at 6:30 pm., Jan 9 at Grifols Academy-Plasmapheresis, 5242 W Camelback Rd #101 Glendale AZ 85301. AZGOP chairman candidate Frank Thorwald, and MCRC Chairman candidates Tristan Manos and Chris Herring will address the group. Contact LD Chr Alan Gaugert at 623-330-3622.

AZGOP Chairman candidate Jonathan Lines will address the Colorado River Tea Party at 6 pm., Thur., Jan 5 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95, Yuma, AZ.

2018 US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward’s campaign team needs volunteers are needed for to gather petitions signatures between 9-12 pm, noon – 3 pm, and 3-5 or 6 pm., January 13, 14, 15 at the Lake Havasu Balloon Fest at The Island Golf Club at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, 1040 McCulloch Blvd. North, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. RSVP to Carolyn Leff 1-928-230-0633.

Editor’s Note: Candidate announcements or statements are limited to 300 words. If longer, they will be edited to conform to policy.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

MCRC Vice Chair candidate Aaron Flannery responds to MCRC Chair Tyler Bower: As a candidate who has received endorsements, I’m going to address the recent statements made by outgoing County Chairman Tyler Bowyer. 12-30-16-briefs I do take exception to the phrases "beholden to" and "groveling for,” as this insinuates a quid pro quo agreement or desperation to attain office. I can assure you, there has been no “groveling” or “promises made in exchange for any endorsement.” Endorsements from officeholders are and should be a direct reflection of the type of candidate being endorsed. Mr. Bowyer cites "poor judgment" by seeking and giving endorsements and I disagree. Congressmen Paul Gosar, Trent Franks, Congressman-Elect Andy Biggs, Supt Diane Douglas, Representatives Anthony Kern, Jay Lawrence, Jill Norgaard, Phil Lovas, Senators Judy Burges, Debbie Lesko, and County Attorney Bill Montgomery, among others, have endorsed party state and/or county candidates. These officeholders are not “establishment” nor are they "insider swamp politicians," they are true Conservatives and Patriots who fight for our conservative values. Chris Herring and I are honored to have many of these Conservatives supporting us for County Chairman and First-Vice Chairman. There is merit to researching candidates for ANY office to ensure candidates are worthy of our support. I welcome any and all questions concerning my candidacy and I’m sure Chris would as well.

LD21 Senator Debbie Lesko In Response To Tyler Bowyer’s Statement posted in the 12-30-16 MCRC Briefs: I agree with Tyler Bowyer's encouragement in a recent statement published by MCRC Briefs that all voting PCs and state committeemen do their homework before electing MCRC and State Party officers. What I don’t agree with is the divisive and insulting nature of Tyler’s message. Referring to hard-working elected officials like Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Diane Douglas, Bill Montgomery, Judy Burges, Phil Lovas, David Livingston, Steve Montenegro, Jill Norgaard, Anthony Kern, Justin Olsen and myself as “insider swamp politicians” because we chose to endorse party officer candidates is rude, divisive, unproductive, and totally inaccurate. As we start a new year I sincerely hope that all of us can work together toward the shared goal of defeating liberals and making our state and nation stronger. Feel free to contact me anytime at: or 602-926-5413. Working together we can make a positive difference!

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.- Walter Scott: During Robert Graham’s first term as chair of the AZ GOP some pointed out how he autocratically ran the AZ GOP, ignored the bylaws, ignored the membership’s will, otherwise  acted in an unseeingly manner, yet he was re-elected.  He didn’t get reelected by the barrel of a gun or other forceful means, so who is responsible for his being in a position to do his thing???  Now looks like he is trying to do his own thing by interfering with something that is none of his business, while the true purpose of the chairmanship duties are left to pot!  “F. Duties of Elective Officers 1. says ‘ in cooperation with the county chairmen, shall coordinate statewide party activities. ... The chairman shall appoint all committees officially and shall have 'such usual powers of supervision and management as may be required for the effective functioning of the state party headquarters and staff or as shall be assigned to him/her by the state committee. The chairman, etc...” .  Does his actions comply with that???  Also, supervision and management of party headquarters staff. Does one have any idea that LD23 is part of his headquarters staff??  No, Graham is not altogether to blame, you PCs who voted for him and/or agree with him had better look in the mirror.  This is all the more reason to elect O’Connor if he shows interest in representing the party’s WE THE PEOPLE. See: graham calls on LD23 PCs to revolt

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chair Sharon Day New Year’s message: “A very happy new year to all!” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “A new year means new beginnings and new goals, and millions of Americans are excited to have 2017 commence with President-elect Trump taking office in just a few weeks. This year the American people are getting a fresh start after eight years of disappointment, as our next president and a Republican Congress prepare to fight for the prosperity, security, and liberty of the American people. 2016 was a banner year for Republicans, and 2017 offers limitless promise for what we can accomplish together on behalf of our country. I hope all Americans take the beginning of this year to recommit to their core values and embrace new opportunities for themselves and their families.”
“I am filled with hope for what 2017 will bring,” said RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day. “Americans elected Republicans up and down the ballot this past November because they were ready for change, and we are excited to work for the good of our country at the local, state, and federal level. I wish all Americans a joyful start to the new year, and pray that God will continue to pour out his blessings on our nation, and especially on our brave men and women in uniform.”

AZGOP Chairman Candidates Jim O’Connor And Frank Thorwald will appear before the Paradise Republican Women Sat., Jan 7 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale. 9 am – social, 10 am - mtg, 11 am – brunch. Tickets: $28 per Person. reservations here

The Central Republican Women Of Phoenix  will meet with Maricopa County Treasurer elect Royce Flora on Jan 5 to discuss property taxes and county financial issues at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix. The Social begins at 5:30, and dinner/meeting at 6:15 p.m. Reservations required. $30 each includes dinner and program. RSVP by Jan. 1 to Jan Webb at or contact: Kathy Hedges

LD29 Chairman Alan Gaugert: Thank you for all you do.

LD21 Sen Debbie Lesko: Once again thank you for your years of service to the GOP. You do an absolutely wonderful job and I appreciate you!

Rustin Pearce's Speech: Integrity In PC Elections LD25 PC elections. Pearce wants your stories about fraud, proxy abuse, ghost PCs and those being blocked. Send stories to Pearce at He wants specifics, including identification/names of those involved.

A Tribute Honoring long-time Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his wife Ava is scheduled at 6 pm., Jan 13 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 with Master of Ceremonies KFYI radio personality Mike Broomhead. Extended Hands Food Bank is organizing the event with profits going the Extended Hands Food Bank. Speakers line-up and entertainment arranged by the Fountain Hills Republican Club.  Tickets $50 each. Tickets.  Advance tickets only, no sales at the door. Contact : The Reverend David Iverson,  480-837-0303  or   Reservations: To sit with specific others, after making reservations, send text to Iverson at 480-200-0115.More info: tribute-dinner-for-sheriff-joe-arpaio-and-ava or arpaio-tribute-dinner

Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable. Arizona delegation phone numbers:

Senator John McCain (R- AZ)         202-224-2235    202-228-2862

Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)             202-224-4521    202-228-0515

Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)               202-225-3361     202-225-3462

Rep Martha McSally  (R2)               202-225-2542   520-881-3588

Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)              202-225-2435     202-225-1541

Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)                 202-225-2315    202-226-9739

Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                   202-225-2635    202-226-4386

Rep David Schweikert (R6)             202-225-2190    202-225-0096

Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)               202-225-4065    202-225-1655

Rep Trent Franks (R8)                  202-225-4576    202-225-6328

Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)              202-225-9888    202-225-9731



The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., Jan 3 in the Grand Canyon Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Forster Morgan, the youngest elector in the US to vote for Donald J Trump, will speak about his experience as an elector and how to encourage young people to become involved in the political system. Morgan is the son of immediate past LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan and his wife Heather. Contact: Contact: John Madeira

Jan 4

The Coconino County Republican Committee will meet at noon, Jan 4 with Conservative friends for a discussion on “unintended consequences” of Prop 414, Flagstaff’s $15 minimum wage. Contact: Chairman Jeff Oravits

Grassroots Patriots Will Be Meeting at the IHOP Restaurant, 6601 W Peoria Ave in Glendale instead of Denny’s restaurant starting Jan 4, 2017. Order food at 6 pm., mtg at 6:30 pm. Grassroots Tea Party Activists Scheduled speakers:

  • Jan 4 – AZGOP Chairman candidate Jim O’Connor.
  • Jan 11 - Southwestern Regional Coordinator Heritage for America Nathan Duel.
  • Jan 18 - Activist Nohl Rosen speaking on helping Police officers.
  • Jan 25 – LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell addressing new plans for Arizona.

Jan 5

The Central Republican Women Of Phoenix  will meet with Maricopa County Treasurer elect Royce Flora on Jan 5 to discuss property taxes and county financial issues at the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix. The Social begins at 5:30, and dinner/meeting at 6:15 p.m. Reservations required. $30 each includes dinner and program. RSVP by Jan. 1 to Jan Webb at or contact: Kathy Hedges If you made reservations to an errant prior listed reservations link, please make them again.

Mesa Republican Women meet between 11:30 am-1 pm, Jan 5 – (the first Thursday of each month, except August). January speakers are Senate President Steve Yarborough and Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard. Lunch is $10/members, $12 visitors & guests. Memberships are Jan-Dec: $25 Member and $15 Associate Member. Associate memberships are for men or women who are full members of another AzFRW club. Visitors/guests are allowed two meetings before being asked to pay membership fees. They have a 50/50 pot each month and lots of door prizes. We also sell patriot jewelry and other items to help cover club costs. RSVP deadline is Sun, Jan 1 to President Sherry Pierce at or call (480) 615-0524) or 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213. (Northwest corner of University Drive and Gilbert Road; Riviera Plaza).

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 5 with a “New Beginnings” meeting.

Jan 6

A Trump Victory Celebration, hosted by Daisy Mountain Patriots, starts at 5 pm., Jan 6 at the Roadrunner Restaurant, 47801 North Black Canyon Highway New River, AZ 85087. There will be a AR-15 Raffle, Trump Gear and Gift Raffle, a "Special" Trump Sandwich, a band for entertainment & more, according to Patriots chairman Vera Anderson. Contact Anderson at (602) 821-4675 or


AZGOP Chairman Candidates Jim O’Connor And Frank Thorwald will appear before the Paradise Republican Women Sat., Jan 7 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale. 9 am – social, 10 am - mtg, 11 am – brunch. Tickets: $28 per Person. reservations here

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Jan 7 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Coffee and donuts at 8am. $2 donation requested to help with room rental. LD23 past Chairman Jim O’Connor, a AZGOP chairman candidate will address building legislative district Republican organizations. O'Connor is the 2nd Vice-President of AZ Republican Assembly and has been contributing to Republican successes since 2006. Contact: Jean Goncalves 623-214-8010.

The Yavapai County Republican Committee’s Statutory Organizational Meeting to elect officers is scheduled Sat., Jan 7, 2017.


300 word limit policy. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

Congresswoman Martha Mcsally: Many of us spend these days around the New Year reflecting on the blessings and hardships of the prior year and our hopes and goals for the New Year. As I reflect on 2016, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve our country and community and make a difference in people's lives. I am touched by the amazing people I have met and been inspired by the incredibly diverse, dedicated, creative, and compassionate district that I represent. I am proud of the accomplishments we achieved together like restoring the rights of World War II female pilots to be laid to rest with honor at Arlington, or keeping the A-10 flying. I am honored to have been re-elected decisively so I can continue to serve at a critical time. I am also glad to see 2016 end after witnessing pain and suffering of so many from sickness, disease, tragedy, and loss. For many, 2016 was a difficult year due to an unexpected diagnosis, losing a loved one, or seeing personal or professional hopes dashed. May the turning of the calendar page to a new year give us a chance for new hope, healing, comfort, and opportunity. I am looking forward to 2017 with anticipation, hope, and gratitude on many fronts. I pray each day for wisdom, courage, unity, and strength for the tasks before us as a country and community and encourage you to join in that prayer. I am grateful for each day as a gift to use wisely to truly make a difference. May you and your loved ones be blessed today and in 2017!


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