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1-27-17 Briefs

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LD12 PC Patrick O’Malley: “State Committeemen, your first vote on Saturday will be crucial to whether we have a successful State Meeting. The first vote will be to approve the Rules of the meeting, and Rule 3-C says Robert Graham gets to appoint the Parliamentarian. If you have been to previous State meetings you will remember Robert appointing a Parliamentarian brought in from to make sure everything went the way Robert wanted it. And if the Rules are approved as they appear in your call letter that’s what will happen again. I expect that amendments won’t be allowed and we will have to vote against approving the Rules as written before any changes will be possible. At that point we can change the Rules to choose the Parliamentarian by a vote of the SC’s and have nominations from the floor for Parliamentarian. We need a Parliamentarian that will keep the meeting on track, not one that thinks controlling the agenda is their primary purpose. “

A Legal Beagle shared this with Briefs: “Chairman Robert Graham claims authority to not credential the state committeemen (“SCs”) nominated by the LD 23 precinct committeemen (“PCs”) at a properly convened organizational meeting and whom the PCs of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (“MCRC”) voted to certify and elect at the properly-convened statutory organizational meeting of the MCRC on January 14, 2017. Citing no statute or bylaw for such authority. Because, as reported in the January 23, 2017 “Yellow Sheet Report,” of Arizona Capitol Reports, LLC, “[AZ GOP Exec. Dir. Tim] Sifert acknowledged that Graham’s authority to keep state committeemen off the credentials list isn’t in the party bylaws or state statute . . .”

      No such authority exists. The elected PCs of each LD, and who reside in Maricopa County, nominate, at their respective LD organizational meetings, the SCs to represent them on the state committee. The Arizona Republican Party established legislative district committees per A.R.S. 16-823.

     A.R.S. § 16-825, State committee, simply states: The state committee of each party shall consist, in addition to the chairman of the several county committees, of one member of the county committee for every three members of the county committee elected pursuant to section 16-821. The state committeemen shall be chosen at the first meeting of the county committee from the committee's elected membership.

     Only the members of the county committee, the PCs, may elect their representatives on the state committee, their state committeemen. No statute or bylaw gives any such authority to the state committee chairman. Period.”

AZGOP Chairman candidate Jim O’Connor: “Regarding my statement of having recruited 135 new PCs; my file is available for audit by anyone who wants to see the actual appointment forms. These appointments were made between January 2015 and March 2016.” Contact O’Connor at 602-538-9387. Editor’s Note: O’Connor is responding to campaign messages floating around that insinuate that he didn’t recruit 135 PCs because the Maricopa Elections website shows LD23 had 333 PCs in January 2015 when O’Connor became chairman and had 355 PCs at the end of O’Connor’s term in November 2016. The rumor mill fails to take into account that PC counts are in constant fluctuation in most LDs - due to people moving, illness, deaths, life style changes or flat out becoming disenchanted with the party on the local or national level.-ft

Bruce M Piepho, LD14 PC and State committeeman: The activities of the current AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham are as corrupt as anything, I have ever witnessed. What do you as a PC want for leadership of the AZGOP?

     1. A full time chair with a proven track record of recruiting and motivating new PCs with a Treasurer openly reporting financials. Or

     2. A part time chair for 2 days a week with a subordinate the other 3 days with political ties to the swamp in Washington D.C.

     Much of the AZGOP controversies surround the activities of Senator McCain and/or his operatives.  The battle for electing a new AZGOP Chairman is a between us the PCs and the Washington D.C. elite establishment – corruption. But the issue of who is best candidate for the AZGOP chair is only partially associated with what McCain has been doing. What Robert Graham has been doing the last few months is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  Graham should have stayed out of the chair election process. His claims of illegitimate LD23 elections due to email calls instead of U.S. Post Office snail mail could be applied to many counties and LDs. CCRC used email almost exclusively with only a few snail mail.  So according to Graham's criteria used for LD23, I am not a legal State Committeeman.  That is such hogwash and smells worse than an Out-House.

     If we could; Graham should be FIRED. But we should not bother taking that journey, simply voting for Jim O'Connor to replace Robert Graham is the best solution. Stand with LD23 and IF Graham succeeds in keeping LD23 119 duly elected State Committee PCs from the 1/28/2017 - ALL state committeemen should walk out of the meeting.

Editor’s Note: Due to reader comments, Briefs e-mailed AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, asking, “Why is it alright for Jonathan Lines to send out his call letters via email but not LD23?” Graham replied: “The issue we had with LD23 was their nomination process for state committeemen.  That has been clear from the beginning…please reference the chairman from LD 23’s letter which clearly states what the real issue was.  The whole issue surrounding mail or email came about with Tyler Bowyer and the MCRC call letters.  Not sure what happened in Yuma we did not receive any complaints.”   See LD23 Chairman Nancy Ordowski Response To Graham on Dec 15, 2016, in which she devotes several paragraphs to the LD23 bylaws approved use of e-mail for Call Letters, as she responds to Graham’s concern regarding sufficient notice given to PCs for the Dec 1, 2016 Organizational meeting. The upheaval over Bowyer’s e-mailed MCRC Call Letter surfaced  just before the Jan 14, 2017 MCRC Statutory meeting. - ft

Sara Dunsford, CD 7 State Committeeman, LD 27: The swamp that needs draining is AZ GOP. How dare Robert Graham assist one candidate for state chairman over another by providing AZ GOP resources to any candidate, for any reason, ever?  And if that isn't bad enough, AZ GOP resources were also provided to a group of charlatans who sent out what I believe to be a venomous and inaccurate letter critical of Jim O'Connor.

     The evidence is the identically incorrect mailing labels that were received by many LD 27 State Committeemen. The first of three letters was the Call to Meeting sent by AZ GOP.  Most of our state committeemen noticed that their address was correct, but the name on the label was that of a different LD 27 State Committeemen.  Initially, this was perceived as minor incompetence, but has subsequently confirmed complicity between AZ GOP, candidate Lines and some group that calls themselves GOP PCs LD 23. 

     The evidence is that all three letters were in turn received by the same incorrect LD 27 State Committeemen thus proving that all three letters were sent using the same mailing list that had the same corrupt information.

     Shame on Graham, Lines and whoever it is that named themselves LD 23 State Committeemen in the third letter.  We won in November and they are acting like a bunch of losers.  If you can't win the AZ GOP Chairmanship fairly, then you have no business running.  It is time for Lines to remove himself from contention and time for Graham to resign.  If Graham doesn’t resign, at least we will be rid of him by Saturday.

Tom Morrissey Immediate Past Chairman of the AZ GOP: There is an incredible embarrassment brewing as we approach the "election" of our new Chairman on Saturday. The AZ GOP Chairman is supposed to lead the party standing on the very principles and integrity that are the essence of our party.  AZ Chair Robert Graham and Maricopa County Republican Chairman Chris Herring are acting like the fix is in.

     Graham is trying to remove 119 legally elected state committeemen and candidate Jim O'Connor - based on claims that the call letters weren't received by some PCs in LD23.  Herring is attacking O'Connor under the guise of "we just need to get along".  Isn't it interesting that two days before the election, Frank Thorwald, a third candidate in the race has withdrawn, potentially leaving only one candidate standing. How convenient.

     Why isn't Graham equally concerned about some in Yuma County (and possibly other LDs) not receiving a call letter in their mail? Why aren't those also being questioned?

     As our party clearly returned control to the people at the national level, Arizona seems to be allowing the "chosen few" to continue its reign.  If you haven't yet read AZGOP treasurer candidate Bob Lettieri’s statement, you should do so before Saturday. 1-25-17 Briefs - candidate commentary The numbers he brings to light tell the true story of what has gone on over the past four years.

     To those attending on Saturday, I urge you to call to mind the words of that great statesman, Winston Churchill, "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense." I pray we have the wisdom and the courage, to indeed give in to "honor and good sense" this Saturday.

Past Maricopa County Chairman Lyle Tuttle: Are you as mystified as I was about the sudden surge of Jonathan Lines support from elected officials? I personally know many of those officials who have now decided that Lines is "their candidate"...and I know that support is 180 degrees out from their usual actions. The bottom line is: If you want to be led by a ring in your nose by the Graham/Establishment etc join with the Lines people; examine the history/performance/merits of the candidates - join with the O'Connor folks and return the AZGOP to what it should be.

AZ Town Crier Jim Ehl: People deserve the government that they elect!  That goes for political parties as well.  Even during Robert Graham’s first term as chairman of AZ GOP, the “Town Crier” pointed out some of Graham’s autocratic antics, as did others.  So??  What happened??   He was re-elected as chairman.   Since Graham did not want to read anything about his actions he asked to be dropped from the Town Crier email list.  The state is a red-state.  Not a single Republican Rep in Congress voted for ‘Obamacare’. but in Arizona a number of Republican state reps sided with the Democrats and passed ‘Obamacare’, and what did Graham and the AZ GOP leadership say about that??   

     State committeemen voted to censure Senator McCain at an official meeting .  What did Graham and the AZ GOP leadership do??  McCain was re-elected.  Senator Flake sides with ex-POTUS on some issues and what does the AZ GOP leadership say about that??  This rant could go on and on.

     All the while the AZ GOP executive committee, state committeemen, 15 county chairs and AzRA had their head in the sand  In Arizona we have about 1,0135 state committeemen for an allowance of over 3,000 (not exact figures) so who are concerned about WE THE PEOPLE??  The AZ GOP leadership does not even have a good PC recruitment plan; it appears they have nothing to offer.  The McCain censure is a prime example. Who is to blame, Graham or the voters who put him in as chair??   After this week end Graham will be out of the picture, but if he prevails and his hand-picked relief is voted in, it looks like it will be more of the same.  It is understood that Lines will remain with his duties in Yuma and be a ‘part time’  AZ GOP chair.  Is that what the party wants?? See and

ATTN AZGOP State Committeemen: For the past year, State Committeemen have complained about some of the shenanigans that were pulled at last year’s AZGOP Statutory meetings. In an effort to prepare this year’s attendees, the Silliness Site has posted a well-researched two-part YouTube video narration Of-Improper-Motions, Voters-Representation, Precinct-Committeemen-Political-Parties-Statutes-And-Bylaws A written version can be downloaded at the same link. It is well worth you time to get acquainted with the guidelines. Watch the video, be prepared, particularly if you think your LD might be targeted for disenfranchisement to keep you from voting on agenda items or from running for an officer position at the Jan 28 AZGOP Statutory meeting in Phoenix. – ft

The List Of 1,235 State Committeemen can be viewed or downloaded at:

The AZGOP Chairman's Awards Dinner 2017 is scheduled at 6 pm., (reception at 5:30 pm.) Fri., Jan 27 at the downtown Phoenix Hyatt Regency Hotel, 122 N 2nd St. in Phoenix. Live entertainment. $60 per person for $500 per table. Tickets at 602-957-7770.

The AZGOP Mandatory Meeting for all Arizona Republican State Committeemen is scheduled for Sat., Jan 28, 2017 at the Church of the Nations at 6225 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012. Call headquarters for further information such as credentialing, meeting time, agenda items, etc. 602-957-7770.

Yavapai County Chairman Mark Sensmeier has graciously offered to share a file he made of the 20 Q&A that Briefs posted as the AZGOP Chairman Candidates responded to Briefs reader questions. He also tossed in some of the candidate announcements that were submitted to Briefs. If you want a copy, Sensmeier can be reached at

AZGOP Chair candidate Frank Thorwald withdrew from the Chairman’s race Thurs, which is a bit contrary to reports floating around for some time that Thorwald would withdraw during the Saturday convention and throw his support behind Lines. See 1-26-17 Briefs . Thorwald told Briefs “I will speak Sat. on this and the other candidates know I will NOT endorse them. I will encourage supporters to make up their own minds. Our State Committeemen are smart people and can think for themselves. I will encourage the Candidates and all PCs to implement Reagan's principles and to find ways to openly communicate so we can work together growing the party for the good of our Nation.”

AZGOP Executive Director Avinash Iragavarapu told Briefs, “I haven't yet decided to go to Hong Kong.” See After-Trump-Next-Stop-Hong-Kong-Indian-Data-Wizard

Border-Patrol-Alters-Stats-Hide-Release-Criminal-Aliens-High-Recidivism ‘The U.S. Border Patrol alters statistics involving the apprehension of criminal illegal immigrants to conceal that thousands are being released, a new federal audit reveals. The frontline Homeland Security agency charged with preventing terrorists and weapons—including those of mass destruction—from entering the country also skews figures to drastically deflate the high recidivism rate of aliens caught entering the U.S.”…

"A Law Already Exists That Experts say gives Trump the authority to start building the wall. It is the Secure Fence Act of 2006. It was bipartisan and overwhelmingly supported during the Bush administration. The 2006 law envisions both physical barriers and high-tech features, like sensors and cameras. It also mentions a two-layer fence - but that fence was never built, and the legislation didn't include money to pay for one. Ten years later, the process could begin in earnest." (Bill Chappell, Tamara Keith, and Merrit Kennedy, "'A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation': Trump Moves Forward With U.S.-Mexico Wall," NPR , 1/25/17)

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Thursday canceled a meeting with US President Donald Trump that had been set for next week after renewed tensions over Trump's plan to build a wall on the border. "This morning we have informed the White House that I will not attend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the POTUS," Pena Nieto tweeted. Earlier Thursday morning, Trump had tweeted that it would be better to skip the meeting if Pena Nieto continued to insist Mexico would not pay for the wall, which he had again said as recently as Wednesday evening.Trump's pushback came after Pena Nieto said -- again -- on Wednesday that his country "will not pay for any wall."

Most Applaud End of TPP, Want Changes in NAFTA Most voters welcome President Trump's decision to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) mega-trade deal and agree that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada needs to be reworked.

Editor’s Note: Candidate announcements or statements are limited to 300 words. If longer, they will be edited to conform to policy.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor


Jan 27

The Tempe Republican Women will meet with Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir at 6:30 pm., Feb 27 at the Pyle Center, 655 E Southern Ave in Tempe. RSVP TempeRepublicanWomen/events Contact Chairman Jessica Merrow -

Jan 28

The AZGOP Mandatory Meeting for all Arizona Republican State Committeemen is scheduled for Sat., Jan 28, 2017 at the Church of the Nations at 6225 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012. Call headquarters for further information such as credentialing, meeting time, agenda items, etc. 602-957-7770.

A Pro-police Rally is scheduled in front of the Glendale Police Headquarters, 6835 N 57th Dr in Glendale at 10 am, Jan 28. Hosts are the Pro-police movement Rally For LE and the expendables Motorcycle Club of America. Participants are encouraged to wear blue, bring Thin Blue Line and American flags as well as signs in support of police. Thin Blue Line flags will be presented to both the Glendale Police Department as well to the family of a fallen officer. A motorcycle procession is expected to kick off the event and there will be speakers. Chief St. John and members of the Glendale PD are expected to be in attendance. The event is free and open to the public. For information go to

Ventana Lakes Republicans are hosting Brad Zinn in”The Great Comemdians” at 7 pm., Jan 28. Tickets: $12 each at the Community Management Office. BYOB/snacks. Contact Melanie at 623-566-6001 oto Deadline Jan 27. No refunds after Jan 18.


The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will host nationally syndicated talk show host Terry Gilberg at a dinner meeting at 6:15 pm., Feb 2 the Hilton Phoenix Suites, 10 E Thomas Road in Phoenix. Social – 5:30 pm. Reservations required. $30 per person, RSVP by Jan 29 to Jan Webb at  

Feb 4

The Colorado River Tea Party Appreciation BBQ is set between 2-5 pm., Sat., Feb 4 at the American Legion Post 19 honoring Congressman Paul Gosar, Sen Steve Montenegro and Reps Don Shooter and Darin Mitchell.  Volunteers are needed for set up/breakdown, serving food and bringing desserts. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer, 928-210-1219

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Feb 4 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd. to hear Itasca Small, researcher on the state and national constitutions, and Arizona’s Revised Statues. Coffee and donuts available. A $2 donation is requested which helps pay for the room rental. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chairlady 623-214-8010


300 word limit policy. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

Congressman Andy Biggs: Recently, while responding to a call, an Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper, Edward Andersson, was ambushed, shot, and assaulted on Interstate 10. The DPS trooper was taken to a local hospital in stable condition and has since been released. It was later discovered that Escobar, who was shot and killed at the scene, was believed to be an illegal immigrant and a known drug user, living in Glendale. Biggs said, "I applaud the courageous actions of a Good Samaritan, Thomas Yoxall, who exercised his Second Amendment rights to prevent violence from causing an almost-certain casualty. We simply cannot wait any longer to secure our borders and to enforce our laws. As seen from this month's events, even law enforcement officers are at greater risk due to the federal government's dereliction of duty. I will continue to fight for border security and enforcement of the rule of law, and my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the recent tragedy.”

Senator John McCain: “I’m deeply concerned by President Trump’s statements reaffirming his commitment to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). While renegotiations could help to strengthen and modernize NAFTA to benefit American businesses and consumers, any effort to restrict or impose new barriers on our ability to trade with Mexico and Canada could jeopardize the future of this trade agreement and have serious consequences for Arizona and the country. Facts are stubborn things, and the facts clearly show that NAFTA has delivered enormous economic benefits to the citizens of my home state since it went into effect in 1994. In just two decades, Arizona’s exports to Canada and Mexico have increased by $5.7 billion, or 236 percent. Today, international trade supports more than one-in-five jobs in Arizona, which pay roughly 18 percent higher salaries. Imports to the state have also lowered the cost of raw materials, allowing Arizona companies to remain competitive and reducing costs for Arizona consumers. Free trade stimulates economic growth, creates higher paying jobs, reduces the cost of goods and services, and deepens our relationship with key allies around the world. The free flow of trade has been the foundation of U.S. economic policy for decades, and a major factor in our prosperity and greatness. We should not have to relearn the lessons of history. Retreating from NAFTA and other international trade agreements will harm our ability to compete in today’s global economy, raise costs for consumers, threaten jobs, and undermine our relations with our closest neighbors.”

Congressman Andy Biggs: “I have introduced the “Budget Process Accountability Act” to fulfill one of the six promises I made to my constituents last year. It is imperative that Congress return to regular order when debating and passing a sustainable and balanced budget for the federal government. Our responsibility is to pass a budget – not to kick the can down the road for a future Congress. We should not be paid if that job is not completed.” The Budget Process Accountability Act builds on the extensive and exemplary work of Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01), who introduced the No Budget, No Pay Act earlier this month.


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Why I Support Jim O’Connor For AZGOP Chair.  #1: My personal experience of Jim O’Connor has been extremely positive.  First, he educated me on the serious problems associated with Rep. J. D. Mesnard’s National Popular Vote bill (HB2456), which he brought up during last year's legislative session.  This was a complex issue, and Mr. O’Connor and I exchanged several emails and telephone calls in the process.  I also did independent research.  This resulted in an article that I published titled “Stop the National Popular Vote Compact in Arizona." Mr. O’Connor made a very impressive appeal before the House of Representatives against the National Popular Vote leading them to defeat that bill last session.  He's prepared to do it again.

#2: As A Member Of The Mommy Lobby, I deeply appreciated Mr. O’Connor's leadership in LD23 in helping to pass HB2088, which protects students against surveys that gather private, personally identifiable information.  He advised his representative in LD23, Heather Carter, "Our 444 Precinct Committeemen are reflecting the opinions of the 70,000 registered republican votes in our district overwhelmingly protecting the rights of parents and children. Please represent these and other republicans who desire to restrain government overreach."  She voted in favor on reconsideration, and this bill passed. Mr. O'Connor has stood firmly in support of legislation that honors parental authority and rejects federal control of education in Arizona.


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