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3-30-17 Briefs

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Governor Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2280, legislation intended to increase electronic filing and payment of most business taxes beginning later this year, allowing the Arizona Department of Revenue to better operate at the speed of business. LD 13 Representative Don Shooter sponsored the bill. Under HB2280, businesses will be required to file and pay transaction privilege tax (TPT), which will be phased in over a five-year period. Annual electronic filing of annual corporate income tax, fiduciary, and partnership returns will begin in tax year 2020. The phased approach provides the Department of Revenue time to enhance its infrastructure framework to provide for an electronic filing experience for all taxpayers. See News Release: Governor Ducey Signs HB2280 To Expand Electronic Filing And Payment Of Business Taxes

clip_image001Congrats to Stephanie Grisham for her recent appointment as First Lady Melanie Trump’s Communication Director. She was a White House deputy press secretary . Grisham is the former Arizona House of Representatives press secretary. stephanie-grisham-communications-director Lindsay Reynolds is the First Lady’s Chief of Staff, Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd aka Rickie is her social secretary, and Stephanie Winsont Wolkoff is her senior adviser and chief strategist.

A “Red/White & Blue Revolution” Rally is scheduled between 11 am-4 pm, April 22 at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington in Phoenix in support of President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. This is a nationwide movement. See

A Petition-To “Move-Melania-Trump-To-White-House-Or-She-Can-Foot-Security-Bill is floating around . The Trumps made it clear that Melania and Barron would be staying in New York until he gets through this school term. It’s been announced Melania has selected a school for Barron in DC for this fall. Trump is taking $1 of his normal presidency pay check and they vacation at mar a lago estate – which Trump already owns and he plays golf on his own course when down there. Isn’t it sad, that after we worked so hard to get Trump elected, there are those who continue to bitch about everything he and his family do? Stop and think about the $$$Billions Obama gave away to countries that hate us - and no one said a word. – ft

Alert: The Democrat Party is circulating a petition asking for signatures and a donation to denounce Arizona Attorney Mark Brnovich for spending tax $ to defend Donald Trump’s “racist Mulim ban.”

Randy Miller: I  was at Sky Harbor yesterday at terminal 2 to pick up my sister. The terminal was full of Muslim women, about 30 with around 7 children and 7 men speaking Farsi or Arabic, I don't really know. They greeted approximately 6 more coming off a plane to Phoenix.  Hmmm, refugees still coming in possibly?

LD23 PC Boe James: I am not sure how Judy can criticize my saying "snacks (hors d’oevres)" since the LD 23 Christmas party itself called it appetizers.  I quote from the LD23 Christmas flyer "Assorted appetizers, soda, wine, & coffee ( and the company of your fellow Republicans )".  Appetizers, hors d'oevres and snacks are synonyms). Judy Rutkowski's version of last year's LD 23 Christmas party varies greatly from the stories I heard about it.  I heard multiple complaints of people saying that the venue ran out of food and that they left without getting anything to eat.  If, in fact, some attendees did leave with extra food then something was very wrong with the organization of the food distribution or the complaints of no food were unfounded.  I tend to believe that some people did leave without getting any food believing that they were out of food.  I was not there, so I don't know for sure and can only rely on what I heard.  But I do know that it was advertised as appetizers and not dinner - which was one of the points I was trying to make.  It was not dinner, as Judy Rutkowski's comment might leave one to believe.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: We receive the ‘Republican Party News’ which bills itself as “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!”  We wonder if that is a put-down to ‘Frosty’ Taylor’s ‘Republican Communications. We read interesting things going on within the party in ‘Frosty’s’ publication, so what would we expect to read in the Republican Party news except things we could read in the news media??  How about information on the AZ GOP bylaws update?  The AZ GOP bylaws haven’t been reviewed and updated in a recorded six years.  AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines appointed Kathie Petsas to chair a bylaws review and update committee. To date nothing has been said.  Is it a secret??  Petsas refused to name committeemen.  This bylaws thing has been a bone of contention since a bylaws committee chaired by Webb Crockett that was cancelled by state chair Mike Minnaugh because the changes were not  what Minnaugh wanted.  At the end of the bylaws there is a notation, “APPROVED at the Special Meeting of the Republican State Committee in Tucson, Arizona, on March 21, 1959.’ as the first entry and ended with “ APPROVED at the Statutory Meeting of the Republican State Committee in Phoenix, Arizona on January 22, 2011.”  We’ve never been told who attended “the special meeting’, nor does anyone remember the bylaws being voted on for approval at a Statutory meeting. A bylaws committee is not provided for in the AZ GOP bylaws, only as a committee appointed by the state chair.   Lines could just as easily cancel the committee as did Minnaaugh.  What chair would want to give up the power and authority, and lack of being held responsible for any violations of the bylaws???  If Lines was serious about updating the bylaws that he would appoint the county chairs to hammer out a updated bylaws to present to the membership.  As long as the county chairs and state committeemen are under the spell of the RINOs, we are still headed downhill like a snowball headed for hell. 

LD24 PC Carol Joyce: Something to think about. Folks need to understand…These  (our) Congressmen and Senators are quick to criticize  the Healthcare plan,  But let’s remember, We (The People) pay for their outstanding healthcare insurance…we certainly do not have the same coverage as they do…  They will shove anything down our throats! Why can’t we buy into their nice Federal Plan, after all it’s our tax dollar paying for it. They do not even work full time; yet get outstanding benefits and a salary which is BS.  They should not get any benefits for being in session part time and especially not doing their job for the people. They want to rid Medicare and privatize everything. Well they need to join all of us and get the same!

For Those With A Sense Of Humor: A group of women were at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with their husbands. The women were asked, "How many of you love your husband?" All the women raised their hands. Then they were asked, “When was the last time you told your husband you loved him? "Some women answered today, a few yesterday, and some couldn’t remember. The women were then told to take out their cell phones and text their husband - "I love you, Sweetheart". Next the women were instructed to exchange phones with one another and read aloud the text message they received in response to their message. Below are 11 replies. If you have been married for quite a while, you understand that these replies are a sign of true love. Who else would reply in such a succinct and honest way?
1. Who the hell is this?
2. Eh, mother of my children, are you sick or what?
3. Yeah and I love you too. What's wrong?
4. What now? Did you wreck the car again?
5. I don't understand what you mean?
6. What the hell did you do now?
7. Don't beat around the bush; just tell me how much you need?

8. Am I dreaming?
9. If you don't tell me who this message is actually for, someone will die.
10. I thought we agreed you wouldn’t drink during the day.
11. Your mother is coming to stay with us, isn't she?
Love is a splendor thing, isn’t it?

ADOT Travel Hints For Final Four Weekend: Drivers should allow extra travel time and consider alternate routes instead of westbound Interstate 10 before the April 3 national championship game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Loop 101 also will have heavier traffic approaching the stadium. Plan to get to your destination early and consider public transportation (see or carpooling. West Valley residents can help limit westbound I-10 traffic on the afternoon of Monday, April 3, by flexing work hours. If it’s an option, telecommuting is a sure way to avoid being part of evening rush hour. Ticketholders should get to University of Phoenix Stadium or nearby venues early on 6 pm Monday, April 3. Parking lots open at 1 p.m., and tailgate events for ticketholders begin at 2 p.m. For both ticketholders and many West Valley residents, westbound Loop 101 from Interstate 17 or all the way from the East Valley provides an alternate route to westbound I-10. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s freeway message boards will provide information on traffic conditions and stadium parking. Overhead message boards will help guide motorists to the appropriate exits for Final Four events beginning Friday, March 31, in downtown Phoenix. When Final Four events are underway in downtown Phoenix, drivers should use Seventh Avenue to or from either direction of Interstate 10 or take northbound Seventh Avenue from I-17 to reach venues from the south. For information on Final Four-related street closures in downtown Phoenix, visit westbound I-10 HOV-lane off-ramp at Third Street will be closed on the following dates and times:

· Friday, March 31, from 3:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

· Saturday, April 1, from 1:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

· Sunday, April 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The local Final Four organizing committee’s website,, provides comprehensive event information, including schedules and information on a clear bag policy in effect for all events. Also see  ADOT’s Twitter feed (@ArizonaDOT) and Facebook account ( and @GlendaleAZPD on Twitter.

As Temperatures Begin To Warm Up, locals and tourists alike have begun flocking to valley lakes in hopes of securing a space along the shoreline to camp, fish, swim, or simply dip their toes in the water. This year, those visiting Lake Pleasant Regional Park are encouraged to arrive early to secure a spot. "The water levels at Lake Pleasant Regional Park are unusually high this year, and high water levels impact the amount of shoreline we have available for day-use and camping opportunities," said R.J. Cardin, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Director.  The water stored at Lake Pleasant Regional Park comes from two main sources: the Colorado River via the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal, and runoff from the Agua Fria River. CAP pumps Colorado River water into the lake during the fall and winter months, and releases water during the spring and summer. Staff anticipate this challenge will continue to occur thru mid-July until CAP has drawn down enough water to increase shoreline availability. Currently, the Concrete Spillway is under water; and Two Cow Cove, Jet Ski Point, and Fireman's Cove, which are popular destinations for shoreline camping, are near capacity. At this time staff are asking park visitors to:

· Plan ahead, and arrive at the park early;

· Anticipate possible closures and delays, especially during holiday weekends;

· Understand that temporary fire bans may be issued due to the lack of available shoreline;

· Respect the land; and

· Stay on designated roadways and parking areas.

See for current updates, or contact the park's entry station at (928) 501-1710.

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is seeking public input for its Active Transportation Plan (ATP). An interactive website is now available on the MCDOT website allowing residents to identify areas where improvements could be made to increase accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and users of other non-motorized modes of transportation. “The Active Transportation Plan will give MCDOT the information it needs to provide connections to pedestrians and others who may not rely on cars to travel, work or conduct business in Maricopa County,” said MCDOT Director Jennifer Toth.  “Public input is a critical component of making sure the Plan identifies the needs of Maricopa County.” A series of public meetings will be held in late April and early May. Dates and locations will be posted to the Active Transportation Page on the MCDOT website. The Active Transportation Plan will prioritize the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and individuals with disabilities who access and use county roadways and connect to adjacent facilities. In addition, the plan will address potential partnerships, explore funding options and recommend potential policies to enhance active transportation in Maricopa County. The ATP is a key element of MCDOT’s Transportation System Plan (TSP), which identifies and plans for future transportation needs in Maricopa County. More information on both the ATP and TSP are available on the MCDOT website at:

“In Our Constitutional Government, there is always a push and pull on power between the three major branches,” said David Avella, president of GOPAC, which recruits and mentors Republican legislative candidates. “While some see Republican legislators asserting their power on executive responsibilities, others will see the judges asserting their power in redistricting cases against Republican legislators.” More here

A-Call-To-Action-March-30 & 31-2017 Big things are about to happen in the Washington Swamp at the end of March. President Trump needs our help.  He promised to clean out the swamp in Washington, and, even before the inauguration, he asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for help to clean up the scientific fraud and other scandals at the CDC regarding vaccines...

Supremes-Overturn-Gorsuch-Ruling-And-Dems-Vow-To-Filibuster Dem Sen. Bob Casey, son of the famous Pennsylvania pro-life Gov. Bob Casey, who is up for reelection, and who pretends to be pro-life, announced he will join the filibuster.  Gorsuch and the pro-choice backed and funded Federalist Society made that easy for Sen. Casey to do.  It might even help his reelection in light of Gorsuch's pro-choice performance...

The Fountain Hills Republican Club's first annual gun raffle is in progress.  Tickets are $10 each, 3 for $25 or 16 tickets for $100.  For tickets contact any officer or Board Member.  First prize is a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II.  Second Prize is a Golck 43.  Drawing will be at the FHRC picnic on Sat., Oct 21.  Contact 2nd VP David Spelich.   Tickets should be available at the GOP Social.

The Grassroots Tea Party Patriots met last night at Denny’s Restaurant in Phoenix to hear from Eric Ponsati, the son of immigrants parents who come to America from Spain and got their citizenship. He is fluent in several languages, is a former associate general counsel at MD Helicopters, a former contacts and counsel at Sikorsky Aircraft and an Army Reserves JAG officer. He discussed legal immigration and his family experiences. Contact Francine Romesburg

A MUST SEE: US-Immigration-History-Map This is very informative.  Also watch the lower left of the screen. For the past 200 years where have all the people been coming from? Notice what happens after 1970.

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Maricopa County Precinct Committeemen Information

Call The White House 202-456-1111 Comments. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. Contact Senate or Representatives Let them know how you feel. Hold their feet to the fire. They wanted these positions so badly, hold them accountable. Arizona delegation phone numbers:

Senator John McCain (R- AZ)



Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ)



Rep Tom O’Halleran (D1)



Rep Martha McSally (R2)



Rep Raul M. Grijalva (D3)



Rep Paul A. Gosar (R4)



Rep Andy Biggs (R5)



Rep David Schweikert (R6)



Rep Reuben Gallego (D7)



Rep Trent Franks (R8)



Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D9)





An AZGOP Annual Legislative Salute is scheduled on March 31, starting with a 5 pm reception followed with a 6 pm dinner, at Chateau Luxe, 1175 E Lone Cactus Drive in Phoenix – featuring Gov Doug Ducey and AZGOP chairman Jonathan Lines. Tickets range from $200 per individual to $5,000 table sponsorships.


The Alex Meluskey Show airs on Sat, April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 6 am on 1130AM, at 4 pm on 1100AM KRNX and at 9 pm on 960AM KKNT. Contact:

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat, April 1 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R. H. Johnson Blvd. Coffee and donuts are available before the meeting starts. A $2 donation is requested to help defray the room rental. Dr. Carl Goldberg who will speak on "What non-Muslims need to know about Islam as ideology and why". After 9/11, Dr. Goldberg became seriously interested in Islam because the hijacker-murderers were religious Muslims who quoted the Koran. He read the Koran from cover to cover, followed by many other books and articles about Islam in order to understand what motivated the Muslim terrorists. Goldberg has made it his patriotic duty to help educate our fellow citizens about the doctrines of Islam, which are having such an enormous negative impact on our world in general, and on our country in particular. All Republicans in SCW, Sun City, Surprise and all surrounding communities are invited to attend our very informative meetings. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity, 623-214-8010. or


Mesa RepublicanWomen will meet at 11:30 am., Thurs, April 6 at 1900 E University Dr #11 in Mesa. RSVP by April 2 to


LD20 will meet at 7 pm., Mon, April 3 at 4659 W Sweetwater Ave in Glendale.

The Cochise County Republicans will meet at 4 pm., April 3 at the Cochose County GOP HQ, 325 W Fry Blvd in Sierra Vista.


The Maricopa County Republican Committee EGC is scheduled to meet at 7 pm., Tues., April 4 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St. in Phoenix.


The Colorado River Tea Party will have a booth at the Yuma County Fair instead of holding their regularly scheduled April 6 meeting. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer

The Mesa RepublicanWomen will meet at 11:30 am., Thur., April 6 at 1900 E. University Drive, Suite 11, Mesa 85213. (NW corner of University Drive/ Gilbert Road; Riviera Plaza). Christina Sandefur, Executive Vice President from the Goldwater Institute will present "Litigating for Liberty". She will provide insight into the important work Goldwater Institute is involved in with policy development and case litigation advancing healthcare freedom, free enterprise, private property rights, free speech, and taxpayer rights. RSVP required by Sun evening, April 2 to or call (480) 615-0524. Lunch is $10 for members and $12 for visitors/guests. They are a Republican membership club so they will ask visitors/guests to pay membership fees after they've attended two meetings without being a member. $25/year (Jan-Dec) for full membership and $15 for Associate Members (for men, or for women who are members of another Republican Women's club). Upcoming meetings: May 4th: John Hook, Fox News; June 1st: Congressman Andy Biggs. Contact President Sherry Pierce at or call (480) 615-0524.

Navajo County Republicans will meet at 6 pm., April 6 at the Frontier Conference Room, 550 N. 9th Place in Show Low, Arizona 85901. Contact: They will meet May 4 in Show Low.


300 word limit. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

Senator John McCain and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi reintroduced the Currency Optimization, Innovation, and National Savings Act of 2017 (COINS Act), legislation that would modernize our currency by moving to a $1 dollar coin, reduce the cost of nickel production and suspend the minting of the penny, which currently costs more than one cent to produce. These money-saving reforms, which have been studied and supported by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, could generate up to $16 billion in taxpayer savings. “With our country facing $20 trillion in debt, Congress must act to protect the American taxpayer,” said McCain. “By reforming and modernizing America’s outdated currency system, this commonsense bill would bring about billions in savings without raising taxes.”


300 word limit. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited

US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the federal government will not be funding sanctuary cities. I full heartedly agree. It’s outrageous that taxpayers are forced to subsidize left-wing local governments who ignore our immigration laws and provide sanctuary to some of the most violent and dangerous criminals anywhere. Sanctuary cities must answer to our federal immigration laws. Arizona needs a Senator who will stand up and fight against illegal immigration and will work to deport the violent criminals being given sanctuary by do-gooder liberal politicians more concerned about the so-called ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than the rights of American citizens. Unfortunately for our state, my opponent - Jeff Flake - has repeatedly sided with illegal immigrants. This is unacceptable.  kelli


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· Senate Rejects Ducey Bid To Increase Parks Director’s Power - GOP-Controlled Senate Government Committee Voted 6-1 To Keep The Arizona Parks Board Rather Than Hand Those Powers To The Director.

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