Wednesday, July 19, 2017

7-19-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Archie Dicksion, the proxy petition spokesman, has announced the petition is posted at The proxy requests that Arizona State Legislature “prohibit the use of proxies at political party votes, or limit their use to no more than two (2) proxies per carrier.” Interested persons can filled it out and submit it electronically to Dicksion. Dicksion can be reached at 949-233-0009.

AZGOP-Committeemen-Lining-Up-To-Recall-Lines Momentum for change is growing among the AZGOP ranks after a group of State Committeemen contacted AZGOP Secretary Gabby Saucedo Mercer in support of recalling Chair Jonathan Lines. The group had contacted Mercer to announce that they are hoping for a special meeting for the purpose of a Lines’ recall. See details at Recall-Lines

Former Speaker of the AZ House David Gowan: Today’s report from the Attorney General’s office represents the end of a long and exhaustive process that began when I asked for a complete review of actions taken by my office.  After more than a year, countless interviews, and an in-depth review of reams of documents, their finding that mistakes were made but any errors were unintentional and that no laws were broken is both predictable and welcome. We can always learn through experience, and I am grateful for my time in House leadership and for all the experiences, opportunities and lessons it provided.  Subsequent administrations will also be able to benefit from these experiences in order to best prepare elected officials and their staffs for how to avoid making similar inadvertent mistakes.  Nevertheless, I’m glad to finally put to rest this process, as well as the false accusations made by a handful of opportunists looking to settle a political score or score political points.

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: I'm happy to announce that I will be doing a two-hour music show each week, where I will be talking about my years in the music industry as a member of  the Rock groups The Echoes and The Ohio Express; and spinning records from the mid-1960s through the mid 1970's. We'll be talking about the friends I was fortunate enough to make during those days and the careers many of them went on to have. My show is scheduled for broadcast every Thur., beginning at 4 pm., Thurs., Aug 3 MST on KRIM FM 96.3, a Payson AZ radio station that is streamed on their website and on  their FaceBook for those who don't live in the Payson area. Some of the shows will be pre-recorded due to my travel schedule.  Please take time to listen in for however long you can.  Could be fun.

The LD-25 (Republican Party of Mesa) meeting scheduled for July 20 has been cancelled, according to Chairman Ian Murray.

Trump Blasts Congress Over Failure Of GOP Health Care Bill Two GOP senators sealed the measure's doom late Monday when each announced they would vote "no" in an initial, critical vote that had been expected as soon as next week. Read full article »

Activist Lolly Hathhorn: My questions are re: McCain going to the Mayo Clinic instead of to the VA Hospital!  Why not the VA?  Also, why is he so gung-ho against President Trump who, in my opinion, is doing a fantastic job!  Is feeding at the trough so important to the Repubs (RINO) that they don’t want to have someone who is really interested in the PEOPLE instead of himself.  Why is McCain so rabid in his demeaner towards President Trump?  Maybe his dealings with the fake dosier and other matters has made him a bit “light” in the head?  Can any of them say anything constructive, nice, supportive, etc of our President?  Last time I looked, Donald Trump is still the President – MY PRESIDENT!!!!  Get on board or get the “H…L out of the way and let My President do his job.  How DARE YOU criticize your own party’s President.  I will continue to support MY PRESIDENT  so if any of you feel you can’t, just keep your mouth shut.  MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN MR PRESIDENT!

The Ahwatukee Republican Women Luncheon Fundraiser featuring Radio Personalities Mike Broomhead, Seth Leibsohn, Chris Buskirk and Suzanne Sharer is scheduled at 11:30 am., Wed., Aug 2 at the Mountain View Lutheran Church, 11002 S 48th St in Phoenix. Book singing between 11 am-1 pm. Pre-registration required. Reservation Deadline – Fri, July 28. Member/Associate - $20. Non-Member - $25. Table Host - $250 Members & $300 Non-Members

Clair Van Steenwyk’s “Van's Crossroads” radio talk show will address “What's the Difference Between a Career Politician & an Elected Public Servant?” for 20 minutes at 3 pm., July 19. Show Link:

AZ GOP Treasurer Bob Lettieri: Significant progress has been made at the State Party in office administration.  The hard work that has gone into getting our financials in order — from organizing books, to establishing processes for compliance — should be commended. This important work is accomplished so we can focus our attention on winning elections. As I mentioned in previous reports, changes in office personnel, new accounting systems and a change of the firm handling FEC compliance were needed. Matt Kenney has been the key driver behind my recommended changes. Matt was also key to me having FULL ACCESS to all past and present Arizona Republican Party financial records. The office staff is making sure we’re doing everything by the book to ensure continued financial strength. The Party will be in good financial shape, in his first five months, Jonathan has raised more money than any other Chairman has done in the same time frame. Our Chairman knows that a strong Party is also dependent on our financial situation. Starting today, we are beginning the audits of the last two election cycles by the Independent Auditors from the CPA firm of Wallace Plese + Dreher a Phoenix based company. These are required by the bylaws but were postponed by the previous chairman. I will be sharing the results of the independent audits once they are concluded. Chairman Lines is fully supportive of this transparent approach. Many of you have reached out with questions about the Arizona Republican Party’s finance committee. Jonathan has been interviewing candidates for the chair of the committee. We all have a vested interest in the Party and want what’s best for this organization. I did have a rough beginning but I am putting that behind me. I want to assure you that Jonathan and our entire team are fully-committed to strengthening this organization. I am optimistic that the hard work to improve the functions of the office will continue for the Party and it is full steam ahead going into election season. We’re ready to take on any Democrats that come our way. Editor’s Note: Liettieri’s statement is slightly condensed to conform to the Briefs 300 word limit policy. ft

National Recognized Investigative Reporter Mark Flatten’s City Court: Money, Power and Politics Make It Tough to Beat the Rap was released yesterday by the Goldwater Institute where Flatten is currently an investigative reporter. Flatten notes, “The danger of political pressures skewing city court decisions is not just a hypothetical concern. After the shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014, a U.S. Department of Justice investigation in Ferguson, Missouri, found that city officials pressured city judges to raise revenue, which they did through abusive and potentially illegal fees for minor infractions. Those tactics are standard practice in many states.As part of my investigation, I took an in-depth look at the state of Arizona, where more than half of all cases are handled in a city court (more than 1 million cases every year.) City court judges in the Grand Canyon State never have to face voters through elections to answer for their conduct on the bench. Rather, city councils appoint city court judges, retain them, and can fire them at any time. This means city judges in Arizona can come under pressure to raise revenue by delivering more convictions or by using abusive techniques to collect court fines.” Visit Here for Flatten’s report .
The Goldwater Institute also released a set of policy recommendations for Arizona and other states to better protect your due process rights in city courts. Recommendations
Visit Here.

Mark Flatten was a seasoned political and investigative reporter at Arizona newspapers before joining the Goldwater Institute in 2009. He left the Institute in 2012 to become an investigative reporter at the Washington (D.C.) Examiner, where he exposed scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs involving deadly delays in medical care, fraud and wasteful spending. Flatten returned to the Goldwater Institute in December 2014. His investigations have been recognized with dozens of national and state awards, including the Virg Hill Journalist of the Year and Don Bolles Investigative Reporting awards, and most recently the Fourth Estate Award presented by the American Legion. Flatten is a graduate of Arizona State University. If you’ve experienced a case in city court where you believe you didn’t get a fair hearing, he would love to hear your story! Contact Flatten at

At The Recorder’s Office:

    July 24 – Deputy Registrar training session training-tickets

   Aug 5 – 10 am-noon – Orientations. Register

   Aug 16 – 6-8 pm – Orientations. Register

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey wrote, “The AZ GOP State Treasurer announced that Chairman Jonathan Lines raised more money than any previous chairman up to this point in his/her term..” 7-18-17-briefs Many times the Town Crier has pointed out where the AZ GOP bylaws are violated!   The current AZ GOP bylaws state: “F. Duties of Elective Officers :  1. Chairman The state chairman shall be the recognized leader of the state party and, in cooperation with the county chairmen, shall coordinate statewide party activities. The chairman shall preside unless he/she shall designate someone to preside in his/her stead. The chairman shall appoint all committees officially and shall have 'such usual powers of supervision and management as may be required for the effective functioning of the state party headquarters and staff or as shall be assigned to him/her by the state committee. The chairman, or his/her designee, shall be responsible for the preparing the annual proposed budget of the state committee. “Where is the requirement to raise money? It is probable that if one wants to influence the results of an election that a few thousand bucks to the head of the party may help. The outdated bylaws state. “G. Duties of Appointive Officers - 2. Finance Chairman The finance chairman shall raise funds for the party. The finance chairman need not be a member of the state committee. He/she shall disburse no funds.  B. Finance Committee The finance committee shall include at least one representative from each county, appointed by the state chairman with the advice and consent of the county chairmen, and such other members as the state chairman shall appoint in consultation with the state finance chairman. Such representatives need not be members of the county or state committees. The finance committee shall assist the finance chairman in raising funds for the Party. “What are the penalties if the bylaws are not followed??  Who is the finance chair? Who are the 15 county reps on the finance committee???  County Chairs??? Contact Ehl  Editor’s Note:  Ehl’s commentary was slightly condensed due to length. - ft

Phoenix City Council incumbent Sal DiCiccio can use some help in hosting a dessert for him in District 6. These aren’t fundraisers, just a chance to have dessert, meet neighbors and to have a conversation.  Contact Annie Warren at  or 480-599-3179 . DeCiccio also needs volunteers to put up yard signs. Contact: .

JD Hayworth on Newsmax TV’ will be seen weekdays from 7-9am, AZ Time. Prism TV carries THE channel. Watch on your computer

Former LD23 Chairman Jim O’Connor’s “Resolution Opposing National Popular Vote Compact” can be viewed or downloaded at



Phoenix City incumbent Councilman Jim Waring will address the Grassroots Tea Party Activists at 6 pm., Wed., July 19 at Denny’s Restaurant, 9030 N Black Canyon Hwy, (I17/Dunlap) in Phoenix. Contact: Francine at

The Fountain Hills GOP Social will be at 6 pm., Tues., July 25 inside the Fireside Grill of the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH 85268.    No Speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food) in a friendly social atmosphere at a local bar/restaurant. Everyone is welcome.  The GOP Socials will continue throughout the summer and fall.   Meet old friends or make new ones.  Bring a neighbor or guest for a nice social evening. Secretary Boe James

The Paradise Republican Women are hosting the movie review of Dinesh D'Souza's “America: Imagine the World Without Her” between 4:30-9 pm., Wed., July 19 at the Sunridge Canyon Golf Club @Wicked 6 Bar & Gill, 13100 Sunridge Dr. in Fountain Hills. $18 per person - all you can eat gourmet buffet . Cash Bar. See PRWC-Movie-Flyer RSVP at Contact: Cyndi Love 480-365-8090.

The FAIR Field Team and FAIR Government Relations Director Robert Law invite you to participate in a free conference call line Wed., July 19 to get the latest updates regarding what is or isn’t happening in Washington D.C. on immigration related matters. For instance… Call times: 8 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Central time, 6 PM Mountain time, and 5 PM Pacific time. Call 888 330-9549, then enter passcode 1660622 and the # sign. Contact: Susan Tully, FAIR National Field Director


LD21 will meet at 6 pm, Thur., July 20 for an Ice Cream Fundraiser at the West Valley Republican Office, 10050 W Bell Road in Sun City. The regularly monthly meeting starts at 7 pm with AZGOP Political Director Kyle Pierce. Chairman Eileen Mueller will give an update on PC recruitment, the new PC of the District for the Month recognition, and voter registration.

LD24 will not hold their regularly scheduled July 20 meeting, due to the busy travel scheduled of many of their PCs according to Chairman Barry Wong. LD24’s next meeting is Aug 17.

CANCELLEDL LD25 meets at 7 pm., July 20 in the Charles K. Luster Building (Former Mesa Utilities Building), 640 N Mesa Drive in Mesa. - Chairman Ian Murray

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., July 20 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95 in Yuma. Speaker tba. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer


The Arrowhead Republican Women will review “SHATTERED – inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” during its 11:30 am., Fri., July 21 meeting at the home of Barbara Melkin, 13631 W Junipero Dr., in Sun City West (Corte Bella). Light lunch will be served. Limited space. First 15 to respond are in. Discusssion will be led by Rae Chornenky. Participants are asked to read the book prior to the discussion. RSVP to Barbara at 623-249-5085 or


Pima County Republican Headquarters will conduct at PC training session between 10 am-noon on Sat., July 22 at 1740 E Fort Lowell #140 in Tucson. See

Pima GOP Headquarters will hold Tucson City Council candidate Mariano Rodriquez at 5:30 pm., Sat., July 22. Donner cost $12. See

The West AZRA Chapter will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., July 22 at Culver’s Restaurant, 5127 N 99th Ave in Glendale to discuss and prepare for the Aug 30 scholarship program, highlighting students who participated in the “What the Flag means to me” program. West side Republicans are invited to enjoy a $5 burger combo. Contact Chairman Cirilo ( CID ) De La Fuente (623)312-7054.


LD1 will met at 7 pm., July 24 at Desert Hills Community Church, 34835 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85086, Contact: Chairwoman Cathy Schwanke -

A “Meet And Greet” for Prescott City Council candidate Phil Goode is scheduled between 5-7pm., Mon., July 24 at the home of Suzette and Charles Conrardy, 3067 Pedregal Drive in Prescott. Contact Nettie at 277-4010.

July 25

Commissioner Andy Tobin plans water workshops July 25, July 27 and July 28 that address responsible water policy for Arizona. See Commission’s website at and click eDocket. The docket number is WS-00000A-17-0094. All the workshops will take place at the Arizona Corporation Commission at 1200 W. Washington Street in Phoenix at 10 am. The workshops will also be live online at

The Capitol Times Morning Scoop breakfast discussion on Medicaid and health care is set for 7:30 am., Tues., July 25 at Alexi’s Grill, 3550 N Central Ave #120 in Phoenix featuring panelists Sen Nancy Barto, Rep Heather Carter, Bob Meyer, CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Debbie Johnston, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Assoc. Free admission. Breakfast provided. Limited seating. Pre-registration required. RSVP at Contact Steven Rosenquest at

The Fountain Hills GOP Social is scheduled at 6 pm., Tues., July 25 inside the Fireside Grill of the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH 85268. NO Speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food) This is a social event. Everyone is welcome.  The GOP Socials will continue throughout the summer.  Contact: Boe James at or see

The 73rd Annual Mohave County Republican Picnic is scheduled between 10am-3 pm., Aug 19 at Hualapai Mountain Park #1. Lunch will be served between 11 am-2 pm., $20 admission. Free to children under the age of 11. Meet Republican national, state and local elected officials and 2018 candidates. Handicapped parking and drop off, restroom facilities available. For tickets call 928-530-3637 or 928-458-0202.


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