Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8-2-1-7 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Reports Have Surfaced of state committeemen being harassed for planning to sign or having signed the Remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines “call” petition. Maricopa County and outlying county Republican state committeemen, who have been harassed should contact Remove Lines spokesman Marianne Ferarri at   Rick Hennessy is the Yavapai County contact at 928-499-9342 or Harassment is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, according to ARS 19-116 Signing petitions; coercion; intimidation; false description; classification

    A. A person who knowingly coerces any other person by menace or threat, or threatens any other person to the effect that the other person will or may be injured in his business, or discharged from employment, or that he will not be employed, to sign or subscribe, or to refrain from signing or subscribing, his name to an initiative or referendum petition, or, after signing or subscribing his name, to have his name taken therefrom, is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

    B. A person who is a circulator of an initiative or referendum petition and who induces any other person in the circulator's presence to sign the initiative or referendum petition by knowingly misrepresenting the general subject matter of the measure is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

    Harassment, intimidation,bullying, nor threats should not be tolerated regardless of differences.  - ft

LD6 Precinct Captain Jacqueline Leslie To Yavapai County State Committeemen: A meeting will be held at 11 am., Sat., Aug. 5 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant, 1667 S. Hwy 89A Chino Valley Az. 86323 regarding the removal of AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines. Contact Richard Hennesy or 928-499-9342 or Leslie or 928-634-7376.

The Navajo County Republicans will meet at 6 pm., Thur., Aug 3 in the Center for the Arts, 251 E Penrod Road in Show Low. The agenda includes Re-Call of AZ GOP Chairman Lines; AZRA President Jim O'Connor; AZ GOP Data Center Access Agreements; and Why to Vote NO on the National Popular Vote Compact Initiative. Contact: Chr Steven Slaton or First VC Karen Mackean at 520-444-6880.

LD24 PC Tristan Manos: "A picture is worth a thousand words"... "What you see is what you get"... How about this photo at the AZGOP website, 6 months after the AZGOP elections? For 1 thing, how about it, just in and of itself? All the more so, how about it, given the Chairman's campaign rhetoric, his statement soon after the AZGOP elections, and his ongoing rhetoric to this day? As for me, a stakeholder positively and proactively committed to the overall good of the AZGOP (and that for which it stands), I called it to the AZGOP's attention (including the AZGOP Chairman, himself) over one month ago via email. I added how there's an opportunity for opening things up to a far greater and wider-ranging (therefore, more inspiring) photographic representation of the AZGOP (and, likewise, that for which it stands) at, of all places, "The Only Official Newsletter Website of the Arizona Republican Party!" But, last I checked, that same photo is still there. And so I say, "Mr. Lines: Take down that photo." And some people wonder why there's far more than just some buzz -- it's a movement, really -- to call attention to some things going on within the AZGOP (by commission or omission), and why there's people working to resolve these matters, once and for all. How it plays out, we shall see. It may just end up being for the overall good of the Republican Party throughout Arizona (more than only the AZGOP), now and in the future." Contact:

Activist Stephen Sivigliano: The traitor to the GOP has taken his hatred for Trump way over the edge, totally ignoring his AZ constituents and all of the American people. We, in AZ, are ashamed and embarrassed to call him "our Senator."  It's a wonder his clone, Flake, didn't vote with him.  Maybe next time, Jeffy.   Granted, the bill he killed with a “no” vote, didn't do much, but it would have represented a start (humble) in the right direction.  Maybe both of them should just put a D behind their names, or RINO. 

Tom Morrissey Past Chairman AZ GOP to Former LD 22 PC Brian Reilly. There you go again spouting inaccuracies like the true revisionist you are. You begin your commentary 8-1-17-Briefs by seeming to spank John McCain for his misdeeds and how they "offend" you.  (Really Brian?) Then you rush off to address the man whom you seem to be obsessed with, Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. You just can't seem to understand that this all goes back to the Obama Administration and Eric Holder (who refused to do his job) going after a Constitutionally elected county sheriff for doing the job he was elected to do.  Joe Arpaio went up against the Establishment in both parties and did not back down, even when everyone else did. What part of Illegal (Alien) don't you get, Brian? Then as far as Joe flaunting all over Donald Trump? Wrong again.  I was part of that campaign and was there every time Donald Trump came to Arizona because I drove in the motorcades.  What I saw was a true friendship between two men who were dedicated to the same ideal, love of country. Joe Arpaio, went out of his way to stand with our President when there were very few other elected officials who did. And don't be so sure that the President won't pardon him or even need to do that, after the appeal is heard and an opinion rendered.  This ain't over yet.  Not by a long shot -Brian Reilly (Former LD 22 PC).

LD6 Precinct Captain Jacqueline Leslie as read off my social media feed as follows: A lot of fellow Republicans are scratching their heads over Kelli Ward's latest claim that she is beating Jeff Flake in a poll that was coincidentally done by her campaign. If there was an outside source none was ever revealed. The timing of this poll being released is coincidentally after her dismal second quarter fundraising period which shows that she is still $136,829 in debt. What’s makes this even more concerning is the fact that Remington Research conducted a poll on 11/16/16 where the 3rd question was if the Republican Primary candidates were Jeff Flake, Kelli Ward and Jeff DeWit for whom would you vote? The response was DeWit 38%, Flake 30%, Ward 15%, undecided 17%.

    According to Ward’s poll on 7/21/17 in a four way senate race the votes would be as follows: Ward 30%, Flake 19%, DeWit 5%, Graham 2%, and undecided 44%. DeWit went from 38% in 11/16 down to 5% in 7/17? This makes absolutely no sense since he has done an exceptional job as state treasurer and was highly regarded as Donald Trump’s COO/CFO. huffington post poll and polling-shows-ward-surging-against-flake

    Ward pulled the same stunt during her run against McCain where she lost the primary with 39.9% of the vote to McCain’s 51.2%. The subject of this Breitbart article during that race is: Five-term DC insider Sen. John McCain is in a dead heat with challenger Dr. Kelli Ward among GOP voters presented with a choice between the two, a poll released Tuesday reveals. poll: kelli-ward-ties--mccain-in-AZ. Interestingly, Jennifer Lawrence and Dustin Stockton, two former Breitbart employees, are currently working on the Ward campaign.  It looks like the Ward campaign has some serious explaining to do!

A High Level Lawman Commented To Briefs: “I am absolutely beside myself over Federal Judge Bolton's decision on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  She has completed the lynching of this man. Joe was doing the job (as a constitutionally elected sheriff) while he was ordered to not do the job he was elected by the people  to do.  In any world that has common sense, the judge would be committing a crime by ordering him to not enforce the law. He was denied his constitutional right of a trial by jury. They did not prove his guilt during the "trial". This is a MISDEMEANOR equivalent to a barking dog complaint. Contempt of court is not a crime.  What an absolute shame this is.  And I cannot understand how Sessions allowed this trial to go forward.  A Kangaroo Court based on a political witch hunt.”

The AFA Team: - Chairman Lines Dancing the Two-Step: After reading the fictitious article by AZGOP Chairman Lines, 7-30-17 Briefs we have to wonder, why didn't Graham trust Treasurer Lines enough to share the debts of the party with him? If Graham didn't trust his treasurer with the facts, why should State Committeemen trust him with the entirety of AZGOP? Lines calls his administration the most transparent in years. That is a familiar line, seems we've heard it before. Oh, yes, Barack Obama said exactly the same thing. We didn't believe Obama and we don't see any signs of transparency from Lines. He's pulling a Hillary - blaming others for his own decisions. Of course, he has the authority to hand over the permanent records, which includes the printouts from the various online elections, sign in sheets from AZGOP meetings, Credentials count sheets, minutes, etc. If he doesn't have the authority, he's the wrong man for the job. How hard can it be to say to the prior secretary (if she is hoarding the records), hand over the records or we will take action against you? If he can't control the last secretary, how can he control AZGOP? First he says the prior secretary has the records and then he says Mercer is welcome to come by the AZGOP office again to "inspect" records. Why the double standard?

    One of our team members was present at AZGOP when Mercer went to obtain the records. What was said was similar to this. Two attorneys told her she could inspect the records but not that day. Why? The records were not at the office! Later in the conversation, they said no records could leave the building. So which is it? The records are not there but they can't be out of the building? As to Bob Lettieri, he waited four months for the books. He got a new bank account, a new accounting system with only a balance forward. If he is happy with that, he's making a huge mistake because he will be held accountable for past and current records for years after his term is over. AFA recommends that every State Committeeman who believes that duplicity has no place in the AZGOP or anywhere else among honest people, they will run to find a "call" letter to sign to recall Lines.

The Chips N Salsa Show at 4 pm., Sat., Aug 5 welcomes Jennifer Lawrence and Dustin Stockton from the Dr. Kelli Ward Senatorial campaign.  Both were previously Breitbart reporters and have stellar political backgrounds. Ward has also been scheduled for Sat., Aug 26. Tax attorney David Beasley, creator of the Chips N Salsa show theme music and former USAF Band member will be the featured Military Moment.  Hosts LD 19 Chairman George Ortiz and LD 27 State Committeeman Alice Lara offer headlines and commentary from a Latino Republican perspective. Listen online King FM or watch Facebook Live. They thank their Chipsters (followers) for their support. Contact for Guest and sponsorship opportunities.

GOP RINOs Win Vote on "Skinny Repeal", But Lose White Jobs! will be the topic of discussion at 3 pm, Wed., Aug 2 as Clair Van Steenwyk takes on the Healthcare Vote and Cleaning out of the White House on Van’s Crossroads radio talk show. or

Arizona Health Equity Conference & A Plethora of services available at Hospice of the Valley will be the topics of discussion on the 10 am., Thurs., Aug 3 Family Health Talk Show on KXXT 1010AM. Online – Call-in 602.977-1010.

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will host a Summer Happy Hour between 4-7 pm., Aug 16 at the Wyndham Garden Phoenix Midtown, 3600 N 2nd Ave. in Phoenix. No-host Happy Hour prices for beverages and appetizer. CRWOP tumbles available for purchase. Complimentary garage parking. Contact; Pres  Robyn Cushman 

United States To Host 2028 Olympics The Olympics are coming back to the United States. Here's where the International Olympic Committee will hold the 2028 games. Hint: This city has hosted before. Read More

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will host a Saturday brunch between 10 am and noon, Sept 9 featuring State Treasurer Jeff DeWit at the University Club, 39 E Monte Vista Road in Phoenix. Reservations required. Tickets $30. RSVP by Sept 3 to Cancellations must be made by Sept 3 to avoid being charge. Contact: Robyn Cushman - President

The Arizona Chapter Of Americans For Prosperity will hold a policy panel on "Death And Taxes: Health Insurance And Tax Reform In Congress" at 5:30 pm., Tues., Aug 22 at a yet to be disclosed location. The panel will feature freshman Congressman Andy Biggs, an outspoken proponent of health insurance and tax reform, and Dr. Jeffrey Singer, a Phoenix surgeon and Cato Institute senior fellow. Tickets : reform-in-congress-tickets Once you have been cleared to attend by their security process, the staff will send you confirmation and more details about the event. - Leslie D. White , Grassroots Director, Americans for Prosperity – AZ



The Ahwatukee Republican Women Luncheon Fundraiser featuring Radio Personalities Mike Broomhead, Seth Leibsohn, Chris Buskirk and Suzanne Sharer is scheduled at 11:30 am., Wed., Aug 2 at the Mountain View Lutheran Church, 11002 S 48th St in Phoenix. Book singing between 11 am-1 pm. Pre-registration required. Reservation Deadline – Fri, July 28. Member/Associate - $20. Non-Member - $25. Table Host - $250 Members & $300 Non-Members


Concerned Citizens for America is hosting a movie night featuring “Revelation, Dawn Of Global Government”, starring Charlie Daniels, Alex Jones, Sheriff Richard Mack, Joseph Farrah, & Many More Patriots who believe the country dodged a bullet in November of 2016 with the election of Donald J. Trump. The group will meet at 6:30 pm., Aug 3 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona. Summer desserts will be served. Contact: Andrea Kadar at

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet not meet on Thurs., Aug 3, according to Chairman Sally Kizer They will resume at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 17 to hear local candidates speak. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer


A “Remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines” meeting is scheduled at 11am., Sat. Aug 5 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant, 1667 S Hwy 89A in Chino Valley for Yavapai County state committeemen. Petitions, proxies and a notary will be available for those wishing to sign the petition. Contact Rick Hennessey at or 928-499-9342.

Aug 7

Riders USA present “Arizona Immigration Updates” featuring Judicial Watch S/W Projects Coordinator Mark Spencer at 7 pm., Aug 7 at the Elks Lodge #2251, 2320 S Hardy Drive in Tempe. Judicial Watch is on the front lines battle on immigration issues in Arizona. Spencer is a former Phoenix police officer and past President of Police Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). He will address the Phoenix police “draft” order regarding immigration, unlawful in-state tuition for Dreamers, Identification cards for illegals in Phoenix, SB1070 and much more.

Aug 8

LD13 will meet at 7 pm., Aug 8, the second Tuesday the month, at one of the two Verrado schools. Locations/direction tba, according to LD13 Sec Karri King. Meetings are scheduled of each month Sept 12, October 17, Nov 14, and Dec 12.



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