Monday, September 25, 2017

9-25-17 Briefs


60-Minutes: John-McCain-On-Being-Diagnosed-With-Brain-Cancer After a routine checkup, Sen. John McCain says he left his doctor only to be called on the way home: "You've got to come back…it's very serious" Sen. John McCain tells Lesley Stahl about the moment he knew he was suffering from one of the most virulent and deadly forms of brain cancer.

Author And 25-Year Arabic Translator/Analyst For The National Security Agency Barry Web will address "Interfering In The Elections Of Other Countries: The Obama and Hillary Style” with the Ahwatukee Tea Party Thurs., Sept 28 at the Ahwatukee fire station, 4110 E Chandler Blvd, Phoenix 85044. Web’s Power Point show will expose the many times that the Obama Administration interfered in the political processes of other countries.  While this talk will focus on the tremendous destruction their policies have brought the Middle East, he will also touch on other regions around the world where the Obama-Hillary meddling has led to devastating results.  All together their meddling has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings, the homelessness of millions of others, the rise of ISIS, and the "refugee" invasion of Europe.  And yet, not a word of this is breathed in the Media--or by Mueller's Russia "investigation."

Lydia Abril says the last Thursday evenings showing of Trevor Loudon’s “The Enemies Within” was such a success she will be hosting Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meetings at 6 pm, every Thursday evening in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg. Some attendees go to the Canasta at 5 pm, so they can have dinner prior to moving next door for the Trump supporters meetings. Last fall, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s appearances brought out over 100 people to her meetings. Republican National Committeewoman Lori Klein Corbin and husband former Arizona Attorney General Bob Corbin, former Maricopa County Chairman Lyle Tuttle and his wife Lolly, Board of Supervisors Clint Hickman, Daisy Mountain Tea Party Activist Vera Anderson, former Wickenburg Mayor John Cook, current Mayor Everett Sickles, and former legislator Jean McGrath were among speakers/notables spotted among in attendance during the pre-election gatherings.

Scuttlebutt Is Getting Interesting as to who Gov Doug Ducey will appoint to fill Doug Little’s Corporation Commission seat when Little moves on to DC to join the Trump Team. Word is out that  Yuma County Chairman Russ Jones and former LD21 Rep Rick Gray savor the appointment. Some folks remember Gray ran for the Corp Comm position in 2016 and lost. Others remember when LD13 Rep Darrin Mitchell beat then Rep Russ Jones in the legislative race - Jones sued Mitchell and lost that challenge as well. Yuma folks report that Jones never attended another Yuma County Republican meeting again, until he recently replaced former Yuma Chairman Jonathon Lines. Seems a bunch of newly recruited PCs showed up at the Yuma County Chairman election that night. - ft

Adding A Bit More Spice To The Mixture, Rick Gray was an announced LD21 House candidate when he started eyeing Little’s Corp Commission position. Which prompts Tony Rivero – who Gray is challenging in LD21 - to question whether Gray wants to be a representative or commissioner. Which in turn,brings back memories of Clair Van Steenwyk running for both the US Senate and the Arizona legislator at the same time. Ah, the webs the GOP weaves. - ft

John-McCain-Is-Not-Happy-With-His-Republican-Colleague-Over-FBI-Letter/ In the letter, Grassley cited McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign as a precedent for such “defensive briefings.” Grassley pointed to a recent news report from the website Circa that revealed that U.S. intelligence officials briefed the McCain campaign about the foreign lobbying activities of his campaign manager, Rick Davis, and Davis’ business partner, Paul Manafort. That’s the same Paul Manafort who served as Trump’s campaign chairman last year. John Weaver, a campaign adviser to McCain, told Circa that U.S. intelligence raises concerns…

The Western Pinal County Chapter of AzRA will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Sept 25 at 408 N. Sacaton Street, Suite II, Casa Grande, AZ to hear Arizona Secretary Michele Reagan. Contact: AZRA President Nancy Hawkins or

The Grassroots Tea Party Activist will view Dinesh D’Souza’s “America, Imagine the World Without Her” documentary shortly before 7 pm., Wed., Sept 27 at Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Rm., 9030 N Black Canyon (I-17 Dunlap exit) in Phoenix. Doors open at 6 pm., meeting starts shortly before 6:30 due to the length of the free movie. The film runs 105 minutes, according to spokesman Francine Romesburg.

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Navajo County Republican Chairman Steven Slaton: During gathering of leaders from 22 states to recommend rules the first article V convention, Sen Sylvia Allen wanted to ‘vet’ delegates so there wouldn’t be any disruptive delegates at the first Article V Convention.  Allen was completely against AZRA doing just that to weed out “RINO’S” at our August 3rd NCRC meeting. This is where  Allen called us “NAZI’S” . It appears that Senator Allen indulges in hypocrisy.

LD27 PC Art Olivas: My observations lead me to ask, are uninformed Republican and self-proclaimed John McCain's RINOs going to continue running the Arizona Republican Party into the ground? As seen on TV Dreamers and John McCain's people are out in public getting attention for their cause and demands. And just what are our LD chairmen doing? Maybe a secret as we have little or next to nothing to show for the year! LD27 is down to 12 members - a little less then when Ron Harders was Chairman. Remember Patriots at the park went over like a lead balloon - could not get people to leave the park and come to the meeting. All LD 27 Republican PCs are now encouraged to invite a new guest to our social gathering to be held in place of our regular October meeting! Please mark your calendars for Fired Pie, 7 pm, Tuesday, October 10, 2017.   Terry McMahon, 1st Vice Chair, has made the challenge to bring someone new to our October 10th gathering at 2710 E Baseline in Phoenix for Fired Pie. Hell, we may not be able to get them back out of the Fired Pie just like we could not get them out of the parks!! What is it going to take to get us to do something for ourselves before it's too late. God can't help us if we don't help ourselves. You can take that to the bank!

Cochise County Activist Bruce M Piepho: I am back from a 3-week trip through the heart land of America.  Observed something amazing - a lot of road construction - maybe the shovel ready projects finally are being implemented.  We came across the paths of many very hard working, happy and responsible people.  Only a small percent of people are lost. Son of man, you dwell in the middle of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house. - Ezekiel 12:2 American King James Version. America only appears to be upside down and liberty it on her side.  But the U.S. Constitution is still there.  The problem - our K-12 schools do not teach about it. Let’s-Make-America-Free-Again-230-Years-After-The-Constitution-Were-Walking-A-Dangerous-Road should be printed and used to teach every person in America from in the eighth grade and older.  The Constitution has not changed.  The courts have changed what it means.  Politicians interpret and twist the constitutional meaning to allow the pursuit of power and control.  The courts allow it. We the People must be taught HOW the government is supposed to operate according to the founder's principles placed in the U.S. Constitution. PRAY - Thank you to all of you in Heaven for America a Republic.  May you grant us the wisdom, courage, conviction and perspective to understand our U.S. Constitution and the rights as well as responsibilities granted by our Creator. AMEN

Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Tom Forese, Commission railroad inspectors, and Operation Lifesaver will hold a press conference at 11 am, Mon. Sept 25 to kick off “National Rail Safety Week” to help drivers and pedestrians stay safe. According to Operation Lifesaver, 19 people died last year in Arizona in car or pedestrian accidents involving trains. The Governor issued a proclamation making September 25-30  “Arizona Rail Safety Week.” The Federal Railroad Administration identified the Valley as having five of the top 15 most dangerous crossings in the country.

AzCDL Is Raffling Off A Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol chambered in 9mm on Sat., Sept 30. The pistol features for this striker fired pistol include a matte black stainless steel slide, black polymer frame, 7+1 or 8+1 capacity, white dot front sight, 2-dot rear sights, 3.1" barrel and 18 degree grip angle. Tickets are $10 each.  click here for a link to the raffle website. New to AzCDL's online raffles?  A link to the raffle website along with instructions on how to buy tickets can be found on AzCDL's Raffle page.

Flippy-The-Hamburger-Cooking-Robot-Gets-Its-First-Restaurant-Gig Good bye $15 Dollar an Hour Burger Flipper's Cries!

Tucson Talk Show Host Bill Buckmaster : UPDATE: 6.2 earthquake hits Southern Mexico. Could it happen here in Southern Arizona? Yes and it did in May of 1887 when a quake estimated to be a 7.2 on the Richter Scale was centered just south of Douglas, Arizona. Historians say the Santa Catalina Mountains were clouded in dust for two weeks.

The Carpenters Union of Arizona will reportedly call for the resignation of Industrial Commission Chairman Dale Schultz and the firing of Bill Warren, the director of the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health at Thursday’s ICA meeting.

An Ethics Complaint has reportedly been filed against Sen Miranda alleging that a petition she circulated for “Save Our Schools Arizona” wasn’t properly filled out before she gathered signatures.

PCs Lyle and Lolly Tuttle have just returned from a trip to the Midwest. Prior to that they spend several weeks in Utah.

Gary and Connie Mead have also returned from the Midwest where Connie visited with her sister and Gary spent most of the summer on a lake with his brother.

Petition: Put American Dreamers Over Illegal Dreamers. All petition signatures will be sent to President Trump Rep-Paul-Gosar-Unveils-Not-All-Dreamers-PAC-Plans-To-Fight-Open-Border Candidates

GOP 1st Congressional District candidate Steve Smith has been named to the GOPAC 2017 Class of Emerging Leaders. The 2017 Class of legislators across the United States have been selected for their potential and ability to impact their state.

US Sen. Jeff Flake supports Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Secretarial Order to expand recreational shooting opportunities on Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and National Park Service (NPS) lands and to amend national monument management plans to allow recreational shooting: “This is a big win in the effort to increase access to public lands for sportsmen across Arizona that will hopefully restore the rights of recreational shooters to access Ironwood Forest National Monument,” said Flake.

FB_IMG_1505944718647Sue Mitchell, Huachuca Area Republican Women’s Club representative (left) and Arlene Goldblatt , Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club representative (right) with National Federation of Republican Women President Carrie Almond during the recent national convention in Philadelphia. Both Clubs earned a Diamond Achievement Award. Eight of the 10 Arizona club representatives accepting the Diamond Achievement Awards at the convention can be seen 9-24-17-briefs Photo courtesy Cindy Cacaus.


Sept 25

The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Sept 25 at the Pyle Center, 655 E Southern Ave. in Tempe. ASU Profressor Donald Critchlow will address “Cultural Quicksand: Republicans Beware!” RSVP: TempeRepublicanWomen/events/ Contact: President Jessica Merrow

SEPT 26.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, (CSPOA) will meet at 7 pm., Tues., Sept 26 at Paseo Verde Church, 7569 W Greenway Road in Peoria to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the serious threat they pose to our country and our national security. This is an introduction to address just how entrenched they have become in our society and government. This is a lead into a three-hour follow up presentation to be conducted on a Sat, Sept 30.  This presents you with the chronological order; with facts supported by evidence presented in court. Doors open at 6:30. Bring a friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker that has the same concerns and frustrations about where our country is heading. People need to turn off the TV and get informed and involved. Contact Randy Miller (623) 866-3544

LD17 will start PC training at 6 pm., Tues., Sept 26, followed by their regular business meeting at 7 pm., where Earl Taylor will address the Constitution and its relevance to work of PCs. He meeting is scheduled in the Heritage Chapel, RM 140, Tri-City Baptist Church, 2211 W Germann Road, Chandler, AZ.

The Fountain Hills GOP Social at the Fireside Grill inside the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH 85268 will start at 6 pm., Tues., Sept 26. NO Speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food) in a friendly social atmosphere at a local bar/restaurant. Everyone is welcome.  The last GOP Social of 2017 will be next month on October 24th. Contact: Sec Boe James at

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office is holding a National Voter Registration Day event in Fountain Hills between 9:30 am and 4 pm., Tues, Sept 26 at the Fountain Hills Town Hall, 16705 E Avenue of the Fountains in Fountain Hills. . This is an excellent opportunity to see the new voter check in process that will be utilized in upcoming jurisdictional elections. Voter education on the new process for voting which will be utilized in the upcoming FH jurisdictional elections for School District, M&O override 15%, and electing a new person for Sanitary District. There will be one screen for checking in at Ballot Centers for a Demo, and short speeches about Ballot on Demand and Reprecincting. Contact: LD23 PC Gina Swoboda


LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Sept 27 at Estrella Foothills H.S.  13033 S. Estrella Pkwy with speakers Clint Hickman, Maricopa County Supervisor and Aaron Flannery, First Vice Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Party.  They will also discuss the recall effort of Liberty Schools Board members led by PC Mike Todd.  Contact: Richard Newcomer, LD4 Chr --623-398-5638.

The Ahwatukee Republican Women will host Chairman Jonathan Lines at 7 pm., Wed., Sept 27 at the Mountain View Lutheran Church, 11002 S 48th St, Phoenix, 85044. Contact: ARW President Cindy Casaus 602.300.4185


Tempe Republican Women will host a Zoyo Yogurt Fundraiser between 5-9 pm., Thurs., Sept 28 at Ray/Rural Road. 20% of the proceeds go to the TRW. Contact: President Jessica Merrow


The Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita is hosting a Republican Roundup BBQ, featuring speaker Jeff DeWit, State Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer for the 2016 Trump campaign in Arizona, and meet US Senate candidate Kelli Ward at 5 pm., Sat., Sept 30 at the Cow Palace in Amado, AZ. $35 per person. $30 for RCGV/S members. No host bar. Tickets – Send Check To RCGV/S INC., P.O. Box 831, Green Valley, AZ 85622. Questions - contact President Jim Stone 520-336-8495 or Kay Kohler 520-904-9103. For membership contact Vinnie 907-3367)


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