Monday, October 2, 2017

10-2-17 Briefs


At least 50 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting

PC Dan Schultz: U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton has ordered the Justice Department and the attorneys representing pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to appear before her at 10am, Wed, Oct. 4, in court to present oral arguments on whether his criminal conviction, set aside by President Trump, should be set aside.  The Justice Department filed briefs, as did the attorneys representing Sheriff Arpaio, arguing that, unquestionably, the presidential pardon sets aside the conviction.  Only “friend of the court” briefs have argued otherwise.  Would you be able to make the time to attend this history-making proceeding, and bring your children, in support of our former Sheriff?  Would it not be wonderful if the courtroom was full of supporters of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and that the overflow crowd out in the hallway was huge?  Hearing information:  Please check the web site late in the afternoon the day before the hearing in case Judge Bolton cancels the hearing.  Please arrive at the door of the court house at least 30 minutes before the 10am starting time, as you will have to go through a metal detector.  The courtroom is at 401 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ  85003.  There is metered parking on the streets around the courthouse as well as public parking garages nearby. 

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LD18 PC Larry Hilliard: Here's a message from a USAFA general that all Americans should pay attention to - head-of-air-force-academy-tells-cadets-anyone-who-fails-to-treat-people-with-dignity-and-respect-should-get-out

NAFBPO Chairman Zack Taylor: Let's be aware of the information in this analysis.  I truly suspect it is much more important than we may be aware of as to our governments thinking about Immigration. You will have to come to your own conclusions.  No hints coming from here other than Germany as an example. future-of-the-global-muslim-population-main-factors

Yavapai PC Rick Hennessey to AZGOP Chair Jonathan Lines: Who the hell do you think you and Matthew Kenny are to overrule the votes of a County or LD for State Committeeman? Where I come from that is known as Communism. You certainly need to read the Briefs because I have been coming down every week on Sensmeir, you and Kenny. As many years as I have been a PC the County's and LDs have picked their own State Committeeman not some Jerk Who Now Believes In Communist Rule. Believe me this text is going State Wide!!!

Activist Jeff Lichter: The 75 or many more so called active and influential "birthers" throughout the country who publicly questioned the eligibility, natural born status, and birth certificate of Barack Obama consisted of famous authors and actors such as Jerome Corsi, Jack Cashill, Joan Swirsky, Don Fredrick, Tom Ballantyne, and Pat Boone among others; well-known military officers such as General Tom McInerney, Major Gen. Paul Vallely, Navy Commander Charles Kerchner, and Lt. Col. Terry Lakin; other Sheriffs including Sheriff Richard Mack; and very many citizen activists. From all of these, to the best of my knowledge, Brian Reilly is the only one who believes that the proclamation by Hawaii Director of Health Alvin Onaka to Arizona SOS Ken Bennett outweighs the deep forensic evidence of the Cold Case Posse.  So below are just some of the hundreds of materials out there that you can review in order to make up your own mind if you remain conflicted but still interested in the subject. Of course, the most noted questioner of Obama's legitimacy was Donald Trump, who during the election when under immense pressure to remain a viable candidate appeased the press by stating "he now believed Obama was born in the United States." He never stated that he believed Obama to be a natural born citizen or that his birth certificate was legitimate. It is a fact that following the Sheriff's first press conference, Donald Trump sent a handwritten note to the Sheriff saying "great going, you are the only one with the guts to do this." Also, when Representatives Carl Seel and Kelly Townsend and myself were invited to meet with Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen on April 8, 2011, we participated in a free-wheeling discussion on Obama's eligibility.  Among the many striking statements made during the comments exchanged there, was the one where Mr. Trump stated (and I quote him word for word to this day) was "my sources in D.C. are telling me that there is going to be a fake one (birth certificate) issued soon." Nineteen days later on April 27, 2011, the document still in serious question was released on This will be my final comments on the birth certificate investigation to the Republican Briefs.  It is up to readers to decide for themselves what they believe and do the research if they wish. 

Videos of Press Conferences (1st) (2nd)           (3rd)


Where's The Birth Certificate by Jerome Corsi

Oh Really, O'Reilly  by Tom Ballantyne

An Officer's Oath  by Terry Lakin


NAFBPO Chairman Zack Taylor: So, just exactly how will this legislation affect Heroin and Fentanyl fatal overdoses in Florida that don't come from CVS or Walgreens? FL-gov-announces-3-day-limit-on-opioid-prescriptions Probably increase them?  Certainly limit post-surgery prescriptions?  So what happens on day eight after rotator cup surgery when the patient is in agony? The rush to ignore the border security implications of heroin and fentanyl by blaming pharmacists and physicians is obvious.  Is it political cover for opioid smuggling? Has anyone else considered that this increases market share for the transnational criminals bringing in the heroin and fentanyl and increases the incentive to bring in more? How will it affect the price of nalaxone/narcan at the pharmacy?  Does the quest for money and power figure into the equation? One thing is a proven certainty, therapy and counseling has a dismally low rate of success and is prohibitively expensive when compared to the very low positive results.  Hmmm, that means more money for a solution proven to be ineffective.  Is this more political cover for transnational crime? FL-gov-announces-3-day-limit-on-opioid-prescriptions

Activist Paul Bierley: Good point Jim, we each have a nose of our own and we each get an opinion of our own. 10-1-17-briefs As far as facts, could you please enlighten me where the bylaws say one thing and the chairman has done another?  You keep saying that the bylaws have been violated by the appointment of this committee.  I just can't find anything in the bylaws that has been violated.  The relevant sections are copied below.

     Art. I, B. Method of Amending Bylaws - An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed at any meeting called in accordance with these bylaws. A copy of the proposed amendment together with a statement explaining the purpose to be achieved and the reasons in support thereof shall be mailed to each member by the secretary with the notice of call for that

meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present in person or by proxy shall benecessary to pass any motion to amend.

     Art. V, Sec. C. Other Committees - The state chairman may appoint such other committees as may be desirable from time to time.

    You seem to be saying that 1) this committee should not be proposing bylaws changes, and 2) a state committeeman cannot realistically propose bylaws amendments.  So how exactly are you saying that the bylaws can be amended in compliance with the bylaws?  In the past, there has been a bylaws committee of just a few people, appointed by the chairman.  They accepted proposed amendments from state committeemen and then created their report of recommendations to be sent out and voted on by the State Committeemen in January.  As I see it, all that's different this year is that the committee has been opened up to include *every* LD and County (talk about transparency), has actively solicited proposed amendments from PC's and SC's in the LD's and Counties, and is taking the time to go through the entire bylaws with a fine tooth comb.  Then they will create their report of recommendations to be sent out and voted on by the State Committeemen in January.

    You pulled the partial quote "unless otherwise determined by the chairman" from the bylaws.  Let's look at the full quote from the bylaws:  "Unless otherwise determined by the Chairman, the order of business for mandatory meetings shall be: "That enables the Chairman to change the order of the agenda, which is usually done to fill time when there are vote counting delays, for example.  It does not give the Chairman veto power over what's brought before the State Committeemen.

   Jim, I feel like it's a pretty serious charge to say that the chairman has violated the bylaws.  Will you please give us specifics as to what bylaws have been violated?  Your examples so far do not show me anything in the bylaws that have been violated.

Jim Ehl to Brierley: Well, Paul, I guess we could ‘beat this dead horse’ until the cows come home.   I simply stated my opinion as to how I interpret the AZ GOP bylaws.  So did you.  I guess we could leave it at that since I don’t expect to change your interpretation, and I don’t expect you to change mine.   I guess I’ll leave it up to our readers to decide.  Have a nice day.

Prather Points Major Jeffrey Prather, a Fast and Furious whistleblower, who served in Special Forces (the Defense Intelligence Agency) on the border with DEA, is available to talk about “Trump versus Swamp – The Inside Story” Prather is the author of “Chase, Terror on the Border,” and “Initiation, Boys Are Born, Men are Trained.” Prather can be reached at 520-241-7690 for speaking engagements. Arizona’s Prather frequently appears on local and national radio and TV such as Chips N Salsa, James T Harris, Laura Ingraham, Drudge and Fox news.

Republican-Group-Ready-To Spend-Big-Redistricting Operatives to raise $35 million for GOP efforts after 2020 Census

Sinema Launches Arizona Senate Bid, Taking on Flake Arizona Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema announced Thursday that is challenging GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, one of two vulnerable GOP senators, in 2018.

Student Loan Program About to Expire A college student loan program with bipartisan support will expire Saturday after key Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander blocked legislation to extend it.

Senator-Jeff-Flake-Goes-After-Judge-Roy-Moore Now that Judge Roy Moore has won the GOP primary to run for Senator of Alabama, it is becoming interesting watching the various swamp people choose up sides. At the present time, Moore has a small lead against his Democrat opponent. Mr. Moore will be running as a populist in the same vein as President Donald Trump. GOP Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has sounded off and he does not sound very supportive. Will his opposition give ammunition to the Democrats? What are the other implications if the Judge wins in Alabama. Here are a few thoughts for you to consider.

In A Plea For Justice, two parents of two of the victims slain by jihadists in the infamous Benghazi terrorist attack — which former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton blamed on an unrelated YouTube video — argue in a brief they filed with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals that the former secretary of state should stand trial for lying about the deaths of their children. On behalf of parents Patricia Smith (mother of Sean Smith) and Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods), Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman brought the lawsuit before a lower court last year alleging that Clinton lied about the attack before slandering the victims' families -- by suggesting that they were spreading lies about the deaths. Continue Reading...

Officials-Uncover-Something-Disgusting-Obama-Hid-In-The-White-House/ Despite having been warned not to assign political appointees to career jobs, and being asked by Republicans to avoid keeping workers who opposed President Donald Trump’s policies, Obama, of course, did it anyway. “Burrowing” is where political appointees are appointed to career level positions by an administration that’s on its way out.  A GAO report just identified that, in Obama’s case, 78 of his appointees had burrowed in by the time he left the White House. Guess which department has the most…

The National Recreation and Park Association awarded Arizona State Parks and Trails the Gold Medal as the best-managed state park system in the United States, according to Gov Doug Ducey. “Our state parks saw a record attendance of 2.78 million visitors in the last fiscal year. Perhaps more remarkable: their operations are self-sufficient and draw no money from the state general fund. arizona-state-parks-wins-best-managed-park-system-nation/

Bloody Left-Wing Riots In US 'Just The Beginning' The U.S. is seeing startling parallels between today's violent left-wing rioters like antifa and the brutal tactics used by the totalitarian thugs of yesteryear.

Dr. Bob Branch, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, will be at the Buckeye Elementary School District for a Community Tour between 7:30 am – 1 pm., Wed, Oct 4. This event is not opened to the public. Hickman Family Farms is donating breakfast for the tour. Branch says he “knows that if we are going to bring back quality education to this State, we need to start in elementary school and set our children up for success.

Tickets for the Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) sponsored National Republican Assembly convention scheduled Oct 6 and 7 at the Sheraton West Hotel (Wrigleyville West) in Mesa are available, according to AZRA President Jim O’Connor. The event kicks off a 6 pm., Fri., Oct 6 Mexican Fiesta featuring Arizona Trump Team COO and AZ State Treasurer Jeff DeWit. Reception tickets - $40. For tickets/reservations call 480-861-7170.

The all-day Saturday session opens at 9 am, with US Freedom Caucus members/AZ Reps Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Trent Franks, and IA Rep Steve King, followed by Floyd Brown, founder of Citizens’ United and The Saturday luncheon speaker is Dick Morris, political commentator/author. Limited seating. Luncheon tickets $55. VIP reception/seating - $85. For tickets/reservations call 480-861-7170.

Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, starts off the 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon general session, followed by former Sen Russell Pearce, sponsor Arizona’s SB 1070; Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch Director Of Investigations; and Mark Spencer, Judicial Watch SW Regional Director.

A reception for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled prior to the 6 pm dinner with Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager. Apaio reception tickets - $50. Lewandoski dinner tickets - $95. Reception and dinner tickets -$150. Full convention tickets are $250 each. For tickets/reservations call 480-861-7170.

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 6:15 pm., Thurs., Oct 5 at a temporary venue – the Wyndham (Osborn/2nd Avenue).  Social Hour 5:30 pm. Free parking. Full dinner with beverage & desert $30 - RSVP to Jan Webb



The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting a candidate forum for three available Yuma city council seats with candidates Gregory Counts, Incumbent Gary Knight, Leslie McClendon, Kristina Rojas-McNair, Ken Rosevear and Karen Watts, between 5:30-8:30pm, Thurs., Oct 5 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Moderated by Howard Blitz of the Freedom Library. Contact Chairman Sally Kizer at

Concerned Citizens for America invites you to a social media “boot camp” at 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona. Bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet and let instructors Keith and Jackie Summit of Oak Creek will teach you about the effectiveness of social media. They will help you set up a Twitter account and Facebook page. Dwight Kadar will do a Fire District Bond update. Desserts to be served.

Andrea Kadar of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking will present “Human Trafficking in the Verde Valley” at 12:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 5 at Yavapai Community College – Clarkdale Compus, 601 Black Hills Drive in Clarkdale. The free presentation is open to the public and will cover what human trafficking is, how large a business it has become – internationally, recruitment of local children, recognizing a trafficked child and the latest facts of “sex for sale’ in local communities. Contact: Kadar at

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates will have coffee with Maricopa County constituents at 8 am., Oct 5 at the Paradise Valley Community College, 18401 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85032.


State Treasurer Jeff DeWit will speak at the Sat., Oct 7 Pima County Republican luncheon at the Tucson Country Club in Tucson. Tickets here:

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Oct 7 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd.  Coffee and donuts are available before the meeting.  A $2 donation is requested which helps to pay for the room rental.  All Republicans from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are invited to their informative meetings. Former AZ GOP State Chairman Tom Morrissey, will be speaking on his experiences from the inside of the campaign of President Trump.  Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chair   623-214-8010



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