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12-19-17 Briefs


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The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s proposed bylaw amendments to be presented at the Jan 13, 2018 mandatory meeting can be reviewed HERE

The MCRC Mandatory Meeting is scheduled Sat., Jan 13, 2018 at the Church for the Nations, 6225 N Central Ave., in Phoenix. Credentis open at 7:30 am. Meeting starts at 9 am.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas will attend the Treasures 4 Teachers Volunteer Appreciation Brunch at 10 am., Wed., Dec 20 at 3025 S 48th St #101 in Tempe. Treasures 4 Teachers, a non-profit whose mission is to provide free and low-cost school supplies to teachers from the community's reusable resources.

The Chips N Salsa Show is taking a Christmas Holiday break for the rest of December.  Enjoy the best of their past shows for the next two Saturdays at 4PM with Alice Lara with Don Jorge Ortiz.  They’ll return in January with headlines from a Latino Republican perspective.  Keep up to date on their Facebook page with the weekly Prather Point.  Listen to past podcasts online at Contact The Chips N Salsa show wishes all Chipsters a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Marianne Ferrari, LD20 PC and State Committeeman--Not a soul objected, Saturday, when the executive committee approved the minutes of June’s Flagstaff meeting, with little discussion. But they should have objected, because that Flagstaff meeting voted to strike a very important statement from the March Yuma meeting. So now that statement is missing from the official record. It was a complaint about Chairman Jonathan Lines’ insistence that the Ex Comm vote on an estimate, rather than a real budget. I think it’s important that readers of the Briefs know what Chris Campbell said. So, I’m quoting it here, from my copy of the Yuma minutes: Christopher Campbell, Third Vice Chair told the committee that he did not feel comfortable accepting a budget that was not clear and why was the committee not given a copy of the budget or why was not a full formal presentation as there has been in years past, so the committee knew what was being approved.” As discussion ensued, it became clear that Chairman Lines was intent on getting a vote, which would make this budget official. But it was not a budget. It was an estimate of a budget, as someone in the group noted by saying, “How are we supposed to vote on an estimate?” In answer, I heard Chairman Lines insist, “I need you to vote on this budget.” It bothered me that it sounded like he needed the vote to make the budget official more than he needed the actual budget. Until Flagstaff, I didn’t give this much thought. But, then, in Flagstaff, someone went out of their way to get Chris Campbell’s words stricken from the Yuma minutes—the official record. Doing that means it’s like he never said those words. Why strike ANY words about the budget, by the third vice chair? Next month, bylaws changes go up to a vote. The bylaws committee that created them was formed in contradiction to current bylaws, so the changes are not officially eligible for a vote, and should be blocked. The only bylaws eligible for vote at the mandatory meeting are the ones written by La Paz County Chair Russell Sias. He followed the rules to the letter, and mailed them to the Secretary for inclusion in the call. You can compare them side-by-side with the current bylaws at

LD13 Ernest McCollum: The one thing that I know after 10 years of being involved with the political process is that change is hard. It has taught me a new respect for Native Americans and minorities. We live in a republic not a democracy; therefore, I have decided to live the remainder of my life by a statement by Jesus “ Judge not least you be judged.” All I can think is I’m in trouble. I have been very judgmental of our leaders because they support the New World Order and UN Agenda 21. They must have a reason for supporting a treaty that was never ratified by congress. Some of the goals are achievable; most people will go along with whatever the government tells them to do.

     I was at a gathering the other day and one of them said that Hillary didn’t do anything wrong. I asked them if they would support the elimination of dams, irrigation of food crops, golf courses, snow ski resorts or loss of private property rights. Ninety percent said they could not support it. That is a small example of the new regulations that are coming our way. I would like a response from our elected leaders as to why we need to give up freedom to get along with the rest of the world? Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about goggle Democrats against Agenda 21 and buy the book Behind the Green Mask.

     I was watching a senate hearing on C-span and they thought the mic was off when they were discussing forms of religion that they could use. I thought it was strange at the time. It is apparent they picked Islam.

LD29 PC Michael Meacham: The Dutch National Health Service has announced that they will now be aborting all babies with Down's Syndrome.  Did they learn NOTHING from

The Chips & Salsa Radio Talks Show Staff: Special thanks to Frosty Taylor and her marvelous Briefs for a great 2017!

Claire Van Steenwyk: This is meant to show how the GOP & career politicians use the system to plant the names of only those who’ve passed their test of loyalty to the GOP SWAMP MANAGERS, so they can continue Managing the SWAMP. An article in the Sunday Arizona Republic by Hansen & Sanchez about Rep. Franks resignation mentions six possible candidates - all of whom are in office or have been. Later I received two poll calls - a robo poll call and the other from a grassroots group polling – both using the same six candidates. I asked the Grassroots Pollster why I (who’d received approximately 30% of the vote in my 2016 challenge to Rep Trent Franks) wasn’t in the poll? While on the phone, he asked a supervisor (I assume) why I wasn’t in the Poll. The supervisor mumbled we’re not including him, then mumbled something I couldn’t make out.

     My position has always been Arizona’s politically elite don’t want anyone’s name mentioned to the voting public, except those already proven to follow instructions. I realize that those mentioned have political baggage from their votes on SB 1469, HB 2184, National Popular Vote, Putting PROP 123 on the Ballot and so much more, while claiming to be conservatives, which can’t be true when you understand the bills they voted for. I’ve spoken out against this before, however nothing changes. I hope readers begin the long battle needed to change it, or there’s no hope for this nation or state as the GOP POLLSTERS bring about their desired result supported from the top to the bottom of this SEPTIC TANK. We’re working toward attaining the signatures needed to qualify for the ballot in the special election in Feb. 27, 2018.

    The One Exception to this has been Frosty Taylor’s MCRC Briefs, where she mentions my running against Rep. Franks and I thank her for the honesty.

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Grassroots Republicans are urged to sign Archie Dicksion’s Proxy Petition To Curb Proxy Abuse Http://Bit.Ly/2rzg2w8. When signing the petition, you have two choices, total ban or limit to two per person. There has been great concern over the use of proxies the past five or years or more to control elections at both the AZGOP and Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting held every January. Complaints have been voiced for several years of “Bell Cows” carrying up to 40 proxies for PCs who rarely, if ever attend meetings. Opponents of the excessive use of proxies say the misuse and abuse of proxies has resulted in the cleansing of conservative grassroots Republicans from leadership roles a at the district, county and state level by RINOs or McCainites. Identical Anti-Proxy House Bills have been introduced to limit the use of proxies to control internal AZGOP elections, particularly at the annual January county and state mandatory meetings. LD23 Rep Michelle Ugenti-Rita introduced HB2012 and LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence introduced HB2029.

2017-12-02 12.11.16Arrowhead Republican Women Members, left to right, Gayle Salter, BJ Woudenberg, and Sen. Debbie Lesko enjoy their annual Christmas luncheon. Janet Heintz photo

IMG_0100Pima County Rep Women member Kate Preble, standing in for Debe Campos Fleenor; Lauren Blevins, Hospitality; Michelle Ludwig, Membership; Jea Demara, Campaigns; Beth Ford, Treasurer; Norma Corella, Secretary. Dolores Johnston, Way & Means, is swearing in the new board. Club photographer – David Blevins.


Dec 20

Palo Verde Republican Women’s Club will hold its next luncheon at 11:30 am., Wed, Dec 20 at Grayhawk Golf Club, Fairway House, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway . Check in at 11 am with luncheon at 11:30 am. US Congressman David Schweikert is scheduled to address the group, followed by installation of officers by club member, Julia GrahamIgnite Barbershop Quartet will provide Christmas music.  Reservations required at  Check, cash or credit card at the door.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers meeting will be held at 7 pm., Wed., Dec 20 at the Desert Heritage Real Estate office, 8476 West Thunderbird Road, Peoria. Doors open at 6:30 pm for the Meet & Greet with CD8 candidate - former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack.

The GrassRoots Tea Party Activists Christmas Festivities are scheduled between 6-9 pm., Wed., Dec 20 in Denny’s Restaurant Banquet room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Highway in Phoenix. Anyone wishing to bring goodies, ie; Christmas cookies, cake, pie, snacks should contact Francine L Romesburg

DEC 21

LD24’s Christmas and Holiday Social is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Dec 21 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St. in Phoenix, according to Chairman Barry Wong. Enjoy hors d’oeuvrew, beverages, music and converations. Attendees are asked to bring can or dry non-perishable food for the food drive. RSVP to so they know how many to plan for.

Canceled: The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will not meet on Dec. 21. They will resume meeting in January, 2018. Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.


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